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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 21, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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surrender them to us. >> the prime minister said there will be changes. she's putting her money where her mouth is. >> i gave him the kind of fun rael wanted. i didn't get thank you. >> it's disgusting behavior. he's intimidated by people whose stature can he never achieve. >> i think the president's comments hurt him more than they hurt the legacy of senator mccain. i'm going to continue to he had the president. the justice department issuing subpoenas as part of a criminal probe into boeing's 737 max planes. >> members of congress are asking questions. they're going to see a broadening explanation. >> the american people deserve answers. >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning and welcome to your new day. alisyn is off, erica hill joins me this morning. we do have breaking news. the government of new zealand announced sweeping changes to that country's lun laws just six days after the terror attack at two mosques. they banned all military-style semiautomatic weapons, and these are their words, assault rifles
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and high-capacity magazines. that's the kind of weaponry used to kill the 50 people inside the two mosques. now, compare that immediate reform with the stalemate and inaction that has followed the many mass shootings in the united states. the aurora, colorado movie theater, sandy hook, san person withdy know, the pulse nightclub, las vegas, october 2017, parkland and pittsburgh last year. first of all, it's sad that that list is so long. a common element in all of it is the weaponry use, ar-15 style weapons. and since then, relative inaction. >> meantime, those gun reforms in new zealand we're learning could actually be in place in a matter of weeks. the prime minister today announcing in addition to plans to really push this through, a buyback program which would take
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existing weapons out of circulation and also noting those who don't comply will face heft if hefty fines or imprisonment. ivan watson is live there with more. good morning, ivan. >> reporter: they still haven't been able to bury all of the dead from last fritday's terrorists attacks and the prime minister has moved forward with a ban on what she says are the weapons that were used to kilt victims in the deadliest terrorist attack in new zealand's modern history. >> every semiautomatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on friday will be banned in this country. we do have guns in new zealand that are used for legitimate purposes by responsible owners. i am steadfast in my belief that the vast majority of these owners will support what we are doing here today. because it's about all of us. it's in the national interest and it's about safety.
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>> reporter: so as of 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, people who had licenses, who owned semiautomatic weapons and assault rifles, all of the sudden those become illegal objects. how does the government plan to get these guns back out of circulation? well, they've already been urging people to voluntarily surrender them. they say there will be a buyback program and that they're anticipating it could cost between 70 and $140 million. they say there will be a website that the police will runyon line run online for them to hand these weapons over. and they will crack down on the fenlts you're caught with these weapons or the extend magazines or the parts that can modify a gun and make it more lethal. already the leader of the opposition here has voiced his support for this plan and everybody i've talked to in this
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traumatized city of christchurch has also expressed support for these dramatic new measures. erica, john. >> all right. ivan watson for us in new zealand. again, there is wide, broad-base support for this action there which is different than the united states. i want to bring in amy stoddard, david gregory. david, there are many differences between new zealand and the united states, 4.5 million people versus 350 million people. the united states has a second amendment where gun rights and ownership sei ownership is enshrined in the founding papers of this country. yet the contrast there is extraordinary. six days to take some broad-based action that receives wide support. where in the united states despite the fact that we have a plague of mass shootings and the commonality of the weapons that are used, there has been very
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little action. >> yeah. and it's striking because the polarization in our country, particularly around the gun action in our country where we have call for safety measures that congress has never been able to pull off or a president has been able to get past makes it so difficult. but there are big differences. we have more guns in this country than we have citizens of the country. so it's a huge undertaking. and part of that political divide has been several fold. one that you did have liberals for a long time to talked about gun control and getting rid of weapons in such a way that there were gun owners who thought this is crazy. we have to go into the arms of the national rifle association to protect our fundamental rights because liberals will start there and keep going to someplace that's more extreme. where we've really broken down is where we've seen success at the state level where you can take more safety measures.
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measures as the prime minister of new zealand talked about to reduce the capacity, the deadliness of a crime such as this. to do something to make it less lethal. that should be an area where we can find some consensus. >> and to your point, there has been some consensus in certain states where laws have been passed. on the federal level, though, because this remains so divisive, how much do you see this coming into play in the action that we saw in new zealand, how much could that come into the conversation in washington at this point, if alt a at all? >> i certainly think it will. it will yoop upliuplift the cap these weapons. there is more background checks to keep these weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill and on these high-capacity weapons of war that the founders did not obviously intend to wipe out 30 people in a mosque or a movie theater or in a safeway parking
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lot or in a church or hospital and all these places that we've seen mass shootings take place. so that's a starting point. and it obviously would take likely at this point democratic control of the congress or part of it and the white house. because the stranglehold the nra has over -- over the congress at this point is still very potent and you see like a background check bill that just passed the house that doesn't look like it will go to the senate, it's already under veto threat from the white house. it would have to be a change in power for sure. and then it would still be an uphill climb. >> democrats had the senate after sandy hook and with the senate they couldn't get it passed because of the 60 vote threshold. the polls are interesting when with it comes to gun measures. there was a poll after parkland where 70% ever americans backed stricter gun laws.
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70% after parkland support stricter gun laws. gallop in october of 2018 on banning assault weapons, 57% were against banning assault weapons in october of 2018. so, again, it's complicated. americans seem to want some things but not necessarily the action being taken in new zealand. and in new zealand they're talking about -- i don't know if they're talking about confiscation, they're talking a fine for people who do own it, which is something that i would never imagine possible in the united states. and, jennifer rogers, since we have a lawyer here on set with us, in terms of what the law is, what states or the government can do or should do are two complete will he different things. there are people saying no, no, you can't ban any weapons because of the second amendment. that's not true if the and anthony scalia is the one who says that's not true. he says they do not protect those weapons not typically possessed by law abiding
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citizens for law abiding purposes and it left that at short-barreled shotguns. it's left to politicians to decide what those weapons would be. if there was a will, they could constitutionally limit some of these weapons? >> absolutely, john. the second amendment does not impede congress from acting to impose common sense restrictions on guns here at all. the issue here is that the nra has so many republicans in faikt their pocket and it's perfectly legal. after the citizens united case, campaign finance case, they can give so many much especially through super pacs through these politicians. and they're one issue is to impede gun control. it's a political problem and it's borne out of the citizens united type of cases that fail to limit giving in such a way that just require these politicians to do what the nra wants. >> it's just also worth noting, what an intensity issue this is.
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we still see in the republican party that voters who really care about protecting gun rights and who fear that any attempt to restrict will just be a start, not an end, they'll vote on this issue as many republicans will vote on the supreme court. you have not seen that mirrored in the democratic party among democratic voters. that issue of intensity is what makes the nra so powerful on capitol hill. >> i want to go over here now because you have been in the middle of a national decision over the last four 8 hours or so over what the president has said about john mccain, and john mccain is one person the president has targeted the last few days, and how republicans in tho and those surrounding the president should react. let me play the president's new attacks on john mccain and john mccain's family and the events surrounding john mccain's death.
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listen. >> i've never liked him much had the hasn't been for me. mccain didn't get the job done, it went thumbs down. badly hurting the republican party, badly hurting our nation. i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted. which as president i had to approve. i don't care about this, i didn't get thank you, that's okay. we sent him on the way. but i wasn't a fan of john mccain. >> just a fact check here, the president did have to approve the military jet and the military transport, but the funeral lying in state, that wasn't the president, an april poe lis, his laying to rest there, the president didn't approve that either. you interviewed a senior senator from georgia who is one of the few, really, the few republicans with any national stature to stand up and say enough, mr. president, this is deplorable, he said on the radio. why is there a johnny isakson island when it comes to this?
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>> john, i mean, it's stunning that even after senator isakson spoke with me on tuesday night and then went on the radio yesterday to say these things, he was the only one asking the president to stop and saying what the president was doing was deplorable. mitt romney's tweet gave a strong defense of the honor and the service and the sacrifice of john mccain without asking the president to stand down. he said, i wonder why the president does this. mitch mcconnell senate majority leader, martha mcsally now serving in the seat in arizona praised john mccain and tweets intentionally avoided take willing on what the president's doing and how damaging senator isakson, as chairman of the veterans affairs committee on the senate believes that these comments are to the fabric of this country, our identity, the sacrifice that these people through generations have made to keep us free and make us who we
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are. and it is still after last night when he escalated these comments in ohio to a crowd that didn't seem to approve of it with many veterans there in house, that overnight we still haven't seen, you know, the kind of reaction that we saw from senator isakson. i find it absolutely staggering. >> david, scott jennings made the case earlier for us that part of the reason we're not hearing from more republicans is that, well, they may disagree in large part they've realized that if they say something, it may just embolden the president more and he might do more of it. to do you buy that? >> yeah, i buy that's the calculation. i think there's the ignore him caucus of folks who just say let's just not engage. it's just, you know, it will give him even more tension. but the president knows how to command the attention and it is confounding. he goes into this file we have that's bulging and overflowing of those things we simply cannot
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understand about donald trump. he will never back down from a fight and he'll never ignore a slight. and that's what you see play out every day. and the ramifications for that, as our commander and chief, as the president of the country, should give people real pause. and that's what critics are saying. you know, those close to senator mccain who say, look, this is such clear evidence that he's unfit for office, why does he take on senator mccain who's passed away? why does he take on george conway who's married to kellyanne conway senior advise center is it it doesn't make any sense. it makes him look so incredibly small. but i think what the president figures is, look, i've got supporters out there who will give me a pass on this and maybe some who even like it that i behave this way and that i'll take on anybody at any time. there's nothing to stop him. >> jennifer rodgers, one quick question on what the president said about robert mueller yesterday. he claimed in public, he's like yeah, i want america to see the whole report.
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well, that doesn't really seem to be the case if the white house is going to exert all kinds of executive privilege, if bill barr is going to water down what america sees. i mean, if the president really wanted america to see the report, he could make it happen. >> course. it's just like when he said he wanted to sit down with mueller, just like when he said he wanted to release his tax returns but he couldn't. you know, he wants to have it both ways. he wants to say i have nothing to hide, come and see it, you know, i don't have anything to hide here and yet my lawyers are going to make me. so, yeah, he's trying to have it both ways for sure. >> all right, friends, thank you very much. justice department prosecutors have earned multiple subpoenas in a criminal investigation of faa's certification of boeing's 737 max jet if the it was launched after a crash last october. jessica schneider joining us live from washington this porch. >> reporter: criminal investigators want information from boeing on its safety and certification procedures for the 737 max, including details on its training manuals for pilots
4:16 am
plus how the company marketed the aircraft. so the justice department's criminal division, they are leading this probe along with the fbi field office in seattle. this, as questions continue to compound and new details emerge about those two doomed flights. the criminal investigation into boeing 737 max jets ramping up after a second deadly crash in five months with sources briefed on the matter telling cnn that the justice department has issued multiple subpoenas related to the certification and marketing of boeing's best-selling plane. the criminal probe initially began last october after a lion air flight crashed in indonesia. a boeing spokesperson telling cnn earlier this week that the company does not comment on ongoing legal matters. the faa announcing that boeing will roll out a software patch and pilot training program to address issues with the jet. earlier it said it expected a fix by april. >> we're taking action to fully reassure airlines and their passengers of the safety of the
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737 max. >> reporter: the defense department's inspector general also launching an investigation related to the u.s. manufacturer probing whether acting defense secretary patrick shanahan who was an executive of boeing and worked there for more than 30 years violated ethics rules by promoting boeing over other military contractors. >> he clearly should not be schilling for boeing products or saying bad things about the competitors of boeing at the defense department. >> reporter: a spokesman telling cnn shanahan welcomes the probe and has at all times remained committed to holding his ethics agreement filed with the dod. >> do you support section investigation? >> yes, i do. >> meanwhile, new details are emerging about the final moments of the doomed lion air flight. reuters reports that the plane's crew can be heard on the sock p
4:18 am
cockpit voice recorder desperately trying to pull up the nose of the jet. seemingly unaware that the plane's compute wares causing the dives, reuters reports that the pilots frantically scoured the operations manual then said a short prayer before plunging into the sea. day before the crash, the same plane had the same problem. indonesian authorities confirmed that an offduty pilot who was riding in the cockpit was able to step anyone instructing crew to shut off the flight control system. after being sent to maintenance, the jet was cleared to flight next day. >> i can't understand why at least it wasn't test flown or brought out on the ramp and tested again. >> now, the chairman of indonesia's safety agency held a press conference today and he confirmed some details about that doomed lion air flight back in october. but he also disputed reports about the conversations that were captured on the cockpit voice recorder, that includes the reuters report that the
4:19 am
plane's crew scoured the flight manual and then prayed in the minutes before that crash. in the meantime, the senate is set to hold a hearing next week into aviation safety overall and of course the current grounding of those 737 max jets. john. >> all right. thank you very much for that report. johnny isaacson, one of the few republicans who have stood up and told the president to stop bashing john mccain? will there be more? will formanthony scaramucci joi that request? we'll ask him next. ♪ limu emu and doug.
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so question, what did john mccain, george conway and robert mueller have in common? answer, they're not the u.s. economy. they're also the targets that the president of the united states has chosen often to focus on over the last few days. question is, why? joining me now is a man who might have an answer. anthony scaramucci, former white house communications officer and author of trump, the blue collar -- when you hear the
4:24 am
president going after john mccain at an official white house event, are you proud of the president? >> i don't like it at all. i'm surprised that he's doing it. and so what i would say to him, i'm not there of course, but what i would say to him is my grandfather used to say when you hit a rock, you hit it ten, 20 times the rock doesn't move. but then on maybe the 50th time the rock blows up, but you don't know which one of those hits actually blew up the rock. so he's hitting something that is socially unnatural. and so what is that? you're attacking somebody that died seven months ago. now, i understand the point, i understand the grievance that the president's bringing up. but you're not scoring any points with anybody. there's nobody looking at that situation and saying, okay, we understand why you're so upset about john mccain seven months avenue passed away. so, look. i always got along with senator mccain. he is a decorated veteran. the president has the support of millions of veterans in the united states. i don't believe those veterans
4:25 am
are in love with the fact that he's attacking john mccain. so he could sit there and try to justify it, he may have staff around him that tells him, hey, that's great that you're attacking a dead senator, but i don't think it's great. and i would tell him that straight up. and, again, when you hit the rock, john, you don't know this one of those blows is going to blow the rock to pieces. and at some point people are going to say, what are you doing? you got an unbelievable economy, you're going to have peace on the north korean peninsula because of your actions. >> well. >> i think he will. and you're going to have a trade deal with china. the economy is booming are what are you doing? >> you say it's not great that he's doing that. isn't it more than it's not great? i don't understand why so many of the president supporters are dancing around. it's not great. isn't it just wrong? >> i think it's stupid. i think it's stupid. i'm being very declarative here. other than the fact that you're
4:26 am
frustrated and you want to ventilate your frustration into the international airways, okay. but i think it's stupid. i don't think there there's any positive outcome on a ven diagram. and when you are attacking dead people, it's not good. it's one of the main reasons why you have grave yards and people don't touch the grave yards. they drive by them on the highway and say that's a valuable piece of land but they leave all the caskets inside e graves. i think it's stupid. he wants to continue to do that, i'm saying very publicly that's an unnatural social act and it will turn people off eventually. i wish he wouldn't do that because he's got so many great things going on and so many great things about the country and the world that are taking place, why do that? i just think it's wrong. >> do you connect -- >> you know it's wrong. i know it's wrong. it's wrong. >> but people around him. >> 'there are people around him telling him it's right, then they've got a screw zbloos how
4:27 am
come there are three senators who haven't had the guts to say anything at all and two of them -- >> because they don't want to get in the twitter cross hair. >> right. >> if you're a ceo, you don't want your company in the twitter cross hair. if you're a human being you don't want yourself in the twitter cross hairs. so he's got a hundred million people on social media, somebody pointed out that's like the super bowl audience. you don't feel like if you're a senator. >> is that courageous? >> i don't think that's courageous. he has a 93% approval rating among republicans. the guy is actually doing a very good job, i think. >> what 0 do you think -- do you think there's a connection between lashing out at john mccain, the george conway thing, the "saturday night live" thing. >> the george conway thing say different thing. look, i almost got divorced through this whole fiasco, thank god my wife and i were able to put the marriage back together. i don't know why george is hitting him that hard. president waited four months before he responded.
4:28 am
and, you know, kellyanne seems to be defending the president, so i want to stay out of that one because i don't like getting involved in people's relationships, particularly after the fiasco that i went through. that's a different one. but the president's doing this because he's ventilating. he's upset, he feels there's a grievance against him. he feels this dossier was totally unfair, and he feels that there's been an unbalance in terms of what goes on in washington vis-a-vis him. i get all that. but don't attack dead people. it's just stupid. it's like there's no benefit to that. >> the president yesterday said he wants the american people to see the mueller report. do you really believe that? >> i do because i don't think he has a choice in it and i think his attitude is, oh, no, that would be very politically damaging to him if he moved with attorney general barr to not disclose the report. >> well, we do know that barr doesn't necessarily feel the need to turn the full report over to congress. he thinks it is his job to weigh in and maybe remove some parts. and we also know from cnn's
4:29 am
reporting -- >> that would be national security. >> i understand. but we also know from our reporting that the white house intends to declare executive privilege, exert executive privilege over much of it as well. >> i understand that too. there's a lot of sensitive information when you get that close to the situation. listen, your reporting ses also said that the president has a 71% approval rate on the pebling the why can't we focus on the economy? we have an amazing story on the zblek i'll let you close on that. you've been going around telling people you think there are things the president needs to avoid if he wants to be reelected. >> i -- >> and things he should focus on. >> i think he's creating a 6% to 8% head wind as a result of this rhetoric. the rhetoric is unnecessary. his supporters are with him, he's got 0 go after moderates and independents. state of the union address is the president. that was a great presidential address. his approval ratings, according to one poll, it went to 52%.
4:30 am
guy will win re-election on a rising economy, peace and prosperity, and security. why take the millstone of all this negative nonsense and put it on your neck and create a 7 to 8% headwind in your face? >> isn't that also the president? at this point don't we have to accept that that's the president? >> look, i mean he would probably say there's aspects of that combativeness that got him to the presidency. i recognize that. back up you're the president. you've now got yourself to the presidency, you're an adaptive entrepreneur, let's switch up the game here a little bit so that you don't -- you don't have to make unforced errors at this point when you're doing so well on so many different fronts. >> if doesn't give it up, and i'm not sure he will, do you want to see him reelected? >> i do. i want to see him reelected because -- >> even if he continues to attack john mccain? >> this is the struggle that people are going to have. they're going to close the curtain and say he's phenomenal on pogsy but he's a little cook coo on this nonsense and they're going to be weighing that.
4:31 am
i would say let's be a little less cook c-coo so we can focus the things going non society. i'm loyal to him. john, you know i'm loyal to the guy. i got fired, i got ejected from the white house like an austin powers villain and thrown into the fire, but i'm still loyal to the guy. but that doesn't mean i'm going to appologize. i'm going to tell him what i think because i think it's in his best interest if it's the truth. >> always a pleasure. >> glad to be here. >> erica. what would john mccain think of president trump's attacks against him? anna navarro joins us to tell us why she thinks the fallen center may actually find all of this amusing.
4:32 am
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president trump was supposed to be talking about jobs, talk about the military at an ohio plant he helped to keep open, but instead the president spent several minutes repeatedly attacking war hero, the late senator john mccain. >> i endorsed him at his request. and i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted. which as president i had to
4:36 am
approve. i don't care about this, i didn't get thank you, that's okay. we sent him on the way. but i wasn't a fan of john mccain. >> joining us now, cnn political commentator anna that, video who served on the counsel for john mckaip's 2008 presidential campaign. as john berman wisely pointed out early, this was not a campaign rally, just to remind people, this was a white house trip. there was a teleprompter there which was used at some point. i don't believe those words were on the teleprompter. it's remarkable the president is continuing to go down this road, although i guess maybe at the same time it's not so remarkable. >> it's not remarkable. we are now on day five of the president of the united states, the leader of the free world picking a fight with a dead war hero. that is insane. insane. for all those people who say unless you have a medical degree, you shouldn't be weighing in on his mental state,
4:37 am
no. we can say it is insane and it's lacking sanity. but more than that, it is lacking humanity to be picking a fight way person who is not here to fight back, whose families and friends and loved ones are here. and it's just so -- it's so unseemly, it's so infantile. it's so -- it's so ridiculous and so unamerican. it's undignified. it cheapens the power of the presidency. surely there's other things he should be doing with his presidential time. if not, you know, why don't you do us all a favor and pick up golf clubs and go do some more golfing, maybe take some more selfies with spa operators in florida and leave national heroes the hell alone. >> there are those who say, anna, that what he wants, the president wants here, is to get this kind of attention. he knows it will upset people if he does this and he's just -- he's just, you know, stirring
4:38 am
the bear, as it were. does that mean we shouldn't remark? we shouldn't take note of the fact that he's going after john mccain? >> no, look, we need to continue remarking on donald trump when he lies, when he offends, when he divides, when he sows national discourse. when he attacks a war hero, because this cannot become the new normal in america. that, to me, is one of my greatest concerns, that we all end up slugging our shoulders and saying this is just trump being trump. but the problem is, trump is not -- at this point he's not a host of the apprentice, he's not a braggadocious new york real estate developer. is he president of the united states. and whether i like it or not, that means he represents me, he represents you, he represents you. and this is not behavior that should be acceptable by any adult person much less an adult person who is leading the united states of america and representing the united states of america. it is just unacceptable.
4:39 am
and that is why people need to speak up time and time and time and time again. we cannot get tired of speaking out against the outrageous things that this man is doing while using the presidency of the united states to bully other americans, including dead americans. >> i do want to get your take too on what we've heard from megan mccain who has always staunchly defended her father obviously. i found her take really interesting on the view. i just want to play a portion of that. >> do not feel bad for me and my family. we are blessed, we are a family of privilege. feel bad for people out there who are being bullied that don't have support. there are kids committing suicide because of cyber bullying online. there are people going through rough times. there are veterans who come back, we have 20 vet traps a day committing suicide. focus on these issues. these are the issues i beg the white house to pay attention to. >> you know, there's a two part they're. there's the yes, there's so much more the president could focus on. what you just discussed with
4:40 am
anthony scaramucci. 71% on the economy, that's great for him. and yet he continues to go down that road. she continues to take a high road. she's your colleague at the view too, probably not surprising to you that that's where she's at. >> look, you know, anybody who's had a father who they love tremendously is defensive of that father. certainly i am of mine. you know, i think that anybody who has had a normal, loving, paternal relationship would understand that type of family loyalty. you defend the ones that you love. it hurts when you hear somebody that you love be attacked, particularly somebody, you know, john had a painful death. and it was -- and we saw the outpouring of the country for john. one of the things that bothered me most about this, we all say jack mccain, john's oldest son,
4:41 am
in uniform at the funeral. so donald trump is the commander and chief and he is going after the father of somebody that is right now wearing the uniform and risking his life serving this country. something that neither donald trump nor any of his children have been willing to do. the mccains have been doing for generation after generation after generation. >> anna navarro, thanks so much for joining us today. we know you are heading over to the view today. we send our best. >> thank you. president trump predicted the collapse of isis in syria by last night. we're going to get a reality check, a live report from syria next. ♪ looking to lose weight this year? try fda-approved alli®.
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to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. breaking news this morning out of texas where residents near the site of that massive petrochemical tank fire we've been following for a number of days in the deer park area, now they're being told to stay indoors. they're saying benzene and other volatile compounds under the air. the days' long fire was finally extinguished. there has been one small flare-up since we've learned. six school districts near the site of the fire canceling classes for today. president trump claimed yesterday that all remaining isis forces in syria would be eliminated by last night. he even used maps to make his point. watch this.
4:46 am
>> this was on election night in 2016, everything red is isis when i took it over, it was a mess. now on the bottom that's the exact same, there is no red. in fact, there's actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight. >> gone by tonight. cnn's senior international correspondent ben wedeman is live in eastern syria with more. ben. >> reporter: john, no, it's not gone by tonight. that was last night and the operation is ongoing. this is, i think, the third or the fourth time that president trump has rather prematurely declared final victory over the terrorist organization. there are operations ongoing as we speak. there are warplanes overhead. so it's not over. we are almost there. the isis jihadis are isolated in
4:47 am
a very tiny strich tiny strip o the river, they have been pushed back to that. but it's not over. there are still people coming out. yesterday we saw a large group of men, women, and children being checked by u.s. special forces who had come out the previous day. we're told that as many as 2,000 people arrived at that camp north of here where many of the -- those who have surrendered have arrived. and they apparently are in very bad condition. but certainly the end is almost upon us. this is my 47th day in syria to cover the final victory over isis. it may be just hours away before an announcement came, but i think the president got it wrong again. erica. >> ben wedeman from syria for us. as you're saying, your 47th day reporting there. ben, thank you. an arizona mother is in
4:48 am
custody acuresed of torturing her children while using them for fame and fortune on her youtube channel. authorities say she starved, pepper sprayed, even locked the vulnerable children in closets. stephanie elam is live in los angeles with more this morning. you can't wrap your head around this. >> it's unfathomable when you hear what this woman is accused of doing. she's adopted seven children and this video page, it was well liked. it was very simple, but endaerg videos of these children. they had nearly a million people following them. some 240 page views for their page called fantastic adventures on youtube. but machelle hobson is her name, this is what she's accused of the you mention the pepper sprays. but pepper sprayed their genitals if they messed up their lines. locked them in closets. some kids say they went for days without food and were forced to take ice baths. one said they hadn't been to school in years. all of this was discovered by
4:49 am
police when they did a welfare check on the family. the police saying that some of the kids were afraid to take food from them. in fact, get this, one of the children was so dehydrated, that child drank three bottles of water in just 20 minutes. now, besides hobson, two of her adult sons have also been arrested. they've also appeared in some of the videos and they are charged with failing to report the abuse. one of the sons, though, did say that he did see injuries, he did talk some, say that he saw injuries on the children and said that he would sneak them food. but all of this should let you know, john,s a toss it back to you, that youtube has taken down their page and they will no longer be able to make money now that they're charged with >> hideous. the allegations are hideous and we are dealing with children. stephanie, thank you very much for being with us. depending on how the 2020 election goes the united states could end up with its first first gentleman.
4:50 am
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at time for cnn business now. the federal reserve is signalling interest rates will remain unchanged amid fears that the u.s. economy is slowing. chief business correspondent christine romans joins us now with more. the president wanted interest rates -- right? >> be careful what you wish for. this is what the president and the markets were throwing a fit at the end of last year, they wanted a fed not raising interest rates headed into the election season. the fed is keeping interest rates on hold for the year because of -- well, here's why -- heres about slowing u.s. and global growth. fed officials scrapped plans for
4:55 am
two rate hikes this year. >> the u.s. economy is in a good place. we'll continue to use our monetary policy tools to help keep it there. >> that's key. the u.s. economy is in a good place. it is solid. the job market is strong. fed officials downgraded the forecast for economic growth this year to 2.1%. >> growth is slowing more than expected. financial conditions tightened over the fourth quarter. growth slowed in some foreign economies, notably in europe and china. >> central bankers estimated the u.s. economy would grow 2.3% this year. that's below the trump administration's forecast of 3%. to meet those targets the white house assumes a big infrastructure plan making individual tax cuts permanent and even more deregulation. john? >> christine romans, thank you very much. so the united states could make history in 2020 if it elects its
4:56 am
first woman or first gay president. if that happens, their spouse would be the nation's first first gentleman. indica kate bennett explains. >> reporter: a crop of diverse presidential candidate, but six have one thing in common. should they win, their husbands would become the first first spouse. hillary clinton had to once consider what former president bill clinton could be called. >> bill has said that some of his friends from scotland suggested first laddie. >> reporter: this time more options for a man to make history. elizabeth warren perhaps unsurprisingly didn't follow the traditional norms when she decided bruce mann, a professor of law at harvard, was the one. she asked him to marry her. >> we have been married a long time. it's always been an adventure. this is another. >> reporter: pete buttigieg of
4:57 am
south bend, indiana, is not only the first openly gay presidential candidate, he's also a newlywed. marrying his husband last year. >> i married a teacher. i married up. >> that intimate thing in our lives exists by the grace of a single vote on the supreme court. >> reporter: at 29 he's the youngest of the potential first spouses and is a vocal supporter of his husband's candidacy. >> i'm excited for the country to know him on a larger scale. >> reporter: also in the honeymoon phase, hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard who married her husband abraham williams in 2015. abraham is a cinematographer. the two met when he volunteered to shoot her political ads. he proposed while they were surfing in hawaii. minnesota senator amy klobuchar's husband john bessler already has experience as a political spouse. >> he said, well, the senate spouses are having a baby shower
4:58 am
for jim webb's wife and i'm going. the world has changed! >> reporter: amy klobuchar married john, a lawyer and law professor in 1993. the two have a grown daughter named abigail. some, like senator kirsten gillibrand's husband jonathan are more behind the scenes. she met her british-born husband on a blind date in new york city. the two moved upstate to raise their young sons and so he could accommodate her political ambitions. >> there's not a lot in upstate new york. when he said yes it was a huge opportunity for me as a person to start our family there. >> reporter: when california senator kamala harris married lawyer douglas emhoff in 2014 she took on a new role -- step-mother to her young children. >> they call me mom-ala. >> i don't know if we're ready for a first lady named doug.
4:59 am
>> reporter: he's very much enjoying being the spouse of. >> oh, he's having fun? >> very secure. >> reporter: kate bennett, cnn, washington. >> that will be interesting. >> look, this is something we dealt with in 2016. it was a little different when the prospective first gentleman was a former president. but, yeah, it's america. >> it is. it's fascinating to see. great piece, kate. lawmakers in new zealand did something u.s. lawmakers haven't been able to do. "new day" continues now. >> new zealand will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons. >> we want to ensure people bring their firearms to surrender them to us. >> the prime minister said there will be changes. she's putting her money where her mouth is. >> i gave him the kind of funeral he wanted. i didn't get thank you. >> it's disgusting.
5:00 am
he's intimidated by people whose stature he can never achieve. >> the president's comments hurt him more than the legacy of senator mccain. >> the justice department issuing subpoenas as part of a criminal probe into boeing 737 max planes. >> members of congress are asking questions. you will see a broadening investigation. >> the american people deserve answers. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." it's thursday, march 21, 8:00 in the east. we have breaking news that's sure to spark new debate and controversy in the united states. it comes from thousands of miles away. the prime minister of new zealand announced a ban on all military-style -- these are her words -- semi-automatic, assault rifles and high capacity magazines. the high-powered weaponry used thomo massacre 50 people


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