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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  August 26, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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i'm alex marquardt in for brianna keilar. under way right now, he's increasingly isolated on the world stage, but the president defending his trade war, wanting russia back into the g-7 and the possibility of hosting next year's summit at his golf club. one picture completely disproves the white house's excuse about why president trump didn't show up for a meeting on the climate crisis. plus, why the president's purported idea of dropping a nuclear bomb into a hurricane isn't a good one. and just in, a new poll shows the 2020 race tightening and becoming more volatile as two rise and the front-runner falls. president trump is wrapping up his time at the g-7 summit in the south of france. we just heard a lot from the president in a wide-ranging
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press conference that ended a short time ago. he said there was tremendous unity between the world leaders. he also said he'd love to welcome russia back into the group. and he said he may meet with iran's president rouhani under the right conditions. pamela brown is there in france. pam, there's a wide range of topics covered in that presser. lots of headlines coming out of it. one of the things we heard a lot about was china and the ongoing trade war with them. what stuck out to you? >> reporter: well, what stuck out to me is just this persistent confusion over where things actually stand between the united states and china. there have been these confusing mixed signals sent throughout the weekend with the president first saying that he had second thoughts about escalate the trade war, then the white house saying he only had second thoughts about not raising the tariffs even more. suddenly he said this morning here at the g-7 that china called late last night and wants to come back to the negotiating table and strike a deal.
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since then he backtracked and it's been a little murky. now he's saying, well, there have been many calls. steve mnuchin says there have been several discussions over the last week but wouldn't say calls. what we do know is that the vice premier of china did say they want a resolution to the trade war and they want calm. so it's unclear if that's what the president was talking about, but he said that what the vice premier said, wanting a resolution, it gave him great confidence that a deal will be struck. it's worth noting they haven't provided any timeline about this alleged call, what the substance of it was. in thames erms of going back to negotiating table, they were already set to restart negotiations in september so it's unclear if the dial has actually changed here. >> lots of back and forth. pam brown, thanks very much. let's dig into what the president just said and did at the g-7 summit in france over these last few days. to do that with me here is
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retired rear admiral john kirby, a cnn and diplomatic analyst as well as julie hirsch feld-davis. julie, let's start with you. you heard pam summing up beautifully this back and forth between the chinese and american sides and what i can only describe as whiplash in just the span of a few days. we heard the president call xi jinping an enemy and a few days later a great leader. what do you make of that? >> well, i think what we saw just now at the g-7 was the president really trying to sort of apply some sort of rationale to the whipsawing that we've seen the last few days as if it was deliberate, that he was going back and forth and he's gotten somewhere. he's trying very hard to take credit for what he says has been progress in these talks in the last couple of days, when what the rest of the world is seeing and the rest of the people around that table at the g-7 are
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seeing are very concerning signs of unpredictability and uncertainty with where these negotiations are going and a sort of reckless sort of style from the president that gives them pause about where this is all heading in the future. >> right. let's take a quick listen to what the president actually said about china in that wide-ranging press conference. >> look, here's the story. i have people say, oh, just make a deal, make a deal. they don't have the guts and they don't have the wisdom to know that you can't continue to go on where a country is taking $500 billion. not million, $500 billion with a b out every single year. $500 billion. you just can't do that. somebody had to do this. it should have been done by president obama. it should have been done -- and biden, sleepy joe. it should have been done by other people. it should have been done pby
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bush. it should have been done by clinton. double bush. it should have been done. i'm doing it. >> john, china is nothing if not patient. do you think that they in this ongoing trade war have their eyes on the end game? they must be keenly aware that we're entering election season. >> oh, sure, they're mindful of our domestic politics here. they're not going make any decisions that disrupt their long-term strategic goals. this is a nation that plans decades out in advance, not just from a military perspective but an economic one too. they have had some stuttering in their economy of late but by and large over the last decade or so it's been growing exponentially and they're not going to want to give that up so i don't think they'll be bullied by trump in making a deal that's not in keeping with their long-term interests. >> let's jump over to iran for a second. we did see the foreign minister show up unexpectedly. white house officials called it a curveball but the president did say he was aware.
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he did not meet with any u.s. officials but the president saying there is a possibility that he could meet with president rouhani in the coming weeks if the circumstances are correct. do you think he should? >> yes. a dialogue is always a good thing. but back to conditions, and this is where president macron was right too. they have to be right. right now tensions have been escalated to a degree and things are so votuperative, but some dialogue would be appropriate. >> the president making the false accusation that president obama paid hundreds of millions of dollars in cash in exchange for the iran deal. that was just unfrozen iranian funlds. he said in exchange for a new deal he could offer iran a loan guaranteed by oil. so how does he reconcile those two? >> i don't think he does. he doesn't see any need to but it was quite striking given how frequently he pushes this false claim that the obama administration somehow paid the iranians to cut this deal.
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i think it's one of the reasons why john is right that any meeting between the two of them or even among officials is unlikely to go anywhere because the president is so bent on blaming the obama administration and criticizing what has gone before that it seems unlikely they'd be able to make any real substantive headway on what the actual issues are right now. let's switch gears to russia. russia was not at the g-7 this year. they were kicked out after they invaded and annexed crimea which president trump said was a result of putin outsmarting president obama. let's take a listen to what he said. >> president putin outsmarted president obama. wait a minute. i can understand how president obama would feel. he wasn't happy and they're not in for that reason. >> a misleading statement that russia outsmarted president obama when other countries said the reason why russia was kicked out is because they clearly
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annexed cry mimeacrimea. why repeating a clear lie? >> i know you like president obama but it was annexed during president obama's term. if it was during my term i'd say sorry, folks, i made a mistake. president obama was helping ukraine. crimea was annexed during his term. now, it's a very big area, very important area. russia has its submarine, that's where they do their submarine work and that's where they dong large and powerful submarines, but not as powerful as ours and not as large as ours. but they have their submarines. and president obama was pure and simply outsmarted. they took crimea during his term. >> yeah, annexed is a polite word. the president is right, they took crimea. i was on the ground there and i saw those little green men invade and take over crimea. you were at the pentagon. was it a matter of president obama being outsmarted? >> of course not.
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he likes to blame obama for everything and paurmt rt of his foreign policy is about undoing the things that president obama did. look, it was an international community decision to isolate russia and make russia have some measure of accountability for doing this. putin doesn't care about not being in the g-8 but what he does care about are the sanctions. to the trump adminisration's credit, they have extended the sanctions president obama put on russia and the rest of the international community has as well. that's what's important here is not him blaming obama and the ridiculous thing about being outsmarted but how much and to what degree will the west continue to hold putin accountable for his violation of ukrainian territorial integrity. >> julie, when you look at these last few days and step back and look at all of these issues, and climate change, does it really emphasize how isolated the u.s. is compared to -- with regards to its allies? >> i think so.
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previous administrations, previous presidents of both parties have used these gatherings to take a leadership role in garnering these international consensus on major issues like climate, like what to do about iran, russia and the rest. this president clearly has no interest in doing that. he didn't even really want to go. president obama sometimes didn't love to go to these summits either, but he doesn't actually take any sort of productive stance to try to get anywhere among the rest of the countries at these summits, and so i think what you have is a very isolated united states. instead of the united states leading the way and sort of bringing other countries along, you have president trump seeming to sit by and look and sometimes critically, but sometimes just silently while the other countries try to make sense of these issues. >> john, it doesn't seem as if the other countries have written us off yet. macron was warm and affectionate in his press conference. we saw boris johnson the same way, merkel as well. they still wanting to keep the u.s. in the fold. >> we have the world's strongest
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economy. we have the largest and most powerful military. we're still involved all around the world. they can't afford to write us off. last week i said my worry was that he was going to blow this summit up and blow out any chance -- blow up any chance of consensus. what i think i saw today was that the g-7 partners simply took the box of matches away from him. they just coddled him and allowed him to be there to what degree he wanted to be there and they're moving past the united states. that's what really bothers me, alex, is this abdication of our leadership role that we used to have. i want to turn to one of the most outlandish things i've heard of late. yesterday axios reporting that the president had a number of times suggested nuclear bombing large hurricanes in order to disperse them. i was just on the website of the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. they already had in place a page saying this is a horrible idea and wouldn't work.
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julie, is it outlandish to think that this conversation actually took place in the white house? >> i think the striking thing is it's not that outlandish to me given what we constantly hear from administration officials, from people inside the white house and outside of the white house, people on capitol hill. the president does tend to muse allowed about some of these very strange ideas. he gets very keyed up, especially where technology and science and gadgets are concerned. you hear him voicing things that other presidents might perhaps at least take pause in saying out loud. >> john, you're shaking your head. >> i can't even believe that we're talking about this on television. it's so crazy. i'm speechless. >> all right. let's leave it there. rear admiral john kirby, julie herrishfield-davis, thank you. wait, there is more. why didn't the president show up to a meeting on the climate crisis? how a picture completely contradicts the white house's excuse. plus, the president floats
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meeting on global climate change, but president trump was a no-show. aides claim that the president was busy in meetings that went long with the leaders of germany and india. so staffers went to that climate meeting instead. but here what that video you're looking at shows is german chancellor merkel and the indian prime minister modi sitting side by side at that meeting on climate change. our daniel dale, fact checker extraordinary, joins me now. daniel, it was no secret that the president wasn't eager to discuss climate change at the g-7. but it's quite another thing to snub this meeting as a whole. so what happened here? >> well, we don't know exactly what happened. perhaps he had some urgent classified priority they can't tell us about, perhaps he had to go to the bathroom. this event was on his schedule. the white house then told us he didn't come because he had meetings with modi and merkel and we saw this photo of modi and merkel. the simplest explanation is that the white house lied again to
10:19 am
cover for him. >> the president, daniel, as you know, later said that he is an environmentalist. let's listen to that. >> in a nutshell, i want the cleanest water on earth. i want the cleanest air on earth. and that's what we're doing. and i'm an environmentalist. a lot of people don't understand that. i have done more environmental impact statements probably than anybody that's i guess i can say definitely, because i have done many, many, many of them. more than anybody that's ever been president or vice president or anything even close to president. and i think i know more about the environment than most people. >> he then talked about drilling in the arctic national wildlife refuge and he went after windmills as an alternative source of energy. the president as a hero of the environment, is there any evidence to support that? >> there is no basis for that whatsoever. "the new york times" did a piece where they listed 83 separate environmental regulatory
10:20 am
rollbacks undertaken by the trump administration. everything from mining debris in streams to the pollutants admitted into the air. when he says he's an environmentalist because he's done environmental exact statements, those impact statements are the things developers have to do when proposing a development impact. >> speaking of his projects, the president is now proposing that next year's g-7 summit when the u.s. hosts it will possibly take place at his own golf resort, doral, which is outside miami. i imagine he'd make a fair bit of money off of that. what would the ethical implications be? >> there are serious ethical implications. trump has not lost any emolum t emoluments lawsuits. presidents are not supposed to receive any gifts or payments from foreign officials while in office. we know just from general principles of conflicts of interest and ethics matters,
10:21 am
this is an office holder apparently profiting from being in office. >> and we actually do have sound from the president's press conference discussing this very matter. let's take a listen. >> it will cost me anywhere from $3 to $5 billion to be president. and the thing i care about is this country. my people looked at 12 sites. all good, but some were two hours from an airport, some four hours, they were so far away. some didn't allow this or didn't allow that. with doral we have a series of magnificent buildings, we call them binungalows. they each hold from 50 to 70 very luxurious rooms with magnificent views. we have incredible conference rooms, incredible restaurants. it's like such a natural. my people wanted it. from my standpoint i'm not going to make any money. in my opinion i'm not going to make any money. i don't want to make money. i don't care about making money.
10:22 am
>> that was quite the ad for doral there. but he also mentioned that he is losing or has lost $3 to $5 billion since becoming president. is there any evidence to support that? >> no. of course we famously do not know exactly what the president's net worth is in part because he refuses to release tax returns and other financial documents. there's no evidence that he's even worth $3 billion, certainly not $5 billion, so the claim that he's losing this amount from being president doesn't hold water. >> daniel dale, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. fascinating polls just coming in showing a virtually three-way tie for the democratic nominee. plus, hear about the calls that the fbi is now getting since the mass shootings in el paso and dayton. all that coming up. who's dog is this?
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you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. this just in to cnn. the 2020 presidential race may be tightening up. there's a remarkable new poll from monmouth university that shows a virtual three-way tie among the leading democratic candidates, including a significant drop for the front-runner. this poll you can see showing senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren on the rise. they're neck in neck for first place in this poll, both at 20% while former vice president joe biden dropped to 19%. joining me now is the director of the monmouth polling institute, patrick murray. patrick, thanks for being with me.
10:28 am
i want to start with that falling biden number. that seems to be the headline that there's a three-way tie at the top. this poll showing that support for biden has dropped also across demographics. what did you find? >> yes. as that graph shows, we found that it was pretty much broad based in terms of the drop. you've got to remember joe biden's support unlike the other candidates has been built mainly on this kind of veneer of electability not on a real attachment to his policies or to him as a candidate individually. i think what we're doing here is entering a period of volatility. most of that drop that we've seen across those demographic groups has gone equally to both bernie sanders and elizabeth warren right now. i think that is an indication that voters are just starting to tune in, pay attention and maybe saying maybe joe biden isn't as inevitable as we thought and we'll take a look at some of the other candidates right now.
10:29 am
>> last week we at cnn had our own poll. biden in that poll was at 29% and he has, as you know, led most of the recent polls out there by a significant margin. do you think that your poll in this case is an outlier? >> it could be an outlier, there's no question. this is the first telephone poll that has shown basically a three-way race or a tied race. there have been some online polls that have shown this dynamic. even with the cnn poll we did see a change in biden's numbers. it went up in the cnn poll. that suggests to me we are entering a period of volatility. whether what's happening in your poll or my poll is a trend, i don't know. but i think it's suggesting that the next set of polls that we see from any of these top-notch pollsters are probably going to suggest that there still is some churning going on in the electorate right now as we head into september. i think it's all because they're starting to pay more attention than they have before when we had a static race between most
10:30 am
of the spring and early summer. >> and not just the voting public paying attention, certainly senator elizabeth warren will be paying attention to these polls. it looks like she is the candidate with the greatest momentum. over the weekend we saw that she had an estimated 15,000 people at her rally in seattle. why do you think there's this wind in her sails? >> well, i've actually spent some time on the campaign trail out in iowa and new hampshire talking to voters who have been following them. what we've seen in the polls and what we see on the ground is that elizabeth warren is very slowly building support. she's been doing this since march. a couple points, a couple points, a couple points. voters there really like her. they feel that she is a pragmatist who while pushing for things like medicare for all could step back from that and be more for a public option. basically if you see her in person, she can portray pretty much anything that she wants onto these voters and they can walk away thinking, oh, she's my person. she's somebody that i can get
10:31 am
behind, whether you are all the way to the left or are more of a centrist. >> patrick murray from monmouth out with a fascinating poll today which if those numbers hold will up-ending the race. a big revelation from the fbi about the calls they're getting since the mass shootings in el paso and dayton. plus, president trump says that he is ready to resume trade talks with china as the national farmers blast president trump, saying he's making things worse, not better. it's zing what yo n uncover with r dna results from ancestry. i was able to discover one cousin, reached out to him, visited ireland, met another 20 cousins. they took me to the cliffs of moher, the ancestral home, the family bar. it really gives you a sense of connection to something that's bigger than yourself. new features. greater details. richer stories. get your dna kit today at
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more than 38,000, that's how many tips that the fbi received from the public in the first week of august after the mass shootings in dayton, ohio, and el paso, texas. that number significantly higher than the average weekly total, which is around 22,000. cnn justice correspondent jessica schneider is following the details. jessica, this is an incredible spike. around 75%. of course not all of these are actionable tips that the fbi can actually act on, but what can you tell me about those that are? >> these tips are all coming into the fbi's national threat operations center. they're assessed, analyzed and some of them are passed on to local law enforcement. so it's possible that many of these tips that came into the fbi, they could have been passed on to local law enforcement and contributed to some of those upticks in arrests we've seen over the past few weeks based on
10:37 am
threats. based on cnn's analysis late last week that we did, more than two dozen people have actually been arrested in connection with making threats since august 4th. of course that was the weekend when mass shootings in el paso and dayton killed more than -- killed 31 people total. now, these arrests we've seen have included an 18-year-old in ohio, who posted online threats against federal law enforcement. his arrest actually stemmed from a long fbi investigation. and then there were also several men in their 20s who were arrested after concerned citizens reported to both local and federal law enforcement. so here's a breakdown of the numbers. a typical week of tips to the fbi's national threat operation center numbers about 22,000, but in the week after those two mass shootings, the ntoc received 38,000 tips. that's about a 72% increase. the fbi is cautioning that not all of these tips that they receive are actionable. some of them come from people
10:38 am
just expressing their opinions or even their gratitude to the fbi, but nonetheless the fbi official tells me that they appreciate these tips. they encourage people to keep calling them in. and the fbi released this statement in connection with those numbers saying that in the first week of august, the fbi saw 18 crease in tips submitted to the national threat operations center. such increases are often observed after major incidents. as always, the fbi encourages the public to remain vigilant and report any and all suspicious activity to law enforcement immediately, telling people to keep calling in. while the fbi isn't revealing exactly how many of these tips may have led to some of these arrests, it is clear that more and more people may be paying attention and they're calling in their concerns to federal law enforcement. >> and it can only be a good thing that more and more people are feeling a sense of civic duty that if they see something, they need to say something to hopefully stop this plague breaking out across the country. thanks very much. well, it's a dramatic
10:39 am
escalation involving several countries. why israel's actions are leading one country to say it's a declaration of war. plus, what actor leonardo dicaprio is doing as the amazon rain forest burns, veering towards a disaster. and a troubling new report, why more than 3,000 kidneys are being thrown away every year as thousands are dying as they wait for one.
10:40 am
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under a huge amount of pressure, president donald trump seems to be scaling back his rhetoric on his trade war with china. at least for now. these things can change, of course. after a whirlwind weekend of going back and forth on his tariff threats, the president now says that the u.s. will resume trade negotiations with china causing all the whiplash he says is part of his winning strategy. >> so my question is, is that a strategy? is it a strategy to call president xi an enemy one day and then say relations are very good the next day? >> that's the way i negotiate. it's done very well for me over the years and it's doing even better for the country. >> it's done very well for him
10:45 am
over the years. joining me now to discuss this is the president of the national farmers union and third generation farmer himself, roger johnson. roger, thanks so much for coming in today. >> sure. >> we talk often about the effect of the trade war on the stock market. not enough in my view of how it affects real people and farmers around the country. the president seeming to insinuate that this economic uncertainty is good for the country. is that what you're hearing from farmers? >> it certainly isn't good for agriculture, i can tell you that. this sort of every day a new idea, a back-and-forth, the trade war is on, it's off, what it really has done is damaged our reputation around the world. agriculture is a major exporter in the u.s. granted, the rest of the u.s. economy has a huge trade deficit, but in agriculture we have a trade surplus. that's why we're the subject, we're the object of all these sort of -- these uprisings, this
10:46 am
sort of turmoil that takes place. uncertainty is not good for us, it's not good for our markets. net farm income is down half, 50% in the last six years. there's a lot of stress in agriculture. and creating this uncertainty in our export market is not good for farmers. >> you've said that the president has indeed made things worse for farmers, but it's not just about the trade deal, is it? there are other elements to this? >> it isn't just about trade, although trade is a big part of it. the president in just this last week granted a bunch of exemptions to big oil to not have to comply to renewable fuel standards, which drives demand away from ethanol and other biofuels that are used to make the environment better and to lower costs for consumers. that has a depressing impact on the market. we've seen literally more than a dozen ethanol plants that have closed in recent days in part as
10:47 am
a result of the action that he's taken in that space as well. >> so as a result, when you do look at all those different elements and when you do look at this whiplash when it comes to the chinese trade deal, do you have -- do farmers have confidence, do you have confidence that the president will be able to secure some kind of fair deal, like he says he will? >> one thing i learned a long, long time ago is it takes a lot of work and a lot of effort to develop a favorable reputation. it doesn't take very long to destroy one. i think the same thing is true with countries. listen, i used to be the ag commissioner in north dakota. we led dozens of trade missions all over the world. other countries deal with one another just sort of like neighbors do. you don't want to offend them unnecessarily. and our reputation is what we use in order to sell products into other countries. i think a lot of the actions
10:48 am
from this administration that have offended leaders of other countries all around the world, mexico, canada, china, japan, the eu, the uk, just go around the globe, these actions have consequences and they are going to make it that much more difficult for us to regain market share when and if we ever get a deal with china or any of the other places that we're attempting to negotiate trade deals. >> this is obviously a fierce trade war with china. over the weekend we heard something that you say you've heard before, this time from senator lindsey graham. let's take a listen to that. >> the democrats for years have been claiming that china should be stood up to. now trump is and we just got to accept the pain that comes withstanding up to china. how do you get china to change without creating some pain on them and us? i don't know. >> we've got to accept the pain. are farmers willing to accept the pain as the senator says? >> farmers will accept pain if
10:49 am
it's necessary. but what we are asking china to do, we should be really clear about. the president is asking china to change their form of government. they have a form of government and economic system that's fundamentally not compatible with market economies like the u.s. and other democratic institutions around the world. that's not to say that china shouldn't change. absolutely they should change. but for the president to argue that he's going to change the chinese form of government and do it all alone? i mean i just think it is -- this is an enormous undertaking. yes, it should be happening, but it shouldn't be happening in this fashion. we should be gathering other allies around the world to work with us to hold china accountable instead of picking fights with everyone else around the world. >> rodger johnson, we have to
10:50 am
leave it there. thank you for bringing it all home for us. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is making her first public appearance since she revealed she had treatment for pancreatic cancer. hear what she said. and what brazil is and is not doing as the amazon rain forest burns at a record rate. we will take you right there. that's coming up. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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tensions are flaring between arch enemies israel and iran right now. this comes after an air strike near the syrian capital of damascus, an air strike that israel has claimed responsibility for, saying that it foiled a planned iranian drone attack. cnn international correspondent sam kiley has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: donald trump may have gone some way to help bring some of the tension down in this region, which has escalated dramatically over the weekend, by saying that he would be prepared, perhaps, to speak with iran's president rouhani. and that is because over the last few days, the israelis have taken responsibility for air strikes against what they said were iranian targets, preparing to attack israel inside syria. but they have not taken responsibility for drone operations inside lebanon, blamed on israel for three air strikes. also in lebanon against palestinian militants, and
10:56 am
indeed, more air strikes against militia inside iraq. the iraqis have reacted with extreme anger to that. and at the same time, of course, iran has now announced that it is going to be driving a destroyer through the strait of hormuz and the gulf of aden, adding to the tensions in and around the persian gulf. so amidst all of this, any kind of sign of reconciliation particularly coming from the u.s. president would be most welcome. alex? >> our thanks to sam kiley in jerusalem. now to brazil, where massive wildfires are burning through the amazon wildfire at a record pace. according to the country's national institute for space research, an area the size of one and a half soccer fields is being destroyed every single minute. the fires, of course, sparking international outcry. which has trigger the deployment of more than 40,000 brazilian troops to battle the blaze. and then at this week's g-7 summit, world leaders pledge ed
10:57 am
$20 million to fight those fires. cnn's nick paton walsh is in brazil and got an areal view of those raging fire fires. >> there's little below but ghosts and even they seem to have been given up on. these are the newest fires in the worst-hate state in the amazon. we didn't see below us any of the 43,000 troops brazil's president has pledged to the fight. in fact, in some places, it's so bad, you can't even see how bad it is. that'll suit just fine those who would rather ignore the world's most urgent environmental crisis. no matter how high you are, you can't escape the smoke. we even close our air vents inside the plane to stop it. the sun made this green paradise over millennia, but now barely peeks through the smoke of its
10:58 am
destruction. well, these apocalyptic sights are kind of like the warnings about what might happen if the world doesn't do something about the climate crisis that you keep hearing, but instead, it's right below us, right here, and right now. more startling is how much of this immense jungle people have managed to destroy in so short a time. >> unbelievable. >> they had help. fires they lit and that happened naturally in the dry heat, but usually peak later in the year. >> this is not just a forest burning, this is almost a cemetery. because all you can see is dead amazon. it's extremely fundamental for the water system for all over the continent. so if we cut off the forest, in some years, we're not going to have rain on the south of the country. >> reporter: we find another area where the damage is fresher
10:59 am
and easier to see. raging in straight lines, swallowing everything left on the plain. and when you look at this, you learn something about yourself. do you see a crisis impacting every fifth breath you take and killing the future? or do you see what man must do to nature to enrich himself and live better? the answer means little below, where the fire burns our heritage and suffocates our future regardless of how we feel about it. kind of extraordinary here, really, on the ground, how little the response seems to have been so far. the brazilian army are doing what they can, but $20 million pledged by the richest seven nations on earth, that is pitiful, frankly, not a lot. and it's been hit with a backdrop of squabbles. president donald trump not turning up to the meeting about climate change. said he had other meetings to attend and french president emmanuel macron in a sort of a spat where the brazilian
11:00 am
president balolsonaro. all of this distracting from the urgency of what has to be done right now. >> yeah, $20 million, really a paltry amount. nick paton walsh, thanks for that terrific report. that's it for me. i'm alex marquardt. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. hello and thanks for joining me. i'm ana cabrera in for brooke baldw baldwin. after a g-7 summit dominated by uncertainty, ambiguity, and little productivity, president trump and the first lady are now on their way back to the u.s. but before leaving france, the president held a lengthy, somewhat meandering press conference, where he addressed a range of topics, including russia, iran sanctions, the environment, brexit. the possibility of next year's summit being held at the president's golf course in miami. and after markets were confounded by the president's whiplash signals on chinese


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