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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 14, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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there's mixed reactions to the partnership across social media. >> andy scholes, thank you very pup. and thank you to our international viewers for watching. for you "cnn newsroom" with max foster is next. for our u.s. viewers, we have economic news out moments ago driving the markets down and raising serious questions about the possibility of a recession. "new day" continues right now. the surveillance video is dramatic and disturbing. this was a deliberate and planned act. >> we don't see anyone assisting in committing this horrendous crime. >> mitch mcconnell, he wants to do background checks. >> the president says the same thing, nothing happens. oats different this time. the american people are fed up. >> this is new day with alisyn
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comrata and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. it is wednesday, august 14th, 8:00 now in the east. and a sign the gun violence epidemic may be having an impact. cnn has learned that early stage talks are under way between the white house aides and staffers for several key senators over legislation that would expand background checks. but cnn sources are skeptical. so far only one republican senator pat toomey is involved with these discussions. the president trump claims senate majority leader mcconnell supports the measure. the white house aides are expected to update president tru trump. meanwhile we have breaking economic news. u.s. stock futures are down and
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they are down sharply. why? there are new real recession fears. now, follow this. on tuesday president trump backtracked on his promise to raise tariffs on china. he delayed some of these tariffs until after the christmas season. the president acknowledged for the first time the tariffs do have an impact on american consumers. and the news this morning is there was an inversion in the yield curve. so sit tight, we'll tell you what that means and why now you're hearing people talkabout the possibility of a recession and what the political impact might be. so stick around for that. >> you're going to explain the inversion in the yield curve. >> i am. >> i mean, does he get sexier? okay, so joining us now to discuss all of this john avalon, cnn political analyst. dana bash, cnn chief political correspondent, and alex burns national correspondent for "the new york times" and political analyst. >> talk about guns first.
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>> so, dana, i mean listen wave beenal fooled before. >> the president has talked about expanding background checks before and the nra calls and it falls right off the table. we a list of the ten mass shootings and four of them have been on president trump's watch. is there any reason from your vantage point to believe that the groundswell of anger and frustration about all of this will change something this time? >> there's one data point that strikes me as perhaps significant more than what we've seen in the past during the trump years, never mind the obama years and before that because that was a different dynamic. the main reason everything fell apart when the president was in serious discussions, one of the other times it was a horrible mass shooting because he was convinced he sat in publicly and the white house talked about the
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need for more gun control, background checks, universal background checks. and he was convinced otherwise by the nra. the data point i am focused on is the fact that he, the president is telling aides the nra isn't so strong anymore. it's weak because of very real internal fighting at the top. and if the president perceives this critical gun lobby as not strong enough for him to have to listen to and on the other side of the sort of political ledger he's obviously hearing a lot of people saying you've got to do something, maybe he has the fortitude to stick with it longer than they did before, but mitch mcsquaunl the senate republicans, they're not going to do anything until they know in an iron clad way the president is onboard with something. >> and his words are confusing and can't be trusted and i say
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that not perjoratively. how do you know he's serious this time? john, there is something that can clear this up, and that's leadership. mitch mcconnell would flat out come and say this is background check measure i would support. donald trump could come out with specifics. i'm not even convinced he fully understands the nuances of what background checks are because he's never spoken about them. he could come out and say this is background check. >> yeah, i wouldn't hold your breath from specifics from donald trump on any policy position. but it's clear it is his impulse. the problems is the stick tewativeness. one as dana said the nra is a dumpster fire of internal intrigue and scandal and investigation. they're not as strong as they once were. the second thing is political reality. 2018 mid-term elections republicans got their clocks cleaned in the suburbs
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particularly in the south and midwest. and mitch mcconnell opened the door just to having a hearing. remember that's all he's endorsed. he hasn't supported background checks. he's supported having a debate when the senate comes back in session in september. that's because of that political pressure. so those two factors are different if the president can stay focused. and he floated the mantion, toomey bipartisan bill which he helped defeat after sandy hook. >> after las vegas another thing that should have been a no-brainer is the bump stock ban. the president he should immediately do that, but it took a year. he did it, took a year but with executive action, did it. and maybe there's something on the margins, baby steps if the president feels strongly about we could see some of this. >> maybe. but as you said it took a year and it's executive action. anything at this point that's going to take a year to move through congress, it's a pretty safe bet it is not going to
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happen. mitch mcconnell indicating he's open to having a debate, extended debate in the senate is where legislation goes to die. it doesn't mean it's going to happen this time, but that's what the senate does, it has conversations and then you have to start the conversation all over again next time. i think dana and john are absolutely right -- john as well. it genuinely would take the president and senate leadership saying we're not just for this but these are the specific provisions and specific measure. >> the one other thing that kind of backs up the fear among senate republicans that the white house and the president himself is saying one thing today and might change his mind in five minutes. a senate republican source sent me a reminder late last night of the fact that the white house has issued a veto threat on a couple of house passed bills
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doing exactly what i'm saying they want to do now, and that veto threat was not issued long ago. >> fasten your seat belts here. why are people talking about a recession? why is the word recession even in the conversation today? >> because of the inversion in the yield -- >> yang with me here. over the last day first of all the president retreated with tariffs with china. he backed off implementing new tariffs on goods with china. why? he said he didn't want to raise goods on consumers during the christmas season. i think he was skard about the economic impacts there. adding to the breaking news this morning, way down in futures because of the inverted yield curve. the yield on the ten year treasury has fallen. all you need to know are two things. number one, that indicates people have long-term fears about where the economy is headed and two whenever that has happened in the past or when that happens, typically it leads
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to a recession. the last one was prior to the great recession in 2007, so my question now, alex is in political terms as we face a re-election campaign for the president, have they taken into account that the economy which is his strongest calling for re-election may not be as strong as he thought it would be? >> i think they're bracing for that possibility. i don't know they feel there's a whole lot they can do politically on the messaging side as opposed to the policy side to mute the impact of a recession if that happens. that would obviously be very, very politically bad for the president which is why you hear them going after the federal reserve more days than not. it feels like at this point i do think there is even absent an actual factual obsession, a political risk to the president. and that's the kind of uncertainty day to day that people feel when that's hanging
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over their heads when the stock market is sort of yo-yoing away. the economy is his strongest suit right now, but if there's a mood of even apprehension about what the economy is going to look like over the next 18 months let alone four years, that does complicate the president's ability to deliver a happy days are here again message in 2020. >> john, also voters for to decide if they think this president has some sort of secret midas touch that only he can keep this economy galloping or if they think there are possible ups and downs in the economy and all presidents have to show for that. >> all presidents try to take credit for the economy and stock market. we've had a massive historic economic expansion. and i think what you're seeing is that a lot of the chickens coming home to roost is with regard to the policies the president raised that doesn't end well.
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this inverted yield curve that may be a term that freaks people out and is the least sexy dance move of all-time but -- >> you have not seen mine. >> look, whenever anybody comes to you and says this time is different in the economy, they're always wrong. if this has always led to a recession most times, watch out. his approval numbers are under water, but they've been fairly steady. that could very well be a ceiling, not a floor. >> i have to say again take into account what happened yesterday which is the president backed off on tariffs because of the impact they were having on consumers who vote. it's a big deal. why? to me that indicates there are nerves. perhaps the white house is getting nervous about this. if there's one thing, who knows what's going to happen in this election. the president's approval rating is low. if there's one thing that could throw everything up in the air all at once and jumble it, it's
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an economy that's shaky. >> you're right to underscore how big a deal it is. because the president has been on this tariff, you know, track for a long time even in the face of warning after warning that it is hitting the people who he has relied on and is going to rely on again to vote for him. and, you know, antidotally people i talked in iowa and other places where the farmers have been hit, in red states even like north dakota i was there during the 2018 election, they say you know what, it stinks but we're going to give it some time. well, time might be up and that's the big challenge for this president. so the fact he did back down is something that's so -- i mean, there's a lot of things he might stick his finger in the wind or change. tariffs and trade, this has been something that has been his calling card for decades and decades. and he thinks it's incredibly important, but he also sees that again the economy is the tide
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that is lifting his vote full stop. >> it is dynamic it could affect the democratic race as well. the biggest challenge is clearly for the president who's seen as the shepherd for the economy. but in a democratic race where you already see candidates rising quickly on this message that regular people are getting screwed in this economy and we need to do giant things to transform the economy from top to bottom, just in my view and based on the reporting i've done with other campaigns and with voters around the country, there is this mood out there that i think is very easy to see getting kind of turbocharged in a situation where the economy isn't doing well. >> which ironically is the mood that sent president trump into the white house. >> i told you there's something going on here. >> you told me this was juicy and you deliver. >> look, you talk about juicy, let's put up the dow as we go to break here. well, 386 right now, and this is
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on top of a whole bunch bunch of days that have been topsy-turvy. so keep that in mind as this morning continues. so just days after the mass shooting in dayton authorities arrested another ohio man who had amassed dozens of weapons and a huge amount of ammunition. we'll let you know who police say he was planning to target next. discover card. hi, do you have a travel card? we do! the discover it® miles card. earn unlimited 1.5 miles on every purchase, plus we'll match your miles at the end of your first year. you'll match my miles? yeah! mile for mile! and no blackout dates or annual fee. nice! i was thinking about taking a scuba diving trip! i love that. or maybe go surfing... or not. ok. maybe somewhere else. maybe a petting zoo.
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♪ i am who i wanna be ♪ ♪ who i wanna be ♪ who i wanna be. ♪ i'm a strong individual ♪ feeling that power ♪ i'm so original, ♪ ya sing it louder. ♪ i am, ooo ooo ooo ooo ♪ ehhh ehhh ehhh pre-order and get more. get up to $150 samsung credit, plus 6 months of unlimited music with spotify premium. not far where the dayton massacre happened the fbi has arrested an 18-year-old who they say threatened to kill federal agents. authorities found dozens of guns and massive amounts of ammunition in his home. cnn's jessica snyder live in washington with more. >> reporter: authorities say this 18-year-old had been using the online app called ifunny to make threats supporting mas shootings and encouraging full-scale attack on federal law enforcement agents. this is something fbi agents
5:19 am
were actually monitoring for months and it was just last week, just few days after the mass shooting in dayton that fbi agents conducted a search of this teenager's car and his bedroom. and this is what they found. they found a machete, 15 rifles including assault rifles, ten semiautomatic pistols, ten rounds of ammunition and cam flock clothing and backpacks. so when agents actually confronted him he said his comments online promoting violence were just a joke in his words. but authorities are taking this very seriously. he remains in custody after that initial court appearance on monday and he's boggoing to be to attend a detention hearing friday. it does show how seriously authorities are taking online threats and the stockpiling of weapons in the wake of those two mass shootings in el paso and dayton, and the dayton shooting notably happening just about 200
5:20 am
miles from where that teenager was found with his arsenal. in this case the charges right now are for threats against federal officers, but it is possible this teen could face even more charges as this investigation goes on. we'll see him back in court on friday. >> jessica snyder, gun and ammunition stockpiling and threats of violence. so cnn has learned that early stage talks are under way between the white house and several key senate aides on both sides of the aisle over a possible background check bill expanding background checks, but will this lead to change? joining no joining us now to discuss, senator, thank you for being with us. joe manten, democrat from west virginia, and they had a bill expanding background checks. they've been talking to the white house. chris murphy's team has been talking to the white house. do you have any updates where
5:21 am
these discussions are? >> we all know the key is whether the president is actually going to do what he says he's going to do which is sign a background check bill into law. so even though republicans are apparently saying that unless he iron clad says that i'm going to do it, then why should people really proceed? but you know what, you just hope that it can happen because that's minimum. to me closing the background check loopholes, because that's what it is, it's not expanding some background checks but closing some loopholes we have on the current law. to me that is minimum what we should be doing. and you just did a piece right now on this young man who has stockpiles of all kinds of weapons. we need to look at all the assault weapons that are floating in our country by the millions. >> to be clear hra which passed the democratic house would close some of what you call loopholes. that has passed the house and the senate. >> and so the other key person
5:22 am
is mitch mcconnell who refuses to bring this bill to the floor of the senate and he prides himself on being the grim reaper, holding back all kinds of bills that have already been passed by the house. this is one of them. >> when the president says he likes background checks vaguely speaking, it doesn't sound -- >> didn't he say that before? we've been here before. so i call it the tuesday, thursday trump. a meeting at the white house and that was on tuesday when he said bring me a bipartisan bill on daca, that was on a tuesday. by thursday it's all off the table. so i call him the tuesday, thursday trump. and he can say something on tuesday and next thing identify know it's all off the table. >> what could he show you? how could he prove it to you? >> it's not just proving it to me. even republicans aren't sure he's going to sign a background check law. i don't know what the president
5:23 am
can do at this point because he lies to the american public every single day. we can't rely on what the president says, and i know that often he contradicts himself on a regular basis not only just the lies but the contradictions. that's why when you have a president who's that mercurial, who changes his mind at the drop of a hat, we an unstable situation in our country. >> it creates unstability certainly because we don't know where he stands or mitch mcconnell stands exactly. listen to what the president said yesterday about mitch mcconnell. >> i am convinced that mitch wants to do something. i've spoken to mitch mcconnell. he's a good man. he wants to do something. i think very strongly he wants to do background checks and do i too and i think a lots of republicans do. >> he says he thinks that mitch mcconnell wants to do something. >> maybe the republican should have faith in the president they have been supporting and
5:24 am
propping up -- maybe they should have faith in this president and go ahead and bring a bill to the floor and let's see the president signs it. >> mcconnell hasn't come out in support specifically of any background check measure, which is why it was so odd for the president to say yesterday i've talked to mitch, he's for this. we don't think that's true, and that only makes this more confusing as you're negotiating. i understand you want to push for bans on assault weapons. i nsds there are a lot of things democrats want. a different way of asking, though, is what would you accept? would you take closing the loopholes? would you take red flag laws and consider that progress? >> of course they'd be considered progress because any step we take along these lines towards gun safety would be progress. but that can't be the end of it because at the same time we have domestic terrorism going on. we have people motivated to act individually or otherwise. we do not have a law that makes domestic terrorism a crime, and
5:25 am
we've just seen these horrible, horrible shootings which by the way are only the latest of a whole series of these kind of horrible events. and when are we going to accept that our country is a awash in guns and the majority of the people in our country want us to provide gun safety laws? and we're not doing it. and i don't know, for the republicans is it going to take them losing in the polls? because if that's what it's going to take then that's what should happen. >> i want to ask you about the economy. yesterday the president retreated on imposing tariffs on a lot of consumer goods manufactured in china. he says basically he doesn't want to do anything that would raise prices for the christmas season. what does that tell you about where the economy is right now and what the president might be thinking about it? >> he's finally connected the dots that all these fatariffs which by the way he pretty much springs on the american people
5:26 am
in a very whimsical way apparently he's connected the dots and found who's paying the price for these tariffs, it's the american people. maybe he's hearing our economy is slo slowing down and he wants to encourage spending. yeah, he's connecting those dots but it took him a long time. meanwhile he's very erratic with his dealings with china. we're at the point where his international dealings with china, with russia, with japan, with north korea, they're very in my view they're not based any kind of a sound reason. it seems to be just whatever strikes his fancy and his mind. and this is really leading to an unstable situation and we do not have the kind of power now and
5:27 am
influence that we have with what's going on in so many parts of the world, hong kong. i think we should all be working toward having china change its trade practices. i don't think we can just do it by unilaterally imposing tariff that's going to hurt our farmers and consumers. i think they read him as very changeable. and you put pressure on him and you'll change his mind. that just leads to a very unstable kind of standing in the world for our country. >> great to have you here with us in new york. let's do this next time. all right, thank you very much. appreciate it. alisyn? there are disturbing new details this morning and video of the dayton mass shooting and how many people police say were shot in just 30 seconds. we talk to a survivor of the attack of what those 30 seconds were like for her. four lines, for $40/liner
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police in dayton, ohio have released new information about the massacre there. authorities say the killer shot 26 people in 32 seconds. cnn's ryan young live in dayton with all of these new details. ryan? >> reporter: dayton police have really had a bick picture exactly what happened here. now we're seeing they're going through additional videos. there are dozens of cameras. now we're able to put the time line together. this new surveillance video released by dayton police painting a haunting time line how quickly a killer shot 26 people in just 32 seconds. nine of them died. >> this was a big chunk of the investigation we felt comfortable releasing because we have a high level of confidence it's accurate in terms of time frame and location and activity.
5:33 am
>> reporter: next you can see him here at 12:14 a.m. leaving it two before heading to another bar. about 30 minutes later the shooter leaves the venue even walking by a police vehicle. >> he's aware of where they were. >> reporter: at 12:46 a.m. the killer goes to his car. authorities say he changes his clothes and grabs his assault rifle. next waiting behind a stretch of bars for nine minutes. >> i don't think he could have put that weapon in its fully built out state in that backpack and not have it sticking out. i think that's part of the explanation for the nine minutes, right. >> right, and that's noticing the fact the backpack was apparently weighed down so it's safe to say it was probably in the backpack. >> reporter: surveillance cameras catch the shooter then walking down an alley. shortly after 1:00 a.m. the nightmare begins.
5:34 am
the killer opens fire with a weapon of war. police quickly responding to the scene shooting and killing the gunman quickly. but in those 32 seconds he managed to fire 41 bullets hitting 26 people, nine of them fatally including his sister. >> the evidence has been debated in both directions with individuals in our organization intimately familiar with the evidence. whether that was intentional or not i think it's unconclusive. >> reporter: authorities say he was communicating with his sister hours before the massacre through a phone call and text messages. >> we don't see anyone assisting him in committing this crime. a follow-up investigation seems to strongly suggest that his companion had no idea what he was going to do, nor did he have any knowledge of the weapons that were in the trunk of that vehicle. >> reporter: john and alison, we were just sitting out here getting ready for this live shot and a man was running by and he
5:35 am
stopped to talk to us. he says this has been so surreal for him because every single day he has to go by this path. this community has really banded together. we've even seen john legend come to this community and have a surprise concert for people. but still a lot of folks trying to figure out exactly what happened, so many unanswered questions, so much pain still left behind. >> because it's so mysterious and that only adds to the pain for everyone. thank you for that reporting. joining us now is christina, she was at the bar next to ned peppers when the gunfire broke out. she and her friends managed to escape with their lives. christina, thank you so much for being here. i know these past ten days have been hard for you. i know you've been avoiding the news in general and i know you also haven't seen that video that we just played that the police released of what was happening during those 30 seconds but of course you lived it. and so just tell us what those
5:36 am
30 seconds. it's so stunning it was only 30 seconds and it ruined so many peoples lives. and so tell us what happened during those 30 seconds. >> you know, one minute we go from being in the middle of this bar having a great time. i remember checking my phone actually to see the time. it was about 1:01 i believe seeing on my phone. and, you know, the next moment people are literally stampeding into the bar and pushing others down. we weren't sure what was going on at first. eventually i heard the words gun, real gun and i realized i had to get down and, you know, people are crawling over each other on the ground of this floor trying to get out the back door of the bar. i remember being near the back door and hearing multiple shots go off. so many people are frozen in fear behind the back door that we're trying to push them out
5:37 am
and yelling at them to get out because they were so scared. i had to end up diving over people just to get out of the area. >> obviously everybody has their own sort innate reaction to something this horrible. but when you say people were frozen at the back door, how did you know the gunman wasn't out there? >> we really didn't. at that moment we didn't know where the person was, we didn't know how many people there were. you know, all i knew people were coming from the front of the bar and going towards the back. so my gut instinct is that's where i needed to go because that's where the majority were going. i heard the shots coming from behind me so i had a safe chance that was the way to go and it was that direction i needed to be, and that's all i knew. we didn't know too much, though. once we were outside even i didn't know where to go.
5:38 am
people were hanging behind cars, people were on the phone calling people for help. it was crazy going into that parking lot. everyone was running everywhere. we didn't really know what direction to go. >> so what has these past ten days been like for you? >> i've definitely been extremely grateful. i've been really lucky to be able to wake up and be with my family. i'm grateful for the outcome my friends and i had. you know, i do have a slight guilt that i see these people and these families have been torn apart because of this person who was able to kill these lives in under 30 seconds. it's been pretty surreal replaying the time line and things like that and knowing how fast everything happened. >> so the senate is on recess this month. and mitch mcconnell has --
5:39 am
senator mitch mcconnell has basically implied they're not going to come back. this is an emergency that needs attending this month while they're on recess, and maybe they'll take it up when they get back, but maybe not. so i'm just wondering what your message is to him and to the republicans in the senate? >> you know, i think the decision to put that on recess, i think right now it's failing our country. i think it's extremely necessary this is taken into action, and it's definitely an emergency session that's needed to be happening. i don't know why action hasn't been taken thus far. i don't know why it's taken 251 mass shootings now this year for people to start waking up and see that maybe now we need to take this into action and maybe now we should call this into action. but even then he's still pushing it off to september because we can wait a little bit. but i don't think we can wait. i think it needs to happen now. i think the longer we wait he
5:40 am
thinks people will forget. who knows, we could wake up tomorrow and another thing could be happening. >> and i know this whole episode and ordeal has spurred you to want to take action. do you know what that looks like for you in the future? >> i don't exactly know. i want to find more ways how i can make that action come true interest us because we need it, our country needs it. if we don't take action we're going to have more massacres and i don't want to wake up again to another mass shooting and i don't think anybody else does. >> thank you for sharing with us the trauma you went through. take care of yourself and we will watch what happens next. >> thank you. >> john? >> you can understand why she's
5:41 am
restless and patient waiting for change. waiting a month doesn't seem like a good idea. >> if senator mcconnell is at home watching the news this morning i hope he hears christina's plea. we have some video for you. this is not the kind of thing you want to see when you're on an airplane. why the cabin filled with fog. we'll bring you the story next. ♪ ♪
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all right, am breaking news this morning we're just minutes away from the opening bell on wall street and u.s. stock futures are down and down big. nearly 400 points. and this sharp drop comes among new fears over a possible, possible recession. you're going to hear a lot about the inverted yield curve today. also on tuesday president trump backtracked on his latest threat in the trade war with china delaying tariffs until after the christmas season. and the president acknowledged for the first time that tariffs had had an impact on american consumers. okay, and more breaking fuse. rapper asap rocky has been found guilty of assault over his role
5:46 am
in a brawl in stockholm. rocky and two members of his entourage pleaded not guilty saying they were acting in self-defense. rocky returned to the u.s. earlier this month after being held in a detention center in sweden for over a month. president trump directly lobbied for rocky's release. this is not what any flier needs to see on a plane ever. so this is before take off on delta flight 100. these passengers they got understandably anxious sunday night when their jacksonville jfk experience, heavy fog inside. so this extreme condensation lasted 30 minutes as the plane sat on the tarmac. delta says the incident was humidity related and did not have to be reported to the faa. look, i don't understand how you can sit on a tarmac for half an
5:47 am
hour while you're being misted on your airplane. >> i don't know. >> maybe that's why they weren't as nervous. all right, here's what else to watch today. ♪ >> you've changed the music in my absence. >> i change everything. wait until you see your office. >> all right, is social media hurting your kids mental health. dr. san jay gupta breaks down
5:48 am
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all right, here's to your health. social media, a lot of risks, right? >> it really makes me nervous. it makes me nervous how much time kids spend on it, so what does the science now say? >> all right, there's a serious question whether social media is making your child depressed and a new study sheds light on the link between mental health and social media use. here to talk about the latest research dr. san jay gupta. i think not a surprise but deeply interesting and compelling to parents everywhere. >> definitely so. it caught my attention as the father of three girls. the reason this is interesting because it shed some light on not only who's most likely to be affected but what is likely to beoge gon here. what could frequent social media use be linked to depression
5:53 am
symptoms? there are three things researchers zeroed in on. basically the idea if you are social media frequently and i'm going to explain what i mean by that in a second, you're more likely to be exposed to cyber bullying, have poor sleep and less physical activity. perhaps those are obvious but those are the three reasons they're zeroing in on why the depressive symptoms occur. much more likely to occur in girls. boys seem to be fairly insulated from those specificets. now, doesn't mean they don't have other things that are affecting boys. but with regard to poor sleep, less activity, cyber bullying, really affecting girls. we also know girls more likely to have depressive symptoms overall once they start adolescence. up through adolescence boys and girls, similar rates of depression. that's an effect that stays really until the time of
5:54 am
menopause. you layer social media on top of that and you could see why you have some of these problems. it's also worth pointing out and a nuance, this wasn't necessarily the amount of screen time, but it was the frequency of screen time. just think about that's the number of times you're looking at the device, picking it up, putting it down. so it's that frequency you have to look at. >> sanjay, what does it do when kids are always checking instagram or facebook or snap chat, is there an attention span or does it change your brain is what i'm asking. >> we don't know the long-term impact of this, right, alisyn? we're seeing some of this un fold realtime. we can look at other examples of things that cause these sort of dope mean surges. you're looking at your social media. you've gotten a bunch of attention from some sort of posts or likes or whatever it might be.
5:55 am
we do know you can get these bursts of feel good hormones, neuro transmitters in your brain. does that thing change your brain somehow, make it more tolerant so it's harder to get joy out of things? we don't know if that's a long-term effect. it could be. i don't think it's necessarily a long-term problem, but, you know, short-term it obviously can lead to depressive symptoms. >> we have 10 seconds left. guide us. what are we going to do take our kids cellphones away? >> this idea of time versus frequency, john, pay attention to that one. this isn't just about, look, you can't possibly be on the screen over ten hours a day. you shouldn't be picking up it over and over again. set limits, be engaged as a parent, it's probably oone of the most important things you can do given the culture. >> that's the one i have to work on with my kids.
5:56 am
>> sanjay, thank you very much. all right, we're just minutes away from the opening bell and this is an important day. dow futures are down sharply and you're hearing people start wondering about a possible recession. is that a real possible? our coverage picks up after this. diagnosed with breast cancer, there was no hesitation, i went straight to ctca. after my mastectomy, it was maddening because i felt part of my identity was being taken away. when you're able to restore what cancer's taken away, you see that transformation firsthand knowing that she had options that she could choose, helped restore hope. my team made me feel like a whole person again. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. cancer treatment centers of america. and i don't add trup the years.s. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein.
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all right, good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. jim sciutto has a well deserved week off. and first up this morning serious new fears of a recession. when the markets open in just a few minutes the dow is set to drop more than 300 points. you are looking at dow features right now. all three major u.s. indices in the red. we'll explain why this is happening, the trade war and much more in just a moment.


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