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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 27, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a winning streak for donald trump. the u.s. president scoring two landmark victories on his immigration policies. denouncing violence. peaceful protesters return to the streets in hong kong. we have a live report ahead. also ahead this hour, once a safe haven, syria's islib province is the most dangerous place for children. live from cnn headquarters here in atlanta, we want to welcome our viewers from the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. the "cnn newsroom" starts right now.
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5:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. two, big wins physician the u.s. president donald trump, on immigration. the supreme court cleared the way for the dump administration to use $2.5 billion for the pentagon's money, at least for now, to build a border wall. the u.s. signed an agreement with guatemala, that agreement limit s migrants from seeking asylum in the united states. those coming from guatemala have to apply for asylum. mr. trump calls the deal a win for both countries. >> we have been dealing for many years, i would say, with guatemala and with other countries. we're now at a point where -- we
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just get along. they're doing what we asked them to do. i think it will be a great thing for guatemala. they don't want these problems, either. we're able to get this done. we got it done quickly. this is after many, many years. mexico is working along with us nicely, tremendously, actually. you'll see a chart where the numbers are through the floor, because they're going down. >> the deal seems to be based on the safe third country agreement. but critics say guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. that it's not a safe place for asylum seekers. this, as the u.s. supreme court cleared the way for the trump administration, at least temporari temporarily, to use the pentagon money to build parts of the border wall. our senior white house correspondent, pamela brown, has more on that story. >> reporter: the president held
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the decision by the supreme court, that paves the way for department funds to be used for the wall. the president tweeting, big victory on the wall. united states supreme court overturns junction and allows border wall to succeed. big win for border security and the rule of law. this is the ruling along the ideological lines in the president's favor. this could still play out in the lower courts but it hands the president a big win on the campaign trail. now, he can tout to his supporters he's following through on the 2016 promise. we should note that the funds being used, are going to replacement fencing, in addition to a new wall. this is after the president ordered pentagon money but used
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for the wall. he had the government shutdown, 35 days, and directing these funds he didn't get from congress. there were certain groups that challenged it in the courts. that's what led to this big supreme court ruling. a lower court agreed with the groups, saying the president didn't have a right to divert funds. congress has the power of the purse. but the supreme court disagreed. those that brought the suit didn't have standing and the government made a good case for that. this gives him a talking point on the campaign trail. >> pamela, thank you. as the president chalks up wins on immigration, the calls for impeachment are getting louder. the house judiciary committee has filed a suit to get secret grand jury information from the russia investigation. manu raju has this report from capitol hill. a major step forward for house
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democrats, as they decide whether to impeach president donald trump. in a new lawsuit, the house judiciary committee told a federal judge, it needs secret grand jury information gathered by robert mueller because articles of impeachment are under investigation. no determination has been made, after weeks of debate, about the next steps to fight the president, chairman jerry nadler and the committee, said their probe is the same as a formal inquiry. just saying there's no difference now, correct? >> in effect, this is an impeachment investigation. >> we're crossing the threshold with the filing. >> reporter: his committee's investigation is broader than an impeachment inquiry. but acknowledged the end result could be the same. >> we're going to see what
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remedies we can recommend. including the articles of impeachment. we're not limited to that. that is a possibility. >> reporter: the development comes over how to move forward in the aftermath of mueller's appearance in front of the house. he failed to deliver the commanding performance that many democrats were hoping for. speaker nancy pelosi renewed her push to fight the white house in court. but in what allies see as a shift, she sounds open to impeachment. >> some of your colleagues believe you're trying to run out the clock on impeachment. >> i'm not trying to run out the clock. let's get sophisticated about this. >> reporter: how long do you think this will take? >> we will proceed when we have what we need to proceed. not one day sooner. theired advocacy for impeachmen
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gives me leverage. i'm willing to take whatever heat there is there, to say -- the decision to be made in a timely fashion. >> reporter: democrats have voiced concerns that the window is closing on launching an impeachment proceeding. >> i would like to see us move more expeditiously. the house committee may try to get don mcgahn to comply for the president. they were saying their hand in court would be strengthened to launch a formal probe. but publicly, he stood by her side. is there a time when you announce publicly your support for impeachment. >> we may recommend articles of
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impeachment. we may not. there's no point in speculating whether the speaker will agree with our point. >> reporter: what they haven't been saying is it's approved in the impeachment proceedings. she had been saying that for weeks. she's dropped that message in the last several days. the house judiciary committee is considering moving forward with articles of impeachment. i'm told the speaker signed off on that language. here to put it into focus, we have kate andrews. kate, an associate director and political columnist with city a.m., from our london bureau. >> good to see you, george. it's being called an impeachment
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investigation instead of an impeachment inquiry. there is an effort to get secret information from the mueller report to help democrats decide whether to impeach the president. is the window closing for democrats to do this? >> well, naturally, it's closing, as, you know, the election is upon us now. 2020 is in focus. the president could be removed through impeachment processes and could be removed by a democrat who beats him. when we watched special counsel mueller address congress, you watched him walk in tight rope of not wanting to endorse any politics on the left and the right. both sides was said to be disappointed. trump did not say he was guilty of a crime and couldn't say that
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trump was guilty of a crime. they are trying to take impeachment into their own hands. going into the election, being anti-trump and not offering the country more, may not resonate well with voters. >> democrats want to pursue the path of impeachment there. some worry this could energize the president's base ahead of the 2020 election. there's those that are concerned it could force the candidates talking about impeachment. not talking about the table top issues, it will be so important to come about with this election. could this help the democrats come the election? >> i suspect it's a losing hand. if mueller had found a smoking gun and there were a good reason to believe that trump was guilty of a crime, it would have been laid out in that massive report.
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and the fact they don't have that evidence and they are trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find some more, suggests they're not going to have the talking points they need to run a try maprimary or general election idea. the republicans can say, where is the evidence? there's no reason to believe that politically-motivated democrats will have the evidence. if they're not focused on serious issues like tax and health care and immigration and they focus on trump, without having that evidence, i think they will have a difficult time. >> let's talk about immigration. the president claiming victory on two different fronts. first, regarding the wall he wants to build on the u.s./mexico border, the wall he said that mexico will pay for. instead, defense department dollars will be paying for that. that money has been given the
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nod for construction. how does that play for the president as it goes to the campaign trail? >> they haven't said that trump is right in law to divert the funds. they said they would grant him the use of those funds. it's technical. the supreme court hasn't, in principle, ruled in trump's favor. but in practice, this is a good talking point for the president, as you mentioned. one of his major campaign pledges was to build a border wall. now, he can go on the campaign trail and say, it's coming and i have the funds to make it happen. >> another thing the president can talk about on the campaign trail, the agreement he made with guatemala for mi yagrants seek asylum, will be returned for guatemala.
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what are your thoughts about the agreement that was reached? >> i have mixed feelings. it is the case that the u.s. is a much -- if we look across to the syrian and the migrants that have come into europe, there's been an issue of migrants going to germany, and other countries not doing their bit to take sigh l asylum seeking. we need to have a rational way to divvy up migrants and asylum speakers. of course, if you are an asylum seeker,s be put in guatemala is different than being put in the usa. it's a sensitive topic. fine for the u.s. working with
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other countries. you can't put all of the burden on other countries. >> we appreciate your time today. thank you. >> thank you. in hong kong, protesters are on the streets for an eighth-straight week. this time, they're standing up against the violence, armed mobs that attacked them last week. we have a live report from hong kong ahead. plus, extreme temperatures are melting much of europe. it's so hot the heat wave could bake the arctic. derek van dam is on-deck as cnn pushes ahead. and now with each new line, get one of our latest smartphones included. $40/line for four lines and smartphones are included for the whole family. you eat right... mostly. you make time... when you can. but sometimes life gets in the way, and that stubborn fat just won't go away.
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looking at hong kong this hour. 5:16 on the u.s. east coast and 5:16 p.m. there in hong kong. thousands of protesters on the streets. they're in a small town on the border with mainland china, making their voices heard, after violence last sunday. that's when mobs attacked protesters with iron bars and bamboo sticks. 45 people were hurt and a dozen people were arrested. we're looking at this live image in hong kong, and the camera trained on the protesters. we're seeing the police standing on one side of that.
2:18 am
protesters with umbrellas on the other. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: it's a fluid situation here. we're watching what we estimate to be tens of thousands of protesters, coming through castle peak road. there was a constant flow of protesters, stop, retreat, move back. and you can see them, wearing the black t-shirts and yellow hard hats. this is all taking place as the riot police are in vicinity. i do not see the riot police. protesters are aware of that, as well. they were not granted permission to be here.
2:19 am
there's no official organizer of the protest. >> i want to make sure the viewers see what's happening there. a moment ago, what appears to be teargas, being used by police officers there. >> and the protesters are pushing back. >> i do not see where the tear gas is being distributed. the protesters who remain are the more hard core. the younger protesters who are wearing the hard hats, they have the equipment with them. they are using encrypted apps, about what is going on. they're aware of what's happening in the areas outside of this area, here.
2:20 am
but it's a fluid situation. i'm not seeing where the teargas is being deployed. but seeing a number of black shirt wearing protesters, with the yellow hard hats. they're here because the police did not grant them permission to be here. this is unlawful assembly. and the protesters are here for a number of reasons. what began was a single issue march about an extradition bill. they're angry about violence. they're angry about what they see as a police response. they're angry at the government. they're angry at carrie lam. and many of them want universal suffer raj. this protest, this is the eighth-consecutive protest, has
2:21 am
evolved to a greater crusade. we'll monitor the situation. right now, it's fluid. they have stopped the march from the playground. they are talking to each other. they are figuring out what is going to happen next. >> stand by with us. i want to reset and show our viewers what we're see iing. that weapon toward the protesters. when we were looking down that avenue at the protesters, we saw a couple of american flags there. protesters with umbrellas there. police, a few moments ago, used teargas, pushing the protesters back. we'll stay in touch with you as
2:22 am
you continue to give us updates about what is a developing situation on the streets of hong kong. switching to the record-breaking heat across europe. many records were shattered. and now, the heat shifts to the north. our meteorologist, derek van dam is here to tell us more. clearly, this is a matter of climate change. >> we're seeing temperatures that have never been experienced before across europe. we've been covering this all week. now, we have actually included parts of the u.k. or england,
2:23 am
and piggy backing off of the warmest june. july will end that way, as well. on thursday, this is incredible. 38.7 in cambridge. this eclipses the record of august 2003, where there were several fatalities because of the heat wave that lasted across europe. temperatures include norway and sweden. we're talking 10 to 15 degrees celsius higher than what it would normally be. we have a cold front that's moved in across the atlantic ocean, but it's squeezing the heat into scandinavia. this is allowing for temperatures to soar in
2:24 am
stockholm. the temperatures are running above where this can be. we talked about paris, setting the all-time record high temperatures. never seen the mercury climb as high as it did. 108 degrees for them on thursday. incredible heat. but that's subsided, the real heat expected across the mediterranean. where we're expected this time of year. we've seen the temperatures soar. and this has set off a series of wildfires across the arctic circle. we are starting to notice the smoke getting wrapped up across russia, alaska, northern canada. and it's made the air very stagnant. you can see this from at lite imagery, as well. and 50 megatons of co2. that's in one month alone of
2:25 am
forest fires in the arctic. still ahead, democrats hoping to become the next u.s. president have a crucial week ahead. we look at how they're doing in the days leading up to this week's debates seen only here on cnn. stay tuned for that. plus, two close allies born in new york, mind you. look ahead to a post-brexit relationship. the latest from london is ahead. i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs" "oh i love it. it's a great razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle. it gives a nice smooth shave. just stopping that irritation.... that burn that i get. i wouldn't use anything else" ♪ a cockroach can survive heresubmerged ttle guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow.
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2:29 am
rallying in the streets in a border town where violence broke out this sunday. police on the streets. police pushing the protesters back. protesters throwing objects like stools and traffic cones. police responded with teargas. police say the protesters are being disorderly. this is an unlawful protest. we'll monitor it for you. two people were killed when a floor collapsed in south korea. it happened in gwangju. 17 people were injured in that accident, including foreign athletes who were participating in the world aquatics championship. in the fiphilippines, two earthquakes struck hours ago. a 5.9 trumer and aftershock
2:30 am
rocked a northern province. in one area, residents were far forced into the street after a church was damaged. the house judiciary committee filed a suit to get secret grand jury information from the russia investigation. that's moving to force a subpoena from the former white house counsel, don mcgahn, to testify. impeachment will likely come up during this week's democratic debates. the candidates are to hit the stage on tuesday and wednesday. until then, they're on the campaign trail, rolling out new proposals and hoping to replace donald trump. >> he tells them to go back to where they came from.
2:31 am
what do we say? we're not going back. and i'll tell you where we're going, we're going to the white house. >> reporter: camera harris, on the attack dentist president trump. just days before the second democratic debate. she did not swipe at joe biden or mention their rematch on the stage. asked if she'll be polite at that face-off, harris told one reporter today, i was raised to be polite. after biden said this about his approach at the first debate. >> i was probably overly polite. >> reporter: biden has a more aggressive posture against harris and cory booker. biding is hanging on to his front-runner status with bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and harris all in double digits.
2:32 am
in the run-up to the debate, the candidates arejockeying. harris, in front of the national urban league. >> i will make a $60 billion investment of s.t.e.m. education. >> that's aimed at closing the racial wealth gap. investing in historically black colleges and universities. and addition 12 billion that support black entrepreneurship. >> my generation awe this country elect its first black president and turn around and elect a racist to the white house. we have to call that what it is. >> and rolled out a new policy. buttigieg is targeting big tech for outsourcing employees and benefits. elizabeth warren receiving $1 million donations so far.
2:33 am
bernie sanders crossed 1 million donations. elizabeth warren is campaigning in new hampshire. bernie sanders is having a fund-raiser in detroit. kamala harris, joe biden, dialing back the public appearances, as they get closer to the debate. >> thanks. as for the debates, don't forget. they will be live on cnn, tuesday and wednesday of next week. coverage at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. >> the new british prime minister spoke to donald trump on friday. they are working out a trail deal. this is believed to be the first time the two has spoken since mr. johnson moved into number
2:34 am
ten. >> a good guy. he's a friend of mine. i think we'll have a great relationship. boris will be a great prime minister. he has what it takes. u.k. needed him for a long time. tell us more about the conversation the two men had who have a relationship and are seemingly aligned on many issues. >> that's right, george. >> he talked about increasing trade between the two countries three, four, five times. he said the u.k.'s membership in the e.u. had impeded trade between the two nations. boris johnson turns away from europe and faces the possibility
2:35 am
of relationships with other countries. the u.k. cannot negotiate trade agreements with other countries until he leaves the e.u. his first deadline is the october 31st date. that's when the u.k. will leave the e.u. it's difficult to talk about how he is going to overcome this deadlo deadlock. he talked about the removal of the backstop, the deal with the irish border, as a condition to the talks. so-called no-deal brexit.out a it seemed to indicate that would be turned down by parliament. it's not going to save him from the crisis here at home. >> selma, we'll follow it with
2:36 am
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." the u.n. high commissioner for human rights is urging the world not to turn a blind eye to what's happening in syria. the syrian civil war. it's still happening. it comes as the civilian death toll withere is on the rise. it's a direct result of a government offensive in western syria. >> despite repeated calls of the
2:40 am
united nations, in the conduct for hostilities, the latest relentless air strikes is continuing to hit medical facilities and schools and markets and bakeries. these are civilian objects. it seems unlikely guinn the persistent pattern of such attacks, that they're by accident. intentional attacks on civilians are war crimes. and those that have carried them are criminally responsible for their actions. >> the number of children in idlib province, has surpassed the total from 2018. at least 33 children have been killed in the last month. and two, young sisters died, after an air strike hit their building. you see this image here, the aftermath of that attack. it was captured, a powerful
2:41 am
image, showing one of the girls, a 5-year-old girl, trying to save a baby sister. trying to save her baby sister from falling. the baby survived and the 5-year-old did not. the civil war has claimed those documenting it. among them, a 23-year-old photographer, known for capturing the tragedy of this war. we will warn you, these images are graphic. >> reporter: even when the world almost stopped paying attention, he did not stop taking pictures. he wanted the world to see the living hell his country had become. his photographs brought us the worst of syria today, like this heartbreaking images earlier this year, of this 6-year-old. the lifeless hand under her knee, was that of her 3-year-old sister. her 1-year-old brother was also killed in that air strike.
2:42 am
but in the midst of tragedy, he never failed to capture moments of innocence. the humanity, at times, outlived the horrors of war. he was witness to some of the darkest atrocities of our time. the chemical attack on this town. he was a member of the rescue group, the white helmets, injured three times in recent years. but that didn't stop the 23-year-old. he spent the past week documenting the brutal bomb boardment by russia. and it cost him his life. he was killed on sunday. colleagues joined him to pay their respects. and they were saying, he will always be remembered as the one who chose to stay behind the scenes and fight with his camera. less than 24 hours after his death, there were more bodies to
2:43 am
bury, more victims to mourn. life lost in one of the bloodiest attacks in what's left of rebel held syria. death here is the normal, the everyday. that's what he wanted the world to see, even as it turned the other way. >> this is the result of your apathy. this is the united states apathy toward the syria situation. we're getting shelled every day. we're getting killed every day. mr. trump, please. stop this. joelle is joining from beir beirut. she is a spokeswoman for save the children middle east. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> let's show the image. just want people to see this again. show it full to understand what is happening. again, you see the children, these young girls, both died.
2:44 am
tell us more about the situation. what's happening there in and around idlib province. >> the situation is horrific. since the end in april, there's been an increase in violence and shelling. the children are paying the price for this violence. this photo around the world, is not just a photo of two small girls. they have identities and names. they are both dead. so far, they lost children, lost his wife, and it's just senseless brutality, day in and day out since the end of april. >> again, let's look at that image. it is important to see this. we understand that the baby died in that image.
2:45 am
the baby survived. that's the problem. these attacks continue to happen. and this is one stark example of the problem here. i want you to take a look at the numbers here, reported by your organization. the violence by the numbers, since the end of april of this year, has now resulted in the deaths of at least 400 people. that includes 90 children, compared to 31 children killed in 2018. save the children and the network confirmed that 33 children have been killed since june 24. those numbers give an indication. and the image does, as well, of how bad things are. >> yes. these are conservative numbers also. since we got them, most children have died, including the two sisters. our numbers are conservative. our partner on the ground
2:46 am
documents every death. it doesn't mean that it will not increase. and it's just a comparison tool. most children have been killed in four weeks than the whole year. and numbers are just hiding stories of families torn apart. we heard that children who are playing together in one neighborhood were killed. and the families could not get the body parts because they were intermingled. it's horror stories every day. and civilians are paying the price. there's no safe area in idlib for civilians. >> the u.s. president trump, once said he should be given credit for asking russia to protect idlib. but russian and syrian forces are holding out oi tacks on rebels, refugees with nowhere to go at this point. >> yes. a total disregard for warring partie
2:47 am
parties. and the protection of civilians is the last thing on their minds. people are dying. but people are being displaced, as you have mentioned. some families have been displaced up to ten times. living in open fields, under trees. it's hard in idlib. there's a lack of food, water, sanitation. health issues and diseases. so, children are victims across the board. they're not just dying. they are living in very precarious conditions. if this is supposed to be syria's future generation that will hopefully will rebuild syria one day, you can imagine the mental impact of this war on those children. >> the state department condemned the attacks, calling for an immediate cease-fire. but look, given the position of the united states pulling the greater majority of troops out of syria, does the u.s. have
2:48 am
leverage to demand anything in syria? >> there is a total disorder for civilian lives. and there's a indifference from the international community. the u.n. security council is one place where a political solution can be reached. a decision to at least reach a cease-fire currently in idlib can happen. but there's no action whatsoever at this level. so, warring parties are continuing with the fighting on the ground and in the air, with a total difference from the international community. and civilians are paying the price. >> joelle, we appreciate your time today. thank you. we'll be right back after this. so bob, what do you take for back pain? before i take anything, i apply topical pain relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. a cockroach can survive heresubmerged ttle guy. underwater for 30 minutes.
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hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. released a new report on the growing tobacco epidemic. many countries are still not doing enough to help people quit tobacco. the organization's director general says governments should offer more services, like toll-free quit lines and nicotine replacement therapy, to support people who want to stop using tobacco. in the meantime, the united states is finding out more about
2:53 am
how far e-cigarette companies will go to reach new customers. a congressional investigation into the vaping manufacturer juul, is revealing shocking facts about what it did to get teenagers' attention. dr. sanjay gupta has this story. >> we face an entire generation of kids addicted to nicotine, who are human guinea pigs for the juul experiment overall. >> many of juul's tactics seem to be out of the tobacco playbook. >> we didn't want anybody under age to use juul products. >> reporter: we've seen passionate exchanges between tobacco opponents, juul executives and members of congress at a two-day congressional hearing on juul's role in the youth vaping epidemic. but the most surprising exchange came from high schoolers, who revealed that juul had sent a representative to their classroom last year. and teachers were asked to leave
2:54 am
the room. >> did the presenter call juul totally safe more than once? >> yes. >> what impact did those, quote/unquote, totally safe comments have on your classmates, some of whom may have started vaping. >> for my classmates who were vaping, it was a sigh of relief. now, they were able to vape without concern. >> reporter: we asked juul about this. and they said presentation to students were part of made of a short-lived educational program, that was ended in september of 2018. the company says its purpose, which was to educate on nicotine addiction, was misconstrued. the company has taken actions to prevent youth vaping, like ka scaling back social media accounts. according to one expert who testified, it was too little, too late. >> you would have shot that hash tag posting would decline. but in fact, it surged.
2:55 am
>> reporter: surged in part, because the hash tag itself gained a social currency. even after the brand had largely exited social media. they say this video should scare anyone. normalizing the use of these devices, even in a young toddler. >> we've seen lots of outrageous postings on #juul. it's remarkable, the lack of boundaries many posters have. >> reporter: the posts by users are a serious problem and have gotten 30,000 of them taken down. but with more than 500,000 posts still tagged on instagram alone, the nresearch shows that hasn't stopped the popularity. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. we want to show you dramatic video of the u.s. coast guard closing in on drug smugglers. take a look. this is one of the recent busts.
2:56 am
a high-speedboat careening across the waves with federal agents in hot pursuit. look carefully. you'll see the smuggers will toss bails of cocaine overboard, as they try to avoid being captured. in the end, they were caught along with a ton of drugs. in recent weeks, the coast guard reports seizing about 13 tons of cocaine, with the street value of $350 million. thanks for being with us for "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. for viewers in the united states, "new day" is next. for other viewers, the news continues after this. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage.
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good saturday morning to you. i'm victor blackwell. >> hi, i'm jessica dean in for christi paul this morning. we are now just a few days out from the democratic presidential debates, and we're seeing the first hints of a more aggressive vice president, former vice president joe biden, he's taking on rivals kamala harris and cory booker. the biden campaign has promised a shift in strategy after he took a hit in the polls for his performance in the first democratic debate. joining me to discuss, politico's daniel litman. good morning to


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