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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 20, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the -- certain people are going to be kind, certain people, and the media are trying to build up, because they'd love to see a recession, we're far from the recession, if the fed would do its job, i think it would have a tremendous spurt of growth. a tremendous spurt, the fed is psychologically very important, less so actually, but very psychologically important, if the fed would do it's job, which it's done poorly over the last year and a half, you would see a burst of growth like you've never seen before, that would be lowering interest rates and maybe putting some -- if you look at what china's doing, if you look at what germany's doing, so many countries are doing, putting some money in, because we want to compete with these other countries. so i think that we actually are set for a tremendous surge of growth if the fed would do its job, that's a big if, frankly.
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they should -- the fed should be cutting, and i would say, they should say at a minimum, 100 basis points over a period of time. not at one time, but over a period of time. >> tax cuts -- >> well, i'm not talking about doing anything at this moment. indexing is something that a lot of people have liked for a long time, it's something that would be very easy to do. it's something that i am certainly thinking about, i can say that a majority of the people in the white house at the level that does this kind of thing, they like indexing. i've been thinking about payroll taxes for a long time. whether or not we do it now, it's not being done because of recession. we are legitimately, if we had a
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cut in interest rates by the fed, if they would do their job properly, and do a meaningful cut, they raised too fast, you would see growth like you've not seen ever in this country. if you go from the election, the great november day. you're talking about a 60% increase in the stock market. you're talking about unemployment numbers in our history, i think it was 19689 and we are set to surpass that number, our country is doing very well. when we spoke to the president, he said, congratulations on the great success. our country is doing well. >> would you agree american military forces in romania.
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>> it's one of the things we'll be talking about today. i assume we'll be bringing that up, it's something we'll talk about. >> the g-7. would you like to have vladimir putin back in the g-7, the g-8 again. >> it was the g-8 for a long time, and now it's the g-7, a lot of the time we talk about, we talk about russia, we talk about russia, i've gone to numerous g-7 meetings, and i guess president obama because putin outsmarted him, president obama thought it wasn't a good thing to have russia in. so he wanted russia out. but i think it's much more appropriate to have russia in. a lot of the things we talk about have to do with russia, i could certainly see it being the g 8 again, if someone would make that motion, i would be disposed to think about it favorably. as you know, for most of the
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time it was the g-8 and it included russia. and president obama didn't want russia in because he got outsmarted. well, that's not really the way it should work. [ inaudible ] >> yeah. >> will you -- >> we spent a lot of time on it, we spent a lot of time discussing it already. our countries have been discussing it, and we're going to we're taking it up at a meeting today. do you like the idea? it sounds like you like the idea, the waiver? no, it's something we're thinking about. >> contact with the majority. >> we are in touch, we're talking to various representatives of venezuela, we're helping venezuela as much as we can. it needs a lot of help. it's an incredible tribute to
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something bad happening, and the something bad is socialism. and it's amazing, 15 years ago, is one of the wealthiest countries. it has oil reserves, a lot of things going, it's a sad thing that's happened. they don't have water, they don't have food, we are helping a lot. we are talking to the representatives at different levels of venezuela. >> i don't want to say who, but we are talking at a high level. >> the trade deal you want to see with morris johnson and d-7. >> i think he's going to be a great prime minister he's going to do a fantastic job. i've known him. a lot of people know we have a good relationship. he'll be far superior. i think he's going to be very important -- dealing with the european union, i hate to say this to you, it's very
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difficult. they drive a hard bargain, they're represented by jean claude who is a friend of mine, he's a tough man. he's a very very tough man. he's a great negotiator. we have all the cards in this country, all we bo have to do is tax their cars, they send millions of mercedes over, bmw's over, but we're talking to the european union, we're going to see 23 we can work something out. i will say this, dealing with the u.k. it's a very tough bargaibargain >> what is your current thinking on pulling out the united states -- >> well, we're talking to the government of afghanistan, we're
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talking to the taliban and others. and we're looking at different things, we've been there for 18 years, we've taken it down a notch. we're at about 13,000 people right now. nato has some troops there too, by the way. and we're having good discussions, we'll see what happens. look, it's 18 years we're not really fighting, we're almost more of a police force over there, it's been so many years, we're like a police force, and we're not supposed to be a police force. as i've said and i'll say it any number of times -- this is not using nuclear, we could win that war in a week if we're looking to fight it, i'm not looking to kill 10 million people, i'm not looking to kill 10 million afghans, that's what would have to happen. it's a war that's been going on
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for almost 19 years now, and frankly it's ridiculous. with that being said, it's a dangerous place, and we always have to keep an eye on it. -- >> if you could -- >> one of the alternatives is going on right now. we're talking about a plan, i don't know whether or not the plan is going to be acceptable to me. maybe it's not going to be acceptable to them, but we are talking, we have good talks going, and we'll see what happens. this is more than other presidents have done. we are bringing some of our troops back, we have to have a presence, yes. >> could you clarify your position on background checks. after dayton and el paso, you seemed to be on board -- we have strong background checks. >> we do have -- i'm not doing
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that to be cute. we have strong background checks right now. but we have sort of missing areas and areas that don't complete the whole circle. and we're looking at different things and i have to tell you it's a mental problem, i said it 100 times, it's not the gun that pulls the trigger, it's the person that pulls the trigger. these are sick people, and it's also that kind of a problem. they closed up all of their mental institutions or many of them, and those people went on to the streets. they did it for budgetary reasons. new york is not unique, they've done that in many places. we are in very meaningful discussions with the democrats, and i think the republicans are very unified. we are very strong on our second amendment, the democrats are not
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strong at all on the second amendment. i would say they're weak on the second amendment, we have to be careful of that. i think the democrats would give up the second amendment. the people that -- a lot of the people that put me where i am, are strong believers in the second amendment, and i am also. and we have to be very careful about that. you know, they call it the slippery slope. all of a sudden everything gets taken away, we're not going to let that happen. >> -- romania -- >> the results, we want to share those with president trump. >> it's nice to have a question about romania. >> i ask you, will you -- >> sure, i will. >> sure, i will.
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i think this is a man that could solve the corruption problem in romania he's made very big strides, and i think he's the man that can solve the corruption problem, there are a number of really terrific countries like romania, but they have a tremendous corruption problem. and i heard you made tremendous progress. >> the status of your foreign aide package, do you support -- >> we're looking at it, and we're looking at it in different ways, we're talking to republicans and democrats about it, and certain things we could say and certai things -- it would be a penniwise. maybe it's a penniwise. we have some things on the table. we'll let you know in the next -- probably sooner than a week.
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>> -- against lgbt in the workforce. >> i just got an award the other day from the exact group, they gave me the endorsement yesterday, i was honored to visit the log cabin group. and i was honored to receive it. i think they -- i talk to them a lot about it. i've done well with that community, as you know, peter and so many others there, are with me all the way, they like the job i'm doing. and i just got a big endorsement from the log cabin group. >> trade war with china. it's not affecting the u.
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economy. >> somebody had to take china off. i read so much and i see these economists, give up, give up on chi china. >> it's about time, it's imperative our country good this, we cannot afford to pay china 500 billion a year, because stupid people are running it. whether it's good or bad short term is irrelevant. we have to solve the problem with china. they're taking our 500 billion plus. >> also, national security. so i am doing this whether it's good or bad for your statement about, will we fall into a recession for two months. the fact is, somebody had to take china -- my life would be a
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lot easier if i didn't take china on. we're getting great results, china's had the worst year they've had in 27 years, a lot of people saying the worst year they've had in 53 years, okay? and frankly, i don't want that to happen. but it does mutt us in a good negotiating position, doesn't it? china wants to make a deal, and that's good, they have to make a deal that's fair to us. it can't be a deal that's not fair to us, you should be happy i'm fighting this and i'm fighting this battle, because somebody had to do it. we couldn't let this go -- i don't even think it's sustainable to let go on what was happening, they were stealing all of our intellectual property ideas, the theft was incredible. they call it intellectual property theft. and they value it at $300 billion a year, who knows how they value it, i know how to value dollars. i don't know how to value intellectual property theft. they have experts that say it's
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$300 billion a year that they're stealing. somebody needs to do something with china. obama should have done it, bush should have done it, clinton should have done p it they all should have done it, nobody did it. i'm doing it. what do you say -- may trade deals are causing a problem. my trade deals aren't causing a problem, it's something that had to be done, the only difference is, i'm doing it. i could be sitting here with a stock market that could be up 10,000 points higher if i didn't want to do, but i think we have no choice but to do it, a lot of people that really know, people that love our country, they say thank you very much for taking it on and we're wing, they're having the worst year they've had in decades, it's only going to get worst. china's lost 2 million jobs in the last month and a half. because they're moving, the people, the companies are moving to nontariff countries. they've lost over 2 million jobs in a very short period of time. they're going to lose a lot more jobs, and if i didn't help
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certain companies, or american companies like apple for a very short period of time i may help them, only until they do what they have to do, which is probably move. >> you've been listening to president trump there. and i think the headline is acknowledging -- recession is an inappropriate word everyone blaming other people for using the word recession, although i would argue top economists have been using the word recession, still acknowledge that maybe a possible payroll tax cut is on the table. i have a lot of smart economic minds to my right. on first -- what did you think of some of the news he made. >> the contradiction is remarkable. on the one hand he's going out there, trying to convince americans that he has the midas touch for the economy, and it's never been stronger. on the other hand he's pressuring the central bank to lower interest rates, which is something you would only do if
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the economy was slowing down. so how you square that, i'm not exactly sure. and the payroll tax cut, whether it's a payroll tax cut or a middle income tax cut, it's becoming clear that he has to do something because it's going to help him politically. the democrats are going to slam him for the corporate tax cuts that added 1$1.5 trillion to ou debt. so he knows that that political attack is coming, and he is looks to do something for the middle class. or perhaps at least look like it gives him a win politically. >> he's essentially acting like -- we are considering doing a, b, c to mitigate any
12:18 pm
potential problems down the road. >> the white house is scared about what's happening with the economy, they're starting to react privately and hourly by acknowledging it that there's something going on. this payroll tax cut is an unprecedented move, we didn't see it since 2011, 2012 when the obama administration did it, they didn't do it before the previous recession, they did it as a recovery method. the fact that that's on the table is worrisome. we've had reports coming out that they're talking about taking their foot off the gas pedal with the china tariffs, we have a bunch going into effect in september, more in december. the fact that these are being reported and acknowledged by the president himself, we're seeing the white house is worried. >> what they would do if the payroll tax cut went into place,
12:19 pm
would be a quick 4i9 to everyone's wallet, that would be deployed into the economy. businesses have slowed spending, it's on the consumer to keep things afloat, by doing this, they would be given a little more disposible income. >> it's not very much. it's about 80 bucks a month. we're not talking about a huge juicing of the economy. when you go into a recession, like trump suggested we might do for two months, but who knows. if you go into a recession, you don't want to starve social services for people who might find themselves in a bad way, and when you cut the payroll tax cut, you're making sure that fewer funds go into social security. that $80 may not mean a lot to you and your family. >> he kept saying if the fed would do its job.
12:20 pm
the fed's job is two fold also to make sure inflation doesn't run away with us. we don't have either of the two problems in the united states of america. the fed's job in keeping prices stable they're doing it. the job is not to get the fed re-elected. he's hoping can he knock on this door and maybe it will -- >> still just after the election. >> they only need to get through november. >> that's the pretense. the politics of this wants to keep the economy moving and grooving, and through november. >> you hit it, i think it's also an important point to fact check him on his economic prowess. >> he's talking about record growth. projected growth is 2.1%.
12:21 pm
that's not much different than the final years of the obama administration. wages are rising, we can give him credit for that, manufacturing is experiencing a really big slowdown, it's a slow part of the economy, but it's an important part of the weather vein. >> he said specifically, when he was talking about the trade war with china. >> he said in the short term the effect on our economy is irrelevant. i just thought about people sitting here. >> that's not real at all. >> we're going full speed ahead into this fight with china. he's like, i don't care what happens, i don't care what the economists say, we have to do this. what that's going to do to business investments, we're going in no matter what happens, and there's no end in site, because the chinese are not backing down any time soon
12:22 pm
either. prepare for the long haul. >> he's not saying the other side of this, he's trying to say all of this. they do not. they're looking at the next 50 years, they can take the pain, and that is not something that he's messaging, because -- >> he can't take anything at all, he's watching now. >>. >> much more to discuss including president interrupt saying russia should be back in the g-8. also ahead, even after two mass shootings, 17 days ago, the president appears to be cooling on background checks. we're looking at some things. that was the president, we'll be right back. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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12:28 pm
i know you have new reporting about how those background check conversations have been going behind the scenes? >> reporter: we just heard the president a few moments ago. throw cold water on the idea of new background legislation when congress returns. we have in this country very strong background checks, he said that there are some some missing areas, he did talk about that but at the same time, brooke, i think we should take notice of the language the president used toward the end of his remarks on gun control. we have to be careful about a slippery slope that he says we're not going to let happen. just last month he seemed to take issue with the question.
12:29 pm
the president was taking issue with the nra's notion that there's a slippery slope if you pass new background check legislation. he seemed to be parroting the nra talking points a few moments ago. they all seem to be saying, while the president was on vacation in bedminster, he was talking to lawmakers in capitol hill, in the house and senate, based on those conversations, the president does appear to be backing away from background check legislation as congress returns. you did hear the president say he's leaving wiggle room there, there are missing areas, but it sounds as though he's throwing cold water on the idea. >> so that's where we are on that. i want to play another clip. this was the president attacking
12:30 pm
congresswoman rashida tlaib once again. let's play that clip. >> omar is a disaster for jewish people. i can't imagine if she has any jewish people in her district that they could possibly vote for. what omar has said, talib has said. and yesterday i noticed for the first time, talib with the tears all of a sudden, she starts with tears, tears, and i don't buy it, i don't buy it for a second. i've seen her in a vicious mood at campaign rallies, my campaign rallies, before she was a congresswoman, i said, who is that? i saw a woman that was violent and vicious and out of control. all of a sudden i see this person who's crying because she can't see her grandmother. she could see her grandmother, they gave her permission to see her grandmother.
12:31 pm
but she grandstanded and didn't want to do it. that's a decision of israel. a lot of people are saying it's my decision. >> let's remind everyone as we heard him say all of that, the ban by israel came after the president's own urging. >> he admitted to reporters last week that he talked to israelis about -- he wasn't specific about who he talked to, but he said he spoke with some of the israelis about this decision one thing that people have to understand about what the president is saying about the lawmakers that make up the so called squad. ilhan omar, alexandria ocasio-cortez and so on. theyen watt to tie the democratic party to the lawmakers who make up the so-called squad. they see this as a route to
12:32 pm
success in 2020. if they can continue to tie democrats to these four lawmakers, they feel that is going to pay dividends down the road. you have to take heed to that environment and that sort of thing. that's the kind of rhetoric where that could lead. >> calling a sitting member of congress a disaster. jim acosta, thank you. >> coming up next, the return of isis, why and where the terror group is resurging after the president declared them defeated. what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job.
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12:38 pm
>> the other members of the g-7 don't think russia should be back in, that's what they told him the last time they met and he brought this up too. russia was kicked out of the g-8, because it an ex-ed crimea from the ukraine. that hasn't changed, but this goes back to president trump's fixation with russia as a possible future ally for the u.s., and seeing them as a strong man as opposed to seeing them as engaging in dangerous behavior that needs to be checked and punished. >> alsoen watted to talk to you today, moving on to isis in this reporting of this camp in northern syria, 70,000 strong. isis family members, is it a hotbed of isis ideology. we know president trump declared victory five months ago. mike pompeo acknowledging isis is surging and is stronger than it was a few years ago.
12:39 pm
if the president withdraws troops, what sort of effect would that have? >> i think the important thing that happened today, secretary pompeo said that out loud in an interview that president trump might watch, because his other officials in the state department have said earlier this month in a detailed but not very well reported briefing, that isis is still ingauged throughout parts of syria where the u.s. isn't active, and also that 15,000 fighters or more are in urban areas and hiding across iraq and still engaging in terrorism, threatening people, undermining the local government and also providing inspiration to tens of thousands of people who are still in internment camps inside iraq and syria, who did favor isis before.
12:40 pm
>> still a massive problem. kimberly dozier, thank you for that, and acknowledging that at least mike pompeo said it outloud. coming up next on cnn, the former second lady argues the democrats should vote for her husband even if he's not their top choice, hear her explain why. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero ♪ are we supposed to dance? ♪ boy boy bands without dancing are just ok. get a better than just ok unlimited plan with spotify premium included on america's best network.
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former vice president joe biden is at the head of the democratic pack running for president in this new cnn poll, he's extended his lead from the last survey, you can see bernie sanders and elizabeth warren share the second place spot. take a look at kamala harris dropping a whopping 12 pints.
12:45 pm
a majority of those surveyed want a candidate who can beat trump. that 235falls right in line wit comments from dr. biden, she seemed to say out loud what many polled were thinking. >> i know not all of you are committed to my husband, and i respect that, your candidate may be better on health care than joe is, but you've got to look at who's going to win this election. and maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, okay, i sort of personally like so and so better, but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat trump. >> jess mcintosh was director of communications out reach, rich benjamin wrote the book searching for whitetopia. ladies first, maybe not a
12:46 pm
ringing endorsement coming from your wife, but is she wrong? >> yes. i love dr. jill biden, i'm a huge fan of hers, logically, the reason she's wrong, we are terrible at predicting who is electable. m.i.t. romney, barack obama, bill clinton, hillary clinton, donald trump, we were wrong on every single one, everyone that was supposed to win lost, everyone that was supposed to lose lost. telling somebody to ignore their gut is literally telling them to throw the primary, because we have no idea who can western, we never do. aside from the logic, telling us to settle now is way too early. like it's still light out, the bar is still full, there's no need to settle. >> going by at least the numbers, most folks want to pick
12:47 pm
the person who will beat trump, is that settling if you want to pick the person who's going to take down the man in the white house? >> it's totally settling, we haven't been through the primary yet, we think those numbers are artificially inflated because of his name recognition coming out of the gate. those comments are not a good look for the campaign. >> you said it was embarrassing? >> it's embarrassing, because -- >> for whom? >> for the campaign and for dr. byten, i say that because it sounds a little cocky. it's not true, i guess they're trying to get inside the other opponent's head and to create this air of inevitability. and loy at of people aren't buying it. >> what about kamala han half is, she had that killer first debate, she took on joe biden and did well, we've watched her do this, given that last poll, down 12 points, what's up? >> i think so far this poll has
12:48 pm
seemed like a bit of an outlier for her, i would like to see more, when you're monthlying this early and this many times, i want to see a trend before i can say why she's falling. i'm not sure i'm ready to say that she's fallen that much. people want to hear more from her, she's regularly ranked one or two as the candidate you want to hear more from. i think she has a real opportunity to come out and sell the holistic case for a kamala harris presidency. >> once the crop of candidates starts to shrink, how may it change the numbers? >> it may not change it, once she has fewer opponents who can really look at her record and attack her, she could go further down. it speaks to an important point which is, she really came out of the gates strong. in this race, the democrats have no margin for error. and biden keeps making all these
12:49 pm
errors, she's made some errors, and your poll numbers are going to reflect that. >> he's at the top of the heap. at least so far, i hear you say, don't settle. >> he was the vice president for our favorite president. people are still tuning, in it's august. >> good to see both of you. steph curry makes a seven figure donation to start a golf team at howard university. a historically black university. we'll speak live to the college student himself who inspired this nba legend. fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months and
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thanks to this chance meeting between a college student and steph curry, the golden state warrior basketball star visited the black university back in january when a student invited him to hit the links and that didn't happen. but the two did chat about the love for the game and how ferguson had to choose between playing golf at the college level or attending howard, which doesn't have a golf team. so apparently he made quite the impression that curry returned to washington, d.c. yesterday to announce that he's making this seven-figure donation to fund a men and women's team at howard for the next six years. >> the idea of recreating the howard golf team and turning it into a division one program for men and women was born on that specific night and seven and a half or eight months later we are here and it is the first division one golf program for howard university because of this guy right here.
12:55 pm
[ cheering and applause ] >> that guy right there is this guy. otis ferguson got in the round of golf with steph. i wanted to talk to you yesterday but you were busy doing what? >> i was playing golf all day long. >> with who? >> with stefan curry. >> so you were busy. >> just a little bit, yes. >> thank you for coming on today. >> thank you for having me. >> you are the reason golf is coming to howard. how does that feel? >> it is a dream come true. it's unbelievable. and just seeing it and seeing what it has already turned into this soon is just unbelievable. it is awesome. >> take me back a couple of months and what did you tell steph and then i know you were sending email after email even though you weren't getting emails back and what do you think clicked for him? >> honestly, i think it was that initial moment when we met and i just mentioned to him that --
12:56 pm
first that i wanted to play golf with him but then that i had already started progress towards creating the club at howard and once he heard that he really was engaged in the conversation and we talked a little bit more but by the end of the conversation he gave me his email and that is when i -- the conversation was very authentic and very gin w-- very genuine and i knew it was happening. but i think when it really solidified or set in for me was when i received the follow-up email from him. >> which said what? >> just, otis, thanks for tracking me down and thank you for getting in touch with me. thank you for what you are doing, we have a lot to talk about and i look forward to the future. >> and that's awesome. so i don't have to tell you, otis, the game of golf is still majority white. even more than 20 years after
12:57 pm
tiger woods became the first black golf tore win the masters, historically black golf courses have closed down and golf programs are struggling. so what do you think is the solution to reversing all of that? >> honestly, i think a story like this is huge. it all started with my own situation but just realizing at this point how much bigger it is or how much it goes beyond just my own personal dilemma that i faced. i think just being in a position to take on a challenge where a lot of players who look like us might not get the opportunity to play, especially not in an environment where they are surrounded by a majority of people who look like them. so just having golf at howard university is just -- i think that will be huge just in terms
12:58 pm
of the opportunities to create for black and specifically black golfers. >> and again, let me remind everyone watching, you turned down an opportunity to play collegiate golf so you could be at howard. >> yes. >> how do you think this program will change your life and that of future students? >> um, yeah, i just think for me making that decision to choose howard over continuing my competitive career or at least putting my competitive career on hold, it just has really been an opportunity to learn more about myself and learn with all of the things that come to you in the first three years of college and how great all of that is, especially at a school like howard. but still recognizing the kind of -- or the importance that golf has in my life and the
12:59 pm
impact that it had on me and so just learning that about myself and being in a position where i could stick with it and continue on my love for it and have it turn into something like this, that's really what has been amazing for me. >> well good on you, otis ferguson and i think you're doing -- what you're doing is -- is going to mean bigger things than you can comprehend. i'm sure you're better than steph. >> it was close. thank you. >> appreciate it. and that was otis ferguson there talking -- oh, i've still got you on. who won between the two of you? >> he ended up getting me in the end but i think we had -- we had a team with me and -- and him and the president and we went into the last hole all square and we did finish all square -- >> the president as in the president of --
1:00 pm
>> the university wayne frech. >> and there is another president he does happen to golf with quite a bit. eye gotta go. otis, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> barack obama. you know that guy. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. so which is it? is the economy strong or does it need steroids? "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, one day after the white house said this was not a thing, president trump today saying his administration is looking at a new tax cut. are the president's recession worries being revealed at 2020 gets closer. as a new cnn poll shows joe biden cementing his top spot in the 2020 race his wife's candid moment seems to reveal the campaign's clear strategy. plus gangsters stripping the jungle of gold and leaving a trail of blood behind. a cnn exclusive on