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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 31, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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hurricane dorian keeps getting strongly, now a dangerous category 4 and headed right toward the bahamas and florida. we're keeping an eye on it. plus defying the policeman, hong kong pro democracy activists head back to the streets despite warnings. and twitter troubles, the president, the united states responds to concerns about a photo that he published, possibly classified image showing a failed rocket launch in iran. live from cnn world headquarters, we welcome our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm george howell. the "cnn newsroom" starts now.
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it is 4:00 a.m. here on the u.s. east coast and this hour the state of florida is bracing for a monster storm. take a look here at hurricane dorian. there it is, very well defined eye, that storm a category 4 with maximum sustained winds of 140 miles or 220 kilometers per hour. it is still unclear exactly where the storm will make landfall. right now it is projected to hit melbourne, florida on tuesday and then go up the coastline, but that could change and it is a large slow storm. so we shouldn't concentrate on just one point. here is a look at the storm from the international space station. before florida, dorian will hit many parts of the bahamas. hurricane warnings are already in effect for the northwestern about a ham ma
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bahamas. the prime minister has issued evacuation orders for some locations and they are preparing for heavy rain and a lot of flooding. the deputy director of the bahamas director of meteorology talked about conditions earlier. listen. >> the good news for us is that looking at our satellite imagery, the eye is just slightly to the north of the province. but certainly it will continue to take aim for the extreme northwest province in particularly grand bahama. and looking at the forecast wind fields, seems as though that they will start to experience the tropical storm-force winds as early as 4:00, 5:00 a.m. sunday morning and from there things will go downhill and hurricane-force winds are expected to follow. >> with the latest now, karen maginnis is joining us. and of course this storm looks big, bad and slow. >> it is all of those things.
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and the folks in florida have prepared for days for this monster system, it is so ferocious looking. if i lived anywhere along in a east coast of florida, this would be quite intimidating. but let's take a look at it on satellite imagery. it is clearly defined, it has a lot of energy, and that central eye is very impressive. and it is moving towards the west/northwest. take a look at this, all we have to do, just kind of zoom in a bit and you can see just how powerful this is. it is marching towards the west, but as it does, what happens then? it does look like it will impact the bahamas in a big way. catastrophic damage is expected from any category 4 hurricane that moves across populous areas. it will be moving west/northwest and as it does, it will move
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across this region and then make its way across the florida strait. as it moves into the florida strait, what we're expecting is that perhaps it will intensify once again. now, george, there is a 5:00 update, a complete update, coming from the national hurricane center. they will continue to monitor this and as they investigate it, they will probably see that this is going to be a strong category 4, possibly a category 5, and they will gradually see that the airports along that east coast of florida from daytona to vero beach, to ft. lauderdale, to melbourne, and then eventually toward jacksonville, we're probably looking at those airports one by one by one closing down as this approaches. all those coastal areas are looking at a strong catastrophic impact at least from that western edge, but we can't rule out along coastal areas of
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georgia and then into south carolina. >> that is the dirty side of the storm. >> exactly. >> where you get the worst rains, possible tornadic activity, that is what people need to watch out for. so top of the hour, next hour here, we should get more information you're saying. >> exactly. >> all right. we'll stay in touch. so with so mucuncertainty, the state of florida is preparing and martin savidge has this. >> reporter: all of florida is under a state of emergency and the clock is ticking. >> biggest concern about this storm is the uncertainty of where it is going and the intensity in which it is coming in. >> reporter: hurricane dorian now expected to barrel head first into the sunshine state early tuesday morning, and it is gaining intensity and could now unload heavy rains, powerful winds and a strong storm surgery on more than 20 million people. >> a little concerned. but getting more and more concerned about what category and what is going to happen
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because i've never seen a hurricane. >> reporter: florida's governor says he is contemplating ordering evacuations but hasn't yet. >> at the state level, you know, we've been monitoring some of the decisions or contemplations about evacuations. it is something that we obviously believe, you know, for certain people it will be necessary and in certain community, they will need to do that. >> reporter: but getting out could prove difficult. while there are long lines at gas stations, there is little gas. the state says at times as many as half of the fuel pumps in miami have run dry. >> starting today, implementing florida highway patrol escorts for fuel trucks so we can facilitate refueling in critical parts of the state. >> reporter: those who aren't gassing up are preparing to hunghung hungerdo dowoig down.
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>> i have animal, and i can replace my home, but i can't my animals. >> reporter: in miami, they are stockpiling food and water. though at some stores, that is also in short supply. florida power and light says electricity could be out for days. the company is bringing in 16,000 workers, positioning them at 24 sites across the state. >> the damage that could be required will require extended repair work. and in extreme cases, it may remember fpl to rebuild parts of the system here in florida. >> reporter: florida's governor is warning those caring for the elderly to have a plan and a generator in place. 12 people died in 2017 after a nursing home in hollywood, florida lost power in the aftermath of hurricane irma. >> these folks have to step up and protect these folks. >> reporter: more than a dozen universities are preparing to shut down along with theme parks and other attractions. in a place that thrives on tourism, what should have been a
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busy labor day weekend is now a bust. as the sunshine state braces for days of rain. >> we're hoping that everything comes out okay, but i'm kind of freaking out. >> reporter: martin savidge there with the report. let's also talk about the impact on travel. the orlando international airport saying that it is planning to stop all commercial flights, flight operations, on monday. that is at 2:00 a.m. needless to say, flight cancellations will no doubt increase in the region as the storm gets closer. the federal emergency management agency, fema as we call it, is on standby just in case for other states whether they need support. wolf blitzer spoke with an associate administrator about what fema is doing to help. >> what we're doing is coordinating with the state, we've got resources within the state of florida. we're also beginning to move critical resources such as search and rescue, disaster
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medical assistance, teams, those teams and personnel that can support the state in its life-saving efforts. we're moving resources down to the southern part of the state because as you sea with your meteorologist, this is -- this storm could hit anywhere from south florida up to jacksonville. so we want to be able to move in along with the state behind the storm and provide aid to the american citizens as quick as possible. and wolf, i must also say, we want to thank you for what you do and the team, you're part of the team when it comes to these storms and getting the message of preparedness out and making sure citizens are a wafrt danwaa dangers. this will be a long duration for fema, our state partners and our locals. >> it is critically important that we report what is going on when you guys are doing life-saving work. is there a plan to relieve what are clearly gasoline shortages right now? we're seeing that develop in various parts of florida.
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>> right. and we're very familiar with the fuel infrastructure or architecture, if you will, within florida, how fuel comes into the ports primarily in the peninsula and then through pipelines and trucks in the northern part of the state. we are working with the governor, we are also working with the private sector to, you know, make sure that we get gas stations fuel. but it is a challenge. you've got a large population, obviously fueling cars, generators and critical things that they need. and that will be a challenge. it always is in florida. when you are looking at evacuations in a storm of this magnitude. however, we will be enablers and know proceed might be tors to the private sector in every way possible. >> what really worries memight e private sector in every way possible. >> what really worries me those gasoline shortages could clearly hamper potential evacuation plans and that is a very, very serious concern, right? >> yes, sir, it always is. i know working with the governor
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and his team, they are working on plans to make sure that critical deliveries or working with the private sector to get critical deliveries into certain areas. you know, with some changes in the track, it may be a benefit for those in the very southern part of florida which is densely populated as you well know. so any help we can get, we'll take across the board. but we're monitoring the fuel shortages, fuel outages. and we're working with our critical partners to see what if anything that fema can do, the government can do. and again, what we didn't want to do is prohibit anything with the private sector. we really want to be an enabler to what they do. >> what is the most important thing people in florida need to do to prepare right now? >> you know, wolf, first and foremost, make sure they know the risk and hazards that are around their communities. make sure that they are listening to their local officials. they know it best. you know, we sometimes and a lot of times fema is on the tv and
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that is good, but it is really the local elected officials, those local emergency managers that know their community. that is why we support state efforts, we don't necessarily lead them. and know your family. have a plan, have a kit, download the fema app, go to, all these things to get information. and check on your neighbors. that is what we do as americans. if you have elderly population in your community that needs assistance, assist them. be part of the team and our citizens are the biggest part of our team that we have and they do a wonderful job in situations like this. >> and there are a lot of elderly people in that part of florida. jeff, thanks to you and thanks to everything that the men and women of fema are doing. appreciate it very much. >> thank you very much. >> when it comes to big storms, a lot of people talk about the strength of hurricane andrew 27 years ago. meteorologists are seeing some similarities between that storm and dorian.
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take a look here. here is what the storm did, andrew, back then after it crossed the bahamas. the hurricane hit southern florida as a category 5 storm, it had winds of 165 miles per hour, that is 270 kilometers per hour. the storm killed 26 people and it caused some $26 billion in damage, destroying more than 25,000 homes. another story we're following this day, at least ten teenagers were hurt when gunfire broke out at a high school football game. this happened in mobile, alabama. five victims are said to be in critical but nonlife threatening condition. police say one person suffered a seizure and another was injured while trying to get away. two people have been detained and are being questioned by police there. we're following events in hong kong. the pro democracy activists are not letting up as police disapprove of them marching. why they say they are not afraid.
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thousands of pro democracy activists are on the streets of hong kong this hour. a live image of 4:17 p.m. take a look at that out despite the rain. this is the 13th straight weekend that we've seen it. that is even though organizers canceled a major march that was planned for saturday after police refused to give permission. and it follows the arrests of several prominent activists. in the middle of it all, andrew stevens is following the story live in hong kong. andrew, tell us about what you are hearing from protestors who are showing their resilience. >> reporter: well, the numbers are getting bigger and bigger. there are now tens of thousands of protestors fundamentally clogging up this part of hong kong. we're right in the heart of hong kong. this will give you an idea, these protestors are marching up from the western part of the city, pretty much as far as the eye can see. and this is a massive show of
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defiance. that rally which was banned by the hong kong police, the organizers have had all their previous rallies approved and these are the people who have been getting a million plus people, in one stage two million to their rallies. that rally is banned, but this is the reaction by hong kongers, they have come out by the tens of thousands. and just to give you a sense of how many people are here, i'll show you the other side. just a fraction here now, but we have seen tens of thousands of people again, george. they are moving from -- or they are coming from all direction. and it is not clear at this stage where they are going. only thing we can say is they are not planning on leaving to go home anytime soon. you mentioned about the arrests yesterday. it has been called the white terror here in hong kong. they say these are maneuvers by
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police to strike fear, by arresting people who police say are key people in this protest movement. one of those is joshua wong. just 22 years old, has already served time behind bars for his role in the occupy movement. he was arrested early yesterday. we spoke to him briefly. and he was asked how long this would go on. this gives you the sense of the commitment being shown by him, this is what he had to say. >> we have never expected hong kong government to listen to our voice because hong kong government is just a proxy government. the leader of hong kong is just a puppet of communist regime. but we still keep on our fight because we all know that president xi and beijing are facing certain international pressure and discontents of hong kong people. and we are just the one
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demanding our fundamental right to elect our own government, the right enjoyed by the free world since last century. >> reporter: so this is joshua wong who just a few hours ago was arrested and released on bail, one of seven pro democracy people who have been -- high profile people who have been arrested. but as you can see, it has had no dampening effect at all, just the opposite. this has people on to the streets again in large, large numbers. the weather conditions are pretty awful, there has been heavy rain for on most of the afternoon. but it is not stopping the people out here. one other thing, one other observation we've seen today is this has been a protest which we have talked about the youngest generation really leading it. but today we've seen so many older people here, it started as what was termed the religious rally and it has grown and grown. b but the older are really showing support for the continuing
1:22 am
fight. >> and we're watching people running, people in umbrellas there. this is something that we'll keep an eye on because of course as it gets later there, again 4:21 p.m. in hong kong, as it gets later and as we have seen time and time again, that is when police start to clear the streets and we will see how this unfolds in the coming hours. andrew stevens with the reporting, thank you. the u.s. president may have put an image out in public that was not meant for the public to see. let's take a look at that. in a tweet mr. trump writes that the u.s. had nothing to do with the explosion of an iranian rocket on a launch pad on thursday. and he adds in a seemingly sarcastic voice, good luck in determining what happened. it is not the words here, but instead that high resolution image of the explosion site that has analysts worried. it is such good quality. analysts believe that it may be a classified photo. on friday the president defended his tweet. listen. >> i just wish iran well.
1:23 am
they had a big problem. and we had a photo and i released it, which i have the absolute right to do. and we'll see what happens. you'll have to figure that one out yourself. but we'll see what happens. they had a big mishap. it is unfortunate. and so iran as you probably know, they were going to set off a big missile and it didn't work out too well. had nothing to do with us. on sunday a new round of tariffs between the u.s. and china kicks in, the latest back and forth in the months long trade war between the world's two largest economies. investors and company executives hope this is the final move that brings both countries to the table for talks to save their bottom lines. mr. trump insists though that it is business leaders who are to blame for this. listen. >> a lot of badly run companies are trying to blame tariffs.
1:24 am
in other words, if they are running badly and they are having a bad quarter or they are just unlucky in some way, they are blaming the tariffs. it is not the tariffs. it is called bad management. >> let's put it all into focus with thin natasha lindstaedt. it is believed to be a classified high residesolution image. president trump says he has the right to publish it, effectively declassifying it. what do you think about his assertion that he can do it? >> well, one thing we know about trump is he always responds to these types of questions by saying i have the authority to do so. he seems to think that the president hats just unlimited amounts of powers. but we also know that he's had a
1:25 am
difficult relationship with the intelligence community. he doesn't trust them, he didn't trust the cia. he is very cavalier about intelligence. so we don't know if it was classified, if it was an image that recently became declassified or became from elsewhere. but that gives us a lot of caution here because these are images that the president shouldn't be showcasing to the world in a tweet. it seems very dangerous. i think for the intelligence community, we don't want our adversaries to know what we're doing. and that is not what is going to be best for our security. and when we think about the relationship trump is trying to repair or destroy with iran, he recently at the g7 summit said that he was willing to talk with their leaders and then now he comes out with a tweet where he is taunting them. i really can't understand the strategy. it seems very ad hoc, it seems
1:26 am
spontaneous and it is dangerous. because tweeting images, whether recently declassified or whether they were classified, seems to put u.s. security in peril and it just doesn't seem like a very good idea. >> the eyes of the world of course keeping a close eye on what happens between china and the united states, this back and forth of tariffs. president trump is also claiming that badly managed companies are using tariffs as an excuse for their struggling businesses. the question here, can he continue to side step the overall impact of this trade war that he is engaged in with china? >> i really don't understand this recent comments and how this will work forgetting him reelected if that is something that he obviously cares about, to go and attack businessmen which have typically -- and businesses which have typically been supportive of the republican party and to say, well, no, the problem is actually you, not the tariffs
1:27 am
when we know that the tariffs are causing half okvoc to both economies, china and the u.s. it affects consumers, it affects farming and agriculture, it affects manufacturing and the supply chains. and we know that we feel like trump is almost driving over a cliff by these types of policies. to then double down and say no, the problem isn't the tariffs, the problem are some businesses aren't being run particularly well, how is that going to make some of these leaders of the businesses feel that have often been staunch supporters of the republican party for policies that they believe are usually pro business. >> and also president trump, we heard him break his silence about the sudden departure of his personal assistant, sources saying that she was forced to resign after sharing intimate details about mr. trump's family with reporters at an off the record meeting. mr. trump was clear in his decision. he says that it was essentially
1:28 am
automatic, but here is the thing, his tone about all of this seemed a little different than you might expect. listen. >> she said she was drinking a little bit. and she was with reporters. and everything she said was off the record. that still didn't really cover for it. mentioned a couple things about my children. but she is a very, you know, good person. >> the president describing her as a good person but he has always been clear that his family is a red line for him. >> it is. his family is obviously incredibly important to him. and anyone who says anything negative about his family is going to face repercussions. a lot of this is about -- i mean, i think that he sounded actually kind of disappointed with her in the audio because she's been so loyal to him. and that is one of the things that is the most important to him with his employees, he demands complete loyalty. he doesn't tend to give it back, it is sort of a one way street,
1:29 am
but he -- he wants all of the people that work for him to be undyingly loyal to him and when he sees that this doesn't happen, he becomes disappointed with him. and as you mentioned, the red line is that anybody saying anything about his family, whether it be something negative, whether it be revealing a secret that he felt was inappropriate, is a line that he didn't wahe doesn't wan cross. and while she was probably one of the most long lasting people in his orbit, we've seen people just don't last very long in this setup where everything is about loyalty and not about are you doing a good job, are you fulfilling your duties. so she lasted as long as she did, but in the end, it is all about are you loyal to trump. >> the trump loyalty test certainly different than we've seen with his predecessors. natasha lindstaedt, thanks for your context and perspective. still ahead, the bahamas is
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saturday. we're keepingen a eye on it for you. thousands of pro democracy activists are marching in hong kong's city center this hour. 4:33 p.m. there right now. the 13th straight weekend of these protests. they are taking to the streets in spontaneous groups after a major planned rally did not come together, did not get police permission and was canceled. the rallies also come after several prominent activists were arrested. the u.s. president donald trump has been tweeting that the u.s. had nothing to do with an iranian rocket that exploded on the launch pad. and it also features a high resolution photo of the site that prompted questions about whether the president posted a classified image. the president says that he can post whatever he wants. twitter says a being thatter was responsible for sending out offensive messages from the account of the twitter ceo jack dorsey. it appears to have been done by exploiting a security flaw. the company had been warned
1:35 am
about it. twitter says that the problem has now been fixed. at this hour, we're tracking this very strong hurricane dorian as it is making its way through the tlatlantic on the w the bahamas. the prime minister there is telling people to leave immediately. cnn's patrick oppmann has more from the city of freeport. >> reporter: so here in the northwest bahamas, we've been feeling the wind pick up throughout the day. first rain bands are coming through. but really hurricane dorian is still quite a ways away and the full pourer of the storm will not be felt until saturday and into sunday when the storm could come through here where i am as a powerful category 3 or 4 storm. and that will have a destructive impact on some of the low lying
1:36 am
islands. here where i am where people are being evacuated from lower islands, highest point is only about 30 feet high. so when you think about the storm surge that could be caused from this very powerful hurricane, it could come up along this coast 10 feet or more, that is quite scary for so many residents that live along the water. we walk up and down the beaches today and there were few people, people out buying food and water, gassing up their cars, trying to put storm shutters on their homes, getting everything ready because they know in the hours ahead, it will become increasingly dangerous to leave their homes. as we were flying in on friday on one of the last flights into freeport here in the bahamas, we were told that the airport would be shut down soon and that people were not going to be able to leave because it is even more dangerous to go out in a boat, now we're seeing people taking their boats from the ocean into the land trying to get them into areas where they are less likely to be affected.
1:37 am
so officials are saying now is the time to get ready, to get all the items that you need to ride out for possibly several days of very dangerous hurricane if you are in the bahamas. and that it is going to be a rough ride ahead. but at this point, many people here don't have any choice but to get prepared for the worst. patrick oppmann, cnn, freeport, bahamas. and now karen maginnis is here. people are keeping a close eye on the possibilities of this storm. >> yes, and we have many potential possibilities. that is why we have these computer models. and for folks livingin the about a ham maps bahamas and 23 florida, we will be receiving another update within the next half hour. maybe the next 20 minutes or so. it will give us another look at what is happening with hurricane dorian, a category 4 hurricane.
1:38 am
supporting winds of 140 miles per hour, about 220 kilometers per hour. a very classic looking hurricane. clearly defined eye. it is chugging toward the west and northwest. it is not speeding along. so as it moves more slowly, the impacts will be greater. the impact for storm surge would be extreme across some of the preferably facing beaches in the bahamas. also for the florida peninsula. but will it make landfall in the florida peninsula? we keep looking at these computer models and they are very perplexing. some of the computer models suggest it could make landfall along that treasure coast or perhaps the space coast where they have launched the space shuttle and other space projects here in the last few years. but we keep it a category 4, moves across the bahamas with potentially catastrophic damage, moves across the florida strait.
1:39 am
and then what happens? well, it approaches the coast of florida. still going to be battered by at least tropical storm-force winds and perhaps even hurricane-force winds. already we've seen the gas lines, the service stations without gas, we've seen people boarding up their homes, trying to get things all prepared for this long slog to go into tuesday when we think that the potential for landfall. all right. here we go, american model, the center of the eye on wednesday offshore for the european model, center of the eye offshore jacksonville, florida. doesn't make landfall in florida? well, it is questionable. it will be battered. this is a major hurricane. category 4. and, george, we think that it will be perhaps a high category 4, a strong category 4, maybe a category 5. but as i mentioned, about 20 minutes from now, we'll be
1:40 am
receiving another update. >> and people certainly keeping an eye on what happens with that. we'll wait to hear from you then. so around the united states, people are headed to florida right now, they are headed to do whatever they can to prepare for it. take a look at this scene from the atlanta area. my co-worker took this picture of crews headed south. the license plates were from as far away as indiana, ohio and the state of michigan. other states are also helping out. in pennsylvania, 50 utility workers from allentown went down to florida on friday. and then from kentucky, about 40 duke energy workers headed down south. these include tree trimmers, damage assessors and also fuel trucks headed that way. a lot of help on the way as the storm gets closer. boris johnson's plan to suspend parliament is getting slammed by two former british prime ministers. but the current occupants of number 10 says that he is doing what he needs to do to get ready
1:41 am
for what happens come brexit day. plus the brother of olympic gold medalist simone biles facing murder charges in ohio. we'll have the details next. gotcha! hide-n-stink protection. lysol spray kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria at the source unlike air fresheners. lysol. what it takes to protect.®
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we're following this story from india in the state ofof assam. a controversial census was published on saturday and it found that 1.9 million people were not eligible to retain their citizenship. the list was created to distinguish indian citizens from undocumented migrants, but critics fear that it will lead to the deportation of muslims. it is unclear what will happen to those excluded. they now have 120 days to file an appeal. now to the united kingdom, cities across that country are bracing for large demonstrations
1:45 am
this day, protestors upset about the prime minister's plan to suspend parliament in the run up to brexit. brexit is getting closer. two former prime ministers have already lined up against boris johnson's controversial move. john major says that he will join one of three court challenges. and gordon brown gave a blistering speech accusing mr. johnson of, quote, sleding three constitution. >> reporter: john major has joined the legal action against boris johnson. there are now three cases against johnson's decision to prorogue parliament. this would mean there are only nine weeks until brexit and parliament would not be sitting for five of those. if the legal action is successful, it would block johnson from suspending
1:46 am
parliament. but boris johnson maintains this is an important part of his strategy to refresh his domestic agenda and he is defiant on his approach to continuing negotiations with the e uchlts. >> i think our european friends have understand two big points in the last couple of weeks. i think they get that the uk is ready going for a deal. they understand that. but they also understand that the uk is absolutely willing to come out without a deal if we have to. they understand that too. and we're serious. we're totally serious about both propositio propositions. and i think what that is encouraging is progress. >> reporter: boris johnson's strategy in his final months before the uk is scheduled to leave the european union is to demonstrate to the eu once and for all that britain means it when it says that it is prepared to leave the eu without a deal. this is the message that he has been reiterating and he is aware some of his key ministers are
1:47 am
underscoring that britain is better prepared to leave without a deal than many would expect. johnson's decision to ask to prorogue parliament is a signal to his hand liners that he does infect mean it that britain is leaving on the 31st of october. bianca nobilo, cnn, london. and the brother of gymnast simone biles has been arrested and charged in the deaths of three people in the state of ohio. athena jones reports. >> reporter: he faces serious charges in connection with this shooting on new year's eve. he was arrested in georgia on thursday and being held without bond. he faces an arraignment a couple weeks from now in the cleveland area all in connection with a shooting on new year's eve at a home in cleveland. now, according to a joint statement put out, this incident took place around 11:30 p.m. when an uninvited group walked into the house and an
1:48 am
altercation ensued between the uninvited guests and those who were invited. the altercation led to gunfire. several people were struck, two survived their injuries. three others were killed. and so now biles thomas is facing a number of serious charges, murder, voluntary manslaught manslaughter, felonious assault and per injury. he is scheduled to be arraigned. and trial date for five men accused of plotting the terror attacks is set for january 11th, 2021 according to a military order released on friday. that trial is due to take place at the u.s. naval facility in began tan though bguantanamo ba. the television industry has lost an icon. ahead, we remember the life and career of actress valerie harper.
1:49 am
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she played a pioneering character and fought for women's rights in real life. tv icon valerie harper passed
1:53 am
away, she was 80 years old. her family says that she died friday after a long battle with cancer. harper was known for playing rhoda morgenstern on the mary tyler moore show and the spinoff of rhoda. stephanie elam has this report for you. >> reporter: she was the girl upstairs, the best friend. as rhoda morgenstern, the unforgettable sidekick in the mary tyler moore show. born in 1939, she grew up studying ballet and started out as a dancer on broad way. but it was in los angeles where she was discovered by a casting agent. harper was asked to audition for the role as the single girl from new york who landed in minneapolis on the mary tyler a moore show. >> i'm going crazy with hunger. >> eat something. >> i can't.
1:54 am
i have to lose ten pounds by 8:30. >> reporter: it would quickly launch her career. she won three emmys before leaving the show in 1974 to star in its spinoff, rhoda. >> my name is rhoda more again stern, i was born in the bronx in december 1941. >> reporter: her portrayal earned harper another emmy and a golden globe before the series ended in 1978. that year also brought an end to her first marriage to actor richard shaw. she married her second husband nine years later. during an interview with piers morgan, harper said one of the biggest milestones in her life was meeting her second husband. >> having tony in my life at my side, at my back, helping me in every way possible, enjoying life with me and traveling and all the things that we've done. >> reporter: together the couple adopted their only child, christina. she was public about the adoption speaking to larry king
1:55 am
about the biological mother in 2000. >> we read a note to her from her birth whom. we sat together and i blessed the woman. >> reporter: she stayed active on stage and in movies. in 1986, she headlined in the family sitcom valley. she was fired from the series in a salary dispute at the end of its second season. she won more than a million dollars from the network and production company in the wrongful firing suit which followed. and the show continued for years without her. she reunited with moore in 2000 for mary and re today, a tv movie that brought their iconic characters back together again. behind the scenes, harper got involved in the women's liberation movement and fought for the equal rights amendment. the screen actor's guild member unsuccessful ran for president of the guild in 2001 losing to melissa gilbert. in her memoir, the nonsmoker
1:56 am
opened up about getting over lung cancer in 2009 action but her battle with cancer was long from over. in march 2013, she revealed that while rehearsing for a stage show, she learned that she had a rare terminal brain cancer. she received chemotherapy and kept a positive attitude. >> don't go to the funeral, minor your or your loved one bes until the day of the funeral because then you miss the life that you have left. >> reporter: she leaves behind her husband and a daughter. >> valerie harper passed away at the age of 80 years old. thank you for being with us here. i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. the news continues after the break as we continue to track this very dangerous hurricane that is barreling right now toward the state of florida. stand by.
1:57 am
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take a look at that. hurricane dorian, it is not an extremely dangerous category 4 storm. officials warn, people in its path should prepare for the worst. we have the greatest update at this hour. plus the u.s. president continues to taunt ire ran with a tweet. but it raised concerns that over twitter. protesters return to the streets of hong kong marching even after police arrest pro democracy activists. cnn is live with that report. we are live from cnn world headquarters at the mother ship in atlanta. i want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and


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