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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 28, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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thanks very much. that will do it for me this hour. >> thanks so much for watching, cnn newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. hi, there, i'm brooke baldwin, all eyes are on hurricane dorian and its wild path across the caribbean. this storm has just been upgraded to a category one storm. not only has it strengthened, it's changed course, it's following the same track as hurricane maria. by the time it passes puerto rico, it could become a major hurricane, category 3, and spinning straight toward the u.s. mainland, florida, georgia, south carolina, the question right now is where in the southeast could dorian make land fall.
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tom seder is tracking all of this, what's going on with dorian right now. >> dorian's the little storm that could a couple days ago, we were like, dorian. it's not going to continue yesterday it was like, okay, we see you. and now today it's get ready. this storm has been fighting a dry atmosphere it shouldn't be together. but it did. here's the visual imagery, you can see how broad it's getting. it's a small storm and smaller storms can typically be changed in either direction. even strengthening or deteriorating. the track shifted to the east, and really when we watch this toward florida, several days away, a lot can happen. the big thing here is, the track since it moved to the east, it's no longer going over the high mountains of hispaniola, it's no longer going to break up there.
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right over st. thomas, reporting a wind gust of 11 miles an hour. british u.s. virgin islands getting hit very hard right now. the hurricane winds extend outward 20 miles. that's not far enough to get into san juan. most of those winds that move out 80 miles are mainly to the east away from puerto rico. they still have residents that have blue tarps, there's only five electrical stations that are working out of 16, they could fluctuate a little bit, they're getting bands of rainfall as you start to see the center now over st. thomas. what will happen after in, the big question, it could most likely, and the track takes it north of the bahama islands, i
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think turks and caicos are looking bad. when you look at our spaghetti plots, you can't say that's what's going to happen. they're several day as way. really, going back to the records, the 1950, if you take all the storms that have been where dorian is, only one made landfall in florida 2004 it was gee. that's not going to happen, most of them rushed up across the coastline, and out into the atlantic. that's what we want. we just don't know yet. right now it's the british and u.s. virgin islands. it looks like they may miss the brunt of this as well. >> i was down in the virgin islands not long ago. >> they're still all talking about the destruction of irma, and now this. >> i want to focus on this.
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damaging winds, power outages, one local official says, the islands biggest fear, in the wake of maria's destruction is another hurricane. >> omar jimenez is our correspondent there. maria, was not that long ago. >> people have tarps and roofs on the parts of the island. are they ready for this? >> that is the big question right now. one of the biggest fears they said today was that they are now in their second hurricane season since hurricane maria struck. you can imagine the fear that would come into not only officials, but some citizens here, when they see a storm like dorian being upgraded slowly by slowly and gaining strength over
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fear what it could bring this is not expected to be a maria type wind event here in puerto rico. the concern they have, is the amount of rainfall they could bring. they have tried to get people who have tarps for roofs, and people with infrastructure that may not be able to with stand even minor flooding, trying to get them into shelters. part of why they closed down school today. they of course closed government offices, just trying to make sure that even if the same devastation doesn't come, they are at the very least prepared and air on the side of caution, rather than being caught by surpri surprise. >> we'll stay in touch with you. the residents are concerned about what this may bring.
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remember yesterday, president trump talked about the fact that puerto rico is getting hit by another storm. he attacked the mayor of san juan. we are tracking dorian as it heads as usual to puerto rico, fema and all others are ready and will do a great job. when they do, let them know it, and give them a big thank you. not like last time. that includes from the incompetent mayor of san juan. mayor cruise had something to say to trump. >> his behavior, lack of understanding, and it is ludicrous, 3,000 puerto ricans did not open their eyes this morning because this race ist man did not have it within him to do his job. get out of the way, president trump and let the people that can do the job get the job done.
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>> that back and forth wasn't the end of it, the president tweeted again. >> it likely won't be the last either. >> puerto rico is one of the most corrupt places on earth. their political system is broken and their politicians are incompetent or corrupt. >> congress approved billions of dollars last time, more than any other place has gone. and it's no good. he adds, and by the way, i'm the best thing that ever happened to puerto rico. >> that last line there is something that officials like the san juan mayor have disputed. saying the administration was too slow to respond after hurricane marie crab devastated the island two years ago. it's so difficult to get something out of the continental u.s., that's why they struggled in the aftermath of that storm. and other problems that were there before this storm struck. of course, that's not the only thing the president is
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criticized over. he's also criticized for how he did act when he did go visit puerto rico, including that video that went viral where the president was playfully tossing those rolls of paper towels at a church. that will be the question with this. is he preparing to have the first major storm since hurricane maria? how is he going to respond. his tweets seem to be giving us an indication of that. >> a little later on we'll talk to puerto rico to talk with our reporter. aids say the president is willing to build the border wall it's not just to fulfill a campaign promise, but to get it finished. the president has told senior aids that a failure to deliver on the signature promise would be a letdown to his supporters
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and an embarrassing defeat. reportedly the president is directing aids to fast track billions of dollars in construction contracts, aggressively seizing private land and disregarding environmental rules. a senior official put it this way to the post, they don't care how much money is spent, whether landowners rights are violated. the law, the reges are even prudent business practices, and trump reportedly offered this. he also told worried sub ordinants he will pardon them of any potential wrongdoing, should they have to break the laws to get the barriers built quickly. think about that for a second. this is not the first time the president is walking the line to get what he wants done, no matter how bad a position he puts his staff in.
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>> in a vacuum, what you just laid out is stunning it's not in a vacuum, that's tall the more reason. staff and aids were concerned trump was urging them to take the law. kevin mcilvenney. he's repeatedly raltd on the asylum process, not clear they could do that, but he urged them to do so. let's go to the next one. as i said, there's more. he told don mcgann who was -- all these people are former white house officials. he told don mcgann to tell bob mueller, the special counsel he was fired. mcgann didn't do that for a couple reasons, he was worried about legal reasons, he was concerned about the political
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fallout of the trump administration. let's go to the next one. this one's stunning, this is from bob woodward's book about the first term of president trump. in the wake of bashar al assad using chemical weapons against his own people, trump said to jim mattis, at the time again the former defense secretary. we need to kill him, we need to assassinate bashar al assad. we don't usually do that as a country. >> let's go to the last one. we know this, this happened. jim comey testified in front of congress. a former fbi director, comey said in a private meeting, trump urged him to see if he could drop this investigation into michael flynn in this context with the russians. again not something that comey felt comfortable doing. >> you mentioned pardons, how trump has floated them dangled them. 15 trump 35rdens. these three, we didn't put them
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all on the screen. look at these three. these three are all very conservative caused pardons. all people that trump's base really liked and wanted pardons, and he did it. there's some precedent for this. even if he doesn't say i'll pardon you, he could say, look at who i pardoned in the past, dot dot dot, that's where it gets concerning. this is a president who, if he knows where the line is, likes to walk right up to the edge of it it, and maybe step a foot across or urge people to work a step across. >> wants that wall built by 2020, he wants to fulfill that campaign promise. chris cillizza, we'll follow it. the next democratic debate is set, this could mean a moment of reckoning for some candidates. who made the cut and what's next for those who did not.
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. we're back, you're watching cnn, the next televised showdown between 2020 democrats has been set, thanks to this new quinnipiac poll. 10 candidates have met the standards of 2%. which means these are the faces that will be sharing one stage and it will be kept to one night. among the candidates who will not be on that stage senator kirsten gillibrand, tom steyer, marianne williamson and tulsi gabbard. this new poll also shows joe biden main taken his lead with senators warren and bernie sanders trailing him, and this is significant here for the first time since president trump was ewlekted. more voters say the national economy is getting worse thaerj than getting better. with me now, cnn senior washington corporate jeff zeleny, nice to have you on. on that last bit of information i just reported out, economic
11:19 am
fears appear to be seeping into the 2020 race. how critical is this moment for president trump, and how do those democrats seize upon this? >> it's critical, there's no question about it, that has been one of the strongest suits that the president's advisers have been counting on is the shape of the economy. unemployment is still very low. there are many indicators in the spectrum of the economy that look like this could be almost at the end of -- almost a 10-year run here, just look what the president has been saying and doing, he's been talking extensively about things that have moved the market, when he's doing that, his advisers, the republicans we talked to are concerned that he is not talking up the economy enough and it's having a followed effect. they have not talked about the economy as much as in previous campaigns, they're having arguments over health care. other matters here, it does give democrats an opening this fall
11:20 am
as they head into the fall campaign to talk about the economy. so far there are not strong economic messages, with the exception of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. look for a lot more economy from these democratic candidates. >> we will. when you look at how the candidates do with president trump, they all come out on top. at the end of the day, jeff, i mean, that's the number that matters, right? who can beat trump. so far, biden is at the top of everyone's list. >> right, and that is the question that is hanging over this entire democratic campaign. who is the most electable. there's not an easy answer to that, electability is in the eye of the beholder, joe biden has been able to hold on to the idea that he is the strongest candidate. when you look head to head on this, you're a year out before the general election, it's not that significant i don't believe that the president is at 40%.
11:21 am
once he begins to go head to head against someone once he begins to define them, that will tighten up a year from now. i doubt in one year from now, that there is a 14% gap. democrats, of course, are trying to make this a referendum on president trump, president trump, of course, is trying to define the democrats as unacceptable, we know the contours of this discussion, we just have a long way to wait it out. >> we have more breaking news now. dorian has strengthened into a category one hurricane as it closed in on puerto rico. i'll talk to one woman who survived maria, she's getting on a plane and heading back tonight. if it wasn't obvious before news works for him he does now.
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moments ago, a rare news conference over the pentagon wrapped two of the top officials. and the new secretary of defense mark esper and joint chiefs chairman general joseph done ford were there, speaking to the media. run through the major headlines for me, and wonderful to finally hear from these people. >> it is the first time in a year.
11:27 am
that probably is the biggest headline, that they came out and talked to the news media. afghanistan was one of the big topics that a lot of reporters had questions on, because we're in this so called final stage, perhaps of some type of piece agreement with the taliban that will draw in the afghan government, and if it all works, a lot of caveats there, it could lead to trips coming home, it could lead to the end of america's longest war. a lot of discussion, especially by general dunford on how he views this, and what he's looking for out of this agreement. he believes that people should think of it as the u.s. withdrawing from the battlefield, they'll still be there to fight isis, to fight al qaeda, he was clear the afghan government is fragile and can't
11:28 am
stand on its own at this point. still, 18 years later, to challenge the security threats to ensure in a afghanistan doesn't have a terror threat to the united states growing if you will in its own territory that could reach out and attack the u.s. and attack the west. so that was a big topic. i'd say the other big topic was north korea, and china. secretary mark esper talking about china wanting to destabilize the pacific region about china's military mite. the pentagon these days not nearly as complimentary to china as president trump is, and then also shifting and talking about north korea's new weapons test, and very much indicating that the military remains very concerned that north korea is making advances with these additional short range weapons test that it's been conducting. nobody knows for sure, what he's
11:29 am
really saying is, u.s. commanders keeping a sharp eye on it, brooke? >> barbara starr, thank you very much at the pentagon. high drama today in the u.k. is the deadline for them to leave the european union closes in. boris johnson told a bold and widely criticized move, he asked for queen elizabeth's removal to suspend parliament next month, and she gave it, what is the prime minister up to. this move shortens those members of parliament, time to block johnson's plan, to leave the eu without a deal on october 31st, remember, that is the hard out, those critics say johnson's decision to delay cuts off weeks of discussion. but johnson today brushed off that criticism. >> there will be ample time on both sides of that crucial october 17th summit. ample time in parliament for mp's to debate, the eu to
11:30 am
debate, brexit and all the other issues, ample time. >> cnn business editor at large richard quest is live there in london, he says ample time, critics say no, this is his way of trying to block parliament from doing his job, limit the options of his political opponents. why woe want to do that? because he wants to get brexit through come what may, do or die to use the prime minister's own words. and poor time for debate, virtually no time to do anything serious about it, the only way the mp's in that building can stop boris johnson is if they pass new laws, and he has now restricted the number of days they've got to do it. they passed a law in a day. he's truncated the number of legal days, sitting days they can do it.
11:31 am
and brooke, he has enmeshed her majesty, the queen into a mess as well, into a constitutional crisis. the queen up in scotland had no choice. in a constitutional monarchy, he said, i want you to suspend parliament and she basically gave it a rubber stamp. >> so if this is no deal brexit, which theresa may was trying to avoid and wasn't successful. what will that even look like? >> we don't know. if you look at the various operations and ideas, some suggest it will be total chaos, bedlam, delays of border, others suggest it will not be bad at all. what this is going to do, this is going to sharpen the europeans attention. this might be exactly almost trumpian in the sense of the
11:32 am
negotiating strategy to basically say, i'll burn the fields on the way out, but the europeans might blink. might actually give boris johnson what he wants. i say might, it's a big might. boris johnson is not donald trump, but there are similarities being drawn tonight about how johnson has behaved outrageously, but it's win at all costs. >> we'll see if the page out of the art of the deal playbook works for him in england. we're also keeping a cleese eye back here at home on hurricane dorian as it heads toward puerto rico, and the more than 3 million americans who lived there, one woman who survived hurricane maria is now facing the storm in florida with her family. who's dog is this?
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and get rewarded basically everywhere. be there. do that. get rewarded. we're keeping a close eye on the deteriorating situation in the caribbean. now hurricane dorian is tracking the very same path it took in 2017 with the destructive hurricane maria. that deadly storm devastated the island killing nearly 3,000 people and virtually destroyed its infrastructure, survivors are still recovering, many relocated to the u.s. mainland. she's now in jacksonville with
11:38 am
the majority of her family you're about to hop on a plane, you're going down to puerto rico tomorrow night, weather looks okay for you, what's going through your mind right now, with this storm a3r0e67ing in. >> i'm nervous. as far as flying out, i'm nervous about the turbulence, the storm will still be in the caribbean, i'm really nervous about the turbulence of that, and i'm worried about if we're going to arrive to electricity in puerto rico or have power in puerto rico. >> remind us, i know 2017 seems distant, but i'm sure it was like yesterday. remind us what those first few days were like after maria hit. you were living in your great grandmother's house with your family? >> yes, correct. >> that was in 2017 i took a year off from my career, me and my father were in the process of
11:39 am
purchasing a home, we were living in my great grandmother's house. we had my grandmother, my uncle and my cousins family all under one house. i can remember it like it was yesterday. puerto rico official when i turned off the electricity around 2:00 in the morning, and around 5:00 in the morning is when we started feeling the winds of hurricane maria, and in front of my house, in front of my great grandmother's house, there was a tree that was approximately 70 years old, a huge tree, it's been through every hurricane, has never been knocked down, and within an hour of hurricane maria, already by 6:00 in the morning, the tree completely fell. that's when we knew this was a serious hurricane, within an hour of the hurricane starting, we're seeing tree damage, we have a canal in front of my house, because of all the debris
11:40 am
that was caused by the hurricane. water was am coulding -- it flooded our home. water came up to our stairways, there wasn't a way to get in and out of my hometown, where my family lives, it's only one street to go in and out, and we were blocked from all the trees that were knocked down, all the cable lines, the cable poles. we said saw horses, dead animals on the side of the street, it was like a horror film, i've never seen anything like that, puerto rico was so green, all the trees filled with beautiful leaves, and the next day, there was nothing, like no leaves, no flowers, nothing at all. >> i hear you and we're counting all the details. this is still fresh? >> yes. >> maria left scars not only for you, but so many others, emotional scars for those who were in puerto rico that were being hit and rebuilt. now you have dorian following a similar path. for you and so many others, this
11:41 am
must be incredibly traumatizing, is that the right word? >> it is. it really is, i think people don't understand, a lot of people are like, oh, it's a tropical storm, why are you freaking out? it's because we're still traumatized from hurricane maria. people are dealing with the aftermath of hurricane maria. if you drive -- once you fly into the island you'll see a lot of houses still with a lot of blue tarps over the roof, because they haven't been fixed. so, you know, we're still traumatized even if it's 50 mile winds, we know the power grid in puerto rico is not good. hurricane maria was like the cherry on top with the power grid. even if it's a tropical storm, how long are we going to be without electricity. >> it's upgraded, it's a category one. fema came, but that was three weeks after hurricane maria, once they did, they gave you
11:42 am
guys one 24 pack of water for the entire household. no one hopes the devastation will be as bad. do you think fema is better prepared this time in. >> i hope so, i really hope they can learn from hurricane maria. now that we know that they had over 200,000 bottles of water basically hidden, they didn't distribute, i hope that that doesn't happen this time. because what people don't understand, hurricane maria left damages, but it rained seven days straight after hurricane maria nonstop. so it kept causing damage. so -- and it's rainy season. even after that, it kept raining on and off, on and off. we were never able to get a break. it's scary to think that the same thing can happen. and although fema came, what really upsets me in my household it was my grandmother who's
11:43 am
diabetic, my father's diabetic, my uncle has health issues, my cousin and his family. they gave us one 24 pack of water. at that time i had another cousin whose house was right next to us, she was taking care of her grandmother who was really sick at that time. i asked the army soldier who was there giving out the water. can i sign the paperwork for her, so you can leave the water. they didn't allow it, to find out they had all these extra bottles, and to hear people crying, calling in the a.m. station. at that time there was only one a.m. station working. to hear people call in with desperation that they wanted food, they needed water, they needed medical supplies, i hope fema really learned from this. >> gut-wrenching just to sit there listening to the radio knowing you need help, youen cat
11:44 am
go anywhere, and so many people needed help as well. travel safely. >> thank you. >> be well with you and your family, we'll be thinking about you and your family very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. 40 presidents and his favorite tv network. it's suddenly complicated. why he no longer thinks fox news is doing enough for him. remember the deputy accused of lying about being shot by a sniper? a big new development is just in, stand by. with my hepatitis c, i felt i couldn't be at my best for my family. in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured and left those doubts behind. i faced reminders of my hep c every day. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured.
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it is his source for
11:49 am
political advice, a favorite pastime in the west wing. today president trump's lashing out at fox news, tweeting the conservative outlet isn't working for us. arguing his supporters have to start looking for a new news outlet. this after a segment featuring a dnc official. with me now, paul cameron, he covered politics for fox news for two decades, now he works for front page lives. carl a pleasure nice to have you on. >> thanks, brooke. >> the sense of betrayal that the president seems to have, why do you think he feels this way? where does it come from? >> his ego. that's an easy one. the problem with this is, he's effectively telling fox viewers to boycott fox news, we have to find another outlet he said. that's pretty radical, even for him, and what he really means is, i need to have more opinion
11:50 am
people who will espouse my opinion. his clash came part of the news department at fox news channel. they're talking to democrats, by the way, democrats are part of the election next year. it's good to talk to their candidates and party leaders. >> when you read the part of the tweet where he says, fox isn't working for us. the pronoun us. is that trump sort of indirectly acknowledging that he thought fox was an arm of the republican party or even an arm of his own administration? >> that's the kind of thing that makes the news department at fox news, where i worked for a number of years, sick to their stomachs. >> why? >> news people don't like to hear that stuff. the entertainment side on the other hand is vastly different, it's a threat to them. he's basically challenging the sean hannitys of fox news to beat up on the journalists, that's not going to work either.
11:51 am
>> you left in 2017 given what you saw. do you agree with the president's view that the network has become an arm of the administration? >> i think there's no question that conservative television hosts tend to support president trump. you see bill chrystal on cnn there's not a lot of never trumpers who get a lot of tv time. most of the republicans in congress are supporting him, even though most of them understand that trump's values have nothing to do with the values they grew up in in the republican party. >> you mentioned a second ago the opinion hosts, we know in the tv world that fox has worked to distinguish what's opinion and what's news. daytime versus who we watch at night. but the problem is, carl, it's difficult for a viewer to differentiate that, and today is trump's behavior not the perfect example of this? >> sure.
11:52 am
it's not the first time. he complained about fox polls recently, because it showed he was losing some ground, that was a couple weeks, maybe a months ago. there's a new poll that comes out today that shows he's down in serious categories, for the first time in the poll, he's under water, which means people oppose him more than support him. and believe now for the first time that the economy is not going well, it's going worse. and those are the types of polls that fox was doing all along. fox has good polls, and trump doesn't like it, because it doesn't reflect well on him, this is a cry baby president who wants to bully because he can't find solutions. >> on that point. one thing i can't get over in this era is the glaring hypocrisy. you take a news item, huge scoop in the washington post today, and i'm going to change the -- it would be trump, and i'm going to say this, if then president
11:53 am
obama told aids to take any border landing needed, fast track a border wall for construction, and then he would pardon them if they get in trouble which is -- let's just remind everyone against the law and an abuse of power. fill in the blank for me, sean hannity would say? >> go for it. sean hannity would say go for it, break the law, he'll pardon you. >> if it were president obama, no, no, no. >> no, of course not. >> no, i'm saying, flip the script. >> that would be treason and they'd lock up the entire administration. in so far as it's trump, he's going to say go for, i don't know that, we're speculating, the point of all of this is, the president has huge disregard for the values of american history and the conditions that have gotten us to the point where he ended up becoming the president. and he is absolutely devouring them every day. it's a voracious attack on american exceptionalism,
11:54 am
america's role as a leader in the world, the equality that american ethos was originally supposed to be born on, there were problems, we had to put in amendments, we had to have a civil rights act in order to stop some of the unequality in this country. there's always been an effort to progress forward. trump's idea of progress is what lines his pockets and that is not politics. >> carl cameron, thank you. >> thanks, brooke. our breaking news coverage continues, dorian barreling toward puerto rico, some 3 million americans are in the path of this major storm, instead of comforting, the president today is hurling insults. e you are, mom! that's you? that does kinda look like our family. what are you wearing? ancestry has over 400,000 yearbooks from all across the country. start searching for your friends and family, free, at
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the los angeles county deputy hit by a sniper bullet one week ago today is no longer employed by the sheriff's department. stephanie elam is watching the development for us in l.a. >> he wouldn't say he was fired, just that he was no longer with the county, in fact, lit me just hear how alex villanueva put it in this presser. >> as of last night, the deputy is no longer employed by the los angeles county sheriff's department or the county of los angeles. >> again, by law, i am unable to discuss a confidential matter. and i cannot speculate on why he did what he did. as far as the criminal investigation of this incident,
12:00 pm
it's our intention to present our evidence to the district attorney's office for filing consideration in the very near future. >> that's the big part here, that he could be facing criminal charges because of this, one filing a false report, he could also be facing civil charges because of the fact there was so much money spent on trying to find out where this sniper was. villanueva put in hundreds of thousands of dollars that it cost to find someone that wasn't there, brooke. >> thank you for the update. i'm brooke baldwin, the situation in the caribbean has changed. dorian is a category one hurricane hovering over the virgin islands. the storm has not only strengthened but it changed course overnight and is traveling the same path of hurricane