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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 12, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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i mean the hypocrisy is astounding. even reports of polish workers undock ymtd doing demolition to do the foundation for trump tower. allegedly his crown jewel. >> and whaurts rr important is the alternative. we've been dediscussing interesting 20 years the possibility of legalizing undocumented -- but he's giving you one thing. to deport someone who came here to work for the american people. up next the latests on the arrest follow oing the massacre in dayton, ohio and efforts to pass gun control ledge laegz. president trump has talked about meaningful background checks unquote. what does that mean? now that you have new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before.
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mix and match different unlimited plans. sebastian's the gamer. sebastian. this is my office. (vo) and now with more plans, everyone gets what they need without paying for things they don't. new plans start at just $35. the plan is so reasonable, they could stay on for the rest of their lives. aww, did you get that on camera? thanks, dad! (vo) the network more people rely on gives you more. gqs even, we start with news oof thurest in the massacre of off dayton, ohio. nine dead after that attack. investigators still piecing together why and how. gary, whaurts rr the latest? >> reporter: well, the gunman who murdered nine people is dead. but in a lot of trouble tonight. highs name is ethan collie, he was a buddy of the killer.
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he's accused of providing a 100-round magazine and body armorer. he's accused of setting up the ar 15 in the killing. his attorney is saying collie knew nothing about the murders that were about to happen and interestingly the u.s. attorney's office say they have no evidence whatsoever that he knew what was going to happen. that being said it's total ea unclear why he provided these farm firearms to his friend. one thing year being told for him to purchases to the firearms, he had to declare under oath he was not a drug user. they'rer saying that he, collie and the killer used a peer oidea of drugsover the years. lsd and marijuana. so therefore he violated the oath when he bought these weapons for the killer. the u.s. attorney's office spoke to us today. >> age nlts executed the search
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warrant of collie's farmt. they recovered the drako pistol, the semiautomatic pistol, drug paraphernalia, clear glass pipe and what is referred to as a bang as well as what appeared to be mushrooms. i'm sorry. collie was then taken into custody on friday evening. >> so this 24-year-old friend faces the possibility, if found guilty, 15 years in prison. he has a detention hear to determine if he will dw get bail and he'll be allowed out at least temporarily. >> there were reports that the sisterer was can killed and a frnd was with them. is that this person? >> reporter: it's not clear if it's the same friend.
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that's what's tear lk about this case and puzzling. there's so much not kbon. the basic thing is why would this friend provide all these items for this killer? what i can tell you right now is this is still a nightmare to so many people. but everyone remembers it's very real. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. and senator murphy has made gun control a -- royou optimistbic that they'll act? all senator mitchell mcconnell would say is he would with consid arred flag law or background check but no detail. >> i know eventually democracy catches up to senators who oppose 90% off their
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constituents who want things like universal backgroundchucks. there does seem to be interesting momentum around this idea of extending backgrounds checks to make sure it covers all gun sales. discussions in the senate. if clutding the white house. discussions that continue this week. it's still allrists on the decision of one senator as to whether he wants to bring compromisedolog slagz before the senate. he may be unlikely to want to divide his caucus right down the middle and put a very controversial vote enfront ofs his members. but there a chance we could get a deal that wouldx tend background checks to tens, hundreds off thousands of sales all across the country today. some people are seriously menltally ill can get guns without having to go through one of these checks. >> is his strategy to at. to
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slow walk this so that when it gets debated is not when they're pawing as much attention as they are now or emotions are as raw? >> we don't reconvene until after labor day. and of course the worry is that you and many others won't be cover canning the subject as often as you are today and mitch mcconnell will be askinged to deal with whatever the crisis dujour of early september is. which is why wed like the lock in an agreement democrats and republicans can support and get the president on a specific proposal but we lock it in now, it mocks it much harder for mitch mcconnell to deny us a vote, especially given that the house has already passed a universal backgrounds check
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bill. >> it does seem that president will pay lip service to the idea of what he's now calling meaningful background checks. after parkland he talked about raising the age of being able to buy a long gun and more on background checks. but often that's something to effect the day's news cycle. and then he doesn't really follow through. >> right. i was at the meeting where the president seems to not only endorse universal background checks but bans on assault rifles. i sneak president this weekend. i can't tell whether he is more sincere. but he certainly believes that there is a deal to be had on what he call as meaningful background check bill.
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devil is in the details as to what he means. but he's talking to a lot off members of congress about trying to get something done and i intend to stay in touch and keep his feet to the fire because in the end republicans aren't going to support background check legislation is if the presidents supports it. i remain pessimistic that's how this is going to play out. but i'm glad that he is still interested. >> one of your republican colleagues is a number three person in senate leadership. he said the other day he doesn't think universal background checks have a chance and skemtical of red flag laws which are suppose sosaid oo be the easiest mesher to pass. do you think the nra and others could leverage the senate to vote against even that? >> my republican colleagueses are nervous because the nra isn't as powerful as they used to be.
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they're having a crisis because they are hemorrhaging members. people aren't signing umlike they used to and they're so out of step with their membership. authy% want universal backgroundchucks. i think republicans right now are in a tough spot because the nra is not going to rise to the rescue of those that vote against background checks. >> i spoke to some people said don't think because they have internal issues that they're not a powerful organization that wields power 2347. >> the nra's power has always been about perception. they're a popper tiger and they've lost a lot more elections than they've won. the 1994 congressional midterms is not really about an assault
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weapons ban that beat democrats. it was about the health care law, an unpopular president. i don't think it's as powerful as they make it out to be. but that perception of their power is what's at issue. and a lot of republicans that knew they were taking a risk now are just asking questions to whether the nra is going to have their back and throws the kind of questions that ultimately may lead tuse get over the finish line. this is tough to do with a president backed by the nra and mitch mcconnell. but i've got to stay at this because every eday we allow for all these guns to be sold, lives are being lost. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> the guns are one issue. hateful rhetoric is another. we're going to look at hateful
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>> will anyone in power do anything to protect america this time or will leaders sit passively back as the invasion continues? >> it says invasion. that's not antiinvasion. that's a fact. >> this is an invasion. >> language we've heard over and over again by the president. >> this is an invasion. when you see the caravans start out 20,000 people, that's an invasion. we're a track for a million illegal aliens trying to rush our borders. it is an invasion, you know that? if you look at what's marching up, that's an einvasion. >> if you look at the el paso gunman's manifest oo. defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.
10:19 pm
and talk about the overlap you saw between the rhetoric among some of these right wing media outlets and the shooter. >> it was really struking to us. it's tough to read the wrietdsingsf of this killer. but the word invasion and invader rr used six times throughout dock krmt. he dus can cussed replacing americans with with migrants. that's rr a stark parallel from some of the most prominent platform in the right wing media with world. thiez millions on a daily basis and he decided to go back and look how did these turmts disseminate 92 to our main sdreem discourse? >> is it fair to draw a direct line? is the evidence the gunman was aware of this language being used in these outlets.
10:20 pm
>> we don't know which media outlets the gunman consums or who and what ultimately inspired him to commit the atrocious act. what we wanted to demonstrate is how rhetoric that demon sizes and dehumanizeses migrants. the kind of language that wunsz was relegated to more extreme nationalist groups. has, una relatively short period of time become common place, mostly of conservative politicians. >> and rhetoric often that as you said dehumanuses. same as rwanda and genocide. they with were talking about infestation. these people are cockroaches. and they can be killed just like you wad cockroach. >> even to use the word invasion and rush limbaugh refers to them as a flood of migrants.
10:21 pm
perhaps they're seeking refuge from a war-torn country. there are many reasons why people might come into the united states. you come away with a impression that there are outsiders seek take away the economic prosperity of off so-called realty americans. namely of white americans. and you see this from the president. it's filtered into our right-wij media sphere. and it's something that even a year/18 months ago there was very little off it in our media culture. >> you went back and looked at cnn, msnbc, fox news and they used the word invasion and replacement. >> it spiked right around the caravan rhetoric up to the midterm elections in 2018. it spiked across all three major cable networks. happened on fox news is morthan
10:22 pm
300 instances where the phrase invasion or invader was used to refer to immigrant we reviewed every single one of those clips and we found rather than showing a clip of of the president making those comment arizona was common on nbc, they were coming from fox news hosts and fox news guests and ophorine high ranking republican law mockers. these are main-stream politicians who are now dipping into language that really was something out of place like the daily stormers. these white nationalist. >> so that is not language used decades ago? >> very little. >> now he did talk about an illegal invasion. and if we recall at the time it was seen as extreme rhetoric and not absorbed by the main-stream republican particulaty.
10:23 pm
after mitt romney lost in 20 twvl there, was a party effort that we head to embrace lun toos and hispanics. >> it's a fascinating article in the "new york times." appreciate it. a question dividing the voters, is the a racist? (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation? (danny) of course you don't because you didn't! your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. can't imagine doing it any other way. this is caitlin dickerson from the new york times. this isn't the only case. very little documentation. lo que yo quiero estar con mi hijo.
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10:28 pm
to see if he has an answerer to a question that devieweds the country. >> look, at the end of the day he treats people like objects. so there's no way he's a racist because he can doesn't see color. he see as potential transaction, or a detriment. that might be narcissism. kwm wrr thought a psychiatrist. i've watched him. it's like a worse level than racism. racist against everybody. he could care less. an object in his way for or against and then he has a playbook. >> former communications congressional director and former white house lawyer and political correspondent. i'm wondering what you made of anthony scaramucci's thought. >> i found myself asgleeing as i was listening to him talk.
10:29 pm
i do thinking the race label does apply. he was a bigot but since charlottes vill, there were heated tweets and attacks, the terminology, requires beyond all those things now. it's racist. and i find a lot of people trying to turn it around and claiming those of us that recognize the racism coming from donald trump, that we're the racists somehow. i mean i just don't think they're willing to admit to casts that aside and support aest president. the majority of amare cannen can people think donald trump's racist. so we're not all that off base. and more so than people thought george wallace was in 1968. tlifrts president's own words consistent laover his entire
10:30 pm
career and suns he's bun president that clearly shown that he is racist and he doesn't want toed a mutt it. >> would you say he has said things that are racist? send her back is one of the oldest racist troeps against every immigrant group that's come to america in the last century? >> i are think you have to look at the policies. the opportunity zones -- >> you could look at policies but i'm asking about the language. >> but let me get to it. one, the first step act tremendous impact bringing families back together, folks out off prison that shouldn't be there anymore. he pushed that through congress. the opportunity zones i just talked about. again eformendous impact on
10:31 pm
minority communities. poor kmubts around the country and record number oof jobs. so i think if you look that policies, to label him a racist is a little irresponsible. does he say things that are insensitive? yes. the way i would say them? no. >> does he say things that are racist? >> i don't believe this president is a racist. he says that are insensitive to minority communities at times. i don't believe what he's done has risn on the level of racism. if you look at steve cortez's analysis, i think he makes good points on that. >> he's inaccurate. what you're referring to is a video of steve cortez who is a guest on this program who i like very much and respect. er for what he's saying is
10:32 pm
inaccurate that people on both sides are fine is misconstrued. it's wrong. you're not asking if he's using racist troeps again. er >> has he offended people? >> the racists think he's racist. are you okay with that? that the david duke's off the world we used to it criticize president obama because communist leaders praised him. >> no way can he walk away free from criticism and no we don't want david dukes and white supremacist izin the country. the president has denounced
10:33 pm
white spremism is, as he should. but to say anyone who supports the president is a white supremacist. >> nobody said that. >> but if people start to mock that leap, i think that's dangerous and there have been people on cnn and i think in this instance -- i don't think you have -- but you're not willing to doll racism. >> this is two years since sharlets vul. you mention the president is in this twitter war bad mouthing the communications director, scaramucci, because he dared to raise concerns about the president's direction. this has refocussed attention. his remarks continually refocus attention on this question.
10:34 pm
and that's something of the president's making. it's not as if this is can coming out of nowhere 237 this is his repeated comments. sglurts absolutely of the president's making. and yes, he mighting have engaged in something that was good for the african-american community overall, which is the first step act helping to deal with criminal justice reform. but how is anybody out there who wants to potentially give this president the benefitf of the doubt on policy and get past these comments he's made over and over. no matter what you hear from the public and still on the president's pay roll, they -- it's like banging their heads against a wall. formany i would say most ofthem. because they want to try to
10:35 pm
expand the base. they need to if they have any chance of winning again. there's a debate inside the trump campaign and orbit about whether or not they can find every single person who has a looning to the president out there or whether they do have to find some swing voters and convince them you got to support this guy. this kind of rhetoric completely steps on the policy he should get credit for but can't because of what he says. >> i agree. it's incred aeblt frustrating. for a lot of us, the rhetoric the president is engaging in. >> so why don'tia tell him to stop it? >> i have t said it on this show and time and time again, i called to the mat on it
10:36 pm
publicly. >> skbl there's an endless question. is there a strategy? is this just him talking off the top of his head? i dont know that it matters because it repeats itself time and again. i'm not sure it has the umpact on voters that we may think it does. you could argue -- that the access hollywood tape thatmany thought there's no way he's going to come back from that. among some people that didn't register as a problem. in fact they like he's not politically correct in their terms. >> people will rationalize all kinds off things. and unfortunately a lot of trump supporters rationalize away the fact that he's a misogynist, a cheater and a bigot and a racist. and in this case you're go having to 35% or so of off
10:37 pm
theal, no matter what he does, doesn't matter. he could find the n-word tape and shoot somebody on fifth avenue, they're not going to change their support for him. but he thinks that -- i -- he may think he's riling up his base because people like it when he says that. but those aren't the people that you need. you already have them unfortunately. it's not good for suburbanites in michigan that barely won by 11,000 votes. 59% of women think he's racist and guess who won those districts when the democrats took over. but i just think it's part of his character. >> i'm sorry we're out of time. there's breaking news in the jeffrey epstein death investigation. dud a staffing decision help make it easier for him to die by parent suicide? set your sights on iconic length. telescopic mascara by l'oreal.
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well with, tonight the "new york times" reports one of the two jail guards responsible for watching jeffrey epstein was
10:42 pm
filling in and not a full-fledged security officer. he died by alleged suicide. a source says he was not checked on for a number of hour businessfore his death. for one it was mandatory, for the other it was their fifth over time shift of the week, even after episteen was moved off suicide watch, guards were spoz stood look in on him every 30 minutes. he had a sell mate with but was moved out at some point. and they're on the private can caribbean island. how could this happen? >> you know people commit suicide in prison a lot. even people on suicide watch. prisons are understaffed. not fill would the most competent people sometimes and accidentess happen and also sinter things hap. friendship and this raises all kinds of of questions that needs
10:43 pm
an investigation. >> this is oo federal facility. >> correct. >> a federal facility and the good news is there are a lot of facts to be gotten. there is some sort of closed circuit tv. there are records off whoent with to see him. er there are lots off people to interview. all the autopsy, interview the corrections officer, the medical personnel, the other prisoners. stloe are lot of facts to be gotten and presume thaebl fbi and inspector general will get there. >> the case itself. i mean he obviously had information that had he wanted to make a deal or whatever, could have been -- there were other co conspirators. this is not something he operated this whole sick thing he did was not on his own.
10:44 pm
>> and one of the things the u.s. attorney said was investigation is doughing to continue and if trafficking was going on, it's unlikely he could have done it by himself. >> he was wanting three encounters a day with very young girls and different ones every time. >> which is a lugist canical challenge and he wasn't out at high schools or wherever soliciting him. other people were helping him. again that does not seem like the most difficult thing to track down. the question that has arisen is why wasn't this done in the early 2000s when he was investigated the first time and got that sweet heart deal. >> and in the jail in florida he was able to get special privileges that no sex ofender
10:45 pm
would ever get. we're not able to go the office and turn off the lights. >> out of all the aspects of the sweet heart deal in florida, the thing i found most unprecedented in my experience is not the short prison sentence but the terms. the fact he was allowed to go to his office, allowed to interact with becausically anyone he wanted. i have never heard oany sort of bail conditions. i don't know what you want to call it, that allows sthung like that, particularly in a sex crime. that's the thing that is just screams aught to me something bizarre happened. >> was he able to influence officials in the prison or guards to get special -- or to not pay attention? >> the conspiracy question everybody wants to know is first was anyone outside the prison
10:46 pm
involved in paying or helping? and was he involved in making paumts or other efforts that allowed him? fbi is going to find out. a deadly nuclear accident in russia. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection.
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and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique there's been a deadly nuclear accident at a missile test site in a remote region of russia. a u.s. official tells cnn barbara starr that the explosion was likely caused by a prototype of a new missile called skyfall or components of it during testing. russian authorities say five nuclear specialists were killed in the blast. "the new york times" was the first to report the accident and its longtime reporter david sanger shares the byline. he joins me now. david, if you can, explain what you know happened and what you know about this skyfall missile. >> sure. so what we know happened based on russian accounts that are beginning to come out is that a small nuclear reactor, which we believe the russians were using to try to power this experimental missile called the
10:51 pm
skyfall, somehow exploded or melted down either during or after the test of this missile on a platform at sea in northern russia. and as soon as it did, a group of five scientists who were working there, by the account of their own institute, worked to try to control the reaction. they failed, and they were all killed along with two other people. the russians now say that there were seven dead. we think that that number may increase over time. they were very fortunate that the accident happened out at sea, but there were increased radiation levels, dramatically increased radiation levels, noted in the nearest city. >> most people when they hear about skyfall, they think of the james bond movie. i understand vladimir putin has actually bragged about skyfall. what exactly is skyfall? >> so in his state of the union address in 2018, mr. putin
10:52 pm
showed an animated video of a series of new nuclear weapons that he said russia was either developing or getting ready to deploy. it was short on details, but one of these was a weapon that would move at mach 5, five times the speed of sound. one was a cruise missile. intercontinental ballistic missiles -- cruise missiles try to avoid missile defenses by staying low and basically zigzagging to their target. then he showed an undersea drone. it looks like a giant autonomous torpedo that he maintains would also evade missile defenses and many in the united states in the intelligence community thought that this was a sort of undersea
10:53 pm
doom's day machine. it might hit its target two or three days later even if moscow was already destroyed. >> wow. >> so he showed all these, but we couldn't tell what part of this was sort of out of dr. strangelove and what part was real. >> president trump tweeted the united states is learning from the explosion. he says the u.s. has, quote, similar though more advanced technology. do we know? is that accurate? you report the u.s. actually tried and failed to develop a nuclear powered missile back in the 1950s, i think it was. >> well, it's certainly true that the united states is developing its own hypersonic missiles. but as you say, this idea of putting a nuclear reactor in the back of a missile, in the rear to power it and basically make it go anywhere, any distance, was something the united states did try back in the '50s and '60s and failed at it miserably. i mean everything that could go wrong went wrong, including radiation spewing out of the
10:54 pm
exhaust of the missile. >> just finally the united states pulled out of the decades-long nuclear agreement with russia earlier this month. does that play into any of this? >> well, the one way it plays is this. there is a new arms race under way, and, anderson, the logic for it seems sort of strange. on the one hand, these treaties, including the intermediate nuclear forces treaty, which expired at the beginning of this month, prohibited certain classes of missiles. in that case, an intermediate-range missile that the russians could aim at european targets. the united states wanted out, or at least president trump wanted out in part because the russians were violating the treaty, and he said, i think quite logically, why would we adhere to a treaty the russians are violating? but also because the united states wants to counter similar missiles that china has aimed at taiwan and japan.
10:55 pm
so that was one side of it. the bigger fear is that the main treaty that bans intercontinental ballistic missiles expires in about 20 months, maybe even a little bit less, right after the next presidential inauguration. and the concern then is that the russians and the united states would be able to build limitless numbers of missiles. >> david sanger, fascinating. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> great to be with you. up next, why changes are in the works for the endangered species act that's been credited with saving the bald eagle and other animals. so i use my freedom unlimited card. even when i'm spending, i'm earning 1.5% cash back on everything i buy. earning on my favorite soup... with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. got it.
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simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. you might remember cnn's drew griffin reporting on this program that scientists at the epa have been ordered to get out of the way of a massive and controversial copper and gold mine scheduled to be built in an environmentally incredibly sensitive area of alaska. this is only days after alaska's
11:00 pm
governor, who favors the project, met with president trump at air force one. it may not come as a surprise tonight that the trump administration has announced significant changes in how the endangered species act is applied. changes that critics say will weaken the regulations. currently the endangered species act protects more than 1,600 species and is credited with saving grizzly bears, the bald eagle and other animals. the new rules would make it easier to remove a species from the list and weaken protections for threatened species. when leading environmentalist says the new rules are a gift to industry and they're legal, but interior secretary david bernhard, a former oil and gas lobbyist, says the new roles will actually help the rarest species. changes are expected to take effect next month. they'll also be challenged in the courts. the news continues. i want to turn things over now to don lemon and "cnn tonight." this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. and i just want to take some time to go big picture here for you because we should not