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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  August 21, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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would have a threat assessment meeting before he's allowed back in school. real consequences for these threats t seeing online. >> thank you so much. i really appreciate it. from florida for us. thank you all so much for joining me today. inside politics with john king inside politics with john king starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >> thank you, kate. welcome to "inside politics." president trump speaking to reporters at the white house right now confusing us again about his position on guns. he was for background checks in el paso. then white house said the president was retreating. just moments tag president said no. he want something. we will try on clear up the confusion. plus new immigration controversy. the administration proposes a new rule that would allow to it indefinitely detain families crossing the border.
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the white house said this is necessary to discourage leave entry. critics call it cruel. and the president said a planned trip to denmark had nothing to do with his talk of buying greenland. now he's canceling the trip after being told greenland is not for sale. >> it is with regret and surprise that i received the now's that president trump has canceled his state visit to denmark on the 2nd and 3rd of december. i had been looking forward to the visit. our preparations were well underway. it was an opportunity to celebrate denmark's close relationship to u.s. and who remains one of denmark's closest allies. >> that's the prime minister of denmark there. the president of the united states just called her nasty for saying that. some early highlights as we
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await. we'll bring you the tape. on the economy the president says, our economy is the strongest in the world. that despite some worries of recession warning signs. the fed, the president said, totally missed on cutting interest rates more. on guns, this gets confusing. the president says, quote, we're going to be doing background checks after saying yesterday he wouldn't be doing background checks. the president says yes, this is important. the president said i do when asked if he thinks guns are a public health emergency. with me to share insights as we hear directly from the president. heather with politico, joshua, the waus journal. it is important to hear exactly what the president said. you can be confused or have whiplash. we went through with it parkland and now again with dayton and el paso. the president wanted meaningful background checks. he said he had spoken to the
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majority leader. he was lining up his ducks and had meetings in congress and the president saying we have background checks. let's not get on a slippery slope. now he is saying it is a public health emergency and he wants something. i'm confused. >> yeah. we have to hear what he says. this is not a white house where rank and file staffers work the president around him, his chief of staff and others, they're not interest in expanding background checks. it goes beyond just wayne lapierre calling president trump or republicans on capitol hill saying no. the republican party is by and large resistant to this and there are real questions whether the white house is willing to put their muscle behind any kind of gun control effort on capitol
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hill. it will take an extreme amount of effort. so far they have not been, they do not seem to be able to do that. given the phone call, there is a lot of pressure being exert on president trump to tow the line when it comes to second amendment rights. >> and the question heading into a campaign. is there something, republicans talked about red flag laws. at least create a federal program where you're getting grants to states. they are trying to make sure people with known mental health issues can't get a handle on guns. states would decide that. we'll hear from the president directly. it important the hear all of his words in exact language that he said wayne lapierre, the president of the nra, is for something. the question is, can republicans come up with something narrow that they believe helps them prove we're trying on respond to what's happening in america. and not, the excuse always is,
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if we do one thing, the democrats will ask for more. >> that's the question republicans are asking themselves, talking to them the last few days. republican leaders are privately relieved that trump backed off background checks. there are a few more weeks of recess. they're hoping we can come back in accept. everyone is focused on finding the government. they're not worried about doing this. especially mitch mcconnell, the goal is to run out the clock. >> the question is where you live, too. there are some republican who's would say i have to answer to suburban voters or maybe i'm running in a state in a big city. we have a brand new poll out later today. disapproval in urban america, way off the charts. the president doesn't get a lot of votes. maybe that's not a concern for him. that's not a lot of votes against you if gun control is an issue. this is fascinating question.
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depending on what state you're from. the suburbs have turned on the republican party under president trump. if you're a susan collins in maine or a joni ernest, you're wondering can we do something? in rural areas, the only place where the president is above water if you will. approval above disprofl on the issue of gun policy. i guess my question is, heading into the election year in the wake of more tragedy and more killings, america, can republicans find a sweet spot? the only way they'll do it is if theconsistent. >> we see them all the time. they just want to know where the fun is. if the white house does put some muscle behind a cheer specific plan, the hill now has to answer for that, it could make things at least interesting. we have to see republicaned in states you just named like
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maine, arizona, what do they think about some of the plans the president comes up with? it would have to be consistent. >> do they come back? while home for the august recess. i did not get an earful so we don't need to do anything. that's the key here. >> this is very difficult. you're talking just about the politics and not about people's personal convictions. it is very difficult to figure out. i think all the evidence suggests that for the president, this is not a deep burning personal conviction. he does not have, there is no evidence he has a strongly held personal view on what is the right thing to do here. if he did, he might be willing to risk some political capital for this. for the president's team and the groups that support the president, they're looking at this through the lens of how does it affect him? 2020? does he convert any voters if he use tha something meaningful, or does it cost them? if it costs they will, does it
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cost so much that it erodes his base to put in it jeopardy. the cal congratulations for republicans is something different. and it is state by state. district by district. the president has to think short term. if he loses the senate, was it worth it? but there is actually the policy question here. i mean, if you look polling wise nationally, is it a tipping point? americans of all stripes support some form of this level. those should be quote/unquote easy. nothing in washington is easy. they have this thing called congress. they could do this thing called vote. vote and see who wins. i guess that's old school to think elected members of congress are supposed to come here and take votes and show what they stand too much. for give the snark. the president talking about the economy. his railing against the fed is
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nothing new. there have been some potential warning signs of recession. the president says don't believe them. at the same time the president confirmed, they're thinking about a tax cut. you don't think about that, you don't think about that unless you're worried the economy will spiral. that's one tool you can use. cut taxes. the other tool is the fed could cut rates. another tool is the government can spend to stimulate the economy but just this morning, the congressional budget office saying the federal budget office under this republican president is growing even faster than expected and passing $1 trillion. what are the president's options? this is again from our new poll out. this has been the one good thing in the president's polling. for some time now, he has been around 50% and he's right at it. he's come down. he's at 50% when it comes to his handling of the economy. however, people for the first time, for the first time in the trump presidency, again, this is more of a watch than a wow. but for the first time in the
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trump presidency, people's views about the future of the economy. 65% say the future looks good as opposed to 70% back in may. again, one number. but if consumers get nervous and pull back from spending, that in and of itself can accelerate or show down the recession. what are the president's options that he sides yelling? >> he's come one this idea about tying capital gains tax to inflation which i thought was interesting on the front page of the journal today, they were talking about how they're not sure that would spur economic growth. so the policy that's they're considering, it's not even clear if they would work. but i think it's interesting. when he's tied his re-election chances so closely to the economy, that there is a pack of democrats running for president who are already kind of fine tuning how they would take him on in that message. you see elizabeth warren already predicting a recession. you see people like pete
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buttigieg and kamala harris saying that's only good if you're on stocks which i think resonates with some americans who see that as not part of their everyday bottom line. >> i think you see the president hague out the groundwork on who to blame if things go wrong. blame the democrats, blame the fed. >> history suggests that's a very hard thing for any president to do. >> you can always try. when it comes to the pay roll tax, on the surface, it looks like a tough haul in congress. everything is a negotiation. everything is a deal. if it got to the point where even democrats and republicans alike and enough republicans felt like the pay roll tax was an important lever to pull, what would democrats want? a lot of what they want would be hard to get if you were in chute on the way to recession. because it would be things that cost money. like raising the minimum wage. >> in the department of mixed
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signals, the team when the camera is pointed at them say everything is great. don't worry. the white house chief of staff did acknowledge that there was a possibility there could be a recession. he said it could be moderate and short. to the history point i was trying to make, weighed moderate and short recession the last time we had a one-term president which was george w. bush. >> the president's trade war. this is something did he to himself. and he did it based on the gambling that he believed the economy was strong enough to withstand a trade war with china. the problem is, that might actually produce the environment that would hasten an economic recession and it is too late for him. i think he believes it is too late for him to back away from that. this has gone so far that he cannot drop his demands entirely to china, even though he's kicked some of it down the road. this is in part because of the
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president's own making. you asked earlier, what can he do to improve the economic picture? i think if you asked businesses and wall street, a lot of them would say certainty around that one issue is just such a massive part of the picture. not only for businesses but could not american consumers and it is an easy thing that the white house has complete control over but they refuse to do that. this is a core belief for president trump. he actually believes that tariffs work. we'll find out soon enough whether or not the economy of the united states can really withstand that. >> and we'll hear from the president on this and other issues momentarily. the president is on his way to kentucky. we'll hear from that and we'll discuss when we come back, the president says if you are a you and you vote for a democrat, you're either disloyal or dumb. i've been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration, which could lead to vision loss. so today i made a plan with my doctor, which includes preservision. because it's my vision, my morning walk, my sunday drive,
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many jewish leaders pouncing when they heard him say that arguing trump was invoking dual loyalty charges which over the course of history has questioned the loyalty of jewish citizens. the jewish community tweeting this saying here are all the circumstances under which it is appropriate for the president to comment on american jews' loyalty. there is nothing there. dot, dot, dot, end of list. and no, it makes absolutely no difference who he's saying we're loyal or disloyal to. that we're even talking about this is insane. they say president trump is right. it shows a great deal of disloyalty to one's self to defend a party that protects and emboldens people that hate you for your religion. the gop, it goes on to say, when rarely confronted with anti-semiat this. of elected members always act swiftly and decisively to punish and remove. steve king has been removed but not swiftly. the house republican leader has
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said some things that contain anti-semitic tropes. what do we make of the president? his son-in-law and his daughter are very observant jews. most say he should know better than to pedal in this language. but here we are. >> it is notable as republicans scramble to paper this over for president trump, make it seem better, that statement that you just read said the president really meant that jews were being disloyal to themselves. the president made it clear today and we'll hear later that he meant, jews were being disloyal to the state of israel. that is the definition of the jewel loyalty trope. when this was being pedalled on the left, when it is by president trump, it should be
9:21 am
condemned by republicans. it shows that president trump doesn't seem to even understand what he was condemning in the first place. he now peddles in the same trope but for partisan purposes saying if you're a democrat and a jew, you're disloyal to yourself as a jew and to the state of israel. that is the textbook definition of the kind of thing that everyone should be condemning. >> in the middle of it he retweets, i'm going to call this person a conservative whack job. i could go worse. the president tweeting, thank you for these kind words. saying the jewish people in israel like him. like he's the king of israel. they love him. and he's the second coming of god. he said he wasn't an american. he said trump was too handsome. he said immediately after the las vegas shooting that it was a muslim terror attack before there was any information. and the president of the united states should know better when he chooses his words, he should
9:22 am
know better when he decides to retweet. >> this is a case of selected outrage on the hill, too. republicans are very quick to jump all over democratic freshmen, rightly so, when they make comments that are anti-semitic and call for them to be condemned on the floor. but they've mostly been quiet today. or they attempt to spin it in a way that is more positive. and i think for trump, i'm not sure if he's trying to woo jewish voters. if anything, he's alienating them more. he does see it as an opening the exploit divisions within the democratic party over israel policy. >> you just made what is a critical point on every issue we go through. you see the guns and you say why would the president alien tate suburbs? why would the president anger african-americans or latinos? then you say is he trying to get votes or lose votes? from 2014, 64% of jews said --
9:23 am
if we look at exit polls, almost 80%, 79% of jews voted for no candidate. the president tried to appeal to a slice. can i improve my margins. especially if you look at younger jewish voters. they have become more republican. the president, his campaign plays on the margins knowing we're going to offend some people. can we get a little here? >> when the president has looked at bolstering the jewish vote, he has looked at in it two ways. increasing support among american jews. and increasing support among evangelicals for whom israel is a really core cause. and these are two different groups with some overlapping things of ideological importance. but you think, how could he expand the evangelical vote? he already has a huge turnout.
9:24 am
but evangelical vote in terms of population has been slinking proportionately slightly so it is important to maximize that turnout. that's a different group than the jewish vote pennsylvania may be one of those states. everything from calling jerusalem the capital, golan heights. he's taken those steps. he feels it is a reason to move them into the camp. he is obviously very frustrated here. the language that he's chosen is either accidentally totally tone deaf and insensitive and evocative of horrors that have happened in decades past, or strategically so and then that goes to the question of who is he trying to turn out. >> and many of the americans have been critical. the two democrats the president
9:25 am
is attacking, mad at them for things they've done on israel-related issues. saying it has to stop. when we come back, we're waiting for the president of the united states. a very lengthy session with rt roers. we should hear from the president in a couple minutes. who's dog is this?
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live pictures here. that's marine one moments ago hitting the ground. the president of the united states at joyce base andrews. he's about to head to kentucky. mitch mcconnell recently had surgery for a shoulder he hurt in an injury that the president of the united states and the leader could have conversations about a number of things including is there a republican appetite for gun control or any economic stimulus. here's the president speaking to reporters. >> whether or not they get smart and reduce interest rates like many other places around the world that we have to compete with. our economy is the strongest in the world. nothing even close. a lot of good things are happening. we had some very good retail numbers this morning as you saw. and i guess the stock market is quite a bit up. so good. >> are you demanding that j
9:31 am
powell lower interest rates? >> i don't demand it. but if he used his head, they would lower them. in germany, they have a zero interest rate. we do compete with germany. they have zero interest rate and when they borrow money, when you look at what happens, look what's going on over there. they borrow money. they actually get paid to borrow money. and we have to compete with that. so if you look at what's happening around the world. jay powell and the federal reserve have totally missed the call. i was right and just about everybody admits. that i was right. he did quantitative tightening. he shouldn't have done that. he raised interest rates, too fast, too furious and we have a normalized rate. you call it that. now we have to go the other direction. we'll see if he does it. if he does it, you will see a rocket ship. you will see, if he does it, we have a very strong economy.
9:32 am
but we could have, we could be, we could be in a place that this nation was seldom at if we had interest rates cuts by the federal reserve. the federal reserve has let us down. they missed the call. they raised it too fast. too high. and they did quantitative tightening. they shouldn't have done the tightening and they should not have raised it to the extent. we could have had some raises but nothing like they did. i have an appetite for background checks. we'll be doing background checks. we're working with democrats. we're working with republicans. and we already have very strong background checks. but we're going to be filling in some of the loopholes as we call them at the border. and speaking about at the border, it would be really nice if the democrats would indeed fix loopholes. it would be really nice. despite that, i want to thank mexico. they have 26,000 soldiers at our
9:33 am
border. and they're really stopping people from coming in. so what happens is, with background checks, we're dealing with democrats, with republicans, we're dealing with the nra, we're dealing with gun owners, we're dealing with everybody. and i think we'll have something hopefully that's meaningful. i didn't say anything about that. we had a great talk with wayne yesterday. didn't say anything about that. we just talked about concepts. wayne agrees things have to be done also. and we have areas where we can close and, for instance, we did fix nix. we have a lot of background checks right now. gun owners can tell you. that others can tell you that. but there are certain weaknesses. we want to fix the weaknesses and i think that will happen. let's see what happens. i'm concerned that no matter what we agreed to, when we get there, i'm concerned that democrats will say, oh, well, we
9:34 am
now want this. it's a slippery slope. that's what actually your gun owners and a lot of other people are concerned with. assuming that won't take place by the democrats, assuming they really want to get this done, we can get it done. >> organizers say they remain concerned -- >> you have to speak up. >> they said it is their top priority. talk about what the administration's task force has done. >> we're doing a lot having to do with veteran suicide. we have a task force set up. there is a product that's made right now that just came out by johnson & johnson which has a tremendously positive, pretty short term but nevertheless a positive effect. i've instructed the head of the v.a. to go out and buy a lot of it and we are buying a lot of it. hopefully we're getting it at a very good cost. and this is a, i guess a form of a stimulant where if somebody is
9:35 am
really in trouble from the standpoint of suicide, it can do something. it is pretty well known. just came out. it is made by johnson & johnson and we have calls in now to johnson & johnson. those calls we've been dealing with them for two months on buying a lot of it. >> can you explain your decision not to go to denmark? is it really because they wouldn't talk about selling greenland? >> i thought that the prime's statement that it was absurd, that it was an absurd idea was nasty. i thought it was an inappropriate statement. all she had to do is say no, we wouldn't be interested. we can't treat the united states of america the way they treated us under president obama. i thought it was a very not nice way of saying something. they could have told me no. this is something that has been discussed for many years. harry truman had the idea of greenland. i had the idea. other people have had the idea.
9:36 am
it goes back into the early 1900s. but harry truman very strongly thought it was a good idea. i think it is a good idea because denmark is losing $700 million a year with it. it doesn't do them any good. but all they had to do is say, no, we would rather not do that or we would rather not talk about it. don't say what an absurd idea that is. because he's not talking to me. excuse me. she's not talking to me. she's talking to the united states of america. you don't talk to the united states that way. at least under me. now, president obama, when they wouldn't let him land in the philippines, when they treated him so badly in so many places, the philippines is one that comes to mind, that's different. that's different. they can treat him any way they want to. that's up to him bust they can't treat the united states with the statement, how absurd.
9:37 am
let your wife do it. i agree. she's the boss. go ahead. a lot of people. yes. she's got a lot of people watching. go ahead. >> regarding group checks, why should not anyone who wants to buy a gun go through a background check. what's wrong with that? >> i want guns to be in the hands of people that are mentally stable. and those people, i want them to be easily get a gun. but people that are insane, people that are sick up here, i don't want them to be able to get a gun. >> for anyone who wants to buy a gun. >> if a person is mentally ill, if a person has done things in their past that are a horror like in the case of dayton, except it got and pungd because i guess he was 17 years old when he wrote a list out and the list said, it was a death -- not
9:38 am
about guns. he had a kill list and a rape list. but it was 17. and one of the things we're talking about is getting rid of the age limit. he was 17. so when he turned 18, it was expunged. a big percentage of the school, the parents wouldn't let the kids go to the school because they heard about it. it was big thing. when he was 18, it all went away. we can't let that happen. >> 100 people a day die from guns. do you see that as a public health emergency? >> i do, i do. sure. i do. and they die for a lot of other reasons, too. but they do. and as i've said, i think i said it very loudly and plainly and i don't think i've changed positions at all. we're working on background checks. there are things we can do. but we already have very serious background checks. we have strong background checks. we can close up the gaps, do things that are very good and
9:39 am
frankly gun owners want to have done. we have to remember the gun doesn't pull the trigger. a person does. and we have great mental illness. go ahead. >> we're looking at a lot of things relevant to antifa. antifa in my opinion is a terrorist organization. you see what they've been doing. we've had great support on that. we're looking at various things. >> go ahead. behind you. >> are you looking at any additional -- >> no. just looking. greenland was just an idea. just a thought. but i think when they say it was absurd and it was said in a very
9:40 am
nasty, very sarcastic way, i've been to denmark and frankly we'll do it another time. >> to whom are they being disloyal? making juice them capital of israel, one of them it was golan heights, one of them frankly is iran. iran it is a weakened nation, hopefully something works out. we'll see if it happens, it happens. wait a minute. no president has ever done anywhere close to what i've done between golan heights, jerusalem, iran, and other
9:41 am
things. excuse me. wait a minute. wait a minute. no president has done what i've done. we have a group, i call it aoc plus three. you can call the person representative tlaib, you can say recommendive omar, any way you want to go. they are anti-semites, they are against vaisrael. she had a plan to greatly embarrass israel by going there, the fact that she wanted to see her grandmother. i assume that's true. i hope that's true. it was very bad. the thing that she and others of that group, and other democrats have said. and they have become the face of the democratic party. and i will tell you this. in my opinion, the democrats have gone very far away from israel. i cannot understand how they can do that. they don't want to fund israel. they want to take away foreign aid to israel. they want to do a lot of bad
9:42 am
things to israel. in my opinion, you vote for a democrat. you're being very disloyal to jewish people and very disloyal to israel. and only weak people would say anything other than that. i haven't heard anybody say that. just the opposite. if you vote for a democrat, you're very, very disloyal to israel and the jewish people. i'm at 94% in the republican party. the highest in history. the highest of any republican. so i think they would have a hard time. that was outsmarting obama.
9:43 am
russia outsmarted president obama. they took over during hiss term. not during mine. they took over crimea. it stopped being an organ of the democrats. the fact is pleasant putin totally outstarted president obama on crimea and other things including the red line in the sand. all right he made a living on outsmarting obama and frankly obama was upset and he got what was the g-8 into the g-7. it has come up. should we put russia back in? we spend a lot of time talking about russia at those meetings and they're not there. i think it would be a good thing if russia were there so we can speak directly. not have to speak by telephone and other things.
9:44 am
it is a vote of what is now the g-7. they were taken out because putin outsmarted on crimea. on the red line on. other things. totally outsmart obama. obama was upset. they took him out. i think russia should be a part of it. we're looking for world peace. and other things. trade and other things. and it would be a lot easier to have russia in where they have always been. the i want. at a for the middle class, the
9:45 am
workers, the people who work so hard. i think indexing is really probably better for the upper income groups. i'm not looking to do that. if i wanted to do it, i could. i would need a letter from the attorney general. >> is it worth it? do americans need on back that up? >> the fake news of which many of you are members is trying to convince the public to have a recession. let's have a recession. the united states is doing phenomenally well. but one thing i have to do is economically take on china. because china has been ripping us off for many years. president clinton, president bush and president obama and others should have done this long before me. my life would be much easier, although i enjoy doing it, but my life would be much easier if i said, let china continue on rip off the united states.
9:46 am
all right? much easier but i can't do that. we are winning against china. they've lost two and a half million jobs in a very short period of time. they want to make a deal. it has to be a deal good for the united states. they want to make a deal. probably we will make a deal. if i didn't do that, and somebody said it is trump's trade war. this isn't my trade war. this is a trade war that should have taken place a long time ago by a lot of other presidents. over the last five or six years, china has made $500 billion. $500 billion. ripped it out of the united states. and not only that, if you take a look, intellectual property theft. add that to it. and add a lot of other things to it. be? had to do it.
9:47 am
you know what? we're winning. european union. i was put here by people to do a great job. would china rather wait for a little more than a year? and try to get sleepy joe biden to negotiate instead of president trump? thaer losing too many too fast. it was the worst year they've had in half a century. that's because of me. i'm not proud of that.
9:48 am
they want to negotiate. sleepy joe said china is wonderful. well, china is wonderful for china. i'm wonderful for the usa. >> the prime minister used a terrible word when talking about something we've been talking about for years. president truman said what about greenland? he talked about it very openly and it was a big deal at the time. i brought it up again and it was discussed many other times. i thought it was not a nice statement the way she blew me off. we've done a lot for denmark. i know denmark well. i have many friends from denmark.
9:49 am
an sur. she said absurd. that's not the right word to use. absurd. louder. the if you remember, president obama had separation. president obama built the cells. he built the cages that you people always talk about and attribute them to me. president obama in 2014 built those cages. and you were very embarrassed when "the new york times" as usual, and others, put a picture of a cage and they said how bad trump was, only to find out that it was president obama that built those cages. so president obama had separation. i'm the one that brought them together. this new rule will do even more to bring them together. but it was president obama that had the separation.
9:50 am
we're being very strong on the border. you see the numbers are way, way down. i want to thank mexico for that. the united states could make your question, they could make that problem go away very easily if the democrats could meet and we could fix loopholes and asylum which is what you're talking about to an sentence. let mehave the children on my m. it bothers me very greatly. people make this horrible 2,000 mile journey. one of the things that will happen when they realize the borders are closing, the wall is being built. we're building tremendous miles of wall right now in different locations. it all comes together like a beautiful puzzle. one of the things that's happening when they see you can't get into the united states, or when they see if they to get into the united states, they will be brought back to their country. it won't matter if they get in
9:51 am
or not. because we're doing that. they won't come. and many people will be saved. and many women's lives will not be destroyed and ruined i'm not looking at a tax cut now. president obama did that to artificially jack up the economy. president obama had zero interest rates. i have real interest rates and despite i have a strong economy. president obama did two pay roe tax cuts. if you look at my number, november 9 to present, the stock market is up over 50% this guy is the most biased reporter. nbc. i made a lot of money for fwhbs
9:52 am
the "the apprentice" and i used to like they will but they are the most biased. peter, he should be able to ask a question, same question, in a better way. you are so obviously biassed and that's why the public has no confidence in the media. joe biden doesn't have it. he doesn't have it. i think "the new york times" has totally lost credibility. they've given up on the russian collusion delusion. now they're trying the racist deal. that won't work because i am the least racist person ever to serve in office. okay? i am the least racist person. the "new york times" is trying everything they can. it is a totally dishonest
9:53 am
newspaper of it is a paper that has lost tremendous credibility. let me tell you. in six years, or maybe 10 or maybe 14, in six years, when i'm not here, "the new york times" goes out of business very quickry. do you know who else goes out? nbc news. nbc news has less credibility in my opinion with guys like you than cnn. i think cnn has more credibility than nibs news. did you hear what i said? that's not saying much. nbc has less credibility than cnn. that's not saying much but
9:54 am
that's the way that i feel. >> you're focused on mental health issues. >> yes. go ahead. there are many things in play. people are talking about videos. lots of things. we have a way of bringing what we already have. we have many, many, as you know,le many people that are unable to buy guns right now. we have background checks but there are loopholes. that's what i spoke to the nra about. they want to get rid of the loopholes. at the same time, i don't want to take away people's second amendment rights. i don't want to take away the constitution. having to do with gun ownership. we cannot let that go so easily. all of a sudden we're talking about let's take everybody's gun away.
9:55 am
>> that word slope. all of a sudden you're on that slope of is and then nobody has any legal protection. we have a second amendment -- let me tell you this. we have a second amendment and our second amendment will remain strong. at a certain point, russia, afghanistan, iran, iraq, turkey, they'll have to fight their battles, too. we wiped out the caliphate. i did it in record time. at a certain point all these other countries where isis is
9:56 am
around, they've been decimated, by the way, badly decimated. all of these countries will have to fight them. do we want to stay there another 19 years? i don't think so. that includes russia and iran and turkey and iraq. and pakistan and india. india is right there. they're not fighting it. we're fighting it. pakistan is fighting it. they're right next door. very, very little. it's not fair. the united states is 7,000 miles away. we've decimated isis. and we took cal fate. 100%. when i took it at 98, he said, all right. maybe we go home now. let these other countries handle it. everyone went crazy. they said do 100%.
9:57 am
they said it would take a year. it took a month. the caliphate is gone and by the way, we're holding thousands of isis fighters right now. europe has to take them. if europe doesn't take them, i'll have no choice but to release them into the countries from which they came. which is germany and france and other places. we beat they will. we captured them. we've got thousands of them. now as usual, our allies say we don't want them. even though they came from france and germany and other places. so we'll tell them what we've already told them. take these prisoners we've captured. the united states is not going to put them in gaunlt for the next 50 years and pay for it. >> it's moving along, my deadline. i went to the hospitals. i will tell you this.
9:58 am
i went to the hospitals. it was beautiful, beautiful, very sad, horrible moments but they were beautiful moments in the sense that these people, the families and the people were so badly injured that i was with. they love our country. do you want to know the truth? they love their president. and nobody wrote that. you didn't write the truthful "new york times" doesn't like to write the truth. they totally love our country and they do love our president. when i went to dayton, when i went to el paso, and i went into those hospitals, the love for me, and me maybe as a representative of the country, but for me, my love for them was unparalleled. these are incredible people. if you read the papers, it was like nobody would meet with me. not only did they meet with me,
9:59 am
they were pouring out of the rooms. the doctors were coming out of the operating rooms. there were hundreds and hundreds of people. you couldn't even walk. the people in dayton. those victims and the survivors and the families, i love those people. >> i've looked at indexing a long time. it is not something i love. i'm not looking to do that. i want to do for the workers. i'm looking to do for middle income people. i think indexing, i would have to get a letter from the attorney general or from the justice department.
10:00 am
which i think i might be able to get. i'm not looking to doing indexing and i haven't been certainly looking at i but certainly it is an option. if the fed did what they're supposed to do, they maybe would do not only not tightening but they would do some loosening or leave it alone. but they dropped interest rates by 100 basis points or more. nobody would be able to compete with the united states. right now the fed is tightening our hands. the germans and others are not. it should be the other way around in a sense. why should they be paying no interest rates and even have an incentive beyond that and we're paying interest rates. the fed has missed the call for a long time.


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