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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 23, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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as falsifying documents. an i.c.e. official i spoke to said for those wondering whether or not the owners of the companies would be charged, as well, that decision will be left up to the u.s. attorney's office. kate? >> thank you so much, nick. thank you for joining us. "ac 360" starts now. good evening, i'm jim shoe toe. anderson is off tonight. we're going to ask you to take a moment now to evaluate the statements and decisions in just a single day of the sitting president of the united states. this is not a question intended to be based on party affiliation or personal preference, simply the facts. president trump departs for the crucial g 7 summit tonight but not before reportedly grumbling about having to go at all or reportedly discussing new tariffs on his hosts there, america's oldest ally or escalating a trade war with china with global consequences
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or calling his hand picked federal reserve chairman the country's enemy, more so than the communist leader of china. we might add when markets took a massive hit as a result joking about it and again, this is all all of it at the end of a week in which he cancelled a state visit with another ally because that country denmark would not sell us greenland and he compared himself to the messiah. all of it, other than the messiah and greenland stuff happen in one day, today. most notably this. the dow industrials lost some 624 points on the day. it came after these tweets from the president quoting now, we don't need china and frankly would be far better off without them. our great american companies are here by ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative
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to china. here here by ordered and lashed out at jerome powell. who is our bigger enemy, jay powell or chairman xi? that the leader of china, the communist leader of china then late today the president made good on his threat to impose new tariffs on chinese imports, of course, tariffs you and i will pay so much for all those christmas shoppers the president said he was helping when he put a number of tariffs on hold just a couple weeks ago. >> we're going to have christmas season incase the tariffs have an impact on u.s. customs, which so far they had virtually none. >> so much for the signal markets sent him earlier today and think about that for a minute. you do something ill advised, get a sharply negative reaction to that ill advised thing you just did and then you do more of it just a few hours later.
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that's what played out today in this country and it is unfolding in the context of a weakening economy as even one of the president's top advisors conceded to me, on cnn this morning. >> are you seeing indications of slowing? >> we went from 3% to 2% and it's a pure federal reserve effect. >> that's not what business leaders are saying. business leaders, i talked to farmers, too. they have lost markets in china. >> all i can do is come here and have this conversation and have your viewers think about what's going on here. >> so peter navarro while down playing the white house's role is clearly conceding the fact, the fact of a slowing economy and there is plenty of reporting, cnn included saying the president is concerned, as well. any president would be but until now, this sort of situation never moved a president, any president mind you to all but
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accuse the federal reserve chairman of treason or call one of the biggest partners the enemy and again, this president is different just ask him. >> i am the chosen one. somebody had to do it so i'm taking on china. i'm taking on china on trade and you know what? we're winning. we're the piggy bank. we're the one all these countries including the european union wants to rob and take advantage of. european union, $200 billion. china, more than $500 billion. >> that is the kind of talk that appears to be giving markets perhaps the economy a case of jitters, real ones but remember this is a president who once said i alone can fix it and who now says even more. >> if we don't win in 2020, everything that we've done
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seriously, though, everything that we've done, your 401401s, y are going to crash. everything will come down like a stack of cards. you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401 ks down the tubes. everything down the tubes. >> as the market went down the tubes, the president joked suggesting in a tweet they were reacting to democratic candidate seth molten leaving the race. he volunteered to serve this country in war and risked his life doing so and refused to and not sure how many americans watching 401 ksed today were laughing. more with abby phillip. abby, what is going on today with this president? is there concern about this series of decisions that do not seem to serve the president's interest or the country's interest?
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>> well, the president at the moment seems to be committed to this trade war with china. in fact, so much so that he is doubling down on a strategy that a lot of people including some within the white house believe is contributing to the economic uncertainty but it's also clear that president trump is worried about the economy and insisting powell is responsible for the fact that the economy seems to be slowing and his economic aids are warning him that by the economic slowdown, we had gdp and job growth numbers that have not been as rosie as the president would like and some of the comments that we've been seeing on social media, his comments about democrats egging on a recession are due to his concerns this could become a political problem for him. >> and perhaps looking for others to blame it on than himself. what are you learning about the
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tariffs the president announced against china? they are significant. >> they add on to what exists and coming in the near future. white house aids, the president and his trade advisors met and huddled to come up with some kind of plan in response to the chinese tariffs and what we're seeing now is that some of the existing tariffs are going to go up from 25% to 30% and then tariffs that were planned to go into place on september 1st, a $300 billion worth, those will go from 10 to 15% so all told, 50 $0 billio0 billion dollars tariffed or taxed and they are being born by american consumers. >> they try to protect them, the fact is, that's who pays for these. do we know what specifically aids are telling the president about the possibility of an economic slowdown?
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we know this is not a white house or president that rewards h honest talk but are they talking honest indicators? >> the one thing "the washington post" reported is the white house has been counseling the president a slowdown is possible but one word they have not been saying is recession. that is the word that you've been hearing from democrats and some economists there is a possibility of that in the future. white house aiding are saying some of the economic growth projections expecti expecting, three, four, five percent growth might not materialize and aids are recommending him to come up with something. they have been brainstorming any number of ideas, some more out landish than others but i should note one thing that we have not heard from aids is the president is willing to entertain the possibility of pulling back from the trade war.
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that is one thing squarely within his power to do. he's not been willing to do that privately or publicly. >> that's right. tax cuts would require an act of congress. thanks very much. digging deeper now into the political and economic angles of this remarkable day, this remarkable week. joining us for that cnn political analyst and "usa today" columnist kirsten powers and senior political commentator and former u.s. senator rick santorum and chief economist at moody. kirsten, i want to start with you with a basic question. you look at the collection of statements and comments just today, block out the rest of the week, look at today. are these rational decisions by this president? >> well, i mean, i think that i talk about the impact of his decisions and i think the impact is not -- it obviously not helping the economy as something he's been told repeatedly in
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terms of the tariffs that this is a major problem and i'm sure he's hearing it from even sole of his republican supporters. there was a survey, you know, a few days ago where three out of four of the top economists in the country said they fear that rewe we were headed for a recession and they said that because of the trade war with china. for him to be doubling down on this, it doesn' seem particularly rational, but i -- you know, i've kind of given up trying to figure out what motivates him to do these kinds of things. >> senator santorum, the other thing president trump has repeatedly praised, president xi and today he went as far as to say that the chairman of the federal reserve of course an american and an appointee of this president is a bigger enemy of the country than chairman xi, communist leader of the people's republic of china. your reaction?
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>> well, i think the president has been chosen because he stepped forward and chose to do this to wage a fight that presidents in the past have passed upon and democrats and republicans have been urging presidents to take on which is take on china stealing our technology and undermining our economy and unfairly training with us, currency manipulation. no less than chuck schumer has been cheerleading the president taking this on and china hit and so the president hit back. you can say well that's going to hurt the economy short term. i think the president as people are admitting that but he's saying the long term goal is more important than the short term goal. the long-term goal of dealing with china and they are undermining the economy is more important than 3%, i mean 2% versus 3% growth. >> mark, you're an economist. i'm old enough to remember, we
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all are, the president declaring that trade wars are good and easy to win. what evidence do americans see that this trade war is easy to win? >> none. the recession, the odds of recession are high and rising because of the trade war. it's doing very significant economic damage. if the tariffs that the president has threatened are actually implemented, that will raise taxes on american businesses and consumers by over $100 billion in the coming year. just to put that into context, that's $1,000 for every american household over that annual period. it's undermining business confidence, businesses are sitting on their hands, business investment has flat lined. hiring is weakened. and here most ironically, dark irony, manufacturing is now in recession because of the trade war that was supposed to help manufacturing and look, i agree that china plays unfair and we had to do something about it. the answer to that wasn't a trade or tariff war, the answer
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was the chance pacific partnership a free trade deal between the united states and rest of the pacific that included china because they didn't play fair and couldn't get into the trade deal until they started to play fair. that's the strategy that would work. this is a strategy with no end, and it will ultimately end if the president keeps double downing on this, it will end in recession. >> kirsten, the president is laser focused on the election of 2020. he does not want the economic cycle or trade war or downturn to damage reelection chances here and seems he's relying on a bailout from the federal reserve and possibly a tax cut not clear that republicans in congress considering the size of the deficit or democrats would back such a move. what is the president do in that instance, then? does he cave on the trade negotiations with china? >> well, i just guess i wonder if he really does care because
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it seems pretty clear that he's -- that he's been told and i mean, we just listened to mark and he's saying what all experts on this are saying, that this is extremely damaging. we're seeing what is it doing to wall street and the president has decided to double down on it. so what does that say to you? to me it says the economic argument is not central to his reelection. i think that i've always been frankly a little skeptical about the idea that trump voters voted for him because of the economy and vote for him more over cultural grievances than anything else and so what is it the president spends most of his time on? cultural grievances. and he doesn't seem to be that concerned about this because i think whatever, even if you believe in long-term this was the right thing to do, i agree with mark, there are ways to do this multi lateral ways to do it. it's a longer conversation to deal with countries that are trading unfairly, but a person
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who wants to get reelected typically wouldn't do this unless they didn't think it was going to hurt them. >> senator santorum, i'm curious, i spent a lot of time in china covering china and it's not clear to me the tariffs works with chinese leadership there loathe to be seen as capitulating to a u.s. president here and they have a lot of money and they have no political calendar to worry about, no election to worry about there. set aside for a moment your belief and i think it's a reasonable one that china is a bad trade actor here. set that aside and tell me does trump's strategy work with china in your view? >> well, i mean, that's one of the reasons i think he is so upset with powell. if you look what the fed did to basically boost the obama economy by quantitative easing and zero interest rates under trump -- >> senator, that was the biggest downturn since the depression. >> i understand.
5:16 pm
now we're -- what the president is saying now is -- and look, they were right to ratchet uprights a bit and to reverse the quantititiy tiv quantitativ. we're engaged in war and what the president is saying, i need your back. if i'm going to be able to stand up to the chinese and fight the chinese and win and look, as much as the economy is being hurt here in the u.s., it pails in comparison what is happening to china. it is causing problems over there and they are taking a lot of heat over there. so this is -- i agree. it's not an easy battle. we'll see. here is what i do know, that presidents in the past who tried to play this nice game with china, we have gotten our lunch eaten and this is a president that will try something different. you may say it's ir ririgatioat hurts our country, it may be true but something different that may end up with a different result than we've been getting in the past 20 years. >> is it the fed's job to
5:17 pm
bailout a trade war? >> hey, look, jay powell is doing exactly what he's supposed to do. that's chair of the federal reserve and the federal reserve. they cut interest rates a few weeks ago. he gave a speech today in jackson hole saying look, i'm going to cut rates and said i'll cut them a couple, three more times many this trade war continues to do damage. here is the point. here is the key point. in the typical economic recession, the fed has to lower interest rates 5% points. currently, the interest rate they control is at 2%. they will run out of room and investors will figure this out quickly and once they do, when lowering rates isn't a good thing. we can rail against chairman powell and the fed, he won't be able to bailout president trump if he continues to pursue the war. this war is doing very serious damage. >> kirsten powers, rick, mark, i hope you get a weekend. we all deserve one. thanks for coming on tonight.
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next, will president trump blow up the g 7 summit in france, the one with america's closest decades long, century's long allies and another health square for supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg and another story of her remarkable resilience, stay for this one, we'll be right back. we're pretty different. we're all unique in our own ways. somos muy diferentes. muy diferentes. (vo) verizon knows everyone in your family is different. there are so many of us doing so many different things. (vo) that's why verizon lets everyone mix and match different unlimited plans. sebastian's the gamer. sebastian. this is my office. (vo) and now with more plans, everyone gets what they need without paying for things they don't. the plan is so reasonable, they could stay on for the rest of their lives. aww, did you get that on camera? thanks, dad! (vo) new plans now starting at $35. the network more people rely on gives you more. i can't believe it. that sophie opened up a wormhole through time?
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come on, let's go home. after 10 years, we've covered a lot of miles. good thing i got a subaru. (avo) love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. (avo) get 0% during the subaru a lot to love event. president trump is on his way to a summit with america's friends, which the president apparently does not want to attend with allies whose economies he has threatened to push for the renewed acceptance run by a dictator he always has kind words for. those are simple facts. not normal ones but the facts the same and consistent as it is always a fact but certainly not normal that when this g 7 summit is over, there will be no joint communication. allies cannot get together and
5:23 pm
agree on a statement because no one wants to see the leader of the free world trash that joint statement. no one wants the kind of picture we famously saw at the last summit there to emerge from this one but that's where we are tonight. perspective now from political consultant and writer stewart steven, a consultant to the america united super pac, which is supporting republican presidential candidate and challenger to trump and also with us tonight, scott jennings, he served as special assistant to president george w. bush. thanks for taking the time tonight. stewart, if i could begin with you, the president headed to a summit with u.s. allies and old group that's discussed economic issues among friends for years and decades. he doesn't want to go. it doesn't bode well. tell us the significance of that. >> well, you know, i think it really goes to fundamental character of trump. trump doesn't -- alliances are built on win, win situations. trump doesn't believe in win, win. someone has to lose. that fund mentally troubles him that he can't be someone who is
5:24 pm
going to go beat these people who are supposed to be allies. you know, trump has this vision of americans, it's very different than a traditional view, certainly most americans have seen themselves and most presidents have seen. he sees americans as victims that they are these evil forces out there like canada conspireing to take advantage of us and it really runs against this idea that many of us believe, certainly conservatives embraced enthusiastically to be an american, you were the most fortunate person in the world that it was a great gift. that's all changed for trump. >> yeah. >> it's this victim mentality that he embraces. >> scott, cnn is reporting to make the president's attendance this week more palatable to him that aids lobby to add a session to the g 7 that focused on the global economy specifically in order to give the president a way to brag about the u.s. economy to leaders of nations are growth -- where growth is s.
5:25 pm
what does that say given the drop of the stock market and the u.s. china trade war now. does he have a leg to stand on if he were to lecture u.s. allys? >> i'm not shocked a president facing a reelection campaign wants more venues what he sees as a success in the administration. if i were him, i would go to the g 7 and rally support for the chinese. look, china is a cheat. china has taken advantage of the rest of the world. not just america. they do this all over the world. if the president wanted to stand up to the chinese, he could use this summit to rally support for what he is doing and look, stewart and i worked for mitt romney together in 2012 and mitt romney talked a lot stewart, as you'll recall, about standing up to china, labeling the currency manipulator. trump is executing what republicans have been talking about for years. the next step rally international support and force china to play by the rules.
5:26 pm
that would be a good use of time. >> scott, mitt romney said russia is the number one national security threat of the country. trump hasn't backed it up. i have to ask you did this president instead of rallying u.s. allies to join him in standing up to malpractice has attacked with some of the same weapons including tariffs. how does that work to america's benefit if he needs those allies on his side? >> well, i pamean, the presiden has views he made clear in the campaign he wanted to take the nation down this route. it's worked to our benefit in some cases and the victerdict i still out. the short-term pain could be worth the long-term gain. russia should not be readmitted to the g 7. that would be a huge mistake. they should be punished for it. the reality is the president is making a big bet taking on the
5:27 pm
chinese will pay off and if it doesn't, his reelection campaign will suffer, if it does, he's going to look like a hero for finally doing something no one else had the guts to do. >> well, scott, do you see evidence that the president is going to look like a hero? >> well, look, i think -- >> stewart, stewart -- >> this is still going on. >> so sorry -- >> go ahead. >> i want to hear your thoughts but that was to stewart. >> look, the economy is slowing. i don't really see any reason to believe the tariffs all of a sudden are going to start working this year and next year when they really haven't worked for the last century or so. i mean, the problem with donald trump if you're a conservative is he takes these ideas like standing up to china and he invalidates them by going about it the wrong way and making it a mess up. it looks like the idea itself is a bad idea, which it isn't.
5:28 pm
we should stand up to china. it's a blind cyclops wondering about and making threats and not building alliances like scott says and that ends up making the wrong people look right. >> scott, another issue certain to come of the g 7 is north korea and in the last hour they launched another missile. it's the ninth missile launch since may as you know the president has given north korea a pass because as they launch in south korea and japan have expressed alarm, the president said the smaller missile tests don't bother him. is the policy working? >> well, i have given the president credit for trying something different. we've been failing at this for decades as americans trying to deal with the north koreans. on the other hand, i don't think you can trust these people. i think they have no intention of denuclearizing.
5:29 pm
we ought to threat them like an enemy. that shouldn't stop them from doing what we want them to do. they have no interest in giving up the only leverage and testing president trump at a time when he is obviously struggling with china, which is probably the most important country in that try trioraniangle there. we deescalated from a couple summers ago when we thought we were on the brink of new clear war. that doesn't mean the north koreans are bad actors than, the bad people. >> the president called him rocket man. coming up next, the latest on route bader ginsburg's health. the challenge she faced from an old and what can be a deadly faux. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. tonight a new cancer scare for the supreme court's liberal icon. the 86-year-old justice has been treated for pancreatic cancer and just completed three weeks of radiation theory. the court says her malignant
5:34 pm
tumor was treated with no evidence that the disease has spread. this was her fourth cancer diagnosis since 1999 and once again, justice ginsburg is not showing any signs of slowing down. she attended a broadway show last night and two speaks events in buffalo on monday. joini in ing me for more is joau cover this court closely. tell us about the seriousness of this news tonight, what we know about it. >> what we know at this point is exactly what the court put out and the court was stressing that she has been going about her regular schedule. she cancelled only one trip to santa fe, a vacation and she has kept up her speaking commitments and that's the thing, jim. every time she's had a cancer ordeal, she seemed to want to come back with more vigor and more visibility. she wants to say to people i'm still here. and we saw that in 2009 with the
5:35 pm
pancreatic cancer and in 1999 with the colon cancer and last year with the lung cancer. she's going full boar at this point. >> let me ask you this question, under any circumstances would she step down, retire for health reasons? >> i don't think that this 86-year-old justice is going to go unless the situation is so completely dire. look, she is -- she's a judicial person but also a political animal. she snknows if she leaves president donald trump will be able to appoint her successor and jim, he's put two individuals on the court, two individuals that succeeded conservatives. if he got the on tunety to replace ruth bader ginsburg, this would be a new court and i'm certain she doesn't want that. >> i don't have to remind you of the circumstances of garland's
5:36 pm
nomination being quashed by the senate majority leader during president obama's final term. if a vacancy comes up in president trump's final year, i should say, not final term, but final year before an election, would mitch mcconnell hesitate for a moment to bring up a replacement? >> i think the answer is flat no because mitch mcconnell himself has said things will be different and here is the other thing, jim. remember all you would need is his republican majority to be able to confirm a successor to ruth bader ginsburg. i think everything would be much different and mitch mcconnell has made the third branch all levels of the federal court system a major priority of his and so has donald trump and i think that ifbade e had to step going to be in buffalo on monday
5:37 pm
she says, we don't anticipate there will be a change but if there is, i would expect president trump would immediately nominate someone and mcconnell would move to get them confirmed. >> saying let the people speak was for lack of a better term b.s. >> that's not quite a judicial term but you're speaking accurately there. >> sometimes you got to call it like it is. >> that's right. >> thanks very much. >> thanks, jim. up next e vvangelicals talko randi kaye and sound off about whether they can vote for trump even despite his recent behavior. >> this man is not morally sunday as a leader. >> as a trump supporter, i think he was out of line. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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e van gel kill vot evangelicals compiled but pugh research. on wednesday, he tweeted out and so appeared to validate the words of a far right conspiracy theorist who compared the president to the king of israel and the second coming of god. later that day, president trump kept with the messy theme and
5:42 pm
said he was quote the chosen one to take on china. politico said the president took flak for using the lord's name in vain but does this behavior change any minds about voting for him in 2020? randi kaye gathered nine e van gel kill cri --affiliated with either party. two have political ties including a state representative and another volunteered for various campaigns and one who worked for the clinton administration. here is randi's report. >> i don't think any of us are looking for a pastor in chief, you know? we're looking for commander in chief. >> evangelical christians weighing in on campaign 2020 and president donald trump. >> how many of you at this point do plan to vote for donald trump? one, two, three, four.
5:43 pm
four support trump, four are still undecided and one will absolutely not vote for trump. >> this man is not morally sound as a leader. >> trump's recent comments calling jewish people disloyal if they vote democratic is a turnout to some in our group. what do you make of that statement? >> as a trump supporter, i think he was out of line. >> does it offend any of you the president seems to treat this vast religious group of the jewish people in this case as a mo monolific voting block. >> they are lumped together to be lobbied like they are going to vote one way. >> we're not and that's part of trump's problem. when he refers to immigration he'll say is phispanics. >> this is not new rhetoric. it's just that we have a president now who speaks
5:44 pm
plainly. it does not make him a racist. >> when critics of donald trump call him a wipe sup prremacist racist, you disagree? >> i disagree. >> she is turning issues like undocumented workers. >> he talks about that. nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room, illegal immigration, immigration, nobody wants to talk about it. there is not a city in america that is black folks are not on these streets. go see charlotte. people who look like me on the middle of the street. >> why are you okay with supporting donald trump? >> we are imperfect. we're going to offend one another. he's not the pastor at friendship missionary baptist church. he's my president. >> trump has been married three times. has said he's never asked for forgiveness from god and was once pro-choice but none of that seems to sway his e vvangelical
5:45 pm
supporters. >> it's not my place to judge his heart. >> this week when the president referred to himself as the chosen one, echoing what some evangelical leaders said about him, that certainly caught this group's attention. >> when we ask is he the chosen one? for what? to help our trade agreements with china? maybe. is he the guy to help us solve racism in america? heck no. >> part of your faith includes forgiveness. can you forgive the president for some of the things said? >> absolutely. absolutely. but i still have to stand the gap for those who are brutalized on a regular basis and left behind. >> can you forgive the president? >> i have said central tenant of our faith -- >> oh, yes. >> so i'm -- yeah, i can forgive. i don't have to agree. i can certainly forgive. >> there is nothing that cannot get under god's umbrella.
5:46 pm
god is a god of forgiveness. >> just a fascinating conversati conversation. randi joins us now. sounds like that group is divided certainly not monolific. >> absolutely not, jim. some love that trump speaks his mind while others say they wish he would stop talking. some in the group as you heard there think he's racist but others think he started a really healthy conversation about racism in this country that they say the democrats refused to address. we also talked about the president's lying. his supporters said that's okay, what politician doesn't lie. they stretch the truth. they lie. it's hypocritical to lower the bar but those with questions about the president say he can't continue to lie and also continue to claim to be a follower of christ. jim? >> randi, thanks so much. the offer president trump just made to brazil as it fights the raging wildfires ravaging the amazon forest. every day, visionaries are creating the future.
5:47 pm
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he called brazil's president and the u.s. is ready to help as they battle fires in the amazon rainforest. it comes after brazil's president got in a twitter spat with the president of france. brazil taking issue with france's suggestion that the fires are an international crisis that need to be discussed at the g7 summit. chris joins us now for a look at what's going on on cuomo prime time. we have talked a lot about the events over the last days, weeks, months, years. today was a particular collection of statements, policy moves, with no real strategy, it
5:52 pm
seems, no real rationality or planning. what is the significance? >> hi significance. first we call the balls and strikes. good for him to for reaching out to brazil and saying we will help you. cooperation is strength. that kind of courage can be stageous. he has to start talking about the issues that vond it. this is about the randomness. even the idea in the close diagnose woosh finishing the closing tonight. the idea of the hans christian anderson play the emperor has no clothes, they apply it to this president because obviously hans was danish and the president is it toing with denmark. but i don't buy it, there is no trick going on. it is all painfully obvious. this man's mouth is a precursor to toxic actions he keeps taking. you and i both have friends and people in our lives that support this president. they say the same thing to us all the time and we talk about it all the time, i don't like his mouth but i like the results. that's not a good enough rationale anymore because his
5:53 pm
mouth is writing checks that his actions can't cash. and we are seeing with it the stock market today. we are seeing with it the china deal going sideways. we are seeing with it iran running all over the world. because now they are free to do so after the deal. and we see how divided we are as a society. when will the people who support him demand that he be better? that's the question. >> that's the question. will they when the 402ks fall, anded isly if it happens, when the paychecks stop coming. chris i am going to be watching the show. >> always a pleasure. coming up in a few minutes, how president trump's rollback on epa regulations on everything from pesticides and air and water quality are affecting you and me across the country. is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. the environmental protection agency was created with this mission, quote, to protect human health and the environment. a simple one, a direct one. but under the trump administration, the epa has cut an unprecedented number of environmental regulations. tonight, in a cnn special report, chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta investigates these rollbacks and what they mean for you and me and our families. earlier anderson spoke with sanjay about his documentary premiering again on the to, 10:00 eastern time. what have you found? there has been so many of these deregulations that have occurred. 40 over the last couple of years. it is often hard to draw a cause and effect, how exactly is that
5:58 pm
deregulation going to affect my health for example? we saw this story, it was really striking to me because it was the clearest sort of cause and effect that i have seen. a chemical that was supposed to have been banned at the end of the obama administration, all of those ban were sort of withheld for a period of time. and somebody goes and basically is exposed to this chemical that shouldn't even be out there. and this tragic story unfolds. like most people, no one this the witness family had ever heard of methyline. >> caller: identify until one tragic day in october 2017. how did you find out about dru? his business partner jimmy was knocking a the door. >> he was hysterical. and he was just yelling. "he's gone" over and over again. he had apparently passed out on
5:59 pm
saturday while stripping paint from the floor. the first responders had to wear haz-mat suits when they did the autopsy, and the cause of death was methyline chloride inhalation. >> this is the death certificate? >> it is. >> it says on here -- it says it. >> yes. that's it. cause of death, methyline chloride inhalation. >> you know, you don't typically see that it clear-cut. >> i mean it is incredible. has the chemical that killed dru witness, and as you said it is right there on the death stskt, has it banned by the epa? >> it has been a sort of lorenzo's oil kind of story. it has become his family's life work as you might imagine to get this stuff off the shelf. they went to washington, to the epa when pruitt was still there. they keep doing it.
6:00 pm
they essentially went to the retailers and shamed them. lowe's, home depot saying you are selling a product that killeds dozen of people. you have got to stop doing it. many retailers stopped doing it. subsequently the government banned it at the retail level but you can still buy it commercially. it is still out there. there is a weird nuance where they want to leave it out there. >> they say it is okay to buy commercially, just individuals can't buy night hear the. that product, again a product we know is lethal, has killed 64 people, is still available at the commercial level. >> sanjay, thank you. incredible report. watch cnn's special report, a toxic tale tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. it is very important. only here on : folks these changes have real effects. look forward to seeing that. first the news continues. i hand it over to chris cuomo fore cuomo primetime. >> i am chris cuomo. welcome to primet