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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  July 20, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> morning and night they have stopped. ♪ >> welcome to "unfiltered" in what might be the ugliest week of his presidency so far, donald trump went from dipping a toe in a pool of white nationalism to bathing in it. the racist tweet storm he told four women of color, elected representatives to go back to their own countries. his followers chanted "send her back" at congresswoman omar at a
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rally. after pretending he did not endorse that, here he is yesterday tripling down on his attacks. >> i can tell you this, you can't talk that way about our country. not when i am upon the president. >> a handful of elected republicans have said rather politely they disagree with the president. leadership however is just fine with it. >> i didn't see the rally. the president did not join in a chant like that. the president moved on. >> here is tonight's headline, you break it, you own it. the republican party is now fully and totally responsible for the racist, divisive, un-american ideas. they are yours as much as any policy is. in fact it is the policy. republicans can pretend it is rhetoric but when central american children are put in cages at the border and cut refugee admissions to zero as
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policy. when the president implemented a muslim ban as policy. it is not just words but the agenda. i hear it all of the time from republican lawmakers. well, i wish he would focus on policy. i don't like what the president said. i am focused on policy. what a load of crap. here is the deal. this idea that republicans can compartmenalize trump into categories is the lie of the century. trump is not a buffet where you take what you like and leave what you don't. trump voters do not separate his economic from his cultural agenda or dismiss his naked immorality because he panders to them and republican lawmakers can't pretend what they are really purchasing is the legislation. the racist rhetoric is just a free staple that comes with it. republicans have been willing to hold their noses and continue to support trump.
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for a good economy, for more jobs, for conservative judges. it isn't though. republicans are playing a very short game. history will not be kind. nobody will look back thinking trump was a bigot but the republican party nobly accepted that in order to pass tax reform but sure he eroded our trust in every public institution, trampled on the constitution, broke a couple of laws but we moved the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. there is all of trump or none of trump. the republican party chose all. joining me to discuss trump's attacks on the congresswomen. you said you have come out strongly against trump's racist comments. michigan voted for trump in 2016 by a slim margin. do you think it will impact his chances in your state in 2020?
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>> s.e., i wish i could say the election had been determined. i think he could win again. i don't know. i have been really anxious to be out and about this weekend in 111 degrees makes it a little hard. not only do i have the largest -- the largest population in the country in the population of deerborn, they are very upset. a veteran came up to me today and said debbie. i want to talk to you. he had voted for president trump. he is not pro-democratic, he is pro-american. he said why can't this stop and why can't republicans and democrats work together for the country. i agree with him. he was clearly very disturbing. >> yeah. it is disturbing. i think it should be disturbing to everyone. democrats, the house passed a $15 minimum wage. i know you are trying to focus
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on policy. do you think the fights between the squad and the president distract from those efforts? >> i think some are doing it deliberately to take away the attention from whatever issue it is. i think the president and the republicans on the floor this week. i want to say something. i want people to understand what is happening in this country. i have schoolchildren that are third generation americans that have come up. the first time a child grabbed my legs saying i am worried that someone is going to come to my house in the middle of the night, drag my family out and nobody is go being to see us again. when i heard it in different words in the same school system, i asked the school
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superintendent. he said debbie, you need to understand that is what our kids are talking about. hortons this week, a muslim country was told to be back to their country. it didn't happen in deerborn. is that who we are as americans? >> no. i don't know the answer to that. >> real impacts of what the language is. >> yeah. to real people, i know. i hear it from people that are really worried about the words seeping in to the social fabric. and in terms of that affecting policy efforts, as you know the election of moderate democrats are responsible for flipping the house in 2018.
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do you worry that trump's message that democrats are socialists and radical and not american enough. that will be a successful one where rashida talib is a district over for you. >> i think the president helped to unite us when he came out with these comments. nobody. nobody i know, republicans, independents, democrats are really bothered by this. our diversity is what we celebrate. we need to listen to each other. we are learning to talk to each other inside the caucus, not outside on twitter. >> some of you are. >> we have gotten better this week, okay. it was for a week. you know, we had a good week. but i am not going to -- my
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republican colleagues quietly -- republican colleagues that most would not think of as a moderate were pretty open this week with a vice president and asked for a meeting with the president. it is bothering them. >> congresswoman, thank you for your time tonight. stay cool if you can. >> you too. >> i would like to bring in dan jones now. trump's approval is up since those initial attacks on those four elected women of color. does that worry you? >> it does worry me. i think we are in a pickle here. you are seeing a permanent ping-pong match where the democrats do something. people say you are socialists. the republicans do something. you guys are racists. we are going back and forth. back and forth. the losing side is the whole
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country. there are internal problems and external threats that are not being addressed in the food fight. once somebody gets energized like trump, that will pull support because he is setting any kind of a poll. the reality is that russia is laughing their butts off at us. you know, the democrats thought it was a problem. putin is a problem. he is helping a lot of the stuff happen. we used to be united on communism. external threats from china and russia going unaddressed in a unified way. i thought what the president did is despicable and as a person of color, you know, i do not know if everybody understands. you know, you are a kid of color. you are trying to find your way. go back to africa. go back to africa. i am a ninth generation
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american. when i was a kid i never went to africa. i got hit with that. no matter what you do. no matter who you are. you are never going to be fully accepted here. for the president to kind of back in to that is really, really despicable. when the young democratic congresswomen and especially omar backed into anti-jewish troves, she recognized she did that and backed up. she is working with jewish leadership to get the train back on track. i don't see president trump if this is accidental making any acknowledgment. >> are you surprised how well his racist rhetoric and anti-immigrant ideas have resonated with a wide group of
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americans. >> you look at france. we could be in a situation similar. there is something happening throughout the west where large sections of mostly white population have enough anxiety that people can prey on them and be benefitted in the short-term. i think it is up to democrats to come forward with ideas that can unite us. there is a big danger right now that we overreact to trump. trump says something extreme in this way and we have to be extreme in the other way balancing it out. i think it will leave a lot of the people in the middle and more easily preyed on. >> you can go back to pro-slavery arguments in the 19th century. herbert hoover, real jobs for real americans, slogan used to send mexican-american citizens back to mexico.
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japanese internment camps and mccarthyism. where do you stack this up against the moments? >> right up there. you know, the policy that goes along with that stuff as well. but this is a moment, i think, for americans you can't go outside and play because it is 8,000 degrees. >> right. >> you have to stay home. this is a moment for americans to take a step back. both parties are better than what we are seeing from them right now. i love the bold thinking. i love the ideas from the left wing, the wing i am a part of. but you have to show concern and compassion for people that do not identify as democrats. you can say you have their concerns at heart too. we don't do that. we can wind up pushing people away. it is a sticky problem for democrats. we should also have big hearts and open arms.
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if we don't do that, we will be in trouble. >> you worked with trump on criminal justice reform. 3100 federal inmates will be released in the coming days. >> yes. >> congrats to you. thank you so much my friend. next up for me, so, trump went there. what will democrats do about it and is the media biased against bernie? well, his camp thinks so. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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trump was mad at a lot of folks this week, including "new york times" columnist thomas friedman. dear democrats this is not complicated. nominate a decent, sane person. one committed to creating more good jobs and that can gain the support of -- swing the house of representatives to the democrats and can do the same for the presidency. spare me the revolution. it can wait. should democrats listen to him?
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join me now is hillary clinton's campaign advisor -- democrats pushing unpopular policies like decriminalizing the border and abolishing private health insurance will get everyone reelected. >> these are primaries. contrast. they are for inner party squabbles like this. nothing wrong with having a discussion about health care and extending obamacare. >> every person on the stage raised their hand to say they would decriminalize the border. >> these are things the party would sort out here. i disagree with tom a little bit by saying a democratic nominee should focus just on moderates and pulling swing voters. you have to energize their base. that is part of the reason hillary clinton lost. not enough people turned out.
3:19 pm
they expected democratic strong holds. >> doug, can democrats get out of their own way. >> this is what we have seen. it is not just the democrats running for president. they have a problem called the squad. this pulls them and the conversation further to the left. the day after the second debate. i bumped into a friend at lunch that works for one of trump's super pacs and said we won re-election. they feel good because of eliminating private insurance, the raising of hands for decriminalizing the border. >> 45% approval rating. i am not concerned. >> you should be concerned. the further the conversation is where donald trump wants it to be -- >> he had a lot of bad weeks. he can still win. as long as the conversation is where donald trump wants it to
3:20 pm
be. he is against elizabeth warren and donald trump says that's great. but i am going to save your plastic straws. donald trump wins that conversation. >> elizabeth warren, she has a lot of plans. a lot of the people running for president want to talk about policy. you saw what happened to the news cycle. it was awful. i think for him, fairly successful. he is not talking about policy. he is energizing the cultural energy in his basis. >> i don't think it is a good week. there is an idea that donald trump is a master strategist. he is not. i am sure his campaign can spin it in to something positive. this is not a winning week. he tried with the caravan. >> a republican jamaican immigrant from queens is
3:21 pm
challenging cortez next year. aoc took on a political machine and won but nothing changed because she is only focused on fame and politics of division and hate. we deserve and expected better. that is why i am running. >> i am not concerned from aoc. i would be concerned if someone challenges her from the middle. she will not have to worry about a general election challenge. she needs to worry about being overexposed. most members of congress in the first one or two terms are worried about being a national voice and not local issues. she is very popular. i am sure she reflects her district. >> she is fairly devisive. trump is happy to make her the face of the party. >> for the other members of the squad, the more donald trump makes them the face of the
3:22 pm
opposition. the safer they are in their re-elects. if they are from far left districts or whatever the numbers may be, that helps because they are enemy number one for donald trump. that is a good thing. >> a number of house democrats complained to cnn this week for a report that they thought the squad was distracting. distracting from policy. conversations about policy. we will see if any of the squad members hear that. and take that to heart. we will see. joel, doug, appreciate it. up next bernie sanders is not happy with the coverage his campaign is getting. not happy at all. that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars
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>> in just ten days the next democratic debates will be held here on cnn. for many the debate will be make or break. money is running out for some. polls lagging for others. others can't get enough attention. bernie sanders might want less of that after the "washington post" reported his union staffers are frustrated with less than $15 an hour base pay. he told the des moines register that the campaign is actively involved in good faith negotiations and also objected to their airing of complaints
3:27 pm
for the media, calling it not acceptable. a regular grievance from the sanders campaign. despite having one of the higher name ids. 9.4 million twitter followers and coming in second in mentions by traditional news outlets, he is complaining about his coverage. his campaign manager told politico this is not a sweeping generalization of all journalists but some find bernie annoying, discount his seriousness and wish his supporters and movement would just go away. now it is the media does not like him. is there any truth to it? now cnn's chief media correspondent. clearly when it comes to volume, he is getting coverage. but his campaign's complaints are the coverage is negative. sounds like they are asking for
3:28 pm
more positive coverage. that is not our job. >> not our job. there is a term in the political word. paid media, advertisers that you pay for. earned media is the news coverage you earn by being news worthy. they want owed media. they think they are owed a certain amount of attention by virtue of being there. it is earned media for a reason. but i think sanders campaign has a legitimate complaint. many decades he wasn't taken that seriously on capitol hill because he wasn't a very powerful member of congress. 2016 that changed. my biggest regret in the way that i covered 2016. i did not take sanders seriously enough. i assumed hillary clinton would take the nomination. i think there were changes in
3:29 pm
this 2020 election. he is being taken more seriously. >> with that is more media scrutiny. >> right. >> if he is available for interviews. i wish he would be more availables. with that comes more scrutiny. i think it is right. voters and reporters wonder if he can recapture the magic he had in 2016 in a much more competitive race. one of the things, a great piece about this issue. about the media critiques. you know, the issues that sanders fights for, for the poor and working-class are not new or exciting. these are systemic problems but the challenge for sanders is to make it new by going to different types of events and different places. a lot of techniques you can use to get that attention. >> there is something else that i thought about. he can be difficult. i want to play sound we put together.
3:30 pm
bernie's greatest hits with reporters and even like town hall questioners. take a look. >> questions. >> i have a question. >> shut up. excuse me. excuse me. excuse me. excuse me. excuse me, ma'am. other hands are up as well. jeffrey, do you have a question? i have to say we are ready. we have not inaugurated this president and we are talking about 2020 because it is easy to write about. >> what else did i say? >> tell me. >> nothing. >> i don't have a whole clue. >> senator -- >> ma'am, i'm sorry. if you disagree with me. that's fine. that's my view. >> maybe it is not that he is getting negative attention but
3:31 pm
when he is in a situation where he is challenged he does not always respond politely. >> he can be pernickety. that was true when he was the mayor of vermont. he hates these types of inside baseball questions that are so frequent on cable news. he wants to talk about his issues. not all issues. his issues. >> right. >> there is a part of me that respects that. there is a part of me that understands how the broader game is played. that reaction i think his fans love it. i am not sure it is a way to appeal to everybody else. sometimes working the refs works on the right. see if it works for sanders. >> thank you. watch brian tomorrow on "reliable sources" at 11:00 a.m.
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>> trump and evangelicals, a marriage made in heaven or the other place but essential block
3:36 pm
of support for the president in 2016. they got a lot of bang for their buck. conservative judges, strengthen abortion restrictions but also got a serial liar, adulter, bullied prisoners of war, attacks women based on looks and american citizens based on the color of their skin. the latest rhetoric telling four american women of color to go back to where they came from does not sound very christian to me. what do i know? someone that can help me understand the justification of trump, a professor of christianity of history and culture. joe, as you know, because you know me well. i am a non-basketbaeliever but a little about religion. i have a masters in religion. i was a stranger. you welcomed me.
3:37 pm
matthew 2535. you shall not wrong a stranger. you were a stranger in the land of egypt. how do evangelicals rationalize trump's ugly language or compartmenalize it. >> i love it s.e. when you quote the bible. >> it does not happen often. >> i want to give a context and help explain what is happening here. fear is the thing that is motivating the contradiction and the principles. there is a troubling quote from a woman that said when they voted for trump they were not voting for a husband but a bodyguard. bodyguard. they feel like they need protection. if there is a reason to be concerned about the direction of the democratic party that threatens to undermine our civil liberties. the problem with the bodyguard the president is not a bodyguard. if you treat him like one, you are going to give him a free pass every time you think he defends your interests, right.
3:38 pm
there is a deeper spiritual problem than the ethical problem that you suggested and it goes to the meaning of the gospel. think about it historically, right. it is the most inclusive of all of the ancient religions. anybody can come in and come to jesus. an open border religion if you will. we now have the spectacle of the most anti-tribal. the religion of the ancient world that is tribalistic. they are embracing the politics of tribalism. it is counter to the teachings of jesus right from the get-go. the good samaritan. not just who is my neighborhood and anybody in need. jesus names the samaritan. to the jewish mind the samaritan was a half-breed.
3:39 pm
jesus has taken that to the wood shed by going right after the prejudice against the samaritan. of course it is a spiritual crisis for the church right now. >> do you think if evangelicals are not going to leave trump, do you see any of the support softening with everything that we have now heard and seen from him? >> yeah. it is hard to predict the future. the early signs are not good. there is not a response of leaders or not collectively about the latest tweet from the president, the racist tweet. evangelical magazine has written against it but have a limited influence. it is hard to know where they are going to go. even in the evangelical world offers a rebuke to trump, we have to see the leaders on the left saying something has gone wrong as well at the heart of the democratic party.
3:40 pm
if they are willing to criticize and consider anyone that disagrees with them to be racist, homophobe or a fascist. they helped to set the house on fire. the problem now trump and his allies are throwing in incendiary bombs. we have to pull back from the brink. we have to pull back from the brink. >> professor, great to see you. great insight. all right. for space nerds like me, this is an awesome day. not just for the apollo program but for humanity at a time we need to celebrate that. stick around. ters, run hopelessn their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits. defy the laws of human nature,at the summer of audi sales event. get exceptional offers now.
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sometimes the stars align just right. 50 years ago today, at 2017 universal time a couple of hours ago apollo 11 landed on the moon, a full 20% of the world's population watched it on television. after that incredible feat of science, american innovation and here is will power, the world was changed forever. if you have not seen cnn's
3:45 pm
incredible apollo 11 documentary do it. it airs tonight again at 9:00. with me now is cnn's historian, author of american moon shot, doug, you are in houston. you are part of the official 50th anniversary events. what is it like there? >> it is wonderful to be in houston. there is a feeling in the community that we did it because so many people that live here had a role in apollo 11. tonight at the discovery greeting i am speaking. everybody is there. companies. it is like a space fair. u.s. army paratroopers are coming down. you would love it if you were here. >> you know i would. i am jealous. >> i know you would. the screen, they are going to do a big countdown to the exact second of neil armstrong and they are also showing outdoors
3:46 pm
cnn apollo 11 film. >> awesome. i know you were really captivated by neil armstrong and the moon landing as a kid. i wasn't old enough but i was enthralled by space. how significant of an event was the moon landing in getting an entire generation interested in space? >> it was everything. i grew up in ohio. all that i did is monitor what was going to happen with the apollo program when they chose neil armstrong to be first. my mom was one of the 9 to 5 people. you eat dinner, go to bed. we blew our hours out of the water just to make sure that we were up for when the big moment happened. >> i know you got to interview neil, right? years later. >> i did. i did here in houston in 2001.
3:47 pm
he flew his own plane in from cincinnati. i met him at the johnson space center. we went into an area. i got to be with him for eight hours. we taped him about six hours. asked him everything. he didn't like to give a lot of personal information but we opened him up a lot, including the exploits in the korean war, the forgotten war. armstrong was the greatest pilot in the war and his piloting was key to landing on the moon. he could have gone into a crater but at the last minute he made a quick decision and saved the mission. >> i talked to scientists who think mars is the next destination. others think we need to return to the moon. that we have more to learn. >> i like the idea of both. the moon makes sense because we can do it in the next five to six years. finally have the first woman on
3:48 pm
the moon. explore the ice caps. maybe use it as a spring board for mars. but mars would galvanize the public more. probably can land there by 2040 probably. a long way to go. the moon is closer. i hope that we do both. nasa needs more funding to make it all happen. >> mars is far. it would take us a long time to get there even when we are ready to go. i have been asking a bunch of friends and people you will recognize what their favorite movies about space are. i am going to show everyone some of those. first up, what is yours? >> mine without a doubt is the movie "the right stuff" and later i loved the book by tom wolfe saying it is about the mercury astronauts but the scene when sam shepard, a great playwright played chuck joerger in that moment of breaking the
3:49 pm
sound barrier there and landing alive. it spoke to the grit and the spirit that all of the astronauts have to take on. any time you go in to space you are putting your life on the line, you were soldiers in the cold war in a sense. >> yeah. that is a good one. i endorse that pick. it is not mine. i endorse it. doug brinkley. >> s.e. >> it's contact. contact. the great carl sagan effort. perfect in every way. thank you so much for being here on this historic anniversary and for being in houston where you are getting to do all of my favorite things. thank you. >> thanks s.e. >> all right. as i said my favorite space movie is "contact." the perfect film based on the carl sagan book. here is whati know s.e. cupp ha
3:50 pm
"star wars" which is unacceptable. but the best space movie every empire strikes back second in the original series. too good. >> this is easy for me. favorite space movie of all many time. apollo 13. tom hanks you're the best. >> my favorite space movie is outland which a lot of people don't know. it's high noon in outer space. >> perhaps the greatest film about interstellar trachl has to be totals recall. peak arnold schwarzenegger. sharon stone. alien mutation things. a cinematic masters. >> empire strikes back for three reasons. number one lando. number two, dagaba, seems like a completely freaky space. number three in the trilogy the first chance to see the power of the force. >> my favorite is "star wars." i still remember seeing that movie as an 11-year-old girl and being so inspired by the idea of living and working in space.
3:51 pm
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katz, the musical has been the feature film treatment. the trailer for the hot mess dropped this week. if you feel like you're on an acid trip when you watch it. i hear you. who exactly asked for this horrifying music experience attempting to be both for
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children and adults. and i promise will be for neither. katz, a webber musical based on the possum book of practical cats has been troezing children for decades. i saw it at 7 and still suffering trauma. it's awful in any form. i am however grateful for it. it was the first true megamusical. pioneers the big production transformational musical experience that paved the which for musicals i love. le mizp chess, so many others. katz brought people to the theater in unprecedented numbers. a huge commercial success, grossing over $2 billion worldwide by 1994. the longest running production on broadway and in the west once and it's because of katz we are going to the theater in record numbers. last year alone broadway grossed nearly $2 billion in ticket sales. there were 38 new productions last year and more than 14
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million people saw a show. that doesn't even account for all the touring and regional productions. from hamilton and wicked to beautiful and dear evan hanson there is so much great theater right now. theater that can change people's lives. i know it changed mine. so for that i say to katz you're terrible. but i thank you. all right. that's it for me. one quick programming note before i go, make sure you check out our new original series, the movies. it continues tomorrow night with the 2000s hear from the actors and director from the movies you love. tomorrow night at 9:00 on cnn. stick around for the van jones show. that's next.
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want to freshen your home without using heavy, overwhelming scents? introducing febreze one. it eliminates odors with no heavy perfumes, so you can feel good about using it in your home. for a light, natural-smelling freshness, try new febreze one. [ applause ] all right. welcome to the van jones show. look, it is hot outside everywhere. but at least our new studio is pretty cool. pretty awesome i think. thank you. and it's fitting because we have an awesome show to you. soccer superstar megan rapinoe is in the house, y'all. it's going to be nuts. plus we have not one but two swing state governors from wisconsin and pennsylvania, who might tell us how the democrats can win something in 2020. that would be great a lot to get to.
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