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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  August 18, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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a confidence in the talents of president xi. i think if he met with the protesters, within a very short period of time, they would work something out that's good for everybody. i really believe that. he's a very talented man. aside from everything, he's a very talented man. very smart. very talented, and i know him well. probably as well as anybody. and i believe if he sat down with them, now, you know, he's not -- that's not his deal s sitting down with people. but i think maybe the world changes. i really believe if president xi sat down with representatives of the protesters, and they have good representatives, strong representatives. i've been watching and seeing them. if he sat down, i think he'd work something out, and it would be good for everyone. but it does put pressure on the trade deal. if they do something negative, it puts pressure. now that deal i can sign by myself. it's structured so i don't have
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to go to congress, but i respect congress. i respect the views of congress. and i respect, most importantly, the views of the people of our country. and i think it would be much harder for me to sign a deal if he did something violent in hong kong. >> do you support cutting $4 million in foreign aid? >> are you talking about the rescission? yeah, i support many of those things. we'll negotiate it ourkt, but ie cut back a lot on countries. we give billions to countries that don't even like uand i've been cutting that a lot. we give billions and billions to countries that don't like us, don't like us even a little bit, and i've been cutting that. and we put a package of about $4 billion additional dollars in. and in some cases i can see it both ways. in some cases, these are countries that we should not be
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giving to. >> -- to help the united states? does it make us safer? >> i don't think so. if it would, i'd probably do it. but i cut back $1.3 billion a year to pakistan. and when i cut it back, i have a better relationship with, as you know, the president came in, and we have a great relationship. prime minister came in. we have a great relationship with pakistan now. we had a really good meeting. so what happened, i cut back $1.3 billion. we have a better relationship now. i also cut it back on the palestinians because they speak very badly about our country. so i cut it back on the palestinians. we were paying $500 million a year. now we're paying nothing. but i think we're going to get further because i could see opening that up again. i think we're going to do much better the way i'm doing it. we're trying to negotiate a peace deal. everybody said that's the deal
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that's totally impossible. they talk about a deal between the palestinians and the israelis as the toughest deal you could possibly do no matter what deal you're talking about. and i stop payment on $500 million a year, but i think they're going to make a deal. and i think one of the reasons they'd want to make a deal is because of that. >> are you going to wait until after the israeli elections to put out your middle east peace plan? >> i probably will wait, but we may put out pieces of it. we have some very talented people. as you know, our great ambassador and others. we have some very talented people. but that's probably the toughest deal of all. peace between the israelis and the palestinians because they've been decades of hate. and it's tough to make a deal when there's that much hate. but i think i've helped it very much by saying, look, until there's a deal, we're not going to pay you anymore.
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and other people should have done that long before me. so these are things when you talk about rescission. but we have a lot of things like that in the rescission. phil? >> you're heading back to washington after a week off. do you have any thoughts on the cabinet? is the cabinet solid and going to stay in place? >> we have a great cabinet. there will always be people change because after -- it will be three years how. that's a long time. they're under a lot of pressure. we have a great cabinet. i think our cabinet is terrific. some of them will leave for a period of time. they may come back. the relationship i have is very good with the cabinet and with others. but, you know, it's almost three years now if you can believe it. and at a certain point in time, people do tend to leave. >> are you still considering withdrawing from nafta if they don't bring up the usmca on the house floor? >> i would say nafta is one of the worst deals ever made in the history of trade deals. if you look at nafta and you
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take a look at what it's done to our country, thousands of factories closed, millions of jobs. it's been a one-way street. and the usmca is a great deal. the unions love it, farmers love it. everybody wants it, but it's up to nancy pelosi. if she wants to put it for a vote, she's going to get overwhelming bipartisan support. and i view that as a bipartisan deal. i would imagine she'd put it p.h there's an easy thing to do. it would be totally easy to do. and everybody wants it. the unions like it. the unions hated nafta. but they love the usmca. the farmers, above all, love it. especially the american farmers. our farmers love it. more than the other two sides. they love it. so a lot of good things going. but we have to see. they have to put it up for a volt. it vote. it's political season, if you haven't noticed. >> you talk about people coming back into the administration.
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could nikki haley come back in? >> at some point, maybe, if she wanted to. >> have you been talking to her about that? >> i haven't really. i've been talking to a lot of people. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no, i'm very happy with mike pence. i think mike pence has been an outstanding vp. i think that he's been incredible in terms of the love that a lot of people, especially if you look at the evangelicals and so many others. they really have a great respect for our vice president and so do i. and so do most people. no, i wouldn't be thinking about that. a lot of people -- a lot of people, you know, amazingly, they bring a lot of different names up. >> what are they? >> and that's, by the way, at some point i'll let you know. but that's, by the way, standard. that's standard. everybody thought that president obama was going to change biden. they all thought that in the second term he was going to change. everybody thought it.
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and he didn't do that. but, no, i'm very happy with mike pence. okay. thank you all. thank you. >> could you be a little clearer on your gun position? i don't -- >> which one? >> your position on background checks and guns. >> so congress is looking at it very strongly, bipartisan. i put in certain parameters which you somewhat know about. i'm also very, very concerned with the second amendment. more so than most presidents would be. people don't realize we have very strong background checks right now. you go into buy a gun you have to sign up. there are a lot of background checks that have been approved over the years. so i'll have to see what it is. but congress is meeting, bipartisan, a lot of people want to see something happen. but just remember this. big mental problem and we do have a lot of background checks right now. >> so you're not willing to support universal background checks right now? >> i'm not saying anything. i'm saying congress is going to be reporting back to me with ideas. and they'll come in from democrats and republicans and i'll look at it very strongly.
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but just remember, we already have a lot of background checks, okay? thank you. >> [ inaudible ]. >> have you spoken to wayne lapierre this week? >> i have. i spoke to him a week ago. look, i've had a great relationship with the nra. and i will always have a great relationship. i've been very good for the nra. if you just look, i mean, we have now two supreme court justices, great ones, and who would have thought that was going to happen. long prior to three years. so we have two. and equally importantly, we will have, within another 90 days, 179 federal judges. and i say thank you very much, president obama. because he was unable to get them filled. i don't know what happened to him. but he was unable. so president obama did not do his job, and i inherited 138 empty positions. and honestly, from his
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standpoint, and the standpoint of where he's coming from, that shouldn't have happened. and we did do one other thing. i saw last night where some people were talking about criminal justice reform. very liberal democrats. i'm the one that got it done. and i saw that and i said, you know, isn't it a shame. you do something, and i've had very conservative people wanting it and very liberal people wanting it. but if you take a look at -- if you take a look at that reform package without donald trump, it doesn't happen. and you know what? i don't need the credit. i get enough credit. but they never even mentioned my name. and these were people that were begging me to do it, calling me, begging me like you've never seen. and now that criminal justice reform is done, beautiful package, wonderful, they don't even mention my name. so stupid. so stupid. thank you. thank you. >> thank you, sir.
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>> tla there you have the president returning from a ten-day vacation to warnings of an impending recession amid his multiple ongoing trade wars. there you see him going up the stairs after taking more than 30 minutes to talk with reporters, answering questions on everything from the economy to afghanistan, to guns and more. here's what we can tell you about what he was doing in his time away. he spent that time in new jersey. "the new york times" says president trump spent much of that time privately worrying about the economy and how it could hurt his chances of being re-elected. cnn's kristen holmes is live near the president's golf club where he spent the last ten days. kristen, some economists say we could have real problems on the horizon when it comes to the economy. the president just talked to the press there before boarding air force one. what more did he say about these warnings? >> well, ana, it was clear that's what he wanted to talk about. he was there for about 30 minutes talking about everything from afghanistan to gun control,
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but the initial out of the bat statement he made was about the economy. clearly weighing on him. we're hearing all of these analysts saying that there is a potential for a downward turn of the economy. and here's what president trump had to say. take a listen. >> i don't see a recession. the world is in a recession. and although that's too big a statement, but if you look at china, china is doing very, very poorly. they've had -- i just saw a report, they've had the worst year they've had in 27 years because of what i've done. and they want to come to the negotiating table. you know, they are having companies lose -- they are leaving. the companies are leaving. and they are laying off millions of people because they don't want to pay 25%. and that's why they want to come to the table. i don't think there's another reason other than president xi, i'm sure, likes me very much. but they are losing millions and millions of jobs in china. and we're not paying for the
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tariffs. china is paying for the tariffs for the 100th time. and i understand tariffs work very well. other countries, it may be that if i do things with other countries, but in the case of china, china is eating the tariffs. >> now president trump also said that they were in meetings with china. that they were going well. very interesting here to watch him talk about it because it was almost exactly what you heard from peter navarro and larry kudlow who were put throughout on this topic earlier today. we're not seeing a recession. essentially denying all of the things we're hearing from these economists and from our farmers on the ground saying that the tariffs are not impacting people. that america is not bearing the burden of these trade wars, which, in fact, we don't know to be true. we've seen a report come out from these independent researchers who say that actually 95% of that price change is going to fall on u.s. importers where only 5% is going
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to fall on china. but, ana, it's not surprising this is something that would really concern president trump. the economy is a central issue in a campaign. 2020 is coming up. especially here when we have president trump who has made it the central focus of his campaign. it's always big when there's a presidential incumbent. he's relied on it there. and i want to mention one other thing. president trump can be a polarizing figure. i've talked to voters across the country, many of whom tell me that while they might not like president trump, they like what he's doing with the economy. so that's potential lost votes if the economy does, in fact, tank. >> and the polls back that up. it's the one issue in which the president is not under water twhen com when it comes to approval of what he's doing. kristen holmes, thank you. let me bring in harry enton and elena plott, a correspondent with the atlantic. thank you both for being here. when we talk about the economy, harry, i'll turn to you first, what does it mean for the
2:14 pm
president's re-election chances if the economy tanks? >> look, i've looked at this. the economy is the one issue, one issue he's consistently above water on. his overall approval rating can't get above 45%. if the economy went in a downward direction it would probably tank his re-election campaign. comparing job growth to re-election margins. what we see is given the job growth the president would probably be a slight actually favorite for re-election. if, let's say, job growth got slashed in half, he'd join the ranks of jimmy carter or george herbert walker bush and would be a heavy underdog for re-election. >> the president also weighed in on fox news before heading back to the white house. let's listen in. >> i'm not happy with fox. i'm certainly happy, i think sean hannity and lou dobbs and i think tucker carlson and laura and jesse waters and jeanine. we have a lot of great people.
2:15 pm
even greg gutfeld. he wasn't good to me two years ago. now he's seen all i've done. he said would you rather have a great president or a nice guy? i think i'm a nice guy but nobody has done in 2 1/2 years what i've done. and i say that a lot and very few people can challenge it. >> alaina, the president just referred to fox news as we. >> yeah, ana, this is something i think that he has had with regard to a freudian slip quite often over the last 2 1/2, 3 years. but, you know, it's always been interesting to plea, as somebody who has covered this white house, that he would choose to harp on fox news in this way. i was just at the last campaign rally in manchester, new hampshire, and the reality is that voters and those who support this president the most, if he says that fox news is not the place to get news from, they will change the channel. they see fox not so much as the prism through which they understand this president. they see the president's words
2:16 pm
themselves as the way through which they understand him. and going back to your and harry's conversation, this is why the economy he feels particularly vulnerable on. when it comes to issues like immigration, i was speaking to voters who said to me, well, he said he built the wall so it's there. we know that's not true. less than 50 miles of trump's border wall have been constructed. but because he tells them that, they believe that's the case. the economy could be something different where it's something that they actually are feeling at a granular level on the ground. so if it gets to a point where trump is telling them the economy is fine, that they are not feeling that intimately, such as a farmer, for instance, that could really hamper his re-election chances. >> harry, the president seems specifically upset about fox news polls that show him losing in head-to-head matchups, at least at this point in the election cycle. up against these four democrats. >> losing to all of them. >> right. but you are a resident polling
2:17 pm
expert. do you see anything fishy about these fox polls? >> no. and i know the people who do those polls. and they are genuine professionals. their polls are consistently quite accurate. those polls reflect what we see in other polling numbers that the president is under water. that he is trailing the potential democratic candidates. and that shouldn't be such a surprise. that's what we'd expect. incumbent elections are usually reflections of the incumbent and given the president is under water, it's not surprising he's losing to all those different democrats. >> elena, you mentioned having spoken to a number of trump supporters at his rallies and you talk about how they're impacted by some of his current policies and maybe not as great a way as they had hopes back when he was in his 2016 promise-making stage. do you believe his voters, his base, core supporters are as excited as they were last go around? >> i think what was so fascinating to so many observers about the 2016 election among
2:18 pm
many things was so viscerally trump was able to connect with so many different people. as i wrote in my last dispatch from manchester, i believe this boils down to an element of human nature, which is that the chase is more exciting than the catch. you see that in any element in human life but particularly when i go to rallies, i see that, you know, whether it's a rally-goer or trump himself, he gets so much more excited. they get so much more excited just by kind of reminiscing about when make america great again was the slogan. keep america great, you know, for some reason, especially president trump, these last several rallies, he's kind of cheer tested the crowd on this slogan. he always says, do i want to get rid of make america great again, the greatest slogan of all time, or do we want to have it at keep america great. there's an element there that it's not as fun when you feel you're no longer the underdog and trying to protect what's yours against a so-called villain who trump doesn't even
2:19 pm
know who to identify as yet. >> let's turn to the democrats. we've seen the democrats on the campaign trail this weekend, particularly courting the black voter. and the polls show joe biden with a wide lead among support of the black vote. but your analysis shows when you break it into generational portions, there's something he should be concerned about. >> yeah, among younger african-american voters, his support isn't nearly as strong. i modeled it out and basically what my model suggested was african-american voters under the age of 30, his support among them is probably less than 30%. he may not be leading. he may be in a tie with bernie sanders with those younger african-american voters. and that's something we see across the spectrum. those older voters, no matter what their race is they're much more firmly in joe biden's camp than those younger voters. and that's true within the african-american community. >> how concerning should that be? >> he's ahead in the polls right now so it shouldn't be too concerning. but, obviously, if, let's say,
2:20 pm
that, say, tie among those younger voters in the african-american community becomes a lead for another candidate, that would be far more concerning. and it's going to be interesting how this develops. we know that joe biden has a large lead because he was the vice president to the first african-american president. but let's see what happens as some of these candidates become better known. whether biden is able to hold on to that advantage. >> harry enten, elaina plott. police may have foiled as many as three possible mass sho shootings in the past three days. how one suspect's girlfriend tipped off authorities. you're live in the cnn newsroom. don't any anywhere. when i was diagnosed with breast cancer,
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chilling information that law enforcement officials may have thwarted as many as three possible mass shootings in just the last five days. in daytona beach, florida, cameras caught the arrest of a man who reportedly is fascinated with mass shootings. according to investigators, the man detailed plans to, quote, shoot as many people as he could in a large crowd. his ex-girlfriend apparently tip offend police. they say she is a hero. in connecticut, the fbi arrested a 22-year-old man who made racist and anti-transgender threats annual. when agents raided his home they found a virtual arsenal, including rifles, a handgun, ammunition and titanium body armor. in ohio, the fbi seized a stockpile of weapons from this man who they say threatened to
2:25 pm
attack a jewish community center. polo sandoval is following all of this for us. some of the details, they are just chilling. the florida man texted he wanted to break a world record for longest confirmed kill ever? and that ohio man's arsenal included a bayonet? >> disturbing post in light of what we saw take place in el paso and, of course, in dayton, ohio. let's start with ohio first. the man in custody there is james reardon. police say he made an instagram post of a video which shows a man shooting a rifle. that may not be legal. however, what caught the attention of authorities was that the jewish community center of youngstown was tagged in the caption. not only that but the caption implies the gunman in the video would be the shooter behind a potential attack at that center. police have charged him with telecommunication harassment. they've also recovered at the suspect's family's home. they recovered rifles, a gas mask, bayonet. they're all going over that right now, investigators are, to
2:26 pm
see if that was purchased legally. the fbi has introduced him but they've not pressed any federal charges of their own. i also want to make you to florida which is that second case we've been following where daytona beach investigators there have another individual in custody. the video here showing the arrest of a 25-year-old man believed to have threatened to commit a mass shooting. tristan wicks of daytona beach was detained by police. he's suspected of sending text messages to threaten to open fire on large crowds. i want to read you one of those text messages which reads, a school is a weak target. i'd be more likely to open fire on a large crowd of people from over three miles away. i'd want to break a world record for longest confirmed kill ever. one of those messages was actually initially flagged by one of those closest to the suspect as volusia county sheriff told our pleeg fredricka whitfield in the last hour. i'll let you listen. >> the girlfriend is a real hero
2:27 pm
here. she went to a local municipality. showed the text messages and four municipalities got involved. he is the profile of a shooter. he's 24 years old. he lost his job. he lost his girlfriend. he's depressed. he had a rifle and 400 rounds of ammunition. there's a lot of carnage could have been caused when he fulfilled what i truly believe in my heart he was -- he is an active shooter. that's exactly what he was. he fits the profile exactly. >> one more point on this particular case here in florida. according to the sheriff's office, wicks told detectives he does not own any firearms but he's fascinated with mass shootings and finally, i want to take you to connecticut, where another man was arrested there on a separate case. this happened on thursday. he also allegedly showed interest in carrying out a mass shooting. police identifying this man as 22-year-old brandon wagshaw. he was arrested on weapons charges in norwalk, connecticut. police saying they received a tip that he was initially buying rifle parts and going to build a
2:28 pm
rifle. but again, it was initially his posts on facebook indicating he wanted to carry out a mass shooting that initially flagged him. he remains in custody. but we have seen similar kinds of arrests happen in the past. but i don't have to go that el d pittsburgh, pennsylvania as to why law enfusly and now resulting in criminal charges for some of these men. >> see something, say something. that old saying makes a difference. it's the last place you might think terrorists would attack but an isis suicide bomber targeted a wedding killing dozens. you're live in the cnn newsroom. ♪ award winning interface. ♪ ♪ award winning design. ♪ ♪ award winning engine. ♪ ♪ the volvo xc90.
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bring the troops home. that's what the triumph administration is working on doing in afghanistan as it maneuvers toward a peace deal with the taliban. critics say that move to pull all u.s. forces out of afghanistan after 18 years of fighting would be deadly. not just for afghanistan but for the united states. still president trump says the u.s. is ready. >> we have it very much under control as far as what we're doing. but the rest is, you know, a lot of bad things happen in kabul. a lot of bad things are happening in afghanistan. and some very positive things.
2:33 pm
but we would -- look. we're there for one reason. we don't want that to be a laboratory. can't be a laboratory for terror. and we've stopped that. and we have a very, very good view. some things are going to be announced over the next couple of weeks as to what happened, who has been taken out. a lot of people have been taken out that were very bad. both isis and al qaeda. >> this comes just as isis claims responsibility for yet another devastating suicide attack in afghanistan. a pakistani fighter reportedly detonated an explosive vest in the middle of a wedding party in kabul killing at least 63 people. cnn's becky anderson has more. >> reporter: a pile of victims' shoes. blood coating chairs. all in a shattered banquet hall. in afghanistan's unending mailstrom of violence, this is how weddings can end. >> translator: i've lost hope. i lost my brother, my friends who came to join my wedding
2:34 pm
party. >> reporter: the day after his wedding party, the groom recounts what happened when a suicide bomber snuck in and detonated a massive bomb that had been strapped to his body, shaking the neighborhood. >> translator: i was in the wedding party when a blast occurred. it was powerful and the situation was terrible. >> translator: we were sitting in our home when the strong sound of the blast came up. we came to the site of the blast, and i saw that many women and children were screaming and crying. many martyrs and injured people were transferred by the ambulances. and it was a really terrible situation. >> reporter: it's not unfamiliar. in afghanistan, death is a familiar business. murdered by terrorism at night, the next morning, families already burying their dead. as the wounded badly hurt struggled to cling to life in dilapidated hospitals while afghans suffer through the bloodshed, the politics of
2:35 pm
finger-pointing goes on. the taliban condemning the attack, deny any involvement. but, afghanistan's president insists the group must share in the blame saying, quote, they provide a platform for terrorists. and later, as it often does, isis claiming responsibility. but offering no evidence. this latest episode of violence, horrific, but unsurprising as it is, comes as peace talks seem on the cusp of coming together. america could be about to agree to pulling out its forces. the deal is supposedly meant to be finalized in the coming days. yet it is unclear what that will mean for ordinary people. the country is riven by political factions. battle-hardened fighters all after nearly 20 years of american involvement. so the only thing that seems
2:36 pm
certain, looking ahead is that these will be far from the last innocent deaths in afghanistan. becky anderson, cnn, london. the medical examiner confirmed multimillionaire jeffrey epstein took his own life in his jail cell. but his lawyers aren't satisfied. how they're taking action when we return. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." or to carry on a legacy? its show of strength... or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain... or breaking new ground? this is the time to get an exceptional offer on the mercedes of your midsummer dreams at the mercedes-benz summer event, going on now. lease the gla 250 suv for just $329 a month with credit toward your first month's payment at the mercedes-benz summer event. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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since the death of jeffrey epstein and still there are lingering questions. on friday, the new york medical examiner determined epstein took his own life by hanging himself in his jail cell. still his attorneys are planning their own investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. epstein was awaiting trial on charges of sexually abusing underage girls and running a sex trafficking ring. that brings us to cross-examine with eli honig, a former federal and state prosecutor. he's here to answer your questions about legal news. we're getting a lot more viewer questions about where the criminal investigation goes from here. now that epstein is dead, one viewer asks, are criminal charges likely against his associates, and what kind of charges would he face? >> i think additional criminal charge here's are exceptionally likely. it's a virtual certainty we'll see other people charged here. the indicators piled up this week. we saw very aggressive statements from the attorney general william barr and from
2:41 pm
the southern district of new york within days of epstein's death saying this is an ongoing investigation. this is a conspiracy case which signals there are other people involved. i know from my time at the justice department there's no way the leaders of the department would come out that strong unless they had good reason to think there was more to come. we also saw the fbi executing a search warrant on epstein's private island which shows me they're still gathering evidence. they're gathering that evidence for a reason. what kind of charges? could be sex trafficking of minors, federal charge. that's the same charge already made against epstein. anyone who helped him run that operation can and will be charged with the same. federal criminal law also makes it a crime to either transport a minor across a state or international line or for an individual to travel across a state or international line for the purpose of an illicit sex act with a minor. anybody who did either of those things could be on the hook federally. also could be state charges. they, obviously, vary in terms of what the age of majority or minority is. usually 16, 17 or 18. almost all of epstein's victims
2:42 pm
were below that age. also variation in statute of limitations. how long victims have to come forward. how long prosecutors have to charge those cases. we're seeing a trend where they're expanding stat uute of limitations. the bottom line is any person who helped epstein runs they operation or any person who had illicit sexual contact with minors could be on the hook and needs to be very afraid. >> let's move on to gun laws. we saw rallies across the country this weekend demanding changes when it comes to gun restrictions. president trump has signaled he might support more background checks, red flag laws. but one viewer wants to know, didn't he reverse an obama-era executive order limiting gun sales to people with mental illness? >> the obama administration put in a regulation saying anyone receiving social security benefits for mental illness or disability goes in the background check. trump reversed that. he's signaled some willingness to adopt some gun laws, although we just saw him potentially
2:43 pm
backtrack. there's a ground swell of support. there was a poll of trump voters that showed 90% of trump voters favor background checks. 75% support red flag laws and 76% support assault weapons ban. there's a real political ground swell here. it will ultimately be a question of political will. >> and now a follow-up question to the i.c.e. raids we saw happen in mississippi just last week. one viewer asked, could the business owners be prosecuted as well? >> yes, federal law does make it a crime to employ or hire unlawful aliens. it's a fairly minor crime, six-month maximum. it's telling for all the type doj put around this, none of the business owners were charged. i have a couple problems with the way they did this. it's a year-long investigation. over 600 agents. i don't think that's the best use of limited federal resources. going after people whose only crime is their immigration status, no indication they were dangerous or had prior criminal records and the u.s. attorney boasting about this is the largest ever round-uch. a record-breaking round-up.
2:44 pm
that smacks of political showboating. prosecutors should not be in the business of record-breaking. leave that to baseball. maybe someone will hit 74 homers this year or something. but prosecutors need to be in the business of doing justice and protecting the community. i do not think that round-up in mississippi promoted eerk ed ei those goals. >> what are your thoughts this week? >> what more are we going to learn about jeffrey epstein's death? the autopsy came back. it was ruled a suicide. we'll see additional details this week. congress has now lewandowski. will the white house try to claim executive privilege? cory lewandowski never even worked for the executive branch. i wouldn't put it past the white house. they've been very aggressive on that front. and finally, will the public demand for new gun legislation. the rallies this week. congress is coming back from recess early in september to have hearings. will all of that result in legislative action? there's a real ground swell but ultimately the nra entrenched on the other side.
2:45 pm
ultimately a question of political will. if there is enough political will, there are readily available laws that can make a difference. >> elie honig. >> read his comment on and submit your own questions for him to answer on our show. it's exploded in popularity among teens. but there's a new link between vaping and severe breathing problems. the concerns -- the concerning trends doctors are seeing in almost one-third of the country. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." four lines,ne for it's all included for the whole family, starting with unlimited data. use as much as you want, when you want. and if you like netflix, it's included on us. plus no surprises on your bill. taxes and fees are included. and now for a limited time, with each new line, get one of our latest smartphones included. that's right, only $40/line for four lines and smartphones are included for the whole family.
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vaping and e-cigarettes are gk bk more common and so are the problems. 15 confirmed cases of lung disease and 15 more under investigation. illinois has 10 confirmed cases and another 12 under investigation. health officials say it's unclear if there is connection
2:50 pm
between all these cases or whether vaping definitely caused all these cases. joining me now from children's in minnesota, dr. chapman, i'm glad you're here. describe for us what you're seeing. >> we've seen a cluster of cases. all of us were in teenager, 16 to 18, who presented with what initially looked to be a routine viral infection or potentially a bacterial pneumonia. instead of getting better with appropriate treatment, they actually continued to decline. and many of them to lung failure, needing intensive care unit support or ventilator support. >> oh, my gosh. now do you know the cases are linked to vaping specifically? >> what we were able to do is rule out the other causes of this type of aggressive decline in lung function and only after doing that were we able to put together that these cases had a similarity to those seen in wisconsin and illinois. and we began to broaden the
2:51 pm
questioning of our teens and put the pieces together. >> in minnesota you've diagnosed four cases of lung disease connected to vaping at last check. what's causing the lung damage in these cases? >> i wish we knew. we have four cases now, although there are certainly others in our state and our health system under investigation as possible cases of this. what we don't know yet is whether this is related to the habit of vaping itself, whether it has something to do with the substance that is in the vape cartridge or whether it has to do with some kind of off-brand or home con connection that kids are putting into these. >> it's still a mystery. is vaping any less common or less dangerous than smoking cigarettes? >> it's interesting. cigarettes were not known to cause lung damage for decades after we first started using them. the association with lung cancer
2:52 pm
came up long after the public had been using cigarettes for a long time. we're seeing the same concern with vaping. what was thought to be a safer way to using to be alcoholo, nicotine or other substances is beginning to be known to be associated with some acute effects and potentially long-term effects. we haven't had enough time with these products to say to anyone that this is safe. >> based on what you're seeing, is there a difference in terms of the impact of nicotene versus ma marijuana-based products and vaping? >> it's not clear yet what the substance is. our patients reported exposure to a number of different substances. minnesota department of health partnering with center for
2:53 pm
disease control to understand what the common denominator might be here. we don't have that information yet. interviews are still ongoing. >> any final message you want to pass along to parents or teenagers? you mentioned the patients you're seeing are young. >> they are. i don't think it is limited to teenagers specifically. we would expect to see it in young adults. vaping being common in middle schoolers and high schoolers reported as one out of five, i think the message is we have no idea what this is doing. we don't know what the short-term effects are, or long-term effects on lung function. and is that really something that you want to get yourself into? >> right. is it worth the risk? dr. emily chapman -- >> absolutely. >> -- appreciate your insights and expertise. thanks for being here. >> absolutely. my pleasure. >> we'll be right back.
2:54 pm
asking them object a little more disciplined in how they are second co2 out of the air. >> plants pull in carbon dioxide, use it as a fertilizer and build this interesting, natural chemicals they've been doing for 3.5 billion years since photosynthesis first arrived. >> formation of cork, more roots and deeper growing roots to help keep carbon and soil so it doesn't seep into the atmosphere. >> in a perfect world, we hope to be able to draw down some 10% to 50% of the excess carbon put out every year. we want to make a global change. >> cnn, san diego, california.
2:55 pm
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a symbol of american freedom
2:59 pm
and lady liberty and her words need a rewrite, according to trump administration. jake tapper sees it as a big moment in the state of the cartoonian. >> statue of liberty was in the news this week, specifically the poem chiselled next to her, which ken cuccinelli rewrote. >> give me your tired and poor who can stand on their own two feet. >> while they're editing history to fit the trump administration's values, lady liberty may benefit from a trump-style makeover. >> i want to show them that i don't care. >> although she is not assuredly menacing enough to the administration's approach to immigration -- >> if they come into the united states illegally, they're getting out. >> the president would probably want her to be holding something other than a welcoming torch, perhaps a more menacing flame thrower. >> i can do much better than that. >> while we're at it, what is she doing in new york city harbor? she should be at the border. >> they throw rocks like they
3:00 pm
did at the mexico military police, i say, consider it a rifle. >> then when she needs to rest, she can lie down and the president will finally get his border wall. you're live in the cnn newsroom. top of the hour. i'm ana cabrera in t. talking about recession, trump says what recession? swirling fears that the world economy could be spiraling toward a major slowdown. let's bring in cnn national correspondent kristen holmes in new jersey where the president spent the last week and a half. the u.s. economy is the solid ground president trump stands on when he trumpets his success, often calling it the best in the world. how nervous are


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