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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 21, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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because if you think it's about greenland, i have a giant ice-covered island to sell you. the president claims it is because what's really going on here? the president himself down played the whole greenland thing just days ago. >> it's not number one on the burner, i can tell you that. >> not number one on the burner. so is this about something else? some story the president doesn't want discussed? for instance, as millions of children head back to school, we're learning this morning that the president has abandoned the effort to expand background checks for buyi ining guns. after el paso and dayton, after those murders, he spoke publicly about meaningful and common sense background checks. but that's over. he held a series of calls to the head of the nra and now one capitol hill source tells me it's dead, not going to happen. >> and then there's the economy. president trump now says he is
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considering payroll tax cuts. despite denials from the white house all week and the ins insistence that the u.s. economy is doing great. there is wavering on the economic future of the country. we'll give you all of the numbers in a moment. but we have so much to cover for you this morning. let's begin with anna stewart. she is live in copenhagen with how president trump's abrupt cancellation is being received there. what is the news from copenhagen, anna? >> well, you can just imagine, alisyn, this morning the local press, they're really focusing on the reaction involving sort of the royal household. you have to understand the u.s. president was invited by her royal highness and he's abruptly canceled this trip on twitter. it's not going down particularly well. i would like to show you, actually, some of the reaction we're also getting from certain politicians. i'm just in front of the danish parliament. we've had, for instance, the
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head of the social liberal party on twitter saying it's a case of reality. it's unfathomable. and it shows why more than ever we should consider the eu countries are our closest allies. also spokesperson for the conservative peoples party, this one saying, for no reason trump assumes that an autonomous part of our country is for sale. then he cancels his visit everyone was preparing for. alaska? please show some more respect. many said trump is living on another planet. now we are awaiting for a statement from the prime minister. a very tricky tight rope to walk there. if you consider the fact she has to respond to this tweet and the cancellation or postponement of the trip. but also has to safeguard this very special relationship between denmark and the united states.
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containing this fallout will be interesting and difficult, indeed. >> indeed, it will. anna stewart in copenhagen. of course, that does have real important diplomatic repercussions, but it might be all to divert from this other major news developing this morning. that it's dead, not going to happen. that's what one says about the effort to expand background checks to buy guns. the president pushed for meaningful and what he called common sense new background checks. but we're learning he's had conversations with the nra and is now in full retreat. joe johns live at the white house. it seems the words the president used just two weeks ago no longer operative. >> if you remember, this is right out of the president's playbook. he initially said as you noted at the top there that he was interested in meaningful background checks. but a source tells me -- a
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source who is familiar with the discussions with wayne lapierre. universal background checks are off the table. as i said, the president has done this before. let's listen so some of these flip-flops. >> i'm looking to do background checks. i think background checks are important. i think we can do meaningful background checks. i want to see it happen. mental illness is something nobody wants to talk about. these people are mentally ill. people don't realize, we have very strong background checks right now. i have to tell you that it is a mental problem. and i've said it a hundred times. it's not the gun that pulls the trigger, it's the person that pulls the trigger. >> reporter: there has been some thinking that the internal turmoil in the national rifle association might open a window as it were for more talk on
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capitol hill and here on the white house. as a matter of fact, sources have told me the president, members of congress, and the nra have been in almost daily discussions. but if anything, this shows despite all the internal turmoil, the nra still has a lot of clout in washington, d.c. back to you. >> yes it does, joe. thank you very much for your reporting. we also have new numbers out just moments ago. our cnn national poll. it has troubling signs for the trump administration about how americans now view the economy. cnn's harry enten is here with the numbers. >> let's look at the approval rating this fall. it stands at 40%. his disapproval rating is 54%. take a look at this. this is the longer term trend. 40% in august. that's the lowest since february at 40%. generally he's been in the mid-30s to mid-40s. this is at the lower range since february. i should point out, folks, that's not statistically
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significant. but other polls have also generally shown that the president's approval rating is down more in the low 40s than the mid-40s. why is the approval rating dropping a little bit? these are his approval rating on the different issues. what we generally see is look at what's been in the news recently. obviously gun policy has been in the news recently. over the past few months, race relations with his comments on the four women in congress. 32% on race relations. 36% on gun policy. and even the economy, right? 50%. that's even down a little bit over the past few months. and indeed we can see that. if you look at the economic conditions, are they good? well, if we look, look. 65% now say they are good. but that's down at the lower part of that range again. may, he was at 70%. so we've seen a five-point drop. that's lower than last december when he was at 67%. even a strength of the president right now is not as much of a strength as it used to be. let's take a look at this.
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you were talking about gun control laws. i think this is rather key. what we see is that americans are, in fact, favoring stricter gun control laws at 60%. that is lower than it was after park land when it was 70%. but after las vegas and orlando, those were in the mid-50s. it's still a majority that are suggesting we should have stricter gun control laws. why isn't the president acting? why isn't that pressure there to act? this question may give you a little insight into why. would stricter gun control laws reduce gun related deaths? 48% say no. you have this group in the electorate who may say, you know what? we want stricter gun control laws but they don't actually think it would reduce gun related deaths. >> thank you so much. that's such important context for everything we will be discussing today on as you note a jam packed morning. >> and i mean, obviously such a significant time. kids are going back to school.
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we haven't solved the problem of school shootings, of mass shootings. and the idea that americans don't think there are solutions anymore. they no longer believe there are solutions because i think lawmakers present no solutions. >> joining us now, kaitlan collins, chris cillizza, and nathan gonzalez. i'm going to take the president at his word which is a dangerous thing to do that greenland wasn't a front burner issue. it never has been. so that isn't the real reason, if you take the president at his word, that he canceled the trip to denmark. so why is it? is it this issue about guns? is it this full retreat on the issue of expanding background checks? kaitlan collins, you cover the white house every day. the president went from common sense, meaningful background checks two weeks ago to now it's dead. it's not going to happen. we saw this before after pa
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parkland, what's happening? >> it's a pattern of behavior we've seen from president trump before. it's not entirely surprising if you talk to people who know the president well. they kind of saw this come. though some republicans did fear the president was serious about strengthening background checks this time. the president's change in stance comes after this long and sustained effort from not only nra officials like wayne lapierre, the nra boss, but also conservative allies, republican lawmakers, who said these aren't going to make a difference. the background checks he'd been pushing for saying he wanted meaningful gun legislation wouldn't have changed what happened in el paso in their minds and in dayton. and now it seems they've been successful. it appears that call yesterday just cemented this stance that the president had already been shifting on in recent days after that vacation he had in bedminster. turning to his canceling his trip to denmark which he was supposed to leave in a week and a half and he had a series of bilateral meetings scheduled and
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just a sign of how ready they were for the president to come. the u.s. ambassador to denmark tweeted a photo yesterday where they had posteres up we the president's name on it ready to go. even though the president himself made light of this reporting about greenland clearly was miffed by the response people got where people were saying i hope he's not serious about this. and the president is making clear he was. >> chris, i think that it is really helpful to know finally how the president and republicans feel about guns and their solutions. i think it's helpful for americans to know this is as good as it gets. they're not presenting solutions. they don't feel like coming back from august recess to figure it out. the president has back tracked again. we have to believe this is his real position. so as we all prepare to send our kids back to school next week, i think it is just good for americans to know that they've given up.
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okay? now we just have to accept that do we like it like this or do we think that, you know, in -- if voters think in 15 months there's a way to do better, then they know what their choices are. because it's very clear this morning. >> yeah. i mean, honestly, alisyn, i would be more cynical. it's not that they've given up. it's they don't want to do anything. giving up means they've explored options and those options won't work. what i think it really is is there is no desire on the part of senate republican majority to do anything on guns. i think the reason for that is a couple things. i think the nra remains significant. there is a lot of turmoil at the top of nra, but it remains a very powerful lobbying group. what the nra has particularly done as it relates to the republican party is create this slippery slope argument you heard donald trump make yesterday which is effectively
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any gun control legislation, anything whether that's expanded background checks, red flag flaws, clip limits, all is a slippery slope. if you let that door open, you will suddenly at one point in the not too distant future have someone knock knock knocking on your door and asking to take your gun. it's simply not bore out in policy. there's no attempt to abolish the second amendment. there's no attempt to confiscate all guns. but that is the dynamic on which we work. it makes no sense. it suggests that any change represents all change. if one change doesn't solve the problem, we can't make any changes? it doesn't make any sense. but it is clearly the governing political dynamic. and candidly, alisyn, has been since at least newtown when we saw that amendment fail that barack obama pushed in 2013. >> one point.
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it does seem the red flag laws are still on the table. at the moment. the nra hasn't been too enthusiastic about that either. but that appears to be on the table at least according to republicans on capitol hill. nathan, you pointed out the polls on this is clear. expanding background checks is a 90% issue among the american public with large majorities even in the republican party. so it's not the polls that are driving these decisions exactly, you say. >> right. i think this is actually a missed opportunity for the president. i mean, if we go all the way back to 2015-2016 campaign and the president getting elected, he was elected as a non-traditional republican who i don't think held the same policy views that the traditional republican party does. i think when we fast forward to today, i think the president is holding the political capital within the republican party. he is the most popular politician among the republican base and it's not even close. if he wanted to get this done, if he wanted to have a legacy item, i think he could take on
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the nra. and i think that the nra might be surprised how popular the president is even though it is not a traditional republican stance. but kaitlan's exactly right. i think the president also when you get certain people talking to him, having conversations, he can be convinced otherwise. and that's -- so now we're back to the standoff that we've had for years and years, but i think this is really an opportunity that the president had to say, you know what? let's have a legacy item and get something done even though it's not what republicans have done in the past. >> just one last point i think people should know, the nra -- hold on, chris. they gave $30 million to president trump's campaign. so just think that might be an important thing. >> just very quickly to add to nathan's point, i do think it is really important to remember that the only way this was true the day after the el paso and dayton shootings, the only way the meaningful gun legislation gets through the senate is a hard push by donald trump. anyone i talked to said it's not
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going to work unless donald trump says i want this, i am going to work for it. that's how you get wavering republican senators. that's how you get mitch mcconnell on board. so when he walks away from it, even a little bit, that basically dooms it. >> this morning we know that's not going to happen. i just think we need to mark this moment. >> to chris' moment, one source in the middle of these discussions wrote with me overnight. dead, not going to happen. so it's over. expanding background checks is over. i will say i think it's possible, kaitlan. there's a tie between the background checks, greenland, and another major story which is the economy. the white house is now concerned about the economy. they admitted they're lying about it talking about payroll tax cuts. >> yeah. everything -- >> so again, the greenland thing might be trying to distract from serious concerns about the economy this morning. >> well, and a lot of things in the white house are pretty much everything in the white house has this focus toward the 2020
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election and whether or not the president can get re-elected. whether you're talking about whether the president is going to make moves on gun legislation when he's got people like wayne lapierre saying hey we helped get you elected. it's a fervent part of the president's base. now the president is turning an eye to the economy. and they are insisting we have no fears about a recession. that's what white house officials and the president himself are saying. but behind the scenes, you're seeing some of those concerns come to life with the president saying yesterday, yes, i've been considering this payroll tax cut for some time. but also considered other measures as well. that shows they actually do have that concern. that is something that the white house has been weighing even though they're saying publicly they're not. because another fear they have is if they do talk about things they're going to do to stave off some kind of economic downturn, they fear that's going to lead to more americans tightening their belts. they're essentially trying to keep everything quiet that they
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are considering even though, of course, the president admits publicly yesterday it is something he's weighing. >> okay. thank you all very much. also this morning, there's new outrage from american jews after the president plays to an anti-semitic trope. we'll tell you what the president said about loyalty. chair is just a chair. that a handle is just a handle. or... that you can't be both inside and outside. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. where's the democratic party
3:22 am
gone? where have they gone where they're defending these two people over the state of israel? and i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. >> well, that was president trump politicizing support for israel while attacking two freshmen congresswomen who have been critical of the israeli government. back with us, cnn's chris cillizza and kaitlan collins. also arlet. what is being said on the campaign trail? >> reporter: this plays into what they're making on the campaign trail saying that president trump is dividing the
3:23 am
country. former vice president joe biden tweeting overnight that these comments are inexcusable and intolerant. you had bernie sanders weighing in. he is jewish himself saying he is proudly voting democrat and plans on voting for a democratic candidate coming around this election cycle. but really this is just adding fuel to the fire for democrats who are trying to paint the president as a divider right now in this country. that's one of joe biden's central arguments of his campaign that you saw play out from the very first day with that digital video where he talked about the clashes in charlottesville. the president's response to that saying that this is a battle for the soul of the country. so comments like this from the president just give the democrats more animation for them to try to paint the president as a divider. >> it is an anti-semitic trope suggesting that jews are disloyal if they don't field a
3:24 am
certain way. exactly what republicans criticized ilhan omar for earlier this year. and by the way, the president has done this before. he told american jews that benjamin netanyahu was their prime minister. of course he's not. president of the united states is american jews' president. chris, there's a long record of the president talking this way and it undermines, i think, their efforts to go after omar and tlaib. >> sure. i mean, if you're attacking people for what they say really matters and what they say and what they believe means they can't enter a foreign country, then if you are then saying things that are decidedly controversial and not being kind as it relates to american jews, well, aren't you doing the psalm thing? donald trump does not do gray area in the world. it is either for trump or against trump. you are either all in or you are
3:25 am
all out. that's how he sees things. it's how he presents things. and it's how he talks. you know, this whole thing is simply about if you have the audacity, american jewish person, not to view things this way, you are disloyal. right? those are the terms he talks in loyalty. i'll remind you, john, even though i know i don't have to. he sits down with jim comey two days after he gets inaugurated and says i need your loyalty. i expect your loyalty. it's a very big thing for him. unfortunately i don't think he defines loyalty to the country or loyalty to serve the global world. he defines loyalty to donald trump. that i think is the danger. >> obviously there are lots of distinctions even political ones inside the jewish community. and, you know, i always wonder how jared and ivanka feels when the president says something
3:26 am
like this. they're jewish, they have raised money in the past for democrats. how can they not take this personally on some level? >> and we should also note that they have not been in washington over the last few days. they may have returned now recently in the last 24 hours or so. but they have not been in washington when the president was making this remark. they still haven't weighed in which is typically a pattern you see from the two of them when something like this happens. we've seen it in the past where it takes them a few days to put out a statement. typically ivanka on something the president has said or done. to be clear here, this is the way the president oermts. he's been trying to target these four democratic congresswomen painting them as the picture of the democratic party saying they're anti-semitic, saying that the democratic party doesn't like jewish people. so when they watch the press conference which is what they
3:27 am
were referencing when he made this comment yesterday. in his mind he doesn't see how any jewish people could vote for a democrat. and of course the numbs show that in the midterm elections that a majority of jewish people did vote democrat. he's essentially saying he doesn't see how the strategy over the last few weeks to demonize these congresswomen has not worked yesterday. >> and it night not be he's as much of an american jury on american jews. another major development overnight is the white house today is going to try to do a workaround on flores which is a court case which establishes that children can only be held for 20 days. immigrant children detained can
3:28 am
only be held for 20 days. what they're going to try to do is make it so they can be held indefinitely. this is one of the court cases, one of the barriers they have fell to in their immigration policy. it was one of the reasons they had the child separation policy at the beginning. now t to ignore, i guess, a court case here and try to do a workaround. i don't know if this is a distraction, but this certainly plays to the politics of immigration the president likes to focus on. >> yeah. you know, kaitlan made the point earlier that everything donald trump does and i would say has done since being elected president is samed at getting re-elected. on the day he was sworn in, they formed the 2020 committee. i think this is more of the same. i think donald trump has a clear theory of the case. i am going to placate and play to my base at all times. the walk away from guns is that.
3:29 am
some of the rest of the world is that. taking his ball and going home from denmark is that. you don't want to give us greenland? we're not doing that. immigration has always been at the root of this base politic. first speech he ever gave, rapists and krlgs, build that wall. this is fundamental to who he believes he is and how he believes he animates his base. now, i continue to remind people donald trump won by 70,000 votes in three states. michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin. he loses the overall popular vote by almost 3 million. he tleded a needle. to his credit, he tleded a need needle. to rely kat that model to your base i think is a big gamble. >> i hear you. but i also think we need to later in the program talk about the real life consequences of this. it's beyond we have overcrowded
3:30 am
detention centers. and so the idea that now you can keep children in there indefinitely has all sorts of repercussions. so we have jeff markly coming up. he has just written a book about all this about what this means for the country. >> thank you very much. since the massacres in el paso and dayton, dozens of people have been arrested for threatening violent acts. this morning we have a live report next. just between us, you know what's better than mopping? anything! at the end of a long day, it's the last thing i want to do. well i switched to swiffer wet jet and its awesome. it's an all-in-one so it's ready to go when i am. the cleaning solution actually breaks down dirt and grime. and the pad absorbs it deep inside.
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this morning as millions of children head back to school and as we are learning that the president is retreating from plans to expand background checks to buy guns, we're getting new information on law enforcement efforts to address at least 26 violent threats. 26 since the deadly el paso and dayton shootings. the latest involves a
3:35 am
15-year-old florida student. he's among thoet charged after expressing his desire to carry out a school shooting on a video game platform. our rosa flores is live with the details on these cases. extraordinary, rosa. >> reporter: it really is, john. good morning. even though these cases are happening all around the country, they have some of the same characteristics. it usually starts with a tip into police. then those police officers do some police work. they follow leads. it usually involves a male making a threat online or through text messages. and once probable cause is made, then police make arrests. and in all of these cases, most likely tragedy was prevented. >> but it's just a comment. how is it an arrest? >> statutes says you cannot make a threat to commit a mass shooting. >> reporter: reading a threatening message they say was
3:36 am
by the teen. >> i vow to bring my father's m 15 to school and kill seven people. >> reporter: his mother watching as the 15-year-old is taken into custody. after authorities received a tip from the fbi saying the teen posted the message to a video game chat room using a fake name. >> but he's just a little kid playing a video game. >> and other kids are getting arrested. that's why the fbi and local law enforcement is spending so much time because how do we know he's not going to be a kid from parkland? >> reporter: the sheriffs office saying, joke or not these types of comments are felonies under the law. this arrest last week, the same day police in the same county arrested 25-year-old chryst tan scott wicks. and eric lynn also charged in florida after federal agents saying the 35-year-old sent facebook messages where he
3:37 am
called for the extermination of all hispanics, made pro-hitler statements, and referenced president trump launching a racial war and crusade. all but one kused of making threats through text messages, phone calls, or social media. like 38-year-old thomas mcvicor who was arrested on monday over text messages. one saying i'm thinking of shooting a church up but i'm afraid of how it will affect my family so i think i'm just going to kill some people on the street. a 19-year-old threatened to kill people at a local women's reproductive health center posting on social media site ifunny, quote, i am done with my state and their expletive abortion laws allowing innocent kids to be slaughtered for the so-called women's right, end quote. another iphone user justin olson
3:38 am
was arrested in ohio two weeks ago after posting his support for mass shootings. and according to charging documents, authorities recovered 25 guns and 10,000 rounds of ammunition from olson's home. and alisyn, you and i have covered so many mass shootings around the country that it's nice to cover stories like these where plots are foiled before tragedy happened. >> thank god for good police work. thank god that police are looking for all this or we can't imagine what would happen. you know, we have a teenage boy problem, also, when you look at the pattern here of who are making all these threats. and it would be great if our lawmakers could address any of this. rosa, thank you very much for bringing all of that to our attention. unfathomable, smug, disrespectful. those are just some of the words from danish leaders after president trump abruptly canceled his trip to denmark
3:39 am
because they do not want to sell greenland. the former u.s. ambassador to denmark with more choice words next. ♪ (music plays throughout)
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president trump announced on twitter he is canceling his scheduled trip to denmark after the danish prime minister said his idea of buying greenland was, quote, absurd. let's get reaction from kopp copenhag copenhagen. joining us now is the former u.s. ambassador to denmark. ambassador gifford, thanks for being here. the prime minister used the word absurd. you used the word sad. what do you mean that this episode is sad? >> i think it's sad, honestly, because this is not the way you treat an ally. so if we look at what's happened over the course of this last week or so, or the last few weeks, he committed to come and it's not just a bilateral visit with the prime minister. this was a state dinner. the first state dinner that a sitting united states president has done in denmark since bill clinton in 1997. it's a big deal here.
3:44 am
it's a big deal here. and in essence, he made this visit his -- his visit contingent on the kingdom being willing to negotiate the sale of part of their territory. now, this is a country, denmark, that has fought and died alongside american soldiers. i had the great responsibility of going to the danish government and requesting troops to go to iraq, to syria. and they went and they fought along i'd our troops and died alongside our troops. this is not the way you treat a loyal ally who is with centuries of diplomatic relations. it's just a sad chapter to me. >> and just out of curiosity, what happens in denmark that when somebody cancels -- when a president cancels last minute like this? there were all sorts of plans and preparation and money spent, correct? >> oh, sure.
3:45 am
both american money and danish money. this is a monarchy. when you have a visiting head of state like the american president, there's months or weeks of preparation. it's a big deal. look, denmark is not a big fan of donald trump and his politics. they are a back fan of the united states of america. and to cancel the trip in this way is just a shame. it's absolutely a shame. and i think it's a -- you know, it just speaks to again the way i think this president, that donald trump, the way he moves these traditional alliances and not just denmark. it's nato more broadly. these alliances that keep the west peaceful and prosperous for so many decades. >> there's a lot of speculation back here that this is just the art of distraction. that this whole denmark, that
3:46 am
the desire to buy greenland, that now the cancellation, that it's all just a big distraction. but do you believe that? and if so, what's it distracting from? >> that i don't know. i don't know if it's a distraction or not if it is, i don't think it reflects well on the united states nor the administration. foreign policy, diplomacy amongst friends is about sitting across the table and maybe disagreeing on some things and hammering out those disagreements. and it is not -- it is a foreign policy by twitter. it just is -- it's again, i think it's a shame. not only does it make the united states look bad and it does, it's -- it weakens some of these great and long standing alliances that we've had. so is it a distraction?
3:47 am
it absolutely is a distraction. but i certainly don't think it reflects well on the trump administration. so i don't think it's played particularly well for him. >> ambassador rufus gifford, thank you for your perspective from copenhagen for us. >> thank you, alisyn. ahead, a new case of high school students being caught on video giving a nazi salute. what's going on and why do these children think it's okay? the story ahead. they give us excellent customer otservice, every time.e. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters costa rica paraíso.
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this morning united states issuing a new threat to iran. the state department saying they're aware of an iranian tanker released from gibraltar is now headed to syria. mike pompeo is warning the international community not to help tankers believed to be carrying illicit crude oil. clarissa ward live in tehran with the latest here. clarissa, what's going on? >> reporter: good morning, john. we're hering the bonita queen is
3:52 am
heading towards syria with hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil on board. a source telling cnn that the company that manages this tanker is the same company that manages the grace 1 tanker now called the adrian darya tanker. 3 billion barrels of oil are smuggling into syria every month. this comes as mike pompeo issued a stern warning to any other countries or organizations that might be thinking of helping iranian vessels carrying illicit oil. he was speaking at the u.n. take a listen to what he had to say. >> made clear anyone who touches it, anyone who supports it, anyone who allows a ship to dock is at risk of receiving sanctions from the united states of america. we'll take every action we can consistent with those sanctions to prevent that. >> reporter: meanwhile,
3:53 am
everybody here is watching very closely to see whether iranian authorities are going to release the british tanker they seized in late july as response to the capture of the grace 1 tanker in gibraltar. we know a court hearing has been underway here. but no word yet as to when and if that british tanker will indeed be released. >> clarissa, it is wonderful to have you in tehran reporting for us. thank you so much. there's this disturbing video of high school students giving a nazi salute. so we'll bring you the story of what the school says is happening there. next. summer's not the time for making bucket lists. bookers know summer is for booking it. (chime, slam, chime) like booking a beachside resort and ordering two more tacos than you need to. check. showing the deep end who's boss. check. starting a scooter gang with the fam. check. awesome. bookers know summer won't last forever. you're going to thank me.
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-i do. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. ♪ work so hard do. ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat secret. all strength. no sweat. a california school district is reopening an investigation after this video shows a group of students giving the nazi salute and singing a nazi marching song. it resurfaced this week. sara sidner is live with more on
3:58 am
this. what's going on at this school? >> reporter: that's what a lot of people want to know because a lot of people were not told that this had actually happened. you see the video there. this is pacifica high school in orange county, california. you see the students there throwing up a nazi salute. the video went public. and suddenly it prompted the unified school district to decide to reopen an investigation. the school district says this happened at an athletic banquet off campus but it is a school sponsored thing. a pan kwet off campus that these students were there unsupervised in another room before the banquet happened. this happened in 2008 and it was posted to snapchat. the school says it didn't know anything about it until march of 2019 and took immediate action and addressed the situation with all the students involved. but five months later, this comes out into the public. it was first put out there by the daily beast.
3:59 am
and then teachers and parents at the school as well as other parents of students at the school were outraged because they had not been told anything about this. here's what happened just partially at the school board meeting, the regularly scheduled school board meeting in the area at the unified school district there. >> we were completely blind sided and we feel outraged. we are not here to blame any one person nor to dwell on the past. we're here to highlight what we see as systemic problems. >> we debted the service to the entire school community by limiting the students involved. >> that was the principle of pacifica high school there in orange county respond iing a lo
4:00 am
of people upset about this. this happened in 2018. we are told these were members of the water polo team and they had been disciplined in some way and their families had been told. the community reeling from seeing this video come out now and just learning about it not from their administrators but from the news stations. >> thank so much. "new day" starts now. they've gone a completely different direction. >> when the attention goes is somewhere else, it's a game this president plays. >> president trump postponing


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