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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  May 16, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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new details emerging overnight about why some corners of the trump administration are singing the alarm bells on iran. officials are telling the "new york times" there are photos of iranian paramilitary loading missiles last week. word of the photos is new. officials say this is what led the u.s. to beef up the military presence in the region and fear u.s. personnel and troops there could be at heightened risk. but there is another side to this also emerging overnight. "the washington post" reports the president is frustrated with some of his top advisers including national security adviser john bolton who he thinks could be rushing the united states into a confrontation. >> u.s. allies are calling for restraint. some even expressing concern that the intelligence may be thin. top congressional leaders will get their first classified briefing on what the u.s. has on
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iran. president trump meets with the president of the swiss federation in hopes of getting a back door channel to iran's leaders in order to defuse tensions. barbara starr broke the story about the missiles being moved to ships. she's live at the pentagon with more. >> good morning. what we know from our own reporting, of course, is there has been imagery and intercepts, multiple sources of intelligence for days now. the key question is missiles on boats, intercepts, conversations that iran is talking about attacking u.s. forces in the middle east. what is their intent? what is their capability? that's the question going forward. we know they have the capability. we have known for some time they have missiles on boats. they are discussing the possibility. we know the u.s. believes of planning some kind of attack. the question skeptics want to know is, okay, what is different? we know that iran is a constant
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stream of threats against the u.s. in the middle east. does this intelligence show something outside the normal pattern of activity? i have talked to sources who say it does and people who say it may not show something outside the normal pattern of activity. that may be one of the key questions in the congressional briefings going forward in the briefings to allies. we see that the pentagon is responding not with a military escalation but military deterrent. what the pentagon hopes is sending the aircraft carriers and the b-52 bombers will be a deterrent against any elements in iran that want to carry out an attack. it is important to note there has been no attack. the pentagon hopes the deterrence is working >> thank you, barbara. you broke the news of the missiles last week. "the washington post" is reporting that president trump is frustrated about the
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escalating situation with iran. several u.s. officials tell the post president trump worries his top advisers are pushing him toward a costly war in the middle east. joe johns is live at the white house with this simmering frustration with john bolton perhaps, joe. >> reporter: that's the way it looks at least. the president is meeting this morning with the head of the swiss federation, the swiss are the natural back channel on something like this because there is no u.s. embassy in tehran. the question is what's really going on here. it's clear the president has taken steps in the past to show strength against iran, but it is also true that the president has tried to decrease as opposed to increase u.s. military involvement in the middle east. the question now is whether he and some of his top advisers are on the same page. behind the scenes the president
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advocating for diplomatic efforts in the gulf. a source telling "the washington post" trump is annoyed with top advisers including mike pompeo and national security adviser john bolton. several u.s. officials saying the president is worried the united states could rush into another foreign conflict, breaking his pledge to with draw military personnel from overseas >> i will never send our finest into battle unless necessary. and i mean absolutely necessary. and will only do so if we have a plan for victory with a capital v. the world must know that we do not go abroad in search of enemies. >> reporter: president trump denying claims of conflict within the white house tweeting there is no in-fighting whatsoever. trump's fury reportedly emerging from war-like planning from
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bolton and pompeo. the national security adviser updating u.s. military plans to send more than 100,000 troops to the mideast. if iran escalates its nuclear program. trump saying reports of plans aren't true. >> i think it's fake news, okay? would i do that? absolutely. but we have not planned for that. >> reporter: the frustration not only happening inside the white house, but on capitol hill, too. >> i have no idea what the threat stream is beyond what i read in the paper. >> reporter: as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle demand answers from the white house on any iranian threats or future military strategy. >> there is an alarming lack of clarity here. there is a lack of strategy and a lack of consultation. >> reporter: and there has been a lot of concern on capitol hill that members of congress have been kept in the dark on the current situation with iran and the middle east. all of that we expect to change
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today as intelligence officials are expected to meet with the gang of eight, top members of congress to talk this thing through. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house, has warned any war will have to go through the congress. back to you. >> joe, thank you very much. in just hours president trump is set to unveil a new immigration plan from the rose garden. the plan is spear-headed by his son jared kushner and is designed to get republican support and move america toward a merit-based system for immigrants. the measure calls for increased security at ports of entry and more border barriers. it calls for a points system which gives preference to skilled and educated immigrants and shifts away from those with family ties to the u.s. it doesn't address protections for dreamers, something democrats demanded as part of any immigration plan. new this morning "the washington post" reports a 2-year-old migrant boy died in u.s. custody on tuesday. the toddler was hospitalized
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after crossing into the u.s. with his mother. he will be the fourth child from guatemala since december to die after being ap rehelpprehended border. no response to cnn requests for comments. alabama has signed the most restrictive abortion ban into law. the governor said she wants them to revisit roe v. wade. what's the latest from the ground? >> reporter: that's the kind of not so secret objective of this entire law here. it was made to be the most restrictive in the country as a vehicle to attempt to get abortion back before the supreme court. i want to read you a statement governor kay ivey issued when she signed this into law. she acknowledged the sponsors of the bill believe it is time for the u.s. supreme court to revisit this important matter. they believe this act may bring
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about the best opportunity for this to occur. when i call this the most restrictive law in the country, here's what it does. it effectively bans abortion at all stages of pregnancy and makes it a felony punishable by up to 99 years or life in prison for a doctor who performs the procedure. it allows for exceptions like the life of the mother but there are no exceptions for rape or incest. that part of the law caught the attention of some conservatives including evangelical preacher and former presidential candidate pat robertson who said the law may be too severe to even accomplish what these lawmakers in alabama are trying to do. >> i think alabama has gone too far. there is no exception for rape or incest. it's an extreme law. they want to challenge roe v.
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wade, but my humble view is that this is not the case we want to bring to the supreme court because i think this one will lose. >> now, look, alabama is not the only state, of course, doing something like this. 16 other states including missouri which overnight, their state houses were still debating a similar-type law. they have acknowledged it would not go into effect like any of the others unless roe v. wade was overturned >> interesting to see what happens next. thank you very much for that. coming up on "new day," we'll speak to an alabama woman who had an abortion after being raped two years ago. what she told lawmakers last week and the message she wants to send to them today. >> it's 6:10 a.m. there is breaking news in the 2020 presidential race. a new democrat about to jump in. new york city mayor bill de blasio about to make a formal announcement this morning.
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cnn's athena jones joins us with the latest. he's getting in. >> reporter: mayor de blasio makes 23. this is after an exploratory period where he made trips to states drawing criticism from new yorkers. he'll make it official on an appearance on "good morning, america." then he'll hit the campaign trail to iowa and south carolina. of course he has a long list of challenges ahead. he has to make a name for himself in a field that already has a clear leader in vice president joe biden who is well known, well liked and well ahead of the pack. he'll run in the progressive lane with elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. that's a lane that already has two people in it. he has to answer the question of what he brings to the race that the other nearly two dozen candidates don't. he's likely to tout the policies he's made possible in new york. progressive policies important to democrats like free universal
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prekindergarten. paid leave. the green new deal which he used to slam president trump this week where he called trump's buildings among the biggest polluters in the city. the mayor has been pushing democrats to go bigger and bolder. he sees new york as an example of what's possible. he's likely to argue he's made these things happen. he has to convince voters that the relatively unpopular mayor at 42% approval of a deep blue city can take on trump. >> interesting. all the different motivations. thank you very much. boeing is facing a new hurdle to get the 737 max jets back in the air. we'll tell you that next. after my dvt blood clot...
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this morning no compliance, no documents, no nothing. the white house counsel sent a letter to the chair of the house judiciary committee rejecting all requests from the congressional investigation and the attorney general seems to be literally laughing in the face of congress. cnn's lauren fox live on capitol hill. these conversations don't seem to be going well, lauren >> that's right, john. jerry nadler said the letter was as close as he's seen the white house to basically claiming that
3:17 am
the president is a king. he also said that he may weigh the option of holding multiple administration officials in contempt of congress if they do not comply with the subpoenas that he has issued. the white house flatly rejecting house judiciary chairman jerry nadler's request for documents in its sweeping investigations into possible obstruction of justice by the trump administration. in a 12-page letter to nadler, white house counsel claiming the request was, quote, outside the constitutional authority of the legislative branch adding congressional investigations aren't intended to, quote, harass political opponents or to pursue an unauthorized do-over of law enforcement investigations conducted by the justice department >> this is the white house claim ing that the president is a
3:18 am
king. no president, no person in the united states is above the law. this is preposterous. >> reporter: a senior white house official saying the administration is willing to work with the committee on oversight requests, but adding chairman nadler overstepped by subpoenaing documents protected by executive privilege. the official telling cnn the president is not above the law but also not beneath it. the ranking member of the house judiciary committee agreeing. >> this committee is one of the most important bodies in congress and has become a parody. the majority turned it into a circus. >> reporter: treasury secretary steve mnuchin signalling he'll follow suit and defy a house ways and means subpoena for the president's tax returns. >> i think we have a few more days. we'll comply with the timing of it and i think you can pretty much guess how we are going to. i haven't made a decision. >> reporter: meanwhile, attorney general william barr finding dry humor in the stand-off, jokingly
3:19 am
asking house speaker nancy pelosi if she brought handcuffs to a capitol hill event. a reference to last week when the house judiciary committee voted to hold barr in contempt of congress. one source said pelosi, quote, not missing a beat smiled and indicated the house sergeant of arms was present should an arrest be necessary to which barr chuckled and walked away. >> reporter: house democrats are looking to talk to bob mueller a few minutes ago. bill barr told the "wall street journal" in his story that he is not going to block mueller from testifying before congress. quote, that's bob's call whether he wants to testify. alisyn? >> that's an important development, lauren. thank you very much. now this. the head of the faa promising to keep boeing's 737 max fleet grounded until their reviews prove the jets involved in the deadly crashes are safe to fly
3:20 am
again. drew griffin, that makes sense >> it certainly does. if you are looking for news out of this, there wasn't a lot in this hearing in terms of when the plane will get back up. the acting administrator said he expects the software plan, the update along with the training modifications to be delivered to the faa sometime in the next week. we have heard it before. but that's only the beginning of the process of getting this plane approved. as for the crashes themselves, the acting administrator siding with boeing in this hearing, putting the blame on pilots or pointing to pilot actions in the two international crashes. that, i'm telling you, isn't sitting well with the national aviation community. but congress really wants to focus on the oversight that the faa has or did not have over boeing's new plane. really honing in on the fact that boeing had a new plane with a new flight system that wasn't really overseen by faa approvers
3:21 am
and when a flaw developed in the system, boeing didn't tell anybody about it for a year. this is what the acting administrator had to say about why. >> if it had been a critical safety of flight item it would have been immediately reported and would have been required to be immediately reported. it took too long. we don't need the i.g. investigation, the special committee to tell us that 13 months was too long for us to find out there was a software anomaly. >> the point is a year elapsed before boeing told the faa. what actions did the faa take at that point in time? did you consider that inappropriate behavior by boeing? >> sir, i'm concerned that it took a year. we are looking into that and we're going to fix that. once we learned that the light was not operable we made the decision that it is not a safety critical display.
3:22 am
>> not only a year, but two crashes later. this is not sitting well with congress. they want much more oversight to happen between the faa and boeing. they think boeing got away with too much here on its own. as for the ungrounding of the plane, this is months away in the u.s. look for a possible situation where you have the ungrounding of the 737 max in the u.s., but the international aviation communities taking a much more skeptical route. we may have a two-tiered system where you have the plane approved in the u.s., but not in the rest of the world >> that would be extremely complicated. thank you very much for your reporting. this morning the ntsb is investigating a helicopter crash in the hudson river in new york city. you can see the chopper spin into the water. fire officials say the pilot was moving the helicopter from a fuelling station when something clearly went wrong. the pilot was able to deploy a flotation device and escape. he was picked up by a ferry.
3:23 am
he had only minor hand injuries. >> remarkable. often those things don't end that well. helicopters don't make much aerodynamic sense if i may >> if you look over the east river, there are so many in the air. >> it's nerve wracking. the u.s. says the threat from iran is escalating but iranian leaders have a different story. we have a live report from tehran next. it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now...
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it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. ♪ (buzzer) ♪ olly. now to what is happening with iran. cnn first reported that u.s. intelligence has photos showing iran loading missiles onto small boats in the persian gulf. the "new york times" reports intel officials declassified one of the images to make their case about the threat. frederik pleitgen joins us live from tehran.
3:28 am
what's the situation, fred? >> reporter: well, it's interesting, alisyn. the iranians are saying that iran categorically doesn't want a war with the united states. also saying categorically that iran will not negotiate with the trump administration. he says that it would be double poison, as he put it, for them to negotiate with the united states because of maximum pressure. the iranians say they are not willing to negotiate under those circumstances. they said president trump talks about the fact that he left his phone number with the swiss if the iranians want to call. the iranians say they have the numbers they need to reach the white house. they aren't going to do so at this time. the head of iran's elite revolutionary guard corps came out and said right now iran is at the height of the confrontation with the united states. they believe the u.s. is trying to bring iran to its knees and they say it is the biggest test
3:29 am
for the islamic revolution since it happened in 1979. guys, i managed to speak to a former revolutionary guard senior commander. he said america needs to watch out for the fact that the iranians have the ballistic missiles program but next to almost every u.s. military base there is an iranian militia and those would be mobilized. >> so what's rhetoric and what's fact here? the line is so important. joining me is the former democratic ranking member of the house intelligence committee and the director and president and ceo of the wilson center. thank you very much thank you very much for being with us, jane. you spent so many years looking at this type of thing. i know you haven't seen the classified information out there now. none of us have. but we have word there are photos of missiles being loaded onto small iranian vessels.
3:30 am
word of intercepts of conversations with the iranians making threats or talking about specific threats against u.s. targets in the middle east. as an expert consumer of this type of intelligence, what does that tell you? >> well, john, good morning. the irony is rich here. we have a president who campaigned on getting us out of endless military commitments in the middle east and now we have a contingency plan. just a contingency plan from our pentagon suggesting over 120,000 troops may be needed. yes, i am a careful -- or was a consumer of intelligence. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. i bought the case for the iraq war. i read everything. in hindsight the intelligence was bad, the war was wrong and we learned something. congress reformed the way our intelligence community is organized.
3:31 am
now we have national intelligence estimates that are carefully done where the sources are cross referenced and there are outside critiques and so forth. a few pictures of missiles on an iranian ship doesn't persuade me that there is an imminent threat. it's a cross-section of intent and capability. they say they don't have the intent in addition to which we are driving the hard liners further into their corner. it seems to me the opposite of what we should want if, as president trump says, he wants to talk to iran, get them to step back and do a better agreement than the one he got us out of >> so you are skeptical. >> i would say. >> what reason do you have to be skeptical of the reports? >> i just explained that i don't see a careful intelligence case. also our allies aren't buying it. the brits aren't, the germans aren't buying it. that doesn't mean they're right, but the brits bought the iraq case last time and paid a big price for it.
3:32 am
at the moment, i think this is a dangerous course. it can lead to miscalculation and it is inconsistent with what trump's basic premise was when he ran for office. >> do you trust john bolton? >> well, john bolton is a hard liner. president trump has a right to choose the advisers he wants. there were hard liners in the bush 43 administration like paul wilfowitz who said we would be greeted with rose petals in iraq and thinks we were. the facts prove otherwise. the intelligence case was poor. the stability on the ground never happened. we have failed or failing states throughout the middle east in part because of the action we took in iraq, in part because of other things. let's think about syria, iraq, yemen, libya. these are a lot of failing states. we have some that are fragile states as well. this is a mountain we should not
3:33 am
be climbing up without much better preparation. >> i have read somewhere and i can't remember where an analyst saying, look, iran isn't tibet. don't pretend iran is a purveyor of peace around the world >> no. >> we are getting reports overnight that the president is trying to open up back channel discussion with iran. do you believe that to be genuine? do you have any hope that it would be successful? >> well, a back channel through the swiss is what i have heard. you just had a bit on your show that said khomeni and the hard liners have all the phone numbers they need. if we wanted to talk to iran, the way is to say inside the jcpoa which was a transactional deal just limiting iran's nuclear capabilities for a period of years. it wasn't a transformational deal. should have stayed there where
3:34 am
we had channels and our allies were on the same side and they had channels and that gave us back channels to talk to the chinese and russians. seems to me we have made a series of mistakes that makes this harder to get to the result the president said he wants. >> jane harman, thank you for waking up with us this morning. >> thank you. they are americans caught in the middle of a trade war. how business owners say the tariffs are costing them. anyone can go fast. the question is... is fast enough? ♪ or, do you want speed and style? power and attraction? exhilaration and distinction? ♪ introducing performance, born of refinement. ♪ the lexus rc line. ♪ experience amazing at your lexus dealer. experience amazing tired of constantly battling lingering smells in your home, ♪
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a lot of companies in china don't want to talk about the trade war. when we heard about a conference in shanghai with hundreds of people affected by the trade war we thought we should go. >> reporter: if you want to talk international trade, this is a good spot, a giant conference in shanghai packed with people who
3:39 am
import and export food. as the u.s.-china trade war heats up, they're feeling it. most products here are now facing steep tariffs, either from beijing or washington. >> i'm hoping that it doesn't get more expensive than it is. >> reporter: andy horowitz runs a restaurant. china put a tariff on the pork he sells >> why keep buying that pork? >> you want too support american farmers. >> reporter: most americans we spoke to are just trying to ride out the storm until a deal is struck -- whenever that might be. >> everybody is going to have a group hug and we are going to move forward. then, oh, no, sorry, false alarm. >> reporter: just two weeks ago it did look like a deal was in the works. but the white house says china reneged on commitments which china denied but a pair of tweets from president trump sparked a sudden escalation.
3:40 am
within eight days both sides announced new tariffs. the uncertainty is a problem for americans. >> chinese buyers are saying, well, you know, i like your product. i would like to buy your product, but tomorrow it might be an additional 25%. >> reporter: buyers like liu ming who wants to buy u.s. blueberries but can't. >> translator: the tariff went from 10% to 25%. of course we can't buy from the u.s. we'd lose money. it's irrational. >> reporter: a set of new tariffs kicks in around june 1. a deal is unlikely before then. more pain is likely which some are okay with, if it's temporary. >> i voted for him, i guess. i believe in what he's doing. >> reporter: washington state farmer says if the trade war hurts now, in the long run it's for the best. >> if we have to sacrifice a little bit today so our kids and grand kids have a better life going forward, i'm willing to put up with a little bit today.
3:41 am
>> reporter: another obstacle overnight, the u.s. designating chinese telecommunications giant hua way to get u.s. approval to buy u.s. products freezing out one of china's largest telecom giants from the u.s. the u.s. is sticking to its guns and say it is a national security threat. that doesn't help a trade deal get done. >> matt rivers in shanghai, literally inside the trade war. thank you very much for being with us. senator kamala harris said she knows who would make a good vice president. it's not her. her pointed response from the campaign trail next. on a john deere x300 series mower. because seasons change but true character doesn't. wow, you've outdone yourself this time. hey, what're neighbors for? it's beautiful.
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we have breaking news. new york city mayor bill de blasio joining the race for president. he's now the 23rd democrat to challenge donald trump. de blasio released this video moments ago.
3:46 am
>> as president i will take on the wealthy, the big corporations. i will not rest until this government serves working people. as mayor of the largest city in america i have done just that >> de blasio for president. >> donald trump must be stopped. i have beaten him before. i will do it again. i'm bill de blasio. i'm running for president because it is time we put working people first. >> rousing music. the music bed is exciting >> the music was great. the shade of green in the sign also nice. there is more to this announcement than that. >> joining us is joe lock hahar jess mcintosh from the hillary clinton campaign, and john avlon, cnn senior political analyst. who wants to go first? >> look. you go from soaring background music when there is a lack of excitement in new york. three-quarters of new yorkers
3:47 am
don't want him to run >> maybe they want him to stay here. >> if he showed up to work that might be the case. one of the problems with de blasio is he comes in late, doesn't come in at all, seems uninterested in running america's largest city. if you are the mayor of new york seeing the mayor of south bend is insulting to your sense of entitlement. but that's not a sufficient reason to get in. his aides have been trying to dissuade him from getting in. this is somebody who's been under water often in the polls in a city that's 6-1 democrat. somebody who kept crime law, inherited a good economy but homelessness spiked. he sees himself as a progressive vanguard. you heard a left message out of the gate. that's his lane, but this is bill de blasio. seems to be running because it is a yolo campaign rather than than people rallying around him
3:48 am
>> joe, you split the candidates into three separate groups of which de blasio doesn't fit. explain the three groups and the de blasio factor >> i think there is a group of, i want to say six to eight people who not only believe they have a legitimate chance of getting the nomination, do have a legitimate chance. biden is the scrambler on this. if he continues to perform well, particularly through the first debate then there will be a battle for who is the alternative to him. if he doesn't do well. if he crashes and burns, things open up a little bit. that's one group. the second group is people who think they might be president someday but not in this term. they are banking on trump winning. a third group are in it for different reasons. you look at the house members looking to increase their stature. one of the ways you get booked on cable television is to say former presidential candidate and they go out there and look at it as a multi step process.
3:49 am
then there are people who want to raise an issue. i would say jay inslee of washington. i don't think he has a big chance of winning. a very small chance. climate change is so important to him he wants to raise it. then there is the fourth category which is what john said. an absurd ego trip. i would put de blasio in that category >> tough crowd this morning of new yorkers. >> i'm a progressive new yorker and most of my friends fall into that category also. i don't think i could throw a coff coffee clatch for people who would be excited about this >> explain that term first of all. >> you bring a small group of people together. eight to ten people. i don't have any friends excited about de blasio for president. >> why? >> because john is right.
3:50 am
>> they don't have much brand in new york. >> i appreciate it. thank you. >> enough on bill de blasio since you three seemed to be over with the candidacy. >> we can go on if you like. >> kamala harris made a statement yesterday. the last five days, for months people have been saying the dream ticket would be joe biden and kamala harris. then there was blind reporting that there is a new surge to have it happen. kamala harris was asked about it directly yesterday when she was in new hampshire. listen to what she said. >> i think joe biden would be a great running mate. as president she's proven he knows how to do the job. >> how do you like that? >> i like that answer. we spent a month asking every man in the race whether he saw their competition as a potential running mate and if we are going to reverse, i can't imagine having a problem with that. also joe biden was a fabulous vp >> that's her point. >> that's how i feel the warmest about joe biden is remembering
3:51 am
him as barack obama's vice president. >> to be fair, the congressional black caucus which floated this as the dream ticket didn't say they wanted her to the be the vice president. they said if she's not the nominee biden and kamala harris would be a dream ticket. i want to be clear our antenna is attuned to any sexist remark. really they're saying they hope she is the nominee. >> she's a top tier candidate, the candidate most voters want to learn more about. it is actually flattering to be in that consideration. either top of the ticket or the running mate in some fantasy baseball match-up in people's minds now. >> the alternative is bill de blasio in your world which is not a good thing. >> much better position to be in than kamala harris. it was a deft answer. i don't think it's a rank insult to her at all. she's in the top tier of candidates. >> i think it is a perfect answer. it shows she believes she should be president and nothing in that
3:52 am
answer precludes her from eventually being the vice president for joe biden, if that happens. she didn't take a swipe at joe biden. it was good natured. it was the perfect answer >> well, not so fast. not in that apnswer but she's talked about the crime bill and criticized the 1994 crime bill and his role in it. they have differences of opinions about this. she thinks it did do bad things for the blang community and beyo -- black community and beyond. he's defending it >> you will never get except for mike pence a candidate who never had a difference with the guy at the top of the ticket. it's not clear mike pence has ever had a position on anything once he came in with trump. >> put up the pennsylvania poll numbers. jess has an interesting take on this. among democratic primary voters joe biden is leading now.
3:53 am
looks like that in pretty much every national and statewide poll in the country. the head to head against trump is interesting. joe biden is at 53% and trump at 42. if you look at the possible mash-ups, again you can see beto o'rourke in the bottom. trailing by two points. you look at this. you say it symbolizes something else. that american voters are actually voting for the obama administration over the trump administration. >> voters aren't tuned in. we are still over a month away from the first debates. the average person cannot name five people running, much less 22 plus the one independent. at this point, joe biden is far away the lead in the polls because of the name id. he was the vice president to the last popular president. he's basically a stand-in for the obama administration. when i see him trouncing donald trump i see people saying we would rather have the last guy back. that's really not a position of
3:54 am
strength for trump to come into >> there is definitely something to it. what accounts for the disparity between the candidates in the race is that joe biden doesn't fit into the negative stereotypes that the trump campaign tried to push for swing voters in the last election. he can't be painted as a radical socialist who has loathing for the middle class of america. he's the opposite. that's his brand. that helps benefit him in states like pennsylvania neighboring to delaware. >> so is tiger woods poised to win another major? why are they playing the pete buttigieg in m the pga in may. >> i don't know that. ♪
3:55 am
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>> tiger woods ready to go for back-to-back majors as the pga championship gets under way in may for some reason which is confusing to me. andy scholes is live at beth page black in new york with the bleacher report. hey, andy. >> good morning, john. it's in may because it's part of the new golf calendar, trying to get done before football season starts. tiger has not played a competitive round of golf since walking off augusta. he could be a little rusty in round one today. tiger said he feels rested and ready for the tournament. he said this week he doesn't know if winning the masters means he'll be dominant again. tiger won here at beth page black before at the 2002 u.s. open. he's excited to play in front of the new york fans once again. >> this week will be fun with the crowds, the excitement we have had here in the last three
3:59 am
events we played here. the pairing i'm involved in. it's a boat load of fun for all of us. >> the course is known as one of the hardest, most gruelling courses in the country. it's a public course with a warning sign for the golfers ahead of the first tee that says we recommend only highly skilled golfers try to take on the course. obviously the pros can handle it. brooks chemical weap s koepka s guys lose it in frustration here on the course. he tees off with tiger woods as part of the all-star trio getting things going. 8:24 eastern, you can see the guys warming up on the practice range. you can watch this afternoon on tnt, our sister station. i know alisyn will be tuning in. >> golf, action.
4:00 am
two words i have never said. >> it will be awesome and the course has moguls and ice so it's a double black diamond. >> i like it when they get it through the windmill arms. that's hard. >> oh, boy. >> thanks to our international viewers for watching. for you, cnn talk is next. for u.s. viewers in details on what we know of the intelligence leading to warnings about iran. "new day" continues now. president trump pursuing a back door channel to negotiate with iranian officials. >> they will suffer greatly. >> it's a black box. they won't acknowledge what they are doing. they have no strategy. >> the intelligence we have seen does show a heightened threat throughout the region. >> the white house said no, we would not turn over a wide range of documents. >> there is nothing lawless about the response. >> congress has no right to atvestigate abuses of power.


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