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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  August 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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luvs. all right, good friday morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. breaking news out just a few minutes ago. 164,000 new jobs added to the u.s. economy last month. >> numbers show the job market is still moving but can it keep growing? as trade fears deepen now with us our chief correspondent christine romans. romans, go through the numbers. >> 164,000 jobs, that's exactly what economists had been expecting. but the previous two months were revised downward, so that's kind of key here. it shows job growth is there, but it's not quite as robust as we had seen earlier in the year
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and certainly not as robust as last year. the unemployment rate exactly in line with what economists had expected. you can see the ten-year trend is amazing. and we do know about some 370,000 people came back into the job market. 2.2% wages, that's also a good number. look at business, 31,000 there. it's interesting, these jobs are computersomes designer jobs, a lot of that kind of growth. very hi-tech skill jobs in that part of the economy. health care, same there. manufacturing only 16,000 jobs and the government points out manufacturing employment for the year is little change, not as robust as last year. that might be where you're really starting to see the president's trade wars crimp. now i want to show you some perspective. this is average monthly job gains prch for the year we're
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looking at about 165,000 new jobs last month. certainly the slowest we've seen in some time, so there's something happening here. there is still job growth, no question. wages about 3.2%. we're seeing jobs growth in health care, we're seeing it in services. we're not necessarily seeing it in making stuff, and the president's trade wars are going to add -- and the fed's rate cut are going to add a new complexity as we move into the fall, you guys. >> good break down. let's continue this conversation with the chief economist at grant thornton, and christine is staying with us. diane, there's something going on here as christine romans says. you have some concerns on wall street and elsewhere that you're beginning to see signs of an economic slow down. you see some predictions about that next year. and yet each month the figures are pretty good. yes, revisions over the last couple of months downward, but
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164,000 jobs, economic growth still looking good. do you see signs in the big picture of potential slow down? >> well, we are seeing a slow down. the good news is the slow down is still enough to hopefully over time eat away at the unemployment rate and keep those wages high. the tech sector really showed up in these numbers where there's a lot of growth and that's wages as well. on the flip side the unemployment rate stayed at 3.7% for the right reasons. the participation rate in the labor market increased a little bit, and it was really teenagers. 16 to 19 years old, these are kids really shutout of the labor market when haid to compete with people literally feeding their families and competing with 5-year-olds to get those minimum wage jobs. we're finally seeing those teenagers come back and that's encouraging news as well. that's where interest weakness from the trade is and vehicle
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production jobs we know a whole lot of plants actually closed at the end of july. that's going to be a lot weaker in august, and of course retail continued to decline. that's before the next round of tariffs we're seeing that will hit retailers directly. >> romans, let's talk about jobs and the trade war with china that just got a whole lot worse because the president is going to slap these extra tariffs on. we have the head of the u.s.-china business council saying they think this is going to hurt the chances of china coming back to the negotiating table. it's going to impact things like iphones and toys. >> it's going to impact end of the line manufacturing goods rights now. the white house has been i would say smart in an odd way for making sure they were not targeting things consumers can feel right in their grocery cart right away, so shoes, apparel, winter coats and consumer electronics. now they will feel that 10%. the president has more leverage,
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too. he has another 15 percentage points he can put on there, so he's trying to get the chinese back to the table where they were in the spring. it's very clear t irked the chinese are not buying soybeans and not stopping fentanyl coming into this country so he's retaliating. >> the fed had this in mind when it did this most recent rate cut, trying to soften the blow. also with inflation still low, i wonder, though, does this lessen the ability of the fed to soften any further slow down or even fears of a recession next year? >> absolutely that's one of the things the fed is worried about, and of course they were slit in their own views of what they should do. i think one of the beneficial effects of the lower rates, you saw mortgage rates come down and all of that helped in the confidence j. powell talked
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about, helped the rebounding in the second quarter. going forward this ups the ante on another cut because we're talking about even greater head winds the u.s. economy must fight and it is up paying the taxes. and up until now it was in the supply chain. this is going to show up in consumers wallets right when they go back to the back to school season. >> by the way, it's not just this additional 10% tariff which as you always point out a tax, which is pretty much all goods coming to this country from china will be taxed. and you're going to pay for that, by the way. but this isn't the end of the line, romans. the chinese foreign ministry said, china will, quote, take the necessary counter measures against us. what should the u.s. consumer expect in term of the counter punch? >> i'm really worried about farmers because the longer the
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soybeans sit in storage, soybean purchases the lowest since 2004. so that soybean part of it is a very big deal. i think for consumers in particular they're going to start feeling it right away. inflation is low, consumers aren't feeling this, they have been insulated until now. even the chinese manufacturers have been trying to find ways to find the pain a little bit. this is permanent condition. >> permanent. >> it really sort of as we said yesterday in one of our stories, it breaks the compass of the fed. the fed uses a compass to decide and the president took a hammer and smashed it. so now trying to figure out where we go from here is really hard stuff. >> diane, we're out of time. you wrote about that. you were stweeting about the risks of unintended consequences and everything has been turned
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upside down at this point on this front. thank you both, ladies, for your expertise. meantime a lot of international news this morning. the trump administration is closing in on one major potential peace deal and closing the door on another. right now the u.s. is negotiating in the middle of peace talks with the taliban. if a deal is reached, that's still a big if, it could pave the way for thousands of troops to return home from afghanistan. talks come as two u.s. soldiers were killed in afghanistan this week. you see them right there. those soldiers have been identified as private first class brandon and special michael. five u.s. service members have been killed in afghanistan in just over a month, jim. >> and of course the taliban responsible for it deaths of hundreds of u.s. soldiers there. just hours ago the u.s. formally withdrew from a missile treaty with russia.
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there's now just one active nuclear treaty between the worlds two largest nuclear powers, the u.s. and russia. what does that mean for the world? cnn's barbara starr and kylie atwood, they join us now. the u.s. has said for years russia violated this treaty. they gave russia opportunities to perhaps pull back, negotiate, that didn't happen so perhaps a formal withdrawal by the u.s. and the u.s. is already testing missiles that would have been banned by that treaty. what are we learning? >> they may be testing. it really is important to understand why it's important to everyone. we're talking about the prospect of missiles in europe. russia has deployed already several battalions of these intermediate range missiles on its territory. what could russia do with them? in conflict they could target european cities, bases, ports,
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basically make it much more difficult for europe to respond in a crisis and make it especially difficult for u.s. forces to quickly get to europe and defend the continent if it were to come to that. so that's why you see the u.s. now in response to russia moving ahead with its own intermediate range missile program effort. they are in the very early stages of testing what they have seen, what they can make work and trying to get the funding from congress to move ahead. it could result in the coming months, years, possibly in missiles, u.s. missiles being placed in europe. you would have to get basing rights for it, but, you know, it steps up the arms control race and puts europe right in the cross hairs of this super power competition, if you will. >> back to a situation in the '80s which was highly volatile and as relations, tensions between the u.s. and russia
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rising. let's bring in cnn reporter kylie atwood. in afghanistan, america's longest war, we're 18 years in now, discussions with the taliban. this is volatile as well. the taliban killed hundreds of troops, thousands of afghan civilians and security forces. what would this deal look like and how close are the two sides? >> this is something we've seen from the ambassador who is the chief negotiator with the taliban, some hopeful sentiment they will actually achieve an outcome here. he tweeted this week that they would conclude these talks, this next round of talks potentially. and what we're learning stat the u.s. is hoping that some sort of agreement with the taliban will indeed pave the way for the u.s. to start withdrawing its troops bringing down those numbers. right now there are about 14,000 troops in afghanistan. we are learning that u.s. officials have told afghan government officials they want
6:12 am
to bring those numbers down and it risks on a peace agreement. this deal, some fruition with the taliban. of course, they have to question how reliable are the taliban here, are they going to be the ones at the table committing to something and then not following through especially when it comes to counter terrorism which is something the ambassador has said there could be some forward movement on. the other thing to point out, however, is that this u.s. troop withdrawal is not in motion right now. what is in motion is a draw down of personnel at the u.s. embassy. the u.s., the trump administration wants to get the numbers down to 50% by the end of september. and they are working on that our reporting tells us right now. >> the other issue, too, right is that the president has telegraphed he wants this reduction by 2020 election. there's a political timetable
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here. >> and secretary pompeo is under some pressure to deliver on that, right? >> kylie atwood, thanks very much. still to come this hour another prominent republican is calling it quits. the only african-american republican in fact in the house, he says he won't seek re-election. and 2020 democratic candidate marianne williamson, facing tough questions from our colleague anderson cooper. what she now says about her history of controversial critical comments on the use of anti-depressants. plus another kennedy family tragedy this morning. we have new details about the death of one of robert f. kennedy's grandchildren. we are live outside the compound. we'll be right back with that. apply that same speed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards. it all adds up. don't you love math? so get here asap because tasty deals and summer
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state, county i municipal employees. >> they're not just going to play blackjack? all right, it also comes as the same 2020 hopefuls try to walk back and sort of explain all those criticisms they made of the obama administration on the debate stage this week. let's talk about it. the congressional correspondent for "the new york times" and good morning to you both. welcome to the show. we haven't had you on before. guy, listen to joe biden and how he read that criticism. here he is. >> i have to tell you i was a little surprised how the incoming was. i'm proud of having served him. i'm proud of the job he did. i don't think there's anything he has to apologize for, and i think, you know, it kind of surprised me the degree of criticism. >> and that's why if you look at the subsequent interview that many of these candidates have
6:19 am
given on this network after the debates, they seem to be trying to walk it back and temper their criticism a bit as well. do you think their read is maybe not the best idea to criticize a president with 95% favorability in the democratic party? >> you know, it's a real interesting night at the debates. and when we saw the overwhelling criticism of president obama, i do think there was some criticism from the biden camp in particular, and heard that criticism from some of his advisers. the other thing to point out, though, is that i'msert of confused as to which way this will play because the democratic party compared to decade ago, can voters are increasingly identifying themselves as as being more liberal than moderate. i do think there was a miscalculation there was room to criticize the president and at the same time moving towards that liberal progressive angle of the democratic party that
6:20 am
seems like more voters are -- >> julie, there's a question whether it's a smart strategy but to the why of this is it that they feel to win in the primary you've got to energize the far left part of the base even if they know that a bigger part of the base, say in a general is more moderate? >> right, i think it's particularly fascinating now because the party has really shifted a lot at least rhetorically as president obama left office. you hear a lot of these candidates endorsing things like medicare for all, decriminalizing illegal borders crossings, things quite a bit to the left than where president obama was. so substantively they are trying to stake oit i think a very different ground knowing that the primary electorate is leaning in that direction. but the implications of that are
6:21 am
again sort of per plexing because you have a situation where you have a very popular former president. you have his vice president running for the nomination and the contrasts were so sharp that you got the real sense that therewise anadsversarial sort of stance there. and i think that's going to be a difficult place for some of these candidates to sustain. >> not to mention, right, jim, the president -- president trump said this. like i'm surprised they were attacking obama. let's move onto fascinating and really important interview if you missed it last night. after the first night of debates she was the most googled candidate, a lot of people are learning about her and therefore it's important they learn her stances on some really important issues. anderson pressed her repeatedly on previous statements she has made on the use of anti-depressants in this country. watch this. >> a few months after robin williams died by suicide you
6:22 am
posted a thing i'm putting on the screen, implying that anti-depressants were the cause of william's death. and you wrote the truth of anti-depressants, helpful for some, hurtful to others. squoyou linked this article clearly suggesting anti-depressants played a role in his death. >> anderson, if someone is helped by anti-depressants i'm happy for them. i'm not talking about people suicidal but people depressed about the world today given the fact the world is depressing. >> this is fair game and there were six or seven minutes on that issue that everyone should watch. and i wonder how your take away is and how important for people to take a stance on this stuff? >> i do think there's a sense within the broader democratic party that williamson's campaign is just not necessarily a serious campaign.
6:23 am
already we have qualifications for the next debate that's going to be held in houston in september. there are eight candidates qualified and met those fund-raising requirements and williamson is most likely not going to be on stage. while i think her stance is interesting to some folks and there's a curiosity of her and her campaign, i would say broadly speaking there's a consensus she's not really a serious candidate in the party. >> julie, the concern is you have these positions that bubble up to the surface because williamson in the past has expressed anti-vaccine views as has the sitting president of the united states, although he's pulled back from that. but you have some extreme not in fact base positions that have bubbled up into the national conversation here. >> right, it was actually kind of interesting to see among democrats and frankly
6:24 am
republicans in her performance in the debates this week, they seemed really fascinated with her. but part of the reason why is because she does talk about the issues some of the these other candidates aren't talking about. and treatment for mental health is a huge issue and it's something the president cares about. but she has taken and she talks in sort of an unusual way. she's not a typical politician. and so you are going to get some scrutiny to the positions she's putting out there or suggesting she really isn't used to or gotten n past. >> and look, anderson noted in the interview a lot of this stuff, guise, is right on her website. if you are intrigued, go to her website, read the positions and do your homework. thank you, ladies. have a really nice weekend. so new pressure maybe this morning on nancy pelosi as house democrats are now just one lawmaker away from a 5050 split among house democrats on impeachment. how will she respond? my experience with usaa
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6:30 am
callings since the mueller hearing. but is it going to change pelosi's mind? >> it was just a few months ago my colleague manu raju asked her what are you going to do when a majority of your caucus is supporting impeachment. a few months later we're now at 117 democrats who support impeachment and more who have come out like you said since mueller testified last week. so this puts pelosi in a difficult position. we were asking her what are you going to do when you meet this threshold of half or more of your caucus supporting impeachment. she said she didn't want to answer the question, she has a statement. >> you know it's interesting her dad as you know worked in democratic politics gave her this great advice one time and rekanlted this story of how he taught me how to count. on the republican side of the house will hurd, the only
6:31 am
african-american republican of the house will not run for re-election. i find this incredibly telling because he said just a few weeks ago he said i am the new face of the republican party. >> it's such a significant loss for the republican party that's lacking diversity in its ranks in the house republican conference, and one of the things that has come up that i think is really interesting is just how outspoken he's been at times against the president. here's what he told "the washington post" about these sendhair back chents. when you imply someone doesn't look like you or telling them to go back you are implying they are not an american and have less worth than you. that gives a sense how outspoken he's been at times against the president and his party for not speaking up against the president. so obviously a significant loss here in not just diversity but also in diversity of opinion.
6:32 am
>> appreciate both accounts. >> congressman, we appreciate your taking the time this morning. so among democrats you're nearly at half of your caucus supporting impeachment. what is your message to nancy pelosi? so now the time to proceed? >> as poppy said earlier, i think our leader can count. i think more will come, by the way. i think if we get access to the testimony in the mueller grand jury and if we are able subpoena again before the judiciary committee we will hear or have a greater insight into what happened. i think more will come our way. i think our leader has been very fair, even handed -- i think she'll listen to the caucus. but she also recognizes that we
6:33 am
need additional facts and evidence. i'm already there, i was there last year. i think we're getting closer. >> so question, though, where are the american people? an nbc news wall street journal poll found support for impeachment dropped to 21% down from july. are you out of step with the american people here? >> i think if you wouldn't to take impeachment from a perspective of politics, then of course you have to consider polls. >> but it is. it's a political question. >> i think the house of representatives has a responsibility granted to us by the constitution and i think eventually a good government results in good politics and if we see if we have to act then there's sufficient evidence that we must go in one direction, we must not abdicate our
6:34 am
constitutional responsibility. good government is good politics. we could look to this from the political perspective and try to score political points or look at this from the constitutional perspective and try to do what's right. i believe in the latter. >> you are job of course depends on the paolitics. democrats swept back to the house by winning a lot of swing districts. and i'm curious i know the democratic counsel has passed lot of bills and without the senate a lot of those bills haven't gone anywhere. what are you going to have to present to voters in those swing districts to say, hey, makes a difference, give us another couple of years in office? >> i think we've been successful in passing very important legislation. the minimum wage legislation. >> it's not going to become law. >> that's on the senate that we're fulfilling our responsibility. we have a host of pieces of
6:35 am
legislation i think are historical in scope. we did lgbt legislation, border protection legislation and gun reform legislation. we've basically gone through the whole list of legislations that we promised the american people. >> what does it mean if it doesn't become a reality? it's nice, it looks good on paper but it's not making -- it's not enshrining any of this. >> they know the full scope on legislation but we are fulfilling our responsibility both politically and governmentally. i think the fact you see many republicans stepping down like will hurd did this week, it shows the american people understand that we are passing those pieces of legislation. and those in public and congress members also understand they're not sitting looking pretty for this next election. so we still have a long way to
6:36 am
go until next year. i hope that we can pass a new infrastructure bill. i think an infrastructure bill is bipartisan bill the american people want. >> we'll see. afghanistan, the president, the white house negotiating a deal with the taliban. as you know the taliban has killed hundreds of u.s. soldiers in afghanistan, killed thousands of the afghan peel. and the president has cellographed he want to reduce u.s. forces here on an election timetable by the 2020 election. you sit on the foreign affairs committee. are you concerned this deal would represent surrender to the taliban and afghanistan? >> no, i think we should pull out of afghanistan. i think our soldiers, the men and women of our armed forces have been there for far too long. obviously afghanistan is still in major chaos. should we be a policeman of the world, that's the question we should answer or address the issues bread and butter issues for the american fammies. i think we have to approach
6:37 am
those bread and butter issues and we have far less money to invest domestically. >> al-qaeda still has a presence in afghanistan and as we know al-qaeda plotted the attacks from 9/11 from afghanistan with the talibans welcome. >> i think we should incrementally pull them out. we've given our blood, sweat and tears to that region. we're not happy where afghanistan is right now. but we've done the best we can to stabilize the region. let's bring our soldiers back home. let's invest in the development of america. >> congressman of new york thank you very much for joining the broadcast. >> thank you so much. >> really important conversation. okay, so a group of outraged kentucky miners are protesting on the tracks.
6:38 am
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boost® high protein. be up for life. welcome back. sad news to share with you this morning. the kennedy family is once again dealing with unimaginable heart break after the death of robert f. kennedy's granddaughter. she died at the family's compound in massacusetts just thursday. she was 22 years old. >> just heart breaking. the family said in a statement their hearts are shattered by the loss. jean casarez by the compound. i've been outside that compound
6:43 am
for a previous tragedy, the death of john f. kennedy, jr. and it just seems all too often. >> reporter: which was 20 years ago this last month it was the anniversary. it's so peaceful here this morning. it's the heart of the summer but there's so much tragedy here. the kennedy compound is behind me. and here is what we do know. it was about 2:30 in the afternoon. a local authority tells cnn medical response teams were summoned to an address which is the kennedy compound and theying to an individual and the family does confirm with us it is the granddaughter of robert kennedy, she is the granddaughter of robert kennedy, attorney general, presidential candidate for the united states presidency. she is the granddaughter of the living ethyl kennedy, and her
6:44 am
grandmother was one of the 11 children of that couple. her family did give us a statement, her life was filled with hope, promise and love. she lit up our lives with her love, her pearls of laughter and her generous spirit. in 2016 when she was a student at dearfield academy she penned an op-ed publicly and she said we want to read some of the struggles she said she was going through at that time. she said my depression took root in the beginning of my middle school years and will be with me for the rest of my life. although i was mostly a happy child i suffered bouts of deep sadness that felt like a heavy burden on my chest. many people are suffering but because many people feel uncomfortable talking about it, no one is aware of the sufferers and we do not know the cause of this death, but one thing is certain this family has gone through so much tragedy and here is another. poppy? >> it is tragic and people
6:45 am
regardless of the cause of death here, we don't know, but people need to talk about depression more and take it more seriously. thank you for bringing us that news this morning. >> heart breaking. you see the kennedy features in her face there. well, this morning a grew of kentucky coal miners are blocking the coal tracks of a train of a coal company that filed for bankruptcy leaving nearly 400 workers including these without work and pay for a month. >> pablo sandoval in kentucky. talk to us about this. this is big deal. how long could it go on? what are the workers saying? >> a big deal for many families poppy and jim. let me explain quickly. we had some lighting challenges so we said to turn our camera away. when you see some of the images captured by our colleague it'll give you an idea of what i'm looking out literally yards away
6:46 am
from where i'm standing. you'll see this peaceful and constant presence so today is day 5 of uncertainty. they were essentially caught off-guard here. they were not given any warning when the coal production company they were working for declared bankruptcy on july 1st and essentially were left with no way of putting food on the table. to explain a bit what it's been like for many of these employees, i'm stand wg the mayor charles raleigh. if you can step right up here, sir. i want you to tell me a little bit about what this means for so many families not only in your city but in surrounding coal country? >> it's overwhelming the support they've got with people coming in. what it means for the coal miners here, their livelihood. i mean to see them having to sit here, you can tell it's pretty
6:47 am
hot but they are dedicated to sit here no matter how hot it gets or how political it gets, they're going to stand here until they get some many of the you see them strugglinge no hea, they can't get unemployment, their 401p ks and locked and it's so gut wrenching to watch. i've seen several ladies break into tears and say we don't know what else to do, but we're going to come out here and sit until we at least get some answers because they feel like doing something. they're sitting here demanding answers, and it's men, women, children. there are grandmas, grandpas. they come out and they're determined that they're going to show support for them. >> mayor raleigh, thank you so much, sir. and a really important note
6:48 am
here. many of these miners basically took on many of these financial promises because of the promises that in their eyes were kept by the trump administration, that the coal industry would receive this boost. so they went out and made some of these purchases like a home for their family. and sadly they're faced with teleraethe company they work or worked for is not able to provide them with a paycheck. five days straight and they expect to carry on into the weekend. >> it's hard to fight the economics of coal, and you're seeing the consequences there. right now wildfires are burning out of control in a place that normally sees temperatures drop below 0. where is it happening? we'll tell you coming up. lick fast like a cookie dough ninja. apply that same speed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards.
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wait until you hear this story and see these images. right now, wildfires are raging in the russian arctic, one of the coldest places on earth, jim. >> not cold now. the fires are raging and they've spread across almost all of siberia, creating what green peace calls, quote, an ecologic ecological, president trump has offered to help vladimir putin in the fight. live in the midst of it with the latest. these are incredible conditions there. 90 degrees where it should be much colder and now these fires. >> you're absolutely right and this is one of the front lines of the global climate crisis where you can really feel the
6:54 am
climate crisis. you can smell it also with the smoke that's in the air as well. and talking about these fires, they've been out of control here in siberia for months and it's difficult for people to put that in perspective. but if i take a commercial flight from where i am right now and fly three and a half hours toward the west, i would still be inside the fire zone and those fires are nowhere near being controlled. that's really two issues with that. on the one hand, of course it's absolutely toxic for the people who live here. a lot of the cities are under smoke, but also it also contributes even more to global warming because these fires are pumping so much greenhouse gases into the air. the russians are sort of stepping things up a little bit. they have some more planes that are in action now. but they're saying that they are not going to fight any fires unless they're close to urban centers. so the ones that are in remote areas are still pumping all of that co2 into the air. so certainly a very dangerous situation that's going on. at the same time with these
6:55 am
really warm temperatures, you have a lot of the per mafrost ground melting and collapsing and that's sending methane and carbon as well. this is hitting pretty close to home to america as well, because we've just learned that the smoke from the wildfires here in siberia has already reached the western parts of the united states, guys. >> oh, my gosh. that is astonishing. frederick, thank you for being on that story. keep us posted. the united states may start testing cruise missiles not allowed for decades because of a treaty that we had with russia. but after departing that, everything could change. >> is the world a less safe place? plus our new original series "the movies" continues sunday night with the 60s, hear from the actors, directors and people who brought your favorite scenes to life. get the stories behind the movies you love.
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