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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 2, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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had been in a months long back and forth with the trump administration, a weighs and means chairman asked whether returns were sent in april 3rd. and then steve mnuchin formally rejected the request, the house then issued subpoenas to get those returns, which secretary mnuchin also rejected. that's where we are today, in the democrats 49 page lawsuit. lauren fox has been tracking every development of this tax fight. tell me about this lawsuit? >> this was once in the making, as you just chronicled, this is what richard neil has been anticipating for months, he told me back in november, eventually he expected this fight was going to go to court. bottom line here, they want the president's tax information. six years of personal and business tax returns as well as other important tax information.
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a few reasons the democrats say they need this, in the lawsuit. one of them, they need to understand more about the presidential audit program, back on june 10th, some members of the committee staff went over to the treasury department to learn more about that program. they left and said they still had a lot of questions about exactly how 2 worked. number two, they need to understand whether the president actually personally benefited from the republican tax plan. and then argue they need to know generally about how audits are conducted. the president himself has long argued. the irs is always auditing me, they argue in this lawsuit, they need the president's tax returns to understand why he's audited and miake sure the president is paying taxes fairly. >> this has been a long time coming, but obviously the escalation in the fight for the president's tax returns, brook?
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>> let's talk through all of this, lauren fox with the setup. thank you. joe moreno is a federal prosecutor. joe, when you read into this, we know that the democrats on chairman neil's committee, have argued they need the access, they want these tax returns in order to understand how the irs administers the presidential audit program, right? >> that's their side. you have treasury arguing it's not a legitimate legislative purpose. who has the upper hand? >> congress has the upper hand. and, you know, they laid out a few good reasons, the fact remains, they don't need any reason, congress is very clear that congress has a right to any americans tax returns by asking for them. in fact, i think they undercut that position by putting out these reasons. i mean they have to do it for legal purposes, because they're in court, the reality is, the law is really straightforward,
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if the appropriate congressional committee asks for tax returns, the secretary shall provide them full stop. >> that's not happening. >> the advantage is to congress. >> okay. rachel, we know chairman neil is under pressure. did he have any other options? >> no, look, the white house has been blocking dozens of congressional investigations into the president. the only remedy that democrats have right now is going to the courts, and so that's what you're seeing them do here. the question really is, i think, how long is this going to take? there was a private presentation less than a month ago, a few weeks ago, in which the house counsel told house democrats this could take months, this could drag into 2020, the big question on everybody's mind is, how long is it going to take a judge to rule. the white house will appeal it, to an appeals court, it could go all the way to the supreme court. do these tax returns come out in 2020 just before the election, and if so, are they going to be
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embarrassing the president, that's a big thing we're going to be watching? >> do we have any idea how long this may take in. >> it will not be in 2019, it will be in 2020. questions before or after the election. the other question is too, just because congress gets these returns, does not mean they should become public. there's a process here, the first step is for congress to secure them, and they clearly had the legal right to do that, making them public that's another story that congress has to work through. >> i know that there are two other court cases, looking at other court rulings, other court cases, trump has had to stop house oversight from getting his financial records from banks, et cetera, and trial judges we know have cited with congress on this. when it comes -- how will those other rulings have an impact on this? >> those were an insurance policy for democrats on the hill. after michael cohen came up to capitol hill and said that trump
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underestimated his wealth for tax purposes and overestimated it for the case of getting loans from banks. lawmakers said, we need to get these statements of financial conditions that trump has been using for years with his company. they subpoenaed this information from his private banks, from his private lenders, that's where the trump folks stepped in and said, no, do not listen to those subpoenas, we're going to sue you. judges so far seem to be agreeing with the democrats in the house we're going to see these decisions come out as soon as july. the white house has been blocking a lot of these investigations, and prevented them from moving forward. those are going to speed up in july. we can see this information finally be made public. and we're going to see robert mueller come to capitol hill. democrats who have been frustrated for months, are going to see some action that they've been waiting for for a long lime in terms of their
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investigations. >> joe, what do you think? >> i think as many things, it's a question about legal philosophy versus political expediency. con servetives who support the president like to say, we like to review statues and interpret them based on the plane english. this statute is really plain. congress shall get these tax returns. it will be interesting to see if people defending the president chuck aside that philosophy, and say, well, in order to get to the result i want, i think court should look at this, that and the other. the law is plain. they'll get them, the only question is when. >> trump has been stacking the bench with conservative judges, we'll have to see if his measure to do that will help him in the long run, right? >> that's why that story is so important in the big picture. right? >> thank you both so much. the other huge story today, new polls and fund-raising numbers shaking up the presidential race. how president trump just gave
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democrats 54 million reasons to step up their game. plus, tanks in the streets, flyovers, a big speech from the president on the national mall. we have new details for president trump's plan on this fourth of july, is it patriotism or politics? >> a hospital patient claims he was arrested after an officer accused him of stealing the iv drip that was attached to his arm, the man was arrested, you will hear from him and his boyfriend coming up live. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. comfort. [tv sfx]: where have you been all my life? but then anne laid on a serta perfect sleeper. and realized her life was only just sorta comfortable. not just sorta comfortable. serta comfortable.
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we're back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin, you don't need wall street or fossil fuel money to harness a movement. that was a message from the bernien sadders campaign which became the latest democratic campaign to release fund-raising numbers for the second total. their brand total $18 million. that number is well short of pete buttigieg's jaw dropping 45 million. the reason for the difference was clear. >> bernie sanders does not go into closed door, high money
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fund-raisers. he believes you need a agrassroots campaign to change the policy. >> as for the current occupant of the white house, president trump is touting a massive call for their second quarter. all of this is coming in, as new polls show the race tightening among the nearly 2 dozen democrats hoping to replace him. in the first in the nation, kamala harris now in second place behind joe biden and just above elizabeth warren among potential voters. that is according to suffolk university and u.s.a. today. moments ago, this new poll dropped showing 3w50 ining bide 20% respectively. harris and warren with significant gains, while biden dropped by 10 points. the road to the white house took
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the pete buttigieg. a new cnn poll shows buttigieg with zero support among black voters. buttigieg addressed those numbers just before taking the stage. >> when you're new on the scene and you're not from a community of color, you have to work much harder to earn that trust, trust is largely a function of quantity time. i'm committed to doing that work. the most important question is, will our policy benefit black americans and all americans, if that happens and i can show that, i think politics will start to take care of themselves. >> phil mattingly is with me, the mayor told the audience that tackling racial inequalities is his words. not only a matter of justice,
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but a matter of national survival. tell me more about his speech? >> i think what was most interesting about the speech, it it was wide ranging. it comes with the context of knowing where he stands in the polls. knowing what's happening back home in south bend where there was an officer involved shooting of an african-american man. he's been dealing with that. what this speech was, was pete buttigieg trying to lay out his policy solutions, and that more than anything else is what he seems to think will connect. it hasn't connected yet, when you look at this plan, he calls it the douglas plan after abolitionist frederick douglass, it's multipronged. talking about criminal justice reforms, access to entrepreneurs, a wide ranging effort to address several parts of society that he believes are systemically broken over the course of the last couple hundred years really. i think one of the big questions
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now is, will that track somewhere? will you see it take hold. one of the interesting parts of the speech is that you could see some of the frustration specifically about poll numbers? >> i am asked how i'm going to earn the black vote in the poll. i'm asked how my policies would benefit black americans. it's as if i'm asking more about how to win than how to deserve to win. >> pete buttigieg believes his policies willing fleshed out and talked about in the african-american community. he will start to resonate and connect. at this point, i will note it's not just the policy side of things, he's taken the tactic of the showing up side of things. you see him at the rainbow push
11:17 am
conference. media markets, pretty much targeted toward african-american communities. they're trying. no matter how much money you have, you don't win a democratic primary without african-american support. they don't have that yet, we'll see if that develops over time. six months ago, nobody knew who he was. there's a lot of work to do, he says that repeatedly, the question is, can he connect? >> i suppose if you're looking at zero percent support among black voters, the only way you can go is up. amy alison is the founder of she the people, a political advocacy group focused on women of color. amy, a pleasure, thank you so much for being with me. >> thanks for having me. >> we'll get you back to mayor pete in a moment. i want to call everyone's attention, i know we've been talking about a lot of numbers. with this new poll, senator kamala harris is now a 20% support. you see just two percentage points shy of the front-runner joe biden, i just have to ask,
11:18 am
to what do you attribute this to? on one hand the electability argument that we had been told about up until the debate was really about name i.d., and i was hearing on the ground that biden's support was soft, it's clear that he's slipping, and that the majority of people of color who are the base of the party, particularly women of color had note yet made up their minds. i think kamala harris' strong showing at the debate. particularly putting racial justice frorn the and center, and calling biden to task had the base taking a second look at her, and now we see the results. it's really impressive. >> i read that you said her performance last week was a game changer for her. you see the results in this poll. to take it a step further. you say that the conversation isn't necessarily around bussing, but it is -- the conversation should be changing
11:19 am
to racial injustice. what conversation should we be having on a national scale about all of this? >> well, right, i don't think people want to relitigate a 70s bussing policy, who's going to be the standard bearer for the democratic party, has got to put racial justice front and center, that has to be a driving conversation, both because the democrats in terms of recognizing how important the black vote, in particular black women must speak to racial justice, it's not just about going back to before trump was elected, but it is about decades of policies that black and brown people have suffered under. it's also recognizing that a successful candidacy will speak to half of the party which are people of color, and then build -- have both the policies and the organizing chops to build a multiracial coalition that will win at the polls.
11:20 am
there is no path to victory for buttigieg or kamala harris without securing the black vote. in building the multiracial coalition to win in states that trump won last time in order to succeed in 2020. >> what about joe biden now. >> well, because joe biden is slipping, he's been on the defense, i think he's got to answer with a set of detailed policies and prescriptions about his commitment to racial justice, we saw after the debate, it's a clean slate that the candidates aren't able to rely on the obama coalition of 2016 or donors for that matter in 2016. and that he's got to really have a campaign. he has an opportunity to restart his campaign, but he's got to do it with an understanding of who he needs to win. he was organizing his campaign as if he needed to win over
11:21 am
conservative and modern white voters, he has to communicate directly to black voters first and foremost for him, otherwise the polls are going to continue on its descend. this is a moment of truth for his campaign. >> i want to ask you about mayor buttigieg back to him. if he can show that his policies will benefit african-americans, then the politics, the votes will take care of themselves, you know, his policies in south bend have come under heavy criticism from neighborhood investments to the police department. he says he wants to work to earn trust. how does he do it? >> well, it is about show not tell, the challenge for him is that he did show his commitment to racial justice, but if he can't form an anti-racist police department in a small town in indiana, what trust can we have in a candidate for nationally an issue that policing and other issues that impact the black
11:22 am
community. so yes, he might -- he may have a set of policies on paper, i haven't looked at them carefully yet, i know that he's developing them and they're a little late, he's running catchup, and the fact that he's trying to run a campaign where he's trying to win over black voters in a crowded field this late doesn't really bode well for him building the momentum, i know he's going to try, he's realizing he needs to speak authentically and credibly to black voters. the question is whether he can do it with other candidates that are doing that much more forcefully. elizabeth warren and kamala harris as well as bernie sanders have years of a head start for him. >> amy alison, founder of she the people, thank you very much. good to have you on. >> thank you. president trump unveils his plans for this fourth of july. there will be tanks, and a big speech and there's already controversy.
11:23 am
as customs and border protection, launches an investigation after reports of cruel and offensive posts from its border patrol agents, in a facebook group, several lawmakers say they are outraged by conditions at migrant detention facilities in texas, one of those lawmakers will join me live. thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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11:28 am
prowess, there will be tanks, concerts and jet flyovers, not one but two fireworks shows, it will all be capped off by a speech from the lincoln memorial, that president trump himself, not everyone is on board with this, we said it before we'll say it again, tanks, but no tanks. kaitlan collins is getting details and preparations. there's a lot happening in a short window of time, 48 hours away from the holiday, why is he doing this and how are they going to pull this off? >> why he's doing this, this is something the president has wanted for some time, brooke, ever since he went to that bastille day in paris, it was one of the greatest military parades he had ever seen, and the president wants one of his own, essentially. he's been pushing for one, there's been some push back from people in the white house and the pentagon over the cost. the presidenten watts his parade, it's turning out that
11:29 am
thursday is going to be a spectacle. there are going to be tanks, they will be parading down pennsylvania avenue. they will be stationed here on the streets, there are going to be these military flyovers from the navy's blue angels. and the president himself is going to give a speech. this is an event that's going to be open to the public. up close, next where the president is, there is going to be a vip section we're told where some of the president's political allies will be seated. of course, the president is already facing push back on this, from local officials like you just noted saying tanks, but no tanks. there are pentagon officials who are reluctant to have a military parade like this, they don't want the armed forces to be used to advance the president's agenda. there's a concern that the u.s. doesn't need to hold a military parade like this. they are already the most powerful.
11:30 am
the white house is defending the president, saying it's open to the public and they want everyone to come. it's turning out it's going to be quite a thing on thursday. >> we'll stay tuned, talk about it up until then. coming up here, an african-american hospital patient speaking out after he was arrested outside his hospital, while hooked up to an iv. now, the police department is launching an investigation. that man was arrested and his boyfriend. joining me live to tell their side of the story next. i switched to miralax for my constipation.
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police in an illinois town are under fire after resting this -- arresting this hospital patient who decided to go for a walk while being hooked up to an iv. he came down with double pneumonia last month while on vacation, and checked into a hospital in freeport illinois. on the next day at the hospital, he was feeling better, asked doctors if he could go out and about for a walk, as he walked through the parking lot wearing his hospital gown and hooked up to this drip, the security guard confronted him, accusing him of trying to steal hospital equipment. the security guard called for police, police arrived and the three were arrested.
11:36 am
shaquille dukes is with me now. gentlemen, thanks for being on with me. >> thanks for having us. >> shaquille, first to you, healthwise, are you feeling better? >> yes. >> okay. okay. all right, i know i just ran through some of the highlights or lowlights, but take me back, you're in the hospital, hooked up to this drip, you go outside for a walk. tell me what happens. >> we were getting ready to go into a facility. the security guard will see them driving up the street. at that point he yells, what are you guys doing? i stand there, and hold my arm up, what am i doing. he's well -- it looks like you
11:37 am
guys are still in this, i don't care if you're walking back or not. jennifer is my nurse. >> i'm sorry, i'm just -- why would he think you're stealing hospital equipment when you were there in a hospital gown hooked up to an iv? did he explain why -- what you're thinking p. >> that has been the billion dollar question, wrook, i have no idea, i mean, i could see if we were blocks away. i could see if i was in regular clothes and carrying the pole in my arms, but neither of those are the case, i was in a hospital gown with no clothes and with medicine pumping into my veins, i'm not sure how it could have seen if we were attempted to steal it or pose a threat. >> mark, you were this other set of eyes, what happened. >> i was shot, especially am
11:38 am
coulding in like what are you guys trying to do, sell it on ebay? >> i'm like, he's in a hospital gone with an iv, fluids are running through his veins, how crazy could it be, how crazy could you think. i want to know, what was he thinking, i don't know. it's really crazy to me. >> let me make sure i get this in, the hospital declined to comment. freeport police investigating, they say to interview all parties involved and determine whether officers conducted themselves in adherence to department policies and guidelines, so i'm clear, cuffs were slapped on you with the iv drip and then you had an asthma attack, is that correct? >> yes, i had an asthma attack and seizure according to paramedics in transit. when they first arrested me, they took my inhaler, when i got
11:39 am
into the back of the squad i told him i was there for pneumonia and asthma. he asked the sergeant who said no transport me to jail. i blacked out, when i came to, i was having an asthma attack. at that point officers came out, another patrolman came out, i said, i need my inhaler, i can't breathe. she said, where is it? at that point that's when he stepped forward and presented the inhaler, at that point the paramedics were arriving, and that's when they removed me out of the car and transported me back to jail. >> so again, they're investigating, why do you think this is about the color of your skin? >> just, you know, there's no other clear indication what this could be about. i mean, like seriously, what else could this be. he posed no threat whatsoever. had he simply even attempted to
11:40 am
verify or double check our story, we wouldn't be here. >> because of how we looked, the situation spiraled into something other than what it needed to be. it was initiated by the security and later perpetuated by the police. >> really, last question. this wasn't yesterday, right? this was a couple weeks ago, it's my understanding you waited. when was it? >> yes. >> this happened june 9th. >> a couple weeks ago, you posted the video because why? and are you all taking legal action? >> we waited because initially after the incident happened, i immediately went and started having dialogue with the city of freeport, with the police department. initially i had given them a time line of, seven days, i expect some sort of answer and then i'm going to go public and ask the world what they think about the incident. throughout that entire process, they've been doing nothing but
11:41 am
blowing smoke with the city manager, the chief of police, with the community resources. >> what did they say? >> we're looking into it. when i met with the hospital, they told me, shaquille, pretty much we wanted to give you this opportunity for this dialogue, we really want to figure out where you propose, what would look like victory to you in the situation. >> i told him, i said, if you're insinuating there's some monetary something that can make this go away, you're ignorant. i feel like i'm being handled. i ended the meeting and left. >> have you hired a lawyer? >> that really wasn't what we were seeking, wen watted to see reform, policy stood up around the situation, and that has not happened. it's clear that it won't happen without some sort of outside oversite. >> all right.
11:42 am
let's stay in touch. let's see where this goes. gentlemen, thank you so much. again, the hospital declining comment. wow! after weeks of extraordinary testimony and even including a bombshell admission, the jury is deliberating in the trial of the former navy s.e.a.l. and a pitcher from the angels found dead. shocking baseball fans across the country. we have the latest on the search. what happened to him next. just. i've been living a lie. (laughs) the serta icomfort hybrid mattress. not just sorta comfortable, serta comfortable.
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we are waiting for a verdict that could come down at any moment now. his fate is in the jury's hands. all men on this day two of deliberations. gallagher's defense portraying him as old school charging warrior targeted by younger millennial colleagues. the prosecution painting a much different picture. he ruthlessly stabbed a wounded isis prisoner to death and then after the fact posed for photos in front of this corporation. nick watt is live at naval base san diego where the deliberations are ongoing. nick? it's a waiting game. >> it certainly is. >> they came back this morning, the judge said they could stay late until 10:00 p.m. last night, no, we'd like to recess. they came back this morning, after an hour they asked to hear
11:48 am
a recording of the first witness that was called by the prosecution. that guy was a seal officer, he testified you walked into the compound, saw eddie gallagher treating this detained wounded isis fighter. he went away, came back, and saw the isis fighter is dead. he saw eddie gallagher with a knife in his hand. he did not say he saw eddie gallagher stab the detainee. after the jury heard that piece of evidence they said, we heard enough. we're told that military juries generally reach a verdict quicker than it might be. it doesn't have to be unanimous. it has to be 5-2 to convict. this jury is taking their duty seriously. everyone wants this to be done by the july 4th holiday, the jury is taking their duty
11:49 am
responsibly if gallagher is committed of that charge, that means life behind bars. >> nick watt standing by right along with you, we'll talk as soon as you get news. thank you, sir. in the meantime, the u.s. women's soccer team gearing up for an epic match against england with the winner heading into the world cup final. a surprise change to the lineup next. from the first silent film to the current blockbusters of today, the american cinema is to be beautiful, occasionally controversial, and this sunday night, our brand new cnn original series, the movies will delve into the stories behind the movies we all love. >> there is something about being told a story. a movie is something that's been hand craft ed testimony creates
11:50 am
this opportunity. >> stays on. those images replay, and we live our lives by it. >> brings all the elements and senses together. there's nothing else like it. >> even though you're doing something incredibly personal. and in many ways incredibly selfish. it gets out there in the world, it can change people's trajectory trajectories. >> you can guarantee -- it's like a drug. >> a direct conduit straight into your soul. >> i grew up wanting to be in the movies, it was all about the movies. >> since the dawn of man we like to get around the fireplace and commune in story together. so we can feel for a few hours,
11:51 am
that we're human together. >> be sure to tune in, the movies premieres this sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific. only here on cnn. skbroo today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial?
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. an epic showdown going down today. the u.s. women's national soccer team all smiles as they were about to battle it out in the world cup final. the u.s. world cup dominant so far. edging spain, knocking out france. we're learning that megan rapino
11:56 am
will be starting the game on the bench. this is happening despite her unforgettable play in the world cup so far. sue bird writing this, i'm so proud of megan and the entire u.s. women's world national team. take away all the extra stuff and focus on soccer alone. it's about a world class athlete operating at the absolute biggest stage there is, it's about an athlete killing it. cnn's sports analyst christine brennen is with me now. and just, this is about to go down, usa versus england. it's safe to say, twitter is freaking out that mechan rapino is not starting. why? >>. >> the best we can tell, she's
11:57 am
played a lot. she's 33 years old, she's about to turn 34. >> so old. >> ancient. >> yes. >> and -- but it's a strategic -- hardly played the last few games, so clearly pressure, stronger, quicker hopefully for the u.s. against a very very difficult english defense. and so it's strategic, there's nothing wrong. no discipline, no nothing like that, if anything i think they'd play megan just because she's so outspoken. this sounds like a smart move, it's all strategic to rest megan. >> also you and i have talked a lot about the lawsuit followed by this u.s. women's team fighting for equal pay. mark parker says the earnings call quoting that the u.s. women's home jersey is the number one soccer jersey, men or
11:58 am
women ever sold on in one season. how huge is this for these ladies? >> they couldn't have planned it better, they were trying to figure out a strategy to lead into their negotiations post world cup, it couldn't have gone better, from all the publicity, all the controversy, the great crowds, great tv ratings and now this news, it is spectacular, it will be impossible for the u.s. soccer federation to deny the women equal pay now, just because of the nation and everyone kind of ramping up on their side. then these facts, these are very important facts and that's a big one for sure. >> turning to wimbeldon, coco goff beating venus williams, one of her idols, not before putting her schoolwork first, watch this. >> i guess some of my teachers saw the interview, so now before that match, only one teacher knew i played tennis. i don't think they knew i was
11:59 am
pro, now all of them except one know. and they're all cheering me on. i ended up getting a b on the exam, which was pretty good considering i took it at 11:00 at night and i had to wake up the next day for a match. >> earth to coco's teachers, she doesn't just play tennis, she dominates in tennis. tell me a little bit more about what you know about her, and where she came from? >> how great is that? in sports we love the new new thing, the surprise, that moment that you just say, wow! that's cool. and coco is that. that was tough for her to knock venus out, venus was so great, gracious as well. both of coco's parents are athletes, we're going to see much more of that moving forward with young male and female athletes, where you have the mom and dad being athletes. that's cool. and they really seem to have their heads on straight in terms
12:00 pm
of how to raise this young woman, we'll see where it goes from here. >> we'll be watching closely. exciting to meet venus, bittersweet as she is an idol of hers, christine, thank you very much. >> thank you. brand new polls on the 2020 campaign show that joe biden's tight grip on the top spot may be loosening. check this out, kamala harris surging in second place. just two points, two behind the former vice president days after their clash on the debate stage. just to put it in perspective, harris was at 7% in this same poll just a few weeks ago. >> this is biden's lowest number