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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 21, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the students are glad there's an actual investigation going on, that is far wider than the one that was initially done in march of 2019, brooke? >> makes so many questions about how they would learn about this song. so much. they're educating themselves, not educating themselves about what it does to the jewish community. >> 13 miles away, this happened in a similar situation with another kid doing a nazi salute with a swastika at a party. >> i'm glad we're covering it, you're covering, thank you. >> i want to begin this hour with a question, the president cannot seem to answer do you or do you not support stronger background checks, two weeks now
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after 31 people died, back to back mass shootings in this country we still don't know. >> as you know, we have many many people that are unable to buy guns right now. there are back round checks, there are loopholes in the background checks. that's when i spoke to the nra yesterday. they want to get rid of the loopholes as well as i do. i don't want to take away people's second amendment rights, i don't want to take away the constitution having to do with gun ownership. we can't let that slope go so easy that we're talking about background checks that all of a sudden we're talking about, let's take everybody's gun away people need weapons. unfortunately for protection. >> his mind appears to be elsewhere. this president of the united states snubs an ally because
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they won't sell greenland. he praises an adversary, he endorses a tweet calling himself the king of israel. and the second coming of god. he blames the media and the fed for trying to create a recession, despite all the warnings, all the while admitting he's concerned enough to consider a tax cut. and then makes a move to keep migrant families and their children detained for longer, while refusing to give him flu shots. which brings me to today. he agreed to move background checks off the table. while this president hasn't taken any action in the wake of el paso and those -- the dayton mass shootings, local law enforcement has been extremely busy. did you know that police have reported 27 incidents where officials have thwarted threats to carry out a mass shoot something three of them on
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tuesday alone. >> president trump made a promise to my next guest. it's wake, he was invited to the white house to talk about possible solutions. >> i was born into a world where i never got to experience safety and piece. there needs to be a serious change in this country. >> he was texting me hiding in a closet saying, if something happens i love you. you can't imagine what that's like as a parent. and then his phone died i didn't know what happened for another hour or so. 17 lives are gone. i was lucky enough to get my family home. people are dying, and we have to stop this. we have to stop it, if he's not old enough to buy a drink, he
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should not be able to buy a gun at 18 years old. these are things we have to do. >> we want to learn everything we need to know. this is a long term situation we have to solve, we'll solve it together. >> what a moment that was. the father in that clip is with me now. thank you so much for coming on today. just watching you, you in the room, your son was sitting next to mike pence. they made these promises to your face, why do you think the president hasn't followed through. >> he's just be holdened to the nra, and to his base. we were in that room, and i really wanted to believe him that day.
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it was powerful being there, i wanted to think chain could happen especially since we lived here and experienced it, but as we see time and time again after el paso and dayton just recently, it seems to happen almost every two weeks there's ool shooting and murder. and then he says something will be done. there's a great appetite for background checks now, we're going to do something. blah blah blah. >> the blah blah blah really matters. his whole message on background checks has been clear. lit's play what he said in the wake of those mass shootings. >> it's a slippery slope, they think you prove one thing and it
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leads to bad things. i think we can do meaningful background checks. i'm concerned no matter what we agree to, i'm concerned the democrats will say, we now want this. it's a slippery slope. >> those two words, slippery slope, that's a mange stay of the nra, first he says he doesn't agree with it, then he parrots that same logic today. he has an appetite for background checks. we know he has had two phone calls with wayne lapierre. and with all these deaths since parkland and all the cries for gun control and change. why do you think the voices of the nra have so much power over this president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell? >> it's all political, he's talking to his base and the election is coming up, and if he doesn't have the nra in his pockets and behind him with that base, i think, if he flips to
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the other side all of a sudden gives in to background checks. meanwhile, universal background checks, 90% of nra members agree with, it's not like he's caving in, universal background checks should happen, the red flag laws, banning assault weapons should happen. i can see where he might not try to do that, because that might look like he's caving in, and everyone's going to afraid for their guns. this is not about the second amendment. in florida, they raised the age to 21. governor scott helped to do that. that was great. we heard you from the white house, that's one of your solutions now, i heard you say, god forbid, something happens to the child of one of these republican lawmakers.
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god forbid -- now he supports a ban on military style weapons. but no one wishes that on anyone? >> no one wants any more innocent people die or anybody to die obviously. the way we live and the world we live in, if it doesn't hit home to a lot of these republicans, the president if the president knew someone or had a family member god forbid this happened to them. it would hit them at their core and move them to do something. right now the president is far away from the shootings, it doesn't do anything unless you need action. you have biden, a lot of people may not love him, you know what, he's for banning assault weapons. for a lot 6 us in parkland, it's
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a one issue election. >> talking about safety and how you were texting with him as he was texting in the closet. a year and a half later when the 15th shooting of the year, beagle paso and dayton happened, what conversations do you have with your child? >> it's funny, he hasn't wanted to discuss it. he blocked it, it's too powerful and too upsetting. we talked about the whole thing going down again, how he was texting me, how i did not know, he was hiding in the closet and the whole fear of everything again. it brought chills to me, it made me angry again. it brought it all back, it brought it all back. i'm sure it doesn't -- think of all the 17 victims here in parkland, they're gone. now all these other -- the new
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deaths and murders out there it's aggravating and the people that sit up there, mitch mcconnell, how do they not have a heart and a sense of might bed to do the right thing just on these little things. no one needs to have an assault weapon, before do you need an assault weapon. that's for murdering people, murdering. i don't understand people, i can't get my hands around it. until we change the administration, until we change the politicians and until we get people who think like mindedly with their heart, things are not going to change apparently which is upsetting. >> thank you for using your voice and coming on and speaking with me about all of this. >> the president doubling down on an anti-semitic trope involving jewish-americans and
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loyalty. >> the democrats have gone far away from israel. i cannot understand how they can do that. they don't want to fund israel, they want to take away foreign aid to israel. in my opinion, you vote for a democrat you're being very disloyal to jewish people and you're being very disloyal to israel. and weak people would say anything other than that. >> just so recap. the president of the united states claims that jewish-americans who choose to vote for democrats either aren't smart or can't be trusted or are being disloyal to israel or are being weak. this is not the first time this president has openly dabbled in anti-semitism. it's been two years since white supremacists chanted jews will not replace us. in the final video add for his 2016 campaign, donald trump
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denounced the political establishment with these words and images. >> for those who control the washington. >> some of the faces you just saw, the then chair of the fed there were these remarks made in 2015. >> you're not going to support, maybe because i don't want your money, that's why you don't want to give me money, that's okay, you want to control your own politician, that's fine. >> gloria borger and gloria, i mean, this dual loyalty claim, basically he's equating being jewish with being loyal to israel, which isn't the same thing. >> of course not.
12:13 pm
it's ridiculous. does it mean being loyal to b.b. netanyahu because you can be loyal to israel and disagree politically with netanyahu, of course. you can say it's anti-semitic, donald trump is a racist or all the other things he's said. i believe more than anything else, and maybe in addition to those things, donald trump is an opportunist and what he's trying to do more than anything. what he's trying to do is gather his base tell those conservative jews who may be wavering, look, you can't vote for those democrats, look who they like, look who's running their party
12:14 pm
this is all opportunism. this is all about trying to get as many votes as they can. you can be anti-semitic and an opportunist. >> opportunistic, i hear you on that i want to ask you about this new cnn poll, trump's approval rating at 40%. the only president that polled lower than this was jimmy carter in '79. what do you think was behind the drop? >> donald trump's outrage, his outbursts are behind the drops in a lot of ways. i think the public is exhausted by donald trump, truly and completely exhausted by him. while you look at our poll, that is down, you look at a number
12:15 pm
like race relations, i'm looking at it like 32%. no surprise there, gun policy, 36%. foreign affairs, 40%. all those numbers are coming down, you put those in a pile, and on top of it, you put the public exhaustion with 21 tweets before breakfast as it was the other day. the president talking about jews the way he talks about jews. the president talking about race the way he's talking about race. i think the public is saying, enough. now, that could change, we always have to say, this is early, but there's been a lot of this churning lately. and i think the public is just getting tired of it. >> you know what, you don't vote in a vacuum, you vote for or
12:16 pm
against donald trump depending on who he's voting against. coming up next, president trump calls the prime minister of denmark nasty, even though he's the one that started this feud with her over buying greenland. >> president trump is doubling down on getting the gh back together. why russia should be part of the group again despite repeated violations of international law. really?
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. president trump has used the term nasty referring to the prime minister of a foreign ally, specifically denmark. president trump planned its leader after she rejected the president's idea to buy greenland. >> denmark, i look forward to going, but i thought the prime
12:22 pm
minister's statement that it was absurd it was an absurd idea was nasty, i thought it was an inappropriate statement. >> but if anything, the prime minister has been far nicer than nasty to president trump since he tweeted less than 24 hours ago, that he was bailing on her nation for her comments that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of green land. this was before trump called her comments nasty. >> this does not change the capture of our good relations, we will continue our on going dialogue with the u.s. on how we can develop our cooperation. >> i talked to a member of the
12:23 pm
danish parliament last hour asked him for his response, he said the whole thing was surreal and insulting to the people of denmark, what's your reaction. >> i think it is, and denmark's been an incredibly close ally of the united states. they suffered casualties over -- i think 50 fatalities in those wars. very early involved in the coalition in western iraq, and they've been real stalwart allies in the front. i think it is an insult to the alliance and those danish soldiers. i think the president yesterday in cancelling the visit did really cross a rubicon, a dangerous line in terms of policy in in terms of europe.
12:24 pm
>> what is the result? >> trump went from making sort of an unusual and maybe crazy offer to buy greenland. everyone can laugh about and say, that's ridiculous. or it's reasonable. he went from that to using leverage in opposing costs in denmark because they opposed what he wanted. he tried to oppose diplomatic costs today, he started talking about danish defense spending. this really is something quite different character is trying to use american power to push denmark around to try to revise the territorial agreements of europe, i think that is actually a serious thing, and that's something that we see far more frequently from china, russia and others. it's not something we've seen in modern times in the united states. it's not something we should
12:25 pm
expect from the president. >> what do you make of president obama going to denmark next month? >> that is -- that's been raised as a possible reason why trump cancelled his visit, he didn't want to be compared and with obama. i don't know if that is his inner thinking or not. but obviously president obama is more popular in denmark than president trump, and he will be after yesterday. the bigger point here is really about the future of u.s. interests in europe. and it's that the u.s. has an interest in europe that is stable and peaceful and that continues to abide by the post war and cold war sort of agreements on the european order. which is the premise of which, is acceptance of territorial boundaries, and accepting that
12:26 pm
greenland belongs to the people of greenland that is their relationship with the kingdom of denmark. >> thank you for pointing that out. i hear you. the fact that he's passed this massive line. thank you for coming on and providing your expertise. appreciate you. >> thank you. coming up next, russia has invided crimea and attacked our elections. still president trump says putin should join the g-8 again.
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xfinity. the future of awesome. today president trump is renewing his call for russia to rejoin the g-7 making g-8. the group made up of the world's largest economies. >> it's come up, should we put russia back in? we spend a lot of time talking about russia at those meetings and they're not there. i think russia should be a part of it, because we're looking for world peace. and other things, trade and other things, and it would be a lot easier to have russia in, where they have always been. >> russia did belong to the g-8 in 2014, it was kicked out after vladimir putin annexed crimea from the ukraine.
12:32 pm
kylie atwood is here with me. you have quite the scoop. i mean, this whole idea came from whom? >> well, according to a senior administration official, both president trump and macron agreed during their conversation over the phone yesterday that russia should be allowed back to the table. that russia should be invited to the g-7 in 2020, which the u.s. will host. and that official told me it was actually told me it was president macron's idea to bring russia back to the table. there were not discussions during that phone call of concessions, of russian concessions in terms of crimea, when it comes to their illegal annexation of crimea. the french officials that i've talked to today says there's no change, macron still would not be in favor of bringing russia back to the fold unless there were demonstrable change on
12:33 pm
crimea. they're not saying for sure he didn't propose this. so that could mean if it does come up this weekend as we expect president trump to bring it up, he's going to be the one that bears the brunt of any criticism over folks saying, we can't let russia back to the table if they don't make any changes on the issue over which we kicked them out from. >> we'll listen for it i suppose this weekend if it's mentioned and he will be the one who receives the criticism. kylie atwood thank you very much with the back story there. backlash over a new trump administration plan to keep migrant families and children in custody indefinitely, i will speak to an attorney about what this would mean for families at the border. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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the trump administration unveiling a new rule. today's move dumps the decades old flores settlement which set a 20 day holding for children. the new plan paves the way for indefinite detention of families. acting homeland security secretary says the rule change is meant to reduce the number of families illegally entering the united states. federal judge must sign off on today's rule change. with me now, director of
12:39 pm
columbia law school's immigrant rights clinic. she's an attorney who has testified before congress about these detention conditions. thank you for coming in today. it's nice to have you on. you visited the detained children in texas earlier this year? >> right. in june, i visited children detained in texas and found children who were dirty, hungry, scared and detained for long periods of time. >> to hear them floating the notion that this would change the rules they're thinking it would be a deterrent. you say what? >> it won't be a deterrent. so the obama administration tried to hold families together indefinitely during the course of their immigration court proceedings. the federal court said that is not permissible families cannot be detained indefinitely for the purpose of deterring future refugee families. and empirical studies. found the detention it no
12:40 pm
deterrent effect. >> it would have massive challenges. do you have any idea what the likelihood of this is even happening. the proposed regulations which should be finalized and announced and published this friday. will almost certainly face legal challenges. contrary to the spirit of the flores spirit will likely face a constitutional challenge a challenge under the trafficking victims reauthorization act. >> as it will be challenged, let me play some of what president trump said today about his record on family separations. >> i am the one that kept the families together, okay? >> you remember that, right?
12:41 pm
>> just remember i said it and now it gets even better. president obama and others brought the families apart. i'm the one that kept the families together with what we're doing now we'll do even more of that, we'll make it impossible for people to come into our country illegally. >> you were a critic of the deportations, how would these two compare. >> what the president just said in that clip is not true. this president is responsible for a policy of separating families and children at the border, it started in 2017 it continues through this day. the family separation policy has resulted in about 4,500 children who are edified as being separated from their parents. additional children's case files are being reviewed to determine if they have been separated from a parent.
12:42 pm
>> i want to ask you also, when the president was speaking before he went to kentucky today, he went off on a lot of issues. the 14th amendment passed after the civil war to ensure that black americans had full citizenship rights, grants citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the united states. president trump said, we are looking at birth right citizenship very seriously, it's frankly ridiculous. you say what? >> birth right citizenship is enshrined in our constitution, it's one of the most fundamental protections the constitution grants to every person within the united states borders, a challenge to birth right citizenship would be blatantly unconstitutional. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a young mother who beat stage four cancer is now at risk of dying while she waits for a liver
12:43 pm
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an oregon mom is facing the biggest battle of her life to receive a life saving liver transplant. erica is already a brave cancer survivor. her liver was severely damaged due to surgery to remove her tumors. she had to fight the insurance company to cover the liver transplant. she prevailed but she's wagings a different kind of battle. after she was moved down on the transplant list and that has led to an unthinkable conversation where this mother has been forced to tell her 5-year-old daughter that mom may not survive. >> jenna is with me, thank you for being here.
12:49 pm
how is erica today? >> i mean, she's struggling every day, but she has newfound hope that you guys covering her story will get her a liver. >> maybe somebody's watching and can help. wayne to you, you've done this incredible reporting, now the editorial board is calling attention to the obstacles within this system. up until may of this year a transplant candidate was put on the wait list and would raise you higher on the wait list was changed from regional area boards around the hospital to a national board. regionally, erica was given a
12:50 pm
meld score of 30. and that was because there were her doctor teams added seven points to reflect basically the urgency and seriousness and nearness of death for her. but when it went to the national board level, things kind of re-set and it went back to her natural meld score of a 23 and just to explain what that means, that sets her back to where she was basically a year and a half ago when i first met with her. but also just to describe a little bit of the trauma that is in fli-- inflicted on the famila meld score of 30, that is the average score that most people at a liver transplant, when they get a liver transplant, the average score is a 30. so when you get a meld score of
12:51 pm
30, it brings hope to the family that a liver transplant could literally come at any moment and so to be set back over a year, you could obviously understand what jenna and her sister and the whole family is going through. >> yeah. i just want to show a picture of erica. because this is, jenna, what you instagramed of your own sister a couple of days ago. and you wrote this. this is the photo i took of my sister after she almost bled to death due to her liver failure. do you take this into account when you deny her points? do you factor in she coughs up cups of blood because her liver is failing. obviously you're angry and unbelievably so and you tagged anyone with an affiliation to unos, the acronym for united network for organ sharing. have you gotten anywhere this? >> no. they keep untagging us on all
12:52 pm
social media. >> untagging you? >> yes. on instagram they are untagging un. when everyone is reaching out to their email proxy they get the same blanket email back. it is not like they are taking into account anyone's words or anything we've shared on social media. they've been completely silent and haven't reached back to eric's hospital, the cleveland clinic. >> either. >> you are on national television right now. what would you say to them, to unos? >> i don't think unos should be in the business of determining who gets a liver and only in the business to decide if their score does not reflect how sick they are. erica needs a liver. i don't think that they understand how sick she is and if they were able to see her or talk to her, they would understand she is cle -- she is very close to dying and it is awful and we don't want her to suffer any more and she's so close. >> she's close to what?
12:53 pm
>> she's close -- she's so close to death. and so i mean she needs a liver or she's going to die. >> my goodness. i just want to read -- this is part of the unos statement back to cnn. wayne, this was in your piece. our hearts break for erica and her family and the many others like her that continue to wait for a transplant and just looking at numbers that you included in your story, wayne, in 2018, 1170 people died while waiting for livers. >> correct. and, brooke, while jenna describes what is happening on social media there and being untagged, transplant doctors and surgeons around the country are behind the scenes doing all they can to meet -- to figure out collectively how they can save
12:54 pm
her. there are -- i know of two surgeons, the family doesn't want me to say where they are, who are -- who specialize in living -- living donor transplants. they're known for basically taking the most damaged livers and finding a living donor to see if that is an option. from talking with erica medical team, they have previously always thought that was not doable because of the extensive damage to her liver, but i can tell you behind the scenes, there are doctors and surgeons around the country who are very concerned about erica and doing all they can to try to right the situation. >> can't even begin to appreciate what your family, jenna, is going through and the conversations your sister is having with her little girl and her husband. we are thinking of you. hopefully this could help in some way.
12:55 pm
jenna and wayne, thank you very much. and just to all of you watching, if would you like to register as an organ donor, do so at thank you very much. the president tries distancing himself from his own trade war calling himself the chosen one today. plus the inside story of hundreds of workers being laid off at u.s. steel and even though the president is all over the place on background checks, hear the talking point showing how the nra got to him. new place to explore. jill has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next?
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stunning images out of brazil where the amazon rain forest is burning at a record
1:00 pm
rate. keep in mind 20% of the atmosphere's oxygen comes from there and scientists say it is key to slowing global warming. the fires have been burning for weeks. we just want to call your attention to what is happening there in brazil. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. president trump looks to the sky and declares i'm the chosen one. so does that make greenland the promised land? "the lead" starts right now. flip flop and flip again. after supporting and then caving on background checks, president trump today said he hasn't changed positions at all. so is being all over the place actually a policy? something is rough in the state of denmark. president trump snubs this ally pitching a fit because they scoffed at his interest in buying greenland. today he follows up calling the prime minister's comments nasty. and plus the president's latest outburst aimed at