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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 29, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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good evening from detroit in addition to hosting the cnn democratic debates, detroit like baltimore is part of the united states, both are very important american cities, which may be news to president trump who continues his attack on baltimore and the african american congressman that represents a big part of it. house oversight committee chairman elijah cummings. and as he did with four non-white congress women two weeks ago and many other non-white elected officials, ordinary scitizens before that he's trafficking a racist stair owe type and giving voice to some of the most shameful prejudices in our society. tomorrow night here in detroit the first ten of 20 democratic candidates will take the debate stage. all of whom say they want to restore civility to washington. we begin tonight with the question that follows from all of this presidential behavior.
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is this only the beginning? it is disturbing enough if this was just donald trump revealing prejudice, he's apparently long harbored but if this is as it appears to be a calculate strategy of division and racial identity politics, where does it go from here? how far does the president of the united states try to make this next election about the other? making it in a sense us versus them in his mind and as you ponder that, listen to this. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans, and this is so important to me. >> it is easy to say that when you're reading at least part of it off a teleprompter but that sentiment is not what the president reveals in tweets in large auditoriums. just ask elijah cummings or constituents, the people of
5:02 pm
maryland's seventh congressional district outraged at chairman cummings' questioning, he tweeted why is so much money sent to the elijah cummings district when it's considered the most run and most dangerous anywhere in the united states? no human being would want to live there. where is that money going? how much is stolen? investigate this corrupt mess immediately. he continued as proven last week during a congressional tour, the border is clean, efficient and well run, just very crowded. his district is a rodent infested mess. if he spent more time in baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this place. he commutes and goes home daily. his district is home to 700,000 people, about 700,000 more than the president says would want to live there. it's racially diverse, majority african american home to the
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john hopkins medical center and according to the "the baltimore sun" one of the wealthiest in the country and has some extreme poverty and crime and baltimore does have long-standing problems. but if you listen to the president maryland seven is barely fit for human habitation and the president's attacks on women, the race is again at the center of the president's remarks against baltimore and perhaps trying to preempt the racial backlash against him, president trump tweeted this, quote, if racist elijah cummings would focus more energy on helping the good people of his district and baltimore itself, perhaps progress could be made in fixing the mess he helped to create over many years overincooverif incompetent leadership. elijah cummings, the african american chairman is portrayed
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by the president as the real racist and what about the president you may ask. listen? >> the president is attacking mr. comings for saying things that are not true about the border. i think it's right for the president to raise the issue of look, i was in congress for six years. if i had poverty in my district like baltimore and crime in my district like chicago and homelessness like in san francisco and i spent my time in washington d.c. chasing down this mueller investigation, bizarre impeachment crusade, i would get fired and the president is right to raise that. it has zero to do with race. >> that's the acting chief of staff. funny thing that's almost the exact same thing another top advisor said last sunday defending the president's attacks on those four other non-white congress members. >> i think the term racist, chris, has become a label that is too often deployed by the left democrats in this country simply to try to silence and punish and suppress people that disagree with speech that they
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don't want to hear. >> well, that explains it. elijah cummings is trying to silence the president by being on the receiving end of a racist verbal assault. for those other four non-white congress women and john lewis who as you may know was beaten nearly to death on the bridge in civil rights movement, he was the real racial aggressor when the president told him that he, too, should go back and fix what he called his crime infested district. he seems to reserve the word infested for non-whites and seems to have forgotten this. >> the bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when god's people live together in unity. we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable.
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>> again, reading from a teleprompter is easy but truly working to help people live in unity and solidarity, that is something this president hasn't even tried. i want to get more reaction right now on this from two senators. this is senator cardin and ben holland. >> senator ben holland, when you heard the president's remarks, initially, what did you think? did it seem like part of a larger strategy to you? >> well, it sounded unfortunately as part of a pattern of the president's racist attacks that we've seen over weeks and months and years now. it may well be part of a larger political strategy. i think it's a strategy that will fail. i think the country is much stronger than that and we've seen people all over maryland and the country rallying in support of baltimore.
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>> senator cardin, i know you spoke with congressman coumming. what is he thinking about at this stage? >> he's very proud of baltimore and the people of baltimore. this is a great city with great people and great neighborhoods and institutions like john hopkins and the university of maryland. it is an incredible community and to hear the president of the united states talk that way about our city, it hurts. it hurts a great deal but congressman comings knows he's done a great job representing the people of baltimore in the congress of the united states, and he understands that the president's agenda isn't really about congressman coummings or baltimore but his attempt to district the american people from the proper oversight of the congress of the united states. >> that's what you think this? you think this is an effort to district? >> i think it's an effort to distract. i also think as senator said,
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it's a pattern which the president appeals to the worst of america and to racism in an effort to try to bolster his base. it's unacceptable from anyone but particularly the president of the united states. >> senator van holland, the language the president uses, the infestation language, is language he's used before has been pointed out and there is i mean, i know you've said it is racist. in your mind, what makes what the president said racist? >> well, anderson, the words he uses with respect to african american elected officials, the places they live, sometimes the countries their ancestors come from is especially degrading. i mean, this talk of infestation always trying to associate these places with high crime, it's very clear that the president's instincts are to degrade these
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individuals especially and the places you came from. now it may be part of a sick political strategy to increase intensity of his base. i don't think it works but regardless, we have to call this out every time we see it. we can talk about the other important kitchen table issues that people are thinking about every day, but we cannot allow that kind of language to become normalized from the president of the united states. >> it is interesting because the president, as you know, has spent, you know, more than a week or so going after four freshman members of congress, telling them, you know, to essentially go back to where they came from. we heard the chant that went out and one of his claims is that these congress people hate america. listening to the president of the united states who has the largest soapbox in the world, attack an american, a great
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american city, it's surprising to me that nobody is making the argument to him that he is denigrating america or critic e criticizing america, not just two americans but to the world. >> the president of the united states has a responsibility to all the people in this country to bring us together and you're right. what he said about baltimore is totally unacceptable from anyone but the president of the united states, that's outrageous. that's not what the president of the united states should be about in bringing us together. despite the fact he was wrong but the language he's using is just inexcusable for the president of the united states and i was pleased to see the reaction. we've seen people from all over america come to the defense of elijah cummings in baltimore and that's great. >> senator van holland, i understand one thing that hasn't really gotten a lot of attention is the kushner company actually owns the family run company owns
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i think some 9,000 apartments or properties in baltimore and that there have been code violations in those. is that something you looked in into. >> elijah comings and others wrote to the companies about these alleged flagrant violations codes. over housing that is run down that's not properly taken care of and and we heard nothing in response. so whether it trump or the kushner companies, the reality is, you know, the president may pretend today he wants to help baltimore but he's been obviously trying to drag it down and kushner refuses to respond to our letter.
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>> senator van holland, appreciate your time, thank you. >> thank you. we're going to have much more ahead including our political team next talking about what the president tomorrow night, two nights of debate ahead and to senator van holland's point, we'll look at the kushner properties in baltimore and talk to the people who live there and find out what is going on and the departure of dan coats who is seen by pretty much all sides is a straight talker and his replacement with a loyalest to president trump and a russia probe critic, is it a sign as some believe the president is trying to co-opt the country's eyes and ears? details ahead. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills.
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we're talking tonight in detroit about a president who has been admonished by the house about racist tweets and four none white members of congress attacking a fifth member of congress that's in addition to max scene waters and john lewis and several more over the years and of course the reverend al sharpton today. i've known for al for 25 years, went to fights with him and don king and got along well. he loved trump. he would ask for favors awesome. he's a con man, troublemaker always looking for a score just doing his thing and must have intimidated comcast, nbc, hates whites and cops. anyone that grew up in new york know he's been a polarizing figure over the years. that said, the language in that tweet goes way out of its way to be inflammatory, which the president may consider a feature. i want to talk about it now, former seniored a v ed a vied axelrod and nia mallika
5:18 pm
henderson and van jones, former special obama advisor and host of cnn's "van jones" show and he like david axelrod is a senior political commentator. van, there is a pattern here from this president. i mean, there is -- you can argue people will argue about how to define the words but this is part of a pattern. >> it is. here is the thing. trump attacks everybody. he's mean. he's rude. you say okay, why are you guys upset? he attacks people of color in a particular way. you know, if it's an s-hole nation. it's a black city, it's a crime infested city. if it's a leader of color, go back where you came from. listen, he's rude, he's mean but there is a particular kind of pattern here and i think that's why people are so upset. part of the danger we're in now is you can't let this stuff go and can't spend too much time talking about it because i think he likes being seen as this
5:19 pm
racial provoker standing up to these people. >> senator santorum -- >> i don't see it that way. i agree with van that the president is crude and rude and combative with anybody who attacks him and he fights back and he fights back dirty and he fights back mean and i think that goes for everybody. i don't think he pulls punches on anybody no matter what the coal already color of their skin is. >> this motif and them he keeps coming back to. >> he would never say about -- >> they aren't attacking him on a regular basis. >> i don't remember when you were running against him, telling you you should go back to italy. >> well, it happened to my dad
5:20 pm
but you're right. look, i'm not condoning any of the language. so let be very clear about that. but to say that somehow there is a difference between how donald trump attacks certain people and other people, the reality is what donald trump i think is trying to do, because i've talked to a lot of people around the trump campaign, they really belive this is going to come as a shock, they believe they have an opportunity to make great gains in the black and grown community. they believe they have a great message and one of their messages is the people who are representing you now are not doing a bad job, and you need to get rid of these people and you need to try something different, and that may be part of the strategy. >> how can telling four women of color to go back to where they came from not be seen in racial terms? to van's point, he's at a -- you know, at a rally in alabama, he's not saying two people in the crowd many of whom probably
5:21 pm
live in less than ideal circumstances or in tough circumstances or have, you know, in communities affected by opioid abuse, he's not calling those drug infested stuff. those are patriots because they are showing up to his rally. >> they are showing up to his ral ral rally. that's the difference. >> it is remarkable that he does have a case he can make. he can talk about the fact he did criminal justice reform and have the unemployment stuff. >> that's not the case he's making. to me, in someways, democrats might want to be glad he's stepping on this badly. >> he's making the case against the leaders of those -- >> no. >> here is the bottom line. here is the bottom line. this is exhausting and people will get tired of it every day dividing the country for --
5:22 pm
>> when? >> i say -- what i think -- that's the gamble. they may not. it may be that people walk into the polling place just enough who like things that he's done but say, you know what? i don't think we can do this for four more years. >> that is my greatest fear. this president i believe given this economy and all the other things he's done should be winning and shouldn't even be a close race so that's my biggest fear. >> why isn't he running on those? >> he's running on the things that van is talking about. he's running on racial grievance politics and identity politics and we've seen this. i mean, you know, a for effort he's really trying to appeal to african americans. i don't think you appeal to african americans by calling africa, you know, african countries s-hole countries and calling neighborhoods where african americans live and like elijah cummings assure their problems but instead of saying listen, baltimore is set by some of the same problems you see in
5:23 pm
pittsburgh, the downtown in manufacturing for instance, that's not how he's phrasing it. he's going for another thing, this sort of emotional play for folks who feel left behind by a lot of the demographic changes in just the divisions, the sort of urban world divide, the racial divide. so that's what he's doing. >> how does this play out on the debate stage? to van's point, there is a danger for democrats in focussing on every tweet the president is sending and not focussing on -- >> let him dictate the entire conversation. there is a danger in that no doubt. this is why i think you'll probably see some of this on the debate stage and david called it a gamble, the politics of this is that yes, he made very much motivate his base. perhaps he'll pull people over who didn't show up to vote for him four years ago but he also riles up the opposition. this unifies democrats tremendously so. we saw how nancy pelosi was in this battle with these congresswomen and then all of a
5:24 pm
sudden that went away. her party was totally unified. this is not an issue they will debate between themselves. they will take this to donald trump. joe biden launched his entire candidacy, the rational is restoring the soul of the country. he used charlottesville as the example. he plays directly into joe biden. >> but i think it's also -- whether it's right or wrong, he likes to put chum in the water. >> yeah. >> i think the decision to move forward on restoring the death penalty at the federal level was an attempt to force this into the debate. much as in the last debate, he probably saw that and said they went too far left. he'd like -- >> he tweeted about that realtime. >> don't discount the people who live in these communities who hear donald trump saying really nasty things about him said he's right. you know what, he hasn't done anything to help because you
5:25 pm
guys. but the reality is some are hearing this and saying he's absolutely right and that happened in 2016. people he was out there saying nasty things about a lot of people and about a lot of things going on in this country and some people said you know what? he's right. >> van and we have to go. >> let me say there is this thing called blexit, blacks exiting the republican party and democrats have let us down and whatever. this is the worst possible way to execute that strategy. what you're trying to do is turn away black voters? >> i agree with mr. president. listen to van jones on this. >> we'll take a break and come back. rick santorum, thank you. everyone else stay with us. coming up president trump announcing his choice for the new director of national intelligence, someone not well-known by some of the senator whose will have to confirm him with little intelligence at the gathering. we'll look who he is ahead. every day, visionaries are creating the future.
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he staunchly defended and the out going director and several republican senators said either they didn't know ratcliff that well or declined to comment at all instead praising coats for his work during the first two and a half years of the trump administration. the president went public with the job change in a tweet on sunday. i want to get perspective from ralph peters who is a strategy analyst and aught ethor of the "darkness at charlottesville." someone that worked for two decades, i'm wondering your reaction to this nomination, certainly loyalty to the president seems to be one of the most, if not the post qualifications, important qualifications. >> the fundamental problem seems we have a president who refuses to accept the reality whether it's presented to him before his eyes or through an intelligence briefing and i can tell you our
5:31 pm
intelligence personnel had to reduce extremely complex issues to one page of bullet points and the president's mind still wonders off that one page. you got a guy who is not interested in intelligence believes he can make it up as he goes. he wants yes. he doesn't want to be challenged and he has found it appears to me the perfect sick of it. someone who is utterly unqualified and profoundly unqualified to be the director of national intelligence and anderson, i heard someone on cnn saying well, you can learn on the job, no, you can't. like learning to be a brain surgeon on the job except that intelligence work is much, much tougher. it takes you can learn on the job if you have 20 years or 30 years but you got to understand everything from agents risking
5:32 pm
their lives to the satellite, the technology and analysis yochlt u have to have a deep background in world affairs, profound, you can't just wikipedia for the problems. so again, this candidate the wonderfully named congressman ratcliff that's a screen writer's cream, he just shouldn't be anywhere near the office of the director of national intelligence. think about the people we had, jim clapper, people like that that knew what they were doing and gave their life to intelligence and you put a ho monkey in there. >> you've been critical of previous presidents and decisions based on intelligence they have received but you say this isis approaching a very dangerous bottom. can you explain? some people say this is a guy who may be able to have the president's ear because clearly the president believes he's very loyal and performance during the
5:33 pm
mueller hearing, he doesn't ask mueller a question but gave a speech for several minutes which clearly something that earned him the favor of president trump. >> you know, he hit a key point here that he has the president's ear, and that the director of national intelligence, it's not an empty job. that man -- or woman, one day will be a woman, that person is the gate keeper who decides what intelligence goes to the president. incredibly, incredibly dangerous. if the man decides what intelligence goes to the president is afraid of angering the president, dni has to have courage and what we saw in the hearings with mueller, someone solely interested in advancing himself. i've been critical previous presidents but there is a difference. previous presidents, clinton, bush, the younger bush, obama
5:34 pm
repeatedly ignored intelligence and often for political purposes but never rejected reality and to be fair, obama had his love affair with vladimir putin and making fun of romney for saying the russians were enemies but nonetheless,ed ed at some level previous presidents accepted while they might not like intelligence and might not want to act on it, they shouldn't shown disrespect to the community and haven't attacked the intelligence community as virtual traders and president trump seems to equate any one who disagrees with them as being betraying the united states. he's -- this man is at the very least a sosio path and affection for villains, dictators, for murderers. how could one be more worried?
5:35 pm
>> ralph peters, always good to have you on. i misspoke when i introduced you, it's "darkness at chancellorsville". >> there was darkness at charlottesville. >> well, there certainly was but the book is "chancellorville" and apologize for misreading it. my lack of knowledge for that. good to have you. up next, a preview of tomorrow's democratic debate. our team is back to discuss the possible attack lines coming from the presidential candidates and a new poll that may make you reasses who is in command of the race. at t-mobile, for $40/line for four lines, it's all included for the whole family, starting with unlimited data. use as much as you want, when you want. and if you like netflix, it's included on us. plus no surprises on your bill. taxes and fees are included. and now for a limited time, with each new line, get one of our latest smartphones included.
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less than 24 hours the democratic presidential debate begins. the theater is a great room in the lead up a poll that shows joe biden back on top erasing kamala harris' gains from the first debate. biden is at 34% from 12 points and elizabeth warren statistically unchanged at 15%, harris at 12% and down eight points and bernie sanders is the only other can kate in double digits at 11% right now. back with our political team joining us is cnn chief gloria
5:40 pm
boringer and jennifer and cnn political commentator and senior staffer of the 2016 clinton campaign jess mcintosh. what do you make -- again, these are national numbers and of course, what matters initially are the early states, the early voting, but what do you see in these numbers? >> all of that but you see from the numbers about one-third of democrats say he's the top choice. if you look at other numbers included in this poll, more than 50% of democrats say he is the most electable democratic candidate and what do they want to do more than anything else, they want to beat donald trump. so that really pushes his numbers up. also, he's had a lot of polls recently showing him at the top of the pact and, you know, the old saying nothing succeeds like success, if they continue to see that he's a leader, they will believe he's a leader and these polls show him beating donald trump by double digits. again, that plays into the whole electability argument so they are looking at joe biden and
5:41 pm
saying well, even if i don't love him, i think maybe he's the person who could best beat donald trump. look at all these numbers and what they are telling us. now it's early. >> for biden, the pressure is on for a good debate performance. >> 57% of independents say they would never vote for donald trump. that would be a red flashing light for him that the strategy that he's deploying right now is not really a great general election strategy if you want to get independents, particularly independent women back. >> my take away is the trend line. we're so early it's hard to say yes, this is it. elizabeth warren seems to be solidifying second. that's -- she's been in that position since that first debate and we've seen camilla go up and down and biden go down and up.
5:42 pm
elizabeth seems to be calmly gaining momentum and if she turns out a debate, we might see that continue and could see paths cross. >> i'm sorry. >> i think what gloria says is view true. democrats want to beat trump. it's always been true that core to joe biden's appeal is that he was viewed as the trump slayer and that he was the least risky choice. what happened in the last debate was he looked a little riskier and in the last month, he's been more energetic and focused and the question is can he carry that forward into this debate and reassure people. >> what's really going on is you have a lot of of can americans parked there for biden and waiting. >> 53%. >> yeah. >> 53%. 25% of this party is african american and their votes were parked with biden. he was obama's guy to say can camillk
5:43 pm
kamala harris do this? i think his support is there and tomorrow night goes on and slips on another banana peel, you'll see numbers go down more permanently. >> that's true. what is amazing to me is that kamala harris' success from the last debate was not ever lasting and there was this return to the comfort zone, to joe biden as the safe choice so while we have seen him poll after poll, voters do want to hear more about kamala harris and elizabeth warren. they are shopping, yes, but won't shop in the way where they park elsewhere. they will coming back to the safe zone because they want nothing more. >> and the safe zone also seems to be the top five candidates, right? they are not really going outside to the bottom sort of 15 folks, those folks are having a really hard time breaking into the top five. buttigieg is at 6%. if only all of that money would buy him some better poll numbers, haven't seen that at all. sanders also slipping. that's another trend line that
5:44 pm
we see. he's losing altitude and looks like warren has been able to leap over him. so we'll see. we'll see what that means for tomorrow with folks attacking on stage. >> really quickly, one of the things i'll be super interested in is on the policy side, we're in michigan. this issue of trade was such a huge deal in that election in 2016. >> good point. >> trump won because of that and elizabeth warren came out with a trade plan today. i want to -- this is going to be the issue for the industrial midwest is the lose of these good paying manufacturing jobs and what is the plan for these people to bring it back? trump's plan, he hasn't executed on it and that to me is going to be the key issue. >> one more thing about biden to me, looking at the poll numbers, how people are coming back to him like they want to believe in santa claus, right? laugh will ha[ laughter ] >> they say oh my god, biden could be santa claus for us but they are not quite sure he is santa claus. >> yeah. >> so they keep coming back and
5:45 pm
that's why as you-all were saying, this debate is so important and maybe he will do something on trade but i think the thing they will look at is how he punches back whether -- he's going to get attacked by everybody. >> you got to remember he's going to be in between kamala harris and senator cory booker, both looking to make a mark. >> and has to be sharp and focused. it was one thing to see him not sustain the attack against kamala harris but wasn't focused. he seemed out of step lost. so he -- >> also, how many -- i mean, there is 20 candidates on these stages. how many will disappear? >> i would say half the field. in terms of getting to the september depbate, they doubled the limits if ten, 11 people make it to the september debate stage, i'm not saying the other nine will quit but the campaigns for all intensive purposes will be over because they won't be participating. >> this is the hunger games. killer details. >> totally.
5:46 pm
yeah. everyone who has a small number is going to try to make their mark. so kirsten gillibrand will go hard i imagine on women's issues and de blasio will go hard on trade. you'll see at some point -- >> there is always so much time to go hard. >> some of these tier two candidates, drawing contruast i in the their strength. we have amy kolobuchar and o'rourke. none is great throwing a punch -- >> i'll tell you who i think -- i'll tell you who will take a punch. the first debates will take a punch. you'll see a lot of moderate candidates try and push back on the tone of the first debate and that's going to be another theme of what we see. >> i want to thank everybody. again, two nights of press desh
5:47 pm
d -- presidential debates begin and i'll be hosting special coverage starting at 6:00 p.m. and after the debates, as well. coming up, the latest on another mass shooting acht gunman fires into a crowd at a festival in california. two children and an adult are killed. we'll have more details ahead. s the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win. but family can only tell you sot much... about your history. switch to geico. i found some incredible records about samuel silberman...
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5:51 pm
police say two children, a 6-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl along with a man in his 20s are dead following a mass shooting. the shooter using an assault type rifle which he purchased in nevada earlier this month. at least 12 others were hurt in the attack. the police chief said it ended within a minute when three
5:52 pm
officers fatally shot the shooter. chris cuomo is joining me now. another mass shooting. it's just -- it's incredible how people just move on. >> it's part of the same conversation they'll be having here. there has to be an ability to connect the me to the we in this election at some point. and what you see in gilroy, the president said the right things. it's horrible that we lost, stolen from the families, but he didn't mention his motivations. why not? he talks about what motivates him and he exaggerates situations all the time. why? because somebody has told him politically it's not good for him to do it. >> are you focusing on debate stuff? >> yeah, because this is really big. the idea of having this panel broken down, i'll be on with anderson from 10:00 to 2:00 in
5:53 pm
the morning. make the orders early, that time of night i need some time to prepare. but i want to see which of these men or women can connect to a message that shows that things can be better. because plan versus plan, it's a good thing to do. and we see in the quinnipiac poll that elizabeth warren is being distinguished with the plans. it's not a written test. they're not hiring an accountant. >> one of them is going to go up against somebody who not necessarily runs a plan-based campaign. >> that's right. he's the most fearsome politician that i've seen in my lifetime. his ability to use us, advantage, demagogue. he'll see who can step up. i've got buttigieg on the show tonight. >> cool. if the president is concerned about rat-infested
5:54 pm
housing in baltimore, he might want to talk to his son-in-law. we'll tell you why after the break. so bob, what do you take for back pain? before i take anything, i apply topical pain relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. while managing your type 2 diabetes- why think about your heart? lower a1c helps, but type 2 diabetes still increases my risk of a fatal cardiovascular event. and that's why there's jardiance-
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coolsculpting, take yourself further. ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪ at the top of the program, you heard my discussions with the senators about the president's racist tweets and his, quote, rodent-infested baltimore district. the irony, it's the president's own son-in-law and the family company that jared kushner once ran who are responsible for housing in the area that's been
5:58 pm
cited for rodent violations. senator van hollen called it profiting over housing that's run down that's not properly taken care of. here's more. >> reporter: maggots, mice and mold. that's what tenants say they have experienced in housing owned by jared kushner's. >> it's ironic that the president's making these comments that we know his son-in-law directly contributed to some of the neglect that the president is concerned about today. >> in fact, back in 2017, baltimore county found more than 200 code violations by kushner companies at its various properties. everything from lack of plumbing to rodent infestation. >> at this property, one tenant told "the times" that her
5:59 pm
apartment was infested with mice. she said it was so bad, there were mouse droppings everywhere, and mice in her daughter's bed. >> the county threatened to fine kushner companies unless it made the repairs which kushner companies did in all but nine properties. >> the place started to go down. >> vanessa johnson lived in the apartments from 2001 until last year. >> i experienced rats. the rats were in my ceilings. you could hear them walking. >> reporter: and so what was it like to hear rats at night? >> oh, my god. it was crazy. i could hear them gnawing. but you can't see them. but i could hear it. and it made me crazy. >> reporter: in a statement to cnn, kushner companies said it invests substantial amounts in the properties and is proud to own thousands of apartments in the baltimore area calling it a high-quality residential experience for their tenants. now a class-action lawsuit is
6:00 pm
moving forward on behalf of 30,000 tenants. one tenant claiming that paying their rent in full did not prevent them from receiving notices under threat of eviction. randi kaye, baltimore, maryland. >> i want to hand it over to chris for "cuomo prime time." >> thank you, anderson. i'm chris cuomo, welcome to "prime time." we're revving up for the first cnn debate in 2020 and we have one of the top five in the polls with us tonight, mayor pete buttigieg on debate eve. how does he see this moment in our country? how can he beat this president and make this president better? new numbers from the polls, quinnipiac spelling trouble for him and the rest who are trying to take down joe biden. how will they all step it up on that beautiful stage we were