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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 19, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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it is one of three on display for the public to see but there are tons of people coming to pay homage to today. but it will be here for many years to come. >> reporter: rachel crane, thank you. don't miss the cnn film "apollo 11" with newly-discovered footage of the moon landing. that is tonight -- or rather sunday night -- tomorrow night, excuse me, at 9 eastern here on cnn. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> breaking news. president trump just responded after iran seized a second tanker in the span of just a couple of hours today. the confusion in a crisis where one mistake could possibly lead to war. president trump slinging even more insults at a prominent freshman african-american congresswoman and calling the
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crowd that chanted send her back, a chant yesterday he said he didn't like, calling them patriotic. they say they are the forgotten ones, the women accused of accusing trump of sexual assault and he said the me-too movement has left them out. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with breaking news. u.s. officials now saying iran has seized two ships. one a british flagged oil tanker and the other a liberian tanker and the president just moments ago responded to this report. >> this only goes to show what i'm saying about iran, trouble, nothing but trouble. >> the managing editor of lloydless said the seizure is creating, probably the highest level security threat since the
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1980s after tensions have escalated. just yesterday president trump announced that the u.s. had downed an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz. a claim that the iranians are denying. cnn's barbara starr joins me live from the pentagon. and what does the u.s. make of the two tankers that the iranians have seized? >> reporter: jake, for the last several hours we have been in very fast-moving developments. these two tankers we are now told by sources directly familiar with the situation were seized just half an hour apart. that means the iranians were able to plan ahead, coordinate and know where they were going to be, know where they were going to move their own forces. they boarded both tankers half an hour apart and took them into iranian waters. one from the strait of hormuz, one a bit north of there inside the persian gulf. a british warship was 20 miles away. it began moving towards the area. this now puts the british very
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much on notice of concern as you just said about the threats they are facing. but there is more. at this hour we are told by sources we're talking to, a u.s. commercial cargo ship is moving through this transit area. the u.s. does not obviously want to say exactly where it is located but it does want the iranians to know that u.s. military is watching. we are told there are armed aircraft overhead to keep track. and that is a sensitive situation. and it is a transit through the strait of hormuz takes some six to eight hours. we don't know where the ship is and we don't know what part of the transit it is in. and we obviously want that ship to stay safe so we're not offering -- able to offer a lot of details from our sources on this. where we are now -- is what happens next? it is almost impossible at this
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point for military ships to escort every cargo ship that moves through the waters. but the cargo ships are extremely vulnerable. they are armed and have civilian mariner crews and have narrow waterways that can't stay out of the range of iranian revolutionary guard i'm looking forward to talk to you. [ technical difficulties ] [ inaudible ]. >> these are the shipping lanes that move on to asia, europe and the united states. it is very close to becoming potentially a financial and economic crisis for the shipping industry. jake. >> barbara starr, and we're just being told this second that the foreign minister of the u.k. has said -- the foreign secretary of the u.k. has said that as far as they know right now, there are no british citizens on the
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british flagship, for what that is worth. cnn anchor becky anderson is on the ground and what do you hear from your sources about their concern over what seems an aggressive action by iran? >> yes, jake, remember we're just across the persian gulf from iran here in the united arab em arab emir ats in the last few days a senior official telling me we are not trigger happy. we are urging deescalation. and while they are saying that, we know that the emirates are pulling back forces from yemen which would bolster forces here back at home. and your audience will know better the most, this country, the uae spends billions on american military hardware. the fear is palpable. as you mentioned, jake, the quote from lloyds list on this being the most serious situation
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in some 40 years, maritime security here is absolutely critical in this part of the world. the strait of hormuz as you could see there on the map. but do remember, jake, to the iranians, this isn't aggressive at all. to some extent you could suggest they are acting from a position of weakness, one of their tankers held just off the coast of gibraltar two weeks ago over allegedly trying to sail on to syria in violation of sanctions. iran supreme leader vowing to respond to that at the right time and the right place, he said. clearly he's judging that to be right here, right now. it is a very carefully prescribed set of actions coming from tehran. uranium enrichment shooting down a u.s. drone and this is a responsible response they would say to what they see as u.s. aggression. and i'll keep working the
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sources here for the very latest reaction. but for the time being, certainly palpable. >> becky, thank you so much. >> let's chew over this with our panel. kaitlan, let me start with you as a white house correspondent for cnn, this is after the rise in tensions between the trump administration and iran. how is the white house reacting to this report? we saw the president say iran is nothing but trouble but he didn't seem perhaps fully versed on everything going on. >> no. he said essentially they're checking it and speaking u.k. officials. he didn't say if they had done so yet but this is coming just after we're seeing the conducting reports from each side, from the u.s. and iran and what happened yesterday when the president announced that the u.s. had downed an iranian drone and the iranians are saying, no, that didn't happen. we don't know whose drone it was. maybe it is the united states. and today we saw the president and john bolton respond and say they felt very confident it was an iranian drone and there was
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essentially no doubt about it. so this comes as these are escalating tensions but the question is what are they going to do because he made a weird statement there saying there is no agreement with the united kingdom over what to do with iran and so that leaves open the possibility of what he will do. but we are seeing the president move behind the scenes on a more hawkish direction on iran so it is unknown how he will respond. >> sand phil, how do you see the seizing two tankers, one liberian and one british flag. >> simple, we have a carrot on a stick. the iranians this week suggested they'll talk to us. they have an avenue to do. one they have the people at the u.n. and the europeans. trying to squeeze the europeans to tell us to back off. so there is carrot. same time, let's couple this with uranium enrichment and they tell us if we don't want to take the carrot, we could raise gas prices and shut down shipping or start heading with more uranium
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and build a bomb. carrot and stick, jake. >> just last month that president trump called off what looked like would be a military strike against some targets in iran after iran shot down an american surveillance aircraft. how might the president respond here? >> well, it really depends on who he's listening to. his personal instincts are to not get involved. he backed away from saying there is an agreement with the u.k. and talks about the strait of hormuz is not where the states get a lot of oil and this is an area that the rest of the world should be worried about and he doesn't want to be the policeman of the rest of the world and talk about the carrot, how he could get into high stakes negotiations with the iranians. but he has a lot of advisers who do lean in a more hawkish direction -- >> john bolton and mike pompeo perhaps. >> who say you can't let this type of action go without a response. and if he listens to those voices, i would not be surprised if he does pull the trigger and actually takes some action to
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show that the u.s. will not be bullied in the strait of hormuz and stand by our allies and iran needs to be reined in and it depends on who he's listening to. >> and they were talking about the president saying they don't have an agreement with -- and i want to listen to this, trump talking about the incident. >> we'll be working with the u.k. but we have no written agreement but i think we have a agreement which is long-standing. >> do you know what he's talking about? >> not clear. it is also important to remember that the u.k. is going through a leadership election so theresa may has stepped down, and boris johnson will likely take her place. he's like the european donald trump. but that hasn't taken place yet. so they're in transition. i'm not sure who he would be having an agreement with either. also the europeans and u.k. has a different view of raurn -- view of iran and their relationship with iran. so it is not along those lines. there are a lot of tricky things
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but who did deescalate this. this is not the united states trump in the oval office or the u.k. with boris johnson or a lack of leadership. so that is the piece that is pretty concerning to me. >> everyone stick around. we're going to have much more of the breaking news, iran seizing two tankers in what a source tells cnn the you u.s. military tells was coordinated and pre-planned. stay with ufc. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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and i don't add trup the years.s. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. we're back with the breaking news. the u.s. defense official telling cnn that two tankers have been captured by iran in what the u.s. military believes was a pre-planned and coordinated operation. right now the pentagon is monitoring the transit of a u.s. commercial cargo ship used armed aircraft overhead. a lot of nervous people watching to see what the iranians will do. we have with us phil mudd with spider marks and cnn international correspondent fred pleitgen. you just returned from iran, what are you hearing from your sources about this?
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>> reporter: yeah, look, jake, the revolutionary guard has been saying that this first tanker that they took, the stena impero was turning off the tracker through the area of the strait of hormuz and they say it was disregarding international maritime law as they put it and that is when the boats moved in and then took it into -- into iranian waters and then forced it ashore. now the most recent thing that i've gotten and this just came to me a couple of minutes ago, jake, apparently they are towing that ship to the port of bonder abass, that is one of the biggest ports there in the strait of hormuz and a very large revolutionary guard navy base there as well. so certainly it seems that boat very much in the custody of the iranians and they have that second tanker now as well. iranians clearly in a show of force wanting to show that they are the ones who were the boss there in the strait of hormuz and we've seen that in the staples that they've been making over the past couple of weeks
1:17 pm
[ inaudible ] and if anybody wants to mess with them there are consequences. >> journal marks, let me ask you, this comes 24 hours after the u.s. claims the u.s. shot down an iranian drone. do you worry there is a connection between the two events, what happened yesterday with the u.s. apparently shooting down an iranian drone and the iranian seizing two ships? >> i think there is no doubt that all of these are connected. just when you look at the geography and proximity and the history and what is taking place over the course of the last few weeks, and what we've seen with iranians today with the british tanker, which frankly is an act of war, if the brits choose to declare it an act of war. clearly what you want to do is circumstances -- >> is it an act of war even if
1:18 pm
it is true, and i don't know if it is, even if they turned off the tracking device. >> if it is in international water, it is, absolutely. but what you want to do in those circumstances is you want to deescalate. rule one is always protect your people and your individuals, protect your kid. then number two is de-escalate as best you can. rule three is if you can't get your tanker back, go get your tanker back regardless of how you have to do it and don't escalate beyond that. so i'm convinced all of the activities are connected. >> and iran's motivation is attention, aggression, to flex back after the u.s. shot down one of the drones, if, in fact, that is the case. >> simple lever in response to the drone strike but the sanctions that the u.s. has imposed and that is money. we have obviously increased oil production in the united states but the europeans and the asians, including the chinese get a ton of oil through thes and it is a rare moment where the adversary tells you what they are going to do and at
1:19 pm
senior level they said we could shut down the straits if that takes it and they've done that back in the 1980s so it wouldn't be the first time. >> how nervous, are you, general, about the u.s. tanker going through the state of hormuz and what the iranians might do. >> not at all. not at all. to phil's point about shutting down the strait, the iranians don't have the capability of shutting down the strait of hormuz. they could make it difficult and disrupt traffic and make it very hard for ships to pass in a way that they would normally want to pass. you have to alter the passage type of protocol but i'm not concerned if the straits would le shut down. we would not allow it. we have the capability in place. but what is truly on the table, what is the level of escalation that iran will take on in order to try to provoke us to a point where we fire back. i'm not concerned that the united states is going to escalate. not oug-- not at all.
1:20 pm
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-- when somebody goes out and says the horrible things about our country, the people of our country, that are anti-semitic, that hate everybody, that speak with scorn and hate -- >> president trump resuming attacks on congresswomen omar and from chants of send her back by his own supporters at a north carolina rally, chants that even many republicans who support the president have called nativist, terrible, chilling and offensive. [ crowd chanting ] >> the chats were an extension of the president's racist attack launched on sunday, part of his campaign tactic, and on all four women of color coded with the racist suggestion that all four should come back where they came
1:26 pm
from and all four are american citizens and three were born in the united states. and abby phillips is at the white house. and you asked the president why it was okay to criticize america, which he did repeatedly as a presidential candidate and not for the four democratic women. >> reporter: that is right, jake. and the president dodged that question and many others today. he pivoted only to continuing his attacks on the squad. but when it comes to the first amendment rights the squad has to speak their mind about america, the president said his supporters have a right to say and feel what they want, too. >> do you take that tweet back? >> you know what i'm unhappy with. i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswomen could hate our country. >> reporter: one day after the send her back chant, president trump now refusing to take back the words he wrote that prompted it. >> i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswomen can say anti-semitic things. >> reporter: capping a week of
1:27 pm
controversy that started on sunday morning with the racist attack telling four congresswomen of color to go back to the places from which they came. >> this is the agend you of white nationalists. >> reporter: the president was em bodened as outrage exploded on the left but republican lawmakers were slow to comment. two days after the tweets went out, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell offering tepid criticism. >> i think i just said, i think everybody ought to tone down their rhetoric. >> reporter: by wednesday trump had turned the attacks into a scripted campaign strategy. >> she looks down with contempt on the hard-working americans saying that ignorance is pervasive in many parts of this country. and obviously and importantly omar has a history of launching vicious, anti-semitic screeds. >> reporter: his supporters responding with the chant formed from his own words.
1:28 pm
[ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: that scene apparently crossing a line for republican lawmakers on capitol hill. who voiced their discomfort with the chants to vice president mike pence and sources say his daughter ivanka trump also expressed her concerns to the president. by thursday trump disavowed the chants by falsely claiming he tried to stop it. >> i did -- and i started speaking very quickly. but it started up rather fast. >> reporter: 24 hours later, the president now attempting to move the debate to more comfortable territory. crowd size. >> those people in north carolina, that stadium was packed. it was a record crowd. and i could have filled it ten times as you know. those are incredible people. those are incredible patriots. >> reporter: after congresswoman omar did go back to minnesota, trump falsely accusing her of staging the event.
1:29 pm
and president trump denied that his daughter ivanka trump and first lady melania trump advised him about the send her back chant but he did say they spoke to him about it. he also declined to answer questions about whether it would be appropriate for someone to tell melania trump who was not born in the united states to go back to where she came from and one of many questions the president dodged today, jake. >> melania trump has been a citizen far -- far less time than congresswomen omar. abby phillips at the white house, thank you. let's talk about this with the panel. and tara setmeyer joins us. kaitlan, take us into the last 24 hours in the white house because we've gotten whiplash. the president was doubling down on the racist attack and then expressing regret the chant is going on and now pushing it again and he's acting as if ilhan omar is the democratic presidential nominee. >> we've seen this part -- this pattern plays out and something happens and he distances himself
1:30 pm
and doesn't like the coverage of how he backed off and then doubled down back to his original statement. that is from the white house. he said oh, i tried to stop it and started speaking quickly when he was one-on-one with a reporter asking why he would let his supporter goes on a chantd something like that and then today the president stuck a much more defiant tone talking about how his supporters are patriots and the people in north carolina were patriots and yesterday he told reporters to drive back to north carolina and ask them why they made those comments. so you are seeing him change his tone after the coverage. and abby said that melania trump was also frustrated by the comments which is interesting because she was standing over his shoulder today in the oval office. but, yes, it seems you're seeing the president back off his seeming distancing himself from the comments from yesterday. >> that is exactly what we saw with charlottesville riots. >> and same with the -- kruptd and then became a staple of the rally. >> and the president said he doesn't know whether this is good for him politically or not.
1:31 pm
he's not focused at all on the politics of it. do you buy that? >> this is a president that is always focused on politics. he's looking at 2020 and you could look at anything he does through the lens of 2020 and whether or not he thinks it is good for him. he and his advisers thinking it good to elevate the congresswomen who they believe are too far left for the country and would paint the democratic party as being socialist party and that is what he's trying to do here. now when he sort of walks back his comments and then doubles down it sort of gives his supporters what they want, it gives the people who are concerned about what he said, what they want as well. because they could say the presidentdy avowed the kmenlts, move on and then the supporters say he's fighting for us and sticking with us. so as kaitlan said, we've seen him do this before like charlottesville where the supporters heard what they wanted to hear, the people who were republicans and concerned with his initial response heard what they wanted to hear and able to say the president has condemned the neo-nazi and white supremacists and let's all move on. it is a strategy the president
1:32 pm
is using to play both sides of the aisle and all of it is politics and looking at 2020. >> these congresswomen have said things that are critical of the united states. the president continually misrepresents what they say. they have not called the united states garbage. but tara, take a listen to what president trump said just a few moments ago in response to a question from abby phillip. >> why is it okay for you to criticize america but not democratic congresswomen? >> i believe all people are great people. i believe everyone is great. but i love our country. >> kudos to our colleague abby phillip for asking that question because it really put him in a situation where he should have answered it and didn't. he deflected. because he can't. that was half a step away from there is good people on both sides right there. this president has disparaged this country time and time again. he went after john mccain an unquestioned war hero and that is patriotic and going after
1:33 pm
gold star families and that is patriotic and those people who chanted send her back, those are examples of patriots? no, they are not. would he feel the same way about the people back in the civil rights era that were chanting send them back for african-americans during segregation? or would be the brown shirts in germany who were chanting god knows what about the jews, people would think they were being patriotic. this is ridiculous for the president to continue using these examples that these people are patriots by sending them back. was it patriotic when the ku klux klan had billboards in the south laying love it or leave it? they could say they were being patriots and they didn't want the people of color there. this is asinine to use it as an excuse and frankly the republicans who came out and said this is not a good thing, the natdivist approach, not only do they thank god recognize the dangerous slippery slope but they know the numbers. we have 22 naturalized citizens in this country and 400,000 in
1:34 pm
the state of pennsylvania which he only won by 44,000. >> and jen psaki, let me ask you, the politics of this? the president ran a campaign that was -- that was racially tinged at the very least in 2016. in 2018 he had the whole caravan thing. 2016 and it worked electorally at least. 2018 it definitely didn't. are there fears in the democratic party about what this might mean, the immorality of racism that it might be effective. >> i think president trump is look back at 2016 as you touched on and decided that is his playbook. 2018 doesn't matter and that wasn't b me and i wasn't on the ballot. that is true historically for past presidents and mid term elections and he's trying to run the same playbook. as the whole panel touched on, we've seen this playbook before. this is like his security blanket and his safety net to go back to racially-tinged and racial language to satisfy his base.
1:35 pm
that doesn't mean it is the right strategy because he's betting on getting the exact same group of people out to vote. he has not expanded it and that is not a way to win election when you are president. >> stick around. what front-runner joe biden might want to -- [ technical difficulties ] m! grab your crab crew, hurry in or order it to go!
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in our 2020 lead, our match-ups are set. presidential hopefuls are gearing up for the second presidential debates hosted by cnn. on night one bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar and wednesday night is the rematch between former joe biden and kamala harris and cory booker and seven others. let's chew over this.
1:40 pm
jen, you're looking for biden and harris to have another confrontation or discussion about ways they disagree. you also say that you expect biden will be better prepared this time? >> i think so. i've talked to members of his team and they feel like it was a wake-up call for him. which ultimately could be a good thing in a primary campaign. when you realize you didn't have a good performance and need to be more prepared and bring your best game to it. so hopefully that is -- i think they're hoping that is the joe biden that he brings to the debate stage and he'll be more ready. also you can't, if you are senator harris, repeat the same attack. so obviously she was quite strong throughout the debate but he's not going to do the same thing on busing so she would have to go after him with a different tact. >> on biden''s other side is cory booker after the draw his deputy communications director said mark the day, joe biden gets his own senate judiciary committee hearing. here is the back story.
1:41 pm
cory booker and kamala harris both nin for asking tough questions on the senate judiciary and that biden might face tough questions on his own, ala anita hill and a crime bill. >> booker was at "the washington post" this week talking to my colleague about what he plans to do during the debate and he wants to show a contrast between him and biden. he didn't have that chance during the first round of the debate on different nights and now he can con front over segregationist and saying cory should apologize and the issue of the crime bill. cory booker has the first step to pass with the trump administration and he said that the 1994 crime bill which was spearheaded by joe biden was one of the worst piece of legislation ever signed. sew could confront him on that issue and whether or not joe biden has a good comeback. >> i hope cory booker desperate for a moment because he's trailing in money and support, i hope he doesn't overstep now
1:42 pm
also. if he pulls -- >> you thought kamala harris overstepped. >> i thought it was a cheap shot at biden, unfortunately he wasn't prepared for it and he admitted as much because he thought she wouldn't go so personal but it hasn't been sustaining for her. okay, so she flipped on the busing issue and with that kind of went away and now flip flopped on health care and so it really hasn't -- it improved for her but it was more of a shot in the arm for biden to realize that this -- he has to be a bit more aggressive. i appreciate that he wants to be the gentlemanly guy there and said he doesn't want to attack people but he has to show the american people not only that he's pragmatic and that he could unify the country and also fight for them. that is something a -- a hallmark of what biden is known for and i'm looking forward to him doing that and making sure cory booker doesn't kneecap him the way kamala harris did. >> so on tuesday the 30th, the first night, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders will be on the same stage with eight others. elizabeth warren has been eating
1:43 pm
into bernie sanders' voters. she's passed him in a lot of polls. but listen to warren's response when told she is on the same stage as him. >> i am delighted. bernie and i have been friends for a long, long time. we've worked on a lot of issues together. >> they have been friends for a long time. they did make a pact not to attack each other individually but of course they're going to be on stage with a bunch of other moderates and it is the two of them competing for the same kind of voter in this race. so in bernie sanders made clear how he felt about that if recent weeks with the statements he's made. so it is interesting to see them and watch how they try to edge the other out for the really liberal less-leaning voters. >> and it is tough for bernie, because you can't attack elizabeth warren but she's taking your voters away. what do you do? and it is challenging for a male candidate going at a female candidate as barack obama and others have learned. >> i think elizabeth warren will hold her own. she works with these people every day in the senate so that is -- i don't think that is an
1:44 pm
issue. >> not that she can't hold her own but that the guy could risk looking like a bullying. historically that is the risk. and the cnn democratic presidential debates are july 30th and 31st moderated by dana bash, don lemon and myself only on cnn. coming up, three women, three deferential gagss of sexual assault and misconduct all involving donald trump and all three sit down with cnn in a rare interview. that is next. cdc guidance recommends topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain for up to 12 hours,
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time for our buried lead, stories not getting enough attention. are they the forgotten women of the me-too movement. three women who accused president trump of sexual misconduct have sat down with
1:49 pm
m.j. lee and they say they feel left behind and still waiting for their moment and they share the struggles since coming forward. calling for president trump to face what they see as justice. >> he managed to penetrate me. against my will, completely. >> and then all of a sudden i realized he was putting his hand up my skirt. >> he just grabbed my ass. >> these three women say they were sexually assaulted years ago by donald trump. >> so this would have been at mar-a-lago. >> right. >> mindy mcgill ray said it was at a concert in mar-a-lago when she was a photo assistant. >> a hard grab on my right side. so i jump up -- i'm startled -- >> reporter: jessica lead said it was an on airline traveling for work in the early 1980s. >> we're struggling and i'm trying to push him off of me and -- >> reporter: author eugene carroll said it happened in a bergdorf goodman dressing room in the 1990s. >> the minute i was in the room,
1:50 pm
boom, the door closed and he shoved me up against the wall and i banged my head. >> two of them say they decided to go public with allegations after this explosive "access hollywood" tape leaks. >> grab them by the -- [ bleep ] you could do anything. >> reporter: their tipping point, this moment at a presidential debate in october of 2016. >> are you saying that you said on that bus 11 years ago that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent. >> i have great respect for women. nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> have you ever done those things. >> women have respect for me -- and i'll tell you, no i have not. >> i jumped out of my seat and i pointed to the tv and i'm like you son of a bitch, you're a liar. >> reporter: for the past few years a reckoning has broiled the nation as women have spoken out under the banner of me too. powerful men in media and entertainment and business and government have been forced could reckon with allegations of misconduct and violence. the woman who spoke out against trump has been cheering on the
1:51 pm
movement but they have also watched their alleged attacker get elected president of the united states. >> she would not be my first choice, that i can tell you. >> reporter: and deny all of their allegations. >> trump really is teflon. it just slides right off of him. things that he has done, he doesn't seem to pay the price for. >> how can he serve the united states of america as a president when he is hurt countless women. countless. >> nobody has held him accountable yet. not one person. >> reporter: more than a dozen women have come forward with the wide range of accusations against trump. >> i was forcibly kissed -- >> reporter: from unwelcome advances to sexual assault and assault. >> he was all over me, hands everywhere. >> reporter: the most recent accuser detailed her alleged assault in a new book. since coming out, these women have received support but also furious backlash. one even described death threats. >> i seen what happened to jessica leads and mindy and hi
1:52 pm
seen it. vehement denials and how dare they. >> reporter: what does justice or accountable look like. >> it is a totally false accusation. >> reporter: when the accused is the most powerful pl-- powerful man in the world. >> total jail time for the rest of his life. absolutely. for him to lose the election in 2020 -- >> i'd like to say i'm sorry for making you uncomfortable and disrespecting you or hurting you in any way. >> reporter: some worry they will be entirely left behind by the me-too movement. >> we are the forgotten ones. i feel like we have been brushed aside and forgotten about. >> reporter: but trump's latest accuser said she is more hopeful. >> there is a way. i know there is a way. because women are angry. >> reporter: now all three of the women have such different stories that they all have a number of things in common. they all say they remember
1:53 pm
exactly what they were wearing at the time of the alleged assault. none of them went to the police. and, jake, all three women telling me they would love to some day meet one another. jake. >> m.j. lee with that report. thank you so much. and we're just minutes away from what is expected to be the largest protests yet in puerto rico. we're going to go live on the ground there next. maria ramirez? hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! yesss, i'm doing it all. the water. the exercise. the fiber. month after month, and i still have belly pain and recurring constipation.
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1:57 pm
lo que yo quiero estar con mi hijo. i know that's not true. and the shelters really don't know what to do with them. i just got another person at d.h.s. to confirm this. i have this number. we're going to publish the story. . in our national lead, any moment protests begin in prv and
1:58 pm
this could be the biggest demonstration yet. crowds are demanding that puerto ricoon governor ricardo rosello resign over private chats, the messages at best homophobic and vicious and cruel and pointing to corruption. layla is on the ground. crowds are beginning to gather behind you. >> reporter: that is right. crowds are not staying home even though it is raining right now. i'll sort of try to get right in there so you could see what it is like. this is right at port -- the governor's mansion and this is the center where we are now on day six of protests. and while this is peaceful, this is even somewhat festive with drums and music, you could expect that this will be very, very different in a matter of three or four hours. that is what we've seen over the last few days. so why are these people here? they will tell you, it is more than vulgar language in a chat. this is about getting rid of
1:59 pm
corruption on the island. i have spoken to so many people who are saying that the governor must resign now. he can no longer governor. that the governor -- i just checked in with his office and they say he has not even considering it at this hour. >> leyla santiago, thank you. stay safe in that protest. coming up this weekend -- something else. in the money lead, president trump is insisting that the democrats cannot use the debt ceiling as a negotiation tool with the president as the administration works to try to reach a deal on the debt ceiling before the august recess. >> i can't imagine anybody ever thinking of using the debt ceiling as a negotiating tool -- >> don't use it as a negotiation -- negotiating when she said, this is the fun part, a game we like to call, there is always a tweet for it in 2012 as a citizen, mr. trump tweeted the republicans must use the debt ceiling as leverage to make a
2:00 pm
great deal. this week on the state of the union democratic candidate cory booker and republican senator john johnson. follow me on facebook and twitter and instagram at jake tapper. our coverage continues on sunday. happening now, breaking news, second ship seized after the revolutionary guard seized a british flag tanker in the strait of hormuz. iran sends tensions soaring by grabbing a second ship in when the military believes is a pre-planned operation. cnn has learned armed aircraft are keeping watch over an american ship in the region. can't stop, won't stop. president trump renewing his attacked on a minority congresswomen, he's now praising the campaign crowd that chanted send her back saying that rally was attended by incredible patriots. preparing for mueller. with mock hearings and strategy sessions, lawmakers are