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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 5, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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all right. good morning and welcome to your new day. it's monday august 5th. 8:00 in the east. alisyn is off. erica hill joins me live from el paso, texas, the site where 20 people were gunned down because the sheriff said an anglo man wanted to drive ten hours to kill hispanics. the nation is at a loss. they can't begin to manage the horror that comes from a hateful round of mass shootings. other words we haven't yet heard, white supremacist terror. we have not heard those words from the president of the united states. just a few short hours from now, two hours from now, to be exact, president trump will address the nation in what might be a preview of what he will say, the president wrote this just moments ago. he said republicans and democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform. he did not say anything in the tweets this morning about white supremacist terror.
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we should note cnn invited dozens of republican leaders from texas and ohio to discuss gun violence this morning. none of them agreed to hear. that includes texas senators john cornyn, ted cruz, abbott, jawan and leader kevin mccarthy. erica. >> reporter: well, john, here in el paso, there are a number of questions this morning. specifically who are the victims. authorities haven't identified everyone who was shot and killed. that wait of final confirmation is agonizing, as you can imagine, for the families. the gunman is in custody. he surrendered without incident. investigators say he's volunteering information but he's showing no remorse. all that as the memorial behind us continues to grow. people coming here even overnight to bring flowers, to pay their respects. a young mother shopping for school supplies is among those killed. she was shielding her 2-month-old son, her third child, from gunfire. in dayton, police have released
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surveillance video of the massacre there. at this hour, investigators are saying they don't know what inspired the gunman to open fire to kill nine people, john. >> killing. erica, we'll come back to you on the ground in el paso in a moment. as we await the president's address to the nation, i want to bring in phil mudd, counter-terrorism analyst. governor kasich, i want to ask you, we will hear from the president in two hours. he is the president of the united states. what could he say this morning that could make a difference? >> i'm going to bring a group together and we're going to get on top of this. things that will include red flag law, all across america and institute this, where somebody is not stable you have an ability to take their guns. we're going to have comprehensive and complete background checks. we're going to look at other
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issues including multiple ammunition clips. but you bring everybody together. you say i'm going to be in charge of this. we'll come out with model legislation. there will be democrats, law enforcement, community activists, people of all types that will be there, and we will hammer something out. we will not leave that room until we have unanimity. we'll leave that room, go to the rose garden, make an announcement and this will be the model for america. that would be the best thing. no more negative, divisive rhetoric. >> do you think he needs to apologize for the language he has used? >> i don't know about that. let's see what he does going forward. is he going to apologize? i don't know. i don't think that's going to happen. but what i will say is it's important for him to cease that type of divisive language and to be able to move forward, john. in terms of apology, i don't
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know. sure. apologies are always to say, listen, if i went over the line with make people, i'm going to try not to do it again. the other thing i would say is to somehow link immigration reform with the gun control measures that are going to come forward if he does this makes any sense. this is not an immigration issue. this is an issue that involves violence, division and these kind of horrific deaths, including in my state of ohio. by the way, the people in the state of ohio, the governor, the legislature should pass a red flag law in the next several weeks. have you a narrow window. because as you know, john, over time the media will change its emphasis, get past this one and say what did we do. this is the time to act all across america. the president needs to be the leader. >> again, i know you proposed legislation like that when you were governor in ohio after the shootings in las vegas. governor kasich brought up a point there. the president seemed to float
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the nation of tying new background checks to immigration law. phil, if i can, i want to expand to a term that i learned over the weekend, which is casstic terror, which is the idea the president didn't order anyone to commit terror, that's not what happens. over time language used by a leader you can make a statistical connection between violent attacks and rhetoric out there. you've been in this. you've been in the field. you've watched this before, phil. do you think that's the case? >> i wouldn't use that term. i did business for a quarter century. i never remember hearing that term but the concept behind it makes sense to me. let me give you another term. validation. you have 330 million americans. those 330 million americans include people who are angry about immigration. if you take 100th of 1% looking to be validated, looking for somebody to tell them if you're
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angry about an immigrant you're okay. if that person suffers from some sort of mental illness, part of a group of people who believe violence is okay, that small statistical size means people will die. by the way, this isn't unique to terrorism. i saw the same thing, one. most horrific things i ever saw at the fbi, infant pornography. because of the internet if there's 1 millionth of 1% believe infant pornography is something that motivates them, they are going to listen to someone else on the internet who says it's okay and they are going to act. it just means a certain percentage of the population, john, will take the message and do something with us. >> democratic ick strategist joins us. i don't know if you heard governor kasich say the president this morning should go in front of the american people and say i'm going to get inside a room with democrats and republicans and we're going to hammer out some kind of gun legislation. we're going to come up with answers. now, i have heard democrats say
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no matter what the president says, we won't trust him on that. but do you think he should at least try? >> absolutely he should at least try, john. i think democrats would be open to working with him, especially after three shootings in the last two weeks. we are at a point of crossroads in this country. something has to be done. i think the president needs to do more. you ask governor kasich whether the president should apologize, absolutely he should apologize, but he should do something more. in addition to doing all of the hard legislation that includes background checks, i think it should include a ban on assault weapons. i think it should include him putting a lot of money spot mental health issue, which i think is what apparently he believes is the root cause of this but of which his administration has stripped in the last couple of years since he's been in office. he, in addition to all of that,
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john, should promise that he's going to cease dividing our country, that he's going to cease using the hatred, that he's going to cease using the divisive, inhumane rhetoric he does both on twitter and in his rallies. until he does that, those people who have been coddled by him, who have been inspired by him, the white supremacists out there who believed he is one of them are going to continue to believe that he is not just giving them a wink and a nod but he's saying, hey, i'm with you on this. they are going to continue to take action. because you know what, john? he may not have done the actual shooting. he may not have put his hand on the trigger, but what he does do is he stirs the pot of violence, of bigotry, of hatred. when you have that rancid,
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putrid possession in the pot it's going to explode in violence, which is what we've seen in the last two weeks. >> we've heard a number say it's white supremacist terror. call it by its name. the president has not, at least not yet. we'll wait and see what he says this morning. governor kasich, you know better than most the hold president trump has on the republican party. if president trump walks out and says i want universal background checks, what do republicans in the congress do? >> listen, i think this is easy for them to get this done. i mean, i was for the '94 crime bill where we banned assault weapons, when i ran for governor against incumbent, nra against me, including gun owners and i won. this is not about what's my political calculation. you just said here -- erica just said people are still waiting to see whether their loved one is alive. i mean, forget the politics
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here, my friends, forget the politics. this is about humanity. this is about somebody's family. could be your family, if you don't do something. there's another side of this, john. i'm sort of optimistic this morning that something will be done. i'll tell you why, because i think it's a bottom up issue. i think now people are demanding -- including gun owners -- let's do something here that's rational. let's do something here that can make a difference. if the media will remain focused on this and not drift away frnl ov -- from this over the period of the next seven to ten days, we can sow something happen. i'm optimistic something will happen in ohio because i believe people here will say we want you to do something. if you don't, we're going to put the heat on you. that's what happened in florida with the parkland students. when they got engaged, they got involved, they passed massive gun reform in florida in a state
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where you never would have thought it would happen. the people of this country are in charge and they need to make their voices heard and not move on quickly. then we can get something significant done. we'll never totally solve this problem in this country but we can make progress. >> phil mudd, are you optimistic? governor kasich what he says is true, in florida it did happen but not nationally. there was no action taken inside the u.s. congress. >> you look at the shooting in las vegas, and you would have anticipated after that you could take more significant action. it didn't happen. i point to the question not on action but language, what happened last august, when we had an individual in florida who started sending what appeared to be explosive devices including journalists. he said he was motivated by the president. what does the president say? he still denigrates journalist even though he knows there's a
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percentage of people that will take his words seriously. i don't anticipate a lot in terms of language. i don't believe the president will apologize because it's going to be fake. i don't believe him either. >> maria, i do want to ask you. i know democrats want a lot, when it comes to guns, including assault weapons bans, ban on magazines. should they pocket what gains might be available. there are two house bills that already passed the house and before the senate right now. one would extend the waiting period from ten days to three days. that's something governor kasich on top of you right there agrees with, and also expanding background checks, which is something eight republicans voted in the house. should democrats try to pocket those if mitch mcconnell will allow it to get to a vote. >> there's no question beauty that, john. yes, they should. they should take those gains because i think that's something clearly democrats demonstrated they want. clearly democrats have demonstrated there is national support for this, not just among democrats, among republicans and
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independents. they should absolutely take that. it already passed in the house. i think it would be small gains but i think it would go a long way towards demonstrating that this is something we can move together as a nation to fix. i think it would go a long way towards getting us finally to something that looks like a solution. i also want to say something else here, john. we talked a lot about the president's rhetoric. there's no question that a lot of responsibility lays at his feet. i think we should also remember and make clear that trump is not the problem in general. he is a metastasized symptom of something the republican party has let fester for a very long time. i remember back in 2011 when you had a state senator from kansas, virgil peck, talk about fixing the immigration problem by shooting illegal immigrants like ferrell hoggs from a helicopter.
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i remember talking about immigrants and pest control and how our immigration policy are similar to pest control. these are things that have gone almost unnoticed, right, because you don't have any repercssions coming from the republican leadership on this. look at what steve king has said in the past. he talks about immigrants in a disgusting manner. these are things that have to be dealt with as well. me tell you, you want people to work together? okay. get republicans and democrats in a room and knock off this -- knock all this name calling and finger pointing right now. we have a bigger problem out here. in addition to that, all the action isn't in washington. we wish we had a president that would lead on this but the real actions occur in the states. there's 50 of them. each one of these legislatures, which each of these governors can take dramatic action and
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taylor th tailor the challenges in the state. there can be very significant gains made in my state and very significant gains made across the country but i've got to say we've all had our say about republicans and democrats. now it's time for them to work together and stop beating everybody up. >> all right. governor, maria, phil, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, john. >> erica. >> reporter: john, thank you. democratic presidential candidate ryan has a stark mental for his colleagues after the shooting in his home state. >> the republicans quite frankly need to get there are [ bleep ] together and stop pandering to the nra because people are getting killed. >> congressman ryan joins us next.
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just 13 hours. the president this morning calling for background checks, legislation and that legislation married to immigration reform. he has not yet used the term white nationalist terror. joining me now is democratic presidential candidate congressman tim ryan of ohio. he has suspended his campaign to return to his home state. congressman, we appreciate you taking time for us this morning. i know you've heard what the president had to say, like we've seen that tweet that he put out asking for a couplet of both background check and immigration reform. what's your take on that? >> that's a joke. that's an absolute freaking joke that he's going to tie this to the most polarized issue happening in the united states around immigration reform. this is very clear-cut here. there are people that are getting access to guns that shouldn't be, and the guns are high-powered. the magazines hold too many bullets, and they are coming to places like dayton and el paso,
5:21 am
walmarts, entertainment districts, churches like mother emanuel ame in south carolina and they are killing american citizens. mitch mcconnell needs to get off his ass and do something. people are getting killed in the streets in america and nobody is acting. nobody. theres a bottleneck in the united states senate. the house sent a comprehensive background check bill supported by 80 to 90% of the american people. what the hell are we doing in the united states of america. i'm telling you, people are fed up. we were here in dayton last night. there were tears and rage. people in washington, d.c., and state capitals need to get their act together and pass some legislation that 80 to 90% of the american people support. for the president of the united states in the midst of this tragedy in the southernmost part of this country and northernmost part of this country, in the last 24 hours loses 29 people and he's going to tie this to immigration reform? that's a joke.
5:22 am
>> what are you hearing in terms of a response? you have been very clear since this happened, first expressing your condolences and your anger and how upset you were when it happened in el paso hours later in your home state in dayton. i know you made the call multiple times. you did it on our air for lawmakers to come back, want mitch mcconnell to come back. are you calling your republican colleagues across the aisle, folks you know both in the house and senate and saying what's going on? are you having those conversations privately? we're not hearing a lot publicly. >> well, there's not a whole lot of conversation happening at all. the president of the united states is the most powerful person in the country. his responsibility is to bring the country together not just around times of tragedy but to help us make progress, to make the government work again. it's so dysfunctional right now, i can't count the number of republicans i met at the vigil last night saying congressman ryan, please do something.
5:23 am
please get this done, please talk to your republican friends to help get this done. the republicans on the streets of america want this done but mitch mcconnell and the republicans in the senate are in the pocket of the nra and americans need to make it so visibly uncomfortable for them over the course of the next few weeks that they have to do something because, quite frankly, they are completely out of step. this conversation needs to be started by the president. he can't be tying it to immigration reform or any other red herring he wants to throw into the mix here, he needs to get his act together, too, and help lead this country. >> do you think there's a chance that the president will say this morning, i want to see the senate come back? >> for the president to say that? >> do you think he could? >> i don't know -- i don't know if the president will say that. the president is not a leader. he just isn't. he's a divider. i hope he does, but all
5:24 am
indications now of just focusing this on mental health, focusing this on immigration tells me he wants to continue to slow walk this issue. he hopes it goes away. i'm telling him, directly to you, donald trump, this issue is not going away. and i'm tell mitch mcconnell, this issue is not going away. we're going to mobilize the american people around this issue. we're sick of this dysfunctional government, not just on gun control but on health care, education, debt, income inequality. across the board this government has been a complete failure to forgotten people in dayton, youngstown, gary, indiana, and all these other places across the united states of america of it's time to mobilize against this intractable government that won't do a damn thing for the american people. the only thing they passed -- this guy has been in two years plus, all we got are tax cuts for rich people? come on. >> congressman, you tweeted white nationalism is the biggest threat to the u.s. we have not
5:25 am
heard the words from the president as you know. you told jake tapper yesterday you cannot not tie the president's rhetoric to what happened behind me here in el paso, to the manifesto i red and you read as well. do you believe the president is responsible? >> i think the president has to bear some responsibilities for creating a culture in the united states around race-baiting, around demonizing people of color, around demonizing immigrants. when you read that manifesto, it looked like it could have been written by a trump speechwriter. let's be honest with each other. look, i'm the most bipartisan guy you ever met. the guys i drink beer and watch football with, they are all republicans. i've got a lot of republican friend. this is so far beyond left and right it's not even fun y. this is about racism, this is about demonizing people of color. the lowest common denominator in our society, they get in a car and drive 10 hours to go kill people of color.
5:26 am
to go kill mexicans in this kid's words. this is the environment that the president has created. he's made it okay. when you have david duke and white supremacists campaigning for you and saying things like this guy is really going to implement our agenda and the president literally does things like that and says things like that and provides political cover. look, more than anything the president of the united states is a cultural figure. that cultural figure can either mobilize the country and say, hey, let's go to the moon, let's reach for the stars like president kennedy did or that cultural figure can say, hey, let's tell people of color to go back to the countries they came from. that's what you're getting from this president. i'm not optimistic he's going to all of a sudden be a leader in america. i'm completely concerned he's not. i think he's going to try to slow walk it. quick, i want every american to think about what's happened in america in the last 24 hours, 36 hours, and the president ties the issue that would help fix
5:27 am
that to immigration reform. that's a joke. >> representative tim ryan, i appreciate you taking the time f for us this morning. thank you. john. >> kirsten gillibrand, democratic senator from new york said the same thing, it's a nonstarter what the president seems to be floating this morning. our next guest calling mitch mcconnell to bring senate back from recess to take action. democratic senator amy klobuchar joins us next. here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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in just 90 minutes, president trump will address the nation. cnn, of course, will bring it to you live. what will his message be? will he speak the words, white supremacist terror? he has yet to do so. joining us now a democratic candidate for president amy klobuchar. senator, thank you for being with us this morning. i do appreciate your time. first, nuts and bolts. first, the president suggesting he would like to tie gun safety legislation, in this case background check legislation.
5:32 am
is that something you support? >> i support action. we've long awaited action on background checks. he knows that. i was with him in a meeting right after parkland sitting across from him in the white house. not once but twice but nine times, i kept track of it, he said he wanted to see universal background checks. there were democrats and republicans there. next day he meets with the nra and he folds. we never hear about it again. he doesn't push it with his party. we were ready to go. so i really don't put a lot of credence to him saying that. i'm ready to go back and get it done, but he would have to convince his political party in the u.s. senate, when, in fact, this bill has passed in the house. it's been sitting on mitch mcconnell's doorstep. he would have to convince the republican leadership in the senate and mitch mcconnell to push that bill forward. you know, you can always be hopeful. there are some republicans that have signaled support for this bill but it's long overdue.
5:33 am
so there's that. of course i've always supported comprehensive immigration reform but any time we try to move close to anything, including the dreamers, the president pulled back and republican senators pull back. he would really have to be serious about this and i've just not seen that from him in the past. >> so you wouldn't trust it if he came out today in 90 minutes and said i'm for universal background checks. >> i use anything to try to get things moving. if that's what he says and then mitch mcconnell says, yes, let's go, we're opening the senate tomorrow. let's get to work on it. we've got a good bill that two a rated nra senators proposed in the past. let's bring that up. or we've got the house bill, better yet, they just passed, let's bring that up and get it done. let's see what happens. >> you have two bills. there are two house passed bill, 240 votes each, including 8 republicans in the house. one extend waiting period from 3
5:34 am
to 10 days and one that would make background checks more, not completely, but much more. that's something mitch mcconnell could call the senate back tomorrow and vote on. >> exactly. that's what i mean. trump can tweet and say whatever he wants. it's basically his party and he controls, we all know that. that's why i can't get votes on my russian interference bills. he controls that party in the u.s. senate. so it's in his power to get them to come back, to tell mitch mcconnell what he wants, and then we get a vote and get it done. that's what i think we should do. as president, i would do a lot more. i would move to push the assault weapon ban, which would make a mainly difference in these cases. limits on magazines, bump stocks. there's many other things we could do. at least a good faith start and save lives especially in domestic homicide and suicide cases. >> what about the hate in white supremacy. let me put it this way.
5:35 am
the president has yet to call el paso, and again, my heart breaks for the nine people killed in dayton, ohio, but in el paso he has yet to call it white supremacist terror. he might. he might call out terrorism, white supremacy but what does 48 hours of silence do? what message does that send to white nationalists in this country? >> that's a very, very well put question, because when he doesn't come out strongly against something that's so evil, like he did after charlottesville where he said there were two sides, there weren't two sides, only one side when one side is the ku klux klan. same thing, 48 hours go by. doesn't say a word about it when everyone in america knows it for what it is, white supremacist and white nationalism. it is exactly what you have seen in a number of these other shootings. it's the same thing when he doesn't condemn the prince of
5:36 am
saudi arabia ordering the killing and dismemberment of a journalist who worked for an american newspaper. it's the same thing when he makes jokes with vladimir putin about russian invasion in our election. these are moments of leadership where you have to show leadership. so maybe we'll hear it today, but we'll always know there were 48 hours where he was silent. the other piece of it is, always the follow-through. what does he do? he said he wants to do something about bringing prescription drug prices down. he hasn't delivered. he says he wants to build major infrastructure for this country. he hasn't delivered. so when you see a tweet in the morning, like we have thousands of times about things, you just look at it and say, well, you know, i wish that was true. i wish he actually did the work to get it done. that's what we'll wait to see. >> what as president would you do to battle white supremacy in the united states?
5:37 am
>> well, first of all, i would beef up the division in the civil rights department, fbi investigating these cases, working on them. i was just questioning the fbi director christopher wray about these numbers. he admitted to us under oath these numbers have been going up in our country. of course, it's not just horrendous, tragic mass shootings, it is also assaults and bullying and other forms of hate crimes. so he said the numbers were up. i specifically asked him why. he said they weren't certain. he said it could have been because of more reporting going on. i believe that the president is fostering -- fostering hate in this country. first thing, as i said, i would beef up those investigations, beef up the prosecution, make this a major, major effort when this many people are being killed, has to be a major focus of the justice department and coordination with local law enforcement. do that as a former prosecutor
5:38 am
knowing it is the local police and the local prosecutors who are deeply involved in these cases as well. the second thing i would do -- and this isn't about lawyers or courtrooms or evidence -- it's simply stopping the hate. no more of these hateful tweets. no more of the disrespect, and elevating immigrants in our country. we know they don't diminish america, they are america. >> senator amy klobuchar from minnesota, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. it's good to be on. we're going to have live coverage of the president's speech in less than 90 minutes. you can watch it live right here on cnn. tonight, former vice president joe biden, who has not done a great many interviews, he is going to sit down and talk about guns and white nationalists and the president and his role in all of this in an exclusive interview with anderson cooper. that's taupe at 8:00 on-- tonig 8:00 only on cnn. so you think the president's
5:39 am
words don't matter here? ask the white supremacists, murderers, terrorists who heard those words and use them themselves a number of times. a must see reality check is next. [ birds chirping ]
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it has happened a remarkable and unmistakable number of times, white nationalists and murderers using the same words as the president of the united states. sometimes the exact same words. john. >> two mass shootings by white men with weapons of war killing 29 people, children and senior citizens. police believe at least one was motivated by white supremacy, what he called a spanish invasion. gilroy cited a white supremacist transact in his online post. we've reached a horrific tipping point where more americans have been killed by right wing terrorists since islamic terrorists in the 18 years since 9/11. with hate crimes on the rise, this american carnage has only
5:44 am
increased since donald trump became president. instead of clearly confronting this outbreak of hate he's fanned the flames. demonizing immigrants, denying white domestic violence is a problem. reported the fbi has seen a significant rise in the number of white supremacist domestic terrorism cases. fbi director chris wray confirmed that to congress. made roughly 100 domestic terrorist arrest and most white supremacy calling it consistent. data base it out. hate crimes rose during trump's presidency, found murders p nearly double. "washington post" found counties that hosted a trump ralie in 2016 saw a 226% increase in reported hate crimes. none of this happens in a vacuum. remember the rally where the president asked how can you stop illegal immigrants and someone yelled shoot them.
5:45 am
the crowd laughed and the president smiled. when a gunman killed 51 muslims in new zealand after complaining about invaders, president trump said this the same day about our southern border. quote, people hate the word invasion. that's what it is. it's something he's said more than a dozen times atrialies and tweets. this is strategy. president trump says it's critical to stop the invasion. this rhetoric resonates with white supremacists. we've used the same language as invasion massacres at tree of life in pittsburgh, mass near synagogue in san diego and now a walmart full of back to school shoppers in el paso. victims are jewish, muslim, hispanic. targeted because white supremacists fear what they call replacement, very thing nazis chanted in charlottesville two years ago. we've also seen too many suspects express support for the president's policies. wrote, trying to defend from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by invasion.
5:46 am
it's uncomfortable to confront the idea that the american president has contributed to this climate of hate but his words and actions help make the case. or as congressman tim ryan said. >> white nationalists think he's a white nationalist, and that's the crux of the problem. >> that's the reality check. >> reality. and the words are absolutely out there, john. thank you for shining a light on this. erica, i want to go back to you in el paso. >> john, thank you. just ahead, you'll meet two parents who lost their son in the mass shooting in parkland. they are also here in el paso. they are planning to be here long before the tragedy happened at the walmart behind me. here to honor their son as the massacre unfolded. just ahead you'll hear from them what it was like to see another shooting play out before their eyes and what their message is today.
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city of el paso, parents of a parkland, florida, high school shooting victim happened to be here. they were here to honor their late son with a memorial mural. he would have celebrated his 19th birthday yesterday. his father is with me now. you were here and this is part of what you've been doing since you lost joaquin. you've painted murals in 29 different cities. >> yes. this was mural number 30. we wanted to celebrate joaquin's birthday. he was very concerned and upset with giving to immigrants so el paso was great to do that. that's why we were here. >> you were here. all of a sudden you start to learn about what's happened. >> yes. >> i can't imagine what happens to you in those moments each time you hear about a shooting since you lost your son. >> let me be honest with you, i'm not surprised, which is terrible, because i get these
5:52 am
calls almost every week of something that just happened. this was very close to where we were, which is a different story. i'm glad that i'm here. i'm glad that i can share my terrible experience. i do know how these families are feeling right now and i do know what they want to hear. >> have you been able to connect with them yet? >> not at all and i haven't tried to. i've sent messages to the community. i told the community to say things right now. these cameras are here for a period of time. they won't be here forever. if you want to demand for something, you should do it right now. this is the right moment to talk about guns. yes, it is. right now. >> what do you want this message to be? you've been doing this for over a year, as you said. you are now a major messenger, not just to help people who are going through what they shouldn't have to go through but also to talk about what should happen next. what should that be?
5:53 am
>> i think that el paso could be that community that becomes the before and after. now there's a lot of new information that we have. now we know how this game has been played for years. you don't hear many thoughts and prayers because they all know it's the wrong thing to do. our politicians, yes, they want those people away from guns. now we say, no, we want to talk about guns. today we want to talk about hate and those messages that are actually targeting people. in this case, it was totally to the latino community, which i also represent, so those things need to be somehow discussed in change. >> you were saying to me in the break initially when you started going out and started talking, you didn't want it to be just about one community because it's a problem, an issue for the entire country. now you say you're kind of being called to speak out for the latin community and for the specific threat that is
5:54 am
targeting now. >> yes. the very beginning, i still think this is an american problem. you don't see this happening anywhere else. i didn't want my family to be the latino family that suffered the problem. so we started working as a team. this is a problem in america, and we are american citizens. now, what happened here is total new story for us. now you're targeting my community. so it's only getting worse. our voices will only get louder. we're going to really make things happen. we're not going to let this do that easy. >> it was the voices that spoke up so loudly after park land largely credited to your conversation to go beyond thoughts an prayers and also pushing for change. that change -- we've seen some of that change at a local level. it is much more difficult at a national level as you know. there are a lot of calls for lawmakers to come back, senators come back and pass these bills that have been passed already by bipartisan support in the house.
5:55 am
president trump is speaking today at 10:00. is there anything they could say to you? >> i think that the president should make very clear what he meant when he was talking about immigrants and the way he describe us. he should fix that message of hate. that would be my advice because we need this to stop. there's nothing that anyone can say that is going to bring my son back. so we need to think forward. and the good news is that we also have another election next year. now the voters are doing big homework, deep investigation in search of who is going to be able to represent me. anyone that is okay and connected to the gun or nra i don't think is going to be that popular next year. there's a new america emerging. the kids from parkland started this and they are not going to stop.
5:56 am
>> and parents helping continue it. >> it's time for parents to get up there, join the kids. >> appreciate you coming back and appreciate the work you're doi doing. >> thank you very much. president trump, as we mentioned, will address the nation this morning. that happens just over an hour and cnn's live coverage picks up just after this break. ♪ sleep this amazing? that's a zzzquilpure zzzs sleep. our liquid has a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep.
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