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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  July 6, 2019 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is cnn breaking news. you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. we begin with breaking news. a massive explosion in a florida shopping center has sent 21 people to the hospital. at least two are said to have serious injuries. this is the scene in plantation, florida, just west of fort lauderdale. one building is completely destroyed and several windows have been blown out of another building and we can see search and rescue dogs sniffing out of the rubble and they believe they have located everybody and that's good news. cnn's rosa flores is live at the scene. tell us about this shopping center. where did this occur and do we know what caused it? >> reporter: at this point it is all under investigation. it is very early in the investigation and we do know that the atf is on scene.
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some of their arson investigators are going through the rubble trying to figure out exactly why this happened. i'm standing about 100 yards from where this explosion happened and take a look behind me and you will see the debris field. this includes pieces of the building and you can see some of the ducting and metal corrugated and it appears to be part of the roof and also insulation. according to the fire department a call came in at about 11:30 this morning about a reported gas explosion. they arrived on scene. one of the firefighters that i talked to said that the scene looked like a war zone just because of all of the debris that was all over the parking lot because the building was also leveled from talking to some of the individuals who were inside the shopping center at the time of this explosion. they describe a loud boom. they describe the windows shattering and also a plume of
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smoke. one of the individuals that i talked to said that if it wasn't for 15 to 20 seconds. he had literally just put his children in his tahoe, and had just driven away from the area of the explosion. he says he looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the explosion. he was shaken and of course, his children were safe inside and he says that he drove away. again, as you take a look at these live pictures you can see there are firefighters going through some of that debris and according to the fire department the primary search is being conducted and that is a precautionary measure and we also know city inspectors are on scene checking the structural integrity of the buildings that you see around me to see that those buildings are safe and to make sure that people don't go inside and an a of course, the good news here is no fatalities are reported and the number of injured grew to 21 and that includes one child. ana? >> rosa flores in plantation,
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florida. thanks. let's go coast to coast and head out west. a major disaster there. this one natural. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> oh, my god! >> an earthquake. a very powerful earthquake and the second huge quake in a little over 24 hours. it shook all of southern california as far away as las vegas and into mexico. this frightening scene in bakersfield, california, the one-two punch of back-to-back earthquake sending boulders tumbling on to highways and making some impassable and in the city of ridgecrest, the earthquakes tore open gas lines and knocked out power and broke water mains and the damage there in ridgecrest is extensive and people there have been told to brace for possibly another large jolt. live now to ridgecrest, california and cnn's stephanie elam. stephanie, it is a relief to hear that nobody has lost their life at least yet in these earthquakes and after shocks,
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but you're seeing very widespread destruction. >> reporter: yeah, and it's worth pointing out that considering how large this earthquake was, ana, the destruction could have been so much worse. it's actually surprising to not see as much, honestly. if you look at the house behind me this fire started after the earthquake hit and caught on fire here. you would think that maybe more houses would see the same devastation and this is the one that's been hit by this and that's part of the problem with the earthquake is sometimes the earth moving can disrupt those pipelines and you see things like this. what you do see, though, if you go into a lot of these buildings is stuff falling off the shelves and cascading on to the floor. you are seeing the pictures of the library where the books are on the ground and there's not a lot of restaurants open with people and they deal with a lot of earthquakes. don't get me wrong, more so than other town, where they feel it more than other towns and this is one that shook them up after
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30 hours prior that they had another one that already had them on their toes for sure, ana. >> stephanie elam, thank you for that update. we want to show you more video taken from inside a grocery store just seconds after the quake hit ridgecrest, california. >> we're evacuating the store! >> everybody okay? >> we have to get out, man. >> did you get hurt? >> i'm scared. is everybody okay? >> get to the front of the store and evacuate, please. >> i'm trying to see if anybody's hurt. the air is really thick. dusty. this is a bad one. this must be the one that -- that's got to be at least 7.
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>> anybody here? brian! >> another aftershock. >> keep going out until i turn! >> let me see! let me help you if somebody's hurt! all right? >> i'm fine! >> come on, man. let me help. first i'm going to get some video. [ bleep ] anybody back here? >> it's shaking. shaking again.
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>> now over in los angeles, the power of the quake became evident on live tv. watch these two newscasters. >> we're making sure that nothing is going to come down in the studio here. >> and it is going for quite a bit, everybody. >> i -- >> it continues to rattle pretty strong. >> 8:21 here on the air and we're experiencing very strong shaking. i think we need to get under the desk. >> all right. we are going to go to break and we'll be right back after this. wow. >> as we head to break, joe biden apologizing for his remarks about segregationist senators and sending a message straight to his rivals in the 2020 race. >> we'll discuss with one of the candidates running against him and marion williamson will join us live in the cnn newsroom. ♪ hoo
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yes, i was. i regret it. i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception that may have caused anybody. [ applause ] america in 2019 is a very, very different place than the 1970s, and that's a good thing. i've witnessed an incredible, incredible amount of change in this nation, and i've worked to make that change happen and yes, i've changed also. i'm not the same person when i joined the senate at age 29. i don't pretend to have gotten everything right. i don't pretend that none of my positions have changed. i've grown, and i think it's good to be able to grow, to progress. . if you look at the issues i've been attacked on nearly every one of them somehow has something to do with before 2008 as if my opponents want to believe i served from 1972 to 2008 and then took a hiatus the
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next eight years. they don't want to talk much about my time as vice president of the united states. >> biden also talked about his decision to support the controversial 1994 crime bill. he said he'd take responsibility for what the bill got right and what it got wrong. i want to get reaction now from one of biden's 2020 rivals and best-selling author and activist maryan maryanne will yamsiamson. >> i don't want to talk about joe biden. i want to talk about the united states of america. i don't want to talk about anybody's past. i want to talk about the future of our country where we need to be as people and where the public policy needs to be so the politics of trying to bring down one candidate, it's not of great interest to me. >> you qualified for detroit later this month. maryanne, you got a lot of buzz and you were the most searched
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candidate on google and so far that hasn't necessarily translated into support in the polls. why do you think that is? >> well, the fact that it hasn't translated into support in the polls that you're looking at doesn't mean that it's not translating into support in every -- every meeting that i'm having and every house party and every place i go in iowa and every place in new hampshire, where i'm seeing crowds and standing ovations. i think it's translating into a lot of support. it's what's happening on the ground in these states, that's where it matters, where the voters are and not necessarily what's happening yet in polls and any candidate knows that and we know what really matters and whether or not you feel your words are landing and whether or not your words landed in a particular debate and you know, that's one moment and it's a long conversation that you're having with the voters and i feel confident about the conversation that i'm having with the voters in the primary states. >> wanot all of the voters know
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who you are and it wrote a piece inside and it talks about 1976 and how it made an impact on you and now your candidacy and this book is the course in miracles and the times describes that text a tourious new york scripture that arose during the metaphysical counter culture of the 1960s and taken by its readers as a genuine gospel produced by a manhattan dollar who believed she was channeling new revelations from jesus christ himself. how has this book influenced your life in the vision for america. >> first of all, i think that's a deep misrepresentation of this book. this book is not a religion. there's no doctrine and no d dogma. it talks about inner peace, forgiveness and love and those universal spiritual themes are in all of the great spiritual systems of the world and as a woman, understanding more deeply what love means in my life, how to forgive and how to be more giving and more about giving
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than taking and how to be of service and thou thow to live m scomplief what it means to be in justice, in mercy and in love and whether i'm finding it in my own religious judaism and whether i'm finding it in hinduism or buddhism, i study comparative religion and philosophy when i was in college. i started taking religion and spirituality classes when i was in high school. we live in a country where that kind of religious and spiritual seeking is common. this is america. we're a very religious nation. so this is not weird and no matter how many times people want to act like it's weird that somebody believes in god, weird that someone wants to live a more forgiving or loving life, i think our public policy could use a dose of moral and ethical consideration no one is trying
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to live in a more practical way than loving existence. >> i was just asking the question about how that particular book influenced you and how it may influence your vision for the country. that's where i was coming from in my questioning there. i want to ask you about another article that was prominent this week that i know you took issue with. i'm talking about the annie leibovitz art beingel that featured all of the women running for president except for you and this is the version that you put with yourself strategically inserted with the portrait above their heads. were you not taken seriously or treated as a legitimate candidate? how did this make you feel? >> first of all, i did not put out that meme. i saw it on the internet because there are so many memes right now with everything regarding my candidacy and regarding my debate performance and regarding the leibovitz. when i was doing one of those things on the instagram where
2:18 pm
you posted and i just saw that one on the internet. i have not made any memes about that. so i saw the meme that you're talking about, and i saw the meme with my face. listen, i thinka you will of the women running for president are lovely. i have met them all and i have great respect for them all and "vogue" magazine did what "vogue" magazine did. i think it is significant when something like a "vogue" magazine implies that only they qualify. i'm not the one who made the meme. >> has "vogue" called you to do a follow-up piece. >> no. >> no. a lot of people know you as oprah's spiritual adviser. who are your closest advisers. >> first of all, i don't think i'm oprah's spiritual adviser any more that she's been a spiritual adviser in many ways it an entire generation of americans. i think the fact that she can
2:19 pm
read someone's book and has been in support of my book doesn't mean she sees me as an adviser. my first adviser, first and foremost would be my own parents who are no longer with us. >> my daughter is someone i look to for advice. it's an interesting way how that happens that your children become adults. >> i have close friends and colleagues and you know at a certain point in your life who you want to listen to, when they text with feedback and i want to hear what they have to say and i have those people in my life just like everybody does. >> you know when you have snl's kate mack inon impersonating now and here's one of her takes on a moment from the debate. >> my first call is to the prime minister of new zealand who said that her goal is to make new zealand the place where it's the best place in the world for a child to tell her -- i said
2:20 pm
girlfriend, you are so on, and i would say to donald trump, boyfriend, you chill. thank you. [ laughter ] >> weave seen presidents who have embraced impersonations and alec baldwin's treatment of him. how did you feel about that? >> listen, i understand. i was laughing. i was down on the floor laughing at some of that stuff as much as the next person was. kate mackinnon, i was laughing and some of it is justified and some of my expressions were awkward, but there was substance to what i was saying and people understand that also. i was talking about the fact that the prime minister of new zealand says she wants new zealand to be the best place in the world for a child to grow up and i want the united states in the world for every child here to grow up. laughter is a good thing. this is democracy. that's cool. i didn't find it was malevolent and we all need to laugh
2:21 pm
especially since these are such serious times. we could use a good laugh every once in a while. >> 2020 candidate and author of the book "the politics of love" marianne williamson, i hope you'll come back and continue to share your ideas for the country. thank you. >> thank you for having me. coming up, california, reeling with the aftermath of back-to-back earthquakes. we'll talk to fema seismologist dr. lucy jones about what's next for this region including how many aftershocks they should expect. stay with us.
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california is reeling after two earthquakes rocking that state in 24 hours. the second quake was 11 times stronger than the one that hit the day before. the next day is the cal tech seismologist who studies the behavior for the u.s. geological survey. dr. lucy jones joins us on the phone. you say residents in southern california could feel aftershocks from this earthquake for days, months, even years. explain. >> that's correct. if they live near where the earthquake's happening. aftershocks continue for a long time. a magnitude 7 we usually see a noticeable increase in earthquakes for quite a few years. the biggest aftershock to the northridge earthquake or the
2:26 pm
last magnitude 5, and they will continue at a lower level than rid now and it is quite a long ways from the metropolitan areas and most of southern california, you know, just south of it there was no impact to those of us here in metropolitan l.a. and no reason to expect an increased risk of earthquake damage to us. >> so first there was the 6.4 on fourth of july, and now 7.1. we are learning that the 6.4 was a foreshock to what they believe was the main event. is this the main event, do you think? >> probably. at this point, every earthquake has some chance of triggering an aftershock that's bigger than itself and that's how it becomes a foreshock. we change the name when something bigger happens, but it's at this point it's not very likely. we are down to just 1% or 2% chance that we will be followed
2:27 pm
by something larger. it's possible, and i would think that there's probably other, at least magnitude 5s and very well have magnitude 6s, and it's an ongoing sequence happening right now. >> can you describe what a 7.1 magnitude earthquake feels like for people who are on the ground? >> it depends on where you are. for those of us here in los angeles, it was a really long rolling motion with no impact. you hear things rattling and you hear the doors and the walls creaking and nothing gets thrown over. if you were in ridgecrest, it would involve essentially any unsecured objects being thrown through the air. things are crashing around you and it's why we recommend it's a much better thing to do to try to get runder a table because moving puts you in the path of those flying objects.
2:28 pm
>> are the damages that we're seeing consistent with what you'd expect from a quake this size from this particular fault? >> yes. if anything, they're a little on the low side. it suggests that things were built pretty well in ridgecrest. it's a new town and it only began in the 1940s by which time we had the basic earthquake building codes in place. building codes really do make a difference. so there's no older of the -- none of the older structures there. that said, there's lots of things off of all of the shelves, damage to some buildings. i think the most noticeable thing that we should learn from is looking at the gas leaks and gas line breaks and the fires that have been caused from that. that's going to be a big problem when one of these earthquakes happens in the metropolitan area instead of in a sparsely inhabited area. >> dr. lucy jones, i appreciate
2:29 pm
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cape cod. some just 40 feet from the shore. local officials have put bleeding kits on more remote beaches so any would-be shark victim could have access to equipment. they're contending with a ten-foot shark called miss may and she's lurking along the new jersey coast. a helicopter showing a five-foot shark in the water there just a few feet away from unsuspecting swimmers. luckily no one was injured. joining us now is eric ritter. he is a scientist with the shark research institute and years ago he was attacked by a bull shark while filming for discovery channel's shark week. is there anything unusual about the number of shark sightings we're hearing about right now? >> no. absolutely not. it's just more people pay attention and we have the drones and all of this technology. so it's nothing unusual. >> we always hear shark attacks are a case of mistaken identity and they don't actually hunt humans.
2:34 pm
so what are they looking for specifically off the east coast? >> sometimes, you know, they're just curious to check us out and see what we are, the sound sounds familiar and they're doing what we call an exploratory bite to see what are you and that's that. >> as we mentioned you were bitten by a giant bull shark. if you're squeamish you may want to look away, but we have video of the moment this happens. i understand you lost part of your left calf and what went wrong in this case? >> we did a scenario that we played through quite a few times and behind me and above me on the platform is a spotter and he just didn't pay attention to the bull shark that was behind me and i was watching the one in front of me and it happened. >> what has your recovery been like? >> it was painful and long, but eventually about three months later i was back in the water and repeated the same experiment. >> back in the water. oh, my goodness.
2:35 pm
you are hardy. for anyone who may be worried about a jaws-like scenario that may be keeping them out of the water, how likely is it to happen? >> it's not very likely, you know, and if you're in the water and the shark shows up, just don't move. go vertical. do not swim back away from the shark and you will be safe. >> if somebody is attacked by a shark, what's the best thing to do? how do you respond? >> well, you know, it's hard to say stay calm, but that's really the best thing you can do, and if someone is responding to you well, he can easily come up to you and basically grab you, but the most important thing is always pay attention to a shark. if the shark is still inquisitive, if you can move towards the shark. never away, move towards it. >> eric ritter, some good advice and thank you for taking the time. >> my pleasure. coming up, how a powerful
2:36 pm
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welcome back. we have a really good look at the moment a powerful earthquake rocked the west coast courtesy of cameras at several major sporting events, this is at dodger stadium. 120 miles away from the epicenter, and you can see the cameras shaking as that quake struck. incredibly, the dodgers and padres played right through it. players didn't even seem to notice anything had happened, but here's what dodgers pitcher clayton kershaw said afterwards. >> i didn't feel it, yeah. i didn't feel it a bit. maybe i was -- i don't know. i didn't feel it. everybody was telling me about it and i was underneath in the tunnel and -- i heard the crowd kind of go crazy, but i had no idea what was going on until somebody told me. >> in las vegas, 150 miles east the nba decided to postpone three summer league games because of the quake. the massive scoreboard and speakers and sign inside the mgm
2:41 pm
grand arena there were seen swaying perilously over the court. one player said he brought the ball up the floor and it felt like someone was pushing him on the hip. thankfully fans inside generally keep kept their cool and left in an orderly fashion. also in las vegas, the usc was celebrating the hall of fame and check out the reaction from rashad evans when the quake hit. >> it paved the way for my -- oh, it's an earthquake. oh, man. i feel it. yeah. ooh! okay, earthquake, baby. >> other news we're following today, "variety" magazine reporting kevin spacey has been questioned by scotland yard about six allegations of sexual assault filed in the uk. according to the report,
2:42 pm
officers interviewed spacey in may in the u.s. and the allegations come from six different men and date between 1996 and 2013. as those investigations continue spacey is set to appear in a courtroom monday on charges he groped an an-year-old man in a nantucket bar. calling all royal watchers the photos are here! prince harry and meghan markle have just released these pictures from the prief ougvate christening of their son archie. there was a bit of an uproar over the decision to keep the media away because tax payers foot the bill for their lifestyle, and they did follow tradition by wearing the christening robe. >> from the first silent film to the blockbusters of today, the history of american cinema is sometimes beautiful, occasionally controversial, but always inspiring and tomorrow night our brand-new cnn original
2:43 pm
seary, "the movies" will delve into the stories and the movies you love. >> there is still something about being told a story. a movie is something that's been really handcrafted, it's a mosaic that's been carefully pieced together. it creates this opportunity to totally lose yourself. these images live in our consciousness and stays in our mind when it is in our heads and we live our lives by them. >> it brings all the elements of all of our senses together. there's really nothing else like it. >> even though you're doing something incredibly personal and in many ways incredibly selfish because you're doing something you love so much and then it gets out there in the world and it can change people's trajectories. >> when you can go somewhere you can pretty much guarantee you can set your worry aside for that period of time. it's like a drug.
2:44 pm
it's like a drug. >> it's just a direct conduit straight into your soul. >> i grew up wanting to be the movies. it was all about the movies. >> since the dawn of man, we like to get around a fireplace and commune in story together. so we can feel, review hours that we're human together. >> tune in "the movies" premieres tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern and pacific right here on cnn. we'll be right back.
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as we celebrate america's independence this weekend, we want to introduce you to a cnn hero helping refugees get closer to the american dream through an innovative, culinary job training program. meet carrie brody. >> what we're teaching our students isn't just knife skills and it isn't just cooking. it's the idea that you are human and you have value and that's something that people have tried to strip away from others for such a long time. >> what's the dream team cooking up? >> samba cake. >> samba cake. awesome. >> that experience of watching our students transform, of seeing our students really come into their own inspires me. >> to get the full story about carrie's program and to nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero go to for former vice president
2:49 pm
joe biden his decision to run in 2020 did not come easily with debates raging in the democratic primary about health care and immigration, many of biden's critics are attacking him for being too centrist and here's more on cnn's exclusive interview on the former vice president. >> you versus the rest of the field on the economy, they're all going big, 70% tax rate, free college, re-architecture of the economy, forgiving debt for college which happens to be the biggest asset on the american government's balance sheet. you do not believe in those things? >> i don't believe in the way they're doing it. for example, i think there should be healthcare for everyone. i have a plan of how to do that and it's rational and it will cost a hell of a lot less and will work. >> too incremental? >> no, it's not incremental. it's bold. >> would you bring back the individual mandate? >>
2:50 pm
>> yes. >> do you think that would be popular? >> yes, compared to what's being offered. and here's the deal now. if you provide a situation for anyone who wants to buy into medicare for all, they can buy in. they buy in. and they can do it. but if they like their employer-based insurance, which a lot of unions broke their neck to get and a lot of people like it, they shouldn't have to give it up. the flip of that is, if you don't go my way and go their way, you have to give up all of that. and what's going to happen when you have 300 million people landing on a health care plan? how long's that going to take? what's it going to do? and in the meantime, a lot of people are going to be in trouble. in terms of the economy, chris. i've been proposing for a long time and, look, i know i'm middle class joe, i get that part. it not means i'm sophisticated. the middle class built this country. you didn't have wall street build this this country. how'd you do it? how can you have dignity without having access to an education?
2:51 pm
how can you have dignity unless you live in a neighborhood that's not fouled by the environment and what's going on? >> how do you convince the party that these more advanced ideas, all in for medicare for all. >> i wouldn't call them advanced. >> but they're popular in the party. >> that's what this election is about. i'm happy to debate that issue and all of those issues with my friends. because, guess what, look who won the races? look who won last time out? we had -- and by the way, i think -- i think ocasio-cortez is a brilliant, bright woman, but she won a primary. in the general election fights, who won? mainstream democrats who were very progressive on social issues and very strong on education, health care, look, my north star is the middle class. when the middle class does well, everybody does well. >> how do you better for them economically, if not with these 70% tax rates? >> three things. i do raise the tax rate to
2:52 pm
39.5%. i do, in fact, eliminate the ability for them to write off capital gains the way they do. i would raise billions of dollars, raise the corporate tax rate from 20 to 28%, it was 36. it was 28%. raise billions of dollars. >> trump will say, but that's what brought the economy up to where it is, those tax cuts. >> ask the people who work in this restaurant how the economy came up, ask them how good they feel about it. ask how the stock market really helps them. ask them how they're driving them $2 trillion greater in debt has done anything for them. >> on health care, do you believe that undocumented people should have health care in this country? >> i think undocumented people need to have a means by which they can be covered when they're sick. so the idea is, that's what i think we should be doing by building more clinics around the country, not just for undocumented, for other people. when they're ill, when they're sick. people need. this is just common decency. you're not going to let somebody -- >> it's unpopular.
2:53 pm
>> i know it is. >> well over 50% people polled said undocumented people should not have health care on our dime. >> let me tell you something, in an emergency, they should have health care. everybody should. anybody here in the country. how do you say, you're undocumented, i'm going to let you die, man? what are you going to do? the idea that, you know, i hear this stuff about how, you know, they're killing social security, et cetera. those that have jobs, guess what, they increase the life span of social security by close to a dozen years. we got this -- this is part of what trump is playing on. >> it works for him, this issue, the idea of law and order versus a left that seems like it's open borders, because it means it's lawless. yet people who are running close to you now, who are saying, decriminalize, coming into the country illegally. do you believe that should be decriminalized? >> no, i don't. no, i don't. i think people should have to get in line. but if people are coming because they're actually seeking asylum,
2:54 pm
they should have a chance to make their case. i would be surging as we did and barack and i did, surging folks to the border to make those concrete decisions. the other thing, chris, is why are they coming? the reason the vast majority of these people are coming from guatemala, honduras, and el salvador is because they're in trouble. crime rates are high. education is terrible. in guatemala, you can't turn on a light switch. so i put together a $740 million program with republicans, i might add, at the very end saying, we'll make a deal with you. you do the following things that make your country better, so people don't leave and we will help you do that. just like we did in colombia. what'd we do in colombia? question went down and said okay and i was one of the architects that planned colombia. i said, here's the deal, if you have all of these crooked cops and federal police, we're sending our rfid down, let us put them through a lie detector test, let us tell you the kind of people you could hire.
2:55 pm
we could do so much if we're committed. >> what do you say to the people in party right now when polled who say, yeah, i like joe biden, but i think that his ideas are the old ideas. the new ideas, i see a warren, i see a sanders, i see a harris. you poll lower than them on ideas for the future. what do you say to them? >> i say to them, take a look at my ideas. take a look at my ideas. i haven't seen those polled. i haven't seen where people say -- what i have seen around the country is, the vast majority of democrats are where i am on the issues. we've got to be aggressive. and they're big ideas. the big idea on education, on health care, on dealing with the environment. i mean, it's just -- i love how, you know, all of a sudden, i wish i had been labeled as moderate when i was running in delaware back in the days when -- >> 80% of your party says it was center left. >> i am center left. >> farther left is getting more attention, it's getting amplified. >> it is. >> there's a disconnect.
2:56 pm
>> look, it's center left. that's where i am. where it's not is way left. now, look, that's what we could find out. that's what this debate is about. >> and i'm ana cabrera in new york. that does it for me for now. i'll be back in an hour. my colleague, s.e. cupp continues our coverage of today's news right after a quick break. don't go anywhere. this is mia. this is mia's pulse. with pressure rising, and racing. this is also mia's pulse. that her doctor keeps in check, so she can find balance. this is mia's pulse, and now it's more stable than ever. this is what medicare from blue cross blue shield does for mia. and with over 80 years of healthcare expertise, imagine what we can do for you. this is the benefit of blue.
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