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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 22, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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serena williams last year will not chair any matches with either of the williams sisters. he gave her a point penalty for breaking her racket then a game penalty for verbal abuse when she called him a thief. serena pleaded the treatment was unfair. osaka went on to win that match. play begins on monday. we were both at that final. doubt the drama happens again this year. >> i will never forget it. what a night that was. andy, thank you so much. all right. we're following a lot of news, needless to say. "new day" continues right now. >> russia outsmarted president obama. obama was upset. >> a president needs enemies in order to make the case about himself. >> this is a trade war that should have taken place a long time ago. somebody had to do it. i am the chosen one. >> he's never going to change.
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>> to what do we owe this rising pressure on mr. trump as the economy seems more worrisome? >> i have an appetite for background checks. we're working with democrats. we're working with republicans. >> he's beholden to the nra. he doesn't have the courage to stand up to them. >> the president is the one who fixed the criminal background check system. he wants solutions that work. welcome to our viewers all around the world and the united states. this is "new day." this morning president trump walking a fine line or maybe trotting on that fine line between bravado and bizarreo. some officials said they were increasingly worried about the president's behavior suggesting it stems from rising pressure on mr. trump as the economy seems more worrisome and next year's election approaches. all this comes as there's new
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troubles signs for the u.s. economy. half a million fewer job gains than reported in the largest downward revision in a decade. the yield curve inverted again. and the budget deficit is on path to top $1 trillion. >> so all this as the president's rhetoric reaches new, even weirder limits. he refers to himself as the chosen one to take on china on trade. he also praised a conspiracy theorist who called him the king of israel. and he again questioned the loyalty of jews who vote for democrats. he also again criticized denmark calling the female prime minister nasty for refusing to sell greenland. what is behind this scatter shot approach from the president? joining us now is anna navarro, jeffrey toobin, and ben howe. great to have all of you.
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anna, listen. we had a debate earlier in the program about whether or not the president at this point is just messing with everyone. he's calling himself the chosen one. he's suggesting he's the messiah. he seems to be enjoying this moment of rhetorical madness or mr. toad's wild ride. or do you see something else happening here? >> is it mutually exclusive? can he be a raving bad narcissist with a complex and at the same time be trying to distract us from a skittish economy? from the fact that he triggered a white supremacist to go hunt down latinos like they were animals? from the fact whe he capitulate the nra after he said he was going to go for background checks. it's alarming. it's worrying. folks tell me i'm not a mental health professional and shouldn't be talking about this. because my four pound micropood
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cha-cha can look at this and say it is insane. it is beyond not being normal. right now it is a level of instability. i just came back from 17 days abroad. we are the laughing stock internationally. you can't go anywhere without people saying, what is wrong with trump? what is wrong with america? have americans lost their mind? this fight with denmark, an ally, over buying greenland? this is insane. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> even your poodle understood that. >> why can't ana give a straight answer? why can't she just say what she means? you know? can i just say, you know, of course i agree with every word ana said. but the other point is, where is the -- >> now say it in spanish. >> sorry, i know my limits. where is the republican party? where is anyone in that party who, you know, can say that the
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emperor has no clothes and the emperor is acting like a lunatic? i mean, this is so obvious. this is so wrong. and the narcissism and the constant lying, it's obvious to anyone. the fact the republican party has no one with the courage to speak up about this is a shame on this party and it will haunt that party. >> there are republicans who are challenging the president. >> like joe walsh? >> joe walsh will be on in a few minutes so be careful what you say. >> these are not major figures in the party. >> can i ask this a different way, ben howe? because i think this is important. i want your take on this. where the president looked to the skies and called himself the chosen one. >> somebody said it's trump's trade war. this isn't my trade war. this is a trade war that should have taken place a long time ago by a lot of other presidents. somebody had to do it. i am the chosen one.
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somebody had to do it. >> i am the chosen one, he said. and i want you to weigh in on this conversation overall, but as someone who just wrote a book on this "the immoral majority." how would the right or christian conservatives or the republican party in general have reacted if president obama had looked to the skies and said i am the chosen one? >> that's a good question. because the chosen one was a phrase that a lot of people actually used as a joke. people on the right would say that about obama. they would say, oh, you think he's the chosen one and that was the insult. everybody obama ever saying it. trump goes ahead and says it. what's interesting is he's always talked this way. i mean, at the convention in 2016, he said that he was the only one who could disrupt the establishment. he said i'm the only one who can fix it in regards to the economy. so he's always talked this way. it's also worth noting that there are plenty of evangelicals that are surrounding this guy.
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and they're kind of in his ear at all times saying don't worry about the stuff that normal christians don't have to worry about. you've got a job to do. you don't necessarily represent like you've got robert jeffreys who said that he doesn't want a president that represents the kind of values that jesus spoke about. he wants kind of the opposite of that. we should run from a candidate that would be more like that. we should run for a president that would be more like that. when you have these guys in your ear every day praying over you and exempting you, then it's not that surprising that he would think that way. i also think, you know, for most people if they jokingly said i'm the chosen one, it could be taken as a joke. but contextually speaking, he had basically just called himself the king of the jews. well, the king of israel. but he was happy to quote all of that about himself. so contextually given everything he's said in the past from all the way back in 2016 until today, he believes it. he believes he is the chosen one. >> can i just add one point to
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that? there are never any jokes with president trump. that's what he -- when he says something and then, you know, his enablers come and say it's a joke, it's not a joke. when he said during the campaign, russia if you're looking for -- find hillary's emails. he meant find hillary's emails. when he said the chosen unwiton meant the chosen one. this is what he believes. >> maybe he was referring to being chosen by putin. that would be a hell of a lot more believable. and you know the answer of what evangelicals would be doing if president obama said it. they would be thumping their bibles and demanding an apology for making a comparison to god. here we have a guy who is a pathological liar, a cheater, who embodies every value that is antithesis to what religious people hold dear calling himself the chosen one.
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and everybody just shrugs their shoulders and says it's trump being trump. because the brilliance of what trump did in 2018 was he instilled fear and terror into every republican running for office. because if he opposes you and goes after you, you're going to lose your primary. and so now they're cowering in silent complicity. >> it's also worth pointing out in terms of narcissism, you know, he's got the narcissist dream life. he spent his whole life a billionaire getting a lot of attention and thinking he's the center of the universe, essentially. then he became the president and sort of became the center of the universe. from his point of view, everything is destined in a way. i put a lot of blame on the people around him. these people feed into that ego and assure him all of those illusions of grandeur -- if
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they're supposed to be a republican party that survives past donald trump, maybe don't just feed the narcissist's ego for the next two years. >> you don't have to be a mental health professional, ana, to read the dsm manual, the definition of narcissism. it spells out the sign posts and the symptoms and then thinking that -- saying that you're the chosen one, retweeting you're the king of israel. only seeing things through your own warped lens. all of that is fine. we can leave it to the mental health professionals if we want, but it does have a corrosive effect on the country. and i think the most troubling and really, really upsetting today are all the spate of mass shootings that we're seeing and the ones that have been foiled, thank god, by good police work. but every day we are reporting here on the program about somebody with a cache of weapons who has threatened to do a mass shooting. the police have had to foil because it turns out that it is
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contagious. people see the mass shootings and think to themselves if they have any problem, that's the solution. i, too, can get my hands on a weapon and do mass shootings. and we have a segment coming up with some of the survivors of parkland. and it's just -- that is what we should be -- what the president of the united states should be working to fix. but because of this skcatter sht approach, we are all over the place. >> it's not the scatter shot approach. it's the nra running the white house on this issue. i mean, the national rifle association is running the republican party as it has run it for at least a generation. and if wayne lapierre doesn't want a bill passed, a bill will not pass. i mean, remember. there was a democratic president after sandy hook in connecticut. and they couldn't get a -- any sort of gun safety bill passed. they're not going to get it passed now with a republican president. >> can i tell you what i think
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is weighing on him more though? because obviously it doesn't appear as if he put that much thought into the gun discussion. he seems to be on all sides. i think it's the economy. based on what we're hearing from the president's advisers, based on what we're seeing in the data here, there are real concerns here. the labor department just reported weaker job gains than reported. the yield curve inverted again yesterday. the budget deficit is on path to surpass $1 trillion. ben, you're a former tea party guy, fiscal conservative. the economy has been really important to you. what does it do -- if the president loses the economy as a talking point, how do you think that weighs on him? could that explain this erratic behavior? >> well, no. i don't think it explains the erratic behavior because that i find to be one of the most -- it's erratic, but it's consistent. he's been consistently erratic for a long time. i'm seeing the same behaviors now that i think i saw a few years ago, but i will say going
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into 2020, it might seem a little more unhinged, perhaps, as the party starts to grow in that erraticness with him. because in 2016 which we all point back to as the dumpster fire year where everything was insane, even his supporters didn't think he would win. nobody thought he would win. so that got upset and then he did. it's not going to get calmer now in 2020 when everybody knows that he can win. and certainly his, you know, supporters who were already pretty die-hard even though he thought he probably wouldn't win. how insane is it going to get now that they know this? and consider also we've got two supreme court nominees that he got. the idea of getting two more, that's the promised land. they're going to go nuts to get that to happen regardless of the economy. >> there you go. ben, jeffrey, ana, thank you for the conversation. >> god forbid this chosen one lead us into that promised land.
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>> thank you, ana. jeffrey toobin teased it before. could president trump have a new republican challenger as of this morning? we're going to be joined by someone weighing a 2020 election bid next. [ music: "i am" by club yoko plays ] ♪ boom goes the dynamite, ♪ feels like i'm taking flight. ♪ [sfx: poof] [sfx: squeaking eraser sound effect.] ♪ i am who i wanna be ♪ who i wanna be ♪ who i wanna be. ♪ i'm a strong individual ♪ feeling that power ♪ i'm so original, ♪ ya sing it louder. ♪ i am, oooh oooh oooh oooh ♪ ehhh ehhh ehhh ehhh pre-order and get more. get up to $150 samsung credit, plus 6 months of unlimited music with spotify premium.
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happening now, "the new york times" is reporting this morning that a new republican could jump into the presidential race to challenge president trump in the next few days. joining us now is joe walsh, conservative radio host and former congressman from illinois. when you were with us last week, you said you hadn't ruled out a run for the white house. "the new york times" says now you might make up your mind in the next few days. how about right now? are you challenging president trump in the republican primary? >> hey, john, it's good to be with you. i'm not avoiding your question, but before i answer your question, can i just get this out? i listened to your prior segment and it's fascinating tv, but, man. i think we overanalyze trump.
4:19 am
he's a horrible human being. he's a bad, bad guy. and every single day you, i, and everybody watching us right now is reminded of how damn unfit he is. and to what jeffrey toobin said that he's stunned no one has stepped up to challenge him on his unfitness. jeffrey's right, the republican party will always regret the fact that they did not call this man out. somebody has to. >> if you feel that way, are you running against him? >> i'm strongly, strongly considering it. that's -- again, i'm not trying to be cute or coy. if somebody's going to get in there and go after him, it's got to be done soon. you're running out of time. but more importantly, these are not conventional times. look at the guy in the white house. these are urgent times.
4:20 am
somebody needs to make that case. i have yet to hear any potential republican make that case. >> why wouldn't you? why wouldn't you run at this point? if you feel as strongly as you do, why not you? >> i may. i just don't know yet. i don't know yet. but it's got to be done soon. if i do it, i will do it soon. look. i'm a former congressman. i've been on the radio around the country for the last six years. i'm an okay guy. there are bigger names than me. there are bigger former senators and members of congress. but none of them have the courage to step up and challenge him. john, this is the time where somebody's got to be behave. >> so you say no one has the courage kristol who you've been talking to, you're talking to people behind the scenes here for real. this is a real consideration now. bill kristol makes clear that you're appealing to him because you're the kind of guy who can punch the president in the nose
4:21 am
rhetorically. why is that important, do you think? >> because trump's a bully and he's a coward. and the only way you beat a bully and you beat a coward is to expose them. is to punch them. donald trump's been a con man his whole life. again, for the life of me, john, i don't know why any other republican can't say this. it's got nothing to do with the debt and the deficits. that's a concern. it's got nothing to do with his bad, horrible tariffs. they are bad and horrible. he is a bad man who -- and we don't talk about this enough, john. millions and millions of american children every single day in this country are learning. they're paying attention. they're learning that it's okay to lie and be a bully and be cruel. the only way you primary donald trump and beat him is to expose him for the con man he is. and if i did it, john, that's what i'd do.
4:22 am
i'd punch him every single day. >> you have called him a bad man among other things. he is in your words a bad man that you voted for. >> yes. absolutely. so i found the religion. look, you and i talked. he lost me at helsinki about a year, year and a half ago when he stood in front of the world and said, i'm with that guy putin and not my own people. that was it. that was ugly. that was disloyal. but really, john, what's grown on me since 2016 is this troubling truth. virtually every time he opens his mouth, he lies. i mean, we've never had that before. look. i was in congress with obama and i called him out on a couple of doozies. but we've never had a president -- and this is pretty scary. we've never been in a situation where every single time a president opened his mouth, it was a lie. i don't give a damn what your
4:23 am
politics are. that's got to be called out. >> let me ask you this. you're on conservative radio now and you went after president obama a lot in ways you've apologized for. you said he was a muslim. you've apologized for that. had president obama gone out in the white house, the south lawn looked up at the sky and said i am the chosen one. how would have 2015 joe walsh have treated that on the radio? >> 2015 joe walsh would have gone crazy. and john, more importatly, all of my listeners in conservative talk radio would have gone crazy. this again is what's so disappointing. the silence. trump increases the deficits more than obama and yet all of my listeners and all of the republicans stay silent. i've told you this before. the one good thing donald trump has done for me is he's taught me how absolutely ugly personal
4:24 am
political hate is. because i engaged in that way, way too much when i was in congress. trump has kind of shown us how bad it can be because that's what he always does. >> i just want to make one thing clear. you said president trump was a muslim. i don't think accusing anyone of being a muslim was an insult. it just wasn't true and it was used over a long period of time to attack the president. joe, can you win? >> yes. because here's the bet i think. and i think -- by the way, john. don't trick me into saying can i win. i think a good challenger can win. again, john, only if they make the moral case. this guy's unfit. he lies every time he opens his mouth. if you're not going to say that, then don't even challenge him. >> is it worth running, though, even if you can't win? >> yes. because this is a scary time.
4:25 am
and if republicans stay silent in the face of this guy, i don't think the country will ever forgive the republican party, but forget about the republican party. if this guy gets four more years, we're in real, real trouble. it's worth doing anything you can do to try to stop that. >> i got to let you go. but when are you going to decide by? what's the deadline date? >> labor day's in a week. if you want to get in, you've got to get in within the next week or so. >> all right. former congressman joe walsh, thank you for coming on this morning although not revealing your intentions. maybe leaning a little bit more toward it. is that safe to say this morning? >> safe to say. good to be with you. >> appreciate it. >> fascinating. always fascinating to talk to him. to hear his newfound feelings and to hear his future. plans. >> he's getting it from the right and left. he gets criticism from the right and the left. the left is like where were you?
4:26 am
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i'm looking to do background checks. i think background checks are
4:31 am
important. people don't realize we have very strong background checks right now. i have to tell you that it is a mental problem and i've said it a hundred times, it's not the gun that pulls the trigger. it's the person that pulls the trigger. i have an appetite for background checks. we're going to be doing background checks. >> that was president trump saying nothing about solving the mass shooting crisis in the country. less than three weeks after the deadly attacks in texas and ohio and california. joining us now is david hogg, the cofounder of march for our lives and is survivor of the parkland shooting. and fred gunnburg who has lost his child in parkland. i'm sorry this has to be in this situation. including he spate of arrests police have foiled. potential mass shootings this week. it feels like almost every day.
4:32 am
fred, why is it so hard for the president and republicans in this senate or congress to do something that 90% of americans when polled say they want which is expanding background checks? >> you know what? it's a great question. and i'm going to try and say it like this. i don't care why they are unable. what i will say is if they don't find the way to be able, we're going to defeat them. because people are dying every single day. they are making this a political -- listen. bullets, when they shoot you they don't know if you're republican or democrat. they don't know if you're rich or poor. they know if they hit you, they're going to kill you. and when we have these legislators whose job it is to do something about this and they choose not to, when 90% of americans are saying here's what we want, they should be fired. >> particularly right now, david. the nra is at its weakest point
4:33 am
in recent memory. it's had this mass exodus of its leadership. it is hobbled by a corruption scandal and they're still afraid of wayne lapierre? >> and since march for our lives filed a complaint with the new york attorney general that helped those investigations, i can't imagine why they're still afraid of wayne lapierre. i can't understand the people that still support the nra. and the fact that their ceo has spent $240,000 on italian suits. he has spent over a half million dollars on a private jet trip with his wife tobahamas. >> and bought him a $6 million home. >> i think what that tells us more than anything is the nra doesn't care about gun owners like my father. i've grown up my entire life with guns in my household. i've been shooting guns since i was in fourth grade and i know the nra doesn't care about gun
4:34 am
owners like my father because they've fought against putting guns under the consumer protection act. and to ensure there is no manufacturer liability. >> selling guns, yes. >> but on a more emotional and personal note, what are these three weeks like for you guys? when you have to watch the mass shooting in gilroy, california, in el paso, in dayton. as we said, all the ones being foiled right now, what happens with you guys after a week like this? >> you know, the day after the two mass shootings that happened in a 12-hour period, i was supposed to be leaving on a vacation with my wife and son. it was the first time where i've actually promised them i'm putting the phone away, computer away. we're going to disconnect and get away. and then you have two mass shootings. and what i realized is as much as i want to put this away sometimes and disconnect, gun
4:35 am
violence doesn't stop. the reality is every single day -- and it's not just mass shootings. because a week before those two mass shootings, i was in cincinnati, ohio, that just had its deadliest month on record. 18 killed i think in a 3-week period. but it's individual chutinge sh. it was their deadliest month on record. they're happening every day. and until -- and i said to david earlier. without getting into the details of his plan, i love the goal of it. which is reducing the gun violence death rate in half. okay? until we have serious legislators who have a goal of reducing the gun violence death rate, we need to keep the pressure on them and either get them to do their jobs or show up at this next vote and fire them. >> and i am going to get to your plan in one second. but just for you, david, i mean, you're obviously so active. you're so vocal. what happens during these couple of weeks for you?
4:36 am
>> it's painful. it's really painful to see people that claim that they represent us because we claim to be in a representational representative democracy that don't agree to do something that 90% of americans support in the first place because of corporate special interests, right? it's painful for me to see it because i know in my jury niece across the country and meeting survivors of gun suicide and survivors of unintentional shooting and everyday gun violence, where there are millions of children who have to walk to and from school on a daily basis oftentimes through police caution tape that don't get on the news. i'm thinking about the fact that we have mass shootings every day in the united states that are not talked about as mass shootings because they're in historically marginalized communities that face record amounts of injustice. >> and also, you're right. there's so much gun violence. it is hard for us to talk about
4:37 am
it every day. and it is the most dramatic mass shootings that get the most attention. right or wrong. but there's no dearth of them. we talk about them all the time. you have been tackling gun violence. but remember in the days after parkland where the president had that emotional meeting at the white house with the family members. in their grief and their devastation. they traveled to washington, d.c., hoping that this time would be different and that this time the president would do something. and here's what the president promised in those days after parkland. listen to this. >> we're going to be very strong on background checks. we'll be doing very strong background checks. >> that's what he said after parkland. it's been a couple of years since then. and nothing has happened in terms of universal background checks. >> yeah. and i think what we have to realize as americans and what i've come to realize is it's not going to be the democratic party or the republican party that is going to fix this problem. if we look back at american history, the only time that true
4:38 am
movements over things that are historical things are political issues able to change things is when we change our culture. what we need to do more than anything is we need to realize that we can't wait for democrats to take every part of the government to fix this problem. we need people to go out there and look at the peace plan. we need people to go out and do these things. they realize talking about how to prevent future tragedies from happening is not politicizing trauma. what they're talking about is peace. and in my opinion, peace is not political. >> one of the things the president said this week in a crazy rhetorical week that got your attention, fred. you said that he said, quote, all victims of gun violence love him. and did you want to fact check that this morning? >> i do want to talk to the president. and you showed the clip on after parkland. my daughter died in parkland. i'll live with that every second of every day. and he lied to me and all the other victims that day and he's
4:39 am
done it again since the other mass shootings. when he talks about about doing the right thing for a brief second and then he says, but i spoke to in the nra and he walks away from it. so mr. president, let me tell you something. i don't care about you. this is not about love or hate. i don't care about you. i care about what you do. and i hate what you are doing. because you are using the pain of the victims of gun violence to speak in a way that allows you to look like you're going to do something but only to play games with their emotions and not do it in the end. i don't care about you, mr. president, but i hate what you do. it is time for you to stop talking on this topic until you are ready to give mitch mcconnell the go ahead to open up the senate and actually take on legislation. enough. stay out of this. keep your mouth just quiet unless you're ready to be a serious participant in this conversation. just stop. >> how is he using your pain? >> you know what?
4:40 am
every time he puts himself on camera with a photo op like he did yesterday to talk about it, to say people like me love him, no we don't. now, i'm not going to speak for every family in parkland, but i'm not the only one who feels this way. and i get to meet victims of gun violence across this country. okay? don't talk about doing the right thing only to go on record as saying i said i'll do it. 90% of the families and the americans who vote want background checks, mr. president. stop talking, stop talking about love. this is not about you. don't worry about how people think about you. do the right thing. get it done. tell mitch mcconnell to open up the senate graveyard. let's get this done. enough is enough. >> david, do you have a sense of why this is happening in the country? why is this -- the four -- okay. of the ten deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history and we had the distinction as we all know among industrialized
4:41 am
countries for having this problem, four of them have been on president trump's watch. here it is on your screen. do you have any sense of why we have this problem in this country? >> because we live in an incredibly divided time where we have -- i would argue that right now in america, we don't have leaders. because i would argue that leaders don't lead with fear. totalitarians lead with fear. we need leaders that lead we the courage to address the unknown and the courage to explore and embrace the curiosity of the unknown. we need leaders that tell americans not to fear those that don't look them but to actually talk to them and learn to love what you don't know. and the reason why these things continue to happen is because if you continue to tell someone that they are the enemy, this person that isn't like you is the enemy and they have easy access to guns, there's going to be a small group of people that are extremely violent and act. >> we've been on a slippery
4:42 am
slope. the nra likes to talk about the slippery slope if we do anything. we've been on a slippery slope. i'll just go back to 2003. it started before then, but in 2003 jamie was born. 2004 assault weapons ban ended. in 2005, placa was passed. then in the years since, stand your ground laws and other laws that made it easier for those who intend to kill others to have the weapons to do so. not just guns, ammunition as well. and so you want to know why more people are dying from gun violence? it's because in this country, we've been on a slippery slope of weakening laws that have allowed those who want to kill the means to do so. >> we're out of time, but i don't want to miss out on the opportunity to say what you're doing. you do have a plan. i think we have a screen of all the tenets of it. >> march for our lives talked to researchers and people around the country that work around gun violence prevention and made a plan by survivors and
4:43 am
researchers so there don't have to be survivors in the future of gun violence. for those that want to learn more about it, even if you don't agree with everything or anything i've ever said, i encourage people to look at the plan. it's not just about creating stronger gun laws. it's about reducing the commade of wanting to pull the trigger. it's about making us realize that inherently there is a problem with the fact that every community in the united states, it is easier to access a gun to end your own pain because gun suicides are two-thirds of gun deaths than it is to access an affordable, quality therapist. >> where can people find that plan? >> we can't do this alone. we need your support, donations, and your time. we need you to help us campaign on this and vote. >> david hogg, fred guttenberg, thank you. "new day" will be right back.
4:44 am
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4:48 am
the national debt and deficit, much worse than thought. so where is the party of fiscal responsibility in times like these? >> i know where john avalon is. he has our reality check. >> president trump was busy proclaiming himself the chosen one. you might have missed more bad news in the form of data. brand new cbo numbers shows the budget deficit is skyrocketing. projected to rise 25% over last year. heading to over $1 trillion next year. tax revenues are -- spending is in drunk l sailor territory adding $1.7 trillion in the next decade. put it another way, deficits have risen from a decade low of 2.4% over obama to a projected average 4.7% of gdp over the next decade. remember, all this is happening during the nation's longest
4:49 am
economic expansion. when deficits should be shrinking. let's go back to see when president trump was trying to stimulate its way out of a global crisis. back in february in 2012, barack obama released a $28 trillion budget with a $900 billion deficit. he'll turn america into greece. this year president trump proposed higher spending and a bigger deficit than back when he warned obama would lead us to bankruptcy. for some senators it's absurd. from ex, georgia's david perdue who resorted to magical thinking when he voted to increase spending after voting for the tax cuts. he penned an op-ed that a vote against the budget was a vote to increase spending while he told an editorial board that it was
4:50 am
more than paid for by the tax cut. that's just not true. and of course the bill to increase spending did, in fact, increase spending. senator perdue is a symptom of a larger problem. the abandonment of fiscal responsibility by republicans while railing against the fiscal it bears repeating the last two presidents to shrink the deficits were cheney and obama. all of us talk about concern for the deficit and budget has been bogus for as long as it's been around. right now under the trump we have no such excuse other than to attempt. while president trump was tweeting out a claim he was like the king of israel, clearly the only crown he can claim is the one he can lay on himself some time ago, the king of debt. this time though the american
4:51 am
taxpayer is going to have to pick up the debt. this week's fight over greenland is just the latest example of the president's dizzying diplomacy. what is the long-term effect on the u.s. relationship with its allies? we're going to talk about this with the former commander of nato next. and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
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the prime minister's statement that it was absurd, that it was an absurd idea was nasty. i thought it was an inappropriate statement.
4:55 am
we can't treat the united states of america the way they treated us under president obama. >> all right, president trump, again attacking the danish prime minister after she made it clear that greenland is not for sale. denmark, we should note, is a long time u.s. ally and a nato member. joining me now is general wesley clark, now a senior fellow at the ucla berkeley center for international relations. the big picture to me is the president attacking denmark in an insane 24-hour period. denmark an ally that's sacrificed blood in efforts we've had around the globe, attacking denmark the very same day he allows russia to be allowed back into the g7. attacking allies, coddling enemies. and we've seen it before. so what is the world to take from this? >> this is not the way to
4:56 am
conduct diplomacy. the united states does have important interests in the arctic, greenland figures in those interests. and the united states should have worked quietly behind the scenes with greenland as we've done in the past to buffer american opportunities there, to be sure the russians and the chinese aren't encroaching, which they are elsewhere in the arctic. and we should be concerned about the overall strength of our relationships with all of our allies in europe. when we talk about threatening germany with tariffs on automobile production which is one of the biggest factors in the german economy. and when we disparage the prime minister of denmark, we're weakening nato. we're playing into putin's hands. now, what my european friends tell me is they're not surprised by this anymore. they've seen the president.
4:57 am
he doesn't pay attention to their politics, doesn't understand the pressures they're under, and really this is just conduct diplomacy if you look at his record around the world since he's been president, we've got the effort in north korea which had stalled out because in my personal opinion he overpersonalized it. and if he used the professional diplomatic channels we might have achieved a definition of what denuclearization was and be making progress. instead what's happening is there's enormous pressure on the government of south korea to make accommodation with the north. the north is continuing its militarization programs and south korea and japan are drifting apart. we've got problems with iran, nato allies are -- >> what's the long-term impact, though, on treating your friends like this?
4:58 am
>> the europeans tell me that they can make it through for the rest of this administration and nato will be okay. and it can be recovered. they're not sure what happens if president trump is re-elected. and i don't want to politicize this, and i'm not coming on this as someone with a political orientation. it breaks my heart to see our military, our diplomats all around the world to see the confusion and disorder at the very top that undercuts their efforts. >> i want to weigh in on something the president said yesterday. he was speaking to a veterans group and he joked. he joked about awarding the medal of honor to himself. so listen to this. >> nothing like the medal of honor. i wanted one but they told me i
4:59 am
don't qualify. i say can i give it to myself anyway, they said i don't think that's a good idea. >> all right, he was joking and there was laughter in the room, but we have heard from people inside the military who say, look is, this isn't something to joke about. to be awarded the medal of honor it's one of the most emotional honors you can receive in the military because it's almost guaranteed you had friends die in the process. >> it really is disrespectful to the veterans. veterans are very respectful to the president of the united states whoever he is, and that comment was sort an off end comment you might hear someone making to their spouse. i worked so hard on the law and deserve the medal of honor out there, it's so hot and uncomfortable. it's like a joke and they don't mean it that way. when you do it in front of a veterans and it's played over
5:00 am
the nation and i and the other people who serve -- we all know people who won the medal of honor, many who died. it's a very special thing. those men who win the medal of honor, they're marked for the rest of their lives. and not only in public adulation but emotionally. people in uniform respect the office but he didn't serve in vietnam, he's never been under fire. doesn't really understand the teamwork, the sacrifice, the loyalty and that people wearing that medal of haunler represent. so it was a hurtful comment actually. >> general, thanks for being with us this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and thank you to our international viewers for watching. for you "cnn newsroom" is next. for our u.s. viewers "new day" continues rig


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