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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 4, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> i'm going to get some carville fudgy the whale. >> and a new report sends the justice department scrambling. what does this mean? "new day" continues. >> they spend billions on the census and you are not allowed to ask whether somebody is a citizen? >> they are prepared to blanket the aisles and preparing. >> built their career on seg operation of the races. >> i respect senator harris. i never, ever opposed voluntary bussing.
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>> this is "new day." >> happy fourth of july. great to have you here. welcome can to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is a special holiday edition of "new day." president trump has tweeted and it has triggered a chain of events. government lawyers are trying to find a legally available path. remember, the trump administration dropped their effort publicly and began the process of printing the questionnaire so what has changed? >> a federal appeals board to drop the proposal to take from the many ill tarry budget to build the border wall. cnn has learned military chiefs
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are concerned. we'll go to joe johns live at the white house. >> reporter: happy fourth to you. a busy fourth for lawyers right now. the upshot is the president refusing to take no for an answer and putting the citizenship question on the 2020 census. creating a real scramble. they have said, look, we are going to drop this issue and move on. it created a sense of emergency also on a emergency conference call. the attorney saying he had been blindsided. the tweet was the first i had heard on the issue.
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i have not a deeper understanding other than what the president has tweeted. the president now has until 2:00 tomorrow eastern time to try to get on the same page of that question. what you alluded to. this one out on the west coast. the panel there refusing to lift the con junction of the dod money. they said the administration does not likely have the prevailing on that case. >> president trump is touting the show of a lifetime for the fourth of july. the president is defending the high cost and some military leaders are expressing concerns. in washington with a preview.
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what are we expecting? >> this is where president trump will deliver his speech later tonight. it is much different than how previous presidents have celebrated doing it from the white house. they wanted to put the u.s. military specifically on display. we have watched as u.s. troops have shined up using spray paint to make sure they are in good shape for the show later today. >> we are going to have a great fourth of july in washington, d.c. it will be like no other. >> reporter: a celebration clouded in controversy. in just hours, president trump's salute is set to begin in what he is littlibilling the show of lifetime. something he claims the pentagon and our great military leaders
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are thrilled to be doing. but a course telling us military chiefs do not share his enthusiasm and worry it will get political. the president also breaking tradition by giving a speech and saving vip tickets for his allies. >> he's making it not only political but all about himself. >> reporter: president trump down playing the cost saying it will be very little compared to what it is worth. but that claim is misleading. many aircraft will be plying in from around the country. fighter jets from california. a b-52 stealth bomber and the blue angels from florida. the president is also overlooking the additional cost of security, personnel and infrastructure required to put on an event of this size.
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lawmakers are requesting a detailed accounting of how those funds are being used after the "washington post" reported the national park is diverting nearly $2.5 million to pay for this. >> to diverse them for what is essentially a self-grandization event trump is having for himself, we believe is illegal. >> reporter: the white house maintains tonight's event is open to all. >> the public is welcome to come celebrate. i'm not going to allow you to politic i size it. >> there were about 15,000 tickets given out. 500 went to vips, president trump's friends, allies and donors. despite some reservation from military lead shalls, president
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trump will be flanked by the acting secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chief staff when he delivers his speech later today. >> thank you for the preview. of course, we will be covering that. meanwhile, joining us to talk about everything happening today the white house correspondent for bloomberg news, cnn military analyst and journalist for the washington beast. margaret, let me start with you. about this citizenship question. the supreme court shot it down. they thought the reason was contrived in the words of the chief justice. after that, we heard the administration said, okay, that's it. they have to start printing. it is time, so they are going to leave the citizenship question
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off of it. then there was a scramble where we heard, no, it is back on. they are looking for some other legal path, it left the government attorneys quite confused. the tweet was the first i had heard of the president's position. i do not have a deeper understanding of what that means other than what the president has tweeted. i am doing my absolute best to figure out what is going on here. >> he summed up the whole government's response to the tweet yesterday, this one caught folks off guard, not just at the justice department. look, this is the president who you can argue he's not going to take no for an answer. you can argue he just didn't like the optics.
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had anything changed? is there an argument that changed from a few minutes before? no, there has not. i think one question we'll be looking at is whether the president thinks there is a vehicle and intends to take this forward in time for anything about 2020 or making this a rhetorical case. the printing of the census questions can continue. it has already started in the process but that he can continue to fight this so that the option could be kept open for 2030 long after he's gone. is this hard to see how this changes for the 2020 census? >> the confusion right now is that the administration went
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forward and said, we are done with this. then the president tweeted and called the administration in court fake news. where is the disconnect? was the president unaware that the administration is going to take this step or just change his mind? . as we've seen, it is not true. how much of this is about the fact than the actual result. there has been speculation whether it is about touting the policy or implementing the policy. it feels like everything here is cloaked in politics or aimed towards the general election than actually changing the law.
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>> let's talk about what is happening tonight in front of the lincoln memorial. president trump for years has had this dream of a big military parade. it was kind of cemented for him when he went to bastille day in france. he's getting some version of that. there will be tanks, a military fly over. it is hard to know how the military feels about it. some are probably excited. some are probably confused. here is what general zenny said. he said put troops out there so we can thank them. leave tanks for red square. your thoughts, general. >> well, i have absolute total respects for the general.
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but there is a saying that everyone loves a parade unless you are in it. the only thing that can be given to a soldier or any member of the military is time. you can't stroke them a check. you could give them time back to do what you want but we are not going to have you gather on the mall. having said that, if that was the advice that went to the commander and chief saying, look, there are better ways we can spend our time. but why not give the troops back their time and if he says, no,
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let's do it. okay, roger. >> are you concerned about the optics of a military parade or do you thinks it overblown? >> i thinks it overblown. this nation was created. we had to defend it. we are defending it. it is okay to embrace the military. the optics can be what they are. i think it is an okay thing-to-do. wouldn't be my vote but i got it. >> there had to be a debate in the news rooms about how to cover it. some cable networks have decided not to cover it at all, some
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have decided to go all in. the cnn has decided to cover the event and viewers can decide what bucket they want to put it into. is it a political rally or national event? what should we expect to see tonight? >> the big unknown is will this be what the white house promoted it as, which is a patriotic event, a speech at the lincoln steps and going on with the rest of the night and the president talking about no one has built up the military the way he has. the talking points but if the president can stick to the message of god bless america and god bless the military.
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then this is fine and the country will move on. if it becomes a divisive event, it will be a bit of a gainl game changer. he thinks this is a no lose situation. >> that is a question of which trump shows up, teleprompter trump or twitter trump. new this morning, declaring his independence saying he's leaving the republican party. someone who has come under fire. now making it official. what say you? >> he wrote modern politics is trapped in a death spiral. you really didn't leave anything unsaid. he has been willing to go his
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own way. when he first came up for impeachment, he's been known to buck his party. the fact that he's doing this. he is being challenged for his state. he is a child of immigrants. he really does seem frightened about where the country is going. >> independent insurance is somethi -- independence is something we celebrate except when it comes to the subject of bipartisan. >> the battle between harris and biden, we'll discuss it next. bring in your discount, and we'll match it.
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>> it is back to the future on the campaign trail with senator
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harris talking about bussing in iowa. she sounds a little different than in the debate. >> i think of bussing as in the tool box of what is available and can be used for the goal of des desegregating america's schools. i believe any tool in the tool box must be considered. >> joining us now, political reporter and chief politic reporter for the des moines register. >> i'm wondering what you'iowia are making of the talk about bussing. >> so i think they are seeing senator harris as a really
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strong competitor right now. this kind of after math playing right now is still playing out. i think voters will see what they think about whether she's waffling or walking this back we are still waiting to see how this plays out. kamala harris has this break out moment. she charged and confront the the former vice president and it turns out she has the same position. thinks it should be up to the local jurisdiction which is what happened in berkley and how she was bussed. she brought up her personal
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story. >> that's what the biden campaign is taking issue with her answer yesterday. saying she distorted the vice president's view and now she has painted herself in a box when trying to respond. she was able to take him on and kind of put him on shaky footing in that debate exchange. are voters really going to care. that is something that currently remains to be scene. they are going to be about 150
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miles apart. we'll see if there is any exchange between the two of them over this very issue that their campaigns seem to be taking aim over. >> what folks in iowa are talking about. bussing doesn't seem to be at the top of the list. that poll does delineate the issue and they say it is health care at the top. climate change, health care, immigration, income inequality. trade policy is at the bottom. trade is such a low issue. does that track with what you've been hearing from folks on the ground. >> there are a lot of democrats now talking about these issues. they are talking about health care and access for their families and expanding access to medicare. they are talking about climate
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change. this does track with what we are hearing. i would point out that 60% of iowa democrats say defeating donald trump is their first priority. this is really topping every issue we are seeing right now. back to kamala harris and why she is doing so well in the polls. she had that moment where she could be perceived as someone who could take on the president. >> with a snap shot now, biden is at 24%. there is so much talk about women and if the female candidate is seen as electable. maybe the media is really driving that conversation. when you ask caucus voters and regular voters, they are very happy to tell us a woman is
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their top choice. you tell us and the voters you talk to. do they think gender effects electability? >> no. i think voters are very open. i apologize. i think voters are very open to having a female president. you see that. a lot of the voters i have talked to over the past week, they are putting electability as their number one concern when it comes to who their nominee. several of them. warren, harris and buttigieg among them. health care is another issue that is at the top of their minds. we'll see whether that
4:27 am
electability and candidates both men and women on this race. >> the problem is that that is a nebulous term. like that is a code. what are you hearing? >> i mean, you do hear occasionally from people who say, you know, i don't think a woman could be elected or i don't think a guy man right now could be elected. but i think that is the priority projecting. they are trying to get a sense of who can be electable. a lot of people say i support a woman, i support a person of color but i'm worried the rest of the country would not. >> thank you both very much coming from the state of iowa in
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the weeks and months. tomorrow, chris cuomo interviews former vice president joe biden airing here at 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> that will be interesting. i think he's only done three interviews since declaring he's running. a judge in new jersey accused of rape deserves leniency because he comes from a good family. more on this next. pampers is the first and only diaper that distributes wetness evenly into three extra absorb channels. they stay up to three times drier so babies can sleep soundly all night wishing you love, sleep and play pampers
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>> a heart wrenching far well to lu luis alvarez who died after a three-year battle with cancer linked to the terror attacks. also attending, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and jon stewart. his grieving son told mourners before he became a hero across the country, he was always mine. that is always emotional. a new jersey judge denied
4:34 am
hearing the boy as an adult. going now to political activist joey jackson. >> the first is a legal issue. first, this is a simple waiver application. if you are a juvenile and commit an offense, commit a felony as an adult. >> a rape. >> pretty serious, you would say. you make an application, talk to the judge not about whether they can prove the case but whether again, this should be tried in an adult court. the judge went left and didn't evaluate the merits of that but went on the issue of, wait a second. did you speak to the victim's family and express to them what
4:35 am
could happen to this child? >> hold on. the judge told the victim to be careful here because the victim might ruin the suspects life? >> correct. you are revictimizing the victim by saying, before we move forward, do you know what you can do if you press forward in this case? number one, number two, you are talking about whether or not a person comes from a good family. what does that say about whether or not a person doesn't come from a good family, whatever that means. think about this. we are talking about this case. the judge that decided to disregard the law and evaluate privilege over everything else. if the judge could be so implicit in the bias what about the bias that goes on every day,
4:36 am
every year and don't get the press coverage of this. this is a travesty of justice but the appellate court called it out and said this is going to adult court as it should have. >> so this judge doesn't think someone from a very good family that goes to a good school could ever rape someone hasn't history taught us otherwise? >> right. perhaps a judge could be april th appathetic or sim pathetic to the fact. otherwise degrade and debase people that don't come from those families. it was taped, the prosecutors
4:37 am
show it was degrading, premeditated. >> that goes to the heart of why a young man should be tried as an adult. this was something he videotaped, passed around social media and joked about raping in his own words and then lied about it. is that the argument that was used when the new judge stepped in? >> he's passing around this videotape and lying about it saying i'm not sending anything around, what are you talking about. and also what you say when your first act of sexual intercourse
4:38 am
was rape. saying if the first judge didn't get the gravity, at the end of the day, it is about justice for all. if you don't have trust in the system. if people can't connect with the system and think it works for them, then the system doesn't work at all. >> how long has this judge been on the bench? >> this judge is 70 years old. sometimes judges get called back. >> for the past few years, he must have been living under a rock to not know you can't size up who a rapist is.
4:39 am
it is truly something from a different decade. >> he also talked about the grades and evaluated the extra curriculum activities, which have nothing to do with it. >> thank you. happy fourth. speaking of the big fire works display in new york city just hours away. the spectacular coming up next.
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america turns 243 today. that's a lot of candles. one of the biggest parties right here in new york city. live near the brooklyn bridge
4:44 am
where some of the best views will be. brin, tell us what's ahead. >> reporter: there will be enormous crowds here. it will be a spectacular show. we'll zoom in on the brooklyn bridge. at the bottom of the bridge are these white packets. there are 15 i've counted. those are fire works. for the first time ever, fire works will be launched from the brooklyn bridge. this takes incredible security. they will have thousands of officers on the ground here. they were with the special operations team planning for this event for months. and then getting on the ground.
4:45 am
that includes securing the bridge and barges, those macy's barges that will be out there. talking to the chief about when the fire works go off, their job isn't done. >> after the fire works are shot off, those boats enmass return back and you have wakes and issues. >> just the fact that there will be so many boats in the water as well. getting a look at the show. the nypd will be using drones this year to watch and see if there are any security measures they need to tap into as the show goes on. >> the amount of brain power and man power on the ground is
4:46 am
remarkable. thank you very much. will storms put a damper on fire works where you are. what are you seeing today? >> it is hot, it is summer. anyone knows that thunderstorms form this time of year. it is just when and where they'll start to pop up. in d.c., they'll get off without a problem. that could be a different story. we have a few thunderstorms that could pop up. notice new york, we'll stay dry. your forecast looking fantastic. for d.c., 40% to 50% chance for the rest of the country. stronger storms expected through the evening across the northern great lakes. impact some of your fire work
4:47 am
displays. temperatur temperatures soaring. factor in the heat in the deep south. it will feel like the upper 90s at the nation's capital. you'll be breaking a sweat as you break out the barbecue. a watch dog report with one border patrol official calling the overcrowded border facilities a ticking time bomb. a former acting director of i.c.e. joining us next. nooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. [son loudly clears throat] sigh [mom and dad laugh] bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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4:52 am
what's happening there is the former acting director of i.c.e. under president obama. now a partner at frontier solutions, an immigration law firm. so the first argument the president makes there is don't believe your own eyes. don't believe your own eyes. the democrats are acting aghast, but things are actually good. the second argument, he tweelted this, many of these illegal aliens are living far better now than where they came from and in far safer conditions. i'm not sure how you compare living under a drug cartel with conditions of not showering for weeks. they're both horrible. what do you see when you see these images? >> first of all, it's not just the democrats pointing out these conditions. it's obviously the office of inspector general who published this report. the congressional delegation made. so none of this is terribly
4:53 am
surprising to me quite frankly. when you're looking at the number of individuals involved and this administration's approach which is to try to build, the it detention centers weren't built to handle this population. so, look -- >> go ahead. >> i want to ask you about that because i think that's the argument the administration is making. they're being overrun and customs and border protection can't handle it. because you know the infrastructure and the system so well, do we, the united states, have the infrastructure and ability to allow migrants to take showers more than once a month and allow children to not have to live in dirty diapers? this a real question. are we able to do those things for the migrants? >> you know, allison, we are in part. i'm going to have to tell you, though, the problem is this.
4:54 am
we are applying basically the same approach we've applied to our border security situation prior to this influx of americans. if we lose the tools we have and policies and procedures we've utilized for the prior border situation which are adult males trying to enter the united states and evade capture, the answer to your question is no, we do not have the resources. we simply cannot detain this type of population. candidly, it's why i think we should be have been looking a long time ago as treating this this has a humanitarian refugee crisis. we simply aren't equipped and border patrol is not properly rourlsed to do this in a humane and safe way. >> here's another thing the president tweets and i think it's really telling. if illegal immigrants are
4:55 am
unhappy with the conditions in the quickly built or refitted detention centers just tell them not to come, all problems solved. do you find it interesting that the president has gone after the migrants who are fleeing poverty and fleeing violence as we know rather than other people he could go after, for instance, the employrs who give the incentive for migrants to come here and find work. >> frankly the drug cartels and gangs in central america are pushing these people up north in the first place. the president has been clear throughout he wants to take this tough deterrent approach. i understand some people in this country will look at the situation and say why should we be the ones to take these people on? this has been demonstrated by the numbers that have been consistent and rising over the last four years -- nothing we can do can deter this population from coming north.
4:56 am
things are so desperate they'll try anything. it's long since pastime we need to look at this. stop cutting off aid to central america. do a better job here of processing these individuals so they'll finish quickly rather than detaining them at these facilities. >> i want to ask you about this private face group of something like 9,500 border agents that has been exposed by propublica with just the most vile disgusting comments and posts about migrants and female members of congress. and i'm just wondering from your experience is that a sentiment? are those sentiments rampant in the immigration community? >> you know, i was very sorry to see that. listen, i've spent a lot of time in my career with border patrol and i.c.e. agents. i will tell you this, a vast majority of them care.
4:57 am
i think they've been dealt a bad situation. i think incidents like this and bad apples give the entire agency a bad look here. i think one of the things, one of the lasting damages of this administration's policies things like family separation and this mass detention of asylum seekers is going to be the reputational damage it's done to i.c.e. and cbp, and that's going to take years, years if ever to fully recover from. >> thank you very much for coming in with all your expertise. i you cnn newsroom with max foster is next to our international viewers. and president trump looking to add the citizenship question back to the census. this tweet comes out of left field. >> the commerce department and justice department agreed they were throwing in the towel.
4:58 am
>> he is determined to find a way ahead even though the consensus is being printed without these. >> does the issue of busing matter to the voters in states like the midwest that the democrats need to win back? >> they started in a very public forum last week, obviously haven't reached a resolution on it. >> 30 seconds to 60 seconds on a campaign debate exchange can't do justice to a lifetime commitment to civil rights. and good morning, everyone. welcome to a special holiday edition of "new day." happy fourth of july, everyone. great to have you here in your red, white, and blue tie. >> represent. >> we begin with texas confusion. the justice department is scrambling to find a legal basis to include a citizenship
4:59 am
question on the 2020 census because of a presidential tweet. president trump caught government lawyers off-guard and sent them scrambling to figure out next steps because the president tweeted moments ago, quote, so important for our country that the very simple and basic are you a citizen of the united states question be allowed to be asked in the 2020 census. the department of commerce and justice are working very hard on this -- sorry, this is still the tweet, on the fourth of july, end quote. you will remember last week the u.s. supreme court rejected the administration's reason for adding that controversial question lawyers say is not very simple. also this morning another setback for the trump administration. a federal appeals court has blocked president trump's plan to shift $2.5 million from the military's budget to pay for his proposed border wall. defending the cost of displaying
5:00 am
the military muscle. maggie, look, the administrations own lawyers seem to have whiplash about the president's tweet yesterday. what are you hearing in your reporting about how this happened? was the president unaware his own department of justice and commerce department were going to make this decision to back off? >> the blame is being laid pretty squarely at the feet of the commerce department at the moment. it's not clear if the white house was fully briefed or wilbur ross was going to say the questionnaires were being printed which made it clear they weren't waiting for justification. when i spoke to people in the administration two days ago the feeling was commerce had messed this up beyond repair and we've got to move on. the president saw some media coverage about that and made it clear he wants to go ahead. i think the


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