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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 19, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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it is friday, july 19th, 6:00 here in new york. what a week we've had. >> it's only been a week? >> and it's only beginning to be friday. to begin with, we have breaking news for you. cnn has learned the game plan for house democrats to get the most out of their time with special counsel robert mueller when he testifies before congress next week. their strategy is to focus on five episodes of potential obstruction of justice by president trump as laid out in the mueller report. democrats also plan to press mueller on the contacts the trump orbit had with russia and wikilea wikileaks. we have all the reporting and we'll lay it out for you. also we're getting information on how the president is trying to distance himself from the send her back rally in north carolina. the ones he paused to allow and he is clearly lying when he claims he tried to stop the chants. but we're learning the inside story behind the attempted
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retreat involves ivanka trump, the vice president, senior republicans in congress, and there's even one report the first lady. also we have a rematch. the lineups are set for the cnn debates. former vice president joe biden will share the stage with senator kamala harris again. will he be ready this time? the other night, senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, they go he would to head. that will be interesting. first what democrats are planning for robert mueller when he testifies on capitol hill. lauren fox has all these details for us. what have you learned? >> reporter: a big week ahead and democrats really banking on the fact this shifts public opinion. now, the house judiciary committee planning to focus on five areas of alleged obstruction of justice including the president telling don mcgahn to fire special counsel robert mueller as well as mcgahn denying publicly he told him to fire mueller. trump telling corey lewandowski
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to tell jeff sessions to limit the investigation and telling lewandowski to sell sessions he could be fired if he didn't. as well as alleged witness tampering of paul manafort, the president's former campaign chairman, and others. the house intelligence committee, they're going to focus on contacts with russians and wikileaks. and republicans and democrats haven't been wasting any time behind the scenes. they've held separate mock hearings trying to prepare for how they're going to script questions and question robert mueller. quote, i have been involved in a hundred hearings and we have never prepared for one the way we have prepared for this one. obviously a lot riding on next week as house democrats are hoping that this shifts public opinion in a way that the written mueller report just couldn't. >> thank you so much for all that reporting and prevug it for us just now. so let's talk about it and so much more.
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joining us are errol louis, frank bruni, and carrie cordero. so it's very interesting to see how they are tackling this, errol. you know? they've been busy behind the scenes, it turns out, these different committees. because they're having these mock hearings where somebody is playing robert mueller and they're figuring out their strat zwri -- strategy to illicit something from him because he's pretty stoned faced. here's what they plan to highlight in the judiciary. the time he told mcgahn to fire mueller. the time he told mcgahn to publicly deny he told him to fire mueller. telling corey lewandowski to tell session ifs he does not meet with lewandowski the president will fire him.
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and then alleged witness tampering of manafort, cohen, and others. >> i get a queasy feeling about it, to be honest. they're trying to bring the public along. they know most people didn't read through the mueller report. they know most people don't get into the nuances, the back and forth. what did the president do, is it illegal, and so forth. can he be held accountable for it? on the other hand, most hearings if you've ever sat through one are deadly. i appreciate them attempting to make it more palatable to people. i just don't know if it's going to work. there will be a lot of people outside of the modern age. a lot of people might get involved. the people aligned with the president might get involved. the republicans on the committee are going to try to disrupt everything they do. it's going to be quite a spectacle. >> at least they're trying to
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make it seem like they have a game plan and they are rehearsing. that's new. i haven't seen that from members of congress before. i can't remember the last time that happened. carrie, the interesting thing to me that alisyn called for a interesting. but also the notion that the democrats will ask robert mueller the question, if an ordinary citizen had engaged in these activities, would he be indicted? because that's the big question here. that may be the singular question here. but how will robert mueller answer it? >> well, i mean, that is the big question is how he'll answer that question. all indications based on his public statement so far is that he may not answer that question. he didn't answer the question in the report. he said that based on a doctrine of fairness and because a president can't be indicted were for those reasons they would not make the recommendation in the report. he has said publicly that he is not going to go beyond what is in the report. so the question is is, number
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one, are they going to really ask that direct question and risk him saying i'm not answering the question, i'm not drawing the conclusion. or are they going to simply go through the different specific acts of obstruction that you guys have listed that they've released and then say, okay. well, then this is the information that the committee has to make a decision as to whether they're going to open an impeachment hearing. i think they have to ask the question. you know, we'll see whether or not he goes anything beyond the report. so far it looks like he won't. but you never know in a live hearing at the time. >> one more thing i find interesting and perhaps clever if the democrats really are going to do this. the fact that several of the questions they want to hone in on deal with corey lewandowski to me. that might be clever, because corey lewandowski is one of the few people who can't claim any kind of privilege at all. if democrats want him to
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testify, he has to. he never worked in the white house, period. so if they can get more color surrounding him, that might provide them with some opportunities later on. >> he is someone that could potentially come in and wouldn't be subject to any other prifr ledges, but i tend to think if they were going to do that, they should have done it first. it's going to be hard to overcome whatever happens in bob mueller's hearing. i think that the mueller hearing is the one that is either going to change minds. both among democrats on the committee and potentially if there's one or two republicans who are thinking about it, whether or not to authorize an impeachment inquiry going forward. i have a hard time seeing that they, you know, might draw out a little bit more information about lewandowski. then we'll see what happens if he comes to testify. this is the big decision maker. >> we've got to move on, but quickly will these hearings reanimate the russian scandal for americans? >> i'm doubtful because of the distance from these hearings
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from when the attorney general did a masterful spin for the president. >> the rematch, vice president joe biden, senator kamala harris. there was a big draw on cnn last night you might have seen. >> i did. it was our colleagues who did this. it was so exciting, actually, to watch it. and they were masterful in how they did it without screwing it up as i might have. >> exactly. and the knicks still aren't getting zion williamson. even after this drawing. frank, the rematch. how big of a deal is this for the former vice president facing senator kamala harris again? what does he need to do? >> well, i mean, it's everything. it's an enormous deal. what he needs to do is not seem so hapless and surprised and meek as he did last time. but i think it's a tough debate for joe biden. if he goes after kamala harris, i don't think that's a good look for him. but if he is as passive as he was in the first debate, i think the questions that have been raised about him are going to intensify. i think it's a huge debate for him. but it's a huge debate for her
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too. everyone was so excite d, noticd in such a big way that moment. how does she follow that up? how does she do that again? and of course on the other night almost as interesting is what happens between senators warren and sanders. they are going after many of the same voters. app lot of voters don't understand the distinctions between them. >> what are you seeing in these lineups? >> it's going to be interesting to see in that second panel what the other candidates do. everybody's going to want a kamala harris moment. bill de blasio is not going to sit there and hope he gets a chance to speak up. i think there's going to be a lot of back and forth. there's going to be a lot of people trying to stage those moments. people are going to say, look, if i come in with a designated target, a great line of rhetoric, a line of questioning leading me to this point. if i can get them to break format a little bit, i can get a kamala harris moment.
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>> and they're practicing for that. >> you, sir, are no kamala harris. if they do that they get their time docked. >> it's going to be different. >> does warren differentiate herself from sanders? >> you mean has she or will she? >> will she? >> i think she will, but i don't think people understand exactly what the differences are. i think bernie sanders is to the left of elizabeth warren. i think there are people that think she would be a better general election candidate. one of the best things she can do in this debate is quiet the concerns whether she has just enough moderation in her, just a little bit enough of the center in her to go onto that phase of the contest. if i were her, that's what i'd be trying to do. but i think it's a squabble over the most progressive wing of the party. >> all right. thank you very much. this morning a dangerous and potentially deadly heat wave. about 2/3 of the country will
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suffer temperatures of 95 degrees or higher over the next few days. cnn meteorologist chad myers with the forecast. chad? >> you showed the lid just like putting a lid on a pot, john. it is going to be hot. the heat and humidity will not be able to go up into the atmosphere because of this heat dome. and we have millions and millions. over a hundred million people in this warning area. feels like this afternoon 117 in kansas city. it felt like 114 in omaha. and the heat now is to the northeast. new york had a good day yesterday, but it is not so good today. feels like e9. get away from or into the cities, your temperatures are going to feel more like 105. 20 or more cities will break record highs today. not even heat index. when you add in the heat, it's going to feel like 105 in new york tomorrow. and we'll push 110 in d.c. this weekend. good news at the end of the tunnel. there is cooler air coming in next week. to the tune of 20 degrees feels
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like temperature cooler. just get through the next couple because it's going to be a hot and dangerous weekend in places. >> everybody needs to be careful. thank you very much. the vice president even reportedly the first lady melania all connected to the president's retreat over the send her back chants. so we have the inside scoop for you on how this went down, what they said to him. maggie haberman from "the new york times" joins us next. prestige creams not living up to the hype? olay regenerist shatters the competition.
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this morning new details on the anatomy of a retreat. president trump stood at the podium for 13 seconds as a crowd chanted "send her back" direct ed at congresswoman ilhan omar. the president is now claiming he did not support the crowd's chant. >> i think i did. i started speaking very quickly. it really was a loud -- i disagree with it, by the way. but it was quite a chant. and i felt a little bit badly about it. but i will say this. i did -- and i started speaking very quickly. >> he didn't. he didn't start speaking very quickly. that's a lie. he didn't try to stop the chants. that's a lie. we'll show it to you in a second. more importantly we have new reporting on how it came to pass that the president backed off like he did because it's very interesting. joining us now maggie haberman
3:18 am
from "the new york times." you're part of the team writing how this came to be. the president sort of buckled to some pressure? what happened here? >> he did. it's important to underscore we've seen him do these kinds of retreats repeatedly over the last three and a half years, four years. and it allows everybody to read into what he said, exactly what they want to hear. in this case this has been going on for several days. the chant was the culmination of it. and you had a couple of people including the vice president who was hearing an earful from republicans including ivanka trump and a couple other top aides after the chant who said something to the president. you know, he said what he said. and they were expressing to him that this was becoming problematic. top white house officials were hearing from republican elected officials and other allies of the administration saying this is a problem. this one is not going away. you're going to have to deal with it. others in the president's orbit have been trying to talk to him about this since the tweet. among the people who told him this was going to be a problem, kelly an conway, a couple of
3:19 am
others who said they didn't like the tweet and thought this was too far. the president was supposed to start walking this back on monday and he didn't. he refused to say anything. he stuck with it. he doesn't like admitting a mistake. he doesn't like walking something back. you had white house officials trying to make clear to other advisers don't say this is a strategy. this is not part of a strategy. this is just something that happened. others started to embrace this as yes, this is what we were intending to do. and so you have had this which is reminiscent. >> president trump likes this. he believes this. he does think they should go back to where they came from. he's said it more than once. he said it convincingly. so getting him to then disavow it is where there's all this cognizant dissonance. it's very -- it's hard to believe him now.
3:20 am
>> because of this one thing? it was easy before this? i think that -- look. i think that you have the president -- we were being told first when he did this tweet, i don't know what's in his heart. right? none of us do. however, we know what was on his twitter feed. not just that one time but several times. he went on to say a version of that again. even as aides including the rapid response person for the trump campaign was frantically tweeting on sunday. reporters are lying -- he went on and said it again. again, this is a pattern we have seen over and over again where people try to publicly defend him. then he throws them under the bus. what he does believe, just to speak to what is in his mind, he does think that the squad is -- these four congresswomen are a good target for him. particularly congresswoman omar. he sees her as a useful foil. however, what his advisers have said to him over and over is let their words speak for
3:21 am
themselves. don't do it in this way which is ugly and which is just not how a sitting president should be talking about a congresswoman let alone citizens of this country. >> very quickly, let's play this video so you can see for yourselves how the president did not step in to quiet the crowd at all. least of all quickly. >> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screeds. >> send her back! send her back! send her back! send her back! send her back! send her back! send her back! >> he pauses, he nods, he glances, he waits until it dies down. then he starts talking again. so he's lying wh enhe says he stepped in to stop it there. what's interesting to me here is is this evidence -- republicans often say there's nothing we can do. he's going to do what he does.
3:22 am
we can't stop him. well, enough leaders spoke up, his daughter spoke up, maybe even the first lady according to cbs news. so people can perhaps shape his behavior if enough start saying something. >> they can shape it for a moment. i don't know how much durability this has. they did get him to do something, but again, i think we have seen this cycle over and over again. he is mostly going to do what he wants and he is always going to push things to see what he can get away with for as long as possible. and there was enough pushback that he moved. but that's moving for this moment. you're not changing him. we treat these moments they're a moment in reality. it's a wash cycle. >> and tomorrow he will say his voice wasn't on the "access hollywood" tape. that's what this will end up as. >> he has a history of saying we are not seeing what we're seeing. what he did yesterday it allows republicans to say, see, he walked it back.
3:23 am
while his supporters say, he didn't say anything at that rally. and people will hear where they want to hear. >> before we award mike pence and ivanka trump courage for talking to him, it wasn't until thursday. the tweet happened on sunday. >> they may have talked to him before that. but the chant was, i think, a moment that most people around the president realized was going to get bad quickly. >> i'm just interested in what their line is. it was interesting to have anthony scaramucci on "new day" yesterday. there's a line where enough is enough. anthony scaramucci speaks to the tv telegraphing to the president and he was using this net forof a glacier where a piece was breaking off. he kept repeating that saying a piece of support was breaking off for him. and then president trump changed his tone a little bit on this. we did see a piece of support breaking off as you're
3:24 am
reporting. and so the line is send her back? >> i think the line keeps moving. i suspect we'll see the line move again. but for the moment, this was something that republicans did not want to have to defend in their own districts. and this was -- look. i understand that the president thinks this is good politics for him. and some people around him think the overall fight with the congresswoman is good politics for him. i think there are a lot of reasons why they think that. what he did by just allowing that chant and with the tweet in the first place but certainly with the chant is -- how is that going to appeal to voters who rationalized voting for him last time saying he's just saying this stuff because it's a campaign? i don't know that americans want to feel like there's a president who is the arbiter of who's an american and who's not. that's what he's been doing all week. >> michael cohen. the southern district of new york not going to file charges.
3:25 am
however, we did learn new details. just how many times president trump spoke with michael cohen by telephone around the time these payments were being discussed. and we know the fbi felt at the time it is likely they were discussing these payments. so it shines once again new or should i say more light on the president's clear lies about what he knew about this. i'll remind people what he said on that airplane about these payments. listen. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no. no. >> why did michael cohen make this if there was no truth to her allegations? >> you'll have to ask michael cohen. michael is my attorney and you'll have to ask him. >> that does not appear to be true. which we knew, but again we're learning it was greater volume
3:26 am
now. >> to be clear, we don't know the contents of any of these. the sheer volume of the number of calls that were going on around this, this was all spur bid the "access hollywood" tape. i think you saw hope hicks say something in her testimony. she's going to really have to clear up for congress why what she said was true. and why what michael cohen said is a different version. michael cohen obviously is sitting in a jail cell. he has had questions about his credibility for awhile. but he is the only person who has been or will be charged in this issue. and it is just clear that he was far from the only person who was involved or even, you know, approving it. >> very quickly the reason we know that is because we do have texts between cohen and hope hicks. so just quickly to read it, this is actually in print.
3:27 am
okay? so the next morning on november 5th, 2016, three days before the election at approximately 7:35 a.m., cohen texted hicks. so far i see only six stories. getting little to no traction. this is about daniels. hicks says, same. keep praying. it's working. exclamation point. so that is how they were hoping to keep it from the voters. with prayer. >> look. this is -- there was a huge overdrive effort right after "access hollywood" to try to suppress these stories and stormy daniels from talking. so it's not a surprise to me that they were thrilled to see that things were not taking off. but we do see how hard they were working to be dishonest when reporters were asking them questions about this. >> thank you very much. high tension in the middle east this morning. the united states brags about shooting down an iranian drone. but the new iranian response
3:28 am
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. a new escalation in the standoff with iran. president trump saying the u.s. navy shot down an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz. but iran is denying this happened. what's the story, ryan? >> reporter: well, both sides claiming that something happened in the strait of hormuz. the u.s. saying that they downed an iranian drone. officials telling us that was done with a sophisticated electronic warfare system. iran saying it had nothing to do with anything that was going on in the area. that its drones remain safe.
3:33 am
of course last month iran downed a u.s. drone in the same area. there's agreement. nothing new. what occurred yesterday when this iranian drone was brought down. we're told it was one of multiple provocations conducted by iranian forces. they said the iranians flew a helicopter close to the boxer. they sailed a ship within 500 yards which is a warning distance for the navy. and they had to use helicopters to counter these provocations. u.s. is increasing the number of troops it has recently deployed 500 troops to saudi arabia to man an anti-missile battery. iran says it's seeking to drive the u.s. from the region. you can see there that strait of hormuz, that stretch of water that is really where so many u.s. and iranian military forces
3:34 am
operate in close proximity to one another raising the risk of miscalculation. >> all right. i know you're watching this carefully this morning. please keep us posted. overnight, new developments in the crisis in puerto rico. a new round of celebrities joining the calls for puerto rico's governor to resign. so far governor ricardo rossello is refusing. leyla santiago is live for us in san juan. what are you seeing? >> reporter: you can see there are still people guarding the governor's mansion. there's also been a standoff here between protesters and police in the last few days. now, let's go over sort of what developed overnight. as you mentioned at the youth awards for univision last night have joined to say ricky resign.
3:35 am
that has been the chants we've heard here on the streets of san juan. last night a bit of a quiet night. and i say that comparatively speaking. we saw some protesters here chanting, but it was very peaceful and really minimal compared to what we have seen in the past here. one of the things people have heard, they're concerned that it is being lost in the tension that you see. the tear gas that has been dispersed. the back and forth between protesters and police. they want to make sure that their peaceful message for many of asking the governor or demanding rather that the governor resign does not get lost. for the governor's part, he's digging in. he's not saying that he is going to step down any time soon. i want to read you part of a statement he released in the afternoon in which he says that the protests have not gone unnoticed. and, quote, i recognize the challenge that i have before me
3:36 am
because of the recent controversies. but fimrmly believe it is possible to restore confidence and that we will be able after this painful process to achieve reconciliation. tonight we are expecting a very big protest here. the unions have already said that they will participate and we expect more and more to have more eyes on the legislature to see if they will begin impeachment. alisyn? >> this is far from over. thank you very much for being on the front lines of it there for us. well, it started with a racist tweet on sunday. and by thursday had escalated to trump supporters shouting an anti-american chant over and over. michael smerconish explains this historic week as he sees it next. ♪ did you know even the cleanest looking cars can smell musty? that's because odors trapped in your car's soft surfaces get released, and are then circulated by your ac system. to stop the cycle of odors try febreze car vent clips. febreze stops the circulation of musty air by trapping and eliminating lingering odor molecules
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well, it's been quite a week. president trump started by tweeting out a racist tweet on sunday about four congress women of color. then it all escalated to an eggly chant on thursday for president trump. joining us now to help talk about all of this in perspective
3:41 am
is michael smerconish. how do you see this week, michael? >> i think the conventional wisdom is it was a disastrous week politically speaking for the president. i'm not sure that's accurate. i'm not sure that's accurate because the polling data and i'm thinking of ipsos and reuters which was post-tweets but before the rally, showed that he was up five points with republicans. so you say, okay. maybe it plays with the base. but how about everybody else? there's a firm called engages. they're doing focus groups of people who voted for obama and then trump. romney and then hillary. i just talked to someone who ran one of these in michigan. and the morning of the rally, he was on my radio show and i said richard, some up there thinking relative to immigration. which he told me was the push button issue. in his words and i took notes,
3:42 am
he said their mind-set is "send them back." then came that rally that same night in north carolina among the hardened trump supporters. what i'm suggesting is that as offensive, as racist as it may be, it's striking a chord with more than just the republican base. >> we'll have to see. and there is a question of how it plays politically. but then there's also a question of history and morality. and i know this is something you've been thinking a lot about, michael. let me read a little bit of "the wall street journal" editorial. the campaign is shaping up to be vicious by political standards. americans will hold mr. trump and republicans responsible if yahoos take mr. trump's words as a license for violence. the journal even saying there's something bigger going on here. >> well, it concerns me as one who has the privilege of 15 hours a week after a radio microphone, an hour a week on
3:43 am
cnn. i'm forever mindful of the people who are listening and the people who are watching who might be unhinged and might miscon true something i would say or a piece of tape i would play. so it worries me as i watch that rally to think about individuals who might be incited. here's another consideration. what happens at the next rally? what's going to be the response from the president when there certainly will be some other form of spontaneous chant? we really don't know which way this is going to go in the future. >> hey, michael. there's already been yahoos driven to violence. there was the kook in the van who sent bombs all over. and there was the tree of life mass shooter who used the exact same terminology and talked about liking president trump's terminology of invaders and caravans. it's already happened. we don't have to wait to see what happens when this vitriol ignites something.
3:44 am
>> well, i think it's a good observation. and the social media world is full of it as we all know and have to live in that space. >> let's show a moment where there's another option for a republican candidate when somebody in the crowd that you're trying to curry favor with, a voter, says something offensive. there is another option. you can take another tact. here is what john mccain did when it happened. >> i can't trust obama. i have read about him and he's not -- he's a -- he's an arab. he is not -- no? >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. he's a decent family man citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. and that's what this campaign is all about. he's not. thank you. >> you take the microphone back from that person. that's how you do it.
3:45 am
>> well, tl there was an opporty this week for many on the republican side of the aisle to channel john mccain and only four stood out and did so. it's sad that his was not the example that more sought to emulate. >> all right, michael smerconish. thank you very much. i know you'll be talking about this and much, much more on your show. >> watch "smerconish" tomorrow morning joined by richard clark to discuss cybersecurity. only on cnn. here's a question. what do the russians want with your face? the megapopular app that's causing all kinds of controversy. why the u.s. senate is now stepping in. moves like these need pampers cruisers 360 fit with an ultra stretchy waistband and 360 fit that adapts to every wild move plus up to 12 hours of pampers protection...
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i can worry about it, or doe. something about it. garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally, and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique all right. new this morning, chuck schumer is calling on the fbi and the federal trade commission to investigate faceapp saying this viral app raises serious privacy concerns. cnn's doni sullivan is here with
3:50 am
the latest. this makes you older. why is congress concerned it's dangerous? >> there's two main parts to this. first the terms of service which normally nobody reads. because this has gone so viral, people are looking into that saying wow, this app when you sign up to it you're allowing the company to do whatever you want with your image. the fact of the matter is that most apps, many apps in the app store already sort of have terms of service like that. the second part and the real reason we're talking about it is the app has been developed in russia. so the dnc obviously hacked by russians in 2016 were urged to delete immediately. the app developers say everything is above board. it's never transferred to russia and are deleted after two days. i think what's good about this is we are having a conversation about the small print which none
3:51 am
of us normally read. and i guess we're seeing that people got a bit freaked out once they read this terms of service. that is in a lot of apps already. i think it's a wider industry issue. and of course, you know, i think it's good that some of us pause to read those terms and conditions including myself. i downloaded the app before the fallout and i think we have a picture of how i look on -- >> you've got to take care of yourself. >> yeah. apologies to the viewers for the graphic image. >> wow. wow. all right. donie o'sullivan, thank you very much. but if the russians wanted to, they could use this and it could be an issue going forward. >> that is the concern. there's no evidence, but that is the concern. >> all right. thank you. great to have you here. >> you know what i use when i want to see myself aging? a mirror. okay?
3:52 am
you don't need this app. >> i keep telling you now you can blame the russians. >> finally thank you. and not my face cream. thank you. meanwhile, cnn has new reporting out on exactly how democrats and republicans are each preparing for robert mueller's testimony next week. we share the game plan next. struggling to clean tough messes with wipes? try new mr. clean magic eraser sheets. just wet, squeeze and erase icky messes in microwaves and on stovetops for an amazing clean, get the power of mr. clean magic eraser in new disposable sheets.
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play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums all right. this morning, the second round of the british open is underway. there are roughly 600 golfers playing better than tiger woods right now, yet we're still going to make this story about tiger. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> you were off the week he won the masters, conveniently. because we were talking about tieg aerolot. we're talking about him because he's not going to be around to play the weekend, more than likely.
3:57 am
he shot 7 over par. it was his worst opening round ever at the british open. things went south for him right off the 1st tee. tiger lined up his shot, hit it and started grimacing. never a good sign after four back surgeries. many had hoped tiger was back, but he gave a grim assessment of where he is physically. zble just the way it is. just father time and some procedures i've had over the times. just the way it's going to be. . as i said, one of the reasons i'm playing less tournaments this year is i can hopefully prolong my career. be out there a little bit longer. >> going into the first round, rory mcilroy was the favorite to win. he grew up right near royal portrush. but rory had an even worse day than tiger. he had a quadruple bogey on hole number 1. and then a triple bogey on hole 18.
3:58 am
very disappointing for him. american jb holmes right now is your leader. jordan spieth this morning having a fantastic day. >> i'm rooting for jb. that's all i'm saying. andy scholes, thank you very much. we have incredible video of a man climbing down a 19-story high-rise to escape a fire. i have no idea what he's grabbing onto. >> how does he do that? >> there was heavy smoke in the hallways. the man who climbed down the side of the building, he made to it the ground safely. wow. >> what a story. what video. oh, my gosh. i don't think everybody would be capable of that. it's been more than 30 years, but maverick is back. >> a two-star admiral by now yet
3:59 am
here you are. captain. why is that? >> it's one of life's mysteries, sir. >> ooh, that does look good. that looks really good. i think that tom cruise guy has got something. i think he's going to be a big star. this is the "top gun" sequel. >> that no one asked for. >> tom cruise still -- he still has the iconic bomber jacket, okay? he keeps things. >> hasn't washed it. >> he also has his aviator sunglasses. i would have lost them by now. but he's now an old school flight instructor. "top gun: maverick" hits theaters next summer. i think it's going to be great. >> is goose going to be in it? >> i don't know. >> he's dead. all right? he's not going to be in it. >> but i mean, you never know
4:00 am
after 30 years. he could be back. >> that would be a twist. go back and watch "top gun" again. i promise you, it's not as good as you remember. all right? it isn't. it isn't. i don't want to have to break it to you, but it's true. >> this one might have a surprise. cnn has learned the democrats' plan to make the most of their hearings with robert mueller. "new day" continues right now. any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report. the work speaks for itself. >> new details on house democrats' game plan for the mueller hearing next week. >> democrats planning to focus on five areas of alleged obstruction of justice banking on the fact that this shifts public opinion. the lineups are set for cnn's democratic presidential debates. >> buttigieg has the opportunity to shine for voters on the fence about him. >> this is not necessarily the debate stage biden wanted.


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