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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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gilbert lost both parents. he got to meet the president and first lady, a moment he won't remember. what kind of world is baby paul entering in a better one we hope than the one we lived through this past week. i'm jim acosta. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. outfront next, the president says it's time for meaningful background checks. but history shows you can't take him at his word. plus more democrats calling trump a white supremacist. could the attacks put trump back in the white house in 2020? and breaking news this hour, the u.s. confirm north korea just launched two more missiles. as the president says, he got another beautiful letter from kim. let's go outfront. and good evening i'm erin burnett, outfront tonight the empty promise. promising gun control. it's a promise he made before and broken. >> we have to have meaningful background checks.
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we need meaningful background checks. so that sick people don't get guns. >> okay. so today you heard him, president trump used the word meaningful 17 times. 17 times he used the word meaningful when talking about background checks. but if he means what he says, then he can take a stand, right. he could write the executive order now. let the nra and some in the gop fight him. take it to court, lose but stand. so tonight trump has a big choice to make, whether or not to be a president of his word because here are his words 18 months ago after the parkland mass shooting. >> we're going to do very strong background checks. very strong. got to do background checks. >> again, that was nearly 18 months ago. and he has done nothing since then on background checks. so his lack of action, brekeen promise, is actually odd for at least one really important reason. and that is a reason the president knows.
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here he is again today. >> on background checks, we have tremendous support for really common sense, sensible, important background checks. >> he is right. the american people, a majority of democrats and republicans support background checks. meaningful ones, quinnipiac poll from march found 86% of supporters support the background check bill that passed the house. that's a tremendous number. so you would think that trump would knowing that, even have more reason to step up and take action. but instead today he punted. he said, i called mitch mcconnell. >> i spoke to mitch mcconnell yesterday. he is totally onboard. he said, i've been waiting for your call. he is totally onboard. >> okay. mitch mcconnell is not totally onboard and donald trump knows it. he didn't call the senate back in session. he definitely has not said he is
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for background checks. if he were for background checks he could have voted on the bill that 86% of americans support but he didn't he refusesed to bring it to the senate floor. all he said since these latest horrific shootings was this yesterday. >> there has to be a bipartisan discussion here of what we can agree on. >> if that's taking a meaningful stand. again the buck stops with president trump. he can take mcconnell on. >> i can tell you this, tremendous good will for meaningful -- i'm talking about meaningful, add that word, meaningful background checks so that sick and demented people don't carry around guns. >> okay. so president trump, is he going to keep his word or will he make meaningful become a meaningless word? policeman brown is outfront at the white house at this hour. pamela, why doesn't the
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president just do something if he says he believes in it. >> erin, he could call congress back from recess and take a leadership role in this but he is choosing not to do that. this as he calls again for what he said are meaningful background checks to keep hands out of dangerous people. but wayne lapierre is already in the president's ear temg him that it wouldn't help the recent mass shootings. after parkland, the president as you pointed out caved under pressure from the nra on background checks. while some analysts believe a bruising battle with the nra week weakened influence in washington. trump takes call and wants support in 2020. after speaking with the nra the president truck a hopeful tone that didn't line up with reality. he said he believes the nra will get there in supporting background checks. he says there is tremendous support on both sides of the aisle for background checks, including with majority leader mitch mcconnell. but as you point out the shortly after mcconnell spokesman said the senate leader hasn't
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endorsed anything and mcconnell only promised to discuss background checks and red flag warning legislation. we're also told he won't call senate back early from recess. the question tonight, erin is will there be the same appetite after the five weeks recess has passed? >> thank you very much. and i like the thought pam poses the question. it's rhetorical as they all know as it has time a and time again they hope goes away. you use the word meaningful 17 times. it's that or meaningless. jennifer wax ton, the headquarters of the nra on your doorstep. president trump came out today let's take today 17 times he says he is for meaningful background checks. 86% of the people support the bill passed in the house. democrats and republicans majorities of both. does he mean it. >> if he means it he has an
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opportunity to show us by bringing back the senate to vote on the bill. i personally believe they are trying to slow walk this and hope something knocks it off the front page and knocks it off the news cycle in the next five weeks. >> i mean, you know, unfortunately it's hard to zput what you are saying because it does appear to be what's happening here. i mean, but when the president says there is tremendous support for background checks his word tremendous as i point out the 86% of the american speem support that bill you reference. you know, he said mcconnell is onboard. but you heard mcconnell. he said let's talk about something. let's just be bipartisan about it. is there any chance mitch mcconnell brings the bill to the senate floor? is there any chance in your mind. >> well he has had since february to do it. and it's a bipartisan bill. passing the house of representatives with bipartisan votes. sew has a great opportunity to do it if he is inseer. i question his sincerity. because he has had since february to do it and absolutely ignored it and deliberately left it sitting on his desk. >> so the president today said
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he thinks of his base is getting onboard. here he is. here is you how he put it. >> is your base supporting background checks. >> i think my base relies very much on common sense and the they rely on me in terms of telling them what's happening. >> so -- so he is right about that except for he told them one thing and then he didn't do it. now here he is 18 months later telling them the same thing. do they just not care or what? >> well, i mean, the question is, is he going to follow his base? is he going to follow the nra? is he going to follow what over 90% of american public wants, which are universal background checks, because if he really wants meaningful background checks he has an incredible opportunity to make that happen with hr 8 which passed the house of representatives in february with bipartisan support. so, you know, there is a great opportunity to do that. he has an opportunity to show the american people that he is serious about it.
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but i question his sincerity at this point. >> so look, i mean it was bipartisan but obviously vast majority exact. a lot of republicans still have trouble with this. they may personally think it. you have will hurd, seven others supporting it. but this is still an issue, okay. you flipped a red district blue, congresswoman, you did that while backing stricter gun control. in other words you stook a red district where a lot of people would -- republican end up voting for you and you're coming out for more gun control. why do you think so many republicans are still scared to do that when the majority of republicans republican and democrat support it. >> that's a good question. because i a incumbent with an a rating from the nra and that didn't help in the 2018 cycle. i'm not the only member of the class of 18 who ran on this issue, you know. we have lucy mcbath from georgia. jason ceo from colorado and many others of us from red districts
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with suburbing mans volunteers every town volunteers who had enough, afraid of kids going to school and being frightened to have to shelter in place and do the active shooter drills in school. and yet nothing happens. and we see massacre after massacre after massacre, and members of guess, members of the elected leadership unwilling to do anything about it. and they've had enough. >> all right. well i appreciate your time, congresswoman. thank you so much. good to have you on again. >> thank you. and next, a growing number of democrats are calling the president a white supremacist. but is this exactly what trump wants them to do? plus, republicans saying sigh nara. parties only black senator, tim scott is he following the only black congressman who is republican on his way out the door? breaking news north korea test firing two more missiles. escalating tensions hours after trump said this about kim jong
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him of being a white supremacist. >> democrats are calling you and supporters white nationalists, white supremacist help. >> you i don't think it helps. first of all i don't like it when they do it because "i" not any of those things. i think it's a disgrace. it shows how desperate the democrats are. >> this comes as axios reports that trump campaign officials and allies believe comments like this by democratic hopefuls will help trump win in 2020. >> based on his words and actions, yes he is a white supremacist. >> and we'll give you 17 more of those in a moment. kyung lah is outfront in iowa. kyung, obviously all of the democrats pretty much all are where you are this we could. 20 of them. and it seems that president trump being a white supremacist is a crucial question. they are all being asked and almost all answering it. >> reporter: yeah, 21 candidates
4:15 pm
expected to show here at the wing ding dinner ton. they are crisscrossing the state in the meantime. and what you see behind me, erin, are the greeting crews before the candidates go in. it's the question that they are absolutely being asked by political reporters, will you label donald trump a white supremacist? and that direct question is being asked. about half of the field saying, yes, everyone from elizabeth warren earlier in the week to andrew, kirstin gillibranding with saying he is a white supremacist or nationalist. there are some refront range. notably top tier candidates joe biden and kamala harris. they have both refrained from using the label, sticking the label on donald trump. making the concerted effort to not go there. and i actually -- i asked that question to senator harris why she didn't want to go there. it's clear she doesn't want to focus on labels. what she is saying is that he is a racist. she believes his actions
4:16 pm
certainly have not helped people here in this country. and, erin, i walked through the wing ding, a packed auditorium and i talked to hard core die hard democrats, do they kir if a candidate liebls donald trump the white supremacist or not. the great majority said they don't care about the label. they do consider trump a racist. erin. >> kyung, thank you very much. i want to go youfrpt now to former dny director maria cardona and adviser to trump's 2020 campaign david urban process. thank you on this friday. maria is the trump campaign right that calling him a white supremacist is actually going to help him win in 2020? >> no, absolutely not. what kind of era are we living in when the allies gleefully say they are so glad that the 2020 democrats are calling their boss and the president of the united states a white supremacist. i mean, that should tell you everything. with these democrats -- what
4:17 pm
they are doing calling it like it is. we had three shootings, one in el paso where the shooter put out a manifesto using the same exact language, attacking hispanic immigrants that the president of the united states did. there is an usa today story out today, a study that they did where more than 500 times donald trump used in his rallies words like invasion, words like criminals, words like rapist. all of these words and then you can tie in the same kind of language that white supremacists use. he coddles them and emboldens them. what democrats are doing are calling it out and saying this is not the kind of american values that the president of the united states should represent. >> david. >> well, so maria, stoking -- stoking extremism threwed rhetoric is bad on both sides maria i hope you recognize that and call it out. the president stood on the lawn before he got on the helicopter
4:18 pm
and said i don't want people saying that about me. it's terrible thing he called out white supremacists. >> good. >> if you go back to the sem nol event how this started in charlottesville if you are truthful and you read the transcripts truthful about it the president said never there were fine he never equated the white nationalists with saying their they are fine people he did not reed it maria you're in the being truthful. >> i'm read going he did. he did. >> but he did that's exactly what he said. >> erin he did not erin he did not you're wrong. erin, no you guys are both wrong erin burnett. >> i'm quoting i'm reading ut transcript. >> yaep. >> i think there is blame on both sides if you look at both sides i think there is blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it. and you don't have any doubt about it either. >> maria, maria erin, he called out white supremacists at the press conference said they are horrible people. he didn't identify at a talked them down there. every opportunity. but this president -- listen white supremacists when a
4:19 pm
president who a white supremacists put in policies first step act reduce sentencing on black and brown people? would a president white supremacist put in fact in place excuse me economic policies which lower taxes on african-americans? of course aen americaniss sno. >> i'm glad you raise this point hold on you're getting the heart of it. >> no, no. >> i'm. >> would a sprite the white economic opportunity zones. >> i understand the point. maria to that zbloint sfoo i'm not saying -- >> you're saying you look you are doing well, the unemployment rate at lows. i ask you maria when that's the voirmt and you have elizabeth warren and julian castro saying yes when ask if president trump is a white supremacist and other candidates calling him a white supremacist, i'm curious of the strategy. let me play them so people can understand how overwhelming the drum beat has become in recent days. here they are. >> do you think president trump is a white nationalist?
4:20 pm
>> yes. i do. and. >> we can no longer allow a white nationalist to be in the white house. >> he is a racist and white sprem zblieft you think president trump is a white supremacist. >> i do. >> a few of your democratic rivals including beto o'rourke by the way have described president trump as a white supremacist. do you agree. >> unquestionably. >> he is not only egging on white supremacy and white nationalism but he is one himself. >> basin on his words and actions yes he is a white sprem zblieft kmtz beto o'rourke told me he believes president trump is a white supremacist. or a white nationalist. do you agree? >> i do. >> so maria, what -- who do they think they win over by talking like that. >> i think what they are doing is again telling it like it is. and what i think they are also doing is a repeat of what happened in 2018. let's remember that donald trump doubled down on his xenophobiaic
4:21 pm
reddick going into 2018 talking about caravan invasions at the border. and what happened, he lost independents. the republicans lost independents. republicans lost white spush suburban republican women. that is exactly the same track that he is going down. and david i know you protest. >> maria. maria you're making the point. >> do you also protest when donald trump at his rally when he asks what to we do those people? and one of his supporters says shoot them. and he laughs. do you think. >> terrible. >> do you think that's appropriate. >> no. >> that's a kwhiet supremacy saying it's great. they rally around him. >> david, go ahead. >> no it's not appropriate. but the -- listen being racially insensitive but letting people make stupid kmoents is a farry cry a bridge too far to claim white supremacy. i mean it's ridiculous. maria you're talking about all thele voters maria listen you're talking about all the voters?
4:22 pm
that's all the voters are going to say wow this is a little too far. this is -- this is something now we know that the democrats are not telling the truth. >> or maybe it's not if they feel like the president uses rhetoric they feel ashamed of, they can't point to their children and say this is the president of the united states be proud of him. >> maria. >> they can't say that today. that's not the kind of president they want in the white house. >> repeating -- receipting the same advice i have rhetoric. >> i want to wishy-washy -- the former fbi director jamestown james come in. recently tweeted millions of 2016 trump voters are not racists now these americans need the strength of character to resolve they will not vote for someone mo clearly is. okay. >> um-hum, right. >> he is making the point. but he is also making the point a lot of people voting for trump in his view are not racist. millions of americans voted for trump. >> yes i agree with him. >> if they all call trump a white supremacist could trump rightfully have the voters think
4:23 pm
they are calling you a white supremacist that's hard to make them like you isn't it. >> or what the democrats should be doing and some of them have are flipping it which is what i think the truth is, when trump uses that kind of rhetoric and when his alis say that that's going to help him in 2020, they are making the worst assumptions about his base, assuming that they are going to eat up the rhetoric because they believe his base is racist. and that is what those people i think should be -- should be looked at and democrats should be pointing that out because that is an insult. >> david final word. >> so, as an adviser to the president i think it's a terrible thing. it's a terrible thing to be culled. i don't think it's helpful in any way shape or form it's part of advicive rhetoric is bad on both sides i wish you'd call it out. >> thank you both. >> thank you erin. >> and next a new problem for the republican party, the only black republican in the senate signaling he wants out of politics after the only black republican in the house did the same thing.
4:24 pm
and the 2020 candidates swarming iowa facing a crucial test to win over voters. >> they have to be tough. they have to be not wimpy. >> i thought that was actually -- ♪ ♪
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ton, south carolina senator tim scott, the only african-american republican in the senate saying his days in office are numbered. >> how much longer do you see yourself in pliks are you uning for re-election. >> that will be my last if i run. i am running for re-election. >> if i run, my last one. scott's comments are jarring because they come just a week
4:29 pm
after congressman will hurd, the only african-american republican in the house announced he is done. with congress. retiring at the end of his term. outfront now former republican governor congressman mark sanford of south carolina. and look you've been in the midst of this. you've been in the midst of the trump friendcy. you've worked with senator scott a long time. what do you make of this all happening right now? >> i -- i think it's probably a little bit of a mountain in a mole hill in that we are talking about 2028. if he runs again. >> if he runs. >> it would be 202. ten years from now basically. that's a long run. politics has a wear and tear that goes with it. tim is a fabulous human being. and the idea of doing something else with the rest of his life and not making politics the whole of his life is completely consistent. >> which i understand. >> yeah. >> but in the other context here is there are nine republican announcing in the house obviously shorter terms there in the house. >> right. >> one house gop fund raiser
4:30 pm
puts it on trump. they are tired on trying to defend the shi blank show. >> i know that movie. but, again, in tim's case i think it's again coninject yur in that some people said maybe run for governor of south carolina. >> do more politics. >> he could do more. >> are you worried about moderate republicans saying, enough of what we hear here pb the shi-blank show. >> i'm a very conservative republican. you know, i had my. >> you had enough. >> right. my -- locked horns if you will on the president of a couple of issues. i don't think it's simply a moderate issue. it's a wear and tear issue based on the way in which you used to be a member of the house or senate and talk about the issue and we could agree or disagree on issues but it wasn't response to the latest greatest tweet. >> as you pointed out you had the locked horns but more than that. he was nasty made it personal. celebrated when you lost. when you tried to stand up to him he retaliated okay.
4:31 pm
backed your primary challenger made a big stink about it slammed you after you lost and he went personal like this. >> she beat a manna likes flamingo dancers from argentina, you know about that. he was supposed to be vacationing on the tallahassee trail. but he was actually in argentina. never liked him too much. i wasn't a big fan. the tallahassee trail. must be a beautiful place. unfortunately he didn't go there. >> the irony there is it is the problem with donald trump. for a lot of republicans and democrats alike, which is it's a cult of personality if you look at my voting record i voted with him more than 90% of the time in the world of politics i love my brothers and sister but don't agree with them 90% i have a very conservative voting republican record very consistent with some of the things they tried to do in the
4:32 pm
administration every oh the two years we overlapped. but, again. >> but he -- >> rate for him it's about not just fwree with me honshus but will you in essence fall into this cult of permit which i think is really problematic in terms of our democracy. >> does it intimidate republicans? people don't want to hear. >> yeah if he goes -- >> they don't want to become the butt of a joke at a rally and when he tries to embarrass you. >> and that's -- that's what -- that's what's turning off many republicans to donald trump. whether it's with the retirement that you have seen where interests wear and tear on that front or soccer moms in the defendantle district of south carolina i used to represent. that district went exact the first time in about 50 years. because a lot of soccer moms that i talked to said enough is enough this is getting too kroez crazy. >> you talk about republicans. >> yeah. >> i spoke to one this week. nebraska state senator. john skmal li mccallter. republicans and race were
4:33 pm
failing. failing to dez nouns the president's racism here is what he said. >> i'm particularly disappointed in republican office holders for allowing president trump to say some of the hateful things that he has said. and i think it's time for them to stand up for a change and make it known that they don't condone that kind of hateful speech. >> he is a lifelong republican. okay. he says that, republican party in his state of nebraska then calls for him to change his registration and get out of the party. what does it say to you? >> well it says one, political parties have always circled the wagon around the person in power, period. particularly at the top. but what it says it is right now that phenomenon is on steroids it is a cult of personality with donald trump where in i'd have conversations with folks back home where i say i agree on this, this issue and they had say one thing which is are you for or against donald trump? i said no it's not about for or against donald trump it's about
4:34 pm
being for or against certainly ideals i stood for for 25 years. i think what he gets at there is right. which is people need to speak out where they can and where appropriate to say i disagree with some of the crazy show. >> right. which you've done. >> right. >> i mean it's fair to say you would say let's -- you do you agree make it known i don't condone the hate speech. >> completely. >> you have -- you're considering a primary challenge to trump, okay. are you going -- what's going to make you make a decision on that? what's going to make you decide yes? it's an impossibly giant task. that would give any person a lot of pause. it's a tug of war between head beliefs that we're not just on the issues we talk about today which are the issues of the day but on a much more foundational level we are sinking our republic. if you lack at the debt numbers and the deficit and the
4:35 pm
spending, it's historically been a benchmark or at least a talking point with the republicans that's gone out of window. >> yes. >> and we are going to see trouble because if the debate is about more versus more on the exact versus no comment on the republican side. it's more versus more and we go over the cliff financially. it's going to have wrenching impact in terms of social ties not only financial ties and the ability to sustain the republic. long story short i'm struggle with with the issue with the how huge the task would be. >> but you'll decide on a. >> yes, ma'am. >> mark sanford thank you. >> congresswoman and governor. next nearlily all the 2020 candidates in iowa on the democraticic side. voting to win over voters who are trying to find the one they say can defeat trump. >> if you become more politically active in the last four years. >> i'm so woke i can't believe it. >> the new details about the abrupt resignation of this
4:36 pm
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okay. that is live pictures right here. governor john hickenlooper speaking in clear lake iowa. i believe 22 of the democratic presidential candidates are there at the dinner, the wing ding dinner, hoping that this weekend is going to be a turning point for them. putting them on the path to
4:40 pm
victory in the crucial first state to vote. one key stop is the state fair. it's starting. jeff zeleny is outfront. >> reporter: the iowa state fair. >> how are you. >> a mandatory stop on the road to the white house. >> you like this what do you like best. >> a parade of democrat i can't candidates pressing flesh and pounding pavement. >> state pair. >> every four years presidential hopefuls become one of the attractions none as likely as the butter cow, a staple since 1911. six months before the iowa caucusing voters are sizing up the field. >> you've been watching the race. what are the qualities you look for. >> they have to be tough. they have to be not wimpy. >> rogin said she has never been politically active until president trump took office. now she severance for someone who stands the best chance of defeating him. >> kamala harris. she looks tough. she looks like she could take
4:41 pm
him on. i like elizabeth warren. i like them all. >> have you become more politically active in the last four years. >> i'm so woke i can't believe it. >> she likes joe biden but worries he is too nice. >> not maureen murphy who says he is the best for the job. >> people say joe old. no he is one of the wisest martest man ai would put all my trust in him. >> at the iowa democratic party booth. all candidates get equal bilk. but biden is the center. >> you're not sure he is the front runner. >> well, he is the front runner right now. but remember the time howard dean was the front runner. he didn't win the caucus. it's a long way to go yet. >> john. >> we learn a lot about the politicians at the fair. how they handle the heat. >> what do you like about flipping pork chops. >> it's one step closer to eating a pork chop. >> and how they slide. >> governor do you have to do a slide like that to be president.
4:42 pm
>> no it's a lot of fun but great to have my family. but my wife got competitive on that, jeff. >> so far no 2020 candidates have arrived in helicopters as donald trump did four years aigt. and there have been few bumper car sights as barack obama did when he ran for president. a moment he later used as a metaphor. >> to prepare for this debate i rode in the bumper cars at the state fair. >> as the full democratic field flocks to the fair the race is on to make a good impression time is running short to make friends. or in this case supporters at the iowa caucuses. and before the weekend is over, kamala harris elizabeth warren cory booker bernie sanders and all democratic field will be come to the state fair to make the case to voters. erin, less than six months until the iowa caucuses. >> thank you very much. jeff and next. north korea just launching two ballistic missiles. so why did the president talk about a trey-page beautiful letter he got from kim today
4:43 pm
then? and trump keeps slamming exacts for doing nothing to help baltimore. but he promised to help rural communities. here is what we found in one of them. >> rural america rose up and vote the for him. he could throw us a bone too. tos in retirement, as well as all the things you want to do. because when you're ready for what comes next, the only direction is forward. walkabout wednesdays are back! get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries, and a draft beer or coca-cola - all for just $10.99. hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. outback steakhouse. aussie rules.
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4:47 pm
>> what did he say? >> i'd love to give it to you. i really would. >> top to bottom. three full pages. tonight's launch is the fifth by north korea in less than two weeks. so in that time frame north korea's tested 10 missiles. and now trump is claiming that this spate of tests has nothing to do with the united states. >> he didn't say a warning to the united states. i can tell that you. he didn't say a warning to the united states. >> so that's what he said after the last couple of ones were tested a couple of weeks ago, last we can. it's unfortunately not true. kim jong un made it clear the tests are about the united states, and specifically a warning to the united states. north korean state media quotes kim calling tuesday's test quote an occurs to send an adequate warning to the joint military drill under way now by the united states and south korean authorities. now trump says it's all good on the test because kim is technically sticking to agreements on missile types. but if that's the standard then why did he walk away from the
4:48 pm
nuclear deal with iran, a deal that evidence shows iran was honoring like the deal or not it was honored. outfront now former district for national intelligence. under president obama james clapper. i appreciate your input always. you traveled there in 2014. in the past couple of weeks kim launches 10 short-range mitchells sends a letter to donald trump that trump notes is top to bottom three pages and trump says was beautiful. and the tests are all feign. what's your reaction to that? >> well, kim jong un is getting it both ways here. he is continuing missile testing which of course are a violation of u.n. security council resolutions. and apparently as long as he sends the beautiful letters -- love letters back and forth and he is playing to his own military constituency, and because they're not
4:49 pm
intercontinental range, the president rationalizes that doesn't pose a threat to the united states. well it does, as you indicated, because of our forces and families that are now positioned in south korea, not to mention south korea itself as well as japan. so this is -- it's a really good deal for kim jong un. i wish in the love letters it would have a serious exchange, first an answer to a questionto be posed to kim jong un, what is it you need to feel sufficient lip secure that you don't need nuclear weapons? in the absence of knowing that i don't know how we have any negotiating strategy. and it would be cool if we agreed on just what denuclearization, whatever that is, what that means to them. >> right. that's certainly. >> and to us. >> and we don't. in the letter which trump says i'd love to show you. he keeps saying this, right, the beautiful letter. trump does say that kim says that he was not happy with the military drills between the u.s. and north korea. as you point out.
4:50 pm
you've got 30,000 u.s. troops, families all right there. so the president today says that this is what kim expressed and then takes kim's side on the american drills. here he is. >> he wasn't happy with the tests -- the war games, the war games on the other side with i've never liked it. i've never been a fan. >> okay. so he's pretty clearly saying the other side with the united states i've never liked it either. very clearly taking kim eastside again -- kim eastsi's side against t united states. >> kim is taking advantage with this relationship and president so badly wants to maintain this
4:51 pm
with kim jithat he gives him a pass. the north koreans understand the purpose of those exercises and they are a defensive in nature and the reason we need to do them is because of the turnover. every year everybody out there does a one-year tour. so you need to have those exercises for readiness purposes. kim jong-un and his military understand all that. this is just so much -- >> otherwise you have americans. i've been over there. these are young folks that come and do their tour, if they don't get trained and something happens, they are not ready. i want to ask about sue gordon. the country's number two intelligence official is stepping down. i know you know her well. sources tell us that the timing of this decision became urgent because on thursday dan coats we know well interrupted a meeting she was holding. she was having a meeting on election security. he runs in and we understand it's urgent and says i need you to submit a letter of
4:52 pm
resignation and to do it now. what do you make of that, that it became that urgent to do that? >> i don't know and i hadn't heard that before. i think the die was cast with the president's tweet when he said there would be an announcement shortly on an acting director. the law, the intelligence reform act is clear about filling vacancy for the dni and that is to be by the principal deputy. in my mind, sue did the right thing she should have done early near a very classy way. she's a professional served decades in cia and all parts of it, and served with great d distinction and served. one of my old agencies and she is a true professional and that's probably what disqualified her. >> all right. thank you very much. i appreciate your directness as always, director. >> thanks, erin.
4:53 pm
>> next, trump promised to rescue the coal industry so what happened in rural kentucky? here, it all starts with a simple...
4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
president trump slamming baltimore calling it rat and rodent infested but when it comes to struggling rural areas, the president has been silent. miguel marquez is "outfront". >> kentucky's fifth district beautiful and deeply poor appalachia has struggled with the boom and burst of coal. >> we had a mano economy for over 100 years, so then -- >> coal is gone?
4:56 pm
>> and pretty much. >> gwen johnson runs a bakery. it helps the local community center stay open. >> we're fighting for a better community here. we got people who are hurt and coming out of incarceration. >> not only have high-paying coal jobs sharply declined since 2012, despite promises otherwise. >> in 2017, we added fewer than 20 jobs and in 2018, we lost a few hundred more. so the coal industry in kentucky has not come back. >> opioid and drug abuse dealing rural appalachia a double punch. >> once i tried heroin, i was 100% addicted like the first time. >> brad johnson served three years in the military one tour in iraq he's now in recovery what he calls the toughest fight in his 34 years.
4:57 pm
>> i drink so much when i wake up and look around, i'd see all the drug paraphernalia that i had done and don't remember doing. >> reporter: trying to get off heroin, he became addicted to prescription open i didn't ioid time for drugs and receiving stolen goods. >> i've been on recovery for four years. >> how tough is that? >> here, it's really tough. >> tough for thousands here either addicted or in recovery, many with criminal records. if you over lay this map of economical lally distressed cous in 2018 and deaths and drug overdoses in 2015, kentucky's fifth congressional district is right in the middle. the president and his administration have focused on combatting the opioid epidemic and spoken glowingly about places like kentucky that supported him by 30 points in 2016. >> it's a great, great state, and he is turned out to be a great, great governor.
4:58 pm
>> compare that with what the president reserves for his political opponents and their districts. >> those people are living in hell in baltimore. they are largely african american. you have a large african american population, and they really appreciate what i'm doing. >> baltimore is about 65% african american, kentucky's fifth congressional district about 97% white. some 23% of baltimore residents live in poverty more than 29% of kentucky's fifth congressional district lives below the poverty line. the president had a similar attack on john lewis' congressional district tweeting shortly before his inauguration congressman lewis should spend time on his district falling apart rather than falsely complaining about election results. crime rates have sharply declined in lewis' district since he took office in 1987 but
4:59 pm
on many occasions, the president portrayed cities with large minority populations as failed. >> no one has paid a higher price for the far left's destructive agenda than americans living in our nation's inner cities. for decades, these communities have been run exclusively by democrat politicians. >> here in kentucky's fifth congressional district, even some who voted for the president say they wish he'd spend less time attacking his opponents and more time focused on making good on his campaign promises. >> rural america rose up and voted for him, and he's talking about urban america. you know, he could throw us a bone, too. >> if you think he's talking about baltimore, the places negatively, at least he's talking about them. >> he's talking about them and paying attention. >> president trump won this district by a wide margin.
5:00 pm
everyone you speak to here remembers hillary clinton's words she would put a lot of minors out of work, but many people here say they want the president to stop with the political fighting and focus on what's important. erin? >> all right. thank you very much miguel and thanks to all of you, anderson starts now. good evening. we begin tonight by recognizing what a difficult week this has been for so many people and how tough the days ahead will be as more funerals are held in el paso and dayton. no moments for a parent or child or childhood friend to face the sadness of feeling the word is when it comes to a loved one gives way to was. my grandpa was. my child was. so many people are facing that now. so many who lived those moments already at sandy hook and park land are reeling them again because in many respects, there is sadly