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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  August 11, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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live in the cnn newsroom. new details from the federal prison in new york city, where millionaire jeffrey epstein apparently killed himself. familiar with epstein's time inside that jail, throwing a
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light on how many guards were watching him and how closely the prison keeps tabs. that source telling cnn that at the time jeffrey epstein is believed to have hanged himself, nobody was monitoring him, no guards were watching his cell and despite protocol, epstein was totally alone. plus how the prison was staffed at the time of epstein's death. one of them was working a mandatory overtime shift and the other was on his fifth overtime shift of the week. so far the u.s. bureau of prisons is saying nothing. with us now, former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, elie honig and paul callan. new details we're learning. no guards monitoring him, no one
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else in his cell. are you surprised? >> i am, especially given specific things related to epstein. he was probably the highest priority in custody in the federal of bureau prisons. second of all, he reportedly had a recent suicide attempt. he was on suicide watch, more intensive than the housing unit, for about six days, from what i understand, less than tipky they keep someone on suicide watch. why did they take him off of suicide watch? i want to know that. they're supposed to document that. and apparently he dropped the ball when he was in the housing unit as well. >> paul, those guards, those personnel can now legally be in some trouble? >> they could be in trouble in two ways, facing disciplinary proceedings for not guarding a prisoner who attempted suicide but also subject to a civil lawsuit. the federal government could be
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sue ed civilly by epstein's este for not protecting him when he was sick. i don't think you'll see that. it's theoretically possible. >> if they're to check on him every 30 minutes, as we were told, and they have to record their checks somewhere, if that's one of the place where investigators will look for clues. >> thoer big question is there are lots of cameras in that facility with the exception of where lawyers meet with their clients. cameras, video and other cameras are around. was there a camera in this area and was it working? we haven't heard any reports on that yet. it's going to be very curious if there was no camera working in this area. to show what happened. >> you said you thought every square inch of that facility is is your veil
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surveiled? >> yeah. >> they better have a video. we won't even have question one answered, what happened inside that cell and there won't be any faith or credibility given to doj and the federal prisons if there's not even that video. physical perspective, special housing unit where he was being held is not big. it's the size of an ordinary dormitory hallway, straight down. it's not as if they're separate from one. you can see and hear what's going on, basically, the entire unit. >> we don't have the autopsy report or have seen the me's report. it's not easy to hang yourself in a small cell like that, without being noticed, if people were supposed to be keeping an eye on you. we don't know the details yet of how he killed himself. those details will be important
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as well, to see if the institution bears a responsibility for the suicide. >> you're a defense attorney. you have clients there. here is what epstein said, breathless reporters excavating every point of his life before he had his day in court. all these actors appear to bear some responsibility for this l calami calamity. as a defense attorney, what do you make of that statement? >> very aggressive statement for that attorney to make. i don't know if another statement was made by him or another defense attorney, but actually making a reference to the judge in the case as well. i found those statements to be extremely aggressive in a situation where we don't know all the facts. it's a big mistake to jump to conclusions until whoa know the precise cause of death, were the
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accuracy working and where all these guards were. then we can form conclusions about whether there was a conspiracy to kill him, whether epstein himself had a lot of money, did he use his money to get another inmate to help in the suicide or bribe a guard in committing the suicide? all kinds of possibilities. >> the mind goes everywhere because we don't have the answer. >> it's pure speculation, though. >> i want to put up a cover of "the miami herald." it says "the easy way out." does epstein's death mean others who may be part of this alleged sex trafficking ring, could they now have an easier way out themselves? >> no. they should still be very worried. anyone who helped jeffrey epstein run this sex trafficking ring, promote it, benefit from it, they've made it clear, we're got done. we're still coming after the co-conspiratorers. the only threat this removes is
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epstein cooperating. to some extent some people may be broething a sigh of relief. southern district will not breathe easy until they have everybody who is part of this. he did not run this alone, indicted and brought to trial. epstein took the easy way out. to an extent, he did deprive his victims of that sense of justice. >> elie honig, paul callan, thank you both. walmart has found itself at the center of the gun debate after a deadly mass shooting and a spate of scary incidents. walmart will ban displays of violent video games but will continue to sell guns at their stores. american federation of teachers is asked what she wants walmart to do next. smile. guaranteed.ceably whitr trust america's #1 whitening brand, crest 3d whitestrips.
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and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. several scares involving walmart are being reported, 26-year-old man for threatening he was about to get his gun back, people should stay away from walmart and police in texas say a man is awaiting arraignment after posting an online threat against a walmart in that community. all this happening after walmart temporarily removed displays for violent video games out of respect for the 22 victims of the el paso shooting. and others are calling on
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walmart to stop selling guns. walmart's response to all these controversies. >> reporter: two deadly shootings in one week at walmart. my heartaches writes ceo doug mcmillan, first in south haven, mississippi, a shooting that claimed two lives. then the massacre at a store in el paso. days later, panic sets in when a heavily armed man walks in, wearing full body armor. no shots are fired. the company is facing question, will america's largest retailer continue to be one of the biggest gun sellers? new guidelines, instructing employees not to show voilt movies in the entertainment section and banning violence video game displays. the games thesz are still for sale. and so are guns. >> they don't break down how much revenue they generate from ammunition and firearms but tess a business that obviously does
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well, enough that they want to stick with it. >> reporter: target and amazon don't sell firearms. >> walmart is in a fierce battle with other retailers around the country and don't want to have to lose customers if they don't have to. >> for hunting and fishing, no longer sells handguns, stopped selling assault rifles following the mass shooting in sandy hook and a spate of others. walmart raised the minimum age after park land to 21 and pulled toys resembling assault weapons. there are calls for the retailer to do more. >> i think it would be more effective if instead of taking down pictures of guns, they actually stopped selling guns. >> what we're asking really is our main reach is that we would like walmart to stop the sale of all firearms and ammunition. >> reporter: a walmart employee sent an email, urging thousands of workers to strike.
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senator bernie sanders tweeted his support, writing, walmart should respect the voices of its workers, calling on the company to stop selling guns. the gun used in the shooting in el paso is not sold in walmart stores but in the wake of the devastating week the ceo says we will work to understand many of the important issues from south haven and el paso and the broader discussion around gun violence. >> thanks to ale exandra field r that report. randi weingarten write writ teachers and students should reconsider doing their back-to-school shopping at your stores. randi, thank you for being here. >> thank you, ana. >> you've had a number of demands and requests from
3:15 pm
walmart. have you had any response? >> no, we've not. we've had a public response but we've not had the kind of thoughtful response that doug mcmillan said that he was going to do post the tragedy in el paso. frankly, let me be clear. teachers care about kids. kids, these days, 80% of them, teenagers, are more fearful about gun violence than anything else in their lives. and what we're asking walmart, the biggest employer and retailer in the country, is to care about kids as much as we do. >> let's talk about what they have done. stopped selling military-style rifles in 2015, raised the age to purchase handguns from 18 to 21, happened just last year and this week temporary removal of
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violent video game signs and displays. >> after sandy hook in a different presidency than saying they would stop selling assault rifles and weapons was really important. and at that time, we and others praised them for that. but let's talk about video games, a talking point of the president and others. there are video games in canada, europe, and lots of other places. what there isn't is the kind of -- the guns that we have in america. and what happens happened is we see in america a far greater use of guns, 250 mass shootings this year. we need to be outraged about that. and it's not hunters and fishermen and the normal members
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of the nra, most of whom want background checks and don't want weapons of war on the streets. we need to have these corporations who have tremendous clout in the united states take the step that congress hasn't been willing to take. keep our neighborhoods and schools safe. >> do your teachers feel any safer knowing these displays are being taken down? >> no! our members feel just like students, that schools should be safe havens, not armed for the residency fortresses. all the hardening gone on in schools given the number of guns out there, obviously, we've worked with people after sandy hook and parkland to try to figure out that balance. when you have more focus on buying or on selling bullet-proof backpacks as opposed to the kind of sensible
3:18 pm
gun violence, red flag laws. this is what our focus should be. less thoughts and prayers, as important as that is, in every community that has gone through this has been scarred forever. less thoughts and prayers and more policy changes. >> quickly, if you will, if the ceo of walmart is watching right now -- >> sorry i'm so emotional. >> i have children in school. that's the worst thing i could ever imagine, having them deal with this. >> it's simply horrible. >> what's your message to the ceo of walmart? >> please do something that makes people safer. bring together ceos to put together pressure on congress to do the sensible gun violence
3:19 pm
things that other countries have done. >> thank you so much, randi weingarten, and for coming in. >> thank you. >> can anything be done, i'll ask the chairman of homeland security live next on cnn newsroom. first, alison kosik with this week's "before the bell." >> hi, ana. volatility is back. wild swings in the market last week as nervous investors piled into gold, government bonds and other safe havens. wall street is worried about slowing global growth and escalating trade war. and it's watching china's currency. sending global markets into a tailspin, despite the roller coaster ride, some market strategists think wall street is overreacting. >> fundamental construct of the united states stock market remains the most stable and
3:20 pm
strongest in the world. period. >> their argument, the u.s. economy still growing, interest rates, inflation and unemployment remain low. how strong is the u.s. consumer powering most of the country's economic growth? we'll get some indication this week when major retailers report results. walmart, macy's and jcpenney are among the companies reporting quarterly earnings. because of the trump administration's tariffs, did that hurt sales? this week we'll find out. in new york, i'm alison kosik. ( ♪ ) e*trade personalized investments
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welcome back. i.c.e. raids in mississippi, nearly 600 undocumented immigrants swept up at food plants for the children was traumatic. >> i need my dad. he's not a criminal. government, please let my parent be with everybody else, please.
3:25 pm
don't leave the child -- >> responding this morning, watch. >> i understand that the girl is upset and i get that, but her father committed a crime. and just so the american people know also, that girl, her mother was home and she was reunited with her mother within a few hours that night. >> some of those swept up in the raid are still being held. although morgan says the undocumented warkers committed a crime there's no evidence that any of the plant owners have been arrested for hiring undocumented workers in the first place. kevin mcaleenan insists that the raids were conducted with
3:26 pm
sensitivity. >> that's 45% of the people arrested released for humanitarian reasons, including child care. they took this very seriously to call and find parents and kids and make arrangements. this was done with sensitivity. >> arrests at the border are down, by the way, by half since may. cvp officials still maintain they're at crisis levels. there's also the timing. officials say they've been planning the mississippi raids for over a year and went ahead with them despite the el paso attack days earlier. welcome, congressman. >> thank you for having me. >> first i would like your reaction or response to those comments we just heard from mark morgan and kevin mcaleenan. >> it continues to show the insensitivity of i.c.e. and homeland security officials to
3:27 pm
this issue. you can't separate children after their families, their parents go to work. some of the school districts were not contacted. the human service department in many instances have yet to be contacted. it was the good people of those communities who rallied around the children. they are the real heroes in this situation, not i.c.e. and homeland security officials. >> we know border crossings dipped, 24%, in fact, from june and july. they're down 33% since may, according to vcp. here is what the acting commissioner said about those numbers. >> make no mistake we're still between 2300 and 2500. former secretary jeh johnson said a bad day for him was 1,000. i know because i worked for him. this is still crisis levels. >> congressman, do you think there's still a crisis at the
3:28 pm
border? >> well, let me say that the crisis is not at the processing plants. those individuals are going to work. they were not trying to hide. i will not say that they've not broken the law. but if i look at who they are, trying to take care of their families. they've integrated themselves into the community, doing the things that they really want to do, seeking economic independence. they're not murderers, robbers, rapists that many people in this administration want you to believe. they have significant sympathy for those individuals. they're not deadbeats. they're not standing on the corner. they're doing a lot of work that those companies can't hire people to do. we need to find a solution. let me tell you, 600 people to arrest 680 people, all of whom were at work. not a single owner of a company
3:29 pm
has been picked up on anything. so these individuals go to work. all the records of them are there in the offices of those companies. but, again, you pick on the little people and the big people seem to get away every time. >> the president has said as much, that he believes that our coverage of that raid and showing the trauma on those children would be an effective deterrent to people coming from south of the border into this country. >> well, it does not go to our values as americans. i don't want to be known as someone who is separating families or picking on children. and the president, of all people, can't say anything. he has been accused time and again of working illegal individuals on his properties. so, maybe we need to look at him just like we're looking at the processes here in mississippi. >> let me ask you about
3:30 pm
something else. we learned the el paso shooter told us he was targeting mexicans. white house rebuffed attempts more than a year to make combating domestic terrorism a higher priority. that el paso shooting is a domestic terrorist investigation. do you think we are equipped to protect against domestic terrorists? >> no, i don't. let me tell you why. we just alotted funds to homeland security and nobody talked about domestic terrorism was a problem. the white house continues to actually downplay it. they want you to believe that our largest threat to the homeland is still the islamist threat. that's not the case.
3:31 pm
the facts don't bear it out. i'm not convinced at all that this administration really want to address the right-wing threats that we can document in this country. el paso, in my estimation, is just the beginning of other things unless we address it forthrightly. that means from the white house all the way to congress. >> congressman bennie thompson, we'll have you back when we can talk more about what you are doing in congress to address that threat. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> rips on big cities like baltimore, small towns and states that helped get him elected are suffering the same problems. why people in rural areas wish he would highlight their problems minus the insults.
3:32 pm
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♪ work so hard ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat secret. all strength. no sweat. when it comes to singling out small cities for criticism, recently he has taken aim at san francisco, lbt, baltimore, referred to as a rodent-infested mess. the president seems less vocal about the cities who voted for him. why is that? >> kentucky's fifth district,
3:36 pm
ruggedly beautiful in dopely poor appalachia has struggled. >> we've had coal for 100 years. >> reporter: and coal is gone? >> pretty much. >> reporter: in her spare time she runs black sheep bakery and pizza. the money it brings in helps the local community center stay open. >>ware fighting for a better community here. we got people who are hurting coming out of incarceration. >> reporter: not only have high-paying coal jobs sharply declined since 2012, despite promises otherwise. >> in 2017, we added fewer than 20 jobs and in 2018 we lost a few hundred more. coal industry in kentucky has not come back. >> reporter: opioid and drug abuse dealing appalachia a double punch. >> once i tried heroin, i was
3:37 pm
100% addicted the first time. >> reporter: one tour in iraq, now in recovery, what he calls the toughest fight in his 34 years. >> i drink so much when i wake up and look around i would see all the drug paraphernalia i had done and don't remember doing. >> reporter: trying to get off alcohol. >> i've been in recovery four years. >> reporter: how tough is that? >> here's really tough. >> reporter: tough for thousands here, addicted or in recovery, many with criminal records. if you overlaid this map of economically distressed counties in 2018 and this one of deaths and drug overdoses, kentucky's fifth congressional district is right in the middle. the president and his administration have focused on combating the opioid epidemic and spoke glowingly of places like kentucky.
3:38 pm
>> it's a great, great state. and he has turned out to be a great, great governor, matt bevin. >> reporter: compare that for what he reserves for political opponents. >> those people are living in hell in baltimore. they're largely african-american. you have a large african-american population and they really appreciate what i'm doing. >> reporter: baltimore is about 65% african-american, kentucky's fifth district 90% white. more than 29% of kentucky's fifth congressional district lifbs below the poverty lune. the president had a similar attack on john lewis' congressional district in atlanta in the suburbs, tweeting shortly before his inauguration, congressman should help his district, in horrible shape not to mention falling apart, rather
3:39 pm
than falsely complaining about the election results. sharply xliened in louis' district since he took office 1997. but in many cases the president has referred to these cities as failed. >> far left's destructive aendwra than our nation's intercities, run exclusively by democrat politicians. >> reporter: here in kentucky's fifth congressional district even some who voted for the president say they wish he would spend less time attacking his opponents and more time focused on making good on his promises. >> rural america rose up and voted for him and he's talking about urban america. you know, he could throw us a bone, too. >> reporter: even if he's talking about baltimore and other places negatively, he's
3:40 pm
talking about them? >> he's paying attention. >> reporter: miguel marquez reporting. make sure you tune in tonight to cnn's original series, the movies, from "psycho" to "dr. strange love" to "space odysse odyssey." get the stories behind the movies you love. "movies" airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. on cnn. putting his money where his mouth is. how has life changed for one new hampshire family getting just that? he'll join us live next. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
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andrew yang, 2020 candidate for president, will be on the stage at the next debate, the ninth democratic hopeful to make the cut so far. he spent much of the past few days in iowa, like many other candidates, eating corn dogs and standing on the little political soap box.
3:45 pm
watch this moment. andrew yang was overcome with emotion while talking to a woman about her 4-year-old daughter that she lost to gun violence. >> i have a 6 and 3-year-old boy and i was imagining -- i was imagining it was one of them that got shot and the other saw it. i'm so sorry. >> yang went on to pitch his proposal to make guns personalized, meaning only owners could fire their guns, to reduce accidents. among his other plan. the trump playbook, you could
3:46 pm
say, kuling out the president for his appearance and fitness level and getting some laughs at trump's expense. i need to stay in presidential form. i mean, i don't think donald trump could run a mile. would you guys enjoy trying to watch donald trump run a mile? that would be hysterical. what does that guy weigh, 280 or something? watch him try to run a mile. oh, my gosh, that would be so amazing for the american people. i can do approximately infinity more push-ups than donald trump. >> can you show us? >> i definitely could show you. i take pride in my ability to do push-ups on a dime. i don't want to go through this intellectually. what could donald trump possibly be better than me at? an eating contest. something that involved having
3:47 pm
to keep something on the ground and having really large body mass. if there was a hot air balloon rising and you needed to keep it on the ground, he would be better than me in that, because he's so fat. i challenge you to accept any feat. >> kind bars his favorite comfort food. yang has been all in on a program that he calls the freedom dividend. in short it guarantees every single american, rich, poor and in between a check every month for $1,000 no, questions asked, starting at age 18. it's not a new concept. this universal basic income has been tested on a smaller scale. no develop country has ever put it into practice. this is how he pitched it at his town hall that i hosted back in april. >> we need to think bigger. and my flag ship proposal that many of you have heard of is a
3:48 pm
freedom dividend of $1,000 per month for every american adult starting at age 18. 2 million new jobs in our economy, it would make children and families stronger, healthier and help tens of millions of americans transition through what is the greatest economic and technological transformation in our country's history, which is what we're going through right now. >> i want to bring in charles fasse and his daughter, janell. he's testing it on a few families to give them $1,000 a month for an entire year. great to see both of you. >> how are you doing? >> great to see you, ana. >> you started to receive checks in january, i understand. what are you doing with with the money? >> most of it is going towards janel's tuition so she doesn't have to graduate with a huge amount of student debt. we're very appreciative to that fact. that's basically where most of
3:49 pm
the money is. but, you know, we're using to pay some bills and have a little extra cash to go out and do some things, to hopefully spur the local economy. >> charles, i understand you lost your job and got back into the workforce but it was a pay cut for you. if you didn't have that extra thousand bucks in your pocket every month, how would your life be different right now? >> we would have to definitely rethink a lot of things, even possibly selling the house, downsizing a bit. it was definitely supplementing a good chunk of the income loss but it's helped us quite a bit. >> many suggest that it would reduce the incentive to work. >> absolutely not. i had no desire to quit my job, nor is $1,000 a month close enough to be able to retire or lifb. it's just enough to survive. do you know what i mean?
3:50 pm
it's not something that you're going to want to sit back and go on vacation with. it's not enough. >> janel, i want to bring you into the conversation. walk me through how you and your family were chosen. >> so i met andrew first at a young democrats event in keene. i was interning for the new hampshire young democrats. and i went to an event with andrew and he was talking to a group of individuals trying to tell them about his ubi and tell them about himself and his family and his background with silicon valley and those types of folks, and i was told beforehand that andrew yang is sort of like an asian bernie and i was not -- i was not surprised at all when i met him because he was exactly that.
3:51 pm
he was just interested in helping so many people and he had so many big ideas, but he actually had the math to go behind it and he had the math to strengthen up his argument for ubi. so andrew and some of his campaign managers were actually saying that they were nominating people for his universal basic income and so only a day later i started emailing and calling and getting in touch with andrew and his campaign team and just telling them about my family story and my dad's story and then i found out that we were in the running a couple months later and then -- >> hothat's how it came to be. >> yeah. >> it was a very stressful tile. that's, like, right after the first time she met him it was probably maybe, maybe, two, three, weeks, after i lost my job so we were kind of really struggling and i didn't even know if i could collect
3:52 pm
unemployment at the time because of the way i was actually asked to resign. and, you know, you can't collect unemployment if you resign from your position. so it was a stressful time. >> well, i'm glad to hear you guys are back on your feet, and that this extra money in your pocket is helping. jody and charles fassi, thank you for joining us and sharing what's going on. let's keep in touch because i want to hear where this ends up in just a few minuonths from no. good luck to you. >> yeah. i'd love to talk more about it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks. we have new details about that daycare fire in erie, pennsylvania, that's left five children dead. we'll get that to you right when we come back. [upbeat music] no matter how much you clean, does your house still smell stuffy? that's because your home is filled with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresher
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just in, new information about this heartbreaking story we've been following out of pennsylvania. five children were killed and four people were injured in a fire at a home that operated as the round-the-clock daycare in erie, pennsylvania. the children range from 8 months to 8 years old. four of them were siblings. the fifth victim was the child of the daycare owner. this fire broke out just after 1:00 a.m. today. investigators found the daycare had no smoke detecters except for one in the attic. they say if there had been the proper amount of detecters, most if not all of the victims they believe would have survived. the cause is still under investigation. fire investigators believe it was an electrical fire, but they have still not ruled out arson. we're back in just a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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