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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  May 31, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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all right. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. >> and i'm jim sciutto here in washington. we begin to find out in just minutes how big of a bite president trump's latest of many tariff threats will take out of the u.s. economy. stocks are poised for a steep drop, look at those red arrows at the opening bell, over the prospects of another trade war with another of america's biggest trading partners. that is, mexico. >> it's prettiy markable why you would do this in the midst of such a strong economy, maybe he thinks the economy can take it, but what about long term? look, the president who once called himself tariff man is vowing to slap 5% levees on all
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mexican exports to the united states starting on june 10th. those essentially are taxes paid by us, all of us, the u.s. consumer, u.s. importers, that's how it works, folks, mexico doesn't pay for these. the tariffs will hit 25% by october, the president says, unless mexico takes unspecified steps to cut illegal immigration to the u.s. by an unspecified amount. so what is mexico saying? mexico's foreign minister is en route to washington in search of what he calls a meeting point. let's go to christine romans who is with us. roman romans, i don't know where to begin. this comes on the same week that the commerce market said you have imports and exports slipping. >> this is what is so concerning about this, this is tariffs not to rectify an unfair trade advantage, but tariffs to punish
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a country for another completely separate issue which is illegal immigration. that's raising some concerns. also raising concerns this could weaken the economy in both countries and weakening mexico's economy how does that solve the illegal immigration problem if you want to put these two together, trade and illegal immigration. last year the u.s. imported almost $350 billion worth of goods from mexico and it's a little deceiving. the u.s. trade representative's office even says this. it's deceiving because some of the things that the u.s. imports some of those dollars like 40 cents of the dollar was something that was u.s. content but went to mexico to be manufactured into something and brought back. it's a little confusing to think how this could help a global supply chain specifically for autos but also for agriculture. if there's retaliation at this point we don't see retaliation but if there is retaliation the u.s. sends to mexico $20 billion last year of corn, soybeans, pork, beef. this is tough for america's farmers which is why senator chuck grassley said, wait a minute, this is a misuse of the
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president's tariff authority to use it in this way, poppy. >> yeah. look, to hear grassley say that, that the president is misguided on this, is a big deal, right, jim? >> no question. let's bring in margaret talli tcht t. that's not a soft opposition to this from the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee. trade policy and border security are separate issues, this is a misuse of presidential tariff authority. will the president listen when he hears push back like this from republicans? >> it depends on how much push back and he may be looking at and listening to other factors, too, we will see soon what the markets do. at bloomberg last night as this news hit the start of emails that were going around my internal system, oh, my god, the peso is falling, what about gm and what's going to happen to ford. when this is about the supply chain, there is the idea that there are products brought from
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mexico that originate in the u.s. or have components or parts that are made in the u.s. you are talking here about ironically the auto industry in large part which is one thing that president trump pledged so centrally to rebuild to boost up, you know, during his first term in office. >> the president repeating what is a simplistic and frankly misleading view of trade that if you have a trade deficit that somehow another country is stealing from you. one way he's tried to address that is with the usmca which is basically a reworked nafta deal. it was already facing danger not just from democrats but also i wonder with this does this further jeopardize it with republicans as well. >> right out of the gate the immediate reaction we're seeing from the hill is that this mon inherently jeopardizes at least the timetable for usmca, maybe the passage of the usmca. there are some republicans standing by the president, we've seen lindsey graham saying it's important to send a tough
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signal. >> he's made the choice to stand by the president on everything. >> there are real concerns about how this is going to affect the economy and i'd say while this is not centrally totally connected to china, we're seeing this sort of parallel story play out over huawei and national security concerns and questions about whether the u.s. policy on tariffs with china is in any way connected to that. >> the president sees no fire wall between any of these issues. huawei, an example, that's a justice department case, it's about a violation of law, iran sanctions, et cetera, but he's mixed it in and said maybe that's a chip i can throw into those trade negotiations. here you have mixing trade into a border security issue. >> saying we are going to use a tariff measure to deal with what we consider a national security issue. there are a lot of push back from congress about that. >> the president's calculation on this is that it's a winning 2020 issue and it's reflected in virtually every decision he's making now or perhaps since he
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walked into the white house. is it? >> well, it depends on how long this plays out. if we're really in a situation where this were to escalate all the way through october and hit 25% and all the affects ripple through the economy, i'm not sure about the politics of that. if this is a signal to the base, a test of mexico and mexico offers some sort of counteroffer to do something more and the president says he's satisfied and two weeks from now he can say that he's secured another win by being tough, that may be a political victory. so the question is how long does this take, how does mexico respond? in the immediate response we saw the mexican president say, look, we are not looking for a confrontation with the u.s., but really in a matter of hours the story that we are now hearing this morning is amala saying we are not looking for a confrontation but we are also not going to roll over or be scared into doing something.
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>> the question, poppy, is how long do people including the president's supporters buy the lie that tariffs punish the other nation as opposed to american consumers and companies because it's a tax on you and me, people who buy this stuff. >> look, it's a great point and there's a presidential authority grassley saying he's overstepping here. jim, when you talk about how much we're going to pay this is a big deal from mexico because so much cars come from there. deutsche bank said they believe undoubtedly, their word, this cost is going to be passed on to consumers with an average of $1,300 in terms of the price increase per car in america that comes from mexico. they say that will put u.s. auto production -- it will cut it by as much as 3 million vehicles a year because of all the parts we get from mexico. >> that's huge. >> that's the president's base, though. where are these cars made? >> 1,300 bucks you notice that when you buy a car. >> anyone does. so the question is is he going to do it. mexico seems to be calling what
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they think is a little bit of a bluff here, is he going to do t that's a question. will it mean anything for immigration? let's talk about that with the former commissioner for the u.s. customs and border protection and former u.s. drug czar under president obama. good morning, gill. >> good morning. >> help me wrap my head around this. you put tariffs on mexican goods that the u.s. is going -- u.s. consumers are going to pay, but then if we buy less from mexico you weaken the mexican economy and yet you expect immigration then to go down, illegal immigration when a lot of it is happening because of the u.s. economy being good and the mexican economy being weaker? >> let's look at it this way, when we had the largest influx, 1.6 million people coming across the border around 2000 that was almost all people from mexico and they were looking for work. now mexico's economy for a number of years has been much better and the crisis, the number of people coming across the border are not from mexico.
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if we harm or we weaken mexico's economy we could very much make things worse. remember this is a president that has had two and a half years of failed immigration policy. >> so i understand what you're saying, a number of these are central american migrants coming through mexico, but this is the president saying, mexico, you need to do more as an intermediary in the middle to stop them from crossing over into the united states. that's what he's asking for and that's why he's threatening these tariffs. i will note and you know these numbers this week just on wednesday cbp stopped a group of 1,000 migrants that was the biggest group they have apprehended thus far all together. many of them were families. so there is a problem, right? this is video of it that the president tweeted. so what would you do about it? >> so this is a crisis and for anyone on either side of the policy aisle that said it's not a crisis, these numbers are a crisis and the workload is tremendous. remember, too, that customs and
6:10 am
border protection are the people that also are supposed to collect tariffs. if you add another work pill to them -- but look at mexico's border with guatemala. i've been there several times, you know, to say, okay, mexico, you need to stop people coming across, that is -- that's jungle, it's very wild, it doesn't lend itself easily to enforcement. if we go back and do the same thing that we did with the merita initiative in mexico, helped their economy, helped their security, if we do that in those three central american countries for less money, lo and behold people from those three central american countries aren't going to be wanting to make that dangerous trek. this is about diplomacy and it's about working with other countries. it's not about tariffs and trying to weaponize them. >> and, by the way, as you know with these central american countries the u.s. stopping aid to those countries it was meant to curb this at the president's
6:11 am
own administration has said in the past is needed in terms of curbing this is a real issue as well. finally to you, though, what is the biggest lesson learned from your time in cbp under the obama administration that you hope the trump administration would apply here to stem this crisis? >> well, i think, again, it's improving conditions in the three central american countries, but i'm here in miami with the police chiefs of the nation's largest cities and they've made it clear that they have immigration policies also. there is no sanctuary for violent offenders, no sanctuary for felons. they want to cooperate in a meaningful way, but they realize that immigration is the sole purview of the federal government and the federal government needs to do a better job and quite frankly congress needs to work to fix this problem. and it is fixable. it is solvable, but we've had two and a half years of really failed policy.
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>> gill, i appreciate your expertise this morning. at this point it's beyond party, right? it's about what is going to be done as a nation together to deal with this. thank you for being with me from miami this morning. >> thank you. >> you got it. jim? >> you're right, poppy, beyond party, it is bipartisan reaction to this. well, another story we're following this hour, just hours ago two levees breached along the mississippi and the arkansas rivers. this puts thousands of homes, of course, thousands of people this danger of flooding. just look at those pictures there. >> that's from this morning, that's yell county, arkansas. imagine if this is where you called home and this is what you were waking up to this morning, folks. this matters for all americans. hundreds of roads are under water and officials say there is a potential for more destruction. let's go to rosa flores she joins us in toort smith, arkansas. you are above your knees in water. what are you seeing? >> well, you know, poppy, what you guys were talking about is
6:13 am
one of the biggest concerns right now for the state of arkansas and that is the levy infrastructure. will it hold? as you mentioned, there was a levy breached overnight, i'm about 90 miles west of where that happened and i talked to the emergency management in that count in yell county and they say about 75 homes were impacted. here is the good news, because they thought that this could happen, they issued evacuation orders early, let people know that they needed to move out and they did do that. so those people are safe today, but, poppy, you know that water finds a way and so now they're expecting for that water to go into an area called smiley bayou, about 500 people live in that area, it's a very hilly terrain, so not everybody will have to evacuate, but that's what they're preparing for about 90 miles east of where i'm standing. here in ft. smith, take a look
6:14 am
around. one of the most eerie things as you look around is the calmness of this water. it is not going anywhere. that a huge concern for homeowners because as you look around you can see from the air and from the ground that this water is not going anywhere, jim and poppy, and so homeowners who were trying to get access to their homes to salvage things they can't get to their homes at least not by car, some are trying by boat. jim and poppy. >> rosa flores, just looking at those aerial shots from the drones that cnn air has, it's devastation. thank you for reporting on it for us. keep us posted. all right. still to come, a really fascinating interview with the attorney general, bill barr, responding to robert mueller this morning. saying he disagrees with the legal analysis contained in the mueller report. does that mean he overruled the special counsel?
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and one of our favorite stories this morning, history made at the national spelling bee. not one winner, no the two, eight winners. eight spelling bee champions. we will tell you how that happened. plus more than a dozen women who attended the fbi training academy are now suing for what they say was a hostile work environment. the women say that they were sexually harassed and discriminated against. we will speak to two of those women, that's coming up. stay with us. lando isn't just te park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. when crabe stronger...strong,
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but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. the attorney general william barr is defending his view of the mueller report making this clear today, he didn't simply misinterpret mueller as mueller wrote in a march 27th letter to the attorney general, he overruled the special counsel's view of the law. have a listen. >> as a matter of law many of the instances would not amount to obstruction. >> as a matter of law? >> as a matter of law. in other words, we didn't agree with the legal analysis, a lot
6:20 am
of the legal analysis, in the report. it did not reflect the views of the department, it was the views of a particular lawyer or lawyers. so we applied what we thought was the right law. >> okay. so barr also repeated his criticism of mueller this morning saying the special counsel should have made a determination, could have, into whether the president engaged in criminal activity. shan wu is with us. it was such a fascinating interview and i want to get more in a moment, but what's your read on that top line from it? >> he is really unraveling in plain view here. he's struggling so hard to cover up the fact that he misled congress, the fact that he misled the american people. you can't have it both ways, either he's going to say that he stepped in because mueller failed to make a decision or he's saying i stepped in because mueller got it wrong. so which is it? >> yeah. i mean, that's the thing. you know, the story line coming
6:21 am
out of his summary -- and this is something the special counsel said explicitly in miss march 27 letter, he said that your report does not reflect, you know, the full breadth of the special counsel report, your summary, rather. now he's saying, okay, not just that, i'm overruling you on your legal analysis here. is he not? >> absolutely. that's exactly what he is saying. suddenly we're wearing about that for the first time how he was on his trip. keep in mind, of course, jim and poppy, err overruling an investigation which he was not involved in the factual development. he's saying he is just reading the law and he's dis agreeing on the law. that's a huge reveal, why are we hearing about it just now. >> let's listen to another part of the interview that really struck us. this is barr at one point in the interview defending the president saying that he does not think that the president is changing norms here.
6:22 am
listen. >> i think one of the ironies today is that people are saying that it's president trump that's shredding our institutions. i really see no evidence of that. from my perspective the idea of resisting a democratically elected president and basically throwing everything at him and, you know, really changing the norms on the grounds that we have to stop this president. >> is that being, you know, loyalist, a soldier for the president, or is he right? >> that's being completely loyalist. if anyone is shredding the norms it's attorney general barr is shredding the normal integrity and gravitas of his office and the institution. all that language he uses it's so extraordinary having worked for an attorney general closely. he uses all the language of the partisansh partisanship. there's spying, now he's actually using the term the resistance. it's really highly extraordinary. >> you know, it's interesting.
6:23 am
he's admitting here that he differs with mueller on the legal analysis here and that's fine, you know, he could have a different interpretation of the law, he is a lawyer, he's been around a long time, but was mueller -- was barr there for -- is he admitting that he was wrong to in effect send the message that the special counsel's report exonerated the president when, in fact, it didn't? i mean, it's a different argument to say i look at the law differently from the special counsel and come to a different conclusion. early on his message had been the special counsel is basically clearing the president here. there's a lot of daylight between those two positions. >> yes, and i think what's happening to barr is, you know, he does know mueller and he knows mueller doesn't like to speak in public. he may have been counting on the fact that his misrepresentation was not going to be noticed. it was a foolish decision for him to make.
6:24 am
basically it was exposed. it was exposed by the report itself and then mueller went public to reinforce those points. so now he has to backtrack and come up with this alternative explanation that mueller got it wrong, which is news to us. >> i did think it was really -- we have to wrap it up. i just thought it was interesting, people should watch the whole interview because he said that it was the president who told him, look, you should declassify stuff as you sort of investigate the investigation, that was notable as well. shan, we appreciate you weighing in on this. thanks so much. >> good to see you. we have a lot ahead. we are on the verge of a potentially historic day when it comes to abortion rights in this country. missouri could be the first state in decades to no longer legally offer abortion. >> incredible. one state, an entire state. plus u.s. and global market futures are tumbling. this after the president has threatened new tariffs, this time against mexico. keep in mind you and i and american companies pay those
6:25 am
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♪ mno kidding.rd. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. easy?! easy? easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer your service online in just about a minute with a few simple steps. really? really. that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. by the end of the day missouri could become the only state in the union without a single abortion clinic. >> the missouri department of health has refused to renew the license for the state's only facility that offers that procedure. alexandra field joins us now live in st. louis.
6:30 am
so how did this happen and what is the status of the lawsuit? >> reporter: well, the status right now is that we should hear a decision by the end of the day by the judge but you really can't overstate the importance of what's happening here. by the end of the day women across missouri could lose access to abortion entirely and that could happen without any laws having to change whatsoever. this is a regulatory issue, a routine licensing issue, an annual license for the only clinic that still provides abortion in this entire state. planned parenthood is saying that the state is essentially trying to tie them up in red tape and regulate abortion out of existence. they say that's why they are currently the only provider of abortion in missouri. the state has a different take on t they say that there have been health violations, this he say there is an ongoing investigation into medical records. planned parenthood sees this as part of a war on abortion but now it's up to a judge to decide whether or not that clinic can stay off, whether or not abortions will be provided
6:31 am
tomorrow and next week. >> okay. alexandra field, thank you very much. please keep us posted. again, a decision expected by the judge by the end of the day. all right. let's take a look at the market, folks. you have the dow up 260 points almost here off 1% of course this is a reaction to the president saying he's going to slap really significant tariffs on a huge trading partner of the u.s. and that is mexico, jim. >> it's a big drop in just the minute and five seconds of trading. cnn business correspondent alison kosik with us now. you've been speaking to folks on the floor there. this is all about tariffs. >> it is all about tariffs, jim, you know, disaster is how one trader reacted when he heard that president trump was imposing this 5% tariff on all mexican imports one week from monday. this really blind-sided investors simply because it was announced on twitter, seemed to come out of nowhere and you know how wall street does not like surprises. auto makers are taking a direct impact because mexico is really
6:32 am
one of the world's biggest car production markets. general motors has a huge presence in mexico with three assembly plants. it builds 800,000 cars in mexico just last year. we are seeing shares of gm, fiat chrysler and ford down anywhere from 3% to 5%. these tariffs come at a really tough time for the auto market when you're seeing all of these layoffs in the auto industry and you're seeing sales down. these tariffs also coming at a delicate time in the financial markets. already reeling from the tit for tat tariff war going on between the u.s. and china. the big worry that this is going to mess with the economy even more, it's going to continue to hurt business and consumer confidence. you know, i know president trump likes to call himself the tariff man, but i'm not so sure that this is the outcome he was looking for. >> can i just note one thing, allison, i mean, looking at what we are on pace here for, this is the last day of the month for the market, it's going to be the
6:33 am
first monthly decline of this year, the first decline for the month of may since 2012 and now you've got a sixth week of declines for the dow unless it turns this thing around by the closing bell in a row. six weeks of declines in a row for the dow, we haven't seen that since 2011. >> yeah, so we are seeing stocks take a turn. we are seeing the markets now react to the piling on of tariffs. once again you do see this six-week losing streak for the dow, you're seeing especially the impact of tariffs in earnings reports and that's why you're now seeing it in the stock market as well because you're seeing companies affected by these tariffs, poppy. >> yes. >> and people, right? we were saying earlier 1,300 bucks to the price of a scar coming from the u.s. to mexico. thanks very much. senator elizabeth warren says that if donald trump were not president he would be in handcuffs and if elected she has a plan that would allow unlike today sitting presidents to be indicted for crimes. that's coming up.
6:34 am
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2020 presidential candidate elizabeth warren, the senator, is making a mark on this race with these six words "i've got a plan for that" and this morning she has another one. the senator says if she wins the white house she will pass a law allowing, unlike today, for sitting presidents to be indicted for possible criminal wrongdoing. >> yeah, very interesting. jim, as you note, eric swalwell, the congress also running for president, i think he was first out of the gate with this as well. let's talk about this. nia-malika henderson joins us now. it's interesting to watch how the i've got a plan for that has
6:39 am
seemed to turn in elizabeth warren's favor, whether you look at her polling numbers, bumper stickers, she's wearing that badge. people were trying to shame her but now it seems to be working in her favor. >> i think that's right. the shaming in the beginning was, oh, she's sort of like tracy flick in some ways. in some ways it's a gender shaming. yeah, she has very much played this to her advantage in a field of 23 people, you need to figure out a way to break out. you need to figure out a way to brand yourself and she has done that and done it to a level that no one has been able to do it. and she in some ways, except maybe with this plan she announced today with the whole, you know, law about indicting a sitting president, she has been setting the pace. it's been people who essentially come behind her on any number of issues, particularly something like breaking up the big banks. she is having the others sort of respond to her plans and that's been very interesting to watch because the other candidates sort of have to scramble and
6:40 am
figure out where they are vis-a-vis elizabeth warren. >> how to distinguish themselves. we've been watching the markets there, the market down nearly 300 points, this largely responding to the president's vow this morning to impose tariffs on mexico. back to elizabeth warren, nia-malika, she's been rising in the polls up to 15% in one. biden far ahead but as she moves up she outpaces, for instance, a bernie sanders as a likely number two. i wonder what her rise means for sanders since both of them occupy this space in the progressive wing of the party but also for joe biden as a credible challenger to him. >> i think it's right and it's been something that was a surprise to see sanders' numbers decline. i was with sanders earlier this week talking to former supporters and, listen, they are shoppers at this point. they were die hard sanders folks in 2016 and now they feel like there are other people who sort of embody the revolutionary
6:41 am
spirit, the revolutionary policy that he outlined in 2016. so that's why i think you see warren doing much better. she's sort of a better version of sanders in some ways because she has so many policy prescriptions. and even if you go back to 2016 elizabeth warren was sort of bernie sanders before bernie sanders. she was the one who was going viral, she was the one who progressives really wanted to draft in 2016. she of course passed on that, bernie sanders did run, but you see even with his sort of corral size, it's a little smaller, he is much more interested in sort of doing the kind of selfies that he's seen elizabeth warren do. so, you know, elizabeth warren i think is one to watch in this campaign. >> your piece on the incredibly shrinking bernie sanders this week is great. my favorite line to some of his former supporters he is just another candidate, the revolutionary front man who launched a thousand cover bands. that was the loo inn that stood out to me. >> thank you. >> can i just ask you about this, the challenge that she is
6:42 am
going to face, though, nia, on fundraising. by swearing off super pack money, by swearing off these big fancy fundraisers that bring this a lot of money that is already proving to be a challenge in her numbers in the first quarter. >> and we will see what her numbers are going forward. we will have some reports in a couple of weeks. she wasn't that strong a fundraiser if you compare her to bernie sanders, compare her to biden who he is doing those high dollar fundraisers, he's letting cameras in, which is a little different spin on those, but, yes, i mean, that's something to watch because what does money allow you to do? first of all, it's buzz, shows you are a contender but also allows you to hire staffers, put folks on the ground in these early states. she's got to figure that out, whether or not this kind of stark refusal to do those big money fundraisers is going to impair her long term ambitions in clinching the nomination. >> right. because once you swear off those you can't turn the ship around
6:43 am
on that. >> that's right. >> nia, good to have you. thanks so much. >> thank you all. >> still to come, more than a dozen women who have attended the fbi's training academy say they were sexually harassed or discriminated against because of their sex. now they're suing the fbi. we will speak to two of those women next. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our memorial day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store. don't miss the final days to save $1000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. i've got an idea. ooh, what is it? what if we give the people iphone 10r when they join t-mobile? for a limited time join t-mobile and get the awesome iphone 10r on us.
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all right. important story. sexual harassment, harsher scrutiny. a hostile work environment. that's how more than a dozen women are describing conditions at the fbi's training academy at quantico. now the women are suing the agency for gender
6:48 am
discrimination. they say the disadvantages are a result of the good old boy network at the facility. >> so in response, the fbi has released a statement saying the following in part. while we're unable to comment on litigation, the fbi is committed to fostering a work environment where all of our employees are valued and respected. we're joined by the attorney representing the women in the case, david schaefer, as well as two of the plaintiffs. we're clara andava, thanks in particular to you for coming here and talking about this in public. claire, if i could begin with you, you attended the fbi's training academy last year. you were dismissed after getting four demerits, according to the fbi, given a warning the fbi called a suitability notice. you allege you were given fewer opportunities to succeed by the fbi. tell us about your experience at the academy. >> so when i began the academy,
6:49 am
the first about four months were absolutely fine as far as training. i passed all 11 of the required performance tests. that included firearms, fitness, defensive tactics, legal, academic, you nade it. first time, no issues whatsoever. then i get to the tactical training portion, and suddenly, i'm realizing that i'm being very singled out by my tactics instructor, paul haren. he would pull me aside very frequently during exercises and give me very vague feedback. he would say things like, you're on the bubble. you are behind the curve. and he wouldn't give me any constructive feedback or anything specific whatsoever. then a specific example is when myself and a male class mate went to meet with him voluntarily with my instructor, to discuss progress and how to improve. i was told that there was nothing i could do to improve.
6:50 am
and he looked to my male class mate in front of me and said, so you have four suitability notations, is that correct? my classmate said yes, sir. paul haren told him you're going to be fine, keep working fine. then he excused him and turned to me and said claire, you have four suitability notations, is that correct? i said, yes, sir. he said, i'm not going to lie. that's a lot. and people don't frequently graduate with four suitability notations. >> so in response to all of this, guys, the fbi won't comment on the lawsuit. i know we noted that at the outset. they say they're committed to fostering a work environment where all employees are valued and respected. that's not what you both say you experienced. and ava, to you, you know, this lawsuit talks about passive tolerance. right? of this, and it being sort of systemic within the fbi. can you give us a sense of just the toll that it took on you?
6:51 am
>> i mean, it took an extreme emotional toll on me. a lot of my experience there was actually sexually harassment based and retaliation both from instructors, the unit chief kelly holland even blamed me for the attention. she told me i was nothing but a distraction to her agents and my personality was a character flaw and i wasn't cut out for the fbi, even though the day i was dismissed, my picture was still hanging on the wall for having perfect marks. >> good to see. and to be clear, you say retaliatory in what sense? >> for instance, i had been told by a few of my close friends who were also trainees there that instructor charles rowe would repeatedly inquire and talk about my personal life, my marital status, my sex life, and eventually, i very politely approached him about it and kind of asked and said could these things please be kept private? and he, you know, to my face, said absolutely i did not in any
6:52 am
way bring those things up. then about a week or ten days later, i received a suitability for challenging him. and that suitability, it even included things like i had my hands in my pockets, which means i had an attitude. >> obviously, you have both named individuals. we don't have them on the show to respond or defend themselves but they're welcome to join us at a later date if they would like to respond. david, as the attorney, one thing i found interesting in the reporter on this is apparently you went to the fbi twice, asked them to sit down with you to talk about your clients before you filed the lawsuit, is that right? >> that's correct. i asked them twice to sit down and discuss these issues short of litigation, and i was ignored, and the only response i got was thank you for your inquiry. i also heard from a woman this morning who notified the inspector general about this conduct as early as 2001. and our clients notified the director, director comey, again,
6:53 am
in 2015. he also did nothing about it. and denied it existed. >> cnn has reached out to director comey. we haven't heard back yet on the allegations in this lawsuit. jim. >> well, david, thanks to you, and claire and ava, we know it can be difficult to come out and make allegations like this in public. with possible consequences. we appreciate you sharing your story with us. thanks to all of you as well. we'll be right back. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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odylic. >> you are correct. >> the world of sports celebrating a very different elite eight this morning. >> i use that word every day. >> what does it mean? you're on national television, jim. >> i have no idea. no time to google it so we'll leave it at that. the annual scripps national spelling bee came to a surprising and record setting finish ending in an eight-way tie for first place. coy wire joining us now. how did they end up with eight winners? >> good old fashioned hard work. the spelling bee short on words this season, but not short on kids who worked their tails off to be crowned champs. >> a-u-t.
6:59 am
>> you are correct. >> e-l-a-s -- >> you are correct. >> the contest has been held for 92 years. they have never had an ending like this, though. eight co-champions. there have never been more than a two-way tie before this. midnight on the east coast. 20 rounds in total. there were no mistakes in the last five rounds. so the judges were forced to bend the knee. merriam-webster tweeting the dictionary concedes. adding they're so proud of the winners. each of these kids received $50,000 as champions. they get a trophy, trips to hollywood, new york. most recently, they were stars on cnn's "new day." >> i studied like four to five hours on week days, but when the competition became near, like i ramped it up and i studied as
7:00 am
much as i'd can, maybe an extra one or two hours. and like ten hours on the weekends. a little more. just depending on if i had any homework. >> a testament to what is possible when you outwork everyone every single day. >> four hours a day. here's to that little kid. he earned it. they earned it. coy wire, thank you very much. >> thanks, coy. >> all right, 10:00 a.m. eastern. top of the hour. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. >> i'm jim sciutto in washington where the search is under way for the possibility of wiggle room in the latest ultimatum for president trump. a senior administration official is now telling cnn if mexico merely makes a, quote, effort to curb the flow of undocumented immigrants to the u.s., the president might be persuaded to stand down on the tariff. he has declared on all mexican imports beginning june 10th. those tariffs would start at 5%,


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