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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 4, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin and you're watching cnn. thank you for joining me. president trump is praising brexit hardliner boris johnson as a potential prime minister standing next to the woman who johnson has repeatedly criticized for his handling of brexit. the woman who still has the job. still, trump offers high praise for outgoing prime minister theresa may as the two held their final joint news conference today. and prime minister may returned the positive vibes. >> prime minister may, it has been a true honor. i have greatly enjoyed working with you. you are a tremendous professional and a person that loves your country dearly. thank you very much. really an honor. >> for the past two and a half years, the president and i have had the duty and privilege of
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being the latest guardians of this precious and profound friendship between our countries. as with our predecessors, when we have faced threats to the security of our citizens and our allies, we have stood together and acted together. >> but out on the streets of london, the mood was anything but friendly as protesters played whistles and blue whistles and called dump trump and the president said they never saw that. and there is is a reason. the police blocked protests from passing the street. but it wasn't just politics, also the recent tariff threat against mexico. just a reminder, the tariff which would go into effect in just six days would slap a 5% penalty on anything from food to cars, and then increase by 5% every month until hitting that max of 25% in october. so to our white house correspondent abby phillip we go.
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she's live in london. so abby, we're hearing behind the scenes that republicans are trying to find a way to block those tariffs on mexico. >> reporter: that is right, brooke. we have to first start by letting everybody know that tariffs are typically not something that republicans are in favor of. typically they are for free trade and so president trump now starting to veer toward tariffs on a number of different fronts is becoming increasingly alarming to capitol hill republicans. and not only that, but in this case he's using tariffs as a threat against mexico in order to deal with a completely separate problem -- which is immigration. but when president trump was asked about that possibility today at a press conference in london, he was pretty dismiss of idea that republicans might be able to stop him. >> this will take effect next week. and what -- 5%. >> and what do you think of republicans who say they make take action to block you imposing those tariffs. >> i don't think they will do
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that. if they do, it is foolish. there is nothing more important than borders. i think it is likely that the tariffs go on and we'll talk during the time that the tariffs are on and they're going to be paid. >> reporter: so the tariffs are expected to go into place in just a few days. at 5% and then they will increase 5% every month until mexico acts in a way that trump thinks is appropriate but he has not specified what that is. the problem for republican senators is the idea that the president is using emergency authorities to impose tariffs for noneconomic issues and that is why they've been deliberating. some kind of resolution of disapproval that could stop him but president trump seems clear today that he thinks the tariffs are an appropriate measure to take and thinks there is an economic benefit. he said companies will come from mexico back to the united states and that mexico is going to stop taking advantage of the united states. so we'll see how this all works out. but it seems that president trump is pretty set on the idea
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that these tariffs are going into place. what mexico has been doing over the last several days which has been to take steps so increase enforcement and that is not enough in president trump's view and he hasn't said exactly what will be enough to prevent him from taking those steps which is -- as you pointed out -- could affect every single american products all across the board that come from mexico, one of the largest trading partners, brooke. >> cars, parts, you name it. abby phillip, thank you very much in london. and while the president trump is talking tough on mexico, his outlook is much rosier when it comes to trade with the u.k. >> and the u.k. makes preparations to exit the european union, the united states is committed to a phenomenal trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. there is tremendous potential in that trade deal. >> and then on the issue of brexit, trump heaped praise on
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prime minister may when he said she didn't listen to advice on how to handle it. >> i still believe, i personally believe, it is in the best interest of the u.k. to leave the european union with a deal and i remember the president suggesting that i sue the european union, which we didn't do and went into negotiations and came out with a good deal. >> yeah. that is not such -- i would have sued, but that's okay. i would have sued and settled maybe. but you never know. she's probably a better negotiator than i am. perhaps you won't be given the credit that you deserve if they do something. but i think you deserve a lot of credit. >> cnn royal commentator kate williams is a historian and lecturer at the university of london and james boyce is from political studies and the author of a ton of books, welcome to both of you. and you think of trump and theresa may and what a difference a year makes, right? he insults her when he's there a
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year ago and now you watch the two of them, kate, first to you, and as we would say, it's warm and fuzzies. what did you think of that? >> yeah. very warm and fuzzy. in general president trump has been on his best behavior during this trip so far and you think he might have possibly patted the queen but apart from that he has been surprisingly polite we found. but certainly this was a big sort of -- it was rather a love-in. very emotional and a lot of mutual respect and mutual praise and very interesting because obviously mr. trump has talked a lot about the importance of brexit and the importance of just doing it which theresa may approach to brexit was much more cautious and now no longer with us in terms of prime minister and she'll be replaced with someone else. you probably -- boris johnson is in the front returning for that. mr. trump has praised him very high lie and also praised nigel
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ferrer who is leading the charge for a hard brexit against the conservative party so on one hand mr. trump was lovey-dovey to an extent with miss may. there is talk about the phenomenal relationship and the extraordinary relationship and great words, but really there is a difference in the words and the actions. the word might be praising miss may, the words may praise her approach and negotiations but in terms of actions he's throwing his lot in with the hard who want us out of the european union asap and the queen talked about the importance of institution -- but the president takes a rather different view. >> let's jump in on brexit. james, three years ago president obama sparked sharp criticism when he warned that brexit would put the u.k. in the back of the cue with a trade deal with the u.s. and fast forward to today, brexit has to happen. how is that being received? >> well, it is interesting,
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isn't it. and it is the exact point i would raise. for the last 24, 36 hours we've been hearing all kind of naysayers suggesting that this is the end of the special relationship because of donald trump and yet we have that very warm press conference that kate rightly referred to in which trump gives the ultimate accolade. perhaps your a better negotiator than i am, from "the art of the deal" maestro. quite extraordinary. they both want to move forward in getting a trade deal struck. of course we're in a hiatus at this point. the united kingdom can't start moving forward in threshing out details until we're out of the european union. but when that happens, of course, it is remarkable to hear the idea that donald trump doesn't favor great relationship with the united kingdom and when you contrast his words with those of barack obama, it is
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quite a stark contrast, i think. and its in both people's interest, the united states and great britain to have this new bilateral trade agreement. >> and james, boris johnson, a potential next prime minister and people was watching to see if they meet and boris declined a meeting with the president and saying he had a pre-planned event and do you think that is a wise move. >> it is an interesting move. we do know the president has met with leading lights in the brexit movement this evening. including nigel feradge and duncan smith and others. so for boris johnson to decline the meeting is remarkable. most people if asked to meet the president would have canceled everything, quite frankly. >> right. >> so i think what he's done is try to clear the deck so that he can't be accused of being the president's poodle, dare i say it. >> president's poodle. haven't heard that one.
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kate, back over to you. the results of the ongoing feud between trump and the mayor of london sadiq khan and that is trump at today's news conference on that. >> i don't think he should be criticizing a representative of the united states that could do so much good for the united kingdom. we talked about it before. he should be positive, not negative. he's a negative force, not a positive force. and if you look at what he said, he hurts the people of this great country. and i think he should actually focus on his job. it could be a lot better if he did that. he could straighten out some of the problems that he has and probably some of the problems that he's caused. >> prior to those comments, mayor khan had this to say about trump when he talked to our chief international constituent clarisa ward. >> you know, this is sort of what you expect from an 11-year-old. for him to decide, it is not for me to respond and i think it is
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ben -- beneath me to do childish tweets and name calling. >> are you offended. >> not in the slightest. people tells me nothing this president does surprises you. >> so kate, you have the u.s. president going after the london mayor but doesn't this all in the end elevate mayor khan. is this something that he's enjoying? >> i think certainly it is put him on a bigger world stage. but really there has been a long history of animosity between president trump and mayor khan. there has been a long -- a long really history of disagreement, a long history of argument and certainly i think mr. trump does blame mr. khan for the fact that the trump blimp balloon, the giant balloon in the shape of a baby trump was allowed to fly over london. so really, i think we've seen mr. trump do his best, i think, to be on his best behavior in terms of tweets and what he
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said. he even suggested he didn't say what he said -- what he supposed to say about meghan markle but the only person he's really going all guns blazing on is mayor khan. he is someone that i feel trump feels he can do because the people in the government and other people might have more power, we don't know at the moment who is going to be prime minister next. so he doesn't know who he can offend and who he can't offend. but i think there is -- it is a difficult relationship between the two of them and certainly the main debate i think at the moment has been-the discussion of the trade deal you talked about of where the national health service will fit into that because mr. trump and the american ambassador have said the nhs should be on the table and finance ministers have disagreed so there are disagreements and i'm surprised mr. khan hasn't weighed in on the hs conversation and there is no love lost and don't expect any particular meeting between the two of them when they get on terribly well. >> you mentioned the baby trump blimp, we'll talk to a protest
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behind that coming up in a little bit. james and kate, for now, thank you very much for coming on. back here at home, with a couple of weeks until the first democratic primary debate, a new cnn poll released this morning shows joe biden still holding his lead as the clear front-runner. he is down just a smidge, 7 points since he launched his campaign in april. and bernie sanders is at 18%. and kamala harris at 8%. elizabeth warren and the mayor pete buttigieg and former congressman beto o'rourke rounding out the top six. now moments ago, joe biden responded after some of his rivals slammed his decision to skip a party convention in california over the past weekend. so we go straight to arlette saenz our cnn political reporter who covers all -- all things joe biden. what did he tell you. >> reporter: over the weekend you have democratic contenders out in california and joe biden wasn't there because he was very
11:14 am
much on their minds. several of them taking veiled swipes at the former vice president. either for not attending those events or for his approach to politics so far. and as he was finishing his event here in berlin, new hampshire, i caught up with him on the rope line and asked about that criticism. take a listen to what he had to say. >> what do you think the democrats that took swipes you at in california -- >> see you around. >> there is one who -- bernie sanders -- [ inaudible ]. >> he's going back to the past. look, i understand. i don't blame them. they have to -- they're good folks. but as i said, see you around. >> now biden has largely refrained from engaging with his democratic rivals. saying that he's going to save that for the debates just a month away. but one thing biden did talk about here with voters was he said that he's not trying to go
11:15 am
back to the past, that he's trying to avoid a terrible future and he once again stressed the importance of consensus and returning to bipartisan cooperation. that is something that some of his rivals have kind of challenged him on over the past few weeks. now biden was here in berlin as he unveiled his climate change plan which he has faced criticism in recent weeks from candidates saying that he might not be progressive or go far enough with his plan. biden laying that out here for voters today. and we'll see if the plan satisfies some of his critics, brooke. >>arlet, thank you. one of the closest to the president who has seen everything and now the white house is telling hope hicks to defy a subpoena. plus new york infamous rikers island jail may get a new inmate. the president's former campaign chairman paul manafort, a former deputy will join us to tell us what life might be like for this
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administration has ordered hope hicks not to turn over any documents to the time in the white house. the committee set a deadline for today. cnn senior congressional correspondent manu raju is up on capitol hill. and you tell me first, how are democrats responding to the latest move. >> reporter: the chairman jerry nadler told me today if these subpoenas ultimately are not complied with, not just for documents but for testimony, that those two individuals, those former officials could also be held in contempt of congress. this coming after the house is poised to move next week to hold the former white house counsel don mcgahn in contempt and bill barr and others could be punished by this body that these two also could face the same punishment if ultimately they don't agree to turn over the records. now the white house said that the reason why they have not been turned over is because these are confidential
11:22 am
communications. that is why their time at the white house should not give over to the legislative branch of government but one aspect could be cooperation and that is hope hicks time while serving on the 2016 campaign. she was a senior aide to then candidate donald trump. he has told the committee that she'll provide some documents in relation to her time on the campaign. will that satisfy democrats? it is unlikely. but at moment they're getting some level of cooperation they have not gotten so far but nevertheless democrats are raising significant concerned and what they're seeing as blanket stonewalling across all of the subpoenas on various questions, brooke. >> let's turn the page and talk impeachment. let me play a clip. this is alexandria ocasio-cortez and she thinks her party is getting restless. here she was. >> i think we're getting to a point where we're hearing from a lot of the public that we at least need to open an inquiry
11:23 am
and the time for an inquiry is up to us. >> did you hear that when you were -- >> i personally heard it in my home district. but i'm also hearing it a lot from a lot of swing district members, i think they are hearing it more. at least the openness to have an inquiry is there and investigating a lot of what we are seeing and what a lot of what has already transpired. >> manu, by cnn count, there are 59 house democrats pushing impeachment. can you just talk to me about the pressure that must be on speaker pelosi right now? >> reporter: well it is only going to build the more defiance they see from the white house to their subpoena requests. it will be more democrats who will call for an inquiry. but at the moment democrats are divided among several camps. most of them right now support speaker pelosi position to investigate, to push forward on the court fightings, to try to get information, hold off on impeachment and others say it is
11:24 am
time to open an inquiry and others say let's see if there is more defiance and then talk about opening the proceedings. >> you know, there is growing sentiment it is an intolerable situation. >> do you think the speaker will change her mind. >> no. i think everything is on the table at this point nd the speaker is actively hearing all parts of the caucus about which way to go. >> honestly, we have to wait and see if mueller refuses to testify or we can't get him to testify and then, yes, i think at that point they're being too cautious. if we need to -- if he refuses to testify at a date concern, then we can wait. >> do you think it is time to open up an impeachment inquiry to the president, long past time. >> i'm not against impeachment. i'm against impatience. >> reporter: so that one congressman ruben gallego said that, let's see what robert mueller does. if he doesn't testify before the house judiciary committee then talk about opening up an
11:25 am
impeachment inquiry and at the moment no development yet from getting bob mueller's testimony and i asked jerry nadler about the idea of mueller testifying in private as a special counsel team has proposed and he said i want them -- want him to testify in public so that is an area still up for debate and a question about when, and if, the testimony will occur. >> interesting that is what is the breaking point for gallego. manu raju, thank you very much for chasing down all of those voices on capitol hill. we appreciate it. meantime an american couple on vacation in fiji dies from a mysterious illness and now the cdc is involved. we have details on that. and prosecutors want the former campaign chairman, one of the most notorious jails, and what paul manafort's life would be like on rikers island.
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it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. former trump campaign chief now convicted felon paul manafort may be on the move. cnn has learned manafort may be relocated from a low-security level inside of a pennsylvania federal prison to the notorious rikers island in new york city. he's facing a 16-count criminal indictment on state fraud charges in new york and manhattan district attorney wants him close by for the duration of the state trial. a source tells cnn it is not clear when he will be moved. but it won't be this week. manafort is serving 7 1/2 years for federal fraud crimes. this change could also mean manafort who is 70 years of age might end up in solitary confinement and his attorneys
11:31 am
tell cnn they do not want him at rikers. ed gavin, a former warden with the new york city department of corrections is here with me and also a commanding officer with the efficiency accountability and management system at rikers island. so you know this place quite well. it is nice to see you again, sir. rikers has this reputation as we were talking because of the violent, hostile inmates. it is just that kind of place. and so to think of paul manafort there, what would his every day look like? >> well paul manafort would be what we call a cmc, a centrally monitored case and afforded protective custody status. and we would track him -- it is a cmc tracking. and in all likelihood he'll be in solitary confinement for his own personal protection at the west facility whichsy former hospital facility on rikers island and he'll have his own space where he can live and he'll be fine. >> it is not often you hear
11:32 am
solitary confinement and be fine in the same sentence. in the cell without seeing daylight is hell but you see its in an advantage for him. >> absolutely. >> why. >> he's sell grated and not with the -- segregated and not with the murderers and rapists and he'll be brought back and forth and probably escorted to and from court by the emergency security unit and it is like taking a cab into manhattan only he'll have armed correction officers. >> you think he shouldn't go to rikers. >> yes. i don't think it is appropriate. >> no. >> why. >> i would send him two blocks away and it would save the taxpayers money and provide him access to his attorneys but common sense isn't very common. i think this is a lot of fanfare on the part of the district attorney vance to request him being transferred to rikers island.
11:33 am
it doesn't make any sense. he's a federal prisoner and convicted of process crimes he could just as easily stay in solitary confinement two blocks away and escorted to court but vance doesn't want to do that. >> you mentioned what his life would look like and it sounds like he would be so protected for how ever long he would be and you could give example of who he'll be in contact. >> likely with three or four prisoners in a dormitory setting. >> but not your garden variety felons. >> no. he'll be with the people that are murderers, armed robbers, rapists, people like that. >> yikes. >> he'll be kept in a environment, and he'll get three squares and we maintain a prison ward or if we need better care
11:34 am
we take them to bellevue where we maintain a prison ward. so he is just fine. i'm not trying to make it like it is -- >> a cake walk. sure. >> he's freedom is being taken from him but he won't be at any risk. his physical safety won't be at risk but they should put him down the block at mcc and that is what i would do if i were the district attorney. there is no need to have him ordered to rikers island and sensational this more than it has already been. >> thank you. i appreciate your opinion. >> thanks for having me on. a couple goes on vacation in fiji and dies after this mysterious illness. what american health officials are trying to figure out. and plus one of the biggest issues in the 2020 election and today joe biden and elizabeth warren releases plans to fight climate change. we have those details ahead.
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family members of a texas couple are desperate for answers after the pair dies during a mysterious illness in a vacation to fiji. they were on vacation in the south pacific island when they both got sick and died. paul is covering this for us. and paul, what do you know about this couple and their mysterious deaths? >> we know this is now an international investigation and involving the world health organization and the centers for disease control. now saying they are going to get
11:40 am
specimens from the couple's body and they're going to bring that to laboratories to look over. the big question, as you pointed out, how did this healthy couple somehow pass away on this idealic vacation in fiji and something i learned recently, i called the hospital in western fiji and they said as a precaution, they also admitted five people who had come in contact with this couple, four of them have been released and that was a precaution. and more about the couple according to the fiji son. these 38 and said he's an engineer who works on f-35 fighter planes and she's 35 and they have a 2-year-old son and he has a daughter from a previous marriage. so the focus of the investigation of course is on them, and this is more heartbreaking for this international mystery, brooke. >> stay on this. the family going to fiji. and paul, thank you, very much.
11:41 am
the president said he has not seen any protests during his trip to london, despite this massive trump baby blimp. we'll talk to the woman behind this thing. and the -- the streak has come to an end. but did james holzhauer break the game of jeopardy. a previous winner joins me next. don't tell your mother. dad, it's fine. we have allstate. and with claimrateguard they won't raise your rates just because of a claim. that's why you're my favorite...
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11:45 am
james holzhauer is capting 32-game winning streak on jeopardy is over. after dominating for weeks, the professional sports gambler came up short in the bid to set the all-time record for money earned on the show.
11:46 am
he became a phenomenon with his dominant win totals and brash daily double bets and averaging more than $77,000 each win but he finally met his match losing to a librarian from chicago. >> so, emma, it is up to you. if you came up with the correct response, you're going to be the new jeopardy champion. you did. what did you wager? oh, gosh -- $20,000. what a pay day. $46,801. [ applause ] >> what a game. >> the high five and we'll get back to that. during the record run he won 32 games, set a single game winning record and ended up winning more than $2.4 million. that is just shy of the all-time record. so with me now, austin rogers, a former champion who won 12 games and more than $400,000.02 years ago and became a jeopardy sensation for his brains and
11:47 am
off-beat style. take a look. >> our returning champion, a bartender from new york, new york, austin rogers. >> austin's grandson. >> ozzy for 200. >> who is napoleon bonaparte. >> you picked the right one. and at the right time. >> so good. i'm missing the hair. where is the hair. >> it grows back. good thing. so great to have you on. >> thank you, brooke. >> his streak is over. did he change jeopardy for ever. >> yeah. his streak is over but his legacy is cemented. remember when jeopardy first came on you could only win five games and you were booted and anything over $75,000 it was donated to charity and they changed the rules and made the open era, the ken jennings era and he opened that and besides ken, and julia collins who won 20 games, everyone hovered
11:48 am
around the 8 to 12 to 14 mark. >> until -- >> until him. and now we're going to have this clear demarkation moving forward and you have to play in a james holzhauer way or it is over. >> i want to come back to that and you say he broke the game. >> yeah. >> he broke the game. this is how "the new york times" putz it. holzhauer won an average of 77,000 per game and when he buzzed in he got the right answer or question 90% of the time and according to the show he entered final jeopardy so far head no one could catch him. so you can't argue with that. the man had the answers. >> but, ken himself said i can't wait for someone to break my record. it is doable. so this is doable, too. we'll see a new spate of players who play in the new manner. >> new way. >> because the rules haven't changed. it is just the strategy and the mentality. >> do you think they should change the rules? >> no. why? it is the world's perfect game.
11:49 am
it is perfectly structured. no reason to change the rules. >> you had a huge run on the show. >> yeah. >> we played the highlights. and it served you well. so what does holzhauer's life look like post jeopardy. >> what is the world -- [ speaking foreign language ] . the world is your hanker chief. >> as a spanish major i was not -- >> but the world is your oyster. co do anything right now. he can write his own legacy. right now he's on social media lockdown which is brilliant because i didn't know sort of what was coming for me. he knew how special his performance was so he knows what to come. he's getting cold call and his cell number is out there and blah, blah, blah and you have to be judicious because there are charlotte on and people do the jingling keys. he probably has like a ten-year plan and this is part of it.
11:50 am
he's that smart. >> the university of chicago librarian emma bettcher, at the unc chapel hill she wrote a master's thesis called predicting the difficulty of trivia questions using text features. so they took him down. austin rogers, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. any moment now, president trump will host prince charles for dinner and we'll take you there and the details on the first fame gift exchange and the first lady special role in all of it. we'll be right back. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
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11:54 am
president trump meeting
11:55 am
outgoing prime minister theresa may in london as thousands of protesters took to the streets. even the trump baby blimp was inflated this morning in the square for the demonstrations but despite the crowds and signs reading dump trump, the president said all he saw was love. >> i didn't see any protests. i did see a small protest when i came -- very small. so a lot of it is fake news. i hate to say. but you saw the people waving the american flag, waving your flag. it was tremendous spirit and love. there was great love. it was an appliance. and i didn't see the protesters until just a little while ago and it was a very, very small group of people. put in for political reasons. >> and i spoke with serese thompson who is behind the trump baby blimp.
11:56 am
>> i know a number of protesters are calling out president trump's choice of language and insults and yet you float a baby trump blimp, is that not perpetuating the problem? >> look, the blimp isn't there to answer all of the kind of problems around donald trump. it is a small part of a rich texture of protests that goes on in the u.k. part of a big history of political satire and it is not -- on top of that, it is calling out one person for his behavior. he doesn't stand up for debate or to facts or truth and he stands up -- he is only affected by mockery. that is the language he uses. and so we answered him with that. but it is one part of a much bigger range of protests going on. and it is not as damaging as the things that he's doing. the danger that he is to society with the rhetoric that he uses, the legit imization is
11:57 am
widespread and we're poking fun at him to damage his ego. all right. and we're going to come out of that as we now see the president of the united states and the first lady ahead of this black-tie dinner they're hosting. for the royal family there. leaving the winfield house, the u.s. ambassador's residence in the u.k. so as we stay on the pictures, let me bring in kate bennett there following all of these things and talk about the dinner and how involved melania trump was in planning. >> reporter: so she's been very involved as they await prince charles and the duchess of cornwall camilla. and they're talking about protesters and a lot of love and there is one gentleman that is particularly loud and sorry about that. so they're awaiting guests. melania trump has been working on this dinner for the past
11:58 am
several weeks and one of her team members is telling me this is something she very much focused on down to the menu and the guest list and to the seating charts, the flowers. she was very actively involved. planning it back home at the white house. but working in concert with the people here at winfield house in london as they host this dinner. this is something that is res reciprocal dinner, something the obamas did as well. they hosted the queen and prince philip and tonight we'll see prince charles and camilla in the place of the queen. and we'll see the adult trump children on the list. they've joined them for this trip. we saw pictures of them last night at the state banquet. i'm talking aboutive yn a and eric trump and his wife lara and donald trump jr. of course ivanka and jared kushner are part of the d-- the delegation but people are wondering about additions to the trip and at the press conference
11:59 am
with theresa may and took a tour over there earlier today but we'll see them here again tonight. back to you now. >> trying to listen to you over the megaphone. listen, that is the reality of some of this. there have been a number of protesters, thousands of protesters talking to a woman behind that blimp. although listening to the president earlier today, saying he hadn't been around it and all he feels is love. while we stay on the picture, kate, if you could still hear me, we were talking, you and i yesterday, the white tie, the state banquet. but the toast with the queen and the president and you have more details on the gifts exchange, right? we know the queen gave trump that first addition book by winston churchill on world war ii. what do you know about the gifts that the first family presented to the queen and her husband? >> the president got the winston churchill book but melania got a gift, a jewelry box inlayed with
12:00 pm
the zee core of t-- the decor oe music room at the palace which is very thoughtful and in exchange they gave prince philip a monogram specialized air force one jacket and an autobiography of a british air force general who prince philip has a long and storied history in the military here in the u.k. and for the queen, they gave her a tiffany and company broach of silver and red silk and it was encased in a wooden -- a jewelry box and the wood they say is white house wood. now we haven't confirmed it but we're speculating that pr-- perhaps the box was made from wood perhaps from the tree that the queen planted when she visited the bushes in washington at white house. that is a stretch. but it is the kind of gift that melania trump thinks about. these personalized touchstone moments that usually