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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  August 25, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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lead britain out of the european union. >> biggest trade deal with the uk. the amazon provides one of every five breaths you take. the rain forest burning at five soccer fields a minute. >> there's an enormous task here. the brazilian army have experience in this but perhaps not the capability to deal with it fast. six people were injured at the pga tour championship in atlanta when lightning struck a tree as they sheltered underneath. look at that. >> i felt like i was in a major car accident. felt like i was blind sided. only until i saw the pictures did i really understand how close we were to something catastrophic. this is "new day weekend"
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with victor blackwell and christi paul. good sunday to you. president trump just wrapped up comments to reporters alongside canadian prime minister justin trudeau at the g-7 summit in france. trade negotiations were high on the agenda. >> the president is fresh from a quick-fire round of meetings with other leaders, including shinzo abe. >> pamela brown is traveling with the president. good morning to you. tell us more about this meeting with president trump and prime minister trudeau. we know in their remarks they talked about trade but there's potentially a lot more on the table for the two. >> reporter: absolutely. they struck a very positive note at the beginning of the meeting which is notable because last year at the g-7 they had a contention relationship. president trump called trudeau meek and mild and withdrew from the communique. they touted the trade agreement
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they reached with mexico that congress has yet to take up for a vote. the two leaders said they hope other countries will follow suit, being able to reach an agreement on trade. there's much more for the two to discuss as it pertains to defense. trudeau also views climate as a top priority. that's something the president will likely not be receptive to talk about because he views this summit to really be about the economy. that's what he wants this focus to be. earlier in the day he was asked about, again, whether he thinks russia should rejoin the group. as you know, russia was kicked out after the annexation of cry crimea. once again he doubled down and said they should rejoin. it even came up at the dinner with foreign leaders. here's what he said. well, he did say that -- it came up with the leaders and some agreed that it should, that russia should rejoin the group. others disagreed.
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he wouldn't say exactly who, but it's worth noting that russia hasn't changed its aggressive behavior as it pertains it ukraine. president before this meeting with shinzo abe earlier today also talked to north korea. he said he wasn't happy about the short-range missile testing happening in north korea but he didn't think it was a u.n. security violation. contrast that with statements from shinzo abe when he was asked about it by president trump. he said, yes, it clearly was a violation, is a violation and it is regrettable. clearly two different responses from the leaders. the president also said before the meeting he's been treated beautifully. he's tweeted that all this reporting on tensions between him and g-7 leaders isn't true. we are told behind the scenes the president has been complaining about many of the topics here outside of the economy, having to do with climate change, the gender
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equali equality. the president views the g-7 as something that should be solely about the economy. although he claims no one has brought up the trade war with china to mhim. even though boris johnson said he was unhappy with the tariffs. >> these remarks to reporters from president trump and prime minister trudeau were relatively brief. it happened a few moments ago. here's what they said in full. >> canadian and american economy are doing well. partially because of the trade relationship we have and great work we did. quite frankly, around the table there's a lot of people wanting to make trade deals with one another. we have a deal we were able to negotiate that's good for our workers, good for our citizens, good for the middle class. that's the kind of thing we need to see more of around the world. always a pleasure to talk about a broad range of global issues. and good to sit down with you. [ speaking french ]
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>> so, we're going to be significantly expanding our trade relationship and the usmca gets done, completed. our farmers love it, yubs love it, manufacturers love it, everybody loves it. i think most democrats like it. hopefully that will be put to a vote fairly soon. it's got tremendous support if i believe democrat and republican. it has been signed and finalized essentially by canada and essentially by mexico. we're waiting for that from the united states. and we have really great support. and it's something -- i think it's a very special agreement. and it replaces nafta, which is perhaps the worst trade agreement ever done. within our country it's the worst. i can think of one worse but it's not within our country.
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it's outside of our country. that's the wto. that's a beauty. we're very happy with the agreement. i congratulate you. we should save the congratulations for when they vote. hopefully that will be put to a vote very soon. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> as soon as we hear more of what came from that meeting privately, we will pass that onto you. president trump has met as well with british prime minister boris johnson for the first time. this was at a breakfast ahead of the summit. they discussed brexit and future trade negotiations. >> president trump said trade was stymied under theresa may but he had confidence in boris johnson. >> they talked about a lot of very good discussions, we're told, on trade between the u.s. and the uk. when it came to trade with china, we have this from johnson, who said, we don't like
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te tariffs on the whole. what do we know about the conversations that went on between the two? >> we know boris johnson responded when president trump said he hadn't faced pushback from other leaders at the g-7 about the u.s. -- the great u.s./china trade war. johnson said, well, there was a sheep-like note that the others wanted a trade peace than a trade war with china. so, you know, if that's a measure of what happened behind closed door, johnson choosing his words carefully but he will have heard from president trump today, precisely what he needs to hear because he potentially faces an election soon and that was the support of president trump saying he could deliver a strong brexit and also a strong message there as well towards the european union, showing that he has a good ally in president
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trump. that's important to bother ris johnson in his brexit negotiations with the eu. it's really on trade that johnson was looking to get a strong affirmation from president trump. that's what he got. here it is. >> do you have advice for boris johnson on brexit? >> he needs no advice. he's the right man for the job. i've been saying that for a long time. didn't make your predecessor very happy but i've been saying it for a long time. >> looking forward to having pretty comprehensive talks about how to take forward the relationship in all sorts of ways, particularly on trade. we're very excited about that. >> we're having very good trade talks between the uk and ourselves. a very big trade deal, bigger than we've ever had with the uk. now they won't have -- at some point they won't have the obstacle. they won't have the anchor around their ankle. which is what they had. we'll have some very good trade
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talks. >> reporter: of course, politically at home johnson tread a careful diplomatic path because president trump can count against him at home. i think that's why we heard him interject and give the sheep-like note of criticism of president trump there. >> nic robertson, we appreciate the update so much. thank you, sir. >> joining to discuss is cnn affairs correspondent dominick thomas and josh rogin, cnn columnist, also with "the washington post." the potency, the relevance of that endorsement from president trump to the new prime minister, especially as he looks ahead to this october 31st deadline for deal or no deal as britain leaves the eu. >> yes, it's been very important, of course, for boris johnson. so much of the brexit narrative has been about the ability of the uk to be able to engage in
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these bilateral trade deals should they be able to extra indicate themselves from the european union. it was an important endorsement here from president trump. however, back home, and this is really what this summit is all about, is leaders find themselves on the international stage but it is the domestic issues. and the single issue shaping british politics is brexit. boris johnson wants to come across as unambiguously the person that can deliver this should he go to a general election. at the g-7, not only angela merkel and macron of france there, the president of the eu council is also in attendance. boris johnson has to be very careful to the extent to which he goes down that road of arguing the favors of president trump while at the same time thinking about the realities back home and not further dividing people over this kind of endorsement and support. >> josh, let's talk about that a
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little more because we heard nic talk about how boris johnson did interject and say, as we said, we don't like tariffs on the whole when talking about a trade deal with china. did he in doing so give more potency to pushbacks from other leaders to do the same? >> right. it's clear boris johnson agrees with other european leaders that trump's tariff war is not in the interest of the world economy in general but he can't say so as forcefully as was just mentioned, britain in a post-brexit scenario is more dependent on the trump administration and the united states than it would really like to be. that frames the overall dynamic here for the g-7 summit. the group of seven was established originally to draw collective action against the largest free liberal economies. there is no agreement on iran, on trade, on china or even on
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russia amongst these seven liberal free market economies. that's why we're seeing all of these one-on-one one-off, bilateral deals, bilateral discussions. that's the only action in town. boris johnson knows that. so he has to protest to the extent to make his position clear but he doesn't have any leverage to work with and he needs donald trump more than donald trump needs him. >> this is the third g-7 summit that president trump has entered or attended and said russia should be readmitted. that suspension from 2014 should end. he added now at a meeting yesterday that other members of the group support him, agree with him. reconcile that claim with what we know publicly from the other members. >> well, this is, once again, talking but the evidence is perhaps not as clear to substantiate that. it's clear that since this organization got going in 1975, that the goal is to reach
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consensus over these particular issues. yet we find arguably the most divided g-7 we have ever come around to see. now, in the -- as far as you know, you think the support on this might be coming from, say, boris johnson. that boris johnson is in a very difficult position back in the uk precisely for the salisbury poisonings that russia is unambiguously involved. but president trump has other allies in shinzo abe, the japanese prime minister, with whom he's much closer. let's not forget the italian situation. the italian prime minister is attending but has just stepped down. precisely because of the pressure from the far right coalition government for which they were all involved. and the deputy prime minister and leader of the far right in italy enjoys very close ties with the russian federation. i think we see a split here between the european union
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representatives angela merkel and macron. those are the sort of protagonists one would expect to side with him on this sort of question. >> victor, i would -- >> go ahead, josh. >> i would add my reporting from u.s. officials who were briefed on the dinner last night said it was posterior ris johnson, angela merkel and justin trudeau who argued against readmitting russia into the g-7 and it was french president macron who was willing to entertain the idea. that may very well be what president trump was referring to. >> gentlemen, we appreciate you being here. thank you. >> thank you. two leaders who are not part of the g-7 summit still intent on being heard this weekend as we talk about russian president vladimir putin, he's one of them, as well as north korean dictator kim jong-un. russia just released two ballistic missiles.
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>> ministry of defense says it was part of combat training. it's been two weeks since five people were killed in a blast. north korea fired off, what they call it, a newly developed, super large, multiple rocket launcher. >> state media says kim jong-un called the launcher, quote, a great weapon. this is the latest in a series of missile tests in recent weeks as denuclearization talks are stalled at this point. president trump has downplayed those launches meanwhile. we're getting new pictures in from hong kong. a relatively small group of protesters, compared to what we've seen over the last 11 weekends, has been facing off with police. tear gas, you can see in protesters threw molotov cocktails. we're live on that scene in a moment. prince andrew is saying that
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israel says it has foiled a large-scale drone attack by iran. they carried out -- to prevent attacks by so-called killer droeps. >> a spokesman described the drone attack as imminent, as in real-time. hong kong now where a relatively small group of protesters has been fighting with police for the 12th consecutive week we've seen this. >> this was the scene last hour here. police firing tear gas and water canyons after protesters threw
4:20 am
molotov cocktails and bricks at them. andrew, help us understand what we've seen the last 11 weeks comparatively to what we're seeing today. >> well, it is pretty much more of a sign we've seen. having said that, we had a relative calm period of ten days or so which was broken last saturday in hong kong when police used round after round of tear gas and that escalated today. this has been a serious confrontation today. the protesters have literally just melted away. there is a street behind me, you can see these water cannon trucks was crammed with thousands and thousands of protesters. in the last 30 minutes they have disappeared as the place that swept up to this point. we are at a position where the police are wondering what the next step is. they're waiting for orders on where to go next. we're hearing reports that the
4:21 am
protesters splintered and fragmented into different areas and marching on hong kong. for the moment, the tensions have died down. as i said, the protesters have disappeared. this was a big protester day in line with recent sunday. sundays seem to bring out most protesters and the vast majority with that peaceful -- it's a broad cross-section of hong kong society. as it goes into the evening, the harder core, younger, more violent protesters provoked these confrontations followed by protests. today we've seen molotov cocktails thrown. they didn't land anywhere near. but there was intent there. there were bricks, iron bars. there is intent. i can't say for sure if this is over tonight because you can't tell here in hong kong because a mob can suddenly turn up somewhere. most likely at a police station,
4:22 am
that will disrupt hong kong traffic going to the airport, which the police will come out and clear. it's a pretty fluid situation at the moment. >> andrew stevens, you and the crew take good care. thank you very much. prince andrew just issued a statement saying he never saw or even suspected any of the behavior that led to jeffrey epstein's conviction of sex crimes but he admits, quote, it was a mistake and error to see epstein after his release from prison in 2010. >> the prince is referring to this video which appears to show him at epstein's mansion in 2010. that is two years after epstein had to register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to sex crimes. cnn could not independently verify the authenticity of the video or when it was shot. this is the second statement from the palace in just one week about prince andrew's relationship with jeffrey epstein. police in mexico say they've arrested the son of a former nfl player wanted for killing his parents. 22-year-old dylan bennett is
4:23 am
accused of shooting his parents. both of them were found dead in their home in long prairie, minnesota, on wednesday. dylan has been missing ever since. >> affiliate wcco that bennett contacted police back in minnesota before his arrest and said he intended to turn himself into the fbi. he being sent back to minnesota to face murder charges. los angeles sheriff's deputy who claimed he was shot by a sniper admitted that he made the whole thing up. >> angel reynoso admitted that he was not shot at. he also told investigators that he had caused the holes in his uniform shirt by cutting it with a knife. there was no sniper. no shots fired and no gunshot injury sustained to his shoulder. completely fabricated. >> reynoso sparked a massive manhunt on wednesday after reporting that he was shot in the shoulder there. he claims someone fired at him as he was walking to his
4:24 am
personal car outside the sheriff's station. the los angeles county sheriff's department said reynoso will be relieved of his duties and a criminal investigation into the incident is ongoing. breaking overnight. seven people have been shot at a birthday party for a 2-year-old. this happened in maryland. police are now looking for a suspect. the shooting happened last night in camp springs. the police chief in prince george's county says all seven of those who were shot are expected to survive. >> the victims age in range between 18 and 20 years old. police say about a dozen people were gathered for that party when one person came up, a fight broke out and shooting began. we have new pictures of the trees that are destroyed, the vegetation that is still smoldering today as the fires are burning in parts of the amazon rain forest. how brazil's military is
4:25 am
starting to take action now. plus, this was just terrifying. it happened at the pga championship where a lightning bolt injured spectators. we'll tell you where they were when the bolt hit and how they're doing coming up on "new day." here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters costa rica paraíso. meet sergio. and his daughter, maria. sergio's coffee tastes spectacular. because costa rica is spectacular. so we support farmers who use natural compost. to help keep the soil healthy. and the coffee delicious. for future generations. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee roasters. the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. he borrowed billions donald trump failed as a businessman. and left a trail of bankruptcy and broken promises. he hasn't changed. i started a tiny investment business, and over 27 years, grew it successfully to 36 billion dollars. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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we're getting a look at what brazil is doing to take on the fires raging in the amazon rainforest. they released video of planes dropping water onto the hot spots. brazil's president bolsonaro said he's sending 25,000 troops to fight the fires. >> here are the pictures. it's harsh. the wildlife devastated by fire, the smoke. this morning the pope asking for prayers saying, quote, that f e forest lung is vital to survival. talk to us about the difference you saw yesterday from the same place you are now to conditions that you're seeing this morning. >> reporter: i don't know who amongst you were watching yesterday but this is a lot, lot worse. i'll have the cameraman pan around. as the sun has come up, it's
4:30 am
clear how much more smoke has enveloped the city than previously thought. yesterday you could see much of the river delta, a tributary of the amazon, even the tall buildings are somewhat obscured. in the last few minutes we saw what we think is a military aircraft fly over, part of this brazilian military to get into the fight and douse them with wire. this is the worst affected with the most amount of fires burning. this is just the smoke from them. this is not because there's a fire burning just over there. brazil is dealing with this huge cloud of smoke from the fires moving around. and it's at mercy, frankly, of the weather. now, here, you can actually taste it, frankly i've been finding, you struggle sometimes to swallow. it's a very tough environment. it will fluctuate day by day. we we want out into deeper parts of the amazon here, highways kind of cut through it at the present. either side you see bits of land that have been burned away.
4:31 am
police said the fires surge at night, they get the most amount of flames, because that's when people set fire to them. it's extraordinary thato think lot is human made. people trying to deforest so they can use the land for agriculture, soy production, they can feed the soy to the beef or just let cattle feed on that particular land, down to the things you and i like to eat on a daily basis, the global appetite for meat. it's amazing to wake up here as the world continues its criticism of brazil's attitude toward the amazon. 85% worse than last year but it's happening in a climate prosecute brazil's president is saying to many people, it's okay if you want to deforest because that can potentially make you richer. he recognizes the scale of the challenge. the army are out. is it enough? we simply don't know. you see how random this is even after those 43,000 troops are
4:32 am
supposed to be deployed and the announcement is made, that doesn't change what we see the next morning. back to you. >> that is stunning. nick paton walsh, thank you so much. puerto rico is bracing for what could be, i hate to say it, a direct hit from a hurricane. we're tracking tropical storm dorian. a scary moment on a golf course. a lightning bolt strikes with a crowd of people nearby. you know what's better than mopping? anything! at the end of a long day, it's the last thing i want to do. well i switched to swiffer wet jet and its awesome. it's an all-in-one so it's ready to go when i am. the cleaning solution actually breaks down dirt and grime. and the pad absorbs it deep inside. so, it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop. plus, it's safe to use on all my floors, even wood. glad i got that off my chest and the day off my floor. try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee
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35 minutes past the hour right now. there are watches and warnings in effect already as tropical storm dorian is gaining strength in the atlantic. >> experts say it could become a hurricane by tuesday. both the dominican republic and puerto rico are currently in its path. cnn meteorologist inn cabrera is tracking the storm for us. when could it hit? >> good morning. changes overnight. the models beginning to go in a different direction here. i think a lot of dry air is surrounding the system. it's inhibiting it from developi developing, which is a good thing. 40-mile-an-hour winds, that's nothing. you get a couple miles under that and it's not even a tropical storm. it does not look all that strong right now. that's going to change over the next few days and we're still thinking this will perhaps become a hurricane by the time we get into the early and latter part of next week. there you see the tracks. by tuesday this thing is already over the leeward islands.
4:37 am
windward islands, the lesser antilles and eventually heading into puerto rico as a hurricane wednesday evening. let's talk about the ingredients we need. warm ocean water, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. that's a check there. the wind shear, the upper level winds will increase over the next couple days so that won't bear well for this storm, which is excellent news. i think this is going to be what's going to inhibit significant develop here. that has changed. look at all the dry air around this system here. that also inhibits it. so, it has a lot to get through here before it intensifies into anything that i think would rival a strong hurricane. so, we'll watch that closely for you. keep checking back because these things will change. there's dorian. then we have a system much closer to florida. why are we talking about dorian first? i don't think this is going to be much of a threat except for indirect threats, that's wave
4:38 am
height, rip current conditions on long the east coast. 30-mile-an-hour winds. watch the model forecast, they have been consistent over the last several runs over the u.s. this will be a fish storm. dorian is the one to watch. it remains to be seen how strong of a storm it will be by the time it hits the islands and puerto rico wednesday, guys. >> better news today than yesterday. ivan cabrera, thanks much. we have to share with you this moment from the pga championship in atlanta. >> six people were injured here when lightning struck a tree. take a look at this. isn't that something? the thing is, there were people underneath that tree. that video capturing at least one of the two strikes at this event. play had been suspended before play happened because the storm was moving in. officials encouraged everyone at that point to leave and seek shelter. >> i was in a golf cart just
4:39 am
about to pass the tree when the lightning struck the tree. and i'm still -- i still don't recall whether i was thrown from the cart or if i jumped from the cart because at some point i thought the tree was going to fall. so, i was trying to get away from the tree as quickly as possible. >> no serious injuries, thankfully. and everyone is expected to be okay. senator kamala harris is delivering a keynote address. this happened actually last night. we'll tell you why she's calling identity politics the 21st century version of the race card. 400 years later, hundreds of people are expected to come together to commemorate the anniversary of the landing of the first enslaved africans in north america.
4:40 am
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presidential candidate senator kamala harris is calling identity politics the 21st century version of the race card. she said it during her keynote address at a banquet on the affairs of black people. this was last night. >> people bring it up in a way that is meant to marginalize the subject. in a way that i believe is meant to say, hush. in a way that sometimes is meant to say, shut up. and here's how i feel about that. when we talk about how our country is and where we are on civil rights issues, it is not about identity politics in the way that they try to phrase it. where america stands on core issues of civil rights is about america's identity. >> she went on to list a number of items she believes are a
4:45 am
matter of america's identity, including economic insecurity, the racial wealth gap, access to health care and african-american maternal mortality rate. today you'll see hundreds of people together in hampton, virginia, for a day of healing commemorating the 400th anniversary of the first landing of enslaved africans in the english colonies. >> a nationwide bell ringing will take place this afternoon, ringing simultaneously for four minutes. one for each century. cnn's natasha chen has more. >> say something. thanking them for their sacrifice. >> reporter: in the same spot where about 20 captured africans arrived four centuries ago, people whispered prayers to them, sending those thoughts floating with flower petals into the chesapeake. >> the ghosts of the past are still alive with us today. you can feel that as you walk around and look at the backdrop. >> reporter: under the backdrop of ft. monroe, people felt what
4:46 am
shackles would have felt like. co-director of african studies at spellman college says this wasn't the first group of africans in america. there were others already taken to what were then spanish, portuguese and french territories, but this does mark the first to english north america. >> it marks a beginning of the foundations of this nation, of which slavery is deeply embedded. we have the beginnings of not just u.s. governing systems, right, they emerge out of this colonial history but also the foundations of american wealth. >> reporter: and now african-americans can be part of that wealth despite struggles inequality. >> now we're engineers, lawyers, doctors, presidents, maybe a future female president. but we've come a long way. >> reporter: while they look at the traditions that made them who they are, the next generation is also looking at what their world could be.
4:47 am
>> imagine the problems that would be solved if all people were kind and felt cared for. it doesn't matter what your race or religion may be. we all deserve kindness. >> can we talk about where we're going and can we talk about what is necessary to get there? as we look at the next 400 years. >> reporter: cnn, hampton, virginia. well, there's a seventh grader in ohio who earned $15,000. and gives it all away. find out who diesel piper donated all that money to.
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want to go to space? >> reporter: de blasio's high-pitch voice inspired only a stifled chuckle in the room but munchkin jokes dominated online. he represents the lollipop guild ♪ we represent the lollipop
4:56 am
guild ♪ >> reporter: when de blasio ended his presentation -- >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: -- the emcee responded. >> okay, so, that was a little bit different. >> reporter: there were other audio issues. joe biden's mike was turned off at one point. >> spread it! go spread it, guys. >> reporter: even the emcee had to blow and tap, tap and blow. organizers apologized and later gave de blasio a second chance to speak undistorted. >> crystal clear. >> reporter: de blasio later joked, a canceled flight can't stop me from auditioning for alvin and the chipmunks. ♪ >> reporter: oh, we're talking about it. >> my message comes down to three words. working people first. >> reporter: correction. working audio first or your campaign will be headed to -- ♪ munchkin land >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn,
4:57 am
new york. >> there are so many good things about that. i love the lollipop guild and alvin and the chipmunks album was my favorite when i was a kid. "inside politics" up after a break. asters costa rica paraíso. meet sergio. and his daughter, maria. sergio's coffee tastes spectacular. because costa rica is spectacular. so we support farmers who use natural compost. to help keep the soil healthy. and the coffee delicious. for future generations. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee roasters. it's tsleep numberbiggest sale360 smart bed.n the you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the 360 sleep number limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. only for a limited time. since my dvt blood clot i was thinking...
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5:00 am
just another week in the trump presidency. a feud with denmark -- >> you don't talk to the united states that way. at least under me. >> and a promise he alone can beat china on trade. >> i am the chosen one. >> what will this weekend's g-7 summit bring? plus the trump economy on edge. the white house says it's nothing to worry about. >> we don't believe in the recession talk. i think the economy's very strong. >> and team biden admits you may not love him but insists democrats must still vote for him. >> you have to look a


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