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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 24, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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best devices. best value. simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. hi there. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being here. president trump just announced new sanctions against iran, days after he called off an attack on the islamic republic with just ten minutes to spare. today's sanctions specifically target iran's supreme leader and other high-ranking officials and are in part retaliation for last week's downing of that massive military drone. >> the assets of itiola komani and his office will not be spared from the sanctions. these measures represent a strong and proportionate response to iran's increasingly provocative actions.
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i think a lot of restraint has been shown by us. a lot of restraint. and that doesn't mean we're going to show it in the future. but i felt that we want to give this a chance. give it a good chance. because i think iran potentially has a phenomenal future. >> retired admiral john kirby is a cnn military and diplomacy analyst. admiral kirby, a pleasure as always. we heard a lot of praise last week for the president showing restraint, calling off the military strike. but iran's foreign minister says he was proud the drone was struck down. do you think these sanctions will stop iran from being provocative? >> no. we haven't seen sanctions have that effect ever since trump put them back into place. i think this is only going to actually -- by itself could just provoke even more iranian aggression. they're going to continue to look for leverage, brooke. they're going to look for ways they can prove they still have, you know, an influence on the
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outcome. >> like what? >> well, like they could conduct more military strikes. they could continue to harass shipping in the gulf. they could even harass navy ships in the gulf more aggressively than they already are. they're going to continue to look for leverage. that said, i'm not surprised that he did these sanctions. and i think if you consider it inside a family of options that the president might be able to employ, it could have an effect oh in terms of trying to dissuade or deter some of those more provocative actions. like, for instance, escorting tankers or escorting reconnoissance aircraft with fighter aircraft. there are military options he can apply that are not offensive and not necessarily provocative. but might actually have a deterrent effect in keeping with the sanctions. but sanctions alone are not going to get the iranians back to the table. >> but we know that previous sanctions have really devastated iran's economy. >> yes. >> and i know this round of sanctions targets ayatollah, air force chiefs. will it trickle down?
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>> i don't know about the implementation measures to answer that specifically. that said, the iranian people continue to suffer grievously. the imf reported this year that the iranians are going to experience something like 40% inflation. their economy is going to be stunted another 6% this year over the 3.6% it was decreased last year. so this -- these are going to have an effect, i'm sure, probably a trickle-down effect. i don't know enough. but, again, sanctions alone aren't enough to get them to the table. brooke, when you remember when we did the iran nuclear deal under the obama administration, the sanctions relief was a big motivator to get the iranians to want to participate in negotiations. but -- >> so what is motivating? >> they weren't enough. we had to offer concessions about, you know, uranium enrichment for civil nuclear purposes. we had to give other incentives, the sanctions alone were not enough to get that deal done. >> got you. admiral kirby, thank you very much. >> you bet. now to the race for the white house. we are just now two days away from seeing the democratic field
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hit the debate stage for the very first time. the candidates will head to miami this week where they will not only face voters, they will face one another on wednesday headliners include elizabeth warren, beto o'rourke, julian castro and cory booker and joe biden faces off against bernie sanders, kamala harris and pete buttigieg thursday. those debates come as candidates face a sunday deadline for second quarter fund raising. but it isn't just debate prep on the minds of so many democratic candidates this week. there is also policy. today bernie sanders is unveiling his plans to tackle student debt while beto o'rourke wants americans to chip in to help with health care for veterans. cnn chief business correspondent christine romans has more. christine? >> reporter: brook, senator bernie sanders wants to fix the student loan crisis by forgiving the debt. no strings attached. for $45 million. $45 million student debtors wiping out $1.6 trillion in debt. he would pay for it with a tax or a fee on stock bond and
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derivatives trading. now, he moves to the left of senator elizabeth warren. he has no eligibility requirements. warren would pay for her plan to relieve the debt of 95% of debtors with a tax on the ultra rich it's a populus play to young voters who have more student loan debt than mortgage debt. new for this generation. the typical graduate of a four-year public college has $26,900 in debt. private college is higher, $32,600. also on the policy radar, candidate beto o'rourke proposes a war tax. here's how that works. households without a member of the military would pay to help cover the cost of health care for veterans. o'rourke says it serves as a reminder of their incredible sacrifice. is part of a suite of proposals to improve care for veterans, including a focus on female and lgbt veterans. o'rourke also proposing that military service be a pathway, brooke, to citizenship for immigrants. >> christine, thank you.
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and for 2020 hopeful pete buttigieg, his quest to move to a new job has been overshadowed by his current one as mayor of south bend, indiana. and a recent killing of a black man by one of the city's white police officers. the police claimed that eric logan was breaking into cars and holding a knife when shot. that incident is just the latest in a series that have sparked tensions and mistrust between the department and the african-american community in south bend. and it was against that backdrop that mayor buttigieg held this town hall sunday afternoon. >> get the racists off the streets! it's disrespectful that i wake up every day scared. it's disrespectful that i have three boys that i have to teach what to do! >> millions of tax dollars went to those police cameras, right? >> yes. >> well, they failed. and we don't get our refund. >> i am raising a 7-year-old grandson that when he sees the police, he is afraid. that is not what's supposed to
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happen in america, in indiana in 2019. >> the people who are in the audience, when you have these public forums, are the same black people. but they're not invited to the table. and i think that it's time for you to rethink who you think the leaders are in this black community. >> afterward, the mayor spoke out about why he felt the town hall was necessary. >> i just think it's my job. i don't know fiif it's smart or not. i don't know if it's strategic or not. but it's my city. i feel like it's my job to face them. i'm sick of these things being talked about in political terms, in theoretical terms. like it's a show. it's people's lives. >> blue casey is a community
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activist in south bend. thank you for being with me. >> thank you for having me. i'm honored. >> you were there at the town hall yesterday. >> yes, ma'am. >> you listened to the mayor. >> yes, ma'am. >> in that moment, what did buttigieg get right and as important, blue, what did he get wrong? >> to be honest, it's the same thing that we've been hearing all these years. you know, dr. king said it the best. a riot is the language of the unheard. and what you saw yesterday was the unheard. a riot doesn't have to be burning down buildings. a riot is an uproar. and that was an uproar. people are tired of the same things and tired of hearing things that don't change. you tell us to go to the review board and go through public assets and things like that, and nothing ever changes. so what we heard was the same old story. >> so what about mayor pete specifically as he was sitting there listening to everyone speak up, the unheard, as you mentioned? what did he do right and what did he do wrong? >> what he did right was put
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together a town hall meeting to put everything on the table. when you're going through a trauma, when you're dealing with poverty, when you're dealing with all these different things that has a domino effect, you know, you have to put everything on the table so people can heal. this was the right step towards process. i mean, and progress. but you've got to do more. you've got to do way more to actually be felt within the people right now. right now it's unbearable. >> so on your point about progress, i know regina williams pressed in, a common council member, running for mayor. she said buttigieg needs to rethink who he considers leaders in the black community. the key voices do not have a seat at the proverbial table. so i know you've worked with a mayor on a program to stop youth violence. blue, do you feel that you or enough people like you have a seat at that table? >> we have had seats at the table. we also have been through that process that he claimed to want everybody to go through. the thing is, once we go through the process and we go through all these public safety boards, we occupy public safety board
11:10 am
meetings, we still get the same results, which is nothing. >> let me run through some things. this is going to take me a minute. for folks who don't know what you all are dealing with in south bend, i know you say pete buttigieg is losing the black community right now. he was first elected in 2011. there have been multiple concerns about his handling of the police department, for one, right, dating back to his first term. he's touted this thousand houses economic initiative, which demolished abandoned homes in low income and black and hispanic neighborhoods but it led to health concerns, the lead, asbestos and vacant lots. currently a reported 40% of the city's black community lives below the poverty line. >> indeed. and we live in 44% of poverty and represent a quarter of the city's population. and we get -- we have such a big lack of economic resources and opportunities, there's no black chamber of commerce or none of that. >> you were shot last month. >> i -- i wasn't shot. i walked out. i walked out. >> you were hit.
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you were hit. >> yes, ma'am. >> that to me is -- you were shot. i mean, there were also all these tensions over development in downtown south bend, while other neighborhoods don't see that investment. my point is, it's -- the anger that we're seeing right now, blue, is this all about the police department or is this a collective anger over all of these issues? >> it's just collective anger. anger building up generation upon generation upon generation in the city. and we don't get to shine for that. you know, all you ever see is the university of notre dame, mr. walker, downtown south bend, pete buttigieg. if it wasn't for pete running for mayor right now, none of this would be talked about on the national news. and we don't get to shine -- not even shine -- the clarification going on in the city of south bend as much as we deserve. it's a beautiful culture here and so much talent in this city that nobody sees. and the only reason you're seeing it -- i'm a rapper myself. the only reason you're seeing it now is because the mayor is
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running for president. nobody would be talking about eric logan if he wasn't running for president right now. and that's the sad part about this. >> i was talking to pastor michael patton of the naacp a couple days ago, moderated the town hall. i talked to him, and this was his assessment of how he thinks mayor pete has handled all of this. >> i think he's handling it very well. he has taken steps to draw our community together, starting on sunday, after the incident. he's brought community leaders together, our chief of police. and as well others to the table to begin to bring some calm to the storm. and so in my opinion, he's done a phenomenal job up to this point. >> he says he's done a phenomenal job, blue. what would you say to pastor patton? >> he's not out here, he's not seeing clearly, you know what i mean, what's going on in the streets and what's going on with the people. pastor patton needs to get some
11:13 am
stories. get some stories from the people and streets what's going on. if that's what he truly believes. because, you know, the mayor is there for a reason. you've got to bring these jobs. you can make everything sound good for downtown. but south bend is more than downtown. south bend, there's the west side, north side, lake side, east side, southeast side. lower mexico, there are people starving. we are closing down schools. things not talked about within our city. the only reason it's being talked about now is because eric logan died and mayor pete is running for president. >> i hear you. at least we are talking about it. at least you said yes to me to come on my show. i sai want to read you a quote from oliver davis, the longest-serving black member of the south bend common council said this when he was asked if the mayor showed empathy during the town hall. let me read it for you. if he cries and sheds tears, people say he's weak, he said. if he doesn't shed a tear, people say he's cold.
11:14 am
if he he's angry -- this is about mayor pete. if he gets angry, people say he's out of control. if he has a flat face, people say he doesn't feel our pain. and blue, isn't that the situation that -- for the mayor that is frankly hard to win? >> politics is a dirty game. you know what i mean? sometimes you want to move on things and sometimes you can't move on things. but when you're a man of the people, and i'm a man of the people, i'm a revolutionary. when you're a man of the people, you have to stand on things through the pressure. through all -- through everything you don't want to stand on, you have to stand on that, because you are the man of the people. that's your duty of the people. >> do you trust him? last question. do you trust mayor pete buttigieg, blue? yes or no. >> i -- ooh, that's a hard question. >> yes or no? >> i want to trust the spirit. so right now, no. but i'm going to give him -- i will give him the chance to do the right thing. >> blue casey -- >> and he knows that. >> thank you. >> thank you. yes, ma'am. you have a good one. yes, ma'am. president trump puts the
11:15 am
countdown clock on those i.c.e. raids he promised after speaker nancy pelosi says he is scaring the children of america. plus, new details about the timing of fox news host janine pirro and her attacks on jeff sessions. was it all because sessions stopped trump from hiring her? and despite the facts and the science, the vice president refuses to acknowledge the threat of a climate crisis and is fact-checked live on-air. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. why fingern you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at you can do it without fingersticks. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey.rkey.
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president trump delaying a plan to deport migrant families, but the clock is ticking. the president says he's giving congress two weeks, two weeks, to work out a solution to the crisis at the border or his plan to round up thousands of undocumented migrants is back on. i.c.e. raids set to begin yesterday. the president tweeting he wants to give the democrats every last chance to make a deal. and house speaker nancy pelosi says she made an emotional plea for the president to back off the raids. >> when i spoke to the president, i said, look, i'm a mom, i have five kids, nine grandchildren. and your children are scared. you're scaring the children of america, not just in those families, but their neighbors
11:21 am
and their communities. you're scaring the children. >> this coming amid shocking reports of unhealthy and unsanitary conditions in the border detention facilities. the white house on defense, after a trump administration attorney also argued in court that it shouldn't have to give soap or tooth brushes or showers to kids detained at the border. >> this is the wealthiest nation in the world. we have money to give toothpaste and soap and blankets to these kids in this facility in el paso county. right now we do. >> of course, we do. >> so why aren't we? >> my point is, its all a part of the appropriations process. congress needs to provide additional support to deal with the crisis at our southern border, but we've got to get to the root causes. we've got to close the loopholes. >> gino ortiz jones, a democrat from texas running. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> you were there in texas. you tell me how scared your community is, and specifically
11:22 am
the families whose members are undocumented. >> this is absolutely having a chilling effect in my community. and it's unfortunate, because it's needless. i want to put this in context, brooke. i live right down the street from the university of texas in san antonio, which has one of the largest student dreamer populations in the entire country. so the uncertainty around that program has already instilled a certain level of fear in my community. i live not too far from the toyota plant, a significant economic driver here in san antonio, 3,000 jobs. and so a couple weeks ago when we were talking about potential tariffs on imports from our largest trading partner, that also created a certain level -- introduced a certain level of economic uncertainty and fear in my community. so my community is not only dealing with this recent announcement, but it's really compounded by a number of shortsighted policies that are affecting the economic strength and security in my community. i was just in del rio, texas, a
11:23 am
couple of weeks ago, three miles from the border. >> yeah. >> and they were celebrating their very first pride, brooke. and i took the time to also, though, stop by and make a shelter. this is a shelter run by volunteers, and for families that are there for a night before they come up to san antonio and then, you know, go where they -- go on their way. but it's completely volunteer-run. and i had to, you know, thank -- as i was talking to community leaders there, this is a financial burden that is bear by our city and county. there is no plan in sight. thankfully, they're being very gracious and compassionate. at the same time, though, they're, you know, not receiving revenues due to long lines at the border. when we talk about what's happening here in texas 23 in our community, it's not one or the other but the compounded effects of the shortsighted immigration and trade policies. >> i hear you on short-sighted. but this president continues to pin this crisis on the obama
11:24 am
administration. right? i know you, after serving our country in iraq, you later worked at the office of the u.s. trade representative under obama and trump 2017. this is how president trump has characterized this over this past weekend. >> but i ended separation. i inherited separation from president obama. president obama built -- they call them jail cells. >> let's talk about what's happening now. your administration, you're not doing the recreation. you're not schooling these kids any more. you've gotten rid of all of that stuff. >> we're doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. the democrats aren't even giving us money. where is the money? you know what, the democrats are holding up the humanitarian aid. i'm the one that changed the plan. i inherited separation. and i changed the plan. and i brought people together. now, when i did that, i said, watch what happens. more people are going to come up. because when you put the parents together with the children, when you don't separate, and that's exactly what happened. but i hated to have the separation policy.
11:25 am
>> what's your response to the president, gina? >> i think, you know, a doctor recently described the conditions in some of these facilities as -- likened them to torture. i think it's extremely disappointing that our president would say things are going well when you hear reports of children that are malnourished, that are sick, that are being detained in filthy conditions. and there's no plan in sight to make this better. i think we absolutely need to invest in the right things. we need to make sure we've got more immigration judges, more case workers, to handle the load. we need to be investing in alternatives to detention so that we are approaching this in a humane way. but this, you know, kind of gun to your head approach to negotiating is clearly failing and unfortunately kids are suffering. >> he's put a deadline on it, two weeks. gina ortiz jones, thank you very much for your voice. nice to see you. a new report says a fox news host started to blast then
11:26 am
attorney general jeff sessions on television after he blocked her from getting a job in the administration. we've got that for you. and the quote, unquote, unbelievable answer vice president mike pence gave on the climate crisis when he refused to call it a threat.
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11:31 am
crystal is editor at launch. and so what is this all about? >> well, you are right that she went into attack mode. let's first play what janine pirro had to say about jeff sessions, and then we'll come back and talk about it. >> i love jeff sessions. he's one of the most honorable people in d.c. he's got integrity. he recused himself in a case where, honestly, i wouldn't have recused myself. and if jeff sessions can't do his job because he's too scared of recusing himself, maybe he ought to resign himself. but that's just me. isn't it time to get a working attorney general on staff? is that the single most dangerous person to the agenda of president trump, the republican party and ultimately to all americans, is the attorney general of the united states himself, jeff sessions. >> look, i love brooke baldwin, but if she's not tough enough to do her job -- i mean, it's remarkable. you saw how it got progressively
11:32 am
worse. let's go to another piece from that "washington post" story. i'm just going to read a piece. on november 1st, 2017, pirro met privately with trump. according to people familiar with the meeting, she discussed putting a special counsel about the clinton emails, right? a move that jeff sessions resisted. two days later, trump publicly attacked sessions. hmmm. wow, what a coincidence. read the piece. it is about how pirro and trump have known one another for a very long time and how she has become not really a news person, but just an advocate who is on cable. >> yep. speaking of cable, let's talk about that sort of surreal interview with the vice president over the weekend. >> yeah, great segue by the way, brooke. that's professional on your part. i would never, never be able to do that kind of thing. here is -- this is unbelievable. if you missed it, you were at the beach, didn't -- you need to see this. this is our own jake tapper on "state of the union" on sunday with the vice president of the
11:33 am
united states, mike pence, talking about climate change. let's play that. >> do you think it's a threat, man made climate emergency is a threat? >> i think the answer to that is going to be based upon the science. >> well, the science says yes. i'm asking what you think. >> there's many in the science that -- >> the science community, in your own administration, at noaa, at the dni, they all say it's a threat. >> look, what the president -- >> you won't for some reason. >> what we have said is that we are not going to raise utility rates. remember what president obama said? >> but it's not a threat. you don't think it's a threat. >> i think we're making great progress reducing carbon emissions. america has the cleanest air and water in the world. we'll continue to use -- >> not true. we don't have the cleanest air and water in the world. we don't. according to -- i mean -- you get back to me with some statistics. >> jake is right about that. we don't have the cleanest water in the world. we're in the 20s, by the way. mike pence and donald trump have that in common. the point here, brooke, the science is not up for debate. the last five years have been
11:34 am
the five hottest years ever recorded. the science community, and jake is right -- noaa, nasa -- >> people in his administration, totally. >> the fourth climate assessment. dan coats. the pentagon released a 22-page memo saying the threat from global warming, too many of their defense operations was real and present and potentially catastrophic. there is no debate here. he just doesn't want to say it, because he knows if he says it, donald trump will see it, and he won't like it, because donald trump has long been a climate change skeptic at best. denier at worst. but the science here is clear. kudos to jake. not just because he's our colleague for standing up and making the point that the facts here are the facts. and they're not up for debate. >> sure. and appreciate the vice president for sitting for an interview. >> absolutely. answering questions. >> chris cillizza, thank you. >> thank you, brooke. speaking of the vice
11:35 am
president, should president trump trade him in for nikki haley. says yes, it might help bring in more women voters. we'll talk to him, next. biopharmaceutical researchers. pursuing life-changing cures in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth...
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to detecting and preventing threats... to scaling up your production. giving you a nice big edge over your competition. that's the power of edge-to-edge intelligence. i'm brooke baldwin and you're watching cnn. there is a bold new idea being floated, calling for president trump to ditch vice president mike pence in 2020.
11:40 am
an opinion piece in the "wall street journal" instead suggests that trump, quote, deserves a second term, but to have the best chance of re-election, he should replace vice president mike pence on the ticket with nikki haley. haylee resigned as u.n. ambassador in october with her reputation very much intact and in good graces of the president. and at that time, she made very clear what her 2020 aspirations were. >> no, i'm not running for 2020. i can promise you what i'll be doing is campaigning for this one. so i look forward to supporting the president in the next election. >> andrew stein founded the democrats for trump movement in 2016. also former president of the new york city council. he wrote this opinion piece. andrew stein, nice to meet you, nice to meet and you thanks for having me. >> you got it. so why do you say nikki haley on the ticket? >> well, because with nikki haley on the ticket with trump, it's an unbeatable ticket.
11:41 am
i think vice president pence served the president very well in '16 and as vice president i have nothing against him. i think he was vice president and a very capable man. but i think the president's re-election will hinge to a large extent on whether he can win over those independent and republican suburban women. and i think with nikki haley on the ticket, it's an unbeatable ticket. unbeatable one. >> you think -- president trump has been accused by i think the count is 16 women, variety of accusations ranging from sexual harassment to, you know, much worse than that, as we have seen recently. so i'm just wondering -- also in terms of his policies, you know, include family separations at the border, failing to protect equal pay. but despite all of that, do you think these women will come to him just because he puts a woman on this ticket?
11:42 am
>> yes. >> yes. you do. >> yes, i do. and i think, by the way, he's got a good record with women. you know, the -- the employment numbers show there are more women working now than have ever been in the last 60 years. so women are working. they have jobs. and they're doing well. >> but andrew, isn't that kind of sexist to suggest that just because there's a woman on the ticket, then that means women will vote for him? >> i don't think nikki haley is just a woman. i think she's incredibly capable. both as governor and as a representative of the u.n. she's got experience on the state level, on the national level. >> i don't doubt any of that. i'm just saying, for someone to think that just because you put a woman in a position means all the other women are going to vote for you -- could be perceived as sexist. >> well, i don't know. all i can say is that if he puts
11:43 am
nikki on the ticket, he'll win. >> have you floated this by the president himself? >> i haven't yet. although i'm sure he'll call me later. i haven't, because it's my idea. and i didn't want him to be able to say to pence -- i wanted him to be able to say to pence that he didn't know about it. so -- >> what do you think -- >> it's my idea. and i think it's a great one. and i think it will help reelect him. >> you may very well be right. when your phone rings, andrew, in an hour or two, what do you think the president will say to this idea? >> well, i can't repeat it all on-air. but to sum it up, i think, you
11:44 am
know, he'll say, why didn't you check with me, and i'll say, because i wanted you to be able to tell the vice president that we didn't plan this. >> do you think he'll think it's a good idea? >> i don't think he'll say it's a good idea. but i think he will definitely think it's a good idea. >> because he's on the record saying pence is on his ticket. >> i understand. but it's a long way between now and the convention. >> do you think he's cooling on the vice president? >> do i think what? >> do you think he's cooling on him? >> no, i think he has a lot of affection for pence. i don't think he's cooling on him. but i think nikki haley adds a dynamism, and a breadth to the ticket. and i think -- he'll be unbeatable with her as vice president. i still think he'll win. but i think with her as vice president, i think it's a sure thing. >> last question, because she was incredibly highly respected governor in the state of south carolina, of course, went on to be the u.n. ambassador, she was someone, you know, who was known
11:45 am
for speaking up and sometimes not always agreeing with the president on everything. and i think she got kudos, you know, and respect from a lot of folks for doing that. i'm just wondering if she accepts in this hypothetical world of this ticket, what's in it for her? what if she has bigger political aspirations? what's in it for nikki haley? >> i'm sure she does have bigger political aspirations. no one, brooke, turns down the vice presidency. lyndon johnson was the most powerful man, being the majority leader of the u.s. senate. everyone said he wouldn't take it. but he did in the end with john kennedy in 1960. nobody turns it down. >> okay. andrew stein. >> thank you. >> let us know how that phone call goes. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> another woman has come forward with accusations against the president. hear what e. jean carroll says about how donald trump raped her in a department store dressing room. we'll have the president's response to that. and we learn a tenth
11:46 am
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more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. there has been yet another reported death of an american tourist in the dominican republic. new york retiree victorio caruso became the tenth american to die either while vacationing on the island or after his or her stay. police say he died from respiratory failure at a santo domingo hospital. his death confirmed by u.s. state department officials. police say caruso will be getting medical attention since june 11th and had been in the
11:51 am
country since early may. his family told cnn affiliate news 12 long island that caruso died last monday. an autopsy is pending. the news of his death comes as the hard rock hotel and casino said it will remove liquor dispensers from guest room mini bars at its resort in punta cana. two other people died at that resort, but hard rock says it made its decision despite those tragedies. and more tourists are telling cnn how they got sick while staying in the dominican republic. drew griffin, senior investigative correspondent, reports. >> reporter: their story sounds similar to others. a dream trip to the dominican republic that ends in serious illness. the trouble for tina and jon hammel started when they were woken from a nap by a powerful chemical smell in their hotel room. >> it was so strong, that i was burning. and coughing and it was -- it was very upsetting. but just panic sets in, because
11:52 am
you don't know where this smell is coming from. >> reporter: tina lost her voice, felt nauseous. the couple moved rooms, but tina's health kept getting worse. >> i just remember saying, something is not right. something is not right. and he said, do i call the doctor? and i said, i think so. and after that, it just quickly, quickly progressed among -- >> yeah. >> i'm on the bed, and i remember -- >> it's okay. >> i remember my muscles -- my hands all turned in, and my legs came up. i just was spasming, and i lost consciousness. >> reporter: she spent four nights in a hospital in the dominican republic, where doctors found lesions on her lungs, according to hospital records. >> my wife still was having a hard time basically breathing and staying alive.
11:53 am
>> my muscles. my muscles. >> she just kept having these convulsions, and they just kept sticking needles into her. you don't want to lose anybody, especially your wife or your children. and there was nothing i could do. >> you got me there. you got me there. >> reporter: it's been three years now, but tina says she still has lingering effects. she doesn't know what made her sick. all her doctors in canada can tell her is something she encountered in the dominican republic could have poisoned her. >> i never had a breathing problem before. i never had asthma. i never smoked. i never -- you know, we were healthy. >> the first doctor was adamant she had been poisoned. he said to us in the room, your wife has been poisoned. >> reporter: the grand bahia punta cana hotel is run by the same company that operates the grand bahia la romana where the recent mysterious deaths of
11:54 am
three american tourists are under investigation. and cnn has spoken to dozens of tourists like the hammells who have gotten ebbs dreamily sick while on vacation in the dominican republic. many who spoke to cnn believe their symptoms go beyond typical travel-related illnesses. but it's unclear what caused them. several reports smelling a strong chemical odor in their rooms before getting sick. many say they suffered stomach cramps, diarrhea and malaise that lasted after they returned home. cnn previously reported the case of caelynn and her boyfriend tom who both fell ill after smelling chemicals in their room at bahia la romana in 2017. according to medical records, their doctors in colorado think they were exposed to organophosphates, toxic chemicals found in pesticides that poisoned them. >> the abdominal cramping and the g.i. upset lasted for a few
11:55 am
weeks. >> and you said drooling. >> yeah. bad sweat, tearing. dizzy, nauseous, and abdominal cramping, that was the hardest to deal with. so much pain. >> reporter: the resort says it can't comment on specific allegations, but did send a statement to cnn saying the safety and comfort of our guests and staff stand at the core of our company values. and that we regularly audit all hotels in respect to health and safety and consistently receive high certification scores for hygiene. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. >> drew, thank you. right now the world is watching and waiting. president trump has just announced new sanctions against iran, and these are personal. plus, 11 people die after a skydiving plane goes down in a fiery crash. what we're learning about the plane's history, coming up. do you push through migraine?
11:56 am
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12:00 pm
top of the hour, you're watching cnn, brooke baldwin. days after the trump administration almost dropped bombs on iran, the president is instead imposing what he calls hard-hitting sanctions against the islamic republic. president says it's in response to iran's increased provocations in that part of the world, including the downing of a costly u.s. military drone. these new sanctions against iran target the country's supreme leader and other top-ranking military officials. >> the assets of ayatollah komani and his office won't be spared from the sanctions. these measures represent a strong and proportionate response to iran's