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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 23, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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should just delete any message asking you to help smuggle diamonds. this is cnn breaking news. [ bell ringing ] >> welcome to "the lead. i'm erica hill in for jake. breaking news in the money lead. you just heard the closing bell there on wall street, and you can see wall street nose diving. president trump dramatically escalating his fight with china, and his own federal reserve chair. the dow plunging more than 600 points ahead of the president's critical trip to the g7 summit this weekend. cnn's alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. china slapping tariffs on $75 billion in u.s. products today. is that what spooked wall street to this point? >> you know what, erica, i think that's part of it but i think the bigger part impacting the market was president trump's tweet tirade that he would be responding to china's tariffs this afternoon.
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that response never came, so it created this wild card for investors that breeds all this uncertainty, the very thing that investors hate. it's why they sold so big. the dow falling about 619 points. not helping, his twitter attack against fed chief jay powell about the fed, as usual, doing nothing, he said. powell is at the annual jackson hole, wyoming, meeting of central bankers and economists. it's where they talk about global economies and monetary policy. it's not a place where the fed chief would make rate decisions, especially since rate decisions usually happen at scheduled meetings, unless there's an emergency, and eryca, last time i checked, there was no emergency here, except for all the red on the screen. now powell didn't give an indication of any action that the fed will make at its fed september meeting, but he did acknowledge, erica, that the economy has grown more turbulent in the past three weeks. >> alison kosik with the latest from the new york stock exchange. today jerome powell
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acknowledged there are "significant risks" to the economy including the tense trade war with beijing. that statement prompting president trump to question whether powell, his hand-picked fed chief, is worse for the united states than china's communist leader. let that sink in for a moment. cnn's boris sanchez picking up our coverage now from the white house. >> reporter: as president donald trump prepares to depart for the g7 in france, sources say he's questioning why he should attend a conference he sees as unproductive. the last two gatherings of the world's top leaders ended acrimoniously, with trump feeling like he isn't given enough time to tout his achievements, like the economy, according to sources. >> the economy has been really fantastic. >> reporter: trump also triggered today by new chinese tariffs, huddling with his economic advisers in the white house, attempting to unveil immediate retaliation and firing off a string of tweets writing "our country has lost stupidly
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trillions of dollars with china over many years. i won't let that happen. we don't need china and frankly, would be far better off without them. trump adding a demand he doesn't have the power to enforce, tweeting "our great american companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china, including bringing your companies home and making your products in the usa. trump adviser peter navarro saying the tariffs are emboldening trump. >> when china reacts like this, they strengthen the resolve of this president and signal once again to the american public that china wants to buckle our knees so that they can keep having their way with us. >> reporter: trump also is assailing jerome powell after the fed acknowledged troubling signs in the economy but gave no signal the fed would follow trump's call to cut interest rates next month. speaking at an economic symposium powell saying "we're carefully watching developments
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as we assess their implications for the u.s. outlook and the path of monetary policy. in response, the president tweeting in part, "as usual, the fed did nothing. we have a very strong dollar and a very weak fed. my only question is, who is our bigger enemy? jay powell or chairman xi? we're still awaiting an announcement from president trump on exactly how he plans to respond to the retaliatory tariffs from china. we know he's been watching the markets because a couple hours ago he tweeted out a joke about former marine and presidential candidate seth moulton dropping out of the race joking that triggered the downturn in the market. the president joking about markets falling via twitter, even though it was his own tweets that likely played a large part in that downturn we saw. erica? >> boris sanchez with the latest at the white house for us. also with us catherine van pelt who covers the economy and
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douglas aiken, former director of the budget office. douglas, you wrote in "time" an opinion piece you're not too concerned about a recession but saying in your estimation, the president really has a mixed report card ben it comes to the economy, noting specifically his trade policies are what you see is a major obstacle to growth, and there's also the issue of this chaos. alison touched on it in terms of how that's affecting investors. >> right. >> you know, just a little bit south of us at the exchange, there's no clear message, there's no clear plan. what is the impact? >> i think this is an unambiguousry negative part of what we've seen out of the trump administration and today is a really good example of it. there was some substance today. china announced they're going to introduce retaliatory tariffs. it followed the plan they announced at the beginning which is if the u.s. moved, they would respond with commensurate actions, these are exactly the same kinds of actions on the same dates, september 1th, december 15th, so that really wasn't a surprise.
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people shouldn't have seen that as a dramatic change in the state of the unfortunate affairs between the u.s. and china, but the president then immediately weighs in and, a, escalates the fight with the federal reserve in a way that's just unbecoming of a president of the united states, and b, threatens to retaliate further against china an unknown fashion and you see the results. it sows uncertainty. damaging to global trade, global outlook and to the united states. it's ultimately not serving his interests in home for re-election. it's been something puzzling and baffling from the beginning. >> it's not serving the president's interest, in your estimation. catherine, as you look at this, it's back and forth between president trump and china. is anyone winning here? >> it certainly doesn't seem like that's the case. neither of the united states nor china, i will say, is winning here. i think that there are a lot of ways to make both parties worse off at this point. it's hard to see a path to making either side better off, given that you have farmers in
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the united states suffering. we have four studies now from, you know, highly credentialed economists saying americans are paying the cost of the tariffs. you have manufacturers and retailers and importers worried about the costs that they're paying, as well as the uncertainty that they face about future costs, and where they should be sourcing their materials from. you have china suffering, of course, which has the risk of contagion effects. so there are no winners here, except to the extent that maybe other low-cost countries like vietnam could potentially benefit from companies trying to move their sourcing out of china, and into other locations, which they've been doing with mixed success. they're not coming back by and large to the united states. they're going to other places. >> appreciate you both joining us with insight this afternoon, thank you. there is of course a political angle that can't be ignored as we look at what's
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happening. the president making a number of declarations on twitter including this, "our great american companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china, including bringing your companies home and making your products in the usa." scott jennings, i don't know about you, i'm not sure what that order is. is the president -- the president trying to order companies to bend to his will? is this a royal declaration? in some ways it sounds a lot like socialism. >> i read it the other way, a message to the chinese, which is i'm going to use my presidential influence to try to get american companies not to do business with you in an effort to give himself more leverage in this deal. look, i think the president's got a two-pronged issue here. one, he wanted to show the american people that a president of the united states is willing to stand up to china and to follow through on some threats, and number two, the second prong, which he's not accomplished yet but he needs to, and that is i'm a great deal-maker so after i stand up to these guys, i'm going to put a deal on the table that
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everybody wins under. so he's got one accomplished. we're now in the murky middle here, where everybody's a little nervous. now if he can accomplish step two, i would just say every day we get closer to the election is the day that the chinese regime probably thinks they can wait us out. so if i'm the president, i'm looking for a deal right now. >> let me clarify. you're comfortable as a republican with the president ordering companies to do something the way he wants them to do it, that's okay? >> no, no, i'm not comfortable with a president ordering around private companies, but i'm telling you, i read it backwards. i read it the other way, which was i thought he was trying to signal to the chinese that he's willing to talk to american companies about abandoning china. i didn't read it as though he was nationalizing american industry, which is what a lot of democrats would like to do, but i don't think a republican president is going to do that. >> those are certain words. go ahead, karen. >> can you imagine, though, trump the irony here is trump used chinese steel in a lot of his buildings. can you imagine if a president
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would have, when he was a businessman, told him you have to stop doing business with china. look, a couple dynamics i think we need to be paying attention to. number one, there doesn't seem to be a plan, and i think that's part of what is making the business community so anxious, right. as doug just said, it was predictable that china was going to come back at us with something. to act like this is a huge surprise i think is adding to the uncertainty of what's your end game here, because the truth is unfortunately, scott, as we know, he's not a good businessman. this is a man who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times. this is a man used to being able to use all kinds of trickery, which you just can't use when you're the president and the second thing i think is important is we've seen this pattern, this pattern of attacking jerome powell. we've seen this again and again and again. he makes it a loyalty test. that's not powell's job. his job is to do what he thinks is right for the economy, and he knows he only has so many tools at his disposal to do that. but this whole, this berating
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him and this making him the enemy is setting him up to be the scapegoat so that if and when things go bad, it's not trump's fault, it's somebody else's fault. >> let's point out, too, we can't ignore the fact this is highly unusual and perhaps that's putting it mildly to not only attack the fed chair, but to put out a tweet that says, and once again, i'm quoting, my only question is, who is our bigger enemy, jay powell or chairman xi? aisha, when you look at that -- >> i have an answer for that one. >> go for it. >> the biggest enemy is donald trump. he's an enemy to sanity, he's an enemy to stability. he's an enemy to the american presidency. he's an enemy of decency and of morality, and frankly, he's an enemy of conservative and republican principles, because if you are a republican, you are a free trader. you are not for trade wars. you're not for tariffs. you're not for running a $1 trillion deficit. you're not for antagonizing allies and coddling foes.
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when you see a president who is using the bully pulpit of the presidency to attack other americans, to break international relations, to cause an instability and chaos, and i think what he's trying to do is distract us from the fact that he inspired a white supremacist to go hunt down latinos, and that he capitulated to the nra and that his economy is going so badly. he is trying to distract this, but his words have consequences, his tweets have consequences. he is being irresponsible, impulsive, ignorant, and short-sighted, and that has enormous consequences. >> and more importantly, he is trying to be an autocrat, and i don't want us to lose sight of that. that is exactly what he's doing, by trying to order corporations to do anything, he is saying look, i am your master and you do what i tell you to to. t
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do. were interest trmp ac donald trump acts like this is supporting the little guy and who paid the price today when the dow crashed? who pays the price every time he tweets out something that tanks the economy, all of us with our 401(k)s paying the price for his recklessness. we need to not skate over the fact that in his language time and time again as well as in his behavior, he thinks he's a dictator. he thinks he's on par with north korea and china and is trying to treat america in that way, and we're all paying the price for it. >> i do really quickly also want to touch on the fact that of course the president is leaving tonight for the g7, making his way to france. we have new reporting. we know he was not happy the last two times he attended the g7. he is not excited about going, didn't really like the focus of the last two, and so from our reporting, he was specifically irked that he wasn't given enough time to tout his own accomplishments at the past two meetings. his aides lobbied to add a session on the economy, so he
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could brag about, karen, how strong the u.s. economy is to his fellow world leaders. >> i can tell you, that's so disgusting to me. i worked for president clinton and i worked for the president when president clinton actually advocated to add russia to the g7 to make it the g8, because they were on the path to democratic reforms. so i have to believe that part of what is going to not be fun for this president sitting at the g7 is they don't want to add russia to the g8. they don't want to go back to the g8 because there are a lot of concerns about russia. there's a lot of concerns about our economy, and the stabilization, frankly, of the world economy. i mean, you have to believe that if you are emmanuel macron, you're sitting there trying to figure out what is this president doing, and how do i, what do i need to do to keep my economy strong. >> we'll be watching for all of that. as we move on to looking at 2020, we're told it's the lowest point in the campaign. what is so worrying for certain insiders, for one top 2020
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breaking news, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg completed treatment for pancreatic cancer, the 86-year-old's fourth bout with cancer. i bring in arionda vogue. news came from the court itself. what more do we know about how she's doing and what the treatment was? >> right, erica. we know that the treatment began august 5th for a tumor on her pancreas. it's called a localized malignant tumor. we know that she canceled her annual vacation in san francisco, or in santa fe, but next monday, she's going to go ahead and appear at a speaking event in buffalo, and get this,
1:20 pm
we know that during her treatment, she appeared in an event in new york city and she met actress kate mckinnon, who of course plays her on "saturday night live," so that happened during the treatment, and last night, this justice, 86 years old, was on broadway watching a performance of moulin rouge. she is one tough customer, struggling with this new diagnosis of cancer, erica. >> a tough customer with the latest diagnosis. this though is her fourth bout with cancer. >> it is remarkable. in 1999, she had surgery for colon cancer. in 2009 an early stage of pancreatic pcancer. in 2014 she had a heart condition and in 2018 just last year she had surgery to remove two cancerous nodules from her lungs. keep in mind, that was the only
1:21 pm
time, given everything i've just said, where she missed sitting on the bench to hear oral arguments. earlier in the summer, she gave a talk just after the death of justice john paul stevens, and she said that she had talked to him, and she had said you know, my goal is to stay on the bench as long as you did, in your 90s, and she said he responded "stay longer" and she said later in that thing that she said "i've always said i'll stay on this job as long as i can do it full steam" erica, that seems to be her goal. >> appreciate it, as always, thank you. also with us this hour, supreme court biographer joan buscubik. so well sourced on the court. you wrote a book on the chief justice. do people actually talk about her health at the supreme court? is that okay to do? >> it's a sensitive subject, as you can imagine, erica, and they want to give justice ginsburg her privacy, but of course
1:22 pm
they're aware of her situation at 86, even with just three cancer scares. so you see it in a couple different ways. one way i'll mention is as a gesture and the other is more substantive. we see justice clarence thomas helping her down from the bench after oral arguments all the time. he's always there ready to lend a hand. more substantively, though, we see justice ginsburg working with her younger liberal colleagues to sort of shore up the side on the left. what she does is she's been assigning opinions that she normally would have given to justice kagan or normally kept for herself, she's giving to the other justices, laying groundwork for what would happen if the future. so you can see them mindful of it, but also being respectful. >> so the court returns from break in october. at this point, we don't have an indication that there's any reason she would need to take any time off, but if that were
1:23 pm
the case, how do they proceed? how do they handle the day-to-day? >> okay, i can tell you exactly how it happens because we've seen that already. chief justice john roberts will announce from the bench, if she's gone, that justice ginsburg will follow the cases through listening to the audio of the oral arguments and reading transcripts and reading the briefs, which is exactly what she did for several weeks earlier this year, when she was being treated for the lung cancer. so we expect that that's what he would say and that she would follow through, but at this point, she's obviously following her normal schedule, and getting ready to meet with the justices at the end of september, and then be there on the bench for the traditional first monday in october. >> certainly doesn't seem to be slowing her down, at least not from the instagram photos. joan, appreciate it as always. >> thanks. as another presidential candidate drops out, there is a new warning sign for front-runner joe biden and his electability. that's next.
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in our 2020 lead, and then there were 21. congressmen seth moulton ending his presidential campaign just a short time ago, narrowing down the historically large democratic field, as campaign funds begin to run low for some. so now of course the question on everyone's mind, who's next? get out your magic eight balls.
1:29 pm
moulton talking with reporters after, talking about the state of the race and this really stood out to me. take a listen. >> you know, i think unfortunately it's largely become a three-way race for president, and that's left out a lot of important voices, you know, people like the only combat veteran in the race, the only governor from a state that trump won are not going to be part of the next debate. >> is he right aeisha >> if you're looking at ground game, yeah, it's got three people right now who are really, really killing it, and i would actually add four because tony harris -- kamala harris is doing pretty well. the one in iowa to watch is elizabeth warren. she has an army of people on the ground, quite the infrastructure for her campaign. that's what barack obama did, when the polls showed barack obama was way down and all about hillary clinton at the time, he was quietly putting together an
1:30 pm
operation knocking doors that ultimately won for him and i think that's what is going to play out. i think seth is right, he's saying he can't afford to be on the ground but i see that as elizabeth warren winning the pack in iowa, despite what the poll numbers might say about joe biden. >> if we look at poll numbers, five of these 21 candidates are actually up polling above 5%, according to our own harry enton atten cen. this is 5 out of 21 as we mentioned. who in the other 75% of this field, karen, are you looking at right now a pretty good chance of, i don't know, moving up to 6%? >> you know, look, i'm one who believes that it is still very, very early, and i would caution us, iowa will be important but part of the reason it was important to president obama was because it proved he could win among white voters which was monumental at that moment in the race, but the way and i was at the dnc when we changed the calendar. the way the calendar is structured, if you are a pete
1:31 pm
buttigieg and you have the money to get yourself through february when voting starts, you don't have to win iowa to pick up steam. i think we have to think about iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada and super tuesday. so i still think there's a lot of volatility in this race, because i think anybody could have a breakout moment in the debate in september, or october. anybody could falter, and biden has stayed very much in the lead in part because i think people just want calm to some degree. it's unclear if people really want the kind of transformational change that elizabeth warren is talking about, we'll see, but i certainly think that some of the others in that sort of middle tier still have room to grow and i think we can't count them out just yet. >> here is one of the other things and we talked about this a little bit earlier this week when we heard from joe biden the important thing wasn't whether awe greed with the candidate or liked their plans but the fact
1:32 pm
that her husband, the former vice president had the best chance at being elected. the problem with that is there is not necessarily the enthusiasm behind joe biden as you might look at the numbers but the enthusiasm isn't there. the "new york times" writing about this and in speaking with the director of monmouth polls "i did not meet one biden voter who was in any way, shape or form excited about voting for biden. they feel they have to vote for joe biden as the centrist candidate to keep somebody from the left who they feel is unelectable from getting the nomination." >> i'm not a democrat so i don't vote in this primary. if joe biden ran against donald trump i'd be excited about voting for joe biden. they have to work on the enthusiasm gap and work on getting people to really, you know, get their love juices
1:33 pm
flowing, but everything in life is relative, everything in life is relative. so you've got this entire narrative about joe biden and the gaffes. compare it to donald trump and pathological lies and moral attitudes and the mistakes and lies he gives out on a daily basis. i think the enthusiasm will come. it's very, very early.been thin mccain, one-year anniversary of his death is coming up. john mccain's campaign imploded a year before the election in the summer of 2007, and he kept at it, practically with no money, practically with no staff, and wound up being the nominee. it is way too early to count anybody that i would say is in the top tier out right now. if you are a bill de blasio, go home and fix new york. >> scott, the last word. >> erica, i think there's a
1:34 pm
couple of structural issues here that have to be recognized. number one, the fragmentation of the field is what's keeping bide an float. obviously he's been pulliolling the low 30s for the race. as long as warren and sanders are splitting that segment of the democratic party, i suspect biden will continue to lead. if they say in for a long time, it enhances joe biden's ability to win if neither of them blinks in that game of socialist chicken. the other issue is, the democrats change the rules so that you have to achieve 15% of the vote in the contests in order to get any delegates, so if you're one of the campaigns that's been floating around from 1% to 5% for the entirety of the race, and you've never even sniffed double digits, let alone 15%, and then that happens to you in iowa and happens to you in new hampshire, at some point you have to face reality that the rules as they are set up in this particular contest just aren't capable of allowing me to move forward. so fragmentation helps biden. if the field decides they don't
1:35 pm
want biden and consolidate, that will advantage someone else but i think structurally the 15% threshold makes it hard for some of the lower tier guys to make it. >> we have to leave this segment there, but we'll keep talking about it, don't worry. lots more to come before we get to that point. we talked about senator bernie sanders, set to take the stunlg soon at the dnc summer meeting. the 2020 hopeful has a new approach when it comes to the media, work around them. cnn's ryan nobles takes a look at the lengths sanders is going to, to speak directly to voters. > >> reporter: for bernie sanders a familiar refrain. >> there is a bubble here in which members of congress, the media, the establishment, looks at reality in a certain way. >> reporter: sanders critique of the media was a regular part of his insurgent 2016 campaign against hillary clinton. this time around, he's ramped up his complaints, by suggesting the corporate owner of "the washington post," jeff bezos,
1:36 pm
may be influencing "the post's" coverage of his campaign. >> we have pointed out over and over again that amazon made $10 billion in profit last year. you know how much they paid in taxes? you got it, zero, and you wonder why "the washington post" is not one of my great supporters. >> reporter: it's an attack that's drawn comparisons to president trump's approach to the paper. >> which is really just a paper for the benefit of amazon, "the washington post" is fake news. >> reporter: but unlike the president, after a sharp rebuke from "the post's" editor, sanders tempered his critique. >> i think jeff bezos is on the phone telling the editor of "the washington post" what to do, absolutely not. >> reporter: and while president trump regularly blasts the press in harsh terms. >> they are truly the enemy of the people. >> reporter: sanders says that's a line he will not cross. >> to me that is a disgusting remark which undermines american democracy. >> reporter: still sanders remains frustrated by the
1:37 pm
coverage he is receiving, so he and his team are attempting a work-around. >> we are very active on social media, and we try to speak directly to the american people. >> reporter: the campaign using some of its massive war chest to invest heavily in direct-to-supporter media platforms, launching a podcast. >> great to have you here today. >> reporter: and producing slick videos for social channels. >> they're not going to be paying premiums, deductibles, copayments. >> reporter: they started an email newsletter in the style of a traditional media report. >> we are back here at bernie headquarters. >> reporter: and host post game shows after the primary debates. he calls it the sanders write-off, shows even while they're actively working around the traditional media, they understand the role it plays in the primary process, a role they cannot completely avoid. >> no, they cannot. ryan, thank you. a new threat from russia,
1:38 pm
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in the world lead, russian president vladimir putin threatening the u.s. as president trump sends mixed messages saying he wants russia back in the g7 as his pentagon tests a tomahawk missile last sunday. barbara starr reports today putin is ordering a "symmetrical response." >> reporter: new orders to the russian military and a threat to the united states from vladimir putin. >> translator: i instruct the ministries and relevant departments to analyze the level
1:43 pm
of threat posed by the actions of the united states to our country, and take comprehensive measures to prepare a symmetrical response. >> reporter: putin was responding to the u.s. recently firing a ground launched non-nuclear missile. it's raising questions about what a symmetrical response looks like. >> what i suspect he is talking about is trying to match pace for pace or one for one the kinds of missile capabilities that the united states is now going to look at developing. >> reporter: the trump administration wants to develop that missile, now that the russians have deployed their missiles near europe. defense secretary mark espert taking the hardest line yet on developing defenses against the russian systems. >> right now, russia has possibly nuclear tipped inf range cruise missiles facing toward europe and that's not a good thing. >> reporter: even though the pentagon says it will not deploy new nuclear missiles, it's become a full-blown arms race,
1:44 pm
with worried putin is in the lead. >> according to some experts he's at least a year, maybe as much as two years ahead of our ability to actually deploy in the field a similar like capability. >> reporter: u.s. military intelligence believes putin's ultimate goal? >> what they're developing is a capability to deny the ability of the united states to meet its alliance commitments specifically in europe. >> reporter: the russian nuclear powered skyfall missile test which resulted in a deadly explosion and fallout shrouded in secrecy by moscow is one of putin's weapons programs designed to hold the u.s. at bay. european worries about a resurgent russia still with control over crimea and attacking eastern ukraine may doom president trump's efforts to get russia back into the so-called group of seven economic fold. >> i don't think that there's going to be any serious discussion at the g7 of letting
1:45 pm
russia back in. >> if all of this wasn't enough, the u.s. has fresh worries that the russians are developing a new nuclear testing method that may be very difficult to detect. erica? >> all right, barbara starr with the latest for us from the pentagon, thank you. i want to bring in steve hall, cia's chief of russia operations at one point. former, exactly. as we look at this, the symmetrical response which we've heard about from vladimir putin, is that simply another missile test or do you believe it could be something more? >> you know, erica, i doubt that it's actually something more. if you look at what vladimir putin said, he said two things. the first was actually pretty mild. he simply said we need to do an in-depth study of what the americans have done, and i've tasked my military to do that and see what the response is going to be. it could be much more strong. one of the things he also said in a dumifferent part of his comments, we don't want to get into an economically damaging arms race with the united
1:46 pm
states. putin understands that he would be losing in that, because the american economy and the economy of all of our nato allies can support that type of research and development much more than russia can. their economy is smaller than the state of texas, frankly, so you need to be concerned whenever the russians are talking about nuclear weapons. we need to keep a close eye on it. i'm more concerned about hybrid warfare and their attacking of our democracy on a nontraditional level as opposed to military level. >> that's something we should continue to talk about. the mixed messages we're seeing from the president on the one hand talking more and more about wanting russia back in to come back to the g7, bring it back to the g8, and at the same time pulling out of this treaty, right, just a number of days of course before testing this missile that would have been banned under the deal. how do you read those messages? what do you do with them? >> well, you know, the g7 thing is ridiculous. as i indicated previously, russia probably should not be in
1:47 pm
the g7 simply because it's not economically that meaningful in the broader scheme of things, certainly not anywhere near the capacity economically of any of the other g7 members and the reason they got tossed out to begin with is because they were aggressive and attacking neighboring countries and annexed crimea, unacceptable on the international stage, unless they with draw from crimea and ukraine. that will be great. that will never. has. the inf treaty they were cheating on that. it was important for to us monitor that and continue with our own development. >> steve paul, always appreciate your insight, thank you. >> sure. she thought she was dating a u.s. army captain she had met online. turns out it was all a scam, and she wasn't alone. how a network of 80 people targeted women worldwide and stole millions. ed to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes
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in our world lead, women who thought they were talking with u.s. servicemen overseas were actually being conned out of thousands of dollars. at a cnn nick watt reports the department of justice is calling this one of the largest scams of its kind. >> early morning, the feds came knocking. >> fbi agents arrested 11 federal defendants in los angeles and another three around the country. >> reporter: 18 people charged and all the charges include fraud, money laundering, and identity theft. >> we believe this is one of the largest cases of its kind in u.s. history. >> reporter: roughly $10 million stolen, all online. >> this case involved 32
1:53 pm
confirmed victims, victims located in the united states as well as in japan, the uk, lebanon, ukraine, china, mexico, germany, indonesia, uae, and trinidad and toe bbego. >> reporter: they were the lonely and businesses that rely on wire transfers. >> at the center of the indictment are operatives here in los angeles who facilitated the fraud schemes by opening u.s. bank accounts where victims were directed to deposit their money. >> reporter: among the many cases, detailed in the sprawling 252-count indictment and complaint a woman who thought she met a u.s. army captain, stationed in syria online. in reality, a scammer who asked for financial help to get a bag of diamonds out of the war-torn country, that woman -- >> recent widow who did not have a lot of money. >> reporter: -- lost more than $200,000. on facebook an 81-year-old hawaiian woman thought she met
1:54 pm
an oil worker in belgium, a scammer who bilked her for 750 grand and an illinois family who thought they were wiring $135,000 to an escrow company, in fact the money went straight into a scammer's account in l.a. these mass arrests are the combination of a huge more than two-year investigation, but still a word of warning. >> we are not going to arrest our way out of this problem, and so we continue to educate potential victims. >> two key pieces of advice, if you are wiring money, pick up the phone, call the company, check the details before you wire any money to anyone, and if you're on social media, or a dating site, do not trust anybody who asks for money before you've met face to face. erica? >> nick watt, appreciate it, thank you. as record fires destroy the amazon, one country wants to ban a major product that may be to blame. four zero expense ratio ix
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2:00 pm
this sunday morning. the guests white house economic adviser larry kudlow, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders, and cindy mccain, at 9:00 a.m. and noon eastern, right here on cnn. our coverage continues right now. happening now, breaking news, ginsburg's diagnosis, the supreme court announces justice ruth bader ginsburg has been treated for pancreatic cancer saying there is is no evidence the cancer has spread. it's the 86-year-old's fourth bout with cancer. what will it mean for the divided court? escalation, china answers president trump's tariffs with more of its own, punishing u.s. farmers and manufacturers. president trump then orders u.s. companies to look for alternatives to china, sending stocks into a nose-dive. ready to respond, with tensions rising like it's the cold war all over again, russia's vladimir putin orders his military to prepare a symmetrical response to


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