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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 18, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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potentially showing how close (nervous chuckle) the president was to the scheme. lisa: and do i get my fees back plus russia up to her old if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? tricks. the warning about a vire app ugh. schwab! lisa: oh right, i'm calling schwab. that makes you look old and how thanks, carl! wait, lisa! lisa... it might give moscow information you do not want them to have. are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. welcome to "the lead." we begin with the politics lead. we got a combination of two of more indecent characteristics -- his willingness to lie to the american people and his tactic to excite and incite his supporters. [ chanting ] in our money lead, the house passed a bill to raise the "send her back" they federal minimum wage to $15 an chanted. hour by 2025, more than doubling you know the back story. the president launched attacks the current minimum wage, but earlier this week, even attacks that republican members of the the legislation is unlikely to house and senate called racist. go anywhere in the senate, which is republican-controlled. the last time the minimum wage he suggested those women should was raced was a decade ago. go back to the country they came if our tech lead, new from, even though three of the four were born in the united security concerns about a viral states, and all four are photo app called face app.
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american citizens. the president and the crowd it uses artificial intelligence focused on ilhan omar who has to edit your photos, and make made controversial comments, you look decades older. though the president's lies about what she said and it actually is owned by a russian company, a company that demonizing propertied results so says it has no ties to the shocking, that even some of the russian government and it's not meekest voiced their discomfort, selling or sharing your data, but authorities in the u.s. are if not horror and revulsion. not convinced the senator schumer is asking the fbi to this afternoon president trump suddenly claimed that he investigate. disagreed with those ugly chants. the democratic national >> i'm not happy about when i committee is warning national campaigns to not use the app. hearty chants like that, and follow me on inns that i've said that and said it very strongly. graham, facebook and twitter. and the president told a you can tweet the show. demonstrable lie, the lie that he started speaking very quickly and our coverage continues. thanks for watching. so as to end that chant. happening now, breaking news. >> reporter: why didn't you ask too little too late. president trump now is trying to them to stop? >> number one, i think i did. back off his rally "send her i started quickly -- i disagree back" chant aimed at a with it, by the way, but it was quite a chant, and i felt a bit naturalized u.s. congresswoman, but he let that chorus continue. badly about it, but i will say trump's involvement. this, i did -- and i started newly unveiled search warrants
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show the fbi believed that speaking quickly. candidate donald trump was >> that's a naked lie. involved in phone calls aimed at when the chants started, he covering up an alleged affair stopped talking, he let the crowd go, and did not resume with a porn star on the very day until the chant died out on its that hush money payments were own. made. tonight in a television don't take my word for it. take a look at the tape. first, cnn will draw names for >> omar has a history of the launching vicious anti-semitic screeds. [ chanting ] 13 seconds. for 13 seconds, the president of the united states stood there as a crowd of supporters screamed that he should sent an american citizen, a child who led somalia, now a member of congress, back to somalia. it's a campaign tactic we need
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to be aware of as a tactic notwithstanding the obvious immorality of bigotry. pamela brown starts us off at the white house today. >> reporter: today president donald trump claiming he disavows that chant at last night's rally, aimed at somali-born, now u.s. citizen ilan omak. >> i was not happy. i disagree with it. i didn't say that, they did. >> reporter: insistsing his comments and tweets this week had nothing to do with it. >> reporter: but they were echoing what you said. >> if you examine it, i don't think you'll find that. >> reporter: trump also claiming he didn't let the chant last long, but the video shows him chanting for 15 seconds. reacting today congresswoman
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omar with strong woman. >> this president is racist. we have condemned his racist words. i believe he is fascist. this is not about me. this is about us fighting for what this company truly should be and what it deserves to be. >> reporter: senator lipid sit graham defended the president, implying if omar were a trump supporter, she wouldn't be told to leave. >> i don't think it's racist to say. was it racist to say love it or leave it? i don't think a somali refugee embracing trump would have been asked to go back. let me be clear, my beef is with policy, not personality. all of these congress people won their election, this is their home as much as mine, and i believe their policies will change america for the worse, and that is the point for me. >> the foursome known as the squad as the face of the democratic party, a possible
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window into trump's 2020 strategy. >> we'll never, ever be a socialist country. it just won't happen. a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the american dream. frankly, the destruction of our country. >> president trump's campaign held a conference call this morning with surrogates on how to respond to the controversy over the chant and lay out new messaging to keep the focus on attacking the squad. even the white house's deputy press secretary implied the president couldn't clearly hear the chants, just an camp of how officials are trying to contain the fallout. >>. pamela brown, thank you so much. appreciate it. karen finney, he says he disagrees with the chants and
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had this message for his supporters. >> well, these are people that love our country. i want them to keep loving our country, and i think the congresswomen, by the way, should be more positive than they are. they have a lot of problems. >> thoughts? >> last night was frightening to watch. never thought i would see that, as bad as it was in 2016, we are clearly past the line. we know the strategy, because we lived through it in 2016. it was the rise of the alt-right, the mainstreaming of hate speech and bigotry. it was very clear that's the strategy then and the strategy in and out. the other-'ing of these poor women, at its basic level represents. they represent a changing america, the reality that we are a minority/majority country. we are here. it's happened. we also know that fear of that change drove a lot of the people who voted for trump in 2016, and he is counting on that and that
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race baiting and fear mongering to turn out for hinge. again, i suspect -- i hope that particularly those people in the middle who last time, thought, well, let's see how bad it could be, i hope they were as horrified last night as i know my fellow democrats were. >> scott jennings, as a trump supporter, are you not concerned -- i get the theory of the case that the president thinking there are mo votes there if he gins of his base -- are you not concerned this will actually hurt president trump, forgetting the immorality of it, that this will hurt his chances in northern virginia, in colorado, north carolina, et cetera. >> i'm concerned that which you go down this path you're showing a lack of confidence in the actual policy debate that i actually have confidence in. i think we can win on issues. i'm glad these four have been lift to do some degree. what they say and what the
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republicans say, i think we can win that debate. i think goings down a different path shows a lack of confidence. we're all set zen, they have an much right to speak and be in politics as anybody sitting up here. i don't want to send her back. i want to send her to the nearest greenroom so we we can put out our yes, i did. i agree with lindsey graham. when we go down a different radioed road and show a difference of -- college educated high income mixed up with trump, they could get nervous about this. that's why we have to keep focused. >> you agree with lindsey graham, and i assume you meant the lindsey graham, that i prefer a policy dizzy bait. but tim alberta, he has a new book. congratulations on the book. when i was reading your book and when i was preparing for the show, i was thinking that lindsey graham is a character at
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the beginning of book and completely different character at the end of the book. in fact, take a listen to these two clips of lindsey graham, one from today, and one from 2015. >> no, i don't think his racist to say. i don't think a somali refugee embracing trump would not have been asked to go back. he's a rate-baiting xenophobic religious bigot. he doesn't represent my party. >> it's almost like he's been put through the machine of your book. this is the republican party before and after. are you surprised by what's happened to him and some other republicans? >> no, i don't think you can be surprised, jake. look, we can run down a long list of individuals who there's a before and after shot. lindsey graham is just another one. i think at the same time we can't be surprised by the response or in many cases lack thereof of a response from many of these republican elected officials. to the point that president trump made earlier, we all
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remembers at the question in cleveland during the chants of "lock her up" he put his fingers to the lips, and said let's beat her instead. that was a moment of restraint. we thought that was a new side of the president. he could have stopped that if he wanted to last night. he chose not to. lindsey graham's response today speaks to i think what is the fundamental question about today's republican party under donald trump. we had a period where in politics, and within the parties and between the parties there was a philosophical intellectual debate of ideas, as scott was saying. today's faultline that runs through the gop is a binary choice, are you with or again donald trump. it's no longer about the side of government, no longer tea party versus establishment. it's do you stand with the president or are you willing to com out publicly and distance yourself from him. the people they have, it's a huge gamble.
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>> vivian, is there concern in the white house right now? is itto. >> well, the president has seemingly -- seems to think he's been backing off the comments for the last couple days, on monday when he came out on the south lawn and he made some comments, when he was pushed by reporters, he whipped out a piece of paper and started to read off talking points. i believe he thought he had walked back the comments, but a lot of people at the white house sort of pray this will blow over in the ways that over controversies have. there was a lot of backlash in shaltville, and a lot of internal turmoil, a lot of trump officials were angered by that. some of them even threatened to leave, but it blew out. somehow he weathered the storm. i think they're hoping if they wait long enough this also will blow over. >> some threatened, but none left. up next senator harris will
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bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at frump now claiming he tried to stop the chants of "sent her back" even though evidence is that he did not, as he slammed republican tiff omar who came to the u.s. as a refugee. joining mess on the phone is senator kamala harris of california. thanks so much for fitting us in between your busy campaigning. president trump is now claiming that he tried to stop those chants, and even though he didn't try to stop those chants, he's also saying he disagreed. what do you make of it all? >> i just think they're empty words, jake. the chant was created not by the crowd, but by the president's tweets, and it's obvious it's
1:18 pm
really not a debatable point, and i think it is clearly not a sign of real leadership. i think you have mentioned it. contrast it with a real american leader like john mccain, who during the campaign in 2008, he stood up, he spoke up. he was -- you know, he understood as an american hero that the voice of someone who wants to be, much less is the president of the united states, must be about elevating discourse, speaking to our better selves. this president keeps finding new lows. i would like to say it's shocking, but at some point it's sadly predictable. >> what was your response to the rally?
1:19 pm
i assume you were not watching it live. >> yeah, i heard about it. >> what was your response? >> first of all, he's working out of a playbook that he used to get elected, right? and again focusing on the negative, focusing on divisions and, um, you know, look -- you know what i think is great? i think what's so great about today is you contrast what he did at that rally with what the democrats just did, out of -- and cracking out a $15 minimum wage. i think this is the kind of thing that the american people will be aware of, and they will see, which is one group trying to put money in people's pockets, while this president is trying to sell hate and division among us. what he is doing -- i've been traveling or country, campaigning, spend ago lot of time in the beautiful diversity
1:20 pm
of america. i will tell you something. this does not make people feel good. they don't like it. it is not reflective of who they are and what's in their hearts. real leadership shoot some reflection of where people actually are. we can disagree about policies and issues, but this is a fundamental point, which is who we are as americas, our identity, in terms of our compassion for each valuing, out of the many come one. >> you're the child of an independencian imgram and jamaican immigrant. has anyone ever said anything like go back to where you came from, to you, to your sisters, to your parents? >> of course. i was just in an eye vent in way two days ago, in davenport, iowa. it was when all of this was fresh. you know, like many of us, we
1:21 pm
were upset about it, shocked that it happened. i asked the crowd, just spontaneously -- who here as heard that? a number of hands went up. it's not just the children of immigrants or -- it's african-americ african-americans, the whole go back to africa thing? this is not new. he's reviving dark chapters. he is reviving those moments that have not been the best but the worst of who we are. >> when i brought this up, part of what compelled me to speak the way i did, is the person before me who spoke was a woman who talked about how this was making her children feel. and -- and that again, we want to talk about the measure of a leader. when you make children afraid, you are not a good person. you are not a good person.
1:22 pm
that's what this president continually does. his words create a moment where there is a chance, we just recently what it created in a convenience store in illinois. they take cues from the president, because the president has a powerful microphone, hoover he or she may be, and it must be used in a responsible way. senator harry calling in, thank you so much. i appreciate your time. >> take care. thanks. wood rstay with us. ♪
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glue president trump's racist tweets against four congresswomen of color are -- and this is not a new tactic, though in the modern era, it is new for a president to do so in perhaps such a blatant way. george wallace tried to stop integration. seg gress base now, tomorrow, and segregation forever.
1:28 pm
>> one is communityist too many. >> go all the way back to sh a white house screening of "birth of a nation" a movie that glorified the ku klux klan, but will it work today as well as in the past? i want to bring in douglas brinkley. thank you so much, professor. when you hear these things, is there anything historical precedent that comes to mind? not to this degree where a president is that angry and bitter, and particularly now in the 21st century. trying to ship free blacks bob to liberia and africa. we had a no-new york party that was -- millard fillmore was a
1:29 pm
member. one can go on and document this in u.s. history, but we thought when joe mccarthy got destroyed in the 1950s and george wallace sort of dissent greated that maybe we had gotten this -- and but birtherism has led to this kind of send them back rhetoric of the president. it's a dark stain on you're national character. one -- there was defending saying slaves we are well cared for. is there a difference between what wilson's comments were and using race to get yourself elected?
1:30 pm
he knew how to raise the race card, and he was doing it around the kkk there. as you know, with your david duke interview, when you asked president trump about it, a lot of these groups adore donald trump, and he refuses to distance himself from it. we saw it this week with the fame out defeat insurgence the so-called squad. the fact that a president is doing this is just mind-boggling. donald trump is our much are president, and it's awful late to be doing go back to where you came from, to a nation filled
1:31 pm
with new waves of recent immigrants. professor brinkley, always insightful, thank you. >> trump is not the creator of this era. rather, he is its most fan fest consequence. what do you mean? >> well, jake, i wrote the book not necessarily to hold up a mirror to donald trump or the republican parties, but to hold up a mirror to all of us, a political culture that invited the ascent of trump in many ways. we've been living through an incredible period of polarization, at least a decade and a half, if not much longer. i went to charlottesville with the chants of yous will not
1:32 pm
replace us. no, no, the only -- yes, the only -- both? >> yes. >> so senator scott obviously a figure of major historic proportion. we are talking about the chants, and he said you know what i see and hear? fear. it's important to recognize that america is living through an unprecedented and sweeping demographic transformation. when you layer that on top of a decade of tremendous cultural turmoil, everything from same-sex marriage to transgender bathrooms, and the economic dislocation in middle america, and then layer on top of that this political disruption, this was a powder keg waiting to explode. we didn't know wlofs going to light the fuse. trump did, but this was a long time coming. tim miller, a former job
1:33 pm
busch aide, he tweeted -- i say to my friends going along with trump imagine how this video of a president leading a white mob in a send her back chand targeting a black ref jewel will look in your kid's high school history classes. this hatred has to be stopped. but the truth of the matter is politicians don't look at things is how will it look in history, but next november and can i get reelect reelected. >> they can turn an eye as long as they get their policy through. when the house vote happened this week and they are passing
1:34 pm
recent solutions, a lot of republicans did not agree, but they also chose not to vote for the racist comments. in a way i could understand, not condot, but understand why he would be doing this if unemployment was going poorly, but the economy is doing great. he has a record he can run on. why not focus on that? >> not only that, but the democratic party up to this week was on the brink of all-out civil war in the house democratic conference. >> they were fighting. they were fighting. you know, you talk to these folks. you pointed out the good economic numbers. it could be a lot like the
1:35 pm
period between '10 and '12 when the republicans couldn't pull it together, and barack obama used it to coast into reelection. but these call into questions whether that is -- i think he can win on his record. >> very quickly, if you could, nothing unites the democratic party more. >> i think at this point that nothing will uneed most of the country more. coming up, nearly 900 pages revealing the two top presidential aides that michael cohen talked to before paying off stormy daniels. that's next. ♪
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international lead, revealing details of how big a role the president and his campaign team may have paid in those hush money to cover, this after 900 pages of court documents unsealed today in that case against michael cohen. the investigation into the trump's role in campaign violation has been closed as of this week. i want to bring in kara scanell, as well as shan wu. >> the first takeaway is this is the first time the government has identified him by any name. he was always individual one. what we see in this is what key moments during this alleged
1:41 pm
campaign finance scheme, troubled is there. this begins after the tape is made push october 7th. we see hope hicks connects cohen with trump on a phone call. that kicks off a chain of events where cohen is acting as a middleman. there's one key moments. then a couple phone calls later, cohen receives a text message says keep is willing to do this. so that connections the dots here between the initial phone call and this his to do with stormy daniels. then on october 26th, he has two phone calls with donald trump, and 30 minutes later he begin the and two days later, cohen speaks again to the same day
1:42 pm
that cohen is finalizing the paperwork to make this stick. you see that donald trump is actually on the call during the process, and according to the fbi, cohen on average was speaking to trump about once a month. and shan, president trump obviously denied knowing anything about this hush money payment to stormy daniels. take a listen. >> reporter: did you know about the payment to stormy daniels? >> no. no. what else? >> reporter: -- [ inaudible question ]. >> you have to ask michael cohen. michael is my attorney. you'll have to ask michael cohen. >> i don't know, no. so the theory of the case as they documents suggest that's a complete lie. actually rudy giuliani came out previously and said that wasn't true.
1:43 pm
what does this mean in terms of his culpability. >> i think although you're going to hear him and his team spinning this was a good day, because there was no furse expansion of charges, it leave the culpability squarely where it was when it started, right on trump's shoulders, as kara was summing up, that's a tight nexus of calls and texts. where it leaves him. if the southern district was so inclined and if the power that be at main justice at the time were so inclined, that's a tailor-made case ready to go. >> kara, what's the significance and present of kellie anne conway and hope hicks in this? >> you've seen the calls, they said they did look into whether anything had good i have false same. and hope hicks told a different fbi agent she wasn't aware about the payments until november, one month after all these calls.
1:44 pm
sources tell us there's no indication that hope hicks will face any charges in this. kelly anne came up in a different way where cohen has just finalized the settlement. he's trying to reach trump. he ends up reaching kellyanne and they speak for six minutes. >> the plot thickens. once again, i appreciate it. thank you. it's almost time to find out which democratic candidates will face off against each other. we're going to handicap the possible matchups, next. . they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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in our 2020 lead, we're just hours away from learning which presidential hopefuls will face off again which other president yap hopefuls, on which nights of the upcoming debates.
1:49 pm
cnn will host a live draw tonight to determine the lineups for the -- or rather on the july 30th or 31st. david, how does this unfold tine? . and one thing we wanted to sure is there's no -- as in previous cycles. so the way that we are making sure that doesn't happen is we're going to split it up into three daraws. first draw, lower polling candidates. then a second draw, a middle teef they are foe that average between 1 and 10% since then, and then the final draw.
1:50 pm
this is what really will guarantee equity distribution. biden harris, splitting 2-2. you remember in miami, the nights were split, four of the top five were on the -- and blitz warren hog -- and this now -- that won't betsh we'll evenly split the field where democratic voters are supporting them right now. >> obviously we'll see what happens tonight and how they deal with it. he had a bit of difficult hi. and she -- how they do on this topic in particular. i would also like to see elizabeth warren and bernie sanders.
1:51 pm
they may agree on -- >> they'll just love each other to death. >> but it would be interesting to see how they distinguish themselves. >> she won't criticize him, because she's taking all his voters, and it's tricky to criticize her. >> but she has to make sure she doesn't take those -- >> i'm curious. cory booker's campaign know this is a moment they really needs a moment. and apparently they're taking a look at mayor pete. i think it will be interesting to see how it shakes out, but i want to see harry and biden. >> there's a lot of bad blood between them over that credit
1:52 pm
card thing. >> they saw what kamala harris was ability to do. she's been the flavor of the month ever since, so somebody will try to re-create that magic. it could be on iraq. i want to see what the governor of montana can do, he's the only really rural spokesman and see if he's going to stand up to the nonsense and this won't fly in middle america. >> do you think joe biden will be a target? >> he's the front-runner, and i think that's the person that's always a target. he had a pretty poor performance overall in miami, but he can't afford a second poor performance. he hayes to come in and slow he understands that didn't go over well, and he's prepared to fight for this nomination. >> he has to figure out how to
1:53 pm
have a moment. he can no-go after kamala harris for a whole host of reasons, but he has to find a what i to breakthroughs, whether it's a big moment or contrast point. >> we haven't talked about somebody who was on the cover of "ranity fair" beto o'rourke. >> we saw he really fell short with the exchanges with julian castro. if he can take on castro, he would love that. on. >> we did see castro have something of a breakout moment. so even though people love to say they hating in tiff campaigning. >> i don't think -- we didn't do that. >> that's the best thing that's happened to him.
1:54 pm
it's not going in the right direction. >> going to be reveal forred draw, tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, and then the candidates will face off hosted by dana bash. coming up, new can earns about a popular app that makes you look old. the russia connection, that's next. if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage.
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