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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 21, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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thanks for joining us on "the lead" and follow me on twitter at erica r. hill or tweet the show at "the lead" cnn. our coverage on cnn continues now. thanks to our exquisite esteemed panel today. happening now, breaking news, delusion of grandeur after a tweet that compares him to the second coming of god, president trump declares himself the chosen one to deal with china and calls himself wonderful and responsible for great things. is he drinking his own cool aid? annoyed by allies, the president called the prime minister nasty after his desire to buy greenland absurd and calls for russia to be allowed back into the g-7 and why is he so eager for vladimir putin. and the president flip-flops on background checks and saying
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he wants to fix loopholes but stresses that the nation has strong background checks and after saying he was weighing a payroll tax cut the president is no longer looking at a payroll tax cut. and k pop revolution. fans around the world including north korea's kim jong-un. but can the dictator stop k-pop from luring away defectors. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm brianna keilar, you're in "the situation room." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, president trump goes off on an extraordinary rant, at times taking on a messy onic tone after re tweeting a conspiracy theorist who chosen one to take on china over its trade practices and attacks jewish democrats and slammed former president obama and using a choice insult for women the president called denmark's prime
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minister nasty for calling his interest in buying greenland absurd. the president zigzagged on guns and background checks and flip flopped on the economy saying he's not looking a tax cut the day after suggesting he was. i'll be speaking with congressman mike quigley who is on the intelligence committee and our correspondents and analysts have full coverage of the day's top stories. let's begin with cnn chief white house correspondent jim acosta. and jim, the president seems to have anointed himself today. >> reporter: that is certainly right. the president sounded as though he had something of a god complex at times today. declaring himself the chosen one and accepting praise from an ally who dubbed mr. trump on twitter as the second coming. but the president wasn't so charitable when he doubled down on how he feels jewish americans should vote against democrats and describing the prime minister of denmark as nasty for rejecting his advances on greenland. there were times when he sounded messianic and sometimes just a mess. taking his questionable rhetoric
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to new heights, president trump talked about himself in biblical termts in one point looking to the skies as he praised the handling of the economy as god-like. >> i am the chosen one. somebody had to do it. so i'm taking on china. i'm taking on china on trade. and you know what, we're winning. >> reporter: the president stirred up more outrage repeating his belief that jewish americans face a loyal ty test in the upcoming election. >> if you vote for a democrat, you're very disloyal to israel and the jewish people. >> reporter: after jewish slammed that remark as anti-semitic the president accepted the theory of -- thank you to wayne allen root for the very nice words, president trump is the greatest president for jews and israel in the history of the world and the jewish people in israel love him like he's the king of israel. they love him like he is the second coming of god. >> i have been responsible for a lot of great things for israel.
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one of them was moving the embassy to jerusalem, making jerusalem the capital of israel. >> reporter: mr. trump shifted on the topic of tightening background checks after sources told cnn he all but assured the nra president wayne la pierre he was siding with the powerful gun lobby. >> we're going to be doing background checks. we're working with democrats, we're working with republicans. we already have very strong background checks but we're going to be throwing in some of the loopholes we just talked about concepts. wayne agrees things have to be done also. >> reporter: the president got testy in defendsing his decision to scrapping the trip to denmark after they rejected his expansionist designs on greenland as absurd. >> i thought that the prime minister's statement that it was absurd that it was an absurd idea was nasty. i thought it was an inappropriate statement. all she had to do was say no we wouldn't be interesting, don't
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say that is absurd because she's not talking to me. excuse me. she's not talking to me. she's talking to the united states of america. you don't talk to the united states that way, at least under me. >> reporter: on a range of questions mr. trump pointed his finger at former president barack obama. >> under president obama -- >> russia outsmarted president obama. >> president obama did that. >> reporter: consider his defense of the trump administration's new plan to detain immigrant families for longer periods at the border. >> i'm the one that kept the families together, okay. you remember that, right? just remember i said it. and now it gets even better. president obama and others brought the families apart. but i'm the one that kept the families together. >> reporter: but that is not true. it was mr. trump who launches a policy of family separations. still the president insists he cares about immigrant children. >> let me just tell you, very much i have the children on my mind.
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it bothers me very greatly. >> reporter: now after all of that, the president joked to a group of american veterans woe like to give himself the medal of honor. mr. trump who is not a military vrlt and avoided service during the vietnam war who said he was told by staff awarding himself the medal of honor is not a good idea. he can't be chosen for that one. and president trump lashed out at that u.s. ally denmark but did have nice words for russia. so let's turn to national security reporter kylie atwood for the latest on this. what happened? >> he reiterated what he said time and time again which is that president trump would like to see president putin back at the table with the g-7. now i'm told by senior administration official that yesterday when president macron of france and president trump spoke over the phone, they agreed that putin should be invited to the 2020 g-7 meeting next year. now i'm told that the president macron threw out the idea trying
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to basically put the onus on trump to be the one to own the idea and he's doing just that. but imagine how controversial and dramatic it could be if president putin came here to the u.s. for a g-7 meeting just months ahead 2020 presidential election here. obviously that would be controversial because we know that every intelligence agency said that it is russia who meddled in the 2016 elections and president trump has never gone that far and agreed with them. so it would be pretty dramatic if he were here in the united states. the other thing to consider is that trump is headed to the g-7 this weekend and we know that he's going to be discussing this topic with other members of the g-7 who have agreed that russia shouldn't be allowed back in. but boris johnson, the prime minister of the u.k., a new leader that president trump is hoping will see eye to eye with just said today he doesn't even think there is a case yet to be made for russia to be allowed
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back in so that could create tension between the two leaders who are hoping to start off a good foot. >> he's dising denmark, blaming the danish prime minister for saying that his possible purchase, sort of inquiry, curiosity about purchasing greenland was absurd. but it is important to point out denmark is an important ally of the u.s. >> exactly right. so president trump canceled this trip via tweet to denmark because the prime minister as you said called it absurd that the president wanted to buy greenland. but the important thing here is that both danish officials and folks who live there are feeling a little bit like they've been treated unfairly here. because they have stood next to the u.s. for years. especially when it comes to national security. the u.s. has been allowed to use strategic bases in greenland since the cold war that allows the u.s. to listen in on russia and other things across the
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arctic and the danish troops have fought alongside u.s. soldiers in both iraq and afghanistan. 43 danic troops died in afghanistan fighting alongside u.s. soldiers. so there is clearly some hard feelings here and we're going to have to see how the relationship moves forward at this point. >> understandably so. kylie atwood thank you for that report. and joining me now is democratic congressman mike quigley of illinois, a member of the intelligence commit yif. sir, thanks for joining us. >> glad to be here. thank you. >> let's begin with the president going all in on his claim that american jews who vote for democrats are in his words very disloyal to israel and the jewish people. what is your reaction to that? >> yeah, this is a very tired, old anti-semitic trope that i hope wouldn't be used again much less by the president of the united states. when i first got to congress ten years ago, it was drilled into our heads that israel can't be a
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partisan issue. eric cantor on the republican side, steny hoyer on the democratic side said it is not in the u.s. interest for that to happen. it is clearly not in israel's interest and very short sighted of mr. netanyahu to think this should become a partisan issue and for the paparazzi -- for th move in the opposite direction is dangerous at this time. >> and definitely your pointing out this is across partisan lines. are you concerned with the fact he is politicizing israel and that may be doing long-term damage? >> i think the damage has been done for the last couple of years with the trump white house. i'd like to think that cooler heads will prevail sometime when the president is no longer in office, but there is absolutely too much at stake. i've been to israel numerous times and recognize the critical nature of our alliance. as an extraordinarily important democracy, the only real democracy in the middle east. that relationship matters.
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but the votes on israel are extraordinarily important and they've always been bipartisan. for him to suggest that democrats don't support israel is a mistake. and in fact, most jews in the united states are registered democrats. >> i want to talk about the president's canceled trip to denmark. he made this move after the danish prime minister called his proposal to buy greenland absurd. denmark is a key u.s. alley and provided intelligence and sent troops to the fights in iraq and afghanistan. does his canceling this trip where they would have discussed security issues hurt u.s. national security? >> i think it hurts our security. i think it hurts our standing in the world as a whole. i just don't know what the president is thinking. if this isn't a land deal in manhattan where they are trying to build a high-rise and you could pressure somebody for the purchase. this is a self governing people of greenland under the larger
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government of denmark. so it makes no sense. what is next? next week we talk about purchasing the falklands and if that doesn't work we get angry with their government. it's bizarre. i don't know how else to explain did. and for the prime minister -- the danish prime minister to call it absurd is absolutely correct. but i guess no one told the danish prime minister that our president thinks he's a deity and could make no such mistakes. >> canceling on a ally, someone who has helped in the wars in iraq and afghanistan who provides intelligence to the u.s., what signal does that send to other u.s. allies especially as the president could be looking for support from some of them? >> i don't know if many of our allies trust us any more. i don't know if our nato allies believe we would be there in crunch time. we talk about the percentage of
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gdp they use in their defense as being very important to all of our security. the fact is you mentioned these -- the intelligence that we all share is as important as anything we do together to keep all of us safe. i often quote fdr's last inaugural talking about this president and he talked about the fact that to keep the peace, we need to work with allies far away to protect ourselves and others. and indeed he quoted emerson saying in the final analysis to have a friend you need to be a good one and we are not a good one right now to most of our allies. >> the president is again pushing to reconstitute the g 8, the group of industrialized nation by bringing russia back into the fold. what would russia need to do in order to deserve a place in the g-8? >> i traveled to the g-7 with president obama when it was in germany and obviously russia
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wasn't there. russia has to earn a place at that table again. they've done absolutely nothing to earn that. the activities in crimea and the war taking place in ukraine, they're all-out assault on our democratic process that continues, dni coats just recently having left said the lights are flashing red. many of our intelligence services are telling us that the russians haven't left. so given that, the fact that our upcoming critical election is at stake, you're going to invite the person who perpetrated that and continues that assault to come to the united states and work along more civilized countries? they haven't earned that right. >> congressman mike quigley, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. up next, despite a wave of outrage, president trump again said the jews who vote for democrats are very disloyal and
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what should we make of the president's joke that he wanted to award himself the medal of honor.
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confro confront china on trade and raised questions about where he stands on just about every major issue during a wild question-and-answer with reporters. and let's go through it with our political experts as we try to make sense of it. gloria borger to you first, it is like a flip flop flip now on gun control and the payroll tax, whether he'll visit denmark that is clear just a flip flop. but he's pretty consistent in one area and that is praising himself. so let's listen to this. >> no president has ever done anywhere close to what i've done. i have been responsible for a lo -- a lot of great things. i'm wonderful for the usa. i'm the least racist person to ever serve in office. and the love for me as a representative of the country but for me. >> i was right and just about everybody admits that. i was put here by people to do a great job. and that is what i'm doing. no president has done what i've
2:21 pm
done. >> i am the chosen one. >> i am the chosen one and that comes after the president re-tweeted a conspiracy theorist radio host who said that he is like the second coming. so what do you make of all of this? >> ah -- i think maybe his mommy should have told him she loved him a little bit more. i don't know. it is hard -- it is hard to know what to make of this. some people will say, as trump says, oh, i was only joking when i said all of that stuff. but the truth of the matter is that he does this all of the time. and talks about how wonderful he is and if you recall during his speech at the convention when he talked about the problems the country was facing he was saying only i can fix it. >> that is right. >> so -- >> i alone. >> i alone can fix it. thank you. so this is a familiar refrain from donald trump who is not shy about telling us that he is the
2:22 pm
best person in the world for any job. >> ron, you are concurring? >> yeah. well you know when he said i alone can fix it, that really did crystallize a lot of his campaign message to his core supporters and continues to this day essentially the trump coalition or the voters most uneasy about the way america is evolving in the 21st century and democratically and culturally and economically and he presented himself as a human wall against all of those changes, to his supporters he is the one that is preventing this new america from displacing them in the ways that they fear. and that is why he comes back to personalizing these things in such grandiose terms. >> and nia, as you watch this today, sort of in the annals of rambling q&a from the president and we've seen them there on the south lawn, how does this one shape up? >> this is a-plus rambling and a-plus word salad from this president. all over the place on any number
2:23 pm
of issue. on gun control and background checks and flip-flopping, flip-flopping on that and pushing back against the idea that the nra got to him and made him take a background checks off the table and now said there is an appetite for background checks but it is not clear there is any real movement on that. >> it is a slippery slope. >> so making all sorts of arguments there, going after the prime minister of denmark, of course, punching at obama over russia and the annexation of crimea and hugging putin. so this is what we've come to see from this president. there is no filter, right. his sort of twitter self is the self we get from donald trump. that is his real self. in some ways i think ron is right, that is why people are so attached to him. particularly a white americans, working class americans, most especially because he just is who he is all of the time. sure there are times when we see him on a teleprompter and very stilted there and there on the white house lawn under the hot
2:24 pm
d.c. sun he can ramble on for 40 minutes in that way. >> it was very hot. >> it was very hot. it was like a 90-degree day. so note when you are going on for 40 minutes outside. and april, he did speak with the nra chief executive wayne la pierre and there seemed to be that he was then moving towards the nra. today though he said he has this appetite for background checks but as nia pointed out, he also seemed to say maybe he doesn't. it is a slippery slope. where does that leave the country which is watching in horror at these mass shootings when -- where does that leave the country on preventing these terrible events? >> well, the unfortunate thing is, brianna, this president going down the slippery slope, he's watching the polls. he's watching the move. he's watching the american public and their actions about gun control. if the -- if the public support
2:25 pm
for gun control is high, he's going to be high. if it is not, when it wains and it is waning now after the mass shootings, he's feeling like i don't need to push for background checks. so this president is -- he's like a black baptist preacher he feels the crowd and not saying that is what happens with guns in a black church but he's feeling the crowd and right now the crowd is pulled back. >> april, that is not right. i'm sorry. that is just not right. support for the universal background checks is the highest number i've seen in polling for any subject in the 25 years i've been writing about -- over 90% of americans including 90% of gun owners and 90% of republicans consistently support universal background checks and assault weapon ban is at the highest -- >> i agree. i agree. >> hold on. let me finish. it is over 60%. the problem trump has is that he is relying on maximizing turnout among a base that doesn't represent a majority of the country.
2:26 pm
and that base that he relies on is primarily not urban white and heavily invested in the gun culture so it is not an issue of him not responding to overall public opinion because that could not be clearer, it is an issue of him once again elevating serving his base over responding to the majority of will in the country. >> i agree with that. >> your partly right on that. i'm going to give you -- give you part of that. but here is the problem. at the very beginning my sources who are directly in contact with this president and others in that inner circle, they said that the president talked to the nra heads and said, look, we may not be able to -- to stave off background checks after el paso and dayton and weeks later after john legend went to dayton and cried and sang with the people, there was a mass movement there at that time. and the feeling -- we may have polls but the feeling, the people in the streets is not like it was and i'm just telling you from my reporting has come
2:27 pm
and not only that the problems -- you have mitch mcconnell who is in a battle for election. re-election bid. so that is one reason why it will not happen. and two, this president understands the nra has him and the republicans locked up. so it is a double-edged sword but right now he's looking at the mood of america. the polls may say one thing but you don't see people in the streets like they were with parkland and parkland changed his mind. remember that? but then he went back, the nra got him. >> we're going to take a quick break. we have a lot more to talk about especially the president's recent comments about jewish americans who vote for democrats. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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now we're back with our political experts talking about an extraordinary question session the president held on the south lawn of the white house. gloria, we heard him again going all in on the comments about jewish americans who vote for democrats. this is what the president said. >> in my opinion, you vote for a democrat, you're being very disloyal to jewish people and you're being very disloyal to israel. and only weak people would say anything other than that. >> every time -- every time he says this, i am pretty stunned. >> well, it's stunning and it is
2:33 pm
insulting beyond all belief. and you could say it is anti-semitic but to me more than anything else and it can be both, it is opportunistic because what he's saying is to voters, look, i'm telling you, i'm taking this opportunity to tell you that you're going to be -- you're going to be dumb. this is wrong. and you better stick with me or you're going to cast a stupid vote. and so what he's doing is saying to these voters, come stick with me. and in his mind, i don't think it has to do with oh, i'm being anti-semitic or racist, but i'm gathering my base as much as i possibly can and that doesn't mean that he isn't anti-semitic or racist but it does mean he cares about re-election more than anything else. and for some reason the president of the united states believes that by insulting
2:34 pm
jewish voters that is going to help him. >> i really -- i do want to ask you about some of the president's comments today to veterans. because he was making a joke and he did get a laugh from this veterans group but he was saying he would like to give himself the medal of honor, the highest declaration of the united states and come from a military family, what do you think about this coming from a military family, i just don't think the medal of honor is joke material because when you look into -- and the president knows this, he just awarded -- he just -- a medal of honor, it means that people have generally died. they've suffered terrible things, even as someone gets a medal of honor, even if they are alive. it means -- it is normally in terrible circumstances. >> sacrifice. >> yes. true sacrifice. i don't see where it is funny. >> you know, i keep waiting for the moment where trump -- president trump and one of the
2:35 pm
press gaggles described himself as the most modest or humble president ever as well. kind of like in that way. and there is no -- there is kind of no laurel he cannot pin to his own jacket. and this one, for someone who worked to avoid service in vietnam and described avoiding sexual disease as kind of his vietnam, i mean, it is hard to imagine something that would be more kind of inappropriate for him to kind of put on -- put himself into. it is interesting, again in polling there is polling among veterans and his handling of the armed forces generally draws good marks but his overall presidency they are much more mixed along with everybody else. and when people say is there any price for president trump's behavior in things like this. just look at our cnn poll today. in the poll today, 40% of the people who say the economy is good or excellent still say they disapprove of his performance as
2:36 pm
president. we've never seen anything like that for an incumbents president and it is the precise measurement of the cost he's paying even a very good economy for all of the behavior that shatters the norms of the way presidents comport themselves. >> what did you think, nia, when he canceled the trip to denmark and called the female prime minister comments about him nasty. >> the canceling and the reason for canceling over his wanting to talk to the prime minister about a sale -- the sale of greenland, it seems like an onion headline but apparently that was the reason. he goes back to this comment saying that she's -- nasty which is a family putdown that the president uses for women that he doesn't like. he used it against hillary clinton. i mean she was i thought very diplomatic in handling this and essentially saying this is an absurd idea, the sale of greenland.
2:37 pm
in saying they've been allies, and denmark and the u.s. are allies. denmark citizens have fought next to americans in wars. so this is -- the compare isson i go to is the president's praise for the north korean dictator, this murderous brutal dictator versus the way -- >> who? >> the way he refers to folks from denmark and other alleys. we talk about the shattering of american norms, this is the shattering of american norms and the disdain for allies. >> and she wasn't nasty. >> no, she wasn't. >> she called his idea absurd. >> because it was absurd. >> and april, it was absurd. >> and when i saw the chyron last night, the president cancels trip because of a word
2:38 pm
absurd. >> april, i'm out of time. thank you to all of you for this great destruction. i really appreciate it. and coming up more fallout from president trump's question-and-answer session with reporters and why is he so obsessed with attacking former president obama and later as if food and freedom weren't enough, k pop is the latest reason north koreans want to get away from kim jong-un's iron-fisted rule. anyone can deliver pizza. only marco's can deliver america's most loved pizza. hot and fresh, and right to your door. every day at marco's, get two medium, one-topping pizzas for just $6.99 each. hello to the italian way. hello primo. the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen.
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going ahead with the rule change to allow indef detention of migrant families and children. and let's bring in alex mar court. >> it removes the limit on the length of time children could be held in custody. what is in place right now is known as the flores settlement agreement and that puts a cap on the time immigrant children could be held and they want to remove that cap so that means children could be held with parents indefinitely. now today the secretary -- the acting secretary of homeland security said that the flores agreement creates an incentive tor -- for families to come because they know they can be released while the immigration proceedings go on after those 20 days when their kids are -- let's take a listen. >> the result of holding families together under the previous administration was a dramatic reduction in the flow
2:44 pm
of unlawful crossings by families. by closing this key loophole in flores it will restore integrity to our immigration system and what is fuelling the crisis. >> now mcaleenan rejects the notion that the families could be held indefinitely and he said most cases are processed under 50 days and his argument is the children are being used as pawns or passports but what is clear under the new regulation if it were to pass there would be no maximum. it is far from a given that this will -- that this will be implemented and published on friday and if there were no court or legal opposition it would go into effect in 60 days. there will certainly be opposition. we've heard from the lawyer from the flores settlement and they will file a brief with the flores judge and if the government goes ahead with this they will be in the breach. and we've seen the aclu say this is another cruel attack on
2:45 pm
children. so they'll face all sorts of legal challenges and kevin mcaleenan said they are expecting to be opposed in court on this new rule. >> and we know you'll follow it. alex, thank you so much into coming up, the latest temptation luring north koreans to flee kim jong-un's rule -- music. we're p. we're all unique in our own ways. somos muy diferentes. muy diferentes. (vo) verizon knows everyone in your family is different. there are so many of us doing so many different things. (vo) that's why verizon lets everyone mix and match different unlimited plans. sebastian's the gamer. sebastian. this is my office. (vo) and now with more plans, everyone gets what they need without paying for things they don't. new plans start at just $35. the plan is so reasonable, they could stay on for the rest of their lives. aww, did you get that on camera? thanks, dad! (vo) the network more people rely on gives you more. is here. five days. five deals. for fifteen dollars get a different deal every weekday til six pm like endless shrimp monday admiral's feast tuesday four-course feast wednesday and more. five days. five deals. fifteen dollars.
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hip hop music which has
2:50 pm
sustain south korea by storm is luring defectors from the north. this is incredibly interesting. >> we have new information tonight that many north korean deif he canners are citing hip hop music as an important reason they wanted to leave the country. it seems the window that it gives to the outside world is a sign that kim jong-un is struggling to combat. it was a surprising and for many north koreans jarring sight ♪ a band called red velvet. wildly popular in south korea and around the world invited to perform in front of an elite audience in pyongyang. one of the most adoring fans, the stoic supreme leader who was caught on camera leading the applause. even though he's banned his own people from listening to the
2:51 pm
same songs. kim jong-un they greeted the band offstage. there's growing evidence this kind of evidence is becoming a threat to the dictator's regime. the survey by south korea's unification media they are disenchanted with the government. >> the young generation finds many creative ways to access foreign media. especially south korean pop culture has been phenomenally popular in north korea for the past 20 years and it is really starting to impact the way they conceive of the world as well as to reflect upon their own lives in north korea. >> north korea's first couple are such fans of that style of music themselves that they have their own girl band. ♪ kim jong-un's hand picked troop of young women in tight dresses who sing korean pop songs and
2:52 pm
remember the you'ds to their -- tributes to their boss. but one young defector says that's all they're allowed to consume the music. >> the style we can follow is very limited. the band members are only permitted role models. the regime forbids any foreign media content unless it is heavily censored. but still it gets in. the son of a top financial official, he had access to south korean k-pop which was smuggled in while he lived in north korea. he said any young north korean hearing t-pop for the first time is struck by the difference. >> what does that music have that the music does not have? >> so most korean music doesn't have any emotion and feeling of love. and then the freedom of society. but south korean music
2:53 pm
emphasizes emotion, love. >> he says the tide of k-pop is so enormous and the black market for the music and videos is so strong. even young people still inside north korea know about gang nam style. the song by the artist that was the first youtube video to ever reach a billion views. but it is a tide kim jong-un is trying to hold back. they say the consumption of k-pop by the citizens has intensified under kim. defectors say there is a unit called group 109. a roving group of operatives searching for banned banned cds and usb drives. >> they search your body and your home at any time and everywhere. once north koreans, the punishment was execution. >> it's not just listening to k-pop music that can get the average young north korean in
2:54 pm
trouble. one young kdefector said she wanted to emulate their clothing style. she put on a pair of jeans and went to a local market. she said authorities made her take off the jeans on the spot and they burned them right in front of her. >> thank you so much for that report. coming up, trump says russia should be welcome back into the elite group of industrialized nations after it was kicked out for invading a neighbor. why is the president blaming that on former president obama? "thank you clients"? well, investors business daily did just rank them #1 broker overall and #1 in customer service. and online equity trades are only $4.95? i mean, you can't have low costs and have award-winning service. that's impossible. it's like having your cake, and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning service, and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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happening now. breaking news. the chosen one. that's how president trump is describing himself, taking self-importance to a new extreme as he defends his economic and trade policy. we're covering all the angles of this jaw dropping, head scratching exchange with reporters. thanks, obama. mr. trump sounds like an anti-obama meme as he tries to shift the blame from many of america's problems to his predecessor. why did he say the former president's name at least 20 times in 30 minutes? making russia g-8 again. the president keeps encouraging
3:00 pm
a key alliance to welcome vladimir putin back into the fold after he was kicked out for invading crimea. at the same time, he's insulting and alienating one of america's most steadfast and global partners. and miracle crash. a small plane goes down in the ocean with cameras rolling, capturing every moment. we're going to show you the dramatic pictures of the crash and the harrowing rescue of the pilot and a passenger. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. you're in "the situation room." >> we're following the president's agrandizing new rant.


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