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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  August 14, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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all right, good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. jim sciutto has a well deserved week off. and first up this morning serious new fears of a recession. when the markets open in just a few minutes the dow is set to drop more than 300 points. you are looking at dow features right now. all three major u.s. indices in the red. we'll explain why this is happening, the trade war and much more in just a moment. the opening bell rings at the
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bottom of the hour. right now congress they are on recess. the president is still on vacation. but efforts are still under way to address gun reform in this country. talks between the white house and senate have begun. our congressional reporter lauren fox is in washington this morning. lauren, good morning. look, mitch mcconnell has weighed in on this, the president has weighed in on this. our reporting is that ivanka trump was calling members of both parties yesterday. how serious is this effort right now? >> that's right. we know toomey, joe manchin anderts have had a direct conversation with the president. we also know that aides for members have having discussions with white house officials but these are informational at this point. and we should be careful looking at how serious these are because behind the scenes we're told republicans have deep concerns about background checks being floated and concerns about red flag proposals because of some due process issues.
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so there are concern among republicans even though the president is both publicly and privately pushing to expand background checks that may not be something enough republican senators may actually support. i'm hearing from aides that these conversations are happening, but we should be careful insert of putting too much stock in them. in part because members are on recess. until they get back from recess and are in washington together, it's hard to say how they cut a deal. and i will tell you it's unclear if the momentum to do something on guns will even be there when they get back in september. >> i appreciate the reporting. one more sign of what is at stake in the gun control debate, continues. an alarming discovery in ohio. federal authorities find a massive arsenal after arresting an 18-year-old man accused of threatening to assault federal law enforcement officers. and the fbi says that he made that threat online and also voiced support for mass shootings. let's go to my colleague jessica
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snyder, our justice correspondent in washington. this is frightening and all too common we hear things like this. >> reporter: and it shows just what authorities will do when they see these kinds of threats. authorities say this 18-year-old have been using the online app ifunny to make multiple threats over the last few months supporting mass shootings and threatening to make a full-scale attack on agents. it was just last week, just a few days after the shooting in dayton when fbi agents conducted a search of this teenager's car and also his father's house where he was living. he found a machete at his father's car and at the house 15 rifles, 10 semiautomatic pistols and most of these guns were a in a gun vault opened by the father.
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he said his comments online promoted violence were in his words just a joke. but of course authorities are taking this very seriously. they've charged this teenager with threatening to assault a law enforcement officer. he remains in custody after his initial court appearance happened on monday and he'll have a detention hearing that will be on friday. really this arrest does show how seriously authorities are taking online threats and any of the stockpiling of weapons that they find in the wake of those two mass shootings in el paso and dayton. the dayton shooting happening just about 250 miles from where this teenager was found with this arsenal in the house where he was living. and in this case the charges right now are for threats against federal officers, you know, but it's possible this teen could face even more charges. we're not yet aware in terms of the legality of these guns. we do know they likely belong to his father, but again this is all going to come out as this court proceeding developments. >> jessica, thank you as always
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for your reporting. if anything is actually different this time for congress. the national political reporter for "the new york times" joins me. good morning, you guys. iliana, what's your real read on this? something different from sandy hook, 2013, parkland? is something actually fundamentally different now that congress will act? >> could be. i think president trump is really the x-factor in all of this. the president of course on his summer vacation out of bedminster but the president has indicated he wants to do something on guns. now the republicans in the senate reluctant to move on this issue. and the nra right now in a state of disarray which does give the president an opening. i think the question is a matter of presidential focus. if trump pushes hard once he returns from his vacation and once congress is back from recess, something will happen. but we've often seen the president who is distractible
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lose focus on these issues. but if he indicates he really wants to get something done, republicans will follow him and something will happen. >> okay, the issue is the president said something similar to what we heard him say this week and he said something very similar after the parkland shooting and then he met with the nra and that changed on background checks. and our reporting this morning from officials is that, you know, republicans, many of them are pushing him on the red flag laws, let's do this. right, we've seen lindsey graham tweet about his support and others. but some conservative allies are saying tread carefully on universal background checks, right? don't necessarily go there. and that begs the question, will the president listen to them or will he push for background checks as well? >> exactly. i mean, if this was a quote-unquote normal presidency in which the president had kind of a policy center and could make a legislatesive push that was coordinated with congress, i would certainly say we would be
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in the situation where we might see some gun control efforts. but this is not that. the evidence in front of us is that the president almost consistently has even when he's made these statements, looking to say he's willing to kind of bend and come to the middle on issues like gun control, he has often retreated as you say when he's heard the last person talk to him whether that the nra or more conservative senators who are wary of that. i remember after the parkland shootings they focused in on bump stocks, this kind of a compromise that moved away from the background check. so again i would be wary of the president's words because he's shown us repeatedly he's not had the willingness to really go above and beyond what conservatives want. and we know just how weary they are about universal background checks. >> guys, listen to mitch mcconnell because he said last week that red flag laws and talking about background checks would be front and center when
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the senate returns to session. here he was august 8th on a radio interview. >> the urgency of this is not losto on any of us. what we can't do is fail to pass something. >> the urgency is not lost, iliana, on any of us. we cannot fail to pass something. i would argue that the something is chal tactually the operative in that. what is it going to be, right? >> you're right. that's the question. and we're unlikely to see universal background checks passed. there's just too much opposition to that within the republican party. but i do think there's an opening for these red flag laws. and we know the head of nra got on the phone with the president last week pressing him not to do these red flag laws. but i can tell you there is angst within the republican party about the weakened state of the nra, and they just don't have the juice they once had. and for that reason i do think
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that it's likely something incremental like these red flag laws though not something where there's almost universal opposition in the republican party like universal back gregr checks will pass. >> so let's switch gears here to ken cuccinelli and the issue of immigration. he's the acting director of citizenship and immigration serves. he's said he was asked about lazarus' famous words etched into the statue of liberty. what does he think about that given the immigration rule change this week from the trump administration, and he was on npr and he essentially said and i'm paraphrasing here give us those who will stand on their own two feet and he took a lot of heat about that. here's how he tried to explain it. >> of course that poem was coming back from people coming from europe where they had class based societies where people
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were considered wretched if they weren't in the right class. and it was introduced -- it was written one year, one year after the first federal public charge rule was written. >> what do you make of his explanation given the attention he's gotten for that? >> i mean this is literally the latest iteration of what we've seen as a kind of consistent policy from the trump administration. i would say one of the rare consistencies of president trump and his administration's policies where they have focused immigration and limiting immigration not only for those who are coming from certain countries but for those who are quote-unquote deemed unworthy, people who would need public assistance. people who would need kind of the government to step in and support them. and you hear this articulation frequently on the ground. you'll hear the republican base talking about oh, we're not opposed to immigrants, we just
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want immigrants who have skills and have jobs. and that's been the through line consistently. of course there's also a racial component to this too. when we talk about the low skills or people coming from certain countries or s-hole countries as the president once called them, those are often immigrants not from europe or black or brown immigrants. you have this kind of dual thing happening here where people use the skilled based arguments, the class arguments and that is where their critics count. >> there's also an interesting divide within the democratic party and specifically the democrats running for the presidency on, you know, levels of education for immigrants who should be -- on the legal immigration front who should be granted visas, et cetera. >> that's right. and i think the democrats are also divided on illegal immigration. should we penalize people for crossing the border and that's an argument really likely to animate the democrats running for president as the primaries
6:12 am
continue. and something that president trump has already pounced on. you've seen him calling democrats the party of open borders and contrasting his own record with that. and so, you know, it is president trump who's made immigration sort of the central national issue of -- of the 2016 campaign and of his first term as president. i think we see now that is not going away as 2020 continues. >> no, those first words when he game down the golden elevator -- golden escalator if you will that ended up working for him, we'll see. still to come the friend accused of giving the dayton shooter body armor and a high capacity magazine is due in court today, this as we're learning more about those critical moments that led up to the massacre. we're also keeping a close eye on the markets. dow set to tumble at the open on news sparking more fears of a
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later today there will be a court hearing for the friend accused of giving body armor and a high capacity magazine to the shooter in dayton, ohio. he is facing federal firearms charges and this happens as police release more details about that shooting, a lot more. we now know more about what the shooter did, when he did it. we see him on surveillance video going to different bars and then back to his car to change clothes and to get his weapon. well, police still are not sure about the motive. why he carried out this massacre, and did he deliberately target his sister? our national correspondent libe in dayton, ohio this morning.
6:18 am
get us up to speed what the police are saying now. >> reporter: look, a lot of people still have the question about the why and the fact the shooter was moving among all these people going into those bars. but there's so many surveillance cameras in this area, police now have more details about what his actions were right before the shooting. this new surveillance video released by dayton police painting a haunting time line how the killer shot 26 people in just 32 seconds. nine of them died. >> this was the next big chunk of the investigation that we felt comfortable releasing because we have a lie helve of confidence it's accurate in terms of time frame and location and activity. >> reporter: authorities say the killer's night began shortly after 11:00 p.m. going to the bar with sister megan betts and a friend. next you can cici him going to another bar. about 30 minutes later the shooting leaves the venue even walking by a police vehicle.
6:19 am
>> he's aware of where they were. >> reporter: at 12:46 a.m. the killer goes to his car. authorities say he changed his clothes and grabs his assault rifle. next waiting behind a stretch of bars for nine minutes. >> i don't think he could have put that weapon in its fully built out state in his backpack and not have it sticking out. i think that's the explanation for the nine minutes. >> right. and that's noticing looking the backpack appeared to be weighed down so it's safe to say it probably was in the backpack. >> reporter: surveillance cameras catch the shooter then walking down an ally. shortly after 1:00 a.m. the nightmare begins, the killer opens fire with the weapon of war. police quickly responding to the scenet shooing and killing the gunman quickly. but in those 32 seconds he managed to fire 41 bullets hitting 26 people, 9 of them fatally including his sister. >> the evidence had been debated
6:20 am
in both directions with individuals and organization intimately familiar with the evidence, whether that was intentional or not i think it's inconclusive. >> reporter: authorities say the killer was communicating with his sister in the hour before the massacre through a phone call and text messaging. >> we don't see anyone assisting in committing this horrendous crime. some follow-up investigation seems to strongly suggest that his companion had no idea of what he was going to do, nor did he have any knowledge of the weapons in the trunk of that vehicle. >> reporter: let's not forget that friend will be in court today to face the charges for buying that body armor and having parts of that ammunition drum that he was helping to hide from the shooter's parents. there's also something else we should mention here. you think about when his sister was shot just across the street, there was another friend with him. that friend did survive. no one's had a chance to talk to
6:21 am
him just yet. police are talked to him, but it'll be interesting to hear what he was saying nlt hours before. one thing that stood out to me, poppy, and i mentioned this before there are all these stickers all the way down the street with these encouraging message tuesday the people of dayton. it's pretty beautiful considering all the things that have happened in this community this year. because even like two months ago they had a tornado that tore through this area. this has been a challenging year for dayton. >> yeah, beyond. that's a beautiful thing to see in the wake of such tragedy. ryan young, thank you for bringing us that and the great reporting this morning. turning the page now to jeffrey epstein and a woman who now says epstein began sexually abusing her when she was 14 years old. she's now filed a lawsuit against his state and several people affiliated with him. she's alleging the group conspired to help epstein repeatedly assault her. meantime we're learning that the
6:22 am
warden is being reassigned. the two guards supposed to watch him, they have been suspended. the justice department did not identify those guards at least not yet or say if they were the ones assigned to monitor epstein when he died. what more do we know as they try to get answers here? >> reporter: yeah, poppy, there was a bureau of prison reconstruction team that was on site here at mcc, the billing behinds me here yesterday. the other team arriving today. you mentioned the warden being transferred. now an acting warden is coming in from otisville, a prison just 60 miles north of here from new york city. and we know epstein was not monitored for hours according to a source. there are two staff members put on leave. another guard had some training but wasn't serving as a corrections officer.
6:23 am
we also know there were cameras in the hallway outside of epstein's cell. but it's unclear if those cameras were working, did they show anything? and the fact there's so many questions about that really points to the fact there might not be answers as to exactly how this all went down. again, so many questions to be answered like how long was epstein dead possibly inside his cell before he was actually noticed. and all those questions need to be answered soon by these investigative teams and answers need to be given to congressional members, poppy. >> before you go, though, there's this new lawsuit against not only epstein his estate for money, but also people connected to him. >> reporter: yeah, this is big deal, poppy. this was a suit that was filed today and it does name the estate of jeffrey epstein, a british socialite who we have heard is the alleged madam as
6:24 am
well as three jane does in the lawsuit where described as the recruiters, secretary and maid. remember these women have not been charged criminally but essentially this suit says they were all complicit in the fact she was sexually abused at the hands of epstein when she was 14 or 15 years old right here in new york city and essentially this is really going to serve as a template because suits can now been filed in new york thank tuesday change in the law and for others to possibly come forward and file suit. >> thank you for the great reporting this morning. let's talk about the market here because we're moments away from the opening bell on wall street. it could get ugly quickly. there are new fears of a recession. i will tell you why next. at t-mobile, for $40/line for four lines, it's all included for the whole family. like unlimited with netflix on us. and now with each new line, get one of our latest smartphones included. $40/line for four lines and smartphones are included for the whole family.
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all right, so we're moments away from the opening bell on wall street. stocks about to drop. looks like a lot. there are fears this morning, new fears about a possible recession. christine alesci is with me. just start out with the warning signals here. i know futures are off 400 points, but this morning the ten-year yield on u.s. treasuries, secure investment fell below and hasn't happened since 2007. >> we're really going to geek
6:30 am
out this morning. what that is called an inverted yield curve. that's not the way it's supposed to work, and usually when you have an inverted yield curve that is preceded by a recession, usually. we are in an abnormal environment so no one really knows where we're going to go from here. but here's the thing, warning signs of a recession are flashing everywhere. investors were really optimistic and perhaps saw the delay in tariffs as a sign trump wanted to get a deal done with china before the election. this morning i called it. they're waking up and realizing maybe not, maybe he's going to drag this through the election and by the way there are still $100 billion worth of goods that are going to face the tariffs. so investors are sobering up this morning and realizing the risks ahead for sure. >> okay, stay with us. also with me now the associate editor for the financial times, and you have confirmed this is
6:31 am
exactly what is coming. what do you see? i'm interested to see. >> i think we're going to see plunges followed by short relief rallies. part of that driven by the fact there's so much computerized trade now. you get this sort of false high. >> you called it a head fake yesterday. >> it is a head fake because if you look at the fundamental story there are two things the markets worry about. one is that we're not going to get a u.s.-china trade deal. i don't think we're going to get a trade deal -- >> before 2020. >> before 2020, period or maybe ever. the problems here are really existential. you're going to see the president particularly in the run runup to 2020 trying to smooth
6:32 am
things over, keep the market up. i think the market is not buying this anymore. i think we're seeing a lot of jitters and it's going to be a downward trend. >> they don't have the political impetus to get this done. xi jinping is not up for re-election in 2020 like president trump, but there is some pain. >> retail sales were below expectations today. >> industrial production was way done, too. >> but let's not forget our manufacturing sector is hurting, too. our exports are down. there's real -- the promises trump has made to the workers in the manufacturing sector and to the farmer and agriculture community, he's not going to deliver on that. something needs to happen before the election. >> woe don't have all the time in the world and this matters a lot. yes, we all look at the market and there's an urge ens when you see the market down so much but let's talk about the long-term big issue driving this as well and that's the debt and deficit issue. we learned this wek we're facing
6:33 am
a trillion dollar deficit by the end of the fiscal year. let me remind you what president trump said to o"the washington post" in 2016, quote, we've got to get rid of the $19 trillion debt. how long will that take? i think i do it fairly quickly because of the fact of the numbers. but what's fairly quickly? i would say within a over a period of eight years. the president has not only not gotten rid of it, he and congress have exacerbated the crisis. >> and this gets back to the trump tax cuts. we were all told we're going to bring home all this money, it's going to get invested on main street, create new jobs. a lot of money came back, and went back into corporations buying their own stock who artificially pushes up the market and doesn't really create jobs. this goes to a big point which is that we are tapped out on easy money, monetary policy. i love the fed trying to keep
6:34 am
the economy up, but guess what they can only move money around. they can't actually create real growth. >> there's also those who believe the modern monetary theory that it doesn't matter and you can print money. it's a minority group. >> it's ironic trump and republicans are actually sort of moving to the left wing of the democratic party on this issue, the monetary theory is just spend, spend, spend until you literally cannot spend anymore is a theory that the left wing of the democratic party has embraced and now you see the political conservatives embracing it as well. >> it's interesting. i mean it's the same thing which is that you can paper over all political problems with easy money. you know the left will say, hey, we gave corporations all this money for the last ten years, why shouldn't we use it to do
6:35 am
education or again printing money -- it's a saccharin sort of sugar high that doesn't fix the real problem which is that we need a real growth story in this country. >> is that the title of your new book? >> no my next book is don't be evil. >> thank you both, very, very much. christina you'll be off watching the dow off over 400 points right for you. we'll be talking about the economy with our next guest, michael ben m. he says gun control will be a major issue in the next election, but what about right now? does he think the republican controlled senate will act on background checks? i'll ask him ahead. with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place.
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all right, president trump claims that, quote, many
6:40 am
republicans including mitchmic kaunl want to do something on background checks when they come back from the august recess. sources tell cnn that republican lawmakers some of them and aides are privately telling the president they oppose expanded background checks claiming it would not have stopped the shoot gsz in el paso and dayton and say they want the president to push forward on those red flag laws. with me now is senator michael bennett of colorado. he also has a new book out "dividing america, how russia hacked social media and democracy." thank you for your time. let's begin on guns. the president is convinced mitchmic kaunl wants to do something. he says he's a good man, he wants to do background checks. that's a quote from the president. do you buy it? >> well, the proof will be in the pudding. we'll see. a lot of us said we should go gak in the august recess and have a vote on background checks. in september mitch mcconnell
6:41 am
will have an opportunity to put a bill on the floor that colorado passed almost 20 years ago. we passed these same background checks 20 years ago, a western state. >> you used to have about a c rating from the nra. you voted on such things as allowing guns on check bags on amtrak in 2009. it was something hillary hit bernie sanders on. but i am interested in things like buy backs on assault rifles for example. do you think there should be mandatory buy backs of all assault rifles in this country? >> i think there should be a focus on all background checks. i was thereafter the children in connecticut were killed in their elementary school. people got distracted by all kinds of other things instead of focusing on that. we have the opportunity right now to do what 90% of the
6:42 am
american people want us to do which is to have background checks. in my state 2% to 3% of theeme who buy guns every year are prevented from buying them. their rapists, domestic abusers. and if we can do in my state like colorado i don't understand why -- >> i was there, too. i will never forget that feeling and can never imagine what it's like to be those parents. i hear you on background checks. i guess i'm wondering if you think it should go further. do you agree at this point in our country's history and seeing the mass shootings we've seen, we should push for mandatory buy backs including criminal prosecution -- >> i want to get something done. my kids were born the year after columbine happened in colorado. so for 20 years they have grown up in the shadow of not being able to go to school without
6:43 am
were yg about getting blown up, and they've gone to school bowing congress has never done anything to address this. >> you're essential saying to your party don't push too far, push on background checks now. let's get that done. let's talk about your book. there's all these images in it that the russians have used the internet research agency et cetera to divide our democracy. you said on the senate intelligence committee you saw a lot of this evidence first-hand first before a lot of americans did. how great is the threat to the 2020 election right now? >> it's a serious and profound threat to our democracy and the democracies in western europe, which makes it really problematic we have a president who won't even admit it's happening. he goes to elsinky and says i believe putin, i don't believe the intelligence community of the united states of america. we were being attacked by the
6:44 am
russians for a year before anybody noticed that, you know, they couldn't distinguish it from our own political vocabulary. that's a problem. >> you've done things like pushing for mandatory paper ballots in elections to come. you've cosponsored the election security act after 2019. one of the things that struck me and our producer a lot is the sort of division attempted through a lot of these divisions and ads and et cetera to divide the left. many of them using bernie sanders as a foil trying to divide the left. do you expect that to be exacerbated to further divide your party during the primary in. >> i am deeply worried about it. you can see the russians in this book basically trying to divide the sanders supporters and hillary supporters just like trump was trying to do at the beginning of his election. so i think it's just vital for people to understand the kind of division that they've been stoking, and you mentioned election protection. there are things that we can do, and mitch mcconnell has not
6:45 am
allowed the bills to come to the floor. just like the gun bills. i mean, he had eight opportunities to put an election protection thing on the floor and he hasn't done it. i've asked people to go to my website to send mitch mcconnell a copy of the book to urge him to put the election -- >> did you send him the book? >> i'm going to send him a book, yeah. >> let's talk about the national debt, something every day i wake up and think this is not talked about enough. i don't think most of your fellow members of congress seem to care about this enough. the deficit we just learned this week at the deficit is going to exceed a trillion dollars by the end of this fiscal year. you voted against the recent two. year budget that raises spending by $320. you lost the vote. most of your democratic members in the senate and house voted for it. the committee for responsible budget said it will increase the deficit by $1.7 trillion over the next decade and said it appears the congress and
6:46 am
president have given up on their jobs and this may be the most terrible worst budget agreement in the nation's history. should we believe that congress at this point just doesn't care what we're leaving our children -- >> i hate to say this but after ten years of being there, it seems to me and i say this as a democrat, that the democrats don't care. the republicans say they care but they are lying about it. you've never seen more fiscal hypocrisy than what the republicans have delivered. the trump-mcconnell era is the most fiscally responsible era in american history. $4 trillion over ten years and they've accomplished it within just three. >> what do you say, though, to your fellow democrats about this and what is being left for our children? >> the argument i try to make is two fold. one this is theft from our children, and two it is restraining what we're able to spend on investments in them
6:47 am
because at the same time we're loading them up with this debt we've cut discretionary spending by 35% since ronald reagan was president. it's also what are you spending the money -- >> i want to ask you on the front of maybe more spending, there are rumblings about a middle class tax cut coming before the 2020 election. that would add to spending and add to the red. >> i hope they vote against him. he would buy a brand new trochfor every farmer in america that said the word trump on the outside of it if he could get way with it. >> can america afford a middle class tax cut right now? yes or no? >> we can afford it if we reverse the trump tax cut. it will happen if we have a new president. >> would you support a middle class tax cut under this president without a reverse olthe other tax cut? >> i wouldn't. >> okay, final question to you. the next democratic debate is in september.
6:48 am
so far you have not hit the two pronged threshold to be there. where you going to be on that stage? >> i'm working hard to get there. if people would go to russia attack our and register their support for this book, that'll help me get to the debate stage. >> i appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. okay, so news this morning from sweden. a swedish court has found gnat american rapper asap rocky is guilty of assault after that fight in stockholm. remember the president spoke about this. we'll have the latest on that conviction next. r service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today.
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now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life. new this morning, the rapper
6:53 am
asap rocky and two associates have been found guilty of assault by a swedish court. this all stems from a street fight in stockholm on june 30th. despite the conviction, it does not look like he will face any additional jail time. of course, the president talked a lot about this, called the prime minister of sweden about it. walk us through this and also what it means for him. >> yeah, poppy, this all stems from that fight you mentioned on june 30th in stockholm. asap rocky and two associates were found guilty of assault. however, they won't be spending any time in jail. but don't forget, asap rocky already spent a few weeks in jail before the trial took place. he will have to also pay damages and some legal expenses to the victim and to the lawyers that equals about $20,000. the court found that he was not acting in self-defense as he and his associates alleged. he will also be serving on a sort of probation for two years in sweden. as you noted, this case, which would have been otherwise maybe another case of a celebrity
6:54 am
abroad getting into potentially some trouble, even caused some diplomatic problems between sweden and the united states because, as you noted, president trump got involved, tweeting at the prime minister of sweden after kanye west called him, asking him to get involved. swedish officials said over and over again that their judicial system is independent of any sort of political influence. now, asap rocky's lawyer has said he's very disappointed in the ruling, but they don't know if they're going to appeal the verdict yet. so far we have not heard from president trump. >> okay. hadas, thank you very much for that reporting. we'll see if the president weighs in. right now, new signs that expanded background checks on guns and gun owners could be gaining traction in washington as white house and congressional staffers are meeting behind the scenes, even when congress is not in session. should we expect anything to change? that's next.
6:55 am
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all right. it is the top of the hour. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin with breaking news. another very volatile morning on wall street. the dow is off nearly 400 points, erasing yesterday's gains. there are fresh concerns of a
7:00 am
recession. julia chatterley joins me now. look, there are signs of this. there's the inverted yield curve. something we haven't seen since 2007 before the great recession. is that what is going on here and spooking investors? >> it's a great question, poppy. what we've seen in the past is every u.s. recession has seen this happen beforehand, but it doesn't always mean a u.s. recession is coming. what we're seeing here is general fears. overnight, weaker chinese data. this morning, germany is seeing their growth falling. so there's lots of nervousness about what's going on in the world, even if we're not that nervous about the u.s. economy right now. so there's lots of questions being asked. the question ultimately is, did the move that we saw from president trump and the white house yesterday to delay a huge chunk of the tariffs here mean that the president effectively blinked and handed leverage over to the


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