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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 13, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the fire chief say the day care was grandfathered into a time when childcare facilities were not inspected for fire safety protocol. i'm barack obam-- i'm brooke ba. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. president trump said china is moving troops, reacting to the protests in hong kong. "the lead" starts now. riot police clashing with protesters crippling the airport in hong kong and breaking today how china may be responding by possibly moving troops an also refusing to let the u.s. navy dock there. after back-to-back gun massacres president trump insisting the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is in favor of expanded background checks for gun purchases but his own office is saying, whoa, not so fast. plus, just moments ago dayton police revealing brand-new surveillance video and new details about what the gunman did before he murdered
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his sister and eight others. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapperme, we start wit breaking news. chaos takes over the busiest airport in the world. one protester compared it to war as hundreds faced off with riot police bringing to a halt the airport in hong kong. the semiautonomous region off the coast of china canceling flights, stranding travelers and they described an ugly and violent scene, protesters beating one person they believed to be an undercover police officer and refusing to allow the individual first aid. this is the latest in three months of protests in hong kong against the government closely aligned with china and a proposed bill and legislation that would have allowed extradition from hong kong to mainland china. while hong kong is a part of
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china, it is governed under a special political system with greater freedoms. this afternoon china denying requests for two u.s. navy ships to make ports in hong kong later this month that were previously scheduled. president trump weighed in and disappointed those who hoped he would condemn china and the hong kong government and stand in solidarity with the protesters. >> i hope it works out for liberty, i hope it works out for anybody, including china. i hope it works out peacefully. i hope neb gets hurt. i hope nobody gets killed. >> we are live at the hong kong airport and what is the situation there now? >> reporter: well, jake, right here the protesters have gone home. the question is what will they do later today? it is wednesday here already. will they return here to the airport to try and shut down the airport once again for a third day running. now just hours ago we saw dramatic images here.
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we saw riot police and protesters clashing at one of the world's busiest airports. chaos at one of the world's busiest airports. protesters barricading themselves behind a wall of luggage carts and chairs. as they clash with riot police at the hong kong international terminal entrance with pepper spray. one officer appears to pull out his pistol after protesters overpowered him and grabbing his baton and using it against him. after several minutes, police start retreating. the arrival by the bus load allowed a rescue of a man who passed out after protesters accused him of being an undercover cop. thousands have forced this international hub to cancel all outbound flights. sparking anger and frustration from stranded travelers. the scenes at the airport highlighting the intensity of the moment for the people of hong kong. today president trump reacting
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to the powerful images. >> the hong kong thing is very tough situation. very tough. we'll see what happens. but i'm sure it will work out. i hope it works out for everybody, including china. >> reporter: this is the 11th straight week of protests which have brought this region with the two starkly different political systems to a screeching halt. it started because of a proposed law that would allow criminals to be extradites to mainland china which activists say would let the chinese government target political enemies but now that bill is suspended but not formally withdrawn. and protesters anger has spread to the violence by police. china has taken the demonstration of a challenge to the rule sending tanks to the border and demanding protesters back down. kerry lamb who backed the bill said hong kong is no longer safe due to the mass protests. >> translator: the rioters have pushed hong kong to the brink of
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no return sflfrmt and we're hearing stronger words from china. a top official in beijing saying they show signs of terrorism. >> thank you so much. i want to bring in gordon chang. he wrote the book "the coming collapse of china" and from "the daily beast" and written extensively about the relationship between china and hong kong. this is the tenth week of the protests. they started in june. why do you think they've lasted so long. >> i think most of the people, two-thirds or three quarters believe this is the last stand. this is the -- where they protect their homeland and autonomy. beijing has been encroaching on that one country two systems promised in 1997 when britain handed hong kong to china. so it is a feeling across society that this is where they determine their future. >> the protesters are taking on the very powerful chinese government. what are the potential repercussions for the
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protesters? >> well, repercussions could be that the chinese send in the people's armed police or the people's liberation army. right now chinese leaders are in beta, the resort close to beijing and this is what they do most august. and if they follow the pattern, they'll be ending the meeting in about three or four days. about the end of the week. so we may find the chinese moving then. i don't think so, jake. i think that they're going to wait a lot longer because they realize the repercussions of doing something. but nonetheless, we're at a point where beijing could make a decision. >> what do you read into the announcement that the u.s. navy which had previously arranged to dock in hong kong later this month has been told that they cannot any more? >> well beijing normally will do this when they are upset at the united states. they will cancel port visits or they will cancel reciprocal visits of high-ranking military officers. obviously they don't want the u.s. navy there.
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if they think they're going to bring in the people's armed police and all of those images that president trump referred to of the p.a.p. massing in shenzhen which is just across the border from hong kong. so clearly they want to be able to control the battlefield. >> i see a lot of people in social media and around the world calling for president trump to signify that he stands in solidarity with the protesters. if he did that, would it make any sort of difference? >> it would make things better, jake. i'm sure president trump's getting sort of advice that you should not do anything to aggravate xi jinping, the chinese ruler but beijing is already vilified and demonized by the united states. in the middle of may it declared a people's war on us. so there is nothing we can do to make the chinese go away or make this situation better. we need to stand for our values and clearly at this point when you've got protesters who are
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waving the star -- the stars and stripes and they're singing our national anthem, we have to stand with them. because they're the front line of freedom. we have a common foe. china is attcking the protesters and also attacking our democracy. so we have an interest in supporting them. >> you mean through cyber, the way they're attacking democracy. >> no, i mean almost every day you have people's daily and other state media attacking the form of government that we have. and actually criticizing the u.s. going after democracies and democracy itself. so this is a broad-based challenge to our form of government and to our sovereignty. so it is important for us to understand what the chinese are doing. they don't want to just run a totalitarian system in china itself, they want to make sure that system is safe and they believe that democracy elsewhere endanger their form of government. >> and you say the end of the week could be significant as we watch the protests. what happens then?
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>> that is when the bet aha meeting will conclude if they follow the pattern of previous years. normally they meet for about two weeks. and that would put it towards the end of the week when they wrap up. there you have not only all of the senior chinese leaders but also former leaders so. this is a conclave where the lot is discussed and obviously hong kong is going to be at the top of the agenda as well will the trade war with the united states and relationships with washington. so this is a kwons quen shall time for the leadership. xi jinping could come out of the meeting strengthens or less power than when he went in. >> gordon chang, thank you for your expertise. president trump said he's on the same page as the senate majority leader when it comes to new gun legislation but mitch mcconnell's office is saying, no, we're not. plus breaking news now. new surveillance video just released by dayton police tracing the path of that city's horrific mass murderer and that is ahead.
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in our politics lead, trump is claiming that he and mitch mcconnell along with senate republicans are on board with expanding background checks for gun sales in the wake of 31 people murdered in back-to-back mass shootings in the united states. yet as cnn phil mattingly reports, mcconnell's staff has made it clear that the leader does not endorse such a proposal. >> it is now the time for mitch mcconnell and president trump to do something. >> reporter: house democrats ramping up the pressure on mitch mcconnell and president trump to tighten gun laws. >> what takes courage is to look a special interest group in the eye and say enough is enough. >> reporter: president trump insisting mcconnell and republicans back measures to expand background checks for gun purchases. >> we want to do it. i think very strongly he wants to do background checks and i do
1:15 pm
too and i think a lot of republicans do. >> reporter: but mcconnell aides made clear the kentucky republican hasn't endorsed background checks legislation and rejected calls to bring congress back early from the summer recess. >> we have people and -- and nothing would happen. there has to be a bipartisan discussion of what we can agree on. >> reporter: instead tasking three committee chairman to work through their oeb proposals to be taken up when the senate returns in september and gop aides make something else clear to cnn. the end game to the extend there is one lies with the president. one senior republican aide telling cnn, tell me where he lands on the policy and i'll tell you what we're debating in september. democratic lawmakers trying to take advantage of the momentum now pressing a dual pronged approach calling the democrats to vote on a house packed measure and chuck schumer asking
1:16 pm
the trump administration to withdraw the $5 billion request for border wall funding and instead reallocate it toward programs combatting violent extremism and domestic terrorism and gun violence research. for his part the president continued a series of calls with lawmakers involved in the gun issue, including some staunchly opposed to gop positions. >> he certainly believes that there is a deal to be had on what he calls a meaningful background checks bill. the devil is in the details is as to what he means about that. >> reporter: and, jake, the democratic push comes as one aide acknowledged time is our enemy and there is good reason for that position based on history and gop aides acknowledge growing skepticism there is anything substantive be it background checks or red flag laws that could get through the senate at this point. jake. >> phil mattingly. and we have our experts with us. amanda i'm going to ask you a question you might not know the answer because it is trying to explain president trump's behavior. but why do you think he keeps
1:17 pm
saying that mitch mcconnell is on board with background checks given that mitch mcconnell's office keeps saying, no he isn't, he hasn't agreed to anything. >> because it sounds good. in the past both have come to the floor and i'm tombing of toomey/manchin and they have been discussed but where i see this as going nowhere. nobody is talking about specifics. yeah, expanded background checks, what do you mean? online sales or person to person sales or talk about making the background checks more robust and even the red flag laws which people are broadly supportive of, i'm not sure what they mean. talking only about taking away guns from people mentally unstable through the police or taking other factors into consideration when you do the background checks like a history of domestic violence without conviction or expulsion from school and mental health. and there is a whole mess of information and everybody saying, oh, yeah, we'll look at background checks. i had no idea what that means and mitch mcconnell certainly isn't telling us. >> and ray, take a listen to
1:18 pm
democratic senator chris murphy a vocal advocate for the restrictions on gun ownership and he's pessimistic but glad the president is interested in background checks. >> i spoke to the president this weekend. i can't tell whether he is more sincere but he certainly believes that there is a deal to be had. >> i know in the end republicans aren't going to support background checks legislation unless the president supports it. the only way that we get enough republicans to get to 60 votes in the senate is if the president is pushing them to get there. >> do you think the president is willing it push on something like this? >> using what currency? using what persuasion? where have we seen the president before ram something through using the power of his own personal prestige. if your a democrat legislator, you're glad the conversation continuing and you could still, if you come from the state where sandy hook elementary school was shot up, this is important to you and you're going to keep it
1:19 pm
front of agenda. but is something really going to happen? i don't know. doesn't look very likely. >> where do you think this will go, if anywhere? >> i think the prospects are very bleak. there is no indication that either side on capitol hill is closer to coming to some sort of agreement. democrats still want to bring up the house-passed bill that makes background checks universal to the senate floor which is a nonstarter with republicans. and even if you talk about the manchin/toomey legislation after sandy hook which expanded background checks to private gun shows an online but did not include the vast majority of private deals and exempted family transfers. there is still no indication that that bill has any greater chance of passing today. pat toomey the republican co-sponsor still thinks there is work to be done convincing hi -- his colleagues to come on board
1:20 pm
and democrats said the red flag bills proposed by republicans are too close because they don't require that states adopt them and frankly even some republicans are saying they don't want to touch this red flag legislation. so i don't think we're any closer to a deal and we have had this conversation many times before. >> and paul, if you look at president trump's tweets today in which he's attacking a cable news host, one of our colleagues, using the red flag law gamut, it doesn't seem to suggest a whole lot of seriousness about the red flag law given that he's just using it ten days after the horrific attacks to score political points. >> no. and i would have thought even president trump who is a bit of a narcissist would have been changed by going to dayton or el paso. i had to goo with the president to andrews air force base when people were murdered in nairobi and it changes you forever. it should. tact that he could mock legislation that might have had an effect, might not have, anything is a panacea and
1:21 pm
senator schumer seems like he's being too political for my taste by saying take way his border funding and his wall. that is not going anywhere. if schumer wanted to put the president on the horns of a dilemma say we'll give you your stupid wall, you give us serious protections against white supremacy which is a much greater threat than any refugee across the border and background checks and the rest of the legislation passed by the house. that would put trump on the horns of a dilemma and that is not just political, that would be great. >> i saw fred guttenberg, one of the fathers from parkland upset with the president talking so mockingly about red flag laws because he thinks it could have saved his daughter jamie. new information about the dayton shooter's final movements and who was communicating with an hour before the massacre. [ music: "i am" by club yoko plays ]
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. we have breaking news in our national lead. just moments ago police in dayton released new video of the mass murderer there and his encounter with police and we got the first minute by minute account of how the massacre unfolded. let's go to gary tuchman in dayton, high. walk us through what we just learned. >> well the surveillance video is i have compelling from many different cameras in the area and captures a two-hour span on saturday night and sunday morning and ends at 1:06 a.m. when the murderer is shot and killed by police.
1:27 pm
it is a violent scene. it lasted 32 seconds from when he started shooting until he was killed by some very alert and brave policemen here in dayton, ohio. but it started two hours earlier. he walked into a bar here in dayton with his sister and a companion. everything seemed normal on the video but an hour later he walked out by himself out of the bar and he passed a policeman in a police car. he went to a parking lot and in the parking lot he changed. he put on a hoodie, he put on a sweatshirt. he got a backpack which contained the ar-15 style rifle he was about to use and the most important thing we've learned from the videotape is police say by looking at it they have determined it is very unlikely -- they thought this before but now sure he did not have an accomplice, that he did this all by himself and all by himself from when he got his weapon until he carried out the killing. we also learned something interesting. as we know, he went to the bar with his sister and a companion.
1:28 pm
his sister was killed. the companion was wounded. it is still not known if he intentionally tried to kill those two people. police are telling us at this point they still do not know the motivation. but they do know the mindset. they say that he was consumed with possibly carrying out a killing and that is why they think he did it. but they still don't know the motivation for doing it in this place on that night. jake, back to you. >> gary tuchman in dayton, ohio. i want to bring in phil mudd to talk about this. phil, is there anything you heard from dayton police that stood out to you? >> yeah. a couple of things. we just saw a moment ago. the confirmation on whether this is solo and first is not about what happened, it is an open investigation. you look at the video and nobody there. you have to get confirmation that it doesn't look like anybody operated with him. the second thing i would say is it gives you a little bit of a picture of intent. hardest thing to get with a dead perpetrator. he didn't go in there accidentally, he's casing the places. i want to see things like credit card records to know how often he was in before. but it is hard to look at that.
1:29 pm
especially since he was speaking with his sister and not think this was intentional. >> and so it is about a week and a half since this horrific mass shooting. and police are still not offering any motive. they have a minute by minute account of his whereabouts that night. is it possible we'll never really know the motive? >> yeah. but think of this as a layer cake. we just saw one layer. they looked at his emails and google searches searching ideology sites and they should have his text messages so they would know what he said days before the event and interviews with friends and family. so you layer those on top of each other with that timeline and they know more than they're telling us but they don't have a clear picture yet but they have to have a slightly better picture than what we see. i would close by saying i'm not sure we'll ever fully know but we have to know more than we know right now. >> we still don't know the motive of the las vegas shooter. phil mudd, thank you. a possible presidential candidate heading to new
1:30 pm
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i'm mark sanford and come from the south of south carolina and there is a big storm coming. >> a big storm coming. a warning of sorts in our 2020 lead. former republican governor mark sanford is mulling a possible run against president trump in the republican primaries and delivering that message as he prepares to head to the early voting state of new hampshire later today. and governor sanford joins me now from mt. pleasant, south carolina. governor, you leave for new
1:35 pm
hampshire in a few hours. you don't have any public events. you have some private meetings. what is the deciding factor as to whether or not you actually challenge president trump? >> the continued input of people. whether up that way, which will be a different perspective or the perspective of a lot of folks that i have talked to here along the coast of south carolina and across the state which i represented for eight years of my life as former governor. >> and former white house communications director anthony scaramucci this week called for replacing president trump on the republican ticket. president trump responded by attacking his former white house communication director on twitter and also on the tarmac today. take a listen to a little bit of it. >> he's really somebody that is very much out of control. and he doesn't have what it takes. >> calling scaramucci there out of control saying he doesn't have what it takes. do you think republicans would really be willing to back a
1:36 pm
challenger to an incumbent president? >> well, let's be clear. this hadn't happened in a long time. it was more than a hundred years ago, the 21st president was the first guy not to get the nomination of his party. so -- chester arthur of all folks. but what i do think is important is a conversation and you just don't know where it leads. and the people who have been encouraging me to do this have said we need to have a conversation about what it means to be a republican because the bent that we've been moving toward of late is not consistent with the values and the ideals they believed in for a very long time. >> one of those values is fiscal responsibility. the deficit is up 27% from last year. the white house office of management and budget predicts the deficit will exceed $1 trillion this year. you tweeted that the budget deal the president just signed was, quote, moving our country toward becoming a financial s-hole. do you think republicans --
1:37 pm
whether it is voters or in congress, do you think they care about fiscal responsibility or is this just posturing for years and years because we're not seeing much evidence of it. >> well, no, because again there is a disconnect between people at the elected level and what i've consistently heard over my 25 years in politics at grass lo -- grassroots level and that business person cares about the numbers and the family struggling at the kitchen counter trying to balance the family checkbook cares about the numbers. so i think in a grassroots level this issue is real. people are disturbed by the fact that we have unprecedented levels of debt. unprecedented levels of deficit and the highest spending on record. and this is mind you in a peace time and benign economic environment. so i think the issue is real. but it needs to be talked about. and what we've had is the three monkeys routine where i see to evil, i hear no evil and i speak no evil but both republicans and democrats on the issue of
1:38 pm
spending and debt. >> when you talk about how voters you talk to republican voters say this party is steering away from the republican values that you're used to. obviously you're not only talking about fiscal responsibility, i imagine you're talking about the tone and tenure of things that president trump says. he seems to be embracing a campaign strategy at least partly based on dividing people, whether it is attacking the four congresswomen, telling them to go back where they came from even though three of them were born in the united states and all four are american citizens, the attacks on elijah cummings, the attacks on baltimore, now we see some very aggressive steps when it comes to even trying to dissuade legal immigration. how do you view all of that? >> i think that to be conservative is to have trust in institutions. they are about balancing power in the political system. i think to be conservative is to have a measure of conservatism in the way that you approach others.
1:39 pm
a humbleness of heart. it doesn't mean you have to be meek. but it does mean you don't pretend to be the bully in the local school yard and what i'm hearing from folks here on the coast of south carolina where i come from is a level of weariness with the -- the bullying until the school yard routine. and you saw it in frankly in my congressional election for the first time in 50 years the seat went democrat. and much of it was based on soccer moms and young millennials saying this is inconsistent with the message my parents gave me over the years or with the message i've been trying to givepy kids. so i think something afoot both on the financial front and on the tone and tenure front. >> mark sanford from the great state of south carolina. thank you so much for your time and have fun and good luck on the campaign trail if that is what it is in new hampshire. >> yes, sir. i appreciate it. thanks so much. >> one 2020 candidate is attacking the media. it is not trump. we'll tell you who it is next. stay with us.
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our 2020 lead now. while joe biden holds a strong lead in most of the polls, senator elizabeth warren is picking up momentum and coming up right behind him. the most recent monmouth poll in iowa shows her surging 12 points since april and now at 19%. that is second place and biden ahead at 28% and after a week on the ground in one of the most critical states, jeff zeleny has an inside look at her strategy and approach and cord -- and is a lot like obama used in 2007 and 2008. >> reporter: elizabeth warren is
1:45 pm
making a big summer splash in iowa. but beyond the teaming crowds, her campaign is building something even more impressive to many democrats here. a muscular ground organization with a person to person network growing by day in backyards like this. >> this is great to be here at someone's home. i want to say tank you to drew and carol. >> reporter: drew and carol have been following the 2020 campaign closely but not this closely until one of warren's young organizers reached out and asked if they would host the massachusetts senator. >> it was great vibe. awesome to have her here. the neighbors, everybody was excited that she was here. >> do you plan to volunteer for her at all? >> yeah. i mean, i think we would entertain the idea. i support her enough to do that. >> reporter: across the town carrie is a dedicated volunteer and she hosts organizing events in her living room where she painted a campaign logo. >> once i found warren's came and i felt here is a place i
1:46 pm
could feel like i'm making a difference. >> reporter: how much hours a week do you spend trying to elect elizabeth warren? >> me? >> probably more than most people. probably 12 or 14 hours a week just doing different things. >> reporter: the warren campaign started building in iowa operation before any of the rivals. with eight field offices now open and more to come. the campaign is held organizing events in all 99 counties. >> is there a chance you and your wife might be interested in helping us out. >> reporter: inside of the des moines field office volunteers made calls and plans for future events. emily is a senior adviser for warren. 12 years ago this summer she was political director for barack obama. >> we built the best grassroots here in iowa. people power from the bottom up. >> reporter: whose winning iowa campaign is still the aspiration for the crowded field of democratic candidates. >> you need to be here for a year. it will take time and the interesting thing about this campaign and i don't think it is unlike the obama campaign, there
1:47 pm
is a focus on building a community of supporters. >> reporter: now one thing that has changed since the summer of 2007 when barack obama began his rise, the invention of social media. you'll remember from the campaign along with me, there was no facebook. no twitter, no social media. so that has changed everything dramatically. talking to democrats all week long, virtually everyone said the warren campaign is the strongest. they started the earliest. but also keep an eye on pete buttigieg and spending a lot of money and joe biden as well as kamala harris. >> former des moines register jeff zeleny in the great tate of iowa. let's chat with experts. ray, let me start with you. warren is not surging in the polls. it is a long, slow, steady climb. what is she doing right, do you think? >> she's not changing from week to week. so the theory of the case that they had at the beginning, this is how we will get people to pay attention to us. she hasn't deviated.
1:48 pm
she is dismissed as wonky, so what. she goes out and explains complicated things and doesn't get distracted by nonsense or completely re-jigger the campaign and panic every couple of weeks. it is a long slog with a crowded field. she knows she doesn't have to win the early primaries, just in a field of 20 candidates just has to do respectively until people start to drop out. it is a -- it looks like a very smart strategy because she's not one of the -- i'll get in a good line at debate and that will change everything kind of candidate. she's the one who gradually is an ear worm. it takes root. >> you're the conservative at the table. you've been bullish on elizabeth warren from the very beginning to give you credit, what is it about her that you think -- do you agree with ray? >> well right now what i think is so interesting is she's able to survive a tough political hit from donald trump. number one. but also she's been able to rise
1:49 pm
and hold steady without getting her hands dirty. and that is what i think makes her a dangerous candidate in the primary andn that she's the one on the floor with the biggest ideas so that naturally puts her opponents in a position of saying, no, you can't do that. you're dreaming too big. that is too ambitious. and we saw this play out in one moment in the debate stage where she said well why are we here. no one has a good answer to that. so she's owning the big idea ambitious stage and that is a wonderful position to be in a primary and in contrasting that with joe biden potentially in a one-on-one where she's the one in command of the facts, not gaffe all of the time, that is a hard choice for the voter. >> a lot of the elizabeth warren voters would have been supportive of bernie sanders and people in that progressive lane. sanders has been spending time in the last day or so talking about media bias, specifically about the washington post. he said they don't cover him positively because he's criticized the owner of "the washington post" jeff bezos who
1:50 pm
owns amazon. he just spoke to cnn and started to walk back on the comments. he still puts blame on the media. take a listen. >> jeff bezos is on the phone telling the editor of washington post want to do. absolutely not. or whether jeff bezos gets on the phone to "the washington post," there is a framework of what we can discuss and what we cannot discuss. not one reporter has asked me, bernie, what are you going to do about the grotesque level of wealth inequality. >> what is your take? >> bernie is luke skywalker. he needs a death star. he had that in hillary. every day you knew what he would do. going after the establishment and she represented everything he hated in the democratic party. it wasn't easy but it was obvious. and now he doesn't have that. i thought he would do that with joe biden but now it is jeff bezos but he's walking that back. he needs darth vader and he looks around and there nothing but ralph nader. he has to have somebody to go after.
1:51 pm
i've done my share of media bashing, i'm not against it. but they need to give specifics and this is the story unfair because of bezos and he can't do that. >> and bernie sanders has tried to make joe biden his target. most of the attacks from his campaign have been directed at this notion that biden is not the best representative of the democratic party and not progressive enough going after his record. but what is challenging about the chris six that bernie sanders made is that he did not offer any evidence to support the notion that the washington post in its coverage of him is somehow influenced by the fact their owned by jeff bezos and sanders has been critical of amazon and they are not covering him appropriately. i think that now he's drawing comparisons to trump. those are overblown one off comments and not the same as the president's sustained attack on the media. but to paul's point, he's no longer the surging candidate and he's had an indelible impact on the policy of the country
1:52 pm
democratic field but having -- but he's struggling to distinguish himself in a crowded field with many other candidates there to claim the progressive mantle. >> and it hasn't just been about the washington post. i've seen him do it to cnn where he suggested that a ad from big pharma will influence coverage and his campaign circuits have said it and he said it and that is his strategy and it stinks. >> we know the ads --. stick around, a little girl who was hysterical and she just heard from her father for the first time. cnn talks to her mother next. this is the couple who wanted to get away
1:53 pm
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. in today's national lead, the trump administration is not back ago way from a new rule making it harder for immigrants who rely on government assistance to come to the country legally. and ken cuccinelli was asked about the statue of liberty and the eenl os and he changed the words a little bit. >> give me your tired and poor who can stand on your own two feet and who will not become a public charge. >> hours later president trump seemed to back up that sentiment. >> i'm tired of seeing our taxpayers paying for people to come into the country and immediately go on to welfare and various other things. so i think we're doing it right. >> that hard-line approach as we
1:58 pm
get breaking news now about the father of that 11-year-old girl seen sobbing after i.c.e. agents arrested her dad in a round up of undocumented immigrants at a plant in mississippi. dia diane, you spoke for the girl's mother who has been searched for her husband since last week. what you have learned? >> reporter: look, it is has been almost a week since the 11-year-old girl's plea for her father went viral up until about two hours ago she and her mother didn't know where her father was. and cnn began talking about this story, the fact and the search for him this morning, hours later they were able to narrow it down and about an hour ago she was able to talk to her husband for the first time since he was detained. just watching this process is something that so many americans especially all of those who were detained here in mississippi from those workplace raids have
1:59 pm
had to deal with. online, the evidence and the information that she was given by authorities said her husband was in louisiana but didn't specify what detention center. she's been desperately trying to get in touch with him. well it turns out we were contacted by i.c.e. he's actually been in mississippi this whole time. about two and half hours from where she lives. that phone call came after we spoke with i.c.e. they got them in contact with one another. and juana tells me that it was so good just to hear from him. just to know that he's alive, jake. there are so many other families, again, dealing with this right now. >> a reminder, we're talking about the u.s. government taking people here. and diane, that girl's father just one case out of the 680 arrests last week, more than 300 individuals are still detained. have they accounted for everyone now? >> reporter: the u.s. government said they have everyone in their custody and they know where they are. as far as if their families have been able to find them, we don't know that. we can't havefully way of knowing of how many can do that.
2:00 pm
>> in jackson, mississippi. thank you. follow me on twitter and instagram and facebook at jake tapper. our coverage on cnn continues right now. thank you so much for watching. happening now, breaking news. killer's time line. dayton police release dramatic surveillance video to go with a minute by minute time line of the attack that left nine people dead. we see the killer get his gun and start the attack and moments later the police response. but did the killer act alone? showdown with china. protesters flood hong kong international airport. then fight with riot police. president trump gets involved tweeting china is massing troops in hong kong border. did he reveal secret u.s. intelligence? trump backs down. the president is putting off tariffs on popular chinese imports like