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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  August 22, 2019 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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tomorrow. if you send us any twitter questions, you can hear the answers on some of our podcasts. brianna keilar starts right now. have a great afternoon. ♪ >> i'm brianna keilar live from washington headquarters. under way right now, as the president grows more erratic, white house officials are reportedly growing more concerned about his behavior. meanwhile, the deficit growing faster than expected. the bond market just inverted again and manufacturing is weak which means the president may not be able to dismiss the economic red flags for much longer. plus, more arrests for mass shooting threats including a hotel cook plotting to gun down this co-workers and guests. and the amazon is burning toward a report rate careening
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towards eye an environmental disaster. we begin with the president. at this hour, "the new york times" reports that those who know president trump are growing increasingly concerned with heir erratic behavior. some trump officials in recent days said they were increasingly worried about the president's behavior, suggesting that is it stems from rising pressure on mr. trump as the economy seems more worrisome. here's the behavior, in one single day, president trump doubled down on accusations that jewss are disloyal or ignorant if they vote for democrats. they shared clips of a conspiracy theorist who calls israel the king of israel or second calling of christ. and he's attacked the prime minister of denmark because she called his idea to buy greenland absurd. these taken an indiscernible stance on background checks
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while bragging that mass shooting victims love him. he's threatened to send isis fighters to u.s. allies in europe. and he's blamed obama no less than 20 times for virtually all of the problems that he's facing. our first guest advised the president pretransition team. he's currently a an assistant law professor at george mason university. what is your reaction to the president's behavior? >> it's not unexpected. the guy's always had problems on his best day. i think the hope for the future is democrats nominate someone who is moderate who can work with republicans. and we can get together in the post-trump era. i think the irony of the damage he's done is that the divisions he's created in trade and immigration, actually open up a possibility for an event window for bipartisan reform if we can get rid of this guy. >> are you talking to white house officials?
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are they concerned? >> i am, current folks in the white house in my policy area financial services. the level of concern isn't higher than before. i think for the most part, they tend to try to ignore him and go about their business, go about their jobs. i certainly don't think any of them are proud of him. >> so it's not necessarily registering for them any more this erratic behavior but for you it is? >> but it's growing worse and worse. i can't explain it. frankly, i don't want to get in this guy's head. i'd like to focus for the future. i hope the democratic party looks for a nominee who can work with republicans like me. >> i want to bring in white house correspondent kaitlan collins, you have new reporting about where of the president's closest advise er jared kushner and ivanka trump are in the middle of this? >> yes, brianna, as the president has been rotating
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through the controversies, two of his top advisers jared kushner and ivanka trump has been flying under the radar. a pattern we've seen of the two of them in the past but for the past week where there's been uncertainty about the economy. questions about whether or not the president is going to support background checks. he's been retweeting conspiracy theorists getting into a fight with the danish prime minister. and reports where the president is doubling down on comment where is he thinks jewish people who vote for democrats are being disloyal. we know that jared kushner and ivanka were in wyoming for a family vacation. overall, user seen them be essentially missing in action as the president has been facing these controversies. these questions about comments he's made. even though he's doubling down on the comment, especially about the one about people who support democrats as you saw from the white house yesterday. now, this fits a pattern that
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we've seen from jared kushner and ivanka trump at times during times when the administration tried to repeal parts of obama care. and of course, the big one has been has been the comments that the president has made about jewish people who are supporting democrats. jared kushner and ivanka trump are both orthodox jews. they've been involved with the president on things. but neither of them have said anything publicly about the president's comments. and when we asked the white house have they been advising the president privately on this, the white house did not get back to us on a question -- or, on an answer, regarding that. we know they've advised him privately. but there's still question about what exactly they have said to the president about this. whether or not they're going to say anything publicly. brianna, as you know, that's
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something they've faced criticism in the past. >> indeed, j.w., i want to revisit that "the new york times" op-ed, that anonymous one written by a white house official in september of last year it said, meetings with him veer off topic, off the rails, he engages in repetitive rants and his impulsiveness results in half-baked ill-informed and occasionally reckless decisions. and americans should know that there are adults in the room. that was last year. is there some in your estimation adults in the room? >> i still have respect for adults in the room. congress is not going to move on impeachment obviously at this point. they're trying to do the right thing and implement apologies and keep things from going off the rails. but public, i think the world is going to remember the decisions
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they make now. >> former white house information director anthony scaramucchi suggested that the cabinet invoke the 25th amendment. in this case, he's making the argument, incapacity. as an attorney, is there tl anything to that? >> i mean, absent some finding by a physician, i don't think we'd go there. i don't have any information for that. but i do think it's been very dangerous, the way he's flirted with the idea that post-election, if he loses, he would challenge the legitimacy of the vote and may not step down, may not leave. i don't think that would be successful. i don't think the secret service would stand for it. i don't think the armed forces would stand for it. i don't think the cabinet would stand for it, but it is dangerous that he's talking abe that right now. >> we do want to know when he's having these moments when he's behaving particularly erratically, why is that? there are folks in his corner
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who suggest this is because of the pressure right now, due to the economy questions about when a recession will happen, is that something that could happen before the election? before that,s erratic tendencies were explained to being linked to the mueller investigation and the pressure he was being put under there. does it matter, though, to you the reason why? >> it's a high-pressure job. it's the most high-pressure job in the world. an investigation, lots of presidents have worked under investigations. and at the same time, accomplished tremendous things. i don't think it matters. i think it's irrelevant. i don't think there's any excuse for his behavior, no. >> j.w. verrett, thank you for coming in. >> good to be here. and trump's unconventional presidency and troubling tactics could lead to something we've never really seen. a serious intraparty primary challenge to a sitting president. right now, former massachusetts governor bill weld is the only official challenger.
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and then mark sanford considering a run, he wants to bring a spending deficit debt into this conversation but still says he would vote for trump over a democrat. and now there's former congressman joe walsh who says he should know by labor day whether he's going to launch a challenge against president trump. he spoke to cnn's john berman. >> the republican party will always, always forget the fact that they did not call this man out. somebody has to. >> if you feel that way, are you running against him? >> i'm strongly, strongly considering it. there are bigger names than me. there are bigger former senators and members of congress. but none of them have the courage to step up and challenge him. john, this is the time where somebody's got to be brave. trump's a bully. and he's a coward. and the only way you beat a bully and you beat a coward is to expose them, is to punch
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them. donald trump has been a con man his whole life. again for the life of me, john, i don't know why any other republican can't say this. i think a good challenger can win, again, john, only if they make the moral case. this guy is unfit. he lies every time he opens his mouth. if you're not going to say that, don't even challenge him. >> is it worth running, though, even if you can't win? >> yeah. >> sarah longwell is with us. she's republican strategist and executive director of defending democracy together. this is an organization with a goal to take trumpism out of the republican party. you have been looking for somebody to challenge the president. here's joe walsh, is he the guy? >> joe walsh is an interesting candidate especially because in 2010 when he was in congress he was actually like a proto trump, someone saying incendiary thinking calling president trump a muslim.
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now, he's had this throw to damascus moment. and going at trump really hard and that distinguishes him from everybody else who has thrown their names out there a little more on the establishment side. he's more of an insurgent. >> so, he piques n s your inter for sure. really, the fight is very important as well. why run if you're not aiming to win? >> yeah, i don't agree with this idea that somebody should run regardless of whether or not they could win. ronald reagan ran in '76, he ran down what the republican party was going to be. i thought somebody like governor hogan or ben sasse can do that. i think joe walsh is making a different thing. >> you're talking about a thought-out, laying the road map for the future. just to be clear, who are else are you looking at here? mark sanford, he's talking about a run, because he wants to get
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back to those fiscal conservative roots of republicans. but he's still not, say, a vote over democrat over a republican. >> yeah, he's still saying he would vote for president trump. this is where joe walsh is different. he's coming at it i would never vote for this guy. another one interesting would be a nikki haley. john kasich. jest flake. who knows. with this president, who knows where things can go. it's an erratic time. whether the economy take a downward turn. who knows where this could lead. >> very interesting, sarah longwell. since el paso and dayton there have been dozens of aarresting. arrests. the president's two former press secretary just landed lucrative tv jobs. we will talk about the backlash from that.
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indulge in irresistible freshness. febreze unstopables. breathe happy. the city of lancaster, california, is on edge as police search for a sniper.
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a barrage of bullets rained downen on a los angeles county sheriff's station yesterday hitting a deputy. and authorities say his injuries are minor, thankfully. they believe the gunfire came from a nearby four-star apartment building that serves as a mental health living facility. the incident follows two mass shootings in dayton and el paso. and authorities have arrested at least 29 people for threats. the suspects seem to fit a pattern. most of them are 13 to 38 years old according to the ages that police have released. the majority are white males. 18 out of 29 threats were made on social media. and some of the biggest targets are schools, walmarts and places of worship. here with me is kathryn is schwhite he's an expert on mass shooters. she's one of the nation's pre-eminent experts on mass shooters.
10:19 am
thank you for coming in to lend your particular expertise here. why do you think wee seen this state of mass shootings, i don't want to forget the one in gilroy, california, because there were a number of those that precipitated el paso, indeed. >> why is this occurring? is that your question? >> yes. >> it's a where are multifaceted why. i think if we look to solve it. if we want to soft it, lve it, to look to how can we catch the people who might be doing it. it's really what we're looking for is kind of not a profile of a person. not a white male who is 20 years old. we're looking for anybody, although most of these shootings that occur absolutely are all males. they hit all demographics. all age ranges. and as you said, a lot of these people were identified through social media. that is the key. we're looking for the behavir of social media interaction by them. that's them reaching outside for
10:20 am
whatever reason to find kinds people, to brag about what they want to do. because they have a grievance and they're all frustrated and fair feeling hopeless, and they want to lash out, so, they're doing that. so, what we want people to do is look for behaviors like posting in social media or other actions. >> posting threats on social media? >> posting threats on social media but actions in their own home. >> give us examples, these are things that teachers, family members, neighbors could be looking for? >> absolutely. fbi research shows if the subject is 17 or under, chances are teachers are going to be the first ones. peers are going to be the first ones to see the actions by potential shooters. if they're over 17, they're likely to be peers, co-workers and most importantly, partners, spouses, domestic partners. >> so they're looking for social media postings. they're reaching out to find
10:21 am
like-minded folks on opinions and other behaviors? >> absolutely. we know from research, we're looking for what categorizes itself as atypical behaviors. so, if you have never shot a gun before, and you buy a gun, that's an atypical behavior for you. if you have a gun, you use guns, you grow up in an area that they hunt and fish, that's fine. but is the behavior of that person with regard to firearms suddenly changed. are they buying more firearms. fbi research just released last summer said 40% of the weapons used between 2000 and 2013, 40% were purchased for shootings. is your amazon account at home suddenly click, click, click and there's packages arriving that include bulletproof vests and other types of ways that a shooter can harden themselves, more ammunition, more clips. so we're looking for not just
10:22 am
firearms. we're looking for other things like have you started to -- have you stopped -- like are you giving your things away. have you stopped participating in life? have you moved to isolate yourself? these are all things that peers, families members are the first ones. we know from research, 80% to 90% of the time, there are signs that people see and they look the other way. that's the hard part. they look the other way, they deny it. >> because they're in denial. so, if we're talking about the younger shooters, like you said, teachers, peers are going to see things. >> right. >> parents also need to have a dose of reality, right? >> yes. >> what do they need to do? >> yeah. that's a big concern, too. because although as many of these shooters are in their 20s and 30s and 40s, it's super important to remember, as a parent, your job is to make sure that you don't have a lock on your kid's door. that you know what they're
10:23 am
doing. >> that they don't have a degree of privacy that complete will you shuts you out? >> exactly. don't deny it. we just had the arrest in florida of the 15-year-old and the body cam video from the police officer. the mom is standing there saying he's not like one of those crazy people. he just made silly comments. these a good boy. that's denial. i understand as a parent, i'm a mom. i understand as a parent you don't ever think your kid can do that. but isn't it better that you find out that your kid might be headed in that direction, and you save them from being killed at the scene of a crime? >> thank you so much. amazing ask expertise. >> my pleasure. president trump says again he's looking seriously at birth right citizens putting him at odds with the constitution. could congress step in? plus, new warning signs on an economy, including a deficit that's rising faster than expected. ♪ (music plays throughout)
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once again, president trump says he's considering putting an end to birthright citizenship. he also floated this idea last years ago right before the midterm elections, proposing an executive order to overturn a provision in the 14th amendment of the constitution that says, quote, all persons born or naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction
10:29 am
thereof are citizens of the united states. the president wants to take a look at ending that. >> where you have a baby in our land, you walk over the border, have a baby. congratulations, the baby is now a u.s. citizen. we're looking at it very, very seriously. i don't know how you found that out, but that's very good. we are looking at birthright citizenship very seriously. s, frankly, ridiculous. >> well, here's the thing. the president can't just overrule a constitutional amendment. presidents don't have that power. two-thirds in each chamber of the congress would have to vote to do that. obviously, that's not going to happen. let's bring in virginia democratic congressman jerry conley to talk about this. you're on the oversight committee. you're on the foreign affairs committee. do you take a threat like that seriously? and if not seriously, how do you take it? >> well, i think, first of all, it's the ignorance of donald j.
10:30 am
trump about the constitution he's swore to defend and protect. secondly, i think it shows his lack of respect for the constitution. and for the millions of americans who fall within this category. we have to remember the history of the 14th amendment. it was designed to clarify and to overturn the worst ruling in the history of the supreme court, the dred scott decision that said that we're not citizens of the united states, even though they were freed from slavery, because the fact of them being here had nothing do with being citizens. the 14th amendment clarified that saying, oh, no, anyone born in the united states say citizen, period. >> the trump administration is implementing a policy change to terminate what's called the flores agreement. this is the agreement that's been around for decades that limits how long the u.s. government can hold minor immigrant children in detention which is 20 days. it also sets the standard for
10:31 am
the conditions in which they're held. and this change would allow the administration to hold children indefinitely. what are your concerns with getting rid of that protection? >> as an american and as a father, i cannot fathom how the trump administration thinks it's okay to separate kids from their families. and then to incarcerate them indefinitely. it's just plain wrong. it doesn't reflect american values. it doesn't reflect humane values. we can't go down that road. this is the evil influence of steven miller who has a ready sand willing receptor in donald j. trump. it's just plain wrong. and i hope republicans, southwest democrats will speak out against it. >> they're trying to make the point that this is because parents would be detained. but there's a limit on children. that this would allow families to stay together. of course, in detention. bl what do you say to that? >> i don't think children should
10:32 am
be in detention. we know from a number of my colleagues that visit the detention centers at the border, that the conditions are anything but humane. the idea that he woulthey wouldg those conditions with or without family members is startling and republic presen reprehensible, in my opinion. >> i had on the acting i.c.e. director, he was making a point these are not the detention centers that we're seeing, these are i.c.e. detention centers. he was saying they're great, they're like dorms. what do you say to that? >> well, he ought to spend a month in them and have his family join him as well. maybe he can tell us how humane and hygiene and comfortable those facilities really are. >> i want to talk to you about something that we've learned from the president's personal
10:33 am
attorney rudy giuliani that he has spoken personally with ukrainian officials as he looks for potential dirt on joe biden and his son hunter. you and i talked about this back in may when giuliani was planning a trip for this purpose which ultimately, he called off. you said that congress should investigate. instead, he met with his contact in madrid last month. is this something that democrats are going to investigate? >> if you mean by investigating, i meant rudy giuliani. i think mr. giuliani's activities threatened back in may and now going on today are really un-american. i mean, it's not his business to be investigating the former vice president of the united states. it's a canard. it's been disproved. but it lingers in social media on blogs. right ring blogs. and rudy giuliani is trying to try to discredit the former vice president. none of us can fully account for the activities of our family
10:34 am
members, but they don't necessarily reflect on us. they certainly, in this case, there's no evidence that joe biden ever took any improper action with respect to the ukraine. >> the president referenced former president obama several times yesterday when he had this extended q & a session on the south lawn with reporters. he blamed him on a variety of topics. he does this a lot. but there seemed to be this uptick of it yesterday. why do you think he does that? >> well, i think the contrast bothers him. president obama was a historic figure. hi comported himself for eight long years without scandal. without blemish. he comported himself in a respectful and dignified manner. he added luster to the presidency. trump is the antithesis of all of that. he has degraded and debased the office of the president. he is held in contempt by most americans in terms of his behavior.
10:35 am
he can't resist nasty tweets and bullying behavior. he's anything but a model for parents to point to you can be like that. no parent is going to do that. that contrast eats away at him. >> congressman gerry con nonoll thank you for joining us. the amazon rain forest is burning at a record rate, why brazil's president doesn't seem in a hurry to stop it? and how president trump's 2016 rival predicted his presidency. the clip that you have to see. , well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me.
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he borrowed billions donald trump failed as a businessman. and left a trail of bankruptcy and broken promises. he hasn't changed. i started a tiny investment business, and over 27 years, grew it successfully to 36 billion dollars. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. i'm running for president because unlike other candidates, i can go head to head with donald trump on the economy, and expose him fo what he is: a fraud and a failure.
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now, to an under cover story that we're trying to shine a light on. the amazon rain forest is burning. just to get an idea of how much smoke this is creating, this is sao paulo in the middle of the day. this is not a night tatime pict that you're seeing. this is earlier this week. we have other looks at this as well. all of this is smoke. brazil's space research center says the number of fires in the amazon are currently 80% higher than this time last year. this is not only terrible news for the local ecosystem, this will have a global impact. the amazon rain forest presents 20% of the air that we breathe. it's known as the planet's lungs. 99% of these fires are estimated to be caused by humans. cnn's shasta darlington is live from sao paulo.
10:41 am
shasta, what's the process of making sure other fires don't start but also putting these ones out? >> reporter: so, brianna, unfortunately, a big part of the problem, many of these fires ra ravaging the amazon at a rapid rate has been started by ranchers and loggers trying to clear land. and the best way to control that is by cracking down on that. we haven't seen that happen. there have been 72,000 fires in brazil so far this year. many of them in the amazon. and environmentalists blame the administration. the highest level of government saying that the new president jair bolsonaro saying that it should be developed not protected. and he's defunded the agencies leaving them toothless. ironically, when bolsonaro was asked about this he laughed it off, saying without providing
10:42 am
any evidence, maybe the ngos are lighting the fires to to make me look bad. with this kind of flippant result there's little hope that the situation is going to be resolved. >> what does that mean there in brazil? and what does that mean in a more widespread fashion for other parts of the world? >> reporter: i think realistical realistically, we're looking at a place where the government doesn't take climate change seriously. believes most ngos operating in the amazon are representing foreign governments trying to get their hands on the amazon so there isn't going to be a whole lot of cracking down on this activity. the outlook for the amazon is pretty poor. the most pressure we choactuall see is from economic partners. countries saying we're not going to buy your beef or your soybean if you can't prove that this isn't coming from
10:43 am
deforrested lands. >> that's very interesting. shasta darlington for us in sao paulo. and in less than 24 hours, both of president trump's former press secretaries have landed new jobs and not everyone is happy about it. thanks. and a unicorn notebook! get everything on your list. this week's doorbuster - sharpie markers and ticonderoga pencils for $1 in store or online from the advisors at office depot officemax. age-related macular i've degeneration, with which could lead to vision loss. so today i made a plan with my doctor, which includes preservision. because it's my vision, my morning walk, my sunday drive, my grandson's beautiful face. only preservision areds 2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. because it's my sunset, it's how i see my life.
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big job news for president trump's former press secretaries. they both landed tv gigs within 24 hours of each other. sarah sanders will be joining fox news as a contributor, while her predecessor sean spicer will be a contestant on abc's "dancing with the stars." we're told that not everyone at abc is thrilled about that news. in fact, some of the staffers are reportedly up in the arms calling the decision, quote, a slap in the face. joining me now is cnn's brian stelt stelter. and even the host of "dancing with the stars" is upset. what can you tell us? >> yeah, not everybody is happy at abc over sean spicer being selected for the gig. brian and spoke with nine staffers about this appointment.
10:49 am
some people said there are moans and grumblings, eye rolls going on at abc news. other people were more furious about it. some described it as a slap in the face. others said they were disgusted because sean had mislead reporters at abc news. as you mentioned, not only for abc news, anonymously, it's coming on the record from the host of "dancing with the stars" tom bergeron who released a statement. i can read part of it. he said, my hope is that "dancing with the stars" in its return following unprecedented year-long hiatus would be joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of divisive bookings and any party affiliations. we can agree to dis'agree. and i spoke to sean spicer by phone, he dismissed that saying
10:50 am
if people are upset, they should watch a news program and not "dancing with the stars." i know he was on fox & friend it's earlier addressing that. we have video if you want to roll that. >> i share his sentiment. this should be two hours of politics but more than that, i hope what this show is, is people of different backgrounds, getting together, leaving politics aside, and having a good time in a civil and respectful way. my hope and goal is at the end of the season, we need more of this, not less of it. >> spicer's basically saying that he's hoping to show a different side of him on dancing with the stars this season, that people may not have seen as press secretary. i guess we're going to have to stay tuned and see what happens. >> i don't believe -- you can fact check me here. >> spicer and sanders, it's like
10:51 am
they're the only ex-white house officialers to land tv jobs they have been the most visible. >> abc has george stephanopolous, who was at the white house during the clinton years. there are many examples of this. the trump white house has a record of misleading the public. this administration lies consistently. and it's all led from the top by a president who lies even about the weather and the time of day. that is why this deserves outrage and backlash. sanders going to fox is not surprising. there's been a revolving door between fox and the white house for several years. it should be surprising that someone who misled the public and called the press the enemy would land these types of jobs. spicer is not at the top of his career right now. you don't go to dancing with the
10:52 am
stars when you're at your peak. this is the kind of job you take when you may not have many other options, maybe he has an incredible dancing talent we don't know about. i guess we'll find out. >> oliver darcie, thank you so much to both of you. we have breaking news, subpoenas have been issued in the suicide of jeffrey epstein, aimed at re-creating the night he died behind bars. plus, the stunning discovery divers found on their first trip to the titanic in 14 years. switch to... ...straight talk... ...and get the same 4g lte networks the big guys offer... ...for up to half the cost. plus 200 dollars off... ...the samsung galaxy s9. all with the unlimited plan, just 45 bucks a month, with 25 gigs of high-speed data. no contract. knowledge dropped. class dismissed. straight talk wireless. everything for less. "burger! i want a sugar cookie! i want a bucket of chicken! i want....."
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the white house is dropping plans to cut billions of dollars in foreign aid. members of both parties have been asking the administration not to move ahead with these planned cuts. sara westwood is at the white house, following this for us. how did she come to this decision, sarah? >> president trump the white house were facing a wave of opposition from congressional appropriators and both parties who thought this move could do harm to national security. could undermine u.s. interests around the world. the administration had been trying to cut $4 billion in foreign assistance using what's known as a recision package. they made the decision not to pursue that package, not to try to get that $4 billion in foreign aid cuts. this decision was made by
10:58 am
president trump himself today, despite the fact that the administration is saying there's fat in the foreign assistance that needs to be trimmed. that there is work that needs to be done reforming foreign aid. they're not going to move forward with this package, because it was so poorly received on capitol hill. >> this is really one of the flip-flops we've seen this week. >> president trump has been all over the map on policy this week, alone. he's flip-flopped on guns, going from supporting background checks to saying behind closed doors he was cooling to the idea amid pressure from allies to saying, maybe he does support background checks, maybe he doesn't. are they considering a red flag proposal. >> president trump assuring people that the economy is doing well while also proposing a payroll tax cut. proposing something to do with capital gains, indexing to inflation, and walking away from that yesterday as well. >> sarah westwood at the white
10:59 am
house, thank you so much. in a special film, cnn tells the fascinating story of american fashion designer roy hal ston. the iowa native dressed them all. if you've never heard of his famous pill box hat, chances are you have seen it. >> he was dealing with the creme day la creme of the women in the world. >> were you the person who put the pill box on jackie kennedy? >> yes, i was. >> that hat was genius, if you look at the inauguration most of those ladies wore a mink coat, jackie was in a cloth coat and a cloth hat. >> i'll never forget the impact that hat had, even out in montana where i was sitting at the time. >> it was a windy day, and she put her hand on the hat and it had ayden the in it. during the ceremonies, it had a
11:00 am
dent in the hat, everyone who copied it put a dent in it, which was so funny. >> be sure to watch halston this sunday at 9:00. >> newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> brianna thank you. >> you're watching cnn, thanks for being with me. despite unemployment near a 50 year low, there are more troubling signs for the economy. we'll get into that in a second. for the first time in nearly a decade, america's manufacturing sector shrank. for the second time in a week there's been a yield curve inversion, it's a rare phenomenon on wall street, when it hits, market watchers pay attention, it's been a predictor of every u.s. recession in the modern era. then comes news of a major


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