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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  August 30, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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yet been made. thanks so much to you for joining me today. i'm jim sciutto. we're going to stay on top of all of the hurricane news. "at the hour" starts right now. >> hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield in for kate bolduan. it's now a race against time as the potentially catastrophic hurricane dorian heads toward florida. the hurricane center has just issued a advisory, narrowing the path. gas stations are starting to run out of fuel and stores are running low on other emergency supplies. all this comes as officials warn residents to prepare for an extremely dangerous prolonged event. here is governor ron desantis just a short time ago. >> this is potentially a multi-day event where it will
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churn slowly across the state. that obviously creates a whole host of issues. but if you're in an area that has an impact from this storm, you should assume you're going to lose power. >> the government says evacuation plans should be announced later on today. let get to the new forecast right now. chad myers is in the weather center. what is in store for this hurricane? >> the 11:00 advisory is out and very, very little change in the forecast. it's 140 miles per hour, making approach on sunday. there's monday morning, 8:00 a.m. still not on shore. and likely after dark somewhere very close to land coming there in plus or minus, let's just say plus or minus 100 miles west palm beach. that doesn't but them in the middle. that just says where the area will would be at that line. this thing still could do many other things. i just looked at a new model that's not technically a hurricane model but it wouldn't
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be out of the cone for the storm to do something like this and then come out here and be in the ocean the entire time. that would still be in the cone of error. so there's still the possibility. that's not the forecast but it's still the possibility. the closer you are to the middle of the cone, the closer you are to the highest chance of what we're going to see. the storm eye popped just about 30 minutes ago. that means it's starting to intensify. they kept it at 110 miles an hour. i think 110 is probably on the upper echelon of where it is now. but by night fall this likely becomes that category three that we talked about. here's the eye. i'm going to zoom in here. the machine is not going to like it much. it is such a beautiful picture of an eye. and it would be more beautiful if it was in the middle of the atlantic ocean and not headed towards the united states. sometimes nature is beautiful and sometimes she takes it back. but the models have done an
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excellent job with this storm for the last couple of hours, because back in fourth pattern from a hurricane hunter aircraft that dropped little things, the inverse of a weather balloon. for 72 hours the forecast of the hurricane is right in line. i can't get relatives to agree for 72 hours and this thing right here, very, very close. very good approximation of where the models think it's going right now. >> the pictures making it look very organized. but let's say this storm does say over florida for a few days. and we know what comes with that is a whole lot of flooding. what kind of rainfall are we expecting? >> honestly, 20 inches of rainfall from fresh water flooding there. this is going to be a big rainmaker. from jacksonville to savannah, all the way down to west palm. everybody on the east side of the state will see tremendous amounts of rain. there will also be something here and i don't know where the bottom is, but almost up to the space coast there will be a
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12-foot salt water surge right there as all the water gets pushed onto the land and into the intercoastal and into the canals where people have their boats that will be floating above their houses. >> very dangerous conditions. thank you so much. so as hurricane dorian approaches, florida governor ron desantis the warning about power outages and fuel shortages. cnn's rosa flores is at a gas station in west palm beach florida. what are you seeing there? >> fred, take a look around. you can see that there is a line forming here to get gas. this is one of the only gas stations in this immediate area that we were able to find gas. from talking to the owner of this gas station, he says that his family owns four gas stations in the area and this is the only one that does have gas. and he says that this gas will probably last him until 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. this evening and then he's expecting another load. so he hopes not to run out. but as you mentioned, governor
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ron desantis announcing that there are shortages in the state. one of the things that does help is the fact that because he issued a state of emergency in all 67 counties of florida -- i'll move out of the way because there's a lot of traffic as people move around. what helps, fred, is that that eases the rules and allows more gas to flow into the state. from talking to a few people here, we just arrived so i haven't talked to a lot of people. they have mentioned that they are filling up either because they are leaving to another area now, they're preparing to evacuate, other people are filling up gas tanks as well, fred. so just overall preparedness ahead of the hurricane. >> can't be too prepared. rosa flores, thank you so much. we'll check back with you as needed. hurricane dorian is expected to have a major impact on airports ahead of this holiday weekend. cnn's dianne gallagher is live for us at the orlando
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international airport. what are you experiencing there? >> reporter: so to be very honest, it's actually a pretty nice travel day, especially for the fact that we have a holiday weekend. the final holiday weekend of the summer here in orlando. but they are working behind the scenes because they know that's going to change. they have about 130,000 people who come through each day of this weekend so it's busy anyway. with the incoming storm, the airport and the airlines are working together to set up these contingency plans. they are working to determine when those flights will eventually be canceled or delayed. we haven't seen very many delays today. in fact, most of the people we've talked to who are leaving who had any sort of issues said that they just cut their vacation short by a day because of the storm. they wanted to make sure they got their families out. another person we talked to said the cruise skipped the private island because they wanted to get the workers off the island. so instead they had an extra day in the bahamas.
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right now it's minor inconveniences for people. we're still seeing a steady flow of people showing up in orlando right now. those are going to be the people if they're trying to ride out the weekend eek those last days out who will see some of the issues come sunday and monday. >> dianne gallagher in orlando, thank you. so dorian's track right now shows it is heading straight toward fort pierce, florida. the mayor is joining me now. mayor hudson, how are you all bracing for this storm? >> luckily we've had a lot of advance notice, so our county emergency operations center is in process and our city of fort pierce works closely with them. we have our public works employees out collecting garbage and making sure there's no debris on the streets. we have our fort pierce utilities authority doing the same thing. our police department will go on alpha bravo, which is full-tilt boogie, all the staffs on call
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are in the police station starting tomorrow. so we're very prepared for this, but we understand people are concerned and, you know, have fear and we want the people who want to evacuate to evacuate now. >> mayor hudson, governor desantis said this morning that evacuation plans might be announced later on today. what are your biggest concerns when it comes to evacuating fort pierce and the barrier island right off the coast? >> well, as long as it's orderly, it will probably go well. and if people can start early -- a lot of businesses and schools are closing today at noon. so a lot of people will be able to get on the road quicker and there's two arteries, i-95 and i-75. and so they need to keep moving slowly and steadily and people need to get on the road. if they're leaving, as soon as
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possible. >> so mayor, perhaps you heard our reporter, rosa flores earlier, she was out at orlando talking about a gas station where she is located is expecting -- they've got gas until this evening. and then there are other gas stations reportedly who have run out of gas altogether. what are you seeing in your area? >> i've been out twice this morning and i've seen some lines, but i haven't seen that intensity that i heard from the other reporter. i think it will happen as the day goes forward. this is a friday, right, and as i said, schools are closing at noon and businesses are closing, so i think the rush will be tonight in our town. >> and what about for those residents who want to ride it out? in every coastal city there are folks who say they want to stay put, they want to stick with their properties, et cetera. there are some cities that put kind of precautions if place. they get names, they get next of kin. what have you all done for those
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people who might not heed evacuation orders? >> yeah, that probably will start tomorrow because we're not at the evacuation stage yet. tomorrow there's something called a soft evacuation, which is basically urging you to leave, but not mandatory evacuation. and we're pretty experienced at this and we know if we stay in place when the winds get to be a certain level, no rescue will come if you need rescue. so people make their own decisions about where they feel safe. >> you told cnn earlier that places like walmart are sold out of water. governor desantis said yesterday that every floridian should have seven days of supplies on hand, especially if you are going to hunker down and ride out the storm. do you feel like most people in your city are prepared like that? >> oh, yeah. so we're experienced, unfortunately. we've had several big hurricanes, irma and matthew,
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and of course this area all the way back to 2004 with fran is and jean. so we are prepared. i know places are out of water and other places are advertising that they have water. other places, some are out of ice and some are advertising. social media is helping so much because people are telling people this establishment has water, this establishment has ice. so we're all in this together and we're all helping each other. >> mayor linda hudson, we wish you and everyone there along the florida coast the best, of course. thank you so much. >> thank you. straight ahead, a personal confidant of the president with a desk directly outside the oval office is now out of a job. the red line sources say she crossed. plus a new report says the dnc will reject iowa's new virtual caucus plan, so what does that mean for the all-important state
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is what's next for you. the ever-revolving white house door is spening again. this time it's president trump's
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personal assistant, madeleine, who has been with him since the start of his administration, was forced to resign after the president discovered she shared intimate details about the president's family with reporters. cnn's jeremy diamond is live for us at the white house. jeremy, she's been seen as a very loyal person to the president and a true believer in his policies. how far did she take it when she apparently talked about family members to reporters? >> reporter: that's right. multiple sources are now telling us that the president's personal assistant was forced to resign after she shared some intimate details about the president's family with reporters during an off the record dinner. the details made their way to the president's ear and that was very much viewed by him as a red line as anything having to do with his family often is. her abrupt departure was viewed with a lot of shock, frankly, by a lot of officials inside the white house who viewed her as
8:18 am
someone who had been a gatekeeper to the president for two and a half years. that's despite the fact that back during the 2016 election when president trump was elected, she was reportedly in tears at the time when she was an rnc staffer. despite that, she did go on to become a trusted aide to the president and his gatekeeper for about two and a half years. that will be the most substantive change here. no longer having this official outside the oval office day in and day out. >> and then jeremy, the trump administration is poised to tap military funds to build a wall ahead of 2020. so give us an idea of how much money we're talking about, what would be at risk potentially. >> well, if you remember back in february, the president did declare a national emergency regarding the situation at the southern border. in order to unlock military construction funds, $3.6 billion in military construction funds specifically. but so far, the white house hasn't moved to actually tap into those funds. they've been working with other
8:19 am
funds. some from the department of defense's counter drug program, others from treasury asset forfeitures, but multiple sources are telling me and my colleagues that the president and the white house are moving forward with going to tap the funds. we're not sure how eminent that action is. but certainly it could put at risk some military construction funds and funds having to do with drones, cyber or training facilities. we're not quite sure which funds exactly, but certainly it will have an impact. >> jeremy diamond at the white house. thanks so much. and a major change could be in the works for iowa's first in the nation caucus. sources tell cnn the democratic national committee is getting ready to reject iowa's plans to hold virtual caucuses, because of the potential for hacking or other interference. iowa planned to allowing voters to make their choice by phone during six virtual caucuses. joining me right now to discuss the cnn politics reporter.
8:20 am
good to see you, dan. so the dnc wanted states to give more access to voters and iowa planned for these by-phone caucuses to do that. but why are dnc officials so concerned? >> the primary concern is hacking. the idea being that if this is all done by phone, some sort of technology product would be used and there by could be hacked and really undercut the validity and have people question the validity of the walk is. what's happening is there are two principals kind of butting up against each other. after 2016 the dnc decided they wanted caucuses to be more open. they wanted access for certain types of voters that have trouble going to caucuses that are on a set time of day, maybe they're disabled and having trouble getting to the events. they wanted to open it up for them and the one idea the iowa democratic party proposed was doing a phone caucus.
8:21 am
now, the other principle that it's up against the iowa has to stay a caucus because new hampshire is the first in the nation primary. and there's no desire inside the dnc to have iowa step on in in way the primary status of new hampshire. so iowa officials are going to have to come up with some sort of solution to fix this, because if they don't, frankly, there's a question about how they move forward and how things progress inside the dnc and the iowa democratic party is going to have to resolve this issue. >> it's really about accommodations and accessibility. but if they don't come to term, then what? >> my colleague adam levy and i have been reporting this out and what we're being told is there's no desire inside the dnc to either have a fight between iowa and new hampshire over the calendar and there's absolutely no plans to strip iowa of their first in the nation caucus status. what is more likely to happen is they're going to have to come up with some way to satisfy some aspect of opening up the caucus.
8:22 am
and if they're unable to come up with a virtual caucus that is manageable for the dnc and is not seen as being able to be hacked, the rules and by laws committee of the dnc will then likely grant iowa a waive r that will say they've tried and done their best to open up the caucus. and even if they don't do a virtual caucus, they are allowed to stay on their date with the standard caucus that we've known for so many years. >> dan, thanks so much. straight ahead, no deal. a proposed $12 billion settlement over the opioid abuse scandal is reportedly facing serious pushback. why multiple states say it does not do enough. and cnn is tracking hurricane dorian as it gets stronger. it's expected to hit florida's coast as a monster category four storm. a live report next.
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the "wall street journal" is reporting that a group of state toer generals say it's not going to bring in enough cash. jer odd hopkins broke this story. what do these states want? >> so the main thing is that the states want more money than this
8:28 am
current plan provides for, which is about $3 billion guaranteed from the family that owns purdue pharma, which is the sack ler family. >> so is it the issue of the figure $3 billion, that it's not enough for these 2,000 cases, that the state attorney generals want more money. is the money there to be had? >> that's interesting. so the value of the settlement, it's valued at $10 to $12 billion. there's $3 billion cash on the table. there's also a value baked into current and future drug sales, which is technically a speculative forecast number, and then there's potential money of $1.5 billion from the them selling off another pharmaceutical company. but the attorney generals have concerns about all three of these things, about whether it will lead to enough funds. >> are there concerns that the
8:29 am
family might try to protect itself, file for bankruptcy so that you can't go beyond $3 billion and perhaps even nobody would ever see the $3 billion if they filed for bankruptcy? >> so they have been considering bankruptcy for several months now. under this settlement plan they would file for bankruptcy and enter bankruptcy and then they would emerge bankruptcy and there would be something like what's called a public trust corporation, which would take current drugs like oxycontin sales, as well as potentially future drugs, and then bring those to market, too. and that would all be part of this. and so what the sacklers and pursue is dookilooking for is a global resolution that would resolve all the lawsuits. but theoretically it's not just these 2,000 cities and counties, but also the states that are suing. so it's complicated. >> it is. >> this is lots of different parties. >> meantime, so the judge in
8:30 am
this case asked the plaintiffs for some sort of update on where things stand and what kind of explanation will come? >> well, we're waiting to see what that is. today is supposed to be the dead line on an update on this. we'll see. there's a lot of moving parts here as to what might come next. >> it's a very complicated case. a lot at stake. a lot of money, a lot of people's lives. >> so the lawsuits have been consolidated into federal court. the judge has been pushing for a settlement. he's been pushing for a resolution. >> good to see you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> florida now bracing for hurricane dorian as fema warns the clock is ticking to get ready. we're on the ground across that state. and live pictures right now of daytona beach. being are very much enjoying the surf. but what's on the horizon? we'll be right back.
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warnings are growing increasingly dire for florida as hurricane dorian strengthens and barrels toward the state. the national hurricane center issued a new advisory just minutes ago saying the slow-moving storm could slam the state late monday as a category four hurricane. right now long lines are forming at stores and gas stations with supplies already running low. florida governor ron desantis has told residents to stock up on enough food, water and
8:36 am
medicine to last a week. all of florida is under a state of emergency. cnn's nick valencia is in daytona beach. what kind of preparations are being made? >> well, it depends on who you ask. it depends on the extent of their preparations here. we're focusing a lib little more on tourism. you can see the economic impact. there's no one in these beach chairs. down the beach a little bit you can see some pockets of crowds, but nothing that you would expect on a holiday weekend. i've talked to some tourists who say that they're planning on leaving. others have canceled their plans altogether. and then there are people like the two that you're about to listen two. they're soldiers on leave from fort campbell and they say they're not going anywhere. >> i'm not really bothered by it. i'm trying to have a good time, a little vacation. >> have you ever been throug a hurricane before? >> no, we've been through some tropical storms. this is our first hurricane. >> are you going to wing it? >> yeah, pretty much just enjoy
8:37 am
our time out there. >> and you can see behind me the waves are flowing here into the beach but there's not a lot of people in the water. you do see some families walking up and down the beach. but for the most part it really is striking to see how few people there are. we are hearing reports of hotel cancellations, especially down the eastern part of florida. we've checked in on airlines, as well as armtirports. we know there are some airlines that are offering to waive the change of ticket fees. >> a little sliver of good news on that. thank you so much. appreciate it. fema is gearing up to tackle hurricane dorian, a fema official told cnn it's going to be a big storm, we're prepared for a big response. i'm quoting him. and since dorian had minimal impact on puerto rico, fema is shifting staff from the island to florida. let's bring in cnn aviation and government regulation correspondent rene marsh. what are fema's plans to prepare
8:38 am
for hurricane dorian? >> well, fred, you know all eyes are going to be on this acting fema director and how he leads the agency through all of this, peter gainer. he took over, as you know, after brock long resigned in february. but federal officials, they say that they are bracing for this big storm and it will warrant a big response and it will have a multi-billion price tag. fema is saying if this truly does hit florida as a category four, it's going to be into the billions of dollars. as far as damage goes, they say they expect damage both along the coast, as well as inland, and fema is saying that the storm will wreak havoc a infrastructure, power lines, as well as roadways. and of course the additional concern for florida is that they have this large senior population that isn't always mobile and they could be vulnerable to heat if the state is without electricity for quite some time. so what fema is doing is good
8:39 am
advice, telling people to download the app while they still have phone service and power and that app will help people understand what their local risk is so that they can react accordingly. >> and president trump making this rare trip to camp david this weekend ahead of the storm, canceling his overseas trip. what is on his agenda? >> we do know that the president will be going to camp david to monitor this hurricane and he will be holding meetings. we've brought up this point again that the head of fema, which is this critical agency during massive storms like this, the head is -- this individual, peter gainer is in an acting role. so we've seen this at multiple agencies throughout the government here under the trump administration where you have multiple individuals in an acting role. so the question is, will they truly be prepared and how will
8:40 am
they react and will they get the resources where they need to be so that the people of florida will get the help that they need as soon as possible. of course we're all going to know the answer just days from now. >> rene marsh, thanks so much. straight ahead, a defiant joe biden dismissing reports that he told a moving, but false, war story. but in a world of constant misstatements and falsehoods from the white house, what does it all mean? is there a new standard for presidential candidates when it comes to the truth? that's next. rkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures,
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too frequently abandoned and abused. donkeys, they played a critical role in american history helping build railroads and other infrastructure, and now they have a champion in this week's cnn hero. mark myers has saved more than 13,000 donkeys finding them
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forever homes. >> they speak to my soul. donkeys are like dogs. they're amazing animals that nobody gets. i understand what they're thinking. and there's so many donkeys in so many places that need so much help. >> there's nothing cuter than a baby donkey. we're saving them and improving their lives. i want to see every donkey find its happiness, its happy place, its peaceful place. >> to read more about mark's work go to right now. >> announcer: cnn heros is brought to you by gieg oh, 15 minutes so save you 15% or more on car insurance. visit to see how much you could save. ♪ born to walk alone!
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the "washington post" ongoing account of false and misleading statements from president trump currently stands at over 12,000. so what happens when political opponents in the race for the
8:47 am
white house make false or misleading statements? well, this morning the spot light is on a story joe biden is telling on the campaign trail. most recently at an event last week in new hampshire. >> young navy captain, navy, navy, up in the mountains in afghanistan. one of his buddies got shot, fell down a ravine about 60 feet. this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy on his back under fire and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there and as god's truth, my word as a biden, he stood at attention and i went to pin him and i said, sir, i do not want the damn thing. do not do that, sir. he died, he died. >> so the post reports that, i'm quoting now, in the space of three minutes biden got the time location, the location, the heroic act and the type of medal and the military branch and the
8:48 am
rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony. joining me is one of the reporters that broke the story. matt, good to see you. so your colleague at the "washington post" asked biden about your reporting and i want to get your reaction to biden's response. listen. >> i was making the point how courageous these people are, how incredible they are. this generation of warriors. these fallen angels we've lost. and so i don't know what the problem is. i mean, what is it that i said wrong? >> all right. so what are your thoughts? i mean, you already -- you already spelled out in the newspaper that he got a lot of details wrong about it. but his response is, you know, i what's the matter with that? >> so there is a true story that former vice president biden does have and it's sergeant chad workman and he is the one who
8:49 am
did have an encounterwith joe biden that he says during that emotional climax at the tail end of his story from friday night. that's not the story that the vice president has been highlighting, though. the story that he was telling the other night involved a different province in afghanistan at a different time period. it's a different medal and a different branch of the military. so he seems to be talking about a different event in that instance, not the one of chad workman, which we should say is true. we've tracked down that army sergeant and spoken with him and he does confirm that that did happen. >> is he troubled at all that biden may have a few things misconstrued or confused? >> he didn't. we mostly wanted to confirm that that story did occur and he says, yes, it did, and that he had a connection and he thought that the vice president understood his emotional moment
8:50 am
of not wanting a medal when a fellow service member had died. >> so voters are going to have to decide whether, you know, misremembering is something very egregious or if it's is it trying to win or steal attention with the intention of not getting the facts straight. >> yeah, and do these details matter to people? does it matter -- i mean the vice president is talking about a ravine when it's a humvee. he's talking about a silver star when it's a bronze medal. you know, do those details matter to people or not? and i don't know. as you point out in the lead-in, president trump has had 12,000 lies and misstatements as our fact checker has tallied. so do those have the gravity that they have in the past, given the current dynamics? i don't know the answer to that. >> and immediately what came to mind when i heard this story is
8:51 am
this has happened before. it's not the first time a presidential candidate has gotten a war story, war-related story kind of wrong. hillary clinton gave a speech during the 2008 campaign where she said where as first lady she landed in bosnia under sniper fire. "the washington post" debunked that story as did other outlets in 2008. but when you have now a president, president trump, who regularly lies, distorts, as "the washington post" is pointing out, 12,000 false or misleading statements, is this now latest war story example, you know, from biden, his response to it today, will it be measured differently because we're now in the age of donald trump? >> and that's a possibility. i mean i think that the challenge and the biden campaign would point that out. that compared to president trump, his misstatements don't compare. the challenge for biden and his campaign is he's facing other
8:52 am
democratic primary challengers who have not had as many sort of these misstatements and these verbal gaffes and sort of telling stories that don't quite add up. so i think the challenge for him is do democratic primary voters hold this against him or not. we don't -- we don't sort of know the answers to that. voters tend to be forgiving about the vice president at the moment. >> and quickly, a challenge for biden, can he criticize the sitting president for mistruths if he's being challenged himself about not quite getting all the details right. >> yeah. and president trump seems to have no shame about criticizing somebody else, even though he's lied about something. so i think vice president biden tends to sort of have a little shame in that process. >> all right. matt viser, thanks so much. good to see you. >> thank you. all right, next a very frightening story. a woman says she was left to
8:53 am
give birth in a denver jail cell alone. she says no one responded to her desperate cries for help. now she's taking the city and the jail to court, and there's video of the whole thing. symptoms, for yu on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. [music playing] jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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a woman who gave birth while she was held in a denver jail is suing city law enforcement and health officials because she says she didn't receive any medical supervision or
8:58 am
treatment. diana sanchez says she told the staff hours before she had her baby that she was in labor. surveillance video shows sanchez giving birth alone in her cell after she was given at least a sheet there by personnel. jail personnel, well, eventually they would enter after she has had the baby. the denver county sheriff's department says an internal investigation determined deputies took appropriate actions and followed policies and procedures. joining me with more now, cnn correspondent scott mcclain. so, scott, walk us through all that happened there. >> hey, fredricka. diana sanchez is about ten days out from her due date. if you look at that surveillance video, she first gets her breakfast at 5:00 a.m. that's when she first alerted guards she was having contractions. by 9:43 in the morning you can see her knobbing on tcking on t her cell to get someone's attention because that is when her water broke.
8:59 am
relief comes in the form of that towel, that pad slid under the door that she lays on afterwards. about 30 minutes after that you can see her writhing around on her bed. at 10:44, she actually gives birth to this baby. that is when you see the nurse actually walk in only after the baby was born. the denver sheriff's department sent us a statement that read in part to make sure nothing like this happens again, the denver sheriff's department has changed its policy to ensure that pregnant inmates who are in any stage of labor are now transported immediately to the hospital. here's how sanchez' lawyer responded to that. >> i mean that should always have been the policy, that every inmate who's experiencing an obvious serious medical need needs to be taken to the hospital. i mean this should not be some sort of revelation that a woman who's experiencing labor needs to be in a safe and sanitary environment with access to doctors and to medical equipment. >> denver health would not
9:00 am
comment to us about this because of the pending litigation. the baby and the baby's mother are doing fine says the lawyer. fredricka. >> that's something else. scott mclean, appreciate it. thanks for joining me. "inside politics" with dana bash starts right now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm dana bash, john king is off today. hurricane dorian makes its way towards the u.s. east coast while florida gas stations are starting to run dry. president trump's personal assistant is out of the white house after telling some reporters a little too much about the life inside the white house. and joe biden is brushing off media coverage after facing criticism over a war story. >> folks, here's the deal. we're in a situation now where you realize there's v


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