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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  April 30, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. we begin the hour with dramatic breaking news. a coup attempt today in venezuela. a coup attempt that is getting full-throated backing from the trump white house. dramatic figure tours coming into cnn just moments ago. you can see them right there on the streets of caracas. a venezuelan national guard tank running over anti-government demonstrators in the caracas streets. the opposition leader juan guaido says today's operations are different what he's calling operation freedom says has the support of military leaders. >> what the soldiers are doing in caracas, throughout the whole
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of venezuela, getting to the side of the constitution. it's a coup against maduro. >> now the extent of the military break though with president nicolas maduro is unclear. the maduro regime calling it a small group of traitors. the trump white house declared its support for guaido months ago. still its aggressive statement supporting today's coup are significant. vice president pence leading support for the coup saying in spanish we're with you and likewise the secretary of state mike pompeo says the united states supports the venezuelan people for their quest for freedom and democracy. what's the current situation on the streets there, jorge? >> reporter: pretty tense situation, john. right now we have been seeing images coming from the east part of caracas where supporters of juan guaido recognized as
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interim president by the u.s. has been gathering to start a strategy that they call operation lebertad, liberty operation, where they will finally take maduro out of the presidency. what we're seeing a very tense situation where military groups are backing up juan guaido in this movement but, on the other hand, we also have supporters of nicolas maduro also gathering in other parts of the caracas capital in the west part saying they will stand there for nicolas maduro, the only president that they recognize in this country. >> and so or hey, help our viewers in the united states who might not track this story every day. there's been demonstrations before. how much more significant? how much more dramatic and how many more people in the streets? and to the point you were just making which is the key point, we don't know the split, how significant the military split is. interim president or opposition leader guaido says they are with
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him, but we don't know how many, right? >> reporter: yeah. the outcome of this is played. we'll see it in the upcoming hours. since we do not have certainty of how many military commanders, for example, will back up juan guaido in this strategy. we have seen a couple of those military there for him, hanging heavy and saying that they are going to support him. in fact, a couple of other gunfire -- >> sorry to interrupt you, jorge. we need to go to the white house. democratic leaders emerging from a meeting with president trump. >> we just had a very productive meeting with the president of the united states. we came to this meeting with an understanding that there's great need in our country for rebuilding our infrastructure, with the recognition that we stand at a pivotal place in terms of building infrastructure for the future. it's about jobs, jobs, jobs. it's about promoting commerce.
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it's about cleaning air, clean water. so, therefore, a public health issue. it's a quality of life issue, getting people out of their cars, not being on the roads so much, and in every way it's a safety issue. so we're very excited about the conversation that we had with the president to advance an agenda of that kind. we did come to one agreement, that the agreement would be big and bold. our distinguished leader from the senate will announce how big and how bold. >> thanks. >> and what remains to be seen is we agreed that we would meet again to talk about how it would be paid for, but we're very pleased with the positive attitude toward recognizing the trillions of dollars of need according to the american society of civil engineers, deficit that we have in our
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infrastructure, and now we have an opportunity to work together in a bipartisan way building infrastructure of america which is never a partisan issue, and we hope to go forward in a very non-partisan way for the future. with that i'm just pleased to yield to the distinguished leader in the senate. >> thank you. it was a very constructive meeting. it's clear that both the white house and all of us want to get something done on infrastructure in a big and bold way. there was goodwill in this meeting, and that was different than some of the other meetings that we've had which is a very good thing. first, we agreed that infrastructure is crucial to the future of america. we agreed it creates jobs. it agreed it keeps us competitive. we've agreed that for 25 years this kind of a big, bold bill that we could pass would make america a better place. this is not just one year or two years. we agreed on a number which was very, very good. $2 trillion for infrastructure.
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originally we started a little low, even the president was eager to push it up to $2 trillion, and that is a very good thing. then we talked about a number of things we would do. obviously the roads and the bridges and the highways. obviously water, but also a big emphasis on broadband, that every american home we believe needs broadband, an emphasis on the power grid so we can bring clean energy from one end of the country to the other and several other issues. we told the president that we needed his ideas on funding, that the last bill he proposed which, a, was smaller, but, b, took as much money away, and the speaker emphasized this, took as much money away as it put in wasn't going to work, so where does he propose that we can fund this because certainly in the senate if we don't have him on board, it will be very hard to get the senate to go along, and we said we would meet in three
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weeks, and he would present to us some of his ideas on funding. so this was a very, very good start, and we'll see, we hope it will go to a constructive conclusion. >> senator, considering -- >> madam speaker, how hard is it to work with this president on infrastructure when he's stonewalling you on investigations? >> well, we can -- obviously we are here to do something for the american people. we have said all along in our for the people agenda that we ran on, that we were there to lower the cost of healthcare for the american people by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and we hope to work with the president on that. we said we're there to lower healthcare costs, bigger paychecks by building the infrastructure of america in a green and futuristic way and we talked about the clean government. for the first two we may work with the president on while we
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may have difficulties in the other area but we cannot ignore the needs of the american people as we go forward. >> did that issue come up in this conversation? >> no, it didn't. you can ask the same question of the senator. >> to both of you. right after the mid terms, the president said, suggested that he wouldn't be able to work with you if you simultaneously investigating him. has that passed and can i ask you what's a bigger priority for the president, investigating the president or trying to -- >> our priority is to honor our responsibilities under the constitution of the united states. to meet the needs of the american people and to honor oath of office. i'm going to yield to -- >> let me just -- please. in previous meetings the president has said if these investigations continue i can't work with you. he didn't bring it up, and so
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we're going -- i believe we can do both at once. we can come up with some good ideas on infrastructure, and we want to hear his ideas on funding. that's going to be the crucial point in my opinion, and -- and the house and the senate can proceed in its oversight responsibilities. the two are not mutually exclusive, and were glad he didn't make it that way. >> we'll take one more. >> what has happened? you all turned into shouters. >> last question. >> i'll take one from a woman. >> thank you. did you choose a leader among you to guide the infrastructure project and spending going forward? >> well, we have some of our members. we have our leadership there, and i have a rule when i go to a meeting with -- with many members, and that rule is the purpose of the meeting is not to criticize the president of the united states, and, secondly,
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that every person has a chance to say what he or she came to say, so this is a collaborative effort, and we hope it will be very bipartisan, but we will be meeting next about how it is paid for, and that will engage, of course, the secretary of the treasury among others and our leadership in terms of the ways and means and the finance committee. >> wait, wait, wait. >> but some of it will also spring from the committee of jurisdiction, for example, the transportation infrastructure committee which has its own funding mechanism. this is a technical question you're asking, but everybody who is appropriate to the solution will be involved. >> this is the last thing we're going to say. the -- we agreed that the same group would meet in about three weeks, and the president would present his ideas on funding, and we would take it from there, and if we had to break up in smaller groups after that so we would. thanks. >> let me just add one point.
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i want you -- i want you to take this home with you because one really important advance that we made in this meeting was the president's acceptance or maybe just agreement, i won't say acceptance because he may have been thinking of this all along and that is that infrastructure should include broadband, and it's important to healthcare and important to education and important to commerce, and his embrace of that in addition to transportation and water issues was very important. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> did you talk about immigration? >> you've been watching a remarkable, truly remarkable moment outside of the trump white house, unprecedent the in the trump presidency. democrat leaders emerging with a meeting with the president of the united states talking optimistically saying they had an agreement with the president to try, insert skepticism, to try to move even though there's investigations under way and big fights on other issues like
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immigration, like the possibility of impeachment and like trump oversight of his finances, these democrat leaders emerging saying they had an agreement with the president to try to move forward on a massive infrastructure program, $2 trillion, the amount of money put out by the leaders. they will meet in three weeks. one was how to pay for it, most of them ruled out by republicans so that's a giant issue down the road so the tone there was remarkable. both nancy pelosi, speaker of the house, chuck schumer the democratic leader saying the president did not bring up impeachment or investigations nor did they, and they believe that they can at least try, try to move forward on a bipartisan area of interest. we'll see if they can get to agreement while the oversight and investigations go forward. again, insert skepticism here. but it was a remarkable moment. with me in studio to share their reporting, jackie kucinich with "the daily beast, "tamarah keith and camara demergian and ay philip. speaker pelosi said we cannot ignore the needs of the american
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people even with the oversight responsibility. i don't want to be a cynic but i'm skeptical. everybody is complimenting the president saying he came engaged and was with them when he talked up the price tag and making a commitment athlete for now that this is important, we should be able to repair roads and bridges, improve broadband, which helps from a infrastructure perspective and helps education and healthcare, and this issue has been on the issue for years, dating back to the obama presidency with nothing. is that a seed of hope, or was that a brief parallel universe? >> it could be a seed of home. i mean, we know that president trump wants to do this, that he's been talking about infrastructure for a long time. he's really serious about it and not that conservative in that he doesn't care what the price tag. he thinks in some ways the bigger the better. the price tag is way more than republicans have wanted to do in the past so there's that where
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he's in line with democrats on it, but simultaneously while the president -- while this was happening at the white house, on the other coast the president's acting chief of staff mick mulvaney was speaking pubically and throwing cold water on this effort and basically says that he doesn't think that the way the democrats want to do this will line up with the way he wants to do it. he wants to dismantle environmental regulations in order to green light infrastructure plans, and he thinks that trade is much more likely to get through congress than an infrastructure bill so i think you're going to see a push and pull between the president who is very non-ideological on the issue of infrastructure and a lot of his advisers like mulvaney who are very much ideological about it. >> usually trump is throwing cold water on what his advisers are doing. i would have more confidence if there were republicans in that meeting. >> yeah. >> once republicans get ahold of whatever the democrats and the
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president have talked about it will start to fall apart. the president does have a tendency to tell the person in front of them what they want to hear and then reality kicks in, that's when the trouble starts. >> this is another example. you mentioned the key point. the president is from the trump organization. they build things. he likes building things, likes roads and bridges and sarah sanders, and i don't say this as a joke at all. wow, let's build stuff. that's his pedigree, but he's not ideological. we've seen this on healthcare and other issues. he says, great, let's do something and then the conservatives, whether it's his chief of staff mick mulvaney or the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says that's not the way we do bills. let's go to kaitlan collins. maybe democrats will say we should think about raising the gas tax. the president says absolutely not. then how are you going to fund this? can't be an amorphous public/private partnership. you need real money up front. is the president willing to buck his chief of staff and his own
9:16 am
party heading into an election year and say let's have big government spending? >> as abby noted his chief of staff was not in the white house and was not in that meeting today because he's in california at a conference, so before this meeting -- while this meeting was going on mulvaney was casting doubt on the fact that it was going to be successful saying he thinks that the trade deal the president engineers has more of a chance passing than an infrastructure deal does. john, it's no secret that republicans and democrats agree on infrastructure. what they don't agree on is how to pay for it, and that is not what we were talking about when chuck schumer and nancy pelosi came out of that meeting just now. they said they agreed they wanted it to be big. they wanted it to be bold. they wanted a $2 trillion plan happening, and they said the president was right along there with them for that, but what they didn't detail on is how they are going to pay for it. of course, that's the big question here. now, chuck schumer told reporters they will be meeting in three weeks or so and that they want the president to come up with ideas of funding this as well so they are certainly
9:17 am
making sure that he is a key player in how this is going to be funded because, as they noted, if the president doesn't support it they won't be able to get the republican senate to support it either, so that's the big question here. but also reporters asked not that long ago president trump said that if democrats were being very aggressive in investigating him, he was not going to be able to work with them on things like infrastructure. they were asked about that. they said the president did not bring up these investigations, the many oversight requests that we've been reporting, the white house is aggressively fighting back on. they said that did not come up in today's conversation, but john, of course, the question going forward is whether or not the president is going to change his mind, try to weaponize that or use that as these negotiations about how they are going to pay for this $2 trillion plan is going to happen. >> kaitlan collins live at the white house, appreciate it. >> you get your curiosity piqued. number up, the president has an internal republican issue, really, you said $2 trillion. we're supposed to be the conservative party and your tax cut exploded the deficit, how
9:18 am
are we going to pay for this when we tell voters we're the conservative party in america? some liberals will be mad. what do you mean impeachment didn't come up and what do you mean you didn't demand the president give his tax returns up and that he'll end up in court if you don't agree to our constitutional right to oversight and today's goal was everybody play nice but now what? >> this is the nice chuck and nancy and the president having a nice moment again and there was an incentive for everyone to make nice. nancy pelosi has been the one most powerful force saying let not talk impeachment and her committee chairs are getting angry where there's momentum building and we can see what's happening in the rank and file. that's going to happen under her whether or not she wants to have a nice meeting with the president and it's to her advantage for not going off the rails with this impeachment stuff but she can't completely control that like the president can't control his people. as we've seen, but the devil is always in the details and these
9:19 am
nice meetings tend to run into many roadblocks, not to use infrastructure talk there. >> it's good. i like that. >> but it's a fascinating question. is it in the interest of the president to do a big deal with the democrats? is it in the interest of the democrats to try to do a big deal with the president in the do you want to give president trump a giant infrastructure package heading into a re-election year when he's already going to say the economy is great, unemployment is low and this will help even more. have they decided that this is worth doing? is it beneficial to both sides? or should i -- >> i think that your dose of skepticism at the beginning was appropriate, and, you know, we've had similar conversations after meetings about immigration, after meetings at the white house about gun legislation and gun control, where democrats come out and say, wow, this was great and the president agreed with us, and he's slowly reeled back in, and the fact that they didn't talk about money in this conversation.
9:20 am
>> right. >> means that they didn't talk about the fundamental things that they disagree about and the fundamental things that have been standing in the way of an infrastructure package happening since president trump became president more than two years ago. >> the democrats know if they lead with we asked the president to raise gas taxes and asked the president to find revenue here and to cut back his tax cut that the republicans would say there go the tax-and-spend democrats. and it seems to be we'll let president go first and see if in three weeks he has something to offer. the two are not mutually exclusive, trying to get some stuff done while you have aggressive oversight. we're glad that the president didn't make it that way. keep your eyes on twitter. we'll see how long that lasts. it's interesting. look, yes, you should be cynical and skeptical because washington hasn't worked in a long time. that was a remarkable moment. we will see. maybe we should start a countdown clock, how long will it last in the up next, we'll return to one of the other top breaking new stories, the violent uprising and attempted coup in venezuela. to look at me now,
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back now. the other big breaking news story we're following today. stunning pictures coming in from venezuela with the opposition's push to topple president nicolas maduro escalating today. we saw this in caracas within the last half hour or so. you see the protesters there and military vehicles running over some of the protesters. some in the crowd responding by throwing molotov cocktails. joining us now is michelle kosinski. michelle, it's been remarkable. we know that the administration supports the opposition leader juan guaido, but with people in the streets and violence in the streets the aggression from the president and vice president and national security adviser essentially cheering on the demonstrationors. >> that's essentially been by tweet though. i mean, we did hear from the secretary of state this morning, again by tweet, staying that the u.s. fully supports this
9:26 am
operation. juan guaido, opposition leader and the self-declared president of venezuela, was calling it operation liberty saying that this is the beginning of the end stage for maduro, and mike pompeo saying that the u.s. fully supports this. i think it's remarkable though that we're not seeing the u.s. come out -- like elliott abrams, for example, the u.s. special envoy for this issue. for a while there as things were changing on the ground weeks ago, we would hear from him in person here in the briefing room nearly every day giving us updates. today though the state department has been silent except for those few tweets, so there are questions about what exactly is this? is this a coup attempt? is this a military operation? what is this, and when we hear from juan guaido there, he says this is an appeal to more of the military and more of the people of venezuela to end things for maduro. how exactly that's going to
9:27 am
happen is unclear at this point. it's also not 100% clear whether guaido has a critical mass of military support when we know there's military leaders that are still definitively backing maduro, at least at this point. so it seems like guaido is trying to build that mass to some kind of point, but whether this is going to turn more violent than we've seen is what the world is watching right now. we did just hear from guaido's ambassador to the u.s. carlos vecchio. reporters obviously had all of these questions and more for him, and he said this is not a military coup. there are more actions to come. again, unspecified, and he clarified that the u.s. did not help coordinate this information -- this operation. the u.s. did not help coordinate this, and i want to be clear on that, and he said that they are looking for more international support, john. >> michelle kosinski live at the
9:28 am
state department, going to be fascinating to watch this as this day plays out. we'll continue to track the story. joe biden makes his campaign debut in iowa today and guess what, like it or not, our new cnn poll says he's got a new title, front-runner. this daughter was home visiting when mom saw a chip in her windshield. >> mom: honey is that a chip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so they brought it to us. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, we can fix it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance a safelite chip repair is no cost to you. >> mom: really? drive safely. all right. ♪ acoustic music >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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to iowa today. a brand-new cnn poll conducted after biden's campaign launch shows him with an 11-point polling bounce nationwide. 39% of democrat or democratic-leaning independents say biden is their top choice for the democratic nomination in 2020. up from 28% in march. that puts the former vice president more than 20 points ahead of his nearest competitor, senator bernie sanders. biden will hold his first event in iowa later this hour. he'll be visiting cedar rapids and du buick today and des moines and iowa city. if you know history biden's prior white house runs have cratered in iowa and if you've seen the video a look at why this time it might be different, eight years beside the president who won iowa in 2008. >> this country wasn't built by wall street bankers and ceos. you built this country, the great middle country built this country.
9:34 am
that's the story of america. >> let's go to cnn's jeff zeleny live in cedar rapids. jeff, the voice of barack obama. tell us more about this new video. >> reporter: john, no question. vice president biden is coming into iowa like he's done several times before as a presidential candidate but this time he has a different title and that's the front-runner in this race. it's very early, they know that, but he's trying to keep that sort of momentum alive so he's going to be having his first rally here in cedar rapids, and they started it with that campaign video from former president barack obama. now we know he did not endorse joe biden, his friend, but those words certainly sound hike it, and i am told by advisers to former president obama that they are very well aware that they are using this ad. the former president is just fine with it, of course, goff them his bless. we'll see a few more obama touches, if you will, over the next couple of weeks as joe biden continues his rollout, but he also knows that he has to win this on his own so that's why
9:35 am
he's here in cedar rapids. you can see the crowd gathering behind me here. there's a little bit of lunchtime music here as well. not the biggest crowd we've seen certainly, not the most enthusiasm, certainly an older crowd, but these voters here are committed to joe biden, and they say democrats have one priority and that's beating president trump. one thing i noticed in the audience talking to several audience, there's old biden shirts from 2008. one woman was wearing one. put it on today. believes in joe biden and has been waiting for him to get in. now, of course, the question is can he prove he's actually a front-runner and can he hold on to it for nine months or so before the iowa caucuses? >> john. zeleny never looks happier than when he's live in iowa. i think i have crates of old t-shirts in my basement. i think i have a biden 2008. here's the test. every other presidential run, 1988, 2008, he's gone to iowa, and he collapses. this time he goes in with a -- this is a national poll, but a
9:36 am
20-point lead over bernie sanders. like it or not, being the front-runner is a great blessing and can also be a curse, but it is -- i guess the question is what's the test? what's the first test now that you're up here, how do you stay up here? >> you know, one of the things i'm going to be looking at is the first debate which i know is a little bit off at this point. sorry, i'm a little hoarse, but putting him against the other candidates, right next to them because we're starting to see ideologically where everyone is falling on various issues. putting them next to those candidates i think will be very interesting, but in iowa, joe biden really does have a bit of an advantage. he's kind of just right. he's not too conservative. he's not too liberal on most of these issues which appeals to a lot of iowa voters. >> and to the point about contrast, well, we'll learn a lot before the debates in june. >> people don't know who a lot of these other people are. >> biden gets into the race. the guy who has been with him at the top of the pack is bernie sanders who we know is well
9:37 am
organized from 2016. underestimate bernie sanders at your peril, but this from last night told me that even bernie sanders goes wow, biden gets a bounce and i can't wait to draw contrasts. >> i think when people take a look at my record versus vice president biden's record, i helped lead the fight against nafta. he voted for nafta. i helped lead the fight against pncr with china. he voted for it. i strongly opposed the transpacific partnership. he supported it. i voted against the war in iraq. he voted for it. >> welcome to the race, joe. >> and, you know, the great thing about this is that this argument that bernie sanders is making right now is the same argument he made against hillary clinton in 2016 and it's literally donald trump, the president of the united states could make the same argument against joe biden in the general election, the same views on trade, same idea about the iraq
9:38 am
war. he could basically say the same words. >> and i think that's why what bernie sanders is saying is really important, that he's actually making a bet that what iowans want isn't actually somebody who is just right. what they want is somebody who is -- is where he is, a little bit more to the left, a little bit bolder on these issues, in his view right on the iraq war and right on trade, and so for biden i think the challenge is going to be does he get out of this sort of mishy mashy mode or a place where he can be boxed in by some of these candidates that are being more aggressive of how far to the left they are in this particular primacy, and that's why i'm also obsessed with the drops in the poll that we put out this morning. just the movement that we've seen among some of these candidates who were in the double digits a few weeks ago and are now in the single digits. that's a sign over candidate in this race that this is incredibly fluid and that you can be where joe biden is in one moment and be further down the
9:39 am
next. >> but none of the others, with the exception of sanders, none of the others have biden's history or name recognition so he gets a bounce and it's a great thing to have that game. you're right. the others suffer. will their fund-raising change? this is where the debates become important because a lot will be lost from the race and others have to break out. what's interesting and you made this point. you just heard bernie sanders criticizing bernie sanders on economic issues, trade issues. biden is on the corporate side, the wrong side. guess what, that is the same criticism plus a little crowd reference, listen to donald trump, president trump's campaign manager. >> the president has a -- you know, a following behind him is so much -- so much larger, incredible. i saw that real, is that like a real, i don't know what that, but i think it's even funny that he goes to pennsylvania, a place where his policies like nafta put more jobs in mexico than pennsylvania and for a guy who says he's with pennsylvania seems like he's pretty much
9:40 am
their enemy. >> it is quite striking when you hearings you know, and, again, this is president trump will be the first to tell you if you're having a conversation about 2016, that he noticed bernie sanders tapping in on the trade stuff and noticed in the industrial states it's helped. >> this is both -- if everybody feels that they are running against biden at this point you'll hear the parallel argument against him, the peril of a primary which people in your own party who may need to back you say things that your opponent will capitalized on several months down the line if biden ends up the nominee. it's inevitable that you would have this about biden. he's been in public life and making positions known for almost half a century. that's his greatest asset and also his potential greatest liability for anybody who wants to best him in this contest at whatever point. >> all the trump team talking about him, including the president talking and tweeting about him elevates him and helps him to a degree. if the democrats think who is most electable and now he has to prove it. a rising democratic star says no to a 2020 senate run. health is magnificent.
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topping our political raid rather today, democrats stacey abrams will not run for senate in georgia next year. the former gubernatorial candidate telling "the atlanta constitution" saying she's honored so many people think she should challenge the incumbent governor she says she will run only if it's a job she wants. she says right now she's focused on her efforts to fight alleged voter suppression. the justice department says they are against giving roger stone the full unredacted mueller report before his november trial. the question came up today in a court hearing about what
9:46 am
material stone is entitled to review. stone's lawyers want to review documents from the special counsel's office and an assistant u.s. attorney says the government has no obligation to provide that information that stone wants. stones pleaded not guilty earlier this year to lying to a congressional committee that was investigating russian election meddling. democrats holding the line on two fronts facing the trump administration, number one, the house judiciary committee jerry nadler thinks attorney general william barr is threatening not to testify before his committee on thursday because he's, quote, afraid to answer questions from staff attorneys. earlier cnn's manu raju asked him about barr's concerns. >> what do you say to republicans who say there's no precedent for hall how long staff attorneys to question at hearings? >> that's nonsense. there's considerable precedent. >> reporter: would you consider fines for subpoenas? >> and the house financial services committee chairwoman maxine waters is not concerned about president trump and members of his family suing two banks overnight. the suit is trying to stop those
9:47 am
banks from releasing the president's financial records to congress. take a listen. >> we have representation from deutch and capital one that they will cooperate with us, so he can file the lawsuits. they need a subpoena in order to do what they need to do to give us the documents. they have said they will cooperate, so so far his lawsuits aren't doing any good. >> up next, president trump using executive powers to propose big changes in how the u.s. treats asylum-seekers. i've always been amazed by what's next.
9:48 am
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president trump is taking executive action to tighten asylum rules as his new point man on immigration makes his first appearance in congress. in a memo overnight to the acting homeland security secretary he asked for big changes in the asylum system, including including a fee to
9:52 am
apply and the acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan says the system is at the breaking point. >> the system is full and we're well beyond our capacity. this means the new waves of population arriving here in the already urgent humanitarian crisis at the border. we don't have the room to hold them, don't have the authority to remove them fairly and expeditiously and they are not likely to be allowed to remain in the country at the end of their immigration proceedings. the status quo is non-acceptable. >> you can be a democrat or republican or independent, the status quo is not acceptable and yet the outlook for any legislative changes is zero, correct? >> correct. >> so the president uses his pen. how significant are these changes? >> i think would make it extremely difficult to claim asylum in this country and to -- even if you are in the process, the fact that they are delaying
9:53 am
work permits, making it almost guaranteed that these individuals would have to rely on either some kind of government service or charitable service just to survive, this is a deterrent. it's designed to stop people coming home on the basis of some kind of credible fear of asylum claim and that's what they have been trying to do all along. if you talk to advocates, they have been trying to chip away at the asylum system for a long time. this is one part of the process. there's a bit of delay going into effect, and i don't know what is going to happen in that gap period. >> i would assume a lawsuit. >> this is -- this is -- >> especially a lawsuit. >> whatever your views on this issue, whatever your views, this is how we do immigration policies now in the court because there's no adult conversation in congress. >> look, certain elements of this propoal challenge. when you have a fee for people making a credible application for asylum that's cross-purposes. addressing the courts, they do
9:54 am
need to address the courts. there's a huge backlog but more money needs to be put into that system to have the cases moved more quickly so you cannot create all the disincentives at the border that gum up what people's legal rights are to claim asylum and get the system flowing but it seems like they are trying to build a bit of a financial disincentive wall as they talk about making changes in a system that do need to be made in some way but probably first. >> none of this has worked. none of this has worked as a deterrent because if your home country is that horrible, you're still going to make the trip, and so that -- they haven't found a way to actually, despite all of these regulations and all of the barriers they are putting up, nothing has worked. >> right. >> they haven't created a way to change the incentive system back at home. >> right. >> because it is so rough where people are coming from, and this is seen as a better place. you know, i think the president and his administration are incredibly frustrated that
9:55 am
everything they try hasn't worked, everything they try gets blown -- blows up in their faces one way or another and they are going to get a lot of pushback on this as well. i will say that jared kushner says he's working on an immigration plan. i guess we'll wait to see what it is and if it comes and whenever it's released but certainly the administration on some level realizes they need to do something more permanent than executive action. >> and we started the hour with should we have any optimism they can have a deal on infrastructure after a big meeting on the white house? i would have even less optimism because of the politics not just in the trump administration, going back years, but let's just see they can have a plan and adult conversation. thanks for joining us on "inside politics." see you back here tomorrow. busy news day. don't go anywhere. brianna keilar starts after a quick break. have a good afternoon. amanda's mom's appointment just got rescheduled - for today. amanda needs right at home. our customized care plans provide as much - or as little help - as her mom requires.
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