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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  June 6, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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there's very little information at this hour. it happened a short time ago. the u.s. military academy at west point north of new york city, of course, has put a note on their social media twitter account saying that an accident has occurred near their training site and asking, of course, people, traffic, to stay away from that site as emergency vehicles respond at this very minute. we do not have -- this is very early information. we do not have any verified details on any injuries at this time. but they're -- it appears to be some kind of accident, perhaps involving vehicles. summertime training at west point for the cadets is a regular activity after graduation. many of them participate in this. it's a wooded area around west point. and they practice, you know, their land warfare skills, often using military vehicles, going out in the woods on training missions as cadets so this is a
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routine, regular activity at west point in the summertime but apparently there's been some sort of accident, emergency vehicles responding. we're going to stay on it and bring more details as we learn more what did happen here, poppy. >> barbara, please do keep us posted. we appreciate the reporting joirks also this morning, president trump met with the french president for bilateral talks that just wrapped up. now they have a working lunch together. this is as the president winds down the trip to france having paid respects to the forces that saved freedom in his words. the u.s. and allied troops, of course, stormed ashore on d-day 75 years ago today. in a poignant ceremony near the burial ground of almost 10,000 americans, president trump and the president of france honored by name a number of ded-day veterans who returned to the shores today possibly for the
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last time and live to normandy in a moment and watching the nation's capital where right now officials are meeting for a second day with mexican officials eager to head off the tariffs set to start on monday, four days from now. those talks on the president's mind when he spoke to reporters earlier this morning in ireland. listen to this. >> meeting at the white house. i think a lot of progress was made yesterday but we have to make a lot of progress. we'll see what happens. but something pretty dramatic could happen. we have told mexico the tariffs go on. i mean it, too. i'm happy with it. >> the president is demanding that mexico stop or slow the surge of undocumented immigrants into the united states and he may be the only one who is very happy about those tariffs. the pushback is growing this hour and it is not just political. our coverage begins with our michelle kosinski. and mexico's president sounds
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confident. i mean, saying this morning he is confident to make a deeal. >> reporter: the mexicans i think tried to sound positive about this but last night we heard from the mexican foreign minister just after he met with the vice president and the secretary of state at the white house. just after he then had a long follow-up meeting with the secretary of state here at the state department and he didn't sound quite so optimistic. and there's some reading of the tea leaves here because obviously they don't want to give away all the details of their negotiations but he said that there were still several hours of meetings and negotiations left to have today, some of that could be here at the state department. we do expect, we are hearing from one source there's a meeting at the white house this afternoon. involving lawyers, aides and others but the mexican foreign minister said that the conversation wasn't so much about the tariffs which he feels hurt both sides. obviously, the mexicans are very much opposed to that.
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but he said if focused on what mexico is proposing to do so it's clear that mexico is expecting to come up with a plan, that there is going to be some agreement and mexico is going to have to give something away in terms of doing more at the border. it's just not clear what that is. of course, the message being projected from the white house and heard from the vice president yesterday is that mexico is not doing nearly enough, that there was some progress made but it is still not enough. so i guess we're left with what the president always says is stay tuned and we'll have to see how these meetings go today. but, you know, from some sides you get optimism. at other times from others you get pessimism. it's difficult to know exactly what stage these negotiations are in right now. >> it is indeed. we're glad we have you for the
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reporting. thanks so much. among those least happy with the prospect of escalating tariffs on mexican goods are republican members of congress. lauren fox on capitol hill this morning. we talked about this yesterday, lauren. they don't like it in word but the question becomes in action will they actually do anything? >> reporter: right, poppy. to some extent they're still waiting to see what that executive order or proclamation from the president to look like, the legal justification and determine how they react in some part. republicans behind the scenes and in public are not happy with the proposed tariff, concerned with the fact to come as soon as monday and as we heard from them they want to hear from president trump directly. that has been their refrain over and over again. look. let's hold off. let's hear from the president directly and so big and affect economies from all of our state. agriculture to automobile manufacturers. we need to hear from the president directly before he
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moves forward with something as large as this tariff. an issue behind the scenes has been that republicans are afraid that there may be an instance where the house democrats could have a resolution of disapproval and move to the senate to force them to vote on it. that's speculative. we don't know what the president is going to do and whether this will be enacted on monday but it's just an example of the fact that republicans could be put in a position where they will have to decide whether to stand with the president or stand with constituents back home not fans of these tariffs. poppy? >> yeah. it's interesting. look. i thought hearing roy blunt saying talk to us in person about this before we do anything says a lot. thank you, lauren. susan glasser, analyst and staff writer and alex burns, political correspondent for "the times." good morning to you both. alex, which way do you think the
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president goes here? i think he does it. if they don't get a deal they love from mexico, there's no question they hit on monday. >> i wopt try to read the president's mind but should be apparent to everybody involved in this debate, in washington, in the business community, across the country, in mexico, the president's not bluffing coming to tariffs. right? >> yeah. >> for so much of the business community, communities in trade, there was a hope and i think sort of self deluding hope it is just talk an we have seen it's not just talk and for him to back away from imposing the tariffs based on mexico coming up with sort of an aspirational plan for controlling the border would clearly be an acknowledgement on the president's part that the politics aren't in his way on this. that just generally not how he's conducting himself on the trade an the border. >> the president wants to be able to claim a big win in terms ofafta 2.0 usmca
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through congress, tout that on the campaign trail and it is not just democrats in congress saying to make it to difficult. it's republican senators who are also saying, look, to get usmca to the finish line this, you know, escalating trade tiff if you will with mexico makes it that much harder. is it worth it to the president? >> you're right, poppy, to spotlight this. it's a reminder i think of how extraordinary and unusual it is. we're talking about a policy debate that's cropped up after the president tweeted close to out of the blue that he was planning to impose these tariffs. he said they're going to be a sliding scale from 5% to 10%. and he steppe on his own administration's plans which they were just beginning to roll out to get the usmca passed, the trade deal passed. the vice president in the middle of promoting it. clearly not a coordinated policy rollout of the president's new
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tariffs on mexico. there's questions about the legal basis on which he's even proceeding with this. the law that he apparently plans to invoke never used before to cite an emergency as a basis for imposing tariffs. when two white house lawyers wpt up to capitol hill to meet with republican senators the other day they were meeted with a barrage of skepticism. they don't know what it is the president is doing because there's no clear policy. you pointed out in terms of negotiations with the mexicans, even the demand on the mexicans are unclear or so unreasonable as to be subject to complete interpretation. obviously, is it a serious negotiation if the president's demand is all illegal immigration from mexico should cease? clearly, that's not a realistic demand and the question is, it feels like an entire manufactured political fight so in that sense it's kind of a
6:11 am
trademark debate of the trump era and so none of us have any basis for understanding whether it's going to proceed or escalate or de-escalate because the president has not outlined a clear policy here. we don't know what we're talking about. >> which matters a lot. turning the page here, alex, nancy pelosi has really held the line here on moving forward with impeachment proceedings against the president. sources tell politico instead of impeachment she still prefers to wait it out, to see the president defeated at the ballot box in 2020. and then prosecuted. her words, thrown in jail. rather see him thrown in jail. how does that fly with the caucus, though? >> i think there's mounting evidence that the momentum in the caucus and the democratic party generally in the direction of a formal step toward impeachment and all kinds of ideas on the democratic side to proceed with some kind of impeachment inquiry without going to a trial in the senate.
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we have seen this from the presidential candidates. what's sort of striking to me on the nancy pelosi side of this is how much she ratchets up the public rhetoric. >> the jail thing. i had to read that quote twice. >> every time she faces pressure internally to do something formal and legal to take him on in some form of impeachment proceeding, to say i want him to go to jail is not a substantive claim. people generally around the country take as satisfying enough. >> susan glasser, very quickly, one thing helping the president a lot right now coming the re-election is economy. to the upside i suppose for him you have the fed saying this week that it -- in so many words
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to consider easing then and cutting rates then and prop up the economy here. how do you think it plays into 2020? >> well, i think right now the president clearly has a -- putting everything on the economy strategy and historically that would work. if you look at how strong the economy has been, the president isn't more popular than he is. if anything, you see his numbers below what you would expect them to be on the basis of this economy. he has had a campaign of public pressure of the fed that's really unusual. explicitly seeming to politicize it and start to see the growing cries of pain of republican members of congress fearful at a certain point all of the different pressure tactic negotiations because, by the way, not just with mexico. you have the threat of tariffs with mention co. i saw a study saying it could be the largest tax hike effectively in american history.
6:14 am
you have the -- >> ted cruz! ted cruz said essentially that. >> that's right but it is not in isolation. talk about the economy, you also have at the exact same moment the threat of escalating tariffs on china. the president said this morning to issue a final decision on where he's going with that after meeting with xi jinping. you have the president tactics, maximum pressure campaign against iran in the middle east which has an economic affect and so put all these things together and you really got to wonder whether the president's streak of good luck on the economy could run out with very unfortunate timing. the united states is in its longest recovery period ever. at a certain point, if history is any guide, a recession will come. >> something's got to give at some point. >> that is the way that presidents don't get re-elect audio i there y audio. >> there you go. thank you very much. still to come, we will have much more on that breaking news we told you about that accident near west point. military academy. we are getting new details and
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update after the break. also, president trump speaking this morning to veterans of world war ii and survivors of d-day, a special ceremony on this 75th anniversary and we are live in normandy ahead. and first on cnn, a disturbing report of what actually goes on in some i.c.e. facilities where migrants are detained. stay with us. small things. big things. too hard to do alone things. day after day, you need to get it all done. and here to listen and help you through it all is bank of america. with the expertise and know-how you need to reach that blissful state of done-ness. so let's get after it. ♪ everything is all right what would you like the power to do?® ♪ all right what would you like the power to do?® my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods,
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all right. welcome back. we are following breaking news. there's been an accident this morning at a training site at west point military academy. that's here in new york. about an hour or so outside of new york city. troopers are currently assisting with emergency response. barbara starr joins me first with details from the pentagon. what have you learned? >> reporter: new york state troopers are going to the scene to render assistance as best they can. the details are very scarce at this early hour but west point authorities are saying that the
6:20 am
accident apparently did involve some type of armored vehicle. it is summertime at the academy and the cadets there in the summer often engage in training activities in the areas around the academy and may have been what was going on here. the accident apparently occurring according to west point near a training site. and so they often go out into these wooded areas in the summer, practice their skills using military vehicles, camping out, doing navigation exercises. all part of their training. for attending the academy. as students, cadets there. what we are waiting for is additional detail about the accident. we have no information at this hour of injuries that were sustained. how the accident occurred. whether other vehicles were involved. we know that authorities, troopers and west point authorities, are at and on their way to the site. obviously this is an area where
6:21 am
they have to control traffic in and out of the area. that is commuting route. this whole general area up the hudson river valley, as you know, a xhutding route back and forth to new york city. it is very busy on the roads there. even at this mid-morning hour. so there will be some traffic control issues. but of course, the main thing is to get to the site and render assistance to anyone injured there. poppy? >> okay. barbara starr, troubling to hear. keep us posted as details come in. let's talk about this with spyder marks, a graduate of west point. so sorry to hear this news. >> very tragic. >> we know a few details. one is that it involved an armored vehicle. what could happen? what comes to your mind? >> well, the summer, as barbara indicated, she did a mag noif cent job, not speculating or make stuff up. it's important we all kind of breathe through our nose now with the great, wrong 23 cadets,
6:22 am
men and women, who are there during the summer doing military training. this is vigorous military training. they're getting exposed to all of those branches of the service, aviation, infantry, tactics training, artillery, et cetera. they're exposed and dive in deeply and putt through the paces, they're tired. they have to get from one training location to another and probably -- again, no speculation on my part and i know the training very well. back roads. they have some commercial traffic that gets on some of the higher speed traffic areas and if you're moving point "a" to point "b" and may be tired, who knows what took place? i don't know the conditions on the ground. but the academy will rally around what just occurred. will get to the bottom of what happened. what happens in the military always as you learn from the failures you will adapt and put conditions in place to prevent it next time. >> of course. hearing more we'll bring it to
6:23 am
everyone. because i have you and the reason we had brought you here before we knew about the accident to talk about today, 75 years since d-day, a day of 160,000 allied troops crossed the english channel, 7,000 vessels, so many lives given, sacrificed. you know? over 4,400 allied. and some of them were there today, those that survived, who walked on those shores, who stormed those shores not knowing to live through the day. >> kind of phenomenal. >> remarkable. >> isn't it? brings a tear to your eye and makes you feel good about the notion of what america -- the brilliance, the dedication, the sacrifice and america stood up. they probably didn't have to. america realized they needed to get involved. if you want to be a part and change the arc of history, you
6:24 am
get involved. this coalition was phenomenal. you go, we do do this together. we need coalitions an friends and partners. >> which would bring that alliance and bring, you know, the allied forces to victory 11 months later. it was so striking to me, you know, looking at all of the tombstones and looking at the president with president macron today, with theresa may earlier this week, and just thinking about there is a lot that divides even allies right now and the president's comments on nato, et cetera. but there's so much more that united us still. >> absolutely. the foundation of the relationships are solid. we stand on the same platform of values and ethical approach toward international engagement. of course, we bicker. you bicker with your husband. i bicker with my family. i love them deeply and it's a human endeavor. we have fallacies and challenges and what this really tells you,
6:25 am
a great reminder for us that irrespective of how difficult things might be we'll emerge, persist. we have always had challenges. >> of course. the biggest ever air and sea born invasion in history and in the wortds of president eisenhower, full victory, nothing else. look where that freedom has brought us today. >> it's amazing. not just a victory an the defeat of enemies in world war ii. we were launching into a new world and guess what. we were going to be a part of shaping that. doesn't it make you humbling? >> so proud, yes. it is. thank you so much. >> sure. absolutely. >> i can see the emotion in your eye. thank you for serving and for all you and our veterans have done. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> let's hope for the best at west point, of course. >> oh my god, i know. i know, i know. we'll solve that problem. >> keep everyone posted. >> keep them in the prayers. >> thank you very much. we are moments away from the
6:26 am
opening bell on wall street. investors, of course, watching to see what happens between the u.s. and mexico. will the tariffs actually get slapped on mexican goods come monday? also, they're staying hopeful that the federal reserve might cut interest rates. you should be mad that this is your daily commute. you should be mad at people who forget they're in public. and you should be mad at simple things that are unnecessarily complicated. but you're not mad, because you're trading with e*trade, which isn't complicated. their app makes trading quick and simple so you can strike when the time is right. don't get mad, get e*trade and start trading today.
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i'll pass. all right. a sad update to bring you about that znt this morning at west point military academy. we have learned just moments ago that one person had died. we know it is confirmed there is one individual dead at west point this morning. this is due to an accident there involved an armored personnel carrier. all we know at this point. we'll bring you more when we know it. one person lost their life. meantime, to politics. sharp criticism against former vice president biden from democratic opponents and women's health groups over his support of the hyde amendment. what is that? it's from 1976. and it's an amendment that bans using federal funds for abortions in almost every case,
6:32 am
almost. this comes as more more democratic hopefuls vowing to push measures to protect a woman's right to abortion as a key issue this election. here with me to discuss, mj lee a and rla signs. this morning on the show, mj, i thought that this was going to explode in terms of being an issue that the former vice president is really going to have to confront. >> right. >> now you have senator corey booker, kamala harris, et cetera, speaking out against this. >> so unusual at this point in the race having so many candidates saying this is an area we simply believe that vice president biden is wrong, that we are not on the same page as him on this. and that we believe that this is the wrong position to take and i think especially the timing is so critical because we have had
6:33 am
the issue of abortion so much in the news and so much in the headlines. >> right. >> with states like georgia and alabama enacting the laws that are aimed at limiting access to abortion. this is an issue that you can tell is just more on the minds of voters right now. you can tell when you're out on the campaign trail. i'm just getting back from the midwest and women especially are talking about it more and they're raising it more with the candidates this they're seeing out on the roads. >> because of the makeup now of the supreme court. right? >> right. >> arlette, to you. joe biden became a senator in 1973, the year the supreme court made the decision on roe versus wade and as recently as 2012 when he was vice president he talked about his religion being a devout catholic and saying then in his personal belief, quote, life begins at conception. that is the church's judgment. i accept that in my personal life. but at the same time, he made it
6:34 am
clear he doesn't believe it's the government's role to get between a woman and her doctor and her body on this. how is his team going to manage this backlash? >> well, biden has certainly had an evolving position with abortion. two days ago, though, stressing once again that roe v. wade is the law of the land but you are seeing as mj talked about, the first time since biden entered the race the divide between the vice president and the rest of the democratic field and i think going forward we have to see how the biden campaign decides to continue to respond to this. last night the co-chair of the campaign cedric sirichmond was saying that the former vice president is consistent on the views on the hyde amendment and that's likely informed by the religious beliefs and believes he will have to address this going forward. >> at the time, when he joined
6:35 am
the senate in 1973, he shortly thereafter talked about how at least at this point he thought that roe v. wade was wrongly decided. >> yes. he did. but then you have seen this evolution from biden over the years and he is saying now that he believes it's the law of the land and also that he wants congress to go ahead and pursue something to cement those abortion rights in legislation. but i think going forward we're going to see how biden is going to handle specifically the issue with the hyde amendment, especially as you have seen more democrats come out and specifically address him by name. >> right. that's a good point. pull up the polling if we could very quickly here. we have new polling and shows us how important abortion is for voters, mj. 30%, 3 in 10, voters right now say the candidate must share their views on abortion. it's up since, you know, a decade ago. >> well, you know, it is very
6:36 am
difficult to imagine a scenario where this issue is going to trump an issue like the economy or health care, for example. however, it is very important to note that there is an evolution. looking at polling or tracking polling and even just listening to as i was saying before voters and how sort of more invested they are and tuned in to the issue everything to do with the headline and i think when voters are considering joe biden, the candidate, and if they are on the fence or if they're not really sure that they know exactly what he stands for, yes, it is a -- you can imagine the kind of thing that makes them sort of feel like maybe this isn't the person, the candidate, i want to support. >> okay. thank you both very much. i look forward to hearing more from your reporting. of course, also following this breaking news about that accident with at least one person dead at west point. stay with us. over the last 24 hours,
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all right. we continue to follow this breaking news. i'm poppy harlow in new york and we know at this moment that at least one person is dead in an accident near west point military academy near the training site in new york. barbara starr's at the pentagon with more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, poppy. difficult news. one person now authorities say has been killed in this accident. west point authorities say it involved an armored personnel carrier near this training site at west point north of new york city. of course, this is where u.s. military army cadets train during both the school year and the summer. the academy putting up a very early social media notice that
6:42 am
there had been an accident and now we are getting the first pictures from the scene showing first responders are at the site. we know that new york state troopers are responding. west point military police responding. trying to render aid. i can tell you already on social media there's a lot of discussion about this. there's obviously going to be a great deal of concern going through the day from families of cadets at west point to know that their loved ones are okay. this is a pretty routine summertime training activity for the students there. anything involving military equipment often can be very dangerous. they have instructors oversee it. what we do know now first responders on the scene just outside west point for this training accident that involved a military armored personnel carrier. cadets apparently.
6:43 am
one person, not identified has perished in this accident. poppy? >> tragic news. barbara, thank you for the reporting. please keep us posted. meantime, we have some new reporting in to cnn about conditions at some of the i.c.e. facilities holding migrants. a lack of essentials. just some of the things the dhs inspector general found during surprise visits of four facilities. this is first on cnn. more details next.
6:44 am
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6:48 am
foul smelling meats, molded bread. first on cnn, a new report unmaved the disturbing conditions inside multiple i.c.e. detention facilities. the dhs inspector general calls thee egregious violations. that's a quote. jessica sunider has been reviewing the ig's report. >> the specter general's report puts it bluntly. it says at four i.c.e. detention facilities, two in particular, in fact, they found immediate risks and egregious violations when they did these surprise inspections at the edof last year. this investigation was prompted by calls to the inspector general's hotline and concerns of immigrant rights groups. and the i.g. stressed in this report out today that these are not prisoners, and their detention is not supposed to be punitive. improperly packaged raw and leaking meat. overflowing toilets and moldy shower stalls and braided bread sheets referred to as nooses
6:49 am
that have sometimed been used for attempts suicides. these are some of the immediate risks and egregious violations found at multiple i.c.e. detention facilities. united natio in in announced visits. the worst in new jersey and california. the inspector general's investigation began after a tip about terrible conditions on its hotline. the i.g. made unannounced visits to four facilities in california, louisiana, new jersey, and colorado. immigrations and customs enforcement responded and said it's completed significant actions to address issues. i.c.e. even included pictures of improved conditions at its california site, but it was for 5,000 detainees held in total. the i. gimpt stressing all i.c.e. detainees are held in civil, not criminal custody, which is not supposed to be punitive. they found detainees essentially
6:50 am
trapped inside. detainees were not allowed proper access to outdoor recreation and forced to make due with so-called recreation yard that had a partial covers roof or mesh cages on the glass enclosures. the i.g. also found the food handling situation so bad at the new jersey detention center that the kitchen manager was replaced during the inspection. they saw open packages of chicken leaking blood, slimily foul smelling lunch meat and moldy bread. but the problems could get worse given the record number of migrants in custody. there are currently around 52,000 single adults in i.c.e. custody. the numbers across immigration facilities are expected to grow as more and more migrants kraush the border. last month, more than 144,000 migrants were apprehended or encounters at the southern border. the highest monthly total in 13 years. >> now, it's important to note
6:51 am
these violations were found over a seven-month period late last year. and i.c.e. in the meantime has reported many fixes to the inspector general, but the i.g. is still insists on more documentation confirming follow-up inspections and other corrective actions have been m comple completed. with some of these facilities becoming overwhelmed, there's also concern a lot of these issues could flare up again as well. >> in terms of the volume of people they have. important reporting. thank you so much for that. an investigation is under way right now after the mysterious deaths of three americans at a dominican republic resort. cnn spoke to one of the last people to see one of those people alive. >> and this week, w. kamau bell is in milwaukee, whisk wick. join him to learn how implicit bias is shape racist views you're not even aware of.
6:52 am
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6:57 am
in her hotel room soon after arriving at the resort on may 25th. rosa floroes is live. this so troubling. what have you found? >> we have been asking a lot of questions to multiple agencies here in the dominican republic. and it seems every time we get an answer, we have more questions. and again, this is regarding the three americans who died in the property that you see behind me under mysterious circumstances. take, pramp, the case of the couple from maryland that died in their room. two adults, and they both, according to the police, had respiratory failure and pullman air edema. according to the police, there were medications inside that room for high blood pressure. but when we asked the attorney general's office, they say that three bottles of medication were inside the room that included an oan opioid and an anti-inflammatory.
6:58 am
then you look at the case of the woman from pennsylvania, schaup-wern schaup-werner. in her case, she took something from the minibar and then died. all of this is under investigation and authorities here say they're waiting for toxicology reports and the results of those toxicology reports to determine cause and manner of death. we're asking a lot of questions, but again, every time that we get an answer, it seems like we have more questions. poppy. >> raises more questions. i know, rosa, you also spoke with the taxi driver who apparently picked up miranda schaup-werner from the airport. did he say anything interesting? >> you know, he did. one of the things that we asked about was did this couple make any stops between the airport and this property. because maybe she had something to eat or something to drink right beforehand. the taxi driver says that there were no stops in between. it's about a 40-minute drive. they arrived here at the hotel,
6:59 am
and the taxi driver described her demeanor as being very joyful and happy, very excited to be here on vacation. he remembers she was a great tipper as well, said good-bye to him, and here's the other interesting thing. he says that he returned as scheduled to pick them up on the scheduled date of departure and the hotel told them the couple checked out a few days prior. imagine the shock, poppy, of this driver when just yesterday he sees the woman's face on the news. and the woman's name on the news. and she died just hours after he dropped them off at this hotel. >> look, rosa, i know you're there doing really important reporting. i hope the hotel manager, the head of the company, will come out and sit down with you and talk to you about all of this. let us know what you find out. i know you're pressing. thank you very much.
7:00 am
all right. it is the top of the hour. good morning, everyone. on this thursday morning, i'm poppy harlow, we begin with breaking news. at least one person has died following an accident near a training site for west point military academy. just to give you some perspective, that's about a 45-minute drive north of new york city. let's going to the pentagon. barbara starr joins us. tragic news so far this morning. >> very, very difficult news, poppy. there has been one person who has lost their life in this accident near the west point training area. west point authorities saying the accident did in fact involve an armored personnel carrier. this is a training area for the academy in the summertime, especially. cadets go there and train on their warfare skills in a number of areas. it would not be unusual for them to be moving around this wooded area, to be moving on the roads, and engaging in training. what we know is that new york
7:01 am
state troopers are part of the


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