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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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potential obstruction of justice by president trump including his efforts to fire robert mueller himself and tamper with witnesses like the former campaign chairman manafort. also there's new reporting on why the president tried to distance himself from the anti-american center back chants at his rally in north carolina. he claims he tried to stop it, but of course the video on your screen tells the real story. it appears some in the president's inner circle and senior members in congress spoke to him behind closed doors to get him to attempt to explain -- well, i should say to explain to him why that might not have been the smartest strategy. and yes, we have a rematch. it's going to be in the cnn democratic primary debates. former vice president joe biden will share the stage again with senator kamala harris. will he be ready this time? on the other night senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders seen by many as it two
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leaning progressives in the race, they will go head to head. that too will be fascinating. joining us to discuss all of this ana palmer, the author of the hill to die on. keirsten powers with us, a cnn political analyst, and josh campbell, cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi supervis supervisory special agent. josh, i want to start with you because you among us has actually worked with robert mueller. and now we're getting a sense from members on both sides of the aisle how they're going to approach him next week. the democrats are going to try to dive into those five areas of alleged obstruction which have to do did he order mcgahn to fire robert mueller, they're going to push him on that and also whether he would recommend charges on a private citizen if he or she had engaged in a similar fact pattern? will that be effective with the robert mueller you know? >> they have to be strategic
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being house democrats. we've all seen a pattern in this age where you have a witness in a contentious hearing. one side attacks the witness and the other sides spends time rebill talting the witness. i suspect there will come a point probably early on where robert mueller is going to start to frustrate both sides. you're going to have the republicans trying to tear him down and the democrats upset he's not giving them what they want. he locates facing the press and congress. i can never think of a time he went into a congressional hearing trying to make news. someone who has that strategy who wants to stick to his rapport doesn't want to go in there making headlines. >> do democrats really believe these moments will reaminate the russia story? >> i think they're tempering expectations early on of doing this briefing saying we know he's not going to go beyond the
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report, but we're going to ask him. the big question i have are the democrats going to be disciplined? these are the kind of hearings people love to showboat and talk with themselves or are they actually going to use this to press him. >> they're doing these practice sessions. they're telling us they're doing these practice sessions. i imagine that's telling from aides, congressional aides who want to tell the members you've got to draw within the lines here. keirsten, i want to ask you in a slightly different way, what could change the discussion right now in terms of the russia discussion? >> that's a good question. i don't know that there is something barring mueller saying something he hasn't already. now, it's true having somebody on video with you sound you can play and that people can actually hear him talking about what's in the report does bring it alive for people who did want read it, which is most people. but if he doesn't say anything new then i think a lot of people are going to look at it and
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think, well, we already kind of know this. if we follow the news we know the basic of what was in the report. and by all accounts it doesn't seem like he's going to go beyond what he said. he seems like a disciplined person who's not going to get pulled into making news. >> the volume of information is so overwhelming. and one strategy the president employs he does very good. the strategy is if something happens on wednesday, he will do something on thursday that makes you completely forget the thing that shocked you on wednesday. so regardless of what happens here at this hearing which everyone is going to be watching, democrats have to have a plan what they do the next day. if there's a question, a bomb, if everyone else had done what was in this report and they had been indicted as president, then what? >> one of the things they want to focus on is why he didn't, you know, interview donald trump. so i'm interested since you
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worked with him, what is the answer the democrats want to hear? >> i don't think they're going to get a good answer. i think he's going to say, look, i was constrained by the justice department i couldn't go after the president. if he had gone that route and tried to litigate this, we would have been studying for years trying to determine what's going to happen in the courts, litigation upon litigation, so i just think he realized under these constraints, i have this report i have to get out there, and again none of that is going to satisfy democrats because at the end of the day this is the one branch of government that could potentially hold this president accountable. >> that's a question in and of itself because robert mueller alluded to that but didn't flat out say it. so you could ask mueller were you talking about congress? >> that's the cession. and we all mentioned barr the attorney general, did he intercept the pass that was
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rightly meant for congress? that would be interesting to watch. what does mueller say in his own words? >> and does it cause democrats to say we are a step closer to impeachment? you had almost 90 democrats now on the record saying they are for impeachment. does this get kind of the water break measure of more than 50% of house democrats saying, yes, it is time to impeach this president? >> or what will he say if he's asked this was an impeachment recommendation? how will he answer that question? >> i'm not the mueller whisperer, i think he's going to be very conservative. i think if they ask him questions that are open ended, and this runs counter to what we in the press do, what members in congress do, if we ask mueller an open ended question he's going to pivot back to his report. when we talk about strategy and i think this runs count door all convention, they have to go back to the yes, no. he answers very quick and terse in his responses. but if they ask him would you
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have indicted the president, that's a yes, no, question. if the answer is yes coming out of his mouth that could be powerful. >> let's turn our attention to this week. starting with the tweets on sunday from the president that were racist of these four congresswomen and reaching a crescendo on thursday at his political rally with the chants. there's only one way to describe them which is the anti-american chants of sending americans back somewhere i don't know. send her back, send her back. so in the history books this week will be written about it is safe to assume. and we now have reporting that the president's inner circle and top republicans who gave mike pence an earful about how this is unacceptable, they got the president to do something very unusual and pretend that he didn't like those chanlts or claim he didn't like them when his tweets were what started this whole week. why was this the breaking point,
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why was this the line where enough is enough, after all the convention breaking and a lit laneany of things a shock? >> i think this is one of those times even though the republicans hate going after this president. they clearly feel that the president could attack them. as we all know most members of congress are just into their next re-election. i think this was a step too far from them in the sense that they were having to answer personally and talk to their family and people and constituents. all of a sudden you had a few members, it was kind of like a tidal wave happening. a couple members went forward and all of a sudden you had mitch mcconnell, kefvin mk kevi and others. it wasn't just the moderate republican saying this is too far. there were some really
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conservative members saying this is not the america i live in, this is what what we're about. >> you mean behind the scenes saying that? >> right. several of them did come forward, though. i think you had a handful that voted on the resolution. i do think you had more of a momentum publicly than we typically have. >> i'm going to be a little more cynical. i think they're not as offended by it as they are concerned about it politically. because this is something that could really harm them with republican women, with voters that are actually in play. i think for people -- you know, donald trump is regularly doing things that cross the line and doing things that are racist as well and people are willing to sort of look the other way. and i think that the problem here is they recognize this actually probably goes too far for some of their voters. >> does it show that, you know, we always hear republicans feel like they can't do anything, the president tweets what he tweets
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and we have to watch it, but does this show there are times if they band together, if they speak up that they can get him to back off? >> yes. but the point is i think they're much more interested in getting themselves re-elected, and they're not as offended by this as i frankly think that they should be. right, i think there's so many things he does that are so problematic separate from the race issue. it's thea th authoritarianism, the things he kbuz, and they just decide it's important basically not pushing back against the president, what's important is me getting re-elected. >> and see things not politically but through the lens of public safety. this is an aspect we should talk more about as a country, and that is the nature of the president's words and how that might insight people to violence. our colleague sarah schneider had a great piece this week how there are people out there using the president's own words to
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discriminate against people. and we know in the past that's potentially an issue, when you have a commander in chief it's okay to hate people, listen to my own words and use them, that could be dangerous in this country. >> we've already seen it. >> we have. but we have to keep talking about it. >> i understand. but i just want to remind people that the guy in the van that was fe festooned with all the trump stickers sent bombs that he thought were active. this wasn't a false alarm. he meant to send bombs that would go off to leading news organizations and the guy at the treel of life synagogue, the masked shooter used the same terminology that the president had used and talked about how much he liked that. >> and after this happens the president will back down for a little bit, maybe a day or week so so and goes back to it. >> it's not much of a back down. the damage is done, and he's not apologizing. he's not saying this was wrong, i shouldn't have said that, i was in a bad mood and did some
5:12 am
bad tweets, and of course this is their home, and america belongs to everybody. that's not what he did. he sort of pretended, what, they were chanting, i didn't really hear that. >> this is strategy he's done several times. there was a story on plit clolio far where this is not the first time. >> he's on twitter now sort of equivocating the whole thing. >> he makes the job of capital police harder who have to protect these members of congress now in his verbal cross hairs hoping that it doesn't turn into reality. >> and ladies, thank you also for the all the per spectchmism. a deadly potential heat wave will grip two thirds of the united states with temperatures of 95 degrees or higher all over the place for days. chad myers with the ugly
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forecast. >> no question. it's important to remember, john, the temperatures i show you are going to be in the shade. so if your dog is outside in the sun feeling these temperatures it's going to feel 10 or 15 degrees warmer. please take care of the elderly and pets today. excessive heat warnings all across and up and down the east coast. temperatures are going to feel 115 degrees. that's warmer than it will feel in death valley. i know a dry heat and wet heat is completely different. but still your heat and your body will not adapt to it very well if you're outside working. temperatures in chicago will be 108 with the feels like temperature, but get on the pavement. in downtown chicago it could feel like 115. same story in all the big cities because of that urban heat island that you have. here's the good news, cold front goes by on friday, saturday and sunday and cools down for next week. it'll feel like 107 degrees in new york city tomorrow afternoon. it'll feel like 67 by thursday morning, and so temperatures are
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really going to take a drop. we're going to talk about a 40 degree temperature difference so at least some reefe. but two days maybe even three of being very, very careful out there, guys. it's just going to be that dangerous. >> thank you very much for the warnings. we have another important story for you. the new york fire department tells us the 200th firefighter has died from 9/11 illinize after working at the world trade center following the attack. richard driscoll served the department for 32 years and was cited for bravery five times during his career. driscoll is the second 9/11 hero to die this week. kevin nolan died of 9/11 related cancer on tuesday. their deaths come as the senate delay a vote to extend the september 11th victims compensation fund. that vote is now expected next week. >> our friend john field comes
5:15 am
on and tells us there are people dying every day. so when you delay something a week. >> it has an actual life and death impact. there's a lot of stake for democrats when robert mueller testifies next week. we'll speak to a leader democrat who will get to testify robert mueller. what does he want to know? that's next. fly-by ballooning. (man) don't...go...down...oh, no! aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! (burke) rooftop parking. (burke) and even a hit and drone. (driver) relax, it's just a bug. that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ for making bucket lists bookers know summer is for booking it like booking a beachside resort, and ordering two more tacos than you need to. check. showing the deep end who's boss! check.
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okay, cnn has learned that house democrats and republicans are intensely preparing behind the scenes for next week's mueller testimony. they're trying to hash out a game plan for how to get the most out of mueller and the moment, so joining us now to explain is democratic congressman mike quigley. he's on the intelligence committee and will be questioning robert mueller next week. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. >> great to have you. what's your game plan for next week? >> look, what i tell my friends -- and i've been in congress ten years -- is if you have low expectations for congressional hearings you'll
5:20 am
never be disappointed. i'd like to think this will be different. i know the members are treating this very seriously. and if the special counsel only hits on the high points of the conclusions of the mueller report, then it'll be a victory because it is an extremely damaging report to the president of the united states. >> but can you share with us your top question that you plan to ask in your five minutes allotted? >> well, this is probably going to be more of a sequence of questions. i'd like to think the members will understand that and follow a flow. again, the highlights. and at whatever point during the process is my time, we're going to continue with that path i hope. and that is the russians attacked our democratic process. the trump campaign welcomed that, used that information. no one called the fbi. in fact, all they did was attack the fbi and then communicated with the russians and
5:21 am
coordinated this information they got from them into their campaign plan. anywhere along the line if we're following that line of questioning, that's where i'll be, and that's where i'll be focused on. >> but congressman, hasn't that already been put to bed in the mueller report. that's what mueller concluded there was no known coordination basically. >> i think he talked about the facts that mr. manafort met with someone tied with russian intelligence mr. kilimnik and exchanged polling data. if you're the russians and are doing a coordinated campaign to attack us through social media, what better information to have than polling data? the heart and the guts of information from the trump campaign, if that's not coordination, i don't know what it is. and gets to my point that's exactly what the attorney general wanted people to think.
5:22 am
and if we correct those misunderstandings, then this will be worthwhile. >> look, i agree you have zeroed in on the polliheart of the mat. that polling data does seem to be one of the most incriminating moments. we'll watch to see if that works. as you know bill barr has already concluded and bob mueller concluded there are no charges that are going to happen. so what do you hope to get out of this? >> i think first the american people are going to wonder why there aren't charges especially when it comes to obstruction. and the final point, i think the american public also recognizes just because you can't prove something beyond a reasonable doubt doesn't mean it's not horribly wrong. at first glass the american public's view of this came from the attorney general who grossly misrepresented what took place.
5:23 am
and i believe that's why the special counsel took his eight minutes and said that's not what i said, i did not exonerate the president of the united states. i left it to congress to make up their minds on the obstruction issue. he bent over backwards to be fair to the president of the united states following doj guidelines that he could not indict the president, which i disagree with. squeven beyond that, stating he couldn't take the position that because the president can't be indicted he can't go to trial to defend himself, then i don't want to take a stance because he can't defend himself. that's bending over backwards to a man who's never been fair, who's attacked the rule of law. at least at this hearing we need the american public to understand what they haven't been told, and what they were told by the attorney general was absolutely a lie. >> congressman, i want to ask you for your take on the end of this extraordinary week.
5:24 am
you tweeted during this week after the president's racist tweets, you basically said -- well, actually you didn't tweet. you told our wolf blitzer. and let me quote you. this makes me extraordinarily concerned about the president's mental health and his well-being. is that what you take away from this week? >> the fact the president of the united states stoked the fires of racial tension in this country, which is an extremely dangerous thing to do beyond being horribly wrong, and the fact that he takes some joy out of that, this is -- i don't know how to describe it other than it is a sick personality. and that sick personality is leading our country. look, ape hbraham lincoln as yo know appealed to the better angels of our nature. this president is appealing to a much darker force. that is dangerous and the fact he seemed to take joy from that should scare all of us.
5:25 am
>> so why didn't you vote for the impeachment resolution your colleague al green introduced this week? >> because i respectfully felt it was a reactionary emotional way to respond to a dangerous situation. i believe in impeaching this president. to me it's not a question of whether he's abused his powers. to me it is not a question of whether he is fit for office. he is not. but if you're going to do this maybe you get one shot at impeachment. his articles he filed this week, mr. green, only talked about those racial tweets. there is a whole list of crimes and misdemeanors and a process. ms. jackson lee from texas has a resolution that i'm a cosponsor of. i want that resolution on the floor this week. i'll vote for it because it details the crimes and misdemeanors. it talks about a path forward. it gives congress the authority it needs to do this in exactly the same manner we did during
5:26 am
watergate. so, sure, i support impeachment. but if you're going to do it, let's do it right. because if you get this wrong, that's all we have left. >> thank you. we appreciate your perspective on all of this this morning. >> thank you. >> john? >> the stage is now set for the next democratic debates. what are the most interesting matchups, and where could we see the fireworks? that's next. ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. the volvo xc90. have a discount with another wireless carrier? t-mobile will match it. need a few more reasons to switch?
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the mayor of new york -- >> what you're watching here is what took place on live tv as seen on unveiled, the line-up for the upcoming cnn presidential debates. >> so impressive. i would have massively screwed that up. >> she won clearly. >> we will see a rematch between the former vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris. joining us now to discuss, the man who really conceived up all of this, cnn's political
5:31 am
director david chalian. if we can put up the graphic of who will be there, the two biggest names, former vice president joe biden and california senator kamala harris. and this is rematch from what happened in the first round, and it's so important i think for vice president joe biden. what kind of challenge does this pose? >> yeah, it is really important because he did have a poor debate performance in miami, and not just when kamala harris hit him, but he wasn't providing a confident kind of debate performance throughout. so this a real opportunity for him to come back much stronger because his calling card in this election as you know is he's got this huge advantage with democrats that he is the best equipped to beat donald trump. but if he has a second debate performance like the first one, that could begin to chip away, and that would be a real wound to his whole rationale for his candidacy. so this big opportunity for him, and he has it standing between kamala harris and cory booker,
5:32 am
two people more so than any other maybe with the exception of bernie sanders who have been willing to go after the front-runner. >> i mean, of course, there are seven other people on that stage. who else should people look out for some break out moment? >> yeah, it's a good question. you've got -- remember, this is the second night we're talking about now, alyson. it lives on longer in our fast paced news cycle. julian castro learned that the first night. but then the biden-harris thing took over. here you have jay insley who's a governor from washington trying to make climate change the issue. you had andrew yang who i thought had a pretty reserved performance last time, but his standing in the polls has him just next to kamala harris. so he may be a force here. and michael bennett, kirsten
5:33 am
gillibrand, these folks have to make something happen because as you know the third debate in september, the dmz has doubled the threshold to get in and a lot of these folks right now have not met the requirements to make it beyond the detroit debate stage. >> night one, senator harris and elizabeth warren will be standing next to each other there. >> and it's not just the two of them which is real battle for ideological left. we know they're courting similar voters. they occupy that progressive lane in the race, so this is a real battle for that progressive left. but everyone else on either side of them nar more moderate in the spectrum. so there is the opportunity for some of those lower polling candidates who are out on the ends especially steve bullock, the governor of montana brand new to the debate stage this time around, there's an opportunity to take on the middle and that's how you get tension and taking on the top tier folks on the stage.
5:34 am
ideologically i think this line-up provides an opportunity for a klobuchar, for a bullock if they want to take it. i doubt warren and sanders who agree on so much are going to go at it in some hard fashion but they do need to distinguish themselves because they're fighting on the same turf. >> dave, you are in your element. this is your super bowl. >> i love it. >> and you've helped us get enthusiastic about all of it. it will be very interesting to see what they pull off. >> i think joe biden -- i don't think this was the draw. if he could have chosen the perfect setup for both nights i don't think it was this, david. >> i think he wanted bernie sanders. i think he's been telegraphing that for a week, he wants to take sanders on specifically, but just on the ideology that is not the debate draw he got. but that doesn't diminish what a
5:35 am
big opportunity this is for him to have a come back. >> thank you very much. we're really looking forward to it. dutch airline has flown into a fire storm after posting a tweet that left many asking why. we'll show you that post next.
5:36 am
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a new escalation in the tensions between the u.s. and iran. president trump is claiming the navy ship the quote destroyed an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz. he says it came too close and ignored warnings to back off. iran is refuting that claim calling it delusional and insisting all are accounted for. we're getting new details about the arson fire he allegedly set at the kyoto animation studio that's killed 33 people. the suspect is not believed to be linked to the reknowned anime company. police there say he has, quote, a psychological illness.
5:40 am
the dutch airline is apologizing over the tweet of likelihood passenger deaths based on where they're seated on the plane. this is what it said according to data studies by time the fatality rate for seats in the middle of the plane is the highest. however, the fatality rate if the rest of the seats in the front is marginally lesser and the least for seats at the third. the tweet has since been deleted. the bigger question is why are they even sharing the opinion. >> what were they thinking? no one wants to read about that before getting on their flight. well, now to this. the internet is pouncing on the first trailer for the film version of "cats." listen to this. ♪ it's so easy to leave me all
5:41 am
alone with the memory ♪ >> where's the controversy, john? i like it already. the adaptation of the broadway musical stars oscar winners jennifer hudson and dajudy gent all wearing cgi fur. safe to say first impressions wer were a meow mix. many people did not know what to make of it, but taylor swift who's a cat lover thought it was perfect. the film comes out around christmas. >> i'm deeply concerned. for both you and all of us. and i say this as a musical theater fan. >> what's the problem? >> cats is the problem. i think the original problem is just cats, period. the musical. >> is this another thing that you think no one asked for? >> yeah, definitely no one asked for. it's like the opposite.
5:42 am
cats is this phenomenon people acknowledge happened but don't want to admit it happened anymore. i like andrew lloyd weber, don't get me wrong. but cats, it's tough. >> i don't know. i think the music sounds great and seeing all of the your favorite stars in fur, feline so fine, you know what i'm saying? >> like i said, i'm concerned. here's what else to watch today. >> see, feel, climb. first out, last in. look around corners. look in crannies. go down dark alleys. lose yourself. catch a lift. push boundaries. go walk about. get set. go after the goose bumps. never stop discovering. okay, so tomorrow marks 50
5:43 am
years since apollo 11 became the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon. and cnn's rachel crane is live at nasa's johnson space center in houston. she is in front of the same type of rocket as the one that propelled the apollo 11 crew. that's so cool. rachel, tell us what you're seeing. >> reporter: that's right, alyson. let's just take a moment and, you know, revel in the beauty of this incredible rocket behind me. this is saturn 5, the type of rocket that put neal armstrong and buzz aldrin on the moon nearly 50 years ago. right now it's on its side but standing up it's the height of a five story building. really an incredible engineering feat right here in just the rocket itself. and of course most of the rocket was fuel.
5:44 am
the part that was really important when the astronauts were in space, just this end bit right here. of course that round part being the command module that housed the astronauts. there are celebrations happening all over the world. of course space enthusiasts like myself taking stock of what humanity was able to achieve nearly 50 years ago. there are celebrations, the hotels are near capacity. i had the good fortune of meeting a spouse of a man who was in mission control at the landing. she had her late husband's badges on her, histual apollo badges. so there was so much activity, so much excitement surrounding the apollo anniversary. >> what a great moment to think about what happened 50 years ago. thank you very much for that reporting. and the cnn film "apollo 11"
5:45 am
takes you inside humanity it was greatest feat with newly discovered footage. so walt disney's grandniece is speaking out and criticizing her family's company for allegedly undercompensating its workers. we're going to speak to one disney employee who said she and her colleagues are not being paid a living wage. that's next. (burke) at farmers insurance, we've seen almost everything,
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5:50 am
every single one of these people i talked to were saying i don't know how i can maintain this face of joy and warmth when i have to go home and forage for food in other peoples garbage. >> that was the disney heiress abigail disney. the disney company responded calling abigail's claims a, quote, gross and unfair exaggeration of the facts. joining us now is one of those workers. she's rebecca peterson, a hair stylist as disneyland and earns $12 an hour. she's currently in wage negotiations with disney. thank you so much for being here and help us understand what's going on behind the scenes at disneyland. what did you think about what abigail disney said after meeting withlife oyou and she said she was livid at hearing some of your stories. >> she's completely right. she's been amazing advocating for us.
5:51 am
see has no reason, really, or benefit to be doing it. she's doing it out of the goodness of her heart, and she's 100% correct. we work for the ritz-carlton of theme parks. it's disneyland, and, you know, it's sad to see this company make more and more money yet not pay their employees accordingly. >> let's talk about that. let's talk about your life and your pay. we've already said you've shared with us your pay stub. you make $12 an hour. and that -- though you've been there and though you have a license for what you do, you are experienced, you say that's not a living wage. and so what does that mean for your life? you've had to take a second job? >> yes, i had to take a second job as well as three. sometimes i do some studio work and i work in a salon. but it takes time building a
5:52 am
clientele, so it's been slow, but i needed that extra cash and finally was able to afford a place of living. >> and let's talk about that because for a time correct me if i'm wrong, while you were working at disneyland, you were homeless? >> yeah, a couple of times i was homeless for 3 1/2 months consecutively living out of my car. and i finally from taking enough side jobs, i made enough money to get my -- rent a room again. and then i couldn't keep up with it so i lost that. and i started -- i moved back down to lake elsinore where i was staying with my step dad and my mom. and but i still worked at beverly hills at a salon so i was still sleeping in my car three nights out of the week. >> you point out not everyone at
5:53 am
disneyland makes $12 an hour. in fact, i think you see some sort of discrimination in terms of gender that men who you say have less training than you make more. explain. >> yes. qu qualifications, technical services has definitely earned their pay that they get, but there's no reason why our department who does have a license which is equivalent to an associates degree to not be paid accordingly. and we are paid as if we are entry level. and, you know, disney has said that everybody's getting paid $15, but we are not and that goes along with two other departments. >> that is very important. because disney has said they pay $15 at least but that is true. you make $12. we asked disneyland to respond to your claims and your story. they have not given us any sort of statement or response, but they did respond to abigail
5:54 am
disney's quotes and her interviews. this widely reported stunt is a gross and unfair exaggeration of the facts not only a misrepresentation but also an insult to the thousands of employees who are part of the disney community, who continual continually strive to enhance the disney experience through employees and benefits that provide them opportunity, mobility and well-being. very quickly. what do you want out of disney right now? >> i want to be paid accordingly along with my entire department to what we've earned as license skilled professionals. >> rebecca peterson, we will follow your story. we had like to know what happens. we do know there are negotiations going on, so we will follow you. thank you very much for sharing your personal story with us. >> thank you. i appreciate it. so cnn heroes do extraordinary work to help others but those people are rarely in the public eye.
5:55 am
last fall u.s. combat veteran jason kanlder was a rising star in the democratic party when he dropped out of the race to seek help for post traumatic stress. just earlier this week he spoke to cnn's kate baldwin about his journey and the help he received from a non-profit run by cnn hero chris stout. >> my first message to people is if you think something might be wrong, something is wrong and you should get help. they went to the va and they gave me a lot of paperwork and i looked at it and said i'm not sure i know how to navigate this process. >> even you. >> so i went to a community call and they serve all vets, anyone who falls through the cracks. they have a village of tiny houses. they effectively eradicated veteran homelessness in kansas city. >> to find out more about the veterans community project go to
5:56 am i want to say thank you to jason candor for speaking so frankly about this and that's what's needed. >> absolutely. what a great conversation. cnn newsroom is going to pick up after this very quick break. (vo) parents have a way of imagining the worst... ...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds.
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all right, we made it to friday, everyone. good morning. i'm poppy harlow. jim sciutto will join us in just a moment. he's on assignment. but first it is a high stakes hearing and democrats are not taking any chances. just days before robert mueller's much anticipated testimony we're hearing how the party is preparing to question the special


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