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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 30, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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drug throughout the medical community for over a decade. >> people will be outraged. and when they read your piece, i just -- let me say, i love you wayne drash. and you are an incredible journalist and i've been working with you for years but you're an even more extraordinary and dad. please go to to read this piece. thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. all right. we continue on. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we begin this hour with breaking news out of venezuela. the months long feud between the country's president nicolas maduro and the man who wants to replace him, juan guaido hitting a fever pitch and the u.s. and russia are watching very closely. guaido calling on the military to join thousands of protesters in the streets of caracas and throw maduro out. the demonstrators are being met
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with armed forces but to warn you, what you are about to see is disturbing and graphic. you will see what -- armored vehicles driving into the crowds, mowing people over. just some of what has been going on in the past couple of hours as we've been watching there in caracas on the streets and learning cnn has been taken off the air there. journalist stefano is in the capital of caracas and tell us what is happening right now. >> reporter: what is happening, brooke, is that the intense standoff between the security military forces who are still on the side of embattled president nicolas maduro and the propertiers that have be propertiers -- and the protests here are still ongoing. just at the end of this road, just at the background of the
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pictures, you could see smoke rising because teargas has been used profusely today and paramedics caring those affected or injured. we've been hearing for the best part of today live ammunition being fired here in caracas. which is quite a significant development. but the result of this standoff is still unclear. and also, brooke, unclear is how many military units have actually joined sides with the opposition leader juan guaido who proclaims himself the acting president of venezuela back in -- on the 23rd of january. his leadership has been recognized by many countries around the world first and foremost by the united states, by the white house. crucial support there. until today, no active military
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members were being seen standing side-by-side with guaido. but today that is exactly what happened. we've seen members of the national guard breaking the lines from their brothers in arms and defecting effectively, joining sides with the opposition. we're still trying to understand how many of them have actually joined the forces of the opposition and they will prevail at the end of a very intense day here in caracas. brooke, to be clear, just a couple of hundred meters behind my back, that is the place where most of the harshest clashes have been taking place. those images of the armored vehicles running through opposition lines. that is what is taking place just a couple of hundred meters behind my back, brook. >> we saw those disturbing images and all, stefano, cnn has
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been knocked off the air by the government of venezuela, is that correct? >> reporter: that's correct exactly. that is the information we're hearing from the ground. it is not new in -- in spanish, our cousins in the family have been knocked out of the air for sometimes and international was not -- you could still get access to our live signal on digital what is happening today is that many websites have been dark and have been taken down by the authority that heads to the government of nicolas maduro and one of them is cnn international. so, yes, of course i understand that for maturo, members of the military joining sides with the arch enemy juan guaido with the top-ranking opposition leaders,
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it is something that i would not be happy to see, brooke, broadcasted around the world and here in caracas. these are images that are hurting bad the leadership of nicolas maduro and one of the -- one of the reactions have been to take down international media outlets like cnn international, brooke. >> we're going to come back to this. stephan stefano, thank you to the crews there, in caracas. want to turn our attention to washington where president trump played host once again to -- he refers to as chuck and nancy as both sides try to hammer out a deal to fix the nation's crumbling infrastructure. afterward the house speaker and her counterpart said the meeting was productive and filled with good will and laser focused on delivering for the american people. >> building infrastructure of america has never been a partisan issue and we hope to go forward in a very nonpartisan way for the future.
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>> phil mattingly is on capitol hill for us. and phil, when all was said and done for today the democrats and the president agreed to this $2 trillion infrastructure plan. where do we go from here? >> i'm optimistic person by nature so i don't want to dump too much cold water on this but there is a reason why infrastructure is a bipartisan issue and hasn't got done over the course of the last couple of decades and the reality is when it comes to paying the $2 trillion tab agreed on, there is not a lot of bipartisanship or not to that extent. but just to take you behind the scenes in the room according to sources either briefed on the meeting or in the meeting, speaker pelosi and leader chuck schumer were sitting on opposite sides of the president in the cabinet room and across from them secretary of transportation elaine chow and people said it is a wide-ranging meeting, they talked about immigration and trade deals but on infrastructure there was agreement on in a $2 trillion number.
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the big question is how do you actually get there? funny story i was told, the president is the one who ended up at $2 trillion. they've been batting around numbers of $1 trillion but he said i like the sound of two. and the next steps in terms of what happens next. a lot of good will coming out of the meeting. in three weeks the white house will present the pay -- how they finance the $2 trillion plan and that is the big open question now. the details of what it would finance and how it would fund it, those are the big questions. i just spoke to democratic leader chuck schumer a short while ago and he said it is on their plate and in three weeks they'll come back with the options and that will happen. and the issue and talking to democrats into the meeting, they had optimism the president was more in line with them than some of the republicans that are in his administration and some of the republicans on capitol hill. the president has long talked behind the scenes i'm told in phone calls with democrats, conversations with democrats about a big, bold infrastructure package and this would certainly
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be that. but how do you finance this? i just asked mitch mcconnell, would you be willing to reopen the 2017 tax law to find funding for this and he said no. that is a nonstarter. and note he's the husband of secretary of transportation elaine chow. so there is a lot of work to come. and i asked chuck schumer, you've had agreements on things in principal like immigration in the past that have imploded in the next couple daves and why do you believe this will come to fruition and he said for him, hope springs eternal, brooke. >> the optimism is pervasive. phil mattingly, thank you very much. let's get analysis. jamie gangel is here with me. and there was a lot of love it seems like. >> until there is not. >> a lot of kumbaya and a rainbow from congress to capitol hill. a total 180 from last time they were together. >> we saw a love fest today.
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and let's remember in listening to phil talking about it, what didn't we see today? there were no pictures. remember a few months ago -- >> it was not a camera. >> president trump thought it would be great f-- great to hav a camera in there about the shutdown and we know how that ended. today no cameras. also no other republican members of congress in the room. but when they came out it was very, very productive. good will and all of this optimism. let's not forget this is, as phil said, something that president trump likes. he is not ideological about it and $2 trillion, he likes to build things -- >> it is a good round number, i believe was the color we heard. >> and bigger is better -- >> in donald trump world. and all of the stonewalling never came up. >> no talk from either side about impeachment or hearings or investigations. let's see what happens three
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weeks from now. but for today, that was remarkable. >> and tic-tacs offered by the president. all pressing issues here we cover. last hour i talked to senator bernie sanders live from the hill and he was trying to differentiate himself from former president joe biden and when you look at our new polling today, even though there is a whole field of 20, biden is the only one sanders should be worried about, at least at the moment? >> right. it seems funny to say because of they're age when he ran against hillary clinton, bernie sanders was the new kid on the block and now there is another new kid. the numbers in our cnn poll -- >> what do they tell you -- >> striking for bernie sanders. and first of all with 20 people in the race, joe biden gets 39%. that is a lot. but look at bernie sanders wheelhouse. you put joe biden against bernie sanders, young people, under 20, under 45, biden 31 and sanders
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19. liberals and these should be bernie sanders and joe biden 32 to 19 for sanders. and race, people of color. joe biden wins 50% to 14% for people of color. it goes without saying, it is early. and 64% in the poll also said they could change their mind. >> but at the moment, i had to guess on yesterday and susan referred to this as a septemberu jen arian knife. >> correct. >> and that is not all he has on his mind. yesterday the president went on a twitter storm talking about joe biden, joe biden. we've discussed as four days in the general election it is between these two >> right. there is no question as a republican said to me this morning, joe biden is living in donald trump's brain rent free. he is obsessed with him. and i think also, it is not just
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the numbers, but that endorsement from the firefighters, donald trump sees firefighters, police -- >> military -- >> these are his guys. a lot of those tweets, if you go back and look, he's talking about the dues and he did not like that the firefighters -- but again, it is very early. ask jeb bush and hillary clinton. it is a long way to go. >> true. jamie gangel, thank you very much. more on the breaking news out of venezuela and uprising under way as the opposition is trying to oust the government. the u.s. said all options are on the table. also just in, it seems more and more republicans on the hill are speaking out against the president's fed pick steven moore who just this morning, not in an old column, said the biggest problem in the u.s. economy is declining male earnings. and pete buttigieg's campaign releasing ten years of his tax returns. what they reveal ahead. ♪
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just in, pete buttigieg has just released the past ten years of his tax returns following other challenges like bernie sanders and kamala harris and elizabeth warren. cnn reporter vanessa caveich is with me and for more on this, what is the biggest takeaway. >> brook, he just released ten years of tax returns. so we are still going through them right now. but a couple of interesting key points and one headline really, he is the poorest presidential candidate out there in the race right now who has released his tax returns. that is even with filing jointly
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with his husband chasten buttigieg. they filed jointly this past year. and also in 2017, he made a little bit more than what he makes as mayor. he got a $30,000 advance for his book "the shortest way home" but one thing we are missing is what has he made from sales in that book. we won't find out until next year's tax return. another interesting point was that in 2014 he was deployed to afghanistan. he took a seven-month leave of absence from his job as mayor. so that year he only took home about $34,000. and also in 2011 when he was running for mayor of south bend, indiana, he made so little money that he didn't even up paying taxes that year. he ended up getting an earned tax credit of a couple thousand dollars. but something that people might be looking for is what he made during his time at mackenzie, a consultant there from 2007 until
12:19 pm
about 2010 and as many people know, consultants do make quite a bit of money. some of those years that he was there aren't in his tax returns. he didn't -- he filed those before the ten years that they gave us. but still going through them and keep you posted on whether we find anything. >> keep reading. vanessa, for now, thank you for that. and joe biden just finished speaking at a campaign event in iowa. the caucuses are the first chance for the democrats to vote on who should be the presidential nominee and biden learned the hard way how critical the early contests are. back to 2008, the second run for president and he received just less than 1% of the vote there and then dropping out of the race. and now he is the 2020 front-runner for this entire democratic field and a new cnn poll shows just by how much. here is the former vice president moments ago in cedar
12:20 pm
rapids. >> folks, the good news or the bad news, you'll see a whole heck of a lot of me. i promise you this, no one is going to work harder in iowa than joe biden to get your support and gain your confidence. >> y'all know in your gut, y'all know in your gut that this election for president is different. and we know why. limited t limit -- limited to four years this administration will go down as an aber ant moment in time but given eight years in this white house we'll forever and fundamentally change the character of the country. >> let's talk about biden and the polls. with me now harry intin and senior writer and analyst. and give me your takeaway and candidates jump in the race and get a big boost and sometimes it is temporary, a lot of times it is temporary. how does that factor in. >> there is a difference between
12:21 pm
a bump and a huge bump and this campaign biden has been hovering around 30% and bernie sanders is 20% and our poll has biden at near 40% and sanders slumming back down to the mid teens and there is a quinnipiac poll that backs us up that sanders in third place at 11% and elizabeth warren jumping to second place at 12% but when you see the 25-point lead for joe biden and that is the largest lead so far so he's the man to catch. >> how does that factor into years past and when people jump in. >> so take a look at -- i'll call this segment it is a time machine. we're going back in time. we're doing all of this fancy stuff and what you see is -- let's go back to 1984 when the democrats were running. this is a comparable year because walter mondale was running with support from the establishment and ahead in the field with 36%. now he did win that nomination but it was gary hart in second that particular year and he only finished 3 points behind walter mondale so he held his own but
12:22 pm
gary hart jumped up. being ahead is a good thing but it is not a guarantee because he came close to winning. >> what else? >> look at '88. hart was at 41%. just a few weeks later the whole situation with gary hart having to drop out because of an extramarital affair and he dropped out and then came back and the one who won that, this guy was michael dukakis. and so the polls were not indicative after what actually happened. let's take a look at 1996 with the republicans. bob dole, where the polls did well. bob dole was well ahead and marched to that nomination and pat buchanan came in second and well backed but the polls were good. they had bob dole ahead and he won. but of course there is another side of that coin. go back to 2008. rudy giuliani was ahead -- >> look at that. >> but he went nowhere. he lost the entire primary and
12:23 pm
didn't win a single one -- the person that got was this guy, john mccain at 22% and he came and won the new hampshire primary and these are a indication of what we expect the accuracy of polls at this point. they can be telling but often times they are not. you would rather be ahead because you are behind, we still have nine month as head. a ton of time. and who knows what will happen. maybe i'll dress nice. >> no jeans. >> maybe a tie or a tuxedo. >> i don't know you any more. harry, thank you. >> thank you. now to this story under the radar today. the president proposing the sweeping restrictions to how migrants can seek asylum in the u.s. hear about the dramatic changes he's proposing and plus venezuela in chaos as the opposition takes to the street to try to force out president nicolas maduro. what is next? a former u.s. ambassador to venezuela joins me next. don't tell your mother. dad, it's fine. we have allstate. and with claimrateguard they won't raise your rates just because of a claim.
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or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. the trump administration is closely watching what is unfolding in venezuela right now. protesters have been taking to the streets at the capital city of caracas after interim president juan guaido called on the country military to join him to oust nicolas maduro from power. >> translator: today brave soldiers and brave men loyal to the constitution have heard our call. i invite them to activate
12:29 pm
immediately. i invite them to immediately cover the streets of venezuela. the first of may has started today. >> the president's national security adviser john bolton spoke on venezuela just a few months ago from -- moments ago from the white house. >> it is a very delicate moment. i want to stress again, the president wants to see a peaceful transfer of power from maduro to guaido. that possibility still exists if enough figures depart from the regime and support the opposition and that is what we would like to see. >> patrick dunn served as ambassador for venezuela from 2007 to 2010. so welcome and thank you so much for being here. and for americans tuning in, can you just hammer home what -- why what is happening is so important there and why the u.s. is so invested in this outcome in venezuela?
12:30 pm
>> there are several reasons that i think make this particular crisis so very important to the united states. in the first instance, there is an enormous humanitarian crisis in the country. there are shortages of food, medicine, the electrical grid is collapsing and there have been shortages of water. so we have seen indications of actual hunger in the country. this is then precipitated a regional crisis with millions of venezuelans fleeing to colombia, ecuador and brazil and peru. additionally, there is this sense that internally venezuela is in the process of collapse. and there is the widely held fear that the humanitarian crisis, the human rights crisis that has been imposed by the
12:31 pm
chafistas will become more severe. >> and ambassador duddy, today we've seen the support for guaido from the trump administration. so what is the role, the u.s. and the likelihood of military intervention? >> certainly at this point i don't see u.s. military intervention as imminent. though the administration has repeatedly emphasizes that all options are on the table. i just step back and emphasize one further point. and that is it is not only the united states that is supporting the interim government of juan guaido, virtually the entire hemisphere and there are 54 nations around the world all of whom recognize guaido as the
12:32 pm
leg legit -- legitimate interim chief executive of the nation and what i think the u.s. and the rest of the region wants to see, indeed what they are emphasizing, is that the restoration of democracy is the international community's goal because we understand that until that happens, we cannot even begin to address the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding before us. >> patrick duddy, mr. ambassador, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> very welcome. he made sexist comments about women repeatedly in the past and today the president's fed pick makes an interesting remark about male earnings while on tv. and now even republican lawmakers are growing increasingly skeptical of steven moore. plus a manhunt underway in iowa after a 25-year-old woman was shot and killed while just driving home from work. the latest on that investigation and a possible motive.
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president trump is ordering sweeping changes of how the u.s. treats people seeking asylum. the administration now wants to charge a fee to file applications for asylum while blocking many of those who block those who cross the border from getting a work permit and they hope to expedite applications and today the acting secretary for homeland security faced congress for the first time since abruptly taking over for
12:38 pm
ousted secretary kirstjen nielsen where he said this is now a rare occurrence. >> the conditions where a child might be separated from a lawful parent or guardian at this time are extra extraordinarily rare. we have 60 plus families arriving and for the safety and welfare of the child and so it is being done very carefully and in rare circumstances and that is the only time separation occurs. >> kaitlan dickerson is a national immigration reporter for "the new york times" and also a cnn contributor. so nice to have you on. and i want to ask you about separations but first what is the immediate impact of enforcing the asylum application fees. >>.fees would have a huge impact on asylum-seekers. when i travel down to the border and interview asylum-seekers, the vast majority, regardless of the circumstances they left in their home countries, arrive
12:39 pm
with almost no money. so when you think about adding a fee on top of that, most of them are actually indeed in debt to these criminal smuggling organizations that this administration would like to eliminate. so my first thought is that not only are people going to continue to come here and continue to borrow money and they're going to borrow even more and be further in debt and more vulnerable to exploitation from the groups further empowered by this additional flow of funds. >> now the administration is pitching this as a deterrent from people abusing the asylum system. but you say that won't work. tell me why. >> deterrent strategies are very controversial and complicated and many administrations have tried them. not just the trump administration. what we've seen historically is that it is very difficult to discourage people from coming here. certainly it could be possible and people who supported policies like family separation, some of the most aggressive policies that this administration has tried to use as deterrents will say that they weren't left in place long enough to actually work.
12:40 pm
and i think that could be true. but when it comes to something like adding additional money on to the process of applying for asylum, because it is already  such a financial operation, one that already requires people, regardless of circumstances, to come here and borrow a lot of money to do it, it doesn't seem like an extra couple hundred or even thousand dollars would be something to me that would change their minds. i think, too, it is worth considering that this suggests that the administration might be trying to save money by charging asylum-seekers to process their applications. but my reporting has shown that actually the administration is detaining immigrants in record number chz is expensive and largely turned away from cheaper alternatives to detention studied and have been shown to almost guarantee that people will show up for court. and so it is clearly, like you said, it is a deterrent measure. >> kaitlan dickerson, thank you very much on that. and meantime more and more republican senators are questioning the president's
12:41 pm
choice for the federal reserve board. stevenmoor, the latest is senator lindsey graham, republican of south carolina, who said he is still weighing the situation and called it problematic. moore has been under fire for sexist comments and not just ones from a decade ago. the economist said something today that is baffling some. >> biggest problem i see in the economy over the last 25 years is what has happened to male earnings. for black males and white males as well. they've been declining. and that is, i think, a big problem. >> cnn congressional constituent sun lynn is with me. what are you hearing from republican leaders? are they saying the nomination may be at risk. >> there is concern here on capitol hill and it is safe to say the nomination is in serious jeopardy. there are growing concern and growing criticism coming from many top republicans today and
12:42 pm
keep in mind, this is the group of people that if he is formally nominated by the white house, this is a group of people that hold his fate in their hands. we have heard from a big group of republican senators ramping up the rhetoric in the last 24 hours and ramping up criticism and concern over the comments in the past and writings about women and pay equity and about female athletes, senator joni ernst saying it is very unlikely she would support him and she's heard from several colleagues saying they share these concerns privately. and she did not think he would be confirmed if he came up for a vote today. similar comments from shelley moore, republican senator. saying she thinks it is very hard to look past some of his writings. susan collins, another female republican is concerned and looking into his writings more. and talked to senator marsha blackburn, the first extensive comment on this controversy and
12:43 pm
she said she's known steven moore for many years and she is still open to meeting with him but said clearly he has some questions to answer. >> i've known steven for years. and have worked with him. always have a good relationship. and if he is the nominee, i will guarantee you one thing, this is something that will absolutely come up in that conversation. absolutely. >> do you think from what you've seen so far that should disqualify him frommine being nominated? >> i think what i'll do is sit down with him and talk with him because comments like that sure don't make me happy, i'm sure they don't make you happy either. >> now of course stephen moore has launched a campaign to save his nommination. over the weekend he said he apologized and those were writings from 17, or 18 years ago and columns that he's embarrassed for now but the white house is reviewing the comments and the writing even though they are standing by him
12:44 pm
but certainly as this plays out on capitol hill, as potentially concerning, it is interesting to see what happens over the course of this week. >> and serious jeopardy. that is notable. sun lynn thank you so much for talking to congress for us on that. as attorney general bill barr gets ready to face lawmakers today in his first hearing on the mueller report, cnn just reviewed the number of lies and falsehoods told by the president and his associates that mueller called out. see what we found. ♪ ♪ applebee's bigger, bolder grill combos. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood.
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the mueller report documents
12:49 pm
list 77 specific instances where donald trump, his campaign staff and administration officials and family members, republican backers and his associates lied or made false assertions. that is according to a new cnn analysis. and kaitlan is covering the mueller investigation and the court activity. so nice to have you on. you have gone through this whole thing looking for these lies. what did you find? >> we had a team of people read extensively through the mueller report and found that mueller really in addition to what he chose to prosecute, he also documented down to the statements that people made when they were making false assertions to the american public largely and that was our finding, that there were many, many false and that was our finding. there were many, many false assertions made by the trump campaign and the administration in addition to false statements made to authorities, some of which mueller prosecuted, and
12:50 pm
there were also some conflicting stories that people gave, where one person was clearly not telling the truth or didn't give the full truth. >> okay. and on the screen, you saw all the various falsehoods and how we got the number we arrived at. what were the main subjects of those falsehoods? >> right. we really saw that the way that these played out and the way that mueller documented them is that he looked at moments in the -- during the campaign and also in the beginning of the trump presidential administration where there were topics, where a false -- a number of false assertions were spread over and over again, and we counted them as much, multiple times. one was the firing of james comey. there were many false assertions made around how that played out, regarding michael flynn's contacts with the then-russian ambassador, regarding other contacts that individuals around trump had with russians. there were multiple false assertions made on those. and then the category where we found the most false assertions that mueller had documented was
12:51 pm
the trump tower moscow negotiations. now, this was the negotiation between the president's company led by michael cohen at the time. and it went on through the campaign. and what we found was that michael cohen not only made false statements to congress, which he then pled guilty to, as a crime, but there were also, you know, there was a false story that was being told over and over again by cohen and the president and others around them. >> and then for everyone wanting to read a little bit deeper about all of these lies and falsehoods that you all have counted out, we can go to for that. caitl caitlin polance, thank you. $1 trillion for an infrastructure package? no, not big enough, says president trump. hear what he proposed when speaker pelosi and senator schumer visited the white house this morning. plus, cnn is all over the breaking news in venezuela. thousands in the streets today trying to push out president nicolas maduro. see the moment cnn was taken off the air by the government there.
12:52 pm
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title x for affordable natbirth control and reproductive health care. the trump administration just issued a nationwide gag rule. this would dismantle the title x ("ten") program. it means that physicians cannot tell a patient about their reproductive health choices. we have to be able to use our medical knowledge to give our patients the information that they need. the number one rule is do no harm, and this is harm. we must act now. learn more. text titlex to 22422 here'sshow me making it. like. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in. show me parks and rec. from netflix to prime video to live tv, xfinity lets you find your favorites
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12:57 pm
living in a violent, a violent world. showed all these foreign places. foreign e foreigners living in them. i started thinking, man, either they don't know, don't show, or don't care about what's going on in the hood. >> kelly carter is a senior entertainment writer for espn's undefeated. she's with me now. kelly, thank you so much for joining me. and let's just defy right in, because john singleton influenced not just the genera of film, he was this cultural game changer. so tell me what are john singleton story. how did he and his films impact you? >> oh, man, his films impacted me in a lot of really big ways. i think that what he was able to do at his best was take
12:58 pm
something very insular and highlight neighborhoods that reporters, journalists weren't able to quite penetrate and tell stories of. and i think probably the best example of that would, of course, be "boys in the hood." he kind of took this journalistic lens and really, you know, gave us this kind of beautiful, sad, emotionally rich layered, complex film that so many people related to, because they've never seen themselves like that or their neighborhoods like that, you know, on the big screen before. certainly, it was south central, but that could have been detroit, it could have been, you know, philadelphia, it could have been so many other neighborhoods. and and i think that's why people really connected with that. >> in your op-ed, you talk about seeing him at the oscars, at the bar, and the chat that you would have about oscar winners regina king and director pete ramsey. tell me why that was so memorable for you. >> yeah, it was great. every year for the last dozen or so years, i never asked him why he never sat in his seat and he always kind of hung out in that bar area. and we almost never really
12:59 pm
talked. we talked on the red carpet, but never at the bar, but this year, for whatever reason, he was so exuberant. and i guess the reason was because regina king had just won an oscar, ruth carter had won an oscar. and he yelled out at one point, all of my expletive friends are winning oscars tonight. he was so excited. and peter ramsey, when his category was up for "spiderverse," i was shocked when he kind of turned and said, peter worked with me on "boys in the hood," that was peter ramsey's first film. and i kind of grabbed him at that point and i was like, these are your oscars, too, john, and he looked at me, and i'll never forget it, he was just like, like, like thank you, you know? and of course, aftermath is what it is, but, you know, weapon spent so much time talking about not giving people their roses while they're here, their flowers while they're here. and for this really quick slice of time and moment, i was basically able to say, even though you've never been able to get up on that stage and take a bow, people that you have given
1:00 pm
a leg up in this opportunity have done it tonight. and it's amazing. >> what an incredible experience. he got his roses. kelly carter, thank you for sharing your stories, living vicariously through you. thank you. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. for a 76-year-old, joe biden seems to have hit the ground running. "the lead" starts right now. the biden bump? brand-new cnn polls giving us the first look at the democratic presidential field after former vice president biden jumped in the race. and the results will almost certainly surprise you. rematch! president trump sits down with chuck and nancy in a white house showdown over rebuilding america's crumbling bridges and roads. did it produce anything but more bickering? plus, a cnn exclusive breaking this hour. stephen moore's woman problem seems to be getting worse. the shocking new comments just surfacing this hour from president trump's probable pick to the federal reserve board.