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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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netanyahu and others are concerned about a potential meeting between the president and rouhani. we're watching in closely. guys thanks very much. and to our viewers thanks for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. outfront next, breaking news, extremely dangerous. that's the warning tonight about hurricane dorian as it grows stronger and marches towards florida. also breaking, the president speaking for the first time about the sudden departure of his longtime personal assistant, as we learn about what she reportedly said about the president's daughter. and new questions tonight about an image the president tweeted. was it a classified satellite image? let's go outfront. and good evening, i'm jim sciutto in for erin burnett with outfront tonight breaking news, the warning this is a life threatening storm. hurricane dorian getting stronger, more powerful, now a
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major category 3 hurricane as it churns towards florida. this is the view from the international space station. it is a model some 230 miles wide. and this is dorian from the inside. hurricane hunters flying into the eye of the storm today. packing winds up to 115-mile-per-hour. the national hurricane center warning that dorian could bring a life-threatening storm surge and devastating winds to florida's east coast. according to the white house, the president also has been briefed on the storm, its path and preparations. he spoke to reporters a short time ago before heading to camp david. >> the hurricane is roaring and it could be a big one. we are hoping maybe it makes a right and goes up north. but that's about a 5% chance. it's not looking good. and it's one of the biggest hurricanes we have seen in a long time, a long time. so it could be very devastating. >> the threat of hurricane dorian is forcing airlines to
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start cancelling flights. store shelves becoming empty across the state of florida. residents also facing major fuel shortages as they try to stock up on gas ahead of dorian's arrival. and with winds predicted to be as strong as 130-mile-per-hour we it makes landfall, dorian would be the strongest hurricane to hit florida's east coast since hurricane andrew which cost the state more than $25 billion in damage, and left 44 people dead. allison chinchar is outfront live at the weather center. allison what's the latest path? i know there have been updates but it shows a fairly consistent one towards the heart of florida. >> right. so the latest update is really when you look at what the storm looks like. we are talking about the eye of the storm. because it has really become symmetrical and large over the last hour or so. that's concerning because when we see something like that it means it's beginning the process of undergoing rapid intensefy
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indication. strengthening more. right now the winds sustained at 115-mile-per-hour. the movement at west northwest at 9-mile-per-hour but again there are hurricane hunters on their way out to the storm right now. looking at not only the eye but some of the surrounding bands. take new measurements, see has the storm undergone rapid intensefy indication and if so what are the current measurements? we will get new data in the next hour when the next update takes place. but as of now with we are thinking similar along the luns of the track. we anticipate it to get up to category 4. further intensifying is still likely. it's likely to be a category 4 as it crosses over the bahamas and remain a 4 as it approaches florida. we do have discrepancies a little bit in some of the model here. the blue dot is the european. the red dot is the american model. the red dot, the american model still has it making an actual landfall over portions of the east coast of florida. the european model now however basically just has it sliding
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along the east coast bringing still heavy rain and gusty winds but not technically faeg making a landfall as it skirts up the east coast in the coming days. the concern here is that now we are starting to impact other states other than just florida. places like georgia, south carolina, and north carolina. here is why. you've got the high pressure system and the upper low steering is towards florida. but as this high begins to break down and other factors atmospherically come in play it makes it turn to the north. but it could also slow down. the concern there is not just the winds but also storm surge. rainfall, all of these things factor here. the forecast wind gusts, even if it does just make landfall along the edge, jim, you have to keep an eye, even places like lakeland or orlando, still pretty far inland will end up with hurricane force with wind gusts in those areas even not along the coast. >> we'll keep you up to date as
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we get new information about the path. thanks very much allison. let's go to vero beach, florida. right in the current path of dorian where martin savage is tonight. martin, how seriously are folks taking this? and how are they preparing for it? >> well, you can measure that, jim just by looking at the lumber here. this is replywood. in today's modern world, the personal front line of defense for most folks in a hurricane is still plywood. preferred. going out of the doors at the home depot. they've gone through several truck loads down to a few pal et cetera left once that's gone they hope more trucks are coming. on top of that they are out of generators and the other thing going out here, sand bags. i'm talking about the play sand that comes bagged because they can't find sand bags. they are using that because nas going to be the common defense here. plywood is used to battle winds
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and sand bags are used to battle the water. and that's the big fear for many even as they are far away inland they worry about the waterways in in area are already oversaturated in many cases the water sup to the tops of the banks. you consider the tremendous amount of rainfall predicted with a cat 4 storm, flood something a huge concern for many, manypeople here. time has been a good thing. there is at least a lot of lead time. and people have been making the most of it. in fact maybe making too much of it. we already know there have been fuel shortages in a number of of key places around the state. miami is one. they've had fuel off and on. the governor said he is sending police he is courts with some of the fuel trucks to make sure it gets delivered. and then there is the issue of food. many people rushed out right away when they heard cat 4 and began buying it up. so the shelves in many places have been emptied. they are trying to replenish. but they're trying to do it at a time frame that beats the storm
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coming in. and now people have to leave and that's going to be another headache, jim. >> no question when the evacuation orders if they do come that will be a big change martin safing and thanks. now to todd draka the, the mayor of jupiter, florida. also in the possible path. looking at the track of the storm. still in the path of the storm. tell us your biggest concerns. we have heard of so many. it's a triple threat because you have you have the surge, rain and wind. >> yeah, we are watching this closely. when you live in this part of florida, hurricanes are part of the deal. but we're watching it very closely because we're trying to figure out who to evacuate, we to evacuate and where might they go. it'ses are tough that we're expecting what's called a king tide this weekend and we're a coastal community. so we're specking higher tides than normal. couple that with the storm
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surge, it's kind of a nerve-racking time because we haven't -- we haven't been told exactly where the storm is going to be going. now, it slowed down a little bit. it gives us a little bit of time to figure out what's going on. but it is an anxious time. >> i'm covered the storms. the surge comes so quickly at times you can barely keep track. the governor as you know not yet ordering people to begin evacuating. but at what point will you begin urging people to start packing up and heading out? because you want to allow them time, of course to get to safety. >> yeah, well, what's so tricky is where would you go? we are watching the storm track? and we have some lessons learned from irma a couple years ago. some people evacuated and wound up evacuating to where the hurricane wound up hitting. so that was really tough. that's fresh in some people's minds. and you look at the track. and in track basically has it going somewhere near the coast of florida where we are.
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and then shooting up north which is where most people would go. and so that is- that is the toughest part here, is we can watch it on the news with you all. but then we are not quite sure where to go. because once you get on the road there is risks associated. because if you leave and you wind up going somewhere, you know how long is a tank of gas going to get you? when you get to that point will you be able to fill up? that's a tricky proposition for folks when they're dealing with the families. >> yeah and the storms sometimes make unpredictable changes. there have been some changes already to the storm track. you've lived in jupiter most of your life. as you said this is part of the the life of living in the sfat are state of florida. but this is a particularly serious storm. i'm curious what could a storm like this do to a city like yours? >> well, we're watching it just like everybody else. and when we see that churning circle -- when the circle forms
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and the chunk red dot comes you know we witness what happened to the keys through irma a few years ago. we just pray that, you know, that the elderly folks that need the help and that they're in a crisis situation that we're able to get to them or get them where they need to be to be safe. because there is still devastation out there that could really put news a fix for a couple of weeks. >> no question. well, todd we know you have a lot coming your way. we wish you and the residents of juper the best in these coming days. and we hope you stay safe. >> thanks, jim. >> outfront next, more upon the breaking news, and what could be the most dangerous part of dorian, the storm surge and rainfall as we were saying. how bad could it get? plus, did the president just tweet what was a classified image of iran's failed rocket launch? hear his response. and more breaking news, the president defending his trade war at the same time blasting mall businesses hurting because of his tariffs.
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by this time when it hits florida. outfront now accuweather meteorologist reed timer from cocoa beach. reed, the forecast model show it slows as it approaches florida, hovering for three days at hurricane strength. explain what a difference that makes particularly with the threat of flooding and storm surge. >> well, in storm hitting the brakes is an absolute worst-case scenario in terms of subtropical cyclones because the deadly impacts are felt for a longer time. if it stalls out especially right over the coast or a little bit inland it's absolutely devastating with rainfall totals measured in feet one to two feet from the storm, the winds along the coastline will be absolutely incredible. if the eye wall does come ashore here as a category 4 you'll have winds well over 150 miles an hour. possibly approaching 200 miles an hour. pu a real concern with the slow motion is the storm surge as well process because a hurricane inches along like that, the winds on shore on the north side
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of the circulation will be piling the storm surge ashore and the longer the winds do that possibly even over multiple tidal cycles leads to a devastating storm surge and here along eastern florida we have have a phenomenon known as king tides just astronomically high tides when the earth and the moon act in concert along with the sun. it can create well above normal tides. that's made worse by the sea level rise as well. in fact about a month ago the city of miami actually had some of the highest tides that had been recorded. and that's going to make in storm even worse as it look like coinciding with the new moon around august 30th. that's when the king tide arrives. the storm surge in concert with the king tide only makes the situation worse. especially if that storm drifts very close here to the east coast of florida. >> that's just an alarming combination, the rising sea levels, the storm surge and then sitting off the coast there. do you have a sense of where along the coast might get it
4:17 pm
worst the as a result of that storm surge? >> well, it is difficult to tell where the exact track is going to set up. there is new forecast model uncertainty introduced in the track. with the hurricane slowing down hitting the brakes as we say, the steering patterns alost that's how we predict the path of the sforms. and the steering flow is going to be weak as it slows down. and so there is some uncertainty as it approaches florida. the rate at which it turns north there is a high pressure ridge or burmda high off north. as that weakens it could cause the storm to graze the east coast of florida similar to matthew we a saw a few years ago. but it comes ashore and stalls over the florida peninsula as a category 4, that would absolutely be a horrible scenario here for the florida peninsula. and that's why people are taking this storm so seriously. that's why preparations have begun a few days ago. and they continue here and definitely will ramp up tomorrow
4:18 pm
across the space coast. >> reed it's good to have you there watching it. stay safe as the storm comes your way. >> certainly, thank you for having me. >> outfront now, the mayor of miami beach, your city already experiencing, mayor, flooding from the high tides, the king tides we were talking about with reed timer. hurricane dorian hasn't even gotten there yet. tell us how the combination could affect your city. >> we're a city at sea level. our residents know about king tides because we have had a history of sunny day flooding. we have done quite a bit to stop it. we have a whole new pump system. the storm water system will pump it out. but it's a very dangerous confluence when you think about a slow storm surge of tide coming in on top of the tide that's already there because of the lun ar cycle. it's a real thing for us. and the residents are preparing. that's the challenge of this particular storm. >> tell us how you are preparing then. how the residents are
4:19 pm
individually but also how the city helps them out. >> yeah, jim what we do is we have a whole storm water system. we have moved out generators to pump water out when it comes. we have already queued generators and pumps. we have 85 pumps in the system. 857 storm water systems. we are prepared. right now we are cleaning the streets and cleaning all of the entire water system to make sure that when more debris comes it's not sitting upon debris already there. we're getting the system ready to pump water as fast as possible so that we can get it out. we're getting more water than we'd like obviously. but how fast we get it out of the city is what counts. and we're going to be prepared to do that. our residents are preparing with sand bags and other things. the challenge of the storm is really this. we can prepare for this. but because everybody sees it going everywhere in the state of florida, because the cone is so wide, people may decide that it's not coming to them. they're going to play sort of
4:20 pm
russian roulette. that's a big mistake. >> we often share the warnings and say to people listen to folks like you when he they say get out. because it's necessary. people making comparisons to hurricane andrew in 1992. you were in miami beach at the time. of course devastating, 44 people killed, billions of dollars in damage. what kind of -- do you think that's fair comparison? what's your message now to the people in the area as they're awaiting this hurricane's arrival? >> i wasn't just in miami beach. i was in city hall. my dad was the mayor of the city i'm the mayor of during hurricane andrew. and it was coming right us. i remember it like it was yesterday. and then at the last minute it jogged south and went 30 or 40 miles south of us. while the mayor of dade county was urging us to go to his command center down south which tells you anybody who is assuming it's not coming to them because it could go anywhere is making a huge mistake. you have to assume the worst. hope for the best but assume the
4:21 pm
worst. >> it's good advice. thanks so much. we wish you the best and your community the best in these coming days, mayor. >> thank you very much. >> outfront next this hour, new details about what trump's personal assistant said about the president's daughters. that got her fired. the reporter breaking the story will be my guest. plus, the president's former secretary of defense james mattis speaking out for the first time since leaving the administration. and he made some interesting comments about the president. this is rick blomquist. his life is pretty comfortable.
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[ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. breaking news, president trump breg his silence on the sudden and stung departure of
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his longtime personal assistant madelaine westerhout. sources tell cnn she was forced to resign after sharing intimate details with reporters at an off the record meeting here is what the president said before leaving for camp david. >> she said she was drinking a little bit. and she was with reporters. and everything she said was off the record. and that still doesn't really cover for it. mentioned a couple of things about my children. but she -- she is a very -- you know a good person. but still you don't say things like she said which were just a little bit hurtful to some people. >> katlyn colins is outfront what else did he have to say about the departure. >> he said the conversation just happened before he came out to speak to reporters. acknowledging her drinking acknowledging saying things about his children. while at times he said the media was to blame in part because it was supposed to be an off the
4:27 pm
record dinner where the comments weren't to be revealed. he did focus on things she said. saying they were not things he felt were appropriate to share with reporters rarldless whether or not it was off the record or on the record. he talked about that. so when i said, did it -- was she fired. >> because before hand the language wasn't clear whether or not she just resigned or forced to resign from her job. jim the president didn't want to say fired or not fired. about but for him he said the decision was automatic after learning about the things she said about his children. now, of course, part of the reports were that she had made derogatory compensates about tiffany trump his youngest daughter. when asked if the things she repeated. the president talked about his daughter and said he was calling her after he finished speaking with reporters on the south lawn though it didn't sound like he spoke with her yet about it. >> katlyn collins at the white house.
4:28 pm
white house reporter for the "wall street journal" michael bender, daniel, you broke the story of exactly what it was that madelaine westerhout said about trump's clirn. tell us the details. >> yes, i called around lots of sources in washington because everyone in d.c. was wondering what exactly she said to get fired. and what i found out is that she bragged to the reporters that she had a better relationship with the president than tiffany and ivanka trump. trump's daughters, and also that trump did not like being in pictures with tiffany, because he thought that she was overweight. and so -- and that she -- he couldn't pick her out of a lineup. so it was kind of disparaging comments from the president that madelaine relayed to the reporters. >> goodness. alarming things to say. michael, madelaine westerhout, a fixture for donald trump since she won the election. she was essentially the cigaretter for transmission meetings back at trump tower.
4:29 pm
you could see a host of these with rick perry, angstny scaramucci. elon musk a few. here is president trump in his own words speaking about her. >> if you would call madelaine in my office -- did you speak to madelaine. >> no, i didn't. >> madelaine is the key. she is the secret. >> she had a particularly powerful position there. does it surprise you that she would speak this way to reporters but also the content of the conversations would lead to her being fired. >> well, jim, i can't speak to the conversations as you know. they're off the record. and as a white house reporter, you know, abade by those -- by the stipulations. but you're right, madelaine was one of the lesser known figures in the white house. but one that wielded quite a bit of power. she sat outside right outside the oval office. has been a fixture with trump through the campaign. through the transition, and the first few years at the white
4:30 pm
house when you think about it it's really something when you think about the turnover we have seen at the white house. historic turnover at the white house. madelaine has been a main stay with the president. >> daniel, president trump willing to let her go over the remarks. and it appears it was a very swift and decisive decision here. does that spraurprise you. >> once it gets out you're going after trump's family even in an off the record fashion, then it's not a huge surprise that trump had to fire her. i think when you're speaking to four reporters and you're the president's executive assistant and saying stuff you shouldn't be saying, having too many drinks and then word gets back to trump that you said that, then, you know, she shouldn't be surprised that she would have to polish up the resume. but it's going to be hard to find a new job given all of the stories in the last 24 hours about her. >> michael, you say her
4:31 pm
closeness to president trump certainly had a lot of power. but you also say it meant she made a lot of enemies. >> well, there are a lot of rivalries in this white house. and just by the inherns of her position, she wielded a lot of power and caused resentment within the white house. and that has -- that has caused -- fomented rivalry for her in the west wing and around the president. >> daniel, one thing the president has been consistent on over the years is that he demands loyalty not necessarily to a two-way street but certainly loyalty in his direction. listen to what he had to say about it. >> done like this great loyalty freak. i'm loyal to a point of the absurd. i learned there was some great loyal people. and i learned there were some people that could have been more loyal. and those people i discarded totally and do whatever i can. >> maybe i'm loyal to a fault. i'm so loyal when somebody is
4:32 pm
slightly disloyalty upon me i look upon it as a great act of horror. >> the fact is trump has not shown evidence of being loyal to the people working for him but certainly he expects loyalty does he not of the people working for him? >> yeah, he expects that they are completely onboard. this is the white house that is unprecedented in trying to find anti-trump things that the staffers have tweeted or said on television. and that got a lot of people, you know, rejected from positions in this administration. and made it much harder to actually recruit to fill the entire government, given that a lot of republicans had said negative things on the president during the campaign. but as you mentioned, he doesn't seem to show a lot of loyalty. and a lot of people working for him, any end up embarrassed and their departure becomes a huge story that, you know, does not turn out well for them when you
4:33 pm
work for president trump. >> and the public attacks often follow. daniel litman, michael bender thanks very much to bothth of you outfront next this hour president trump defends tweeting what appears to be a classified satellite image. >> we in a photo. and i released it, which i have the absolute right to do. >> well the question of course is at what cost. plus president trump insisting some business owners are very happy with his trade war. after slamming business leaders who criticized the trade spat with china. but is that really how small business owners feel about this? we're going to speak to one.
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breaking news tonight, president trump forced to respond to concerns that he tweeted to the world a classified satellite image. the image, a high resolution picture of a failed rocket launch in iran taken by what appears to have been an intelligence community satellite. the president was asked about the image and where it was obtained late today. here was his response. >> i just wish iran well, they had a big problem. and we had a photo. and i released it, which i have the absolute right to do.
4:38 pm
and we'll see what happens. you'll have to figure that one out ourselves. but we'll see what happens. they had a big mishappen. it's unfortunate. so iran a as you probably know they were going to send off a big smifl and didn't work out too well. nothing to do with us. >> outfront now democratic congresswoman reuben geico sits on the house armed services committee. a veteran himself. thanks for taking the time tonight. >> thank you, jim. >> let's begin with this. the president tweets out a picture, appears to be taken from a u.s. surveillance satellite. the images are by their nature classified. the president claims an absolute right to declassify anything which is of course true. that said at what cost? what capabilities will the president have revealed to iran and the world here by tweeting this photo out? >> well, look, i don't know. and what we should be asking is, what is the end goal of this? and what is iran's reaction going to be to our actions?
4:39 pm
and how does that actually further the interests of the united states? it doesn't. this president is doing foreign policy by tweets. he has his mean girl policy when it comes to dealing with our enemies and with our allies. and it's just not about -- becoming of the president of the united states. >> what do you think his -- and i know thises difficult to do. but what could be the possible benefit of denying something that the u.s. was not accused of -- it wasn't acquiesced of being involved in the failed missile launch. what is the president -- is he trying to send a message to them? >> look, you are trying to find logic in what i believe is illogical actions of the president. i'm not trying to go down that worm hole. it's impossible. we have to recognize this president does not quite understand where he is in terms of the world order when it comes to the great power competition. we have in previos presidents that haven't understood what we had to do. the thing when it comes to power struggles in this world and trying to exert power is he
4:40 pm
needs to understand power whispers and weakness screams. and right now he is scream. it shows we are isolated from allies and not in a good negotiating position when it comes to iran. >> "the new york times" i'm going to read from here, quote in the power circles of tehran, the idea has taken hold that iran must eventually negotiate with president trump. several people telling the times this is based on their perception that trump could win re-election and they can't survive six more years of sanctions. is it possible the president's sanctions strategy is putting due pressure on them and that that pressure is working? >> well, i think in many regards the sanctions regime that you see with iran has been a continuation of the policies under president bush, president obama and now president trump. something that's been bipartisan in many ways. the one area i think we are lacking is the fact that we have usually had universal acceptance among our allies that the sanctions regime is the best way to force iran to the table. what happened when he we left
4:41 pm
the jcpoa is we have created a situation where iran has found new allies in our old allies and trying to find a way around this. hopefully we can bring back that alliance. hopefully we can go back for the negotiating table. i actually do not wish the president ill. hopefully iran does want to negotiate with us because that's in the best interests of the world. about what you i fear and many of us fear is we may push ourds ourselves in a situation where we are in hot war because we are intent on pushing buttons such as sending out random tweets it creates a miscalculation by iran and we have a preemptive war getting started >> one thing clear from the g-7 is the u.s. has not moved allies on leaching the iran nuclear deal as president trump did. i want to ask about former defense secretary james mattis. you a fellow former marine. he spoke out firstif are for the first time since leefrpg the trump administration. telling cbs news i will not speak ill of a sitting president. he is an unusual president, our president is. and i think that especially with
4:42 pm
just the rab i had nature of politics today we have to be careful. we could tear this country apart. as you know mattis resigned in 2018 over trump tweeting the u.s. withdrawal from syria. i wonder, he is taking subtle criticism here of the president. but he is not going so far as to say the president has made clear mistakes. the president is unfit. i wonder if you think that's a mistake. if he has something to say should he say it if. >> well, he can make his own decisions. i think unfortunately emts it beth ways where he gets to say what he likes to say about the president. but not take criticism for speaking out against the president. but the one thing that disturbs me about secretary mattis and see, you know, we can tear the country apart. this president is tearing the country apart and it's incumbent upon elected foeshlgs democrat, republican independent we do everything to make sure this president doesn't tear the country apart. so secretary mattis has a right to his privacy, a right to keep
4:43 pm
his counsel with the president. but let's not -- let's be clear. what's happening right now is abnormal and the president is tearing the country apart. i'm sorry secretary mattis doesn't already see that. >> congressman thanks for coming on. i hope you get a real weekend. >> thank you, jim. >> outfront in next this hour, president trump attacking business owners that are hurting because of his trade war. >> a lot of badly run companies are trying to blame tariffs. it's not the tariffs. it's called bad management. >> we'll speak to a business owner who responds. plus it's a billion-dollar industry leaving some less fortunate americans drowning in debt. how they are fighting back. anyone can deliver pizza. only marco's can deliver america's most loved pizza.
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4:48 pm
>> this echos a tweet he sent this morning in which he accused those ceos of using excuses. outfront now a ceo. the ceo of kent international imports and manufactures bicycles one of the many companies feeling the impact of trade war. thanks for taking time tonight. >> thank you. >> the president says it's not the tariffs our a bad businessman. your reaction. >> i think it's an unfair comment. i think it's a good businessman. it's a family started by my grandfather over 100 years ago. when i joined in 1972 we had five employees including my parents. now we have 215 employees. and we sell more than 3 million bicycles on a worldwide basis. >> i'd say that's doing all right. >> yeah. >> the president has claimed -- he has lied about in frankly. saying china pace the tariffs american businesses and consumers don't pay the tariffs. as a businessman explain to viewers who pay the tariffs and how. >> we really pay the tariff. when a shipment comes in let's just say an average shipment we
4:49 pm
have several shipments every week so about a million dollars coming in. a year ago we would have paid $110,000 of import duty on that shipment or about 11%. we're now as of next week going to be paying as much as 40% import duty. and we don't write a check. we have an account with u.s. customs and they automatically did he duct it from the checking account. >> that's real money. >> out of the checking account real money. maybe the worst part or maybe bad part is cash flow. because we normally when we buy all the components for the u.s. factory or when we buy complete bicycles we get credit terms. every business needs credit. but u.s. customs only gives us about two weeks. and so you've got a lot of money going out of the checking account. >> and that's a significant bump. because a consumer if you have to pass the tariff on i imagine to consumers they notice the change in price. >> yeah, right now from the beginning of the tariffs over a year ago to now, the retail prices on our bicycles are up in
4:50 pm
excess of 20%. >> that's money when a family is going in there to buy bikes. >> jim, for rich people, $$20, $$30 doesn't mean anything. but many families are living paycheck to paycheck and the $20 can be the difference between purchasing the bicycle for you or just not getting it. >> the president wants companies like yours to simply turn the manufacturing around from china bring it back to the u.s. i should note you already manufacture about 15% of your bicycles in south carolina, 85% in >> there is no infrastructure of bicycle parts. there was in the 1960s, '70s, '80s. china is the one that destroyed it. fighting china is the right strategy. these very high tariffs are hurting us very bd adly.
4:51 pm
with our pack factories in the united states, we're paying 30 to 40% import duty. people can buy the parts and set up a plant like in vietnam and not pay any import duty. my american factory is at a strate strategy disadvantage. >> that's interesting. the part here is suffering from those tariffs. arnold, we know you're working hard at this. we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you very much. "outfront" next, how families at risk of losing everything are attacking attacks on the poor. dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx.
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unlike my parents. you rambling about xfinity again? you're so cute when you get excited... anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. last night we told you about the $2 billion bail bond industry and how it profits out of poor, low risk defendants. tonight, a look at how this impacts families for years after an arrest and how those families are fighting back. drew griffin is "outfront." >> in baltimore's poorer neighborhoods, it can take just one arrest to send a family
4:56 pm
spiraling into debt. >> it started with a phone call. >> alice hues got the phone call from her nephew from jail. he was under arrest. the charges marijuana, violating a protective order, bail was set at $75,000. >> all i was thinking about was getting him out. >> the bail bondsman wanted 10% to get her nephew out of jail. hues gave all the cash she had, $700 and co-signed a loan payment plan for the rest. defendants who use their own money for bail, get the money back from the court if they show up to court, but bail companies don't give anything to the court. they take that 10% as a service fee. a fee people like alice hughes must pay no matter the outcome of her nephew's case. guilty or not? >> guilty or not. whether i committed the crime or not. >> whether your nephew committed the crime or not. >> uh-huh. >> powell is alice hughes
4:57 pm
attorney. >> they are forced between three impossible choices. one, they could remain in jail during the pending of the criminal case that can take months or years. two, they can plead guilty or three, go to a bail bonds man but this third option is not as simple as it sounds. >> is this ruining people's lives? >> absolutely. the scale of this bail industry is massive. >> the bail bond industry takes in roughly $2 billion every year, according to the american civil liberties union, almost exclusive oh on the backs of the poor but if the purpose of money bail is to make defendants return to court for traiial, sty after study shows it's hardlyfect tihard lly effective. it's little more than a tax on the poor for being arrested. >> the vast majority of people
4:58 pm
being detained have been illegally released by the courts and money bails set. >> 65% of people sitting in jails right now are not convicted, they are just awaiting trial. many trapped by the unaffordable price of their release. shareece with the pretrial justice institute said those sitting in jail who have jobs will also almost assuredly lose them. >> what research shows is someone who loses their job, loses their source of income, then loses their housing and destabilizes their family is more likely in the future to get in trouble. >> across the u.s., state after state is beginning to recognize the inequality and the damage being done by cash bail systems. and while a cnn review found many states have been successful, in nine states covering more than one-third of the population, the powerful bail industry derailed, stalled or killed reforms.
4:59 pm
maryland made reforms in 2017. releasing more defendants without having to pay for bail. but the change came too late for alice hughes and her nephew. he was arrested in 2014. those charges against him eventually went away but her debt to pay the bail has never gone away. in fact, it has grown. after her nephew failed to keep up with payments, the bonds company sued her for the debt plus interest and fees that now total nearly $8700. her wages at work are being garnished. >> they are taking $131 and some odd sents per pay and from what i understand, it will go on until they correct. >> because of accruing interest, alice hughes may never be able to pay it off, all over the arrest of a man in baltimore who couldn't pay his bail. jim, a bail industry spokesperson insists bail bondsman are not the bad guys. they are providing a service to
5:00 pm
those under arrest. alice is suing her bail bond company, part of a class-action lawsu lawsuit. jim? >> thanks and thank you for joining us. hope you have a great holiday weekend. "ac 360" starts right now. the storm is getting stronger and could go stronger still. that much we know. the two key questions now, where will hurricane dorian hit and what will it do after it does. john berman in for anderson. we seen dorian go from a tropical storm to a hurricane that could reach a category four. with many at risk tonight, those questions could mean their world or their lives. we just got new data in. let's go to tom sater. walk me through the new forecast and what does it tell us