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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 9, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> i was here three months ago, we made a speech. that was some crowd. >> people recovering from injuries. >> he's happy to hold back. these kind of bills are needed to defeat much mick con al. >> police, can i see my mother please. >> we are once again becoming a nation of law and order. >> 607 people detained. >> that narrative doesn't exist here. >> this is new day. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is new day.
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much mcconnell is using language i don't think he's ever used before on background checks. he says the discussion on background checks for purchases, those discussions will be front and center. but it is just movement for language so far. he is not calling the senate back in action now. cnn reporting that the president seems intrigued by them. he's talked about background checks before. will he expand any capital. we know he is going on vacation today.
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>> more on the president's fall out to dayton and el paso. the deputy director of national intelligence, sue gordon abruptly redesigning. president trump quickly a new acting director. the two top intelligence posts in the nation are unfilled. >> joining us now, former clinton white house press conference, political commentator and opinion rightwr. i want to play you the sound from mitch mcconnell. again, these are words i haven't heard from him before. listen. >> this has also been some discussion about background checks. a lot of support for that and a bipartisan bill in the senate
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from the republican and democrat. those are two items that will be front and center as we see what we can come together and pass. >> background checks, joe, front and center. not what we've heard from him in the past. new words. as a democrat, do you find that encouraging? are the words enough? >> actually not really, john. i listened very carefully to what he said. acknowledging it is front and center is the obvious. he didn't say he'd bring the senate back or commit to bringing something to the floor. he could have easily said that. he knows there are many republicans in cycle for reelection. he was giving them a little space and protection there. but he's made no new commitme s
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commitments. there aren't enough republicans to vote for them. realizing the political peril. >> you also can't take into account, one the person who matters in all of this is president trump. with two weeks of vacation coming up, everything could be up in the air. he said we can't fail to pass something. so he knows, right? he knows something needs to be done. he knows if the president is not on board, this could be a major concern for him and some of those who are vulnerable. >> exactly. we were in that situation after parkland. sandy hook was another example.
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after parkland and then after las vegas, the president was in the same space he saw the country was really crying out for something to be done. we have to do something. he made promises at the time then the nra got to him and nothing happened. the difference now though, i think the nra, they are considerably less influential. that has cost them a lot of money and capital. there may be some room here. mitch mcconnell knows some are up for reelection. hearing those speaking out. one of five republican
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congressman who cosponsored hr 8 the bipartisan legislation that passed the house i think 240-190. you have more people like mike turner of ohio wlhose daughter was across the street from where the incident happened. there may be room for something. until we see a congrecrete bill come from trump, i wouldn't hold my breath. >> the other thing we need is leadership. they do whose to lead on this, correct? >> absolutely. the big issue, one thing we know is that he has been a very unreliable negotiator. he came forward signing on to a
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potential immigration deal and then said, that was all out the window. this is very telling. who was he consulting this week with two phone calls to the nra. this has received so much attention. to the american public, this is not necessarily a contentious issue. you have something like 86% of people favoring the background checks. it is really an issue among the republican leadership. it is not a contentious issue with the public. >> interesting point. you have a unique take to this. what we saw from president trump
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this week and those visits and the fall out since then. a lot of it coming with this photo. this is two-month old paul. his mother was found laying on top of him. her husband died. the little boy's father died at the hospital. he was brought back by his family. they were happy to be there but the fact that this is the picture the first lady tweeted out and to see the president with the thumbs up. i know you have been in a situation with a president to go and comfort families. put it in perspective what we are looking at and what you've experienced. >> it is really an unprecedented
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situation. i think we've become nub numb to the phenomenon of donald trump. i worked for president clinton. we went through columbine and a shooting in oregon. the families of the victims would gather in one case in a school cafeteria, the other case, a gym. the president went family by family and heard their stories, put their arms around them and comforted them and did what a president is supposed to do. there is question whether he's capable or doesn't want to do it. who cares. it is his job. the video out of dayton was
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sickening. it looked like a campaign ad. i don't think he met with any of the victims who died. it is a terribly hard job to do. i can tell you this, i got on air force one after these shootings. we didn't put the tv on and complain. we didn't have twitter and didn't hold a press conference. the president was gutted. he had just gone through the absolute worse part of the job. it stayed with him for days and weeks and months. probably is still with him. we've seen it all from trump, we really should understand that this is a fundamental issue.
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>> this is not the first time he's been this callused and unaware. he just isn't capable. people that support him seem to be okay with that and make discusses. you have tucker carlson and tell people it is a hoax and lie. i wrote a piece for about this. i used the example of the family of the young boy, the infant the picture is involved in. using the example of his sister. there are other kids involved. his sister is 5 years old asked her family after she found out her parents were shot down, is he going to k078 and shot mee
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next. and the president is standing there with a thumbs up. they owe everyone who has ever been a victim, an apology. they disrespect the memory of these people being so flippant making campaign videos, complaining about crowd sizes. >> i remember, i was part of those republican circles. they went after president obama foregoing to play golf after a journalist was beheaded. the president is yucking it up the evening after a massacre happened in el paso. this is what the american people want. because that fundamental question joe biden is pushing is
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a good one. that's what we need to ask ourselves. at times like this, is this the leadership we want? i would think the answer is no. >> it is try with any type of tragedy, it brings out the best of people and some of the worse of people. seeing the response in el paso where my family is from. the love and support and trying to grapple with this and move forward. we see the worst in the president. it does not bring me pleasure to say that. he is the leader of this nation. he cannot stay away from this petty infighting for one day. tla to me is profoundly sad. >> thank you very much.
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scarey moments at a walmart. heavily armed man wearing body arm your confronted and arrested in springfield, missouri. no shots fired. no one hurt. given what happened less than a week ago, folks understandably on edge. we have details live. i can't even imagine what was going through the mind of thoses as they saw him. >> yes. this man walks in in tactical gear with a rifle attached. you can understand why people were at the very leasted, nervous. he was filming himself pushing a cart. as those calls were coming through as a potential shalt active shooter, the man walked
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out and was detain by an off duty firefighter. the good news is no one was hurt. i want to show you how police responded to what they thought was another active shooter in a walmart. >> he walked in with heavy body armor on and cause harm. he w he w he was compliant with us but his intent was not to comfort or bring peace. he's lky to be alive to be honest. >> this happened just five days after the shooting at el paso.
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it's very clear the events that happened are fresh on people's minds. >> you can hear in that lieutenant's voice that he is so serious. thank you. to the debate over what to do about guns. congressman ryan joins us from kentucky next. donald trump failed as a businessman.
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. >> i want us to have mitch mcconnell pass these two bills sitting on his desk right now. [ cheers and applause ] >> bring it to the floor. >> presidential hopeful ohio congressman tim ryan urging the
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senate majority leader to act on gun reform. he led a caravan of gun rights activists, people trying to battle gun violence all the way to louisville, kentucky. thank you for being with us today. what difference do you think that that demonstration, your caravan has made so far? >> well, i think it is the accumulation of all of these. the fact that this happened in dayton, not far from louisville, kentucky. we had five different states there within 24 hours. we were like, we are going to mitch mcconnell to his home town. there is something happening on the ground. enough is enough. people going to bed heartbroken about el paso and waking up
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hearing about dayton. i think that lit a fire in the country that will keep growing day by day. >> you heard mitch mcconnell who did a local radio show, you know sometimes people can speak more truth at home. he said he wants the discussion of expanding background checks to be front and center. does that encourage you? >> that sounds like the patomac two step to me. donald trump, mcconnell, the playbook has been how do we slow walk this or mealy mouth it until it goes away. until something happens and then the story goes back on the back burner.
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trump saying we don't want to do this now. that's the problem. that's the problem that american people are fed up with. people are starting to pay attention. 80% to 90% of the american people support this stuff. this is not a heavy lift. i wish we had more issues 90% of the people agreed on. we need to move on this now. no slow walking. this is not a heavy lift, we need to get it gone and mitch mcconnell needs to get it done and act now. >> which he's not doing. so when you hear him say front and center, when you hear the president, what we are hearing is the instinct to push back, what leadership have you seen so
4:24 am
far? >> i haven't seen anything. i don't know how you can watch this stuff, how you cannot meet the families like the president did and not be so moved emotionally to act immediately. it is mind boggling. you know. it rips your heart out. to think it is preventable. this kid could have had a 100-round magazine drum and annihilated another hundred people. the anxiety with the country. you saw it with the times square people. i met a woman in times square. she has not slept sense this. you have the deaths and the
4:25 am
people injured and the people around them having huge experiences of post traumatic stress and not sleeping. they are not even on the sheet or in the article but yet they are not sleeping and their lives have been completely damaged. mitch mcconnell is sleeping on his hands and wants to talk about it in four or five weeks, give me a freaking break. i get so mad. and then donald trump saying i want to consider, oh, yeah, something some other time and people keep dying. this is even counting the deaths that are less than four people which is considered a mass shooting. the day to day. we have to stop. the country is on edge. i'm telling my republican friends very clearly here. this is not all the rest. when a congressman can say we'll meet you in louisville, kentucky
4:26 am
in a few hours and thousands of people show up from five states, i would just tell them be very careful. >> you left the presidential campaign trail and went to dayton. what are you going to do? how are you personally going to keep this pressure up? what are your plans the next few weeks. >> i'm back to iowa today, south carolina sunday and monday. representative smith is a supporter of mine in south carolina. this is an issue there as well. i'm going to continue to bring this argument to the national stage to the best of my ability. i think they are ready.
4:27 am
this will be a part of it and i will use every platform i have this get this done. no more talk. >> thank you for being with us. thank you for your input and talking to us all week. it has been a tough week. thank you. >> it has. senator harris also weighing in on the debate and what needs to happen. we are on the road with the center. more on her take ond also her thoughts on the president's visits to dayton and el paso. just a hey yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. it's your last chance to save up to $600 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus no interest until january 2022
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. >> throw a stick of fried butter anywhere in iowa these days and you'll likely hit a presidential candidate. kamala harris spoke about a number of topics including the president's response to the mass shootings in dayton and el paso less than a week ago and also said what she wants to see done by gun legislation. >> let's talk about the president. he recently visited el paso. today videos about him talking about the size of his crowd. and the news conference with the mayor of dayton. should he have even have gone to dayton and el paso? >> he's so -- with preoccupation to size, i'll leave someone else
4:33 am
toe handle that. this president has used the platform given to the office of the president of the united states in a way that has been about trying to divide our country. he has used language born out of hate and he generally shows no evidence of any natural ability to have empathy. so, i mean, of course the president of the united states should visit and be in a place that experienced such tragedy but i think this president doesn't really have capacity to have empathy. my heart goes out to the families and the leaders of those communities who are trying to pull it together and stand strong. >> do you believe as others have said that he's a white
4:34 am
supremacist? >> i think you should ask him that question. >> are you willing to say that? >> i think you should ask him. i'm curious what his answer is. >> joe biden said what he may be doing may be even worse. do you concur? >> yes, i think that's absolutely right. it is no longer a debatable point. it is just a long list of statements and tweets and behavior from this president that make it clear that he possesses hate and is a racist. >> is it important to call him a white supremacist like others have said?
4:35 am
>> it is important to call it what it is. we have a president of the united states who does not reflect the values of who we are as a people. he empowers white supremacists and condones their behavior. that is not the kind of president i think most americans can be proud of and support. >> mitch mcconnell has signaled he will at least talk about background checks and the red flag laws. what do you think about the shift? >> i think he needs to put the bill on the floor for a vote and call all of us back for a vote right away. >> he doesn't want to call everyone back. >> on this, you need to act.
4:36 am
>> have you seen the video of the children crying for her parents? >> i have not seen the video. i know that this is immoral. these are human rights issues. i serve on the committee. i have been taking dhs and i.c.e. to task. i think i was the first person in the united states senate to ask about this child separation policy. it is clear to me that this administration has not only been irresponsible but committed human rights abuses. in these most recent raids, hundreds of people now separated from their families at least 24 hours and causing people to be in fear, particularly the latino community. people are in fear all over the
4:37 am
country. when you combine those raids with what just happened in el paso. again, do you think that this administration and this president might step back and say, wait a minute. after what just happened in el paso motivated by hate of immigrants, latino immigrants, do you think a responsible leader would say don't do those raids? it shows a level of insensitivity and callousness that should not be traits of the president of the united states. >> you are going to speak with someone from the school districts in mississippi. the parents of those children there taken away. we'll find out how the students are doing this morning. first responders in dayton ohio responding. exclusive interviews with the
4:38 am
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. typically as the temperatures rise toward the end of the summer, the news cycle tends to cool down but nothing is really as it used to be. certainly not this august or a lot of other augusts either. a reality check. >> that's a fact. conventional wisdom says august is a quiet month. the news cycle doesn't stop to go to the beach. august is the month nixon resigned, and katrina hit new orleans. a growing concern congress is
4:43 am
taking august off. democrats are calling on image or leaders to bring the senate back. don't hold your breath. you'll see tumble weeds there until labor day. but a little hope. with mcconnell telling a louisville radio station this. >> those are two items that will be front and center as we see what we can come together on and pass. >> plenty of reason to be skeptical. not torious to defeating that background check bill in the wake of the sandy hook slaughter. despite the fact that the legislation had the support of nearly 90% of american people. it was president trump's first instinct to back but when he
4:44 am
stepped up to give a speech, he didn't. saying it my i'llent his base. one poll last year found that 89% of republicans support. that means just 11% of republicans oppose them. the real deal, it is outrageous that 90% of american people can agree on a policy only to see a bipartisan bill parked for years while the body count rises. maybe because the politics were shifting. republicans lost ground. we'll see in the coming weeks if citizens step up to command representatives do something about the epidemic of gun violence. just like the town halls in 2009 in opposition to the health care
4:45 am
bill. should they be intimidated by a man who spent $300,000 of his money to buy luxury men's wear in beverly hills and tried to purchase a manson for $6 million. sounds like just another k street lobbyist trying to manipulate public opinion for his benefit. so don't believe the hype. either that august is a quiet month or reasonable gun reform is mission impossible. that's your reality check. >> august will only be quiet on efforts if congress residence chooses. a great point there. thank you. first responders going beyond the call of duty whether the first shots were fired in dayton. >> speaking with firefighters and paramedics who responded
4:46 am
within minutes to help save lives. >> we got shots fired. multiple people down. we'll need multiple medics. >> what they are trained to do. respond to emergencies and save lives. >> fires, fire alarms, emergencies and car wrecks. >> the men and women of the fire department went to sleep at their station saturday night, none of them could have imagined the call they were about to receive. >> a shooter incident. engine 15, engine 2, engine 4, engine 8. >> i was here in bed. woke up and headed out the door. >> members of the fire's first platoon responding within minutes. cnn getting an opportunity to speak with the men and women of station 11. the closest to the oregon
4:47 am
district. >> i thought it had to have been something really bad. i looked down and saw mass casualty. i thought it was a mistake. >> helping run fire and ems response that night. >> to be clear, the cops are the heroes in this. they did an outstanding job neutralizing the threat. they had boots on the ground doing what they did. they did an outstanding job. >> the team falling back on its training. firefighters, paramedics and emts. getting victims to trauma centers as quickly as possible. >> when we were on the scene, we were part of the initial search and triage team to treat them accordingly. >> you fall back on your training. you call on the information and
4:48 am
do what we trained for. we were prepared for it. we put that plan into place and it worked very well. >> nine lives lost. dozens more injured. these first responders doing everything in their power to save lives. >> we all wish we could have done more but i'm happy with -- i think it was the best outcome we could have hoped for. >> a horrible situation that hit these men and women very close to home. >> tragic outcome but we saved a lot of lives that night. >> how proud are you? >> absolutely. everybody there hit their marks. the training that's been conducted over the last several years in preparation for events like this, it paid off. they did extremely well. very proud. >> the dayton fire department
4:49 am
going beyond the call of duty. brooke baldwin, cnn dayton, ohio. >> so important to hear their stories too. that will stick with them for a long time to come. word this morning that movement of gun legislation in congress. we'll speak with one former u.s. senator about the chances in the u.s. senate.
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4:54 am
democratic u.s. senator from georgia who voted for that 1994 ban and also cochair of the nuclear initiative and you have a piece out about the nuclear effect. i want to get your take especially based on your experience when you were in the senate in terms of what we're seeing now. the president was asked about an assault weapons ban. i just want to play his response to that. >> well, i can tell you that there is no political appetite for that at this moment. you could speak, you can do your own polling and there's no political appetite from this point in ledge the legislator? do you agree? >> i think all three branches of the government are going to have to start using calling since. people epiare in fear because of the color of their skin or where
4:55 am
they live. this is just no way for our country to conduct itself. so common sense to me means you basically limit the kind of killing power we have the streets now. the military-type weapons and the number of rounds in the magazine. you know when i was 14 years old i started hunting. i still hunt. i've had shotguns all my life. we've bip required by state and federal law, and you have guns designed to kill people, military-type weapons have up to 100 bullets so that's what we're seeing out there now, and at least we ought to limit the number of bullets that basically prevent the killers from even having to reload and give people a chance to get away. i also think universal background checks, it makes no
4:56 am
sense whatsoever to exempt certain places and that's where everyone will go. i think we ought to look at the red flag issue of not having dangerous people with guns. some states are already doing that. so there's a lot that can be done. i also think we shouldn't believe any of this is going to solve the problems immediately. there's no magic wand, i we need i think rather desperately to have the cdc and nih to conduct research and tell us how we can make america safer from guns. and we certainly are not going to repeal the second amendment, but the second amendment doesn't say you have to act stupid. you can have common sense, and that applies to all three branches of government. >> let me ask you quickly before we move on, based on everything you just said, one of the biggest factors frankly has been the very strong lobby of the nra we have seen and we have seen it dominate the conversation. the fact the president had a conversation with the head of
4:57 am
the florida who told him this week even when it comes to background checks, the president's support for that could really harm his base. are we at a point in time where you think white house and congress can start to ignore the influence of the nra and listen to their constituents? >> well, i don't think congress are going ignore the members of nra. nra leaders don't always reflect the leaders. they go to more extreme positions. many times they're worried about the competition, somebody getting to their right and they take extreme positions. so i have a high regard for the member of the nra. we emphasize safety. we teach young people safety lessons, but i have minimum high standing for the leadership of the nra. and i think congress has to of course listen to their constituents, but they should not take dictates from the leadership of the nra to see who
4:58 am
can be more extreme in interpreting ways this problem started since. >> i do appreciate you talking a little bit and touching on that topic. i also want to move onto this piece you wrote with former energy secretary moniz under former president obama in which you talk about the threat, the nuclear threat today. and in that you talk about since not since the 1962 cuban missile crisis has the risk of a confrontation involving the use of nuclear weapons been as high as it is today. yet unlike during the cold war, both sides seem willfully blind to the peril. and you also say at one point washington and moskow are acting as if time is on their side in term of addressing these issues, it is not. go ahead. >> no, go ahead. >> i was just going to say where are you finding the biggest threat at this moment today? >> well, as i see it, we are increasing nuclear risk.
4:59 am
and i say we, i mean the united states and russia. and i include countries like india and pakistan. risk of going up. technology must be made to work for us enreducing nuclear risk, but it's now working against us. so i would say that's problem number one. problem number two with u.s. and russia as well as india and pakistan is profound mistrust. we basically for the last 6, 7, 8 years have been treating dipolicemenacy as if it's a reward for good behavior instead of a tool for security of our citizens. so we've got to have dialogue. that doesn't mean we agree. frankly, the more we disagree the two countries that have 90% of the nuclear weapons, the more we disagree, the more we talk. and we ought to talk about technology, we ought to have red lines. right now in the cyber world there's growing danger of the interference of warning systems
5:00 am
and control systems which can cause a nuclear war by accident. and right now you've got hypersonic speeldy missiles being developed by a number of countries including u.s. and russia. what that does is cut down decision time. that means you could have a warning and that means the president only has two to three minutes to make a fatal decision of this country and indeed the world. so those are things that are really breaking down. and we've in addition had a break down in arms control, in danger of having no regulatory understandings at all of arms control including if we do not renew new start which is sort of the last treaty standing. we won't have any verification. and when we have no eerification, both sides assume


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