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tv   AC360 The Howard Stern Interview  CNN  May 31, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. the latest deadly mass shooting in this country.
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12 people dead. one of the victims shot while he sat in his car onparking lot. the gunman, a disgruntled employee. a certified professional engineer in the public utilities department. he entered just as the work day was winding down and immediately opened fire. victims found on three floors after a long gun battle with four police officers that left the shooter dead. four people. authorities uncovered a rifle and a .45 caliber handgun with extended magazines and a suppresser. that is according to the police chief. i want to show you and take you to the gunman's home where police are removing the vehicle in an effort, i'm sure to search it and get more information. again not exactly sure what vehicle it is. i imagine it's the one the officer os are on the scene. this is in virginia beach, virginia. just moments ago we saw a car
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that appeared to be in the process obeing towed. but the suspect is believed to be a certified professional engineer for the city. disgrantaled employee. and we'll learn more information about him now with cnn's -- that has been doing his due diligence here and getting information for us. what can you tell us? >> so cnn has identified him as dwayne kradic. he's 40 years old. and as you said he worked as a certified professional engineer for the city off virginia beach in the public utilities department. this is where the shooting took place. the public works department housed in building number two in this area where all the different city buildings are where the shooting took place and that is exactly where he conducted the shooting. we've also learned police are at his home.
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appears to be towing a vehicle from his home and they're searching for evidence. week heard a lot that he's disgruntled. we don't know why that is or what was going on. but obviously police are trying to gather all that information. they have not publicly identified and yet they say they're waiting to do so. but as of now this is what we're told by sources. a 40-year-old man. the other thing, obviously, we've been going tlau the scenes at the shooting location and they have found a lot of evidence. as we said and have been reporting. they have a gun they found, a .45 caliber weapon with several magazines, extended magazines that can carry a lot more bullets than a normal magazine you can purchase with a weapon and we're told uncoved a rifle that we believe belong to the shooter. that is all being processed. investigatored say we puchsed the weapons legally.
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it appears there was planning that went into this, don. >> what do you know about how the shooting unfolded and the response? >> the response was quick. there were police officers nearby in the area, given where this is taking plaus. they were table to get to the location fairly quickly. and what we learned from the police chief is they're off a running gun battle. there was a gun battle between the police and the shooter. says it was a long gun battle. the shooter went through three different floors of the building. they found victims on each floor. they say the only reason he was found is because police encountered him and were able to stop him. a police officwas injured. he was shot in a bullet proof vest, which prevented him from getting killed. there was a long-running gun battle between the shooter and the police.
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and they credit the work of the police in stopping him. it sounds like a very hectic scene. when the police chief ended the press conference, he said inside that building is like a war zone. >> thank you. appreciate that. want to take you back to the suspect 's home and live pictures. his belief to be the suspect's car they're towing there. and you can see the person towing the car on the scene as well as a number of different police officers and what have you there. this is believed to be the suspect's car and they will tow that to, i imagine a police impound lot and do some investigating on that car. get more information, we'll bring it to you. right now i want to go to michael, joins me now from virginia beach. thank you so much. i appreciate your time. you were born and raised in virginia beach, as i understand. you're an active member of this community. this is your home.
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how are you doing tonight? >> well, thank you, don, for the opportunity to join you. it's a difficult night. it's the worst day in our city that i can imagine. >> you have been hearing, counselman, about this shooter. you have been providing, or at least members of your community, law enforcement, mayor, police chief providing information about this particular purseen and what went on. the shooter was a disgruntled public works employee. did you know him? >> no. i don't even know the individual's name at this time. i just heard a little bit in the discussion you had just before i came on that you may have identified that individual. i've been here at city hall in the municipal center in our emergency operations center with a city staff, emergency
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professionals and i have no information about the suspect other than i can confirm that he was a city employee. >> just give you some information. don't know if you'll recognize his name. but dwayne kradik. worked as a certified professional engineer in the public utilities department. listed as a point of contact for information, local roads projects over the last several years. there is a 1996 news report where he suved as an army national guard, in the army national guard after attending high school in newport. again i'm not sure if you're familiar with the name dwayne, kradic? >> i'm not familiar with that name at all. i have a chance over the many years i've been active as a volunteer to work with many
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professionals in our city and i know many people in the public works department and people who work in building two where the terrible event occurred. grrs i know these people to be dedicated, compassionate individuals. >> we have learned that the police department had been planning to hold active training tomorrow morning. the facebook page for the events -- >> that's correct. >> facing an armed shooter with bad intepgzs was every person's worst nightmare. that has become reality for people there today. >> it has become reality. i it's the worst nightmare for our city. i know they train for events like this. many people, including myself, have watched the news unfold and communities and cities all acountry and around the world and tell you the truth, it's in
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human nature and natural to wonder when or if an event like this could ocankcur in our city. i'm so sad and distressed by the fact that it has unfolded in virginia beach today. it's in pain and -- >> go on. i'm sorry. >> no. thank you. >> there's a bit of off a delay. i didn't mean to cut you off. but i have to ask you. you've been watching the coverage immediately after it started and even on this program i spoke to the mayor, someone in the building and now i'm speaking to you. and it's just surprising to me how you can even stand right now and discuss this. has it even set in right now? i would imagine that you're numb? >> yeah, numb is exactly the word that i used earlier.
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i had a chance to spend time with city staff from virtually every department and agency and i think it's fairly safe to say that those professionals are numb. and what i'm amazed by is that in the face of of this tragedy -- keep in mind as you pointed out, these are the victims, many of them, or potentially all of them work for the city. so the staff here is confronted with dealing with an issue that directly relates to their colleagues and what i've witnessed is those people have really fallen into the comfort off doing their jobs. i do worry about their emotional well being. i worry about them very much. but what i can tell you from my observations is the men and women who work for the city of virginia beach are finding comfort in performing their duties and responsibilities and can't canning to serve their city and that speaks to their strength, their ability and i'm proud to be associated with
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virginia beach on this day in spite of the tragedy because of the strength i've seen. i've also seen incredible compassion. you can't believe the amunt of food and other things that have been sent to city hall by businesses and individuals from all across the city e. people who want to do something to provide comfort and help tonight. and in a tragedy, in a terrible event like this, i think it's important to try to find something positive and something good. and what i know about virginia beach from spepding almost my entire lifetime here is it's a place with people who are good and decent and kind and loving. and we're seeing that on full display tonight. >> our thoughts are with you. we've got a lot more to come on our breaking news. at least 12 people dead in a mass shooting in virginia beach. what we can know about the shooter. does it fit the profile off a
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you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. so here's our breaking news tonight. at least 12 are dead after a disgruntled city employeeope oened fire municipal building this afternoon. engineer in the public utilities department. he was killed in a lengthy gun battle. and live from virginia beach. david, thank you so much. i appreciate it.
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you're at the municipal complex near the shooting scene. what can you tell us about how the shooting unfolded the response? >> all right. so this is a municipal complex in downtown, virginia beach and there are number of public buildings. we're in the court house where they held the press conference in the last hour where they told us there could have been up to 400 people and that's capacity of that building when it's at its fullest. the worker, the long-time employee was there. he entered just after 4:00 p.m. and police officers were able to respond immediately. that's because the local police department is just a combuildings away. so we've heard from law enforcement who told us four veteran police officers were able to engage with the suspect. the suspect had entered in, according to police was firing shots at his coworkers on
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multiple floors of the three-story building. so they were able to find him by hearing the sound of the gun fire, that police were able to locate him before they engaged him in that lengthy gun battle. they found that handgun with multiple magazines that had been emptied. don,y with also heard from the victim that was a witness, i should say, who was barricaded on the second floor. she recalled hearing dozens of gun shots being fired and police officers shouting at this alleged gunman, shouting get on the ground. get down. so this was something she said appeared to be guying on for a long time. but as you know in these cases, these minutes can seem like hours. don, the government worker did sustain serious injuries at the scene and was able to injure one of the police officers. that police officer transported to the hospital. but was a bullet proof vest that
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saved his life. >> close to the scene from where this all unfolded. appreciate your reporting. and a former secret service agent. former homeland security official in the obama administration. i wish we could have spoke under better circumstances julia, and jonathan. the shooter has been identified. described as a disgruntled employee, an engineer that served in the military. is any sort of profile for a workplace shooter, is that what this is? >> yes. that's real workplace violence issue and they're not uncommon. we've seen them many times before because the worker have a motivative, and familiarity with where they are. the motive, of course, we've come to at least understand there was maybe a disagreement or he was about to get fired. and this is really important for viewers to know.
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this is not an issue off vulnerable building. he likely had some information that allowed him into the building, whether it was a badge or swipe card or something like that. so this is not something where we can say we need fortify these buildings and he had familiarity with the ground and different floors. this is someone who clearly knew where he was going. i don't know if he was pucking particular people. this is why workplace violence is so scary. and because all of those things combined make it a likely incident where you're going to have a high fatality rate, which we saw tonight. >> one of them was a .45 caliber handgun, multiple extended magazines. he also had a silencer. is that difficult? >> depends on what state you're in. the utalization of of the
8:20 pm
silencer in this type of attack was really a game changer when we talk about the threat dynamics and how we prepare. you hear the sound of a gun, get away from the threat. address the threat if you have to or hide. >> he wanted to increase? >> exactly. so think about this for a minute. we train on the sound. there was no sound because of the utalization. this is a really a major shift in gravity when it can whiches to the attack dynamics going forward. year going to have to geback, retrain around how -- mindful that the suppresser was used, how do we retrain the public when we no longer hear the sound of gun violence? >> earlier was talking to anthony who talked about the military training. will that be part of someone who
8:21 pm
has military training, they know how to go in, they would be better equipped to do something like this >> a combat mindset. the ability to transsend beyond the fog of war. by theesh tended magazines, utalization off a silencer, this was a well-coordinated, very meticulously thought out attack plan. so to your point. military training is a part of that. he understood tactics. he was a municipal employee. he participated most likely in a active shooter drills in the past. he probably knew what the response was and anticipated that. in this instance he may have been preparing for that moment itself. >> listen, he just talked about this and talked about motive and means being central to this tragedy. how do we tackle these issues
8:22 pm
without getting caught up in the issue of guns? >> i think not talking about gun st s is the political statement. for talking about guns, reasonable gun control and access to guns. i think that's actually the political point. that's the polarization off what happened tonight. every crime has motive and means. motive, we're going to find out more what triggerered him. but ability to kill this many this quickly. this is the unique american phenomenon. in my world, homeland security, you look at the risk that cause high -- high probably and high consequence. don't worry about low probability, low consequence evept and if you look at the numbers, it's gun violence. and the fact that we're not allowed to talk about that and it's viewed as political is, in
8:23 pm
my mind, the ideolog canical position. rational people can look at these numbers. or 2/3 of people are because of suicide. the others are dying because off access to guns. it is just part of the conversation and my worry is if you parse each incident. this one was crazy, that one had a bad mother. you lose the big picture and that is these are high probability, high consequence incident and they all involve guns. >> i think that's on purpose to get people not to talk about guns. sort of to hamstring people where you can't talk about it. uniquely american phenomenon. just a little bit more about that. >> in other kwuptries -- but we vea high suicide rate. so i don't deny 2/3 of it tends
8:24 pm
to be -- is suicide. but the other 1/3, the uniquely american phenomenon is weaponry as a tactic of disagreement. that could be violence, a fight between two car drivers or -- in lots off instances, the boyfriend against the girlfriend, or husband against wife. and we see the capacity to kill a lot of people quickly. the ability to kill how many is it tonight? 13. there mightby a couple more. that many in a short period of time. that is because of the weaponry we allow on our streets. and picking up on what jonathan said and with the silencer, you don't have an ability for the community. >> you said because of the military training they anticipated with law enforcement.
8:25 pm
but that's why i initially did not deter. initially it didn't. even though the police response -- what more can be done? now oyou're going to vooto start retraining? >> at the owned of the day, we have a shared state. these types of violent aktsz. acts. we have to start coming together as a community to look at early warning signs and stop them through early intervention. i think you and i have talked about this in the past where it's not normal for someone to wake up and geto work and kill 12 to 13 people. it's not something -- you don't make that leap unyour behavior. there were warning signs. and the secret service has done a lot of studies that looked at what patterns are there around these type of mass shooting attacks and what we've seen time and time again is people have telegraphed their activity.
8:26 pm
they've made caoncerning statements that is basically an early warning sign to this violent behavior. but we have to take a step backwards and look at work within the workplace are there grievances not addressed, behavioral issues that led to discipline. all these things we dismissed, we need to take a different optic with and put them altogether to build a comprehensive program that looks at behavior that precedes violent acts. >> do something about it. thank you, jonathan. thank you, julia. another deadly mass shooting today but what are our leaders in washington going to do about gun violence? it's tough to quit smoking
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we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. here's our breaking news tonight. 12 people are dead after mass shooting in virginia beach. a gunman was killed in a long gun battle with police.
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four people are hospitalized tonight. joining me is governor of louisiana who, a of today is serving as a national co chairman of joe biden's campaign. got to talk to you about this breaking news. another mass shooting. you now are officially the first national co chairman ooff the biden campaign. what will joe biden do as president to combat gun violence? >> well, don, let me first start by offering my prayers and condolences to the people in virginia beach. but also saying that what i was taught in sunday school was faith would out works is dead and congress has to do something. one of the reasons is i'm supporting vice president biden is he took on the nra twice and beat them. the assault weapons ban and the
8:32 pm
brady bill to require background checks in the first place. if you look at his track record taking on the nra, i think it's been successful. and we stree act. we veto do something. and we can't rely on congress. my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, they're a wholly owned subsidiary of the national rifle association. so until the nra gives them permission to do something, they're not doing it. and unfortunately it leads to these type of events over and over again. the high magazines allows someone to create mass carnage in such a short period of time. if you remember during the assault weapons ban, the most you could have in a magazine or cartridge, i believe the number was 11 bullets if you had one in the chamber. so those are just simple things he we can do to stop the amount off carnage. of korcourse we have to focus o
8:33 pm
mental health and all the other aspects to do it comp rehencebively. >> you mention the things that joe biden has done. how will he be able to break the impasse now? listen, year divided now. how is he going to break the impasse with the nra? congressional republicans so opposed to any legislation that restricts gun ownership. >> when he was in the office with president obama, he appointed him as the head of the task force on gun vile ps. probably over two dozen actions to implement some gun reform. they propose some of of the most sweeping gun reforms in our history. however, you write about that. i think the dead lock -- what you have to do one, is lead by example. and use the bully pull president
8:34 pm
trump off the presidency for good. and that means directly taking on the nra. but also i think you just have to make sure that you're dressing it in every manner that you can and i believe his body of work shows he would do that. >> let's talk about this because you mentioned the former president appointing him. as a former chairman of the congressional black caucus, you know how si -- what does he have to do beyond his relationship with president obama and so on? >> well, the real question is looking at his entire record, he has a record of accomplishing things and acting when others won't act. so let me just say that as a former chair of the congressional black caucus, i consider them to be dear friends. i consider them to be comp eten
8:35 pm
people and diligent and effectfive senators. but right now with the supreme court at stake w the possibility of this president getting to appoint more supreme court justices, we're fighting for our future. and so we have to win this. i mean everything's at stake. in this election and i think one that's important, two, we've seen what the vice president can do. and so i think that's why he's doing so well with african-american voters because of his body of work and the fact that he gets it. and i think that's the biggest compliment you can give to an elect said official is he gets it. he understands what families are going through in terms of trying to take care of a sick loved one, trying to make sure their kids get a quality education. allf othose things -- because he's been there and his life experiences, i believe, make him the best candidate.
8:36 pm
>> thank you so much. as a co chair of the biden campaign now i know you're going to be joining us and speaking about him anducter issues as well and we appreciate you coming on tonight and thank you for addressing that and the breaking news today. we appreciate it. >> well, thank you, don. and keep up the pressure on all of the lack of action coming from congress on gun reform. >> thank you, sur. appreciate it. the president going against his oparty, to impos tariffs on all goods imported from mexico. he wants to punish mexico. but what will the tariffs cost his own country? botox® prevents headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® injections take about 15 minutes in your
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so president trump says he'll slap tariffs on all goods
8:41 pm
to and from mexico. that's only going to end up forcing you to pay more for anything you get from mexico, anything sold in this country. joining me to discuss are the experts on this. good evening to both of you. i think it's pretty clear how you feel about these tariffs. the headline of your piece said just a fewf of the reasons that trump's mexico tariffs are deeply stupid. how so e? >> um, how much time do we have on this segment? there's so many reasons why this is misguided. americans are go itting to be paying these tariffs. we already have two studies looking that tariffs and they are 100% being passed along to americans. er for secondly it's going to screw up supply chains that purchase inputs from mexico, especially the auto industry which is already sort of vulnerable.
8:42 pm
right now waev rr announced a lot off layoffs before any of this happened. most trade we have with china is what's called intra party trade. you're going to raise costs for manufacturers who are based in the united states, who need to buy stuff from across the border often times from their own companies and it's going to raise costs for them. they're probably go having to layoffs and beyond all off that, it gives us a lot less negotiating leverage with china, japan w the eu. with mexico efor that matter. because trump has shown time and time again that he kaentd be trusted to keep his word, right? he just signed a deal with mexico. >> does he understand how terriffes work? >> i go back and forth on this and i don't know. i know it's been explained to him that americans are paying these tears. whether that's being absorbed in
8:43 pm
his brain, i don't know. >> the question is if it's being absorbed because -- it sounds good. maybe many americans don't understand. >> things might go up. that avocado at shop riet is going to cost more. and so will other imports. there's a real frustration with a lot of americans. the laetdest poll, his job numbers went up to 48. leadership has gone up. people are seeing him because there's a cat strophbic failure by republicans and democrats currently in the congress and past republicans and democraticic presidents. here's a guy who said when he was running i'm going to do something about this immigration system which is completely running us rough shot. and he's the only one willing to do something seemingly. but i think it's important because -- >> do you think that's going to
8:44 pm
increase or decrease the number off people trying to cross the border from mexico? how is that getting tough on him? >> we don't know. mexico might respond >> by breaking international law? >> it takes three weeks for the caravans to go from guatemala or belize oro el salvador to go to the united states. mexico has tough immigration laws on their own and to allow people to come up through mexico, mexico is looking that united states and laughing. they can do something but -- >> but i've heard that argument that mexico is laughing. hasn't mexico increased their efforts to get people to stop crossing the border illegally? you said they have harsher immigration pallyishes than u us the studies show -- >> when it effects mexico, it does. >> mexico has done more to try to stop illegal immigrants from
8:45 pm
coming into the united states. what more -- >> thavr rr got to stop it at their southern border. that's where they've got to have barricades for a better word. real enforcement and when people are coming in, making a mockery of their immigration system and ours, that's where they've got to stop. they can deport people back to their own countries. for people fleeing violence, when they get to mexico, they have fleed the violence. now they needs enter a system in mexico -- >> let's talk about tariffs because the treasury secretary, u.s. traderuptive doesn't agree with it. the u.s. chamber of of commerce and manufacturers, innational retail federation, fresh produce association of the americas and the lists goes on and on. are these tariffs really going to sthauvl immigration crisis because you're doing tariffs on immigration. is that apples and oranges? what's the cost to our economy?
8:46 pm
>> painful to our economy. and we've we've already seen this. the incidents of the tariffs is on americans. there have been estimates for what the likely effects would be for a tariff. let's say we ratchet up to 20%. trump said it could go up to as high as 25%. there was an estimate years ago that found there would be hundreds of thousands of jobs lost. 10s of billions of dollars of economic growth lost. this would be quite pain nool united states. >> we don't know how mexico's going to react and maybe they do. >> our time is short. i'm sorry. >> on getting tougher on immigration in their own country. >> on turning away asylum
8:47 pm
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with the people, tools, and personalized advice to help turn your ambitions into action. what would you like the power to do? here's our breaking news. 12 people dead in mass i shooting in virginia beach. four people hospitalized. the gunman was killed in a gun battle with police. listen to his neighbor. >> he seemed like a nice guy. he introduced himself when we first moved in. that's crazy. >> it's true he is dead? >> yeah. >> jesus christ. >> so are 12 victims. the latest just announced.
8:52 pm
he lived right above you. >> that could have been me. >> cnn brian todd outside the shooter house. police have been investigating there at shooter home tonight. we saw the car. we ploobelieve it was his car b impounded. what are they looking at? >> we are here in fropt of the house of the suspect. 40 year-old. he lives in this residence. the porch is over my right shoulder. police officers are coming out. processing evidence for most of the evening. putting stuff in a bag. we saw them do that a short time ago. this is one of the places where they'll try to find some clues as to a possible motive. did he leave behind a trail? maybe they might find that here at his residence. we know about the suspect is
8:53 pm
that he was a long time employee of the city of virginia beach. a certified professional engineer in the public works section. we have been told by law enforcement sources that he was disgruntled and of course we know the details. he walked into the building. 4:00 p.m. and began firing. from floor to floor and found victims on all floors. again, tonight a key part of the investigation. what was his motive? what set him off. he clearly went in there looking for battle. he carried two weapons. one being a 45 caliber handgun with extended rounds and a silencer. he went in ready for battle. and thankfully the police officers got there quickly. four of them engaged him and stopped him. again, piecing together that motive is a key component of the investigation tonight. this is one of the places where it starts. did he leave behind clues at
8:54 pm
home and what was his disposition at work. some of that information we'll learn in the hours and days ahead. >> at the suspects home. thank you. a final word. tonight there are 12 more americans whose lives have been cut short. 12 families and countless friend and neighbors who lost loved ones. i'll say it. this maybe what's often referred to as the new normal. we cannot accept that. it's not acceptable. i don't know what it will take to gather the will to thend. we can't not going we can't go on like this. only a few weeks ago we reported on a shooting at a synagogue? california. after that a shooting at a school in colorado. tonight virginia beach. this happens all the time around the country. so what are the odds that it's going to happen next? where you live. because those odds haven't
8:55 pm
changed much since columbine or charleston or las vegas or parkland. so many others far too many to name and far too many dead americans. these are our people. just hours after the massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high school a shooting that left 17 dead. this is what i had to say about the odds. >> every single one of us is just playing the odds at this point. the odds that in a country of 325 million souls, that we won't be the ones who get hit by a the next bullet that start flying. the one that gets that phone call about someone you love who did. your son, your daughter. your brother, your sister. your spouse or parent. even a friend. anyone you know. the phone call that changes your life. but with every deadly shooting in the country the odds get worse and worse and worse.
8:56 pm
are you really willing to keep playing the odds? your life is too precious for that. the lives of loved ones are too precious. the people in cities and towns are too precious. have we forgotten life is a gift? >> cnn tracks a deadliest mass shootings in modern u.s. history. in the past decade, over 333 people have been killed in mass shootings. that's only counting shootings where at least eight people died. tonight 12 deaths need to be added to the list. we have done next to nothing to change the odds in favor of more americans living rather than dying. our hearts are in virginia beach tonight. as they have been in so many places. so many other towns. before.
8:57 pm
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