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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 21, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! hello. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm martin savidge in for fredericka whitfield. right now president trump is preparing to board air force one and return to the white house after a weekend he spent in new jersey where he launched a fresh assault on four democratic congresswomen of color. today's twitter rant comes one week after the president's racist attack against four congresswomen sparked racist chants at his rally. today he's questioning their patriotism and distorting what
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they've said. the president tweeting,iodon't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country. they should apologize to america and israel for the horrible hateful things they have said. they are destroying the democratic party but are weak and insecure people who can never destroy our great nation. today a top democrat and civil rights icon accused of the president of stoking racial fears and division while many republicans simly tried to move on from the controversy. >> i've never in my total of 37 years in public service ever heard a constituent say that they were scared of their leader. >> scared of their leader, scared of the president of the united states? >> the president of the united states, that's exactly right. i've been in politics 37 years. >> do you believe president trump is a racist? >> i believe he is -- yes, no doubt about it. >> i would say in general the whole america love it or leave it is not a new sentiment.
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back in the '60s that wasn't considered racist. i just find it very unfortunate that so many parts of our public debate right now are getting immediately stuck inside a racial framework when what i would like to see is us moving towards that color-blind society. i was hoping when president obama was elected it'd really go a long way towards healing the racial divide. >> vice president pence is also coming to president trump's defense. vowing that the president will not stay silent if another racist chant breaks out at one of his rallies. >> the president was very clear. >> was he? >> that he wasn't happy about it and if it happened again he might -- he'd make an effort to speak out about it. >> he will make an effort to speak out? >> that's what he's already said. >> okay. >> cnn white house reporter sarah westwood is in new jersey. and sarah, it appear the president is i guess not ready to put this controversy behind him. >> reporter: that's right, martin. president trump's definitely not backing away from those attacks
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on the four democratic house freshman known as the squad. and they're sending stephen miller out to defend the president out against criticism of those attacks being racist. steven miller is someone who seldomly steps in front of a camera to defend the president but who's very influential behind the scenes particularly when it comes to trump's immigration agenda. miller argued just because the president is criticizing congresswomen who are minorities that doesn't mean his criticism is inherently racist. miller also accused democrats of throwing around the word racist too much in order to silence critics. take a listen. >> why shouldn't someone see all of that as racist? >> i think the term racist, chris, has become a label that is too often deployed by the left dmz in this country simply to try to silence and punish and suppress people they disagree with, speech they don't want to hear. the reality is this president
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has been a president for all americans. all the people in that audience and millions of patriotic americans all across this country are tired of being beat up, condescended to, looked down upon, talked to by all members of congress on the left in washington, d.c. and allies in corners of the media. >> miller also highlighted the fact president trump has since disavowed those racist chants of send her back that broke out at his rally in north carolinas on on wednesday. as we just heard vice president mike pence also pointing to the fact he's try today distance himself although we've seen some mixed messaging from the president when it comes to those chants saying he was unhappy with the chants but also defending those who expressed that sentiment as incredible patriots. those that he should do something to distance himself that perhaps that wasn't worth the political cost.
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republicans were finding it to difficult to defend against those racist chants. but trump tells cnn he does view his initial attacks on the four congresswomen a political success and he wants to continue to make them the face of the democratic party. >> he was working hard on that again today with his tweets. sarah westwood, thank you very much. with me now is michael sheer, white house correspondent for "the new york times" and cnn political analyst. and cath will know, political columnist for "the washington post" and also a cnn political commentator. thank you both for joining me. >> good to be here. >> catherine, let me stargt with you. the president is not only continuing his attacks on these congresswomen but now he's definitely trying to change the narrative, changing this controversy which had originally been focused on race and ethnicity now to one of patriotism. i'm wondering is anyone really buying this term? >> it's obviously a cheap shot to say the least to question the
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love these congresswomen have for their country. we have known since the days of shakespeare go back and open your king lear from high school that dissent and criticism are not a sign of a lack of love and in the converse praise and flattery are not a sign of a doration and love. and trump himself has been critical. but i think beyond all of that the thing we should be paying much closer attention to besides his words is actually his action including notice past week alone on immigration. the raids basically gutting our entire asylum system by extra legal fiats, by trying to redirect resources away from usc is's system of i.c.e.,
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processing and whether he want to focus on the substance of his policies, whether those are racist i am more than happy to do so. >> it appears, michael, he is adding a new theme here that is going to define his side in 2020 and that is patriotism. vote for me and you're patriotic. if you vote for the democrats, clearly they are not. is that a simple message but an effective one? >> well, i think it's potentially on effective message, but it can't be divorced from history and from the history book before he became president and then also the tenure over the last 2 1/2 years. and so i think when you look at his use of attacking people for their patriotism it gets commingled oftentimes with race and ethnicity. and so whether you're talking abilities his attacks on black football players who kneeled,
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you know, or the immigration issue where so often his attacks are on people -- immigrants or people who are of a different ethnicity or this current situation where it's attacks on, you know, for women of color who are members of congress. the questioning of patriotism often gets mixed up with ethnicity and race. and so he can't escape -- just by saying and for steven miller to say, look, this is completely divorced by any question of race or ethnicity, this is only about a person's patriotism. it doesn't really stand up to the smell test for many people because they've seen the pattern before. >> and democrats are definitely not going to like that. and senator cory booker is running for president as we know. and today had some pretty strong words for the president's attacks. let's listen and talk about it. >> the reality is this is a guy that's worst than a racist.
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he's actually using racisttropes and racial language for political gains. trying to use this as a weapon to divide our nation against itself. we have a demagogue fear mongering person who's using race to divide, and this is referendum not on him. it's actually a referendum on the heart and soul of our country. who are we going to be and who are we going to be to each other. >> katherine, if the 2020 election turns into a referendum how do you think republicans will react? >> this reminds me a little bit of the 2012 autopsy report as some of the viewers may recall. after mitt romney lost that race, republicans went back and looked at what went wrong and what did they need to do for future elections given the demographic trends in the united states, given how the existing base was evolving. what did they need to do to evolve and adapt and win elections.
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and one of the things that was recommended in that autopsy report again after the 2012 presidential election was that they needed to back off of the xenophobic rhetoric, that that was going to appeal to a part of their base not broaden the number of voters interested in them including ethnic minorities, descendants of immigrants, naturalized immigrants as well as other demographic groups including more moderate women, suburban women. that kind of, you know, dog whistling tendency that some republicans had at the time was not going to pay off in the long run. and i think we have seen that trump obviously doubled down on that in 2016. he lost the popular vote. he won the electoral college, of course. but he has alienated a lot of these groups that could be much more important to him as again the country evolves. and as 2012 approaches, you could imagine that this will backfire on him as more of those
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white suburban women stay home and as well as his hispanics and blacks and others might be more motivated to vote for the opposition. >> michael, real quick, and we're almost out of time. you cover the white house. what are you hearing behind the scenes there because this has to really cause some stomach upset? >> well, it causes upset but there's also a sense in the white house there's some opportunity here. if they can message this in a way that focuses on socialism and patriotism i think they think it's a winner. if it remains, you know, kind of the sense of people that are watching in the leelectorate, t question is we see what it is now. what's it going be a week from now, six months from now. how does this evolve? and we know the president keeps changing the news cycle and it
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only lasts a few hours before there's some other thing that comes along. so we just don't know how it's going to play out. still ahead, get set for robert mueller's highly anticipated testimony. it's going to be this week on capitol hill. the big question, will he stick to the four corners of his report on russia interference in the u.s. elections or step out of the box? we'll discuss next. discover card. hi, do you have a travel card? we do! the discover it® miles card. earn unlimited 1.5 miles on every purchase, plus we'll match your miles at the end of your first year. you'll match my miles? yeah! mile for mile! and no blackout dates or annual fee. nice! i was thinking about taking a scuba diving trip! i love that. or maybe go surfing... or not. ok. maybe somewhere else. maybe a petting zoo. can't go wrong. can't get eaten. earn miles. we'll match 'em at the end of your first year. plus no annual fee or blackouts. the discover it® miles card.
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a 22-month investigation, a 448-page legal report and then you've got one man at the strcer of it all, special counsel robert mueller. with his testimony just days away they hope hearing from mueller will give a better understanding of his mindsings. >> the report supports very substantial evidence the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to let mueller present those facts to the american people and see where we go from there because the administration must be held accountable and no president can be above the law. >> we want bob mueller to bring it to life to talk about what's in that report. it's a pretty damning set of facts that involve a presidential cadge pain and a close race welcoming help from a hostile foreign power, not reporting it but eagerly embracing it and lying about it to cover up, and then
1:17 pm
obstructing an investigation into foreign interference again to try to cover up. >> the stakes of course are high for both democrats are republicans. cnn senior congressional correspondent manu raju shows how they're preparing. >> reporter: lawmakers are intensely preparing for the most anticipated hearing in decades when special counsel robert mueller testifies about the findings of his two-year investigation. democrats and republicans both sharpening their questions and their strategy as they hold mock hearings with top aids sitting in with mueller. cnn has learned the judiciary committee will focus on five areas of potential obstruction of justice laid out in the mueller report. also trump's order to former campaign manager cory lewandowski to tell the then attorney general jeff session
1:18 pm
tuesday limit the investigation to exclude the president. and later threatening to fire sessions if he did not meet with lewandowski. there are also episodes in the mueller report of alleged witness tampering including trump encouraging former campaign chairman paul manafort and trump's former attorney michael cohen not to cooperate with federal prosecutors. >> just as he says what's in the report and says it to the american people so they hear it, that would be very, very important. >> democrats on the house intelligence committee plan to press mueller about the extent of russian interference in the 2016 election and contacts between russians and the trump campaign and will ask mueller about his findings and trump publicly expressed skepticism russia was responsible for the hacks at the same time he and other campaign officials privately sought information about any further planned wikileaks releases of printed campaign e-mails. >> we're going to ask the questions and we're going to expect him to answer.
1:19 pm
>> with the stakes enormous democrats say they're preparing carefully rereading the entire 448-page report. >> this is not going to be a whole bunch of members freelancing, this will be organized. >> republicans pressed the special counsel about whether his team was bias swels anti-trump texts sent by lisa page and peter struck. >> you've got to understand where it started. >> reporter: but mueller has already indicated he won't go beyond the four corners of his report. >> director mueller will be impeccably prepared. he's not a ver bose and dramatic witness but he knows his stuff. >> reporter: some democrats have actually tried to lower expectations ahead of waenlz's hearings. jim hiems for one told me don't expect much news out of the hearing. nancy pelosi behind closed doors
1:20 pm
said something different. she has said approach this calmly. i'm told she told that to her democratic colleagues and don't raise expectations, don't lower expectations. but ultimately the kwigz couque could be whether or not pelosi shifts. at the moment the expectations are she will not move off that opposition. >> to discuss this cnn legal analyst and former federal prosecutor regnato mariotti, he joins me now. do you think there will be major brake throughs during this testimony, or aren't we really building expectations too high? >> i would be surprised if there are major revelations. if there are it'll probably in response to questions from republican congressmen and women because they are going to be asking questions i think are a little outside the box.
1:21 pm
in other words, i expect democratic members of congress to be focused on what's in the report. they want to get that report in front of the public. i think either a lot of republicans who are interested, for example, in how the investigation came to be, things that are not really discussed in the report, fisa issues, things like that. mueller may refuse to answer any of those questions. it he does, he may make some news. >> but trying to cast doubt on the legitimacy why it all began in the first place. >> exactly right. and if mueller chooses to dchd his investigation and his staff and so on, then i could see him saying things that are not in the report and perhaps making news in doing so. but he may also just not entertain those questions in which case really it's going to be a lot of summary and discussion of what is in the report. >> democrats i presume have to approach this sort of from your legal background with the idea he's almost a hostile witness, right? >> well, you know, i wouldn't --
1:22 pm
if they're smart they would not handle it that way. what i would do if i were them is try to use his answer tuesday get out some of the stories that are in the report that are very damning for the president. so it's a problem obviously for the president he order a witness to create a false record, and so on. and so democrats i think if they're doing this right are going to ask mueller a series of questions, you know, a repeated series of questions that get this in front of the american people because most people haven't read the report and as we saw the last time mueller went on the air it had a big impact. even though mueller was mostly repeating his reports, people changed their views and there was a renewed focus on what was in the report. >> one of the issues i have is with kind of the way the program works for these in that the line of questions, you get five minutes. first democrat and then a republican. so you're going to be whipsawed back and forth.
1:23 pm
he's going to be whipsawed back and forth. can you really develop an effective line of questioning when you've got five minutes and you know it's going to abruptly end? >> that's a really great question. i agree with you in term of the format. obviously i'm an experience questioner. i could get one line of questioning out in five minutes. candidate candidately i have helped some members of congress in the past and when i did that it was limited to 5 to 8 questions they could ask wen that time period and make one specific point. it's extremely hard to do. >> renoto mauruateo, great to talk to you. and don't forget cnn will have special coverage of the mueller hearings wednesday starting 8:00 a.m. eastern time right here. still ahead, tensions in puerto rico now reaching a boiling point. protesters are planning massive protests this week calling for their governor to resign. we're there live next. [ dogs barking ]
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. as for calls for puerto rico governor ricardo rosello are growing mayors are spending constitution day in prest. many are outraged after a series of offensive chats sent between
1:28 pm
the governor and his inner circle were made public. a massive protest is expected tomorrow. cnn's senior national correspondent nick payton walsh is live in san juan this afternoon. demands for the governor's resignation continue to grow louder is and louder. >> reporter: democrats candidates joining even some of his own staff here and that will be the to the protest. malls around it are closing, some businesses are closing warning of traffic delays. federal offices are closed. local government employees are being told to come to work. and i've got to tell you, this noise is just a little bit of what we're going to hear tomorrow. but we've been out of the capital itself to see how the protest movement against the governor isn't something limited to just this small set of streets. and here's what we saw. truth to power outside puerto rico's congress.
1:29 pm
but it's the truth of what the power thinks of its people. protesters reading out loud the mijaujnistic homophobic and down right nasty chat messages of governor ricardo rosello's mail in a circle. all 900 leaked pages of them. >> just about to hit the 64-page line. >> reporter: these chats were just a spark that hit the dry forest floor of discontent here exposing critics say how a government has really been functioning at its heart, trampling on puerto rico. drown out over the hills towards the towns hit by hurricane maria who feel america has almost let go of them and the decay worsens. the education secretary is one of the officials arrested over fraud and theft claims she pled
1:30 pm
guilty to. and this is where the money would have kept her school open. so what do you feel when you come in here? shattered, she says, to see something that was once so beautiful. >> do you feel angry or do you feel shame that you couldn't fix this? nostalgia, sadness, pain, she says. the governor must resign from his position because and now her 200 pupils get taught somewhere else, a lifelong lesson for them and how the political elite handle puerto rico's funding. beneath the change even in the priest's sermon we ask the lord to enlighten the spirit of everyone in government so they
1:31 pm
make the best decision for the people. noisy and imaginative protests have never stopped. these women each with their own toilet representing human right pensions, a separation of church and state, the various ideas they think the governor has, you get the general idea. the governor staying just behind these lines. the distance from his people, however, growing. you know, you've got to hear this noise behind me. it is the consistent drum beat demanding the governor's resignation. there's been a feeling of expectation in the crowd in the town over the last hours maybe he's, reconsidering his future. that's all unsubstantiated. he was meeting with some of his key officials just hours earlier. the crowd energized by somebody on a loudspeaker saying he may be in the governor's mansion. but you have to ask what is his end game in staying in power. i haven't met anybody granted
1:32 pm
mostly in crowds and hopefully calm is enough to make governor rosello reconsider his future. he though denies the allegations against him and says he's been elected and can get the confidence of the people back, martin. >> nick, are there concerns this could get out of hand, what is peaceful could end up being violent? >> reporter: i have to say when protesters get an idea near what they think might happen doesn't happen they get angry and frustrated. there's no sign of that here. and these have been very peaceful and imaginative people on the streets. it looks like they may see at some point a yearning for a more volatile situation a. that's not happened here. we saw it on wednesday night, tow. i don't think anyone wants to go back to that in a protest crowd because it gave the governor rosello a canc to call the
1:33 pm
protests violent. lots of head space for it, lots of preliminary preparation being done. hopefully that leads to calm. but anything could happen particularly with this level of expectation we've been hearing in the past hour. >> nick payton walsh, thank you for that update. next, he was once worldwide known as a notorious drug lord. now he's in a prison cell. what is lifelike for el chapo? this is your wake-up call. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections including tuberculosis, and cancers,
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notorious drug lord joaquin guzman better known as el chapo was sentenced this week to life in prison plus 30 years for his role in the sin lowa car tell. he even escaped from prison in mexico twice. but as brian todd explains he is now in a super max prison in colorado that is already housing some of america's most notorious. >> reporter: his track record of violence is horrifying. his skill at spectacular prison escapes legendary. but now the convicted drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman might have met his match. in an operation steined to keep the modern day criminal hudeany from escaping el chapo's lawyer confirms his client was flown by helicopter and then flown to
1:38 pm
america's super max prison. el chapo was sentenced to life plus 30 years on wednesday after being convicted on ten counts related to his drug trafficking operations. but now former dea agents and other analysts tell cnn they believe el chapo's associates may have already cased the super max facility to plot a possible escape, something he's done time and time again. you can find it on google earth now, so there's doubt that his cronies, you know, his hard rs men have looked into all possible scenarios. would they be willing? is he worth, you know, them launching a full-scale attack on the prison? >> reporter: the florence super max houses notorious terrorists like the boston marathon bomber and the unioabomber. at mexico's maximum security
1:39 pm
prison in 2015 el chapo disappeared while walking through a shower stall. there was an escape hatch in the floor that led to an elaborate tunnel complete with electricity, lighting, tracks laid along the ground and a modified motorcycle cart for transportation. he once escaped another high security mexen prison reportedly hidden in a laundry cart. and he once got out of a safe house into a tunnel and escaped completely naked while police were closing in on him. >> chapo i consider to be the modern day hudini. >> reporter: one former bureau prison official says unlike his previous attempts it's not likely el chapo or his men can get to the warden or guards at the super max in order to breach
1:40 pm
the facility. >> it's going to be impossible to corrupt one person, two people. there's just too many checks and balances in the system. you know, control centers cracking doors. >> reporter: but could el chapo's wife a former beauty queen help him aska. it's unclear she'll be given a chance to visit him there. at his trial one testified that she helped him passing messages to and from him. she's not been charged with any crime, however. >> i think she's visit him in messages to family. he has sons who are running the cartel and i think that's going to stay her role. >> reporter: experts say given the security at that prison it's unlikely that ema cornell will be able to help facilitate an escape. could el chapo be targeted by other inmates at that facility? analysts say it's unlikely he'll be allowed any contact with other inmates. but some of el chapo's oldest and feared enemies are also
1:41 pm
there and say he wouldn't rule out an attempt. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> and just into cnn at least eight people have been injured when lightening strikes a florida beach packed with people. ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, how do you like it ♪ all you can eat is back. how do you like that? applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. have a discount with another wireless carrier? t-mobile will match it. need a few more reasons to switch? 1. do you like netflix? sure you do. that's why it's on us. 2. unlimited data. use as much as you want, when you want. 3. no surprises on your bill. taxes and fees included. so, if you have a discount, bring it to t-mobile. we'll match it and give you great benefits.
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just in, eight people were injured when a bolt of lightening struck a beach in florida. the incident happened earlier this afternoon at clear water beach along the florida gulf coast. witnesses tell police tat the eight people either fell ill or fell or they were thrown when lightening struck the beep. that was around 1:30 p.m. police say four of the people were taken to the hospital. one of them is in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest. meteorologist gene norman joins us at this time. >> there were quite a few thunderstorms moving across the florida peninsula during the afternoon. this is the loop for the last three hours moch y. you see them kind of progressing forward. but i want you to pay attention to this area we're going to hone in on. this is shortly after this was reported, but this thunderstorm
1:46 pm
blew up very quickly near the clear water area. not necessarily a bolt out of the blue because these thunderstorms were developing. you don't see a whole lot else in the area so if you're in tampa or st. pete you may say it didn't look that bad until this one little cell developed. and there are more thunderstorms expected in the area in the next couple of hours. in fact, they're kind of bearing down on tampa right now. so if you're in that area watch out. we always encourage people in the summertime to, you know, listen for that sound of thunder. when thunder roars try to head indoors. you also notice there are no warnings in effect because in the summertime the weather service is not going to chase every thunderstorm unless it really becomes a big, big problem. just the fact there's lightening doesn't mean it is a warned situation, martin. but a cautious reminder that this time of year especially in florida the lightening capital of the world, you've got to watch out. >> absolutely. gene norman, thanks for the advice. up next, we now know who
1:47 pm
will be in the next debate but how will the 20 democrats respond? it's a big platform that's seen its fair share of awkward in the past. we'll have more after this. woman: (on phone) discover. hi. do you have a travel card? yep. our miles card. earn unlimited 1.5 miles and we'll match it at the end of your first year. nice! i'm thinking about a scuba diving trip. woman: ooh! (gasp) or not. you okay? yeah, no, i'm good. earn miles. we'll match 'em at the end of your first year.
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cnn heroes do extraordinary work to help others yet those people are rarely in the public eye. last fall u.s. combat veteran jason candor was a rising star in the democratic party. running for mailer of kansas city when he dropped out of that race to seek help for ptsd. earlier this week he spoke to cnn's kate baldwin about his journey and the help he got from a non-profit run by cnn hero chris stout. >> my first message to people is if you think something might be wrong, something is wrong and you should get help. i went to the va and they gave me a lot of paperwork and i looked at it and said i'm not really sure i know how to navigate this process. >> even you. >> and i'm in a decent spot to be able to figure that out. and i went to an organization and helped me navigate the process. they have a village of tiny houses.
1:52 pm
they effectively eradicated veterans homelessness in kansas city. it's a new mission. >> if you want to find out more about the veterans community project go to, and while you're there nominate someone you know to be a cnn hero. >> well, the stage is set for next week's 2020 democratic debates. cnn is hosting two live nights of debates wednesday july 30th and live from detroit michigan. here's the line-up for night one. and then here's the line-up for night two. in all 20 candidates will answer questions from our jake tapper, dana bash and don lemon. but as jeanne moos shows us sometimes as debates get crowded they also get awkward and chaotic. >> reporter: with this many candidates. >> the point and wave. >> reporter: it's half debate, half cattle call. remember how just getting the herd on stage after carson missed his cue caused a backup
1:53 pm
with the stagehand desperately waiting for carson to go. they talk at the same time, occasionally invade each others space and pretend to be friendly. with ten candidates at a time it can feel like an episode of. >> your question is about africa. >> pass. >> reporter: a real candidate can't pass up the chance to look over and land a body blow. >> he knows exactly what -- >> there it is, the memorized 20 second speech. >> reporter: i'm your opponent as you lower the boom. >> and that little girl was me. >> reporter: dominating the conversation. >> let me talk. quiet. >> reporter: looking to score that viral moment even unwh unwittingly. beto o'rourke broke into spanish. but in the end it doesn't really matter who's standing next to whom thanks to the split screen.
1:54 pm
with the camera watching your every facial twitch. >> but he's a chaos candidate. >> reporter: making chaotic faces. >> he said he wouldn't want, quote, such a hot head with his finger on the nuclear codes. >> reporter: if you're one of the democrats trying to break out of the pack, be careful what you wish for. you might end up alone on stage where president trump lurking behind you as hillary clinton described it. zbli my skin crawled. >> reporter: even though he stayed in his assigned space she said he felt like saying. >> back up you creep. >> reporter: now, that's enough to make you yearn for the days of the cattle call. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> you don't want to mess two big nights of the democratic presidential debates live from detroit july 30th and 31st on
1:55 pm
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tonight on all new episode of the cnn original series "the movies" and it all is about the films of the 2000s. >> now she has a place in the state contest -- >> oh, my god, i won.
1:59 pm
>> it was the first script i wrote where i started with the ending and then reversed engineered the rest of the story. >> one day i'm sitting at home and i'm watching tv and there's footage of this little girl beauty pageant and there's all these little skinny girls walking around and i thought wouldn't it be great if an unconventional girl gout out there and i know that's a good ending. you could feel everybody in the theater was laughing at the same time. and to me there's nothing else better than that. and only movies can do that to get everybody in one room laughing together. it's like you're communing with the gods basically, the gods of laughter. >> i did like that one. catch "the movies" tonight at
2:00 pm
9:00 eastern and pacific right here on cnn. thank you so very much for joining me. i'm martin savidge. cnn's newsroom with ana cabrera starts right now. you're live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. anticipation on capitol hill. robert mueller has a date with two congressional committees this week. what will he say? plus round two of the m deic presidential debates. 2020 candidate marianne williamson will take the stage on night one. she says she wants to heal the soul of america, and she'll join us live to talk about her strategy to stay in the race. but first he's walked back the walk back. now president trump is stripling, no, qua drupeling down on his attacks on four ethnic minority congresswomen insisting without evidence that they're not capable of loving our country. will they take the bait? sarah westwood is traveling with the president in new jersey this weekend. sarah, the president's


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