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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 21, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. get the data options you need and still save hundreds of dollars... do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. this is cnn breaking news. >> 5 a.m. on the u.s. east coast where we're following the breaking news out of sri lange ka where a sevenette explosion has been confirmed. state media report that at least four explosions were at hotels and three other explosions were at churches. you're seeing the video here from colombo, sri lange ka.
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at least 138 people have been killed in the seven explosions, this according to officials there. more than 560 people have been wounded. again, keep all of this in mind, what seems to have been a coordinated set of attacks on a day that christians around the world are celebrating easter. cnn's correspondent has been following the story for the last several hours in new delhi. joining us live this hour. what more are you hearing from your sources about the aftermath of these explosions? >> reporter: well, george, the full details are still coming through, but everything that we know points to a devastating series of attacks. as you say, now we have confirmation that there was seven explosions. we know that three of them at least occurred at churches. this, as you say, is easter sunday. these churches were full. we don't have a full picture of
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the number of injured and dead. we know the number of injured is in the hundreds and the number dead is 130, close to 140 now. we know foreigners are involved. this is a popular tourist destination. authorities are scrambling to bring medical attention to those who have been injured, to make sure the rescue operation can unfold smoothly. security has been stepped up. the government had an emergency meeting earlier on sunday. all police leave has been canceled across the country from what we understand as they try to make sense of what exactly happened and find out who was behind this. at this early stage we don't yet have any indication about who may be behind this. we don't have a claim of responsibility nor so far have we had development pointing the finger of blame at anybody. it all points to a very, very devastating series of attacks where it's just getting used to
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history of peace. it was in a bad civil war until it ended in 2009 after a massive military offensive. people only have just been getting used to peace and knew they've been hit by this absolutely devastating set of attacks. >> i want to get a sense of timing from you if you have some insight on this. i hope i'm not putting you on the spot. we've spoken about the six explosions, those explosions happening several hours ago. now we have this seventh explosion confirmed. do you have a sense as to whether that seventh explosion was a recent explosion or was it part of the others that we're just now confirming? >> so, george, we're still getting a full picture about the precise timing of all of them. what we do know is this unfolded in the morning. the explosions we heard about earlier. one of the hotels that was hit, they said that a restaurant was hit just after 9:00 a.m. local
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time. of course, easter services were going on at these churches. all things were going on in the morning. precise timing and details we're still getting a picture of. it looks very much like this was a coordinated series of attacks and so there's going to be an investigation which is already underway to look at how that happened, how across this country all of these bombs went off. it looks like a sophisticated attack so the big question is going to be, well, who's behind this because, as i say, this is a country that has seen tragedy, that has seen bombings in the past but for several years it's been in a period of peace. people have been getting used to a much, much more peaceful sri lanka. when you go down there that was only present in the ' 0s, '90s, in the 2000s. the government is putting in all the efforts and everyone is focused on first the recovery, two, on finding out how this
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happened and who was behind this. george? >> again, i want to update to make sure our viewers understand the numbers that we have at this point. you explained the timing. we're still getting a sense of that, but 137 people killed in the blasts in sri lanka. 560, more than 560, again, of people have been wounded and you get a sense from the video here, you see the soft targets that have been hit. we understand rescue efforts are there. we'll stay in touch with you. thank you. reactions are coming in from leaders around the world given the tragedy in sri lanka. this from india's prime minis r minister. there is no place for such barbarism in the region. my thoughts are with bereaved family and prayers. also pakistan's prime minister,
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strongly condemn the horrific terrorist attack in sri lanka on easter sunday. my profound condolences. pakistan stands in complete solidarity with sri lanka in their hour of grief. also, british foreign secretary said the following, quote, shocked and saddened by the horrific attacks adding, to target those gathered on easter sunday is particularly wicked. my prayers are with those and the families and those assisting with the response. the violence in sri lanka has cast a shadow on an otherwise peaceful sunday around the world. pope francis is leading an eastern sunday mass.. we are awaiting his opinion on the bombings. he is expected to give us his thoughts later. he answered in 2015 and called
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for reconciliation. a lot to talk about on this easter sunday for sure. for perspective, let's bring in john allen. john joining us this hour in rome. john, the pope has not yet spoken about what happened in sri lanka, but you say that he will likely make remarks in his noon homily? >> reporter: yeah. so right now the pope is leading the easter sunday mass.. easter is of course the most sacred day on the catholic christian calendar. it's the day the christians celebrate the resurrection of jesus from the dead. he did not mention this and he will keep the focus on the ritual itself. at noon, rome, in about an hour he is going to be delivering what's known as an address to the city that is rome and to the world, which is always a sort of
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360 degree review of the global situation, george. we are fully expecting that he will have something to say about sri lanka then. >> keeping in mind the pope was in sri lanka just a few years ago speaking on the issue of reconciliation. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, sri lanka is of course a country that was torn by a very bloody 30 year civil war that ended only in 2009 fueled largely by separatists. it's also home to rising movements of buddhist nationalism and extremism. about 70% of the population is buddhist. in the eastern part of the country there's a hindu nationalist movement, about 15% or so of sri lankans are christian. they find themselves caught in the middle as happened this morning. we shall say, george, this is tragic but not utterly surprising. there is a pattern of attacks on
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christians on their major holy days around the world especially easter. in 2015 there was an attack at the university of kenya that left 75 people dead. in 2016 christians were bombed in a park in pakistan after easter services, again, leaving about 75 to 80 people dead. last year there were attacks on christian churches in india, so this is something that christians sadly have become familiar with, george. >> john allen following this in rome. again, john, seeing that the pope will likely make remarks on sri lanka during his noon homily. we will continue to monitor and bring you perspective as we bring more from the vatican. we move on to france where any moment catholics will hold an easter mass at the saint eustache church. it's standing in for the notre
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dame church. so far about $1 billion has been donated, pledged to rebuild that cathedral, but a benefit concert also thoeld remember that wonderful building to raise more money for it. those donations have angered yellow vest protesters. some demonstrators clashed with police on saturday and set fire to parts of paris. cnn's melissa bell is live in paris. we understand service is just getting started there. certainly a different venue other than notre dame. >> reporter: that's right, george. this is, of course, traditional easter sunday service. normally housed in notre dame, as you say, one of the most important in the catholic calendar. clearly because the cathedral remains closed, the investigation is ongoing, and there is so much work to do before it will be able to be open to the failtful again, it
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is here instead at saint eust h eustache. all of the faithful that could get in are now inside because the mass is getting underway. tourist t tourists tried to get inside and they couldn't find the space. what we expect to be happening during an extremely poignant ceremony given the events of the last few days, given these events happening once again during holy week, very important to the catholics. every time there have been ceremonies, they have had that extra significance, that extra amount of emotion around them and lamenting all that was lost in the cathedral. a bible that was saved during the night on the monday among so many relics and artifacts we've been talking about that were rescued from the flames.
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that bible will be given to some of the firemen, the heroes who have been praised every day since that terrible fire that they managed to put out remarkably well. when you look at that edifus, remarkable how much is saved. they're giving thanks that more was not lost. >> melissa bell following the story. thank you. now to the mueller report. we heard a lot about that report over the past two years. the question now, do voters really care about what's in that report? we'll take a look. plus, election day in ukraine and the next real president could be the guy who plays president on tv. we'll explain. stay with us. yesss, i'm doing it all. the water. the exercise. the fiber. month after month, and i still have belly pain and recurring constipation. so i asked my doctor what else i could do,
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welcome back. we're following the breaking news out of sri lanka. we are getting reports of at least seven explosions in what look to be coordinated attacks. i want to show you video here. you can see a moment that captures one of the blasts. right there. authorities say at least 139 people have been killed. we keep continuing to follow that number. these numbers, according to officials, 139 people have been killed in these several blasts in sri lanka. at least four blasts hit hotels. three hit churches. this as christians celebrate easter sunday and keep in mind
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more than 560 people have been injured. we continue to follow this story for you and we'll bring you more information as we learn more from people on the ground and our sources there. the mueller report, even though many republicans say it's time to move on, president trump is ignoring that advice. he's bralasting the report agai on twitter saying this, quote, despite the fact that the mueller report should not have been authorized in the first place and was written as nast tilly as possible by 13 angry democrats who were true trump haters including highly conflicted bob mueller itself, the end result is know collusion, no obstruction. it is important to point out the report does not exonerate president trump. our boris sanchez is traveling with president trump in florida and has this report. >> reporter: the chairman of the house judiciary committee jerry nadler filing a subpoena
2:17 am
demanding to see the full unredacted mueller report. democrats are demanding to see all the underlying evidence including information that was redacted because it includes sensitive grand jury information. nadler set a deadline of may 1st but it does not appear the department of justice is ready to comply with his request. they put out a statement in part calling his request unnecessary. here's the full statement. they write, quote, in the interest of transparency, the attorney general released the special counsel's confidential report with only minimal redactions. the department of justice has also made arrangements for chairman nadler and other congressional leaders to review the report with even fewer redactions. this is premature and unnecessary. the department will continue to work with congress to consider its legitimate request. because of this dispute between house democrats and the department of justice, it appears that this fight will likely wind up in court.
2:18 am
meantime, president trump spent saturday at his national golf club in florida. driving by and the supporters giving an enthusiastic double thumbs up. the president is fuming over details. he's apparently angry at former aides that gave details that kept the white house in chaos and a president who is angry and paranoid and also aides that either completely ignored or refused to follow the president's orders. boris sanchez, cnn, traveling with the president in crest west palm beach, florida. >> thank you. the mueller report lays out how russia used back channels to get to the campaign. vladimir putin used russian
2:19 am
ollo oligarchs to make contact with the trump campaign. steven erlinger is following this. steven is the chief diplomatic correspondent in europe. good to have you. >> thanks, george. >> start, steven, by delving deeper into an article written by one of your colleagues in the new york timings. this graph really sums up the point here in that article. i'll read it as follows. the graph says this, mr. trump's on the fly campaign, lack of preparation for victory and disorganized transition created a vacuum that as russia sought out avenues of access and influence was quickly filled by a number of people from outside established foreign policy circles, many of whom appeared eager to portray themselves as access brokers or generate business opportunities. steven, as the mueller report
2:20 am
shows depth of connections, russia clearly saw an opportunity. >> it certainly did. one needs to remember vladimir putin really disliked hillary clinton. russia was going to intervene against hillary clinton and then with donald trump, there was someone who had interest in business in russia and talking about trying to build a power there and so trump whole operation was fly by night clearly helped the russians. they lifted american sanctions on russia based on the sanctions
2:21 am
of crimea. >> steven, mr. trump has pointed the finger back at his predecessor, barack obama, saying mr. obama did nothing to stop the interference though he did speak with him directly telling him to cut it out. some former obama staff have indicated personal disappointment that they didn't do more. what do you make of mr. trump's criticism on this issue? >> well, it is true, president obama could have done more. it is said he was reluctant to intervene in the national election because, after all, it would look like he was putting his finger on the scale of hillary clinton. i think it is true he could have done more. in fact, he could have issued a statement about russian interference. it was actually the same day
2:22 am
that a statement came out about hollywood women and that completely overwhelmed the warning about russian interference. so it is true obama could have done more and when his team tried to do more they were overwhelmed by that kind of a story. >> the audio not the best there, steven, but the context was rich in information. we appreciate your time. thank you so much, steven erlinger. >> thanks, george. voting is underway in ukraine where a man playing president on tv may become the real president of that country. you're looking now live at a polling station in that nation's capitol, kiev, going into sunday's election. in fact, this is not live. this is video, i want to make that clear. you see the comedian there turned politician, he was the
2:23 am
leading candidate in the presidential race. he's taking on the incumbent president who has held office since 2014. this video shows the people going to the polls. our phil black has the details. >> there is a spirited effort to try to turn around the momentum of his campaign with regular tv and public appearances, rallies and public appearances. he goaded his opponent to debate him. he never gave up criticizing zalensky saying he is not fit for office, not ready, strong enough, not ready to be president or commander in chief that is still at war. he's struggled to cut through the popularity. the actor and comedian said he's not a politician, just a regular guy who wants to wipe out just a broken system of includes and
2:24 am
the show for the people, he plays a teacher who becomes president who goes into battle against oligarchs and officials and cronies. his campaign platitudes, promising to do things better than the other guy have made him the clear front-runner in this presidential campaign. how did ukraine get to this point? he promised to turn the country around. five years the war grinds on and the economy's recovery has been fragile and slow. poverty and quality of life are big issues here. the general view among many ukrainians is that he hasn't done enough. they are disappointed. they want change.
2:25 am
they want something new. enter vladimir zelensky, the total unknown, warm smile, few detailed policies but it's been enough to convince many ukrainians to vote for him or vote against the status quo. polling stations are also open in egypt where voters will decide on a controversial change to that nation's constitution. it's the second of three days of voting. this could keep the president in office until 2030. it will give him new powers over the judicial and legislative branches. sri lanka faces the aftermath of what looks to be a horrific set of coordinated attacks in the region. for a live update ahead. so the question by democrats, whether to impeach the president or to focus on other issues. democratic presidential
2:26 am
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this is cnn breaking news. >> we continue following the breaking news out of sri lanka. i'm george howell. the death toll has listen. officials say at least 140 people are dead. more than 560 wounded. this after seven confirmed explosions across that country. of course, you see the video here. you get a sense of what happened at the soft targets. these blasts hit four hotels, they hit three churches on easter sunday. it's being described as a coordinated set of attacks and the government has declared a
2:30 am
curfew just recently to go into effect immediately. cnn's nikiel kumar is following the news in new delhi. the death toll has risen to 140 people killed. >> reporter: that's right, george, and that number has been rising throughout the morning and into the afternoon on this sunday, this easter sunday. as you say, we know about 7 explosions. we know that three of them were churches. easter sunday, these churches were full, still trying to get a full picture of the number of people injured in these blasts. we understand already it's into the hundreds. so a very, very serious tragedy. a devastating tragedy that only over the last decade has been getting used to peace. in 2009 is when sri lanka emerged from an almost three decade long civil war. it's only recently that the people are getting used to it and they're being hit with a massive series of explosions.
2:31 am
right now it looks like a coordinated set of explosions. so far there hasn't been anyone taking responsibility. so far the government hasn't pointed the finger of blame but it all looks very devastating, indeed, off the southern coast of india. >> if you could help us get some context about this nation, violence in particular. because sri lanka has not seen something like this in some time. help our viewers to understand the background, the history there. >> it hasn't, george, no. i mentioned the civil war which unfolded through the '80s and '90ed. it ended in 2009. that pitted the senalese majority against the north ethnic group. christians are a minority. they're both senalese and
2:32 am
tarmahil during the years of violence when we saw regular reports of bombings and in 2009 is when that war ended. since that time the country has been taking steps towards peace and reconciliation. we have seen smaller amounts of violence. this is going to come as a jolting, crushing reminder to the people of that country that just as they're stepping out of the shadow of that war that they've been hit by this. the christian population, as i mentioned, is quite small, 10%. quite significant. there was a spotlight on them, you remember, back in 2015 when the pope visited and held mass in the country. when he went to colombo and held mass there. hundreds of thousands turned out and the message very much then was a message of unity which is a message that the leaders of the country have been trying to promote to reconcile the different groups together after
2:33 am
the end of that war. but on this very, very dark day, again, it points to some divisions and with tragic consequences for everyone involved. george? >> it begs the question we see unfortunately christians are attacked in many places around the world unfortunately this is a sad but uncommon thing that seems to happen in so many places. but the question here, why sri lanka. that seems to be a burning question as we see these explosions at churches and hotels on easter sunday. >> that's exactly right, george. that's going to be the question to which authorities are going to be scrambling to try and find an answer. there's no straightforward answer here. as i said, the context here is a country that has been trying to step out of the shadow of ethnic and interreligious conflict, trying to step out of the shadow of conflict and terrorism. today it's been plunged back into that darkness. that question, who did this?
2:34 am
why did they do it? how did all of this come about? was this internal, external? these are all questions to which the answer. the prime minister of sri lanka tweeted earlier today condemning the attacks and calling on people to avoid speculation as they try to find answers to the most pressing of questions. why sri lanka? why today? and why as this country has been trying to make steps out of the dark part, why has it been pushed back there today on easter sunday. >> thank you. now let's bring in dr. mahes mahesh gunsakara. dr. gunsakara, first of all, if you could give us a sense of what's happening there on the ground as you understand it.
2:35 am
>> yeah. a number of explosions have happened. hello? >> dr. gunsakara, we have you on the line. the audio is not the best. again, just making sure our viewers understand. cnn has confirmed at this point seven, seven explosions in sri lanka. we are, of course, staying in touch with authorities as, you know, information develops. 140 people who have been killed. more than 560 people who have been injured as the latest report. dr. gunsakara, if we still have you on the line, if we're able to improve the audio here and hear from you, talk about what the response will be. because it seems that these attacks have happened over several hours and certainly from
2:36 am
the images we see there will be a rescue operation to try to find people who survived those explosions. i don't believe we have dr. gunsakara on the phone with us but, again, the latest we have for you in the attacks that took place in sri lanka, 140 people who have been killed. more than 560 people who have been injured. several different sites that were hit. churches and hotels. the churches were people who were there for easter sunday. the hotels packed with foreigners on this very important day. we'll, of course, continue to follow this story for you. now to the mueller report that it's been released and many details being parsed and considered. congress is weighing in on what's next. democrats are looking to replace the president in 2020, many of those democrats are weighing in, some pushing for impeachment, but others are not. here's a sample.
2:37 am
>> the mueller report hands this now to congress and the fundamental question for us is is there going to be some accountability here? we cannot be an america that says it is okay for a president of the united states to try to block investigations into a foreign attack on our country or investigations into that president's own misbehavior. >> there is no question that there is good reason to believe that there was an obstruction of justice by this president. there's no question. >> i do not think it's time to move for impeachment. >> why? >> i'll tell you why. i'm not moving for impeachment because congress has not seen the report without redactions. >> not even once you see it? >> i want to go through the processes. i want to see the unredacted
2:38 am
report. i want to have robert mueller come testify before the justice committee. i know a lot of people would like to impeach but i'm a guy that believes this is not a partisan issue. this is a process that we need to follow to come to that conclusion. >> the u.s. president's message to democrats, game over, he says, but how do voters feel about it? are they sick and tired of hearing about it or do they care that the you president of the united states hey may have obstructed justice. cnn's miguel martine nefz traveled to a state that was key in president trump's victory, wisconsin. >> good morning, wisconsin, 48 degrees in radio sfi. >> reporter: release of the mueller report talk of the town. >> the big story, the mueller report. the redacted version is coming out hopefully as we speak. >> it's out now. >> we've got it. >> reporter: on conservative talk radio, steve skatiti says
2:39 am
he's talked to mueller for 22 months. >> we're looking at this as, yeah, there could have been some reason to investigate this, but i think it has been hyper politicized to the point where it just went on too long. >> reporter: and for caller after caller after caller the president isn't perfect but the investigation has gone too far for too long. >> eddie from franklin, i only have a minute, what say you? >> i say it's a total phishing expedition. they don't agree with his policies. >> reporter: in the milwaukee suburbs, port washington where in 2016 voters supported then candidate trump by nearly 19 points over hillary clinton. some voters say -- >> we're sick of hearing about it. i think washington, they want to
2:40 am
focus on it. those people want to, but for us, my friends, we're sick of hearing about the mueller -- >> reporter: democrats want more details but concede regardless of what's in the report, it's likely to make little difference in how voters view the president. >> i think i've been reading about it for a long, long time and it seems like i'm not sure anything's going to change. >> reporter: closer to downtown in blue areas where voters backed trump by over 22 points, some independent voters say the entire report now must be released. >> the full report needs to be fully disclosed to everybody so that we can read it and see what is in it. >> no redactions? no redactions? the full report. >> the full report, absolutely. we have a right to see the full report. >> reporter: some republicans also welcoming full publication confident there is nothing there. >> if this was going to have any
2:41 am
kind of major impact on anything, they would have already brought indictment or charges or recommended further prosecution so i don't think it's really going to be the big reveal like everyone thinks. >> reporter: i've talked to democrats, independents, republicans, republicans who don't like the president, all thought the same thing, if the mueller report and the findings are still a topic in 2020, it will help the president, cnn. arrests have been made after the killing of a northern ireland journalist. why police say this is a terrorism case. so, jardiance asks... when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart?
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following the breaking news out of sri lanka, authorities there say at least 140 people have been killed in seven different explosions. you see here video as one of those explosions happened. this is near colombo in sri lanka. the explosions hit four hotels, three churches, all of this as christians celebrate easter sunday. more than 560 people have been wounded and police will enforce an island wide curfew. we'll continue to follow this story for you. now to northern ireland. two suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of journalist lyr mckee was shot and killed thursday. the killing may be terrorism and a group referred to as the new ira is responsible. cnn's international diplomatic editor is in londonderry with developments. nick, we're hearing supports of
2:46 am
security alerts and homes being evacuated. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right, george. what you're seeing behind me is one of those security alerts. the police detonated in a controlled explosion a device left on the steps of a council member. police have arrested a 39-year-old man already in connection with the device that was left here. another device left at another location in the city here. it's an indication of the sort of tense nature of times here, a moment that you had the murder of the journalist and then somebody planting explosives not far away. it's an indication of the tense nature of the situation and the difficulty for the police over this particular weekend, traditionally a weekend, easter weekend where there's always a possibility of outbreaks of
2:47 am
violence in northern ireland. the police have appealed for anyone with a mobile phone, video footage from the night of the killing of lyra mckee to come forward. this particular incident, the forensics teams have gone in so i think we're going to see the security alerts in this city trailing later today. but to those two men who have been arrested, the police say that they were members of the new ira. they're calling them a new breed of terrorists. a younger generation who have come along since the good friday peace agreement and have decided to sort of follow the path of previous republican terrorists in northern ireland. >> nic robertson following the story in derry. thank you. we'll be back right after this. yesss, i'm doing it all. the water. the exercise. the fiber. month after month, and i still have belly pain and recurring constipation. so i asked my doctor what else i could do,
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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. sports are in full swing here in the u.s. the nba playoffs, of course, and the houston rockets are proving they might be the biggest challenger to the defending champions golden state warriors. cnn sports, carolyn amano is here with the bleacher report. >> good morning, george. a big reason why that's the case is of course because of houston
2:52 am
rockets star james hardin. the nba's leading scorer was a virtual no show. hardin and the rockets on the road against the utah jazz saturday night. the former mvp struggling mightily from the floor. hardin has averaged 36 points per game in the regular season. he missed all ten of his first half shots. that's the first time anyone has done that in the playoffs since michael jordan in 1997, if you can believe it. six rockets players managing a score of 10 points in the game. chris paul ended with 18. hardin finding his shot in the fourth quarter. he nailed it. clutch three-pointer. finishing with 22 of 3. he made 14 free throws. the rockets get the winner up 3-0 on the verge of a sweep. >> and thinking of going out there, we've got to go out there and play the best in our roles.
2:53 am
i think we do that, we have a chance to win everything that we play. >> the philadelphia 76ers is turning into one of the fiercer rivals in the nba. the bad blood between filly and joel embiid picked up a hard foul on jared allen. dudley did not waste any time flying in. embiid elbowed allen in the face in game two. since then it has only intensified from there. from there jared dudley and jimmy butler would both get ejected from the game because of the scuffle. sixers went on to win putting it away on this mike scott three. they are now in good shape to move on in the playoffs as filly takes a 3-1 lead. after the game embiid did not waste any time calling out dudley. >> man, first of all, he's a nobody so i'm too valuable for my team, that's why they react. i did not do anything.
2:54 am
>> frustration boiling over for the san antonio spurs. yesterday star guard demarco larson launching the basketball right at the official after a foul called against him. the rest of the game wasn't any they got blown out by the nuggets who evened out the series. a lot of excitement. from the court to the boxing ring, a controversial ending to the main event inside madison square garden. winning by technical knockout against england's amir khan after crawford landed what was an apparent low blow. the referee asked khan if he wanted to stop. khan appeared to respond with a nod but then he denied he quit. crawford, despite the controversy, still undefeated at 35-0. a lot going on. >> thank you so much. want to update our viewers on the breaking news we're following in sri lanka, and now
2:55 am
new reports of an eighth explosion on the island. keeping in mind we had been reporting seven explosions throughout the newscast. now we know there have been eight blasts across the country. here's video showing one of the blasts. at least 140 people are dead. in response, police are set to enforce an island wide curfew. we'll continue to follow this of course here on cnn. of course you see the video here, again, this is one of the blasts that took place there. these happening at soft targets. and keeping in mind the timing, on easter sunday. people there to celebrate easter sunday and many of the hotels were packed with foreigners. take a look here. other video shows you a blast that happened near the capitol, colombo, sri lanka. you get a sense there of where these things are happening, occurring around that city. again, at this point, we understand 140 people in sri
2:56 am
lanka have been killed in these blasts. we will continue to follow this and bring you the very latest on cnn. and a live look here. this is live. perhaps video. at the vatican. the vatican there where we're expecting the pope to speak on what happened in sri lanka at some point here during the day. stay with cnn for the very latest on what's happening in sri lanka. i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. "new day" is next for our breaking news coverage as it continues. through the at&t network,
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