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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 31, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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take a look at that. hurricane dorian, it is not an extremely dangerous category 4 storm. officials warn, people in its path should prepare for the worst. we have the greatest update at this hour. plus the u.s. president continues to taunt ire ran with a tweet. but it raised concerns that over twitter. protesters return to the streets of hong kong marching even after police arrest pro democracy activists. cnn is live with that report. we are live from cnn world headquarters at the mother ship in atlanta. i want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world.
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i'm george howell. the "cnn newsroom" starts now. at 5:00 a.m. here on the u.s. east coast, we start with this big monster storm that's headed this way. hurricane dorian, a massive storm that is gaining strength as we speak, headed toward the state of florida. here's the latest update that just came in. dorian is described as an extremely dangerous category 4 storm. right now, it has maximum sustained winds of 140 miles or 220 kilometers per hour. it's still unclear exactly where the storm will make landfall. right now, it is projected to hit another melbourne, florida, on tuesday and go up the coastline. again, let's take a look from space just to see how large the storm is. this is the view from the international space station. dorian is still at least a day away from the bahamas where hurricane warnings and evacuation orders are already in effect. storm intensified very quickly
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and could even get stronger in the coming hours. here's a look again at the hurricane hunter aircraft. the flight crew said they could really see a difference over the last day. >> we saw -- yesterday at this time, we saw a profound eye today. very small, ten miles across. completely circular. extremely strong winds in the eye wall itself. and we only went through once in the daylight. we were able to look up to the clear sky. our next two paths reported are that we do our work just fine and just like we do during the daylight. intensity in 24 hours.rea of - >> following this storm and the latest update, our karin mcginnis is here. karen, again, you told us at the tom. hour, which is now we get new news. what is that? >> it has remained the same. still, the powerful, ugly fierce hurricane that we've been monitoring for days now.
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it is still a category 4 hurricane. the winds are the same. it's moving to the west-northwest. but here is the big takeaway from hurricane dorian. the takeaway is, from the spaghetti models that are all together, but now it's less definitive about where that landfall may or may not take place. some of these computer models are bringing it in, right along the central south carolina coast. maybe right along the south carolina/georgia coast. maybe it will brush by the space coast. that's certainly possible. it could really do anything. jet stream -- the gulf stream, rather, is located just offshore, it winds to the north, but if you remember, a lot of these systems, once they get into that gulf stream, they tend to explode. this is just fuel for that fire. they intensify. now, hurricane center says what we think will happen with this
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is will slow down. that's even worse, for the people in the bahamas who are waiting for this potentially catastrophic hurricane, this is nail-biting time. but then the folks who have made all of the preparations up and down the florida peninsula, along that east coast, all the way from jacksonville, amelia island, the space coast, the treasurer coast, the gold coast, this has been really a very interesting last 24 to 72 hours. when might it make land fall across the coast of florida? it might in 36 hours. four days out, maybe on tuesday. but these are the winds. it comes close to the coast. and by this indication, it's still offshore. the computer models are saying maybe it stays offshore. it's not as definitive as it had been looking earlier. that's not to say it won't brush by and make a couple of
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landfalls, that's certainly possible. george, this one is so frustr e frustrating, but let's just sufficed to say, this has the poe official widespread catastrophic damage. the potential for large loss of life. storm surge, power outages, inland flooding. the list goes on and on. then we look at secondary problems with food, electricity, health, health care, medicine, a lot of problems. >> the thing about it, karen, even though it does pass by or goes by, it's brushing side on the dirty side of the storm. the worst part of the storm. >> millions and millions of people. >> thank you, karen. look, the entire state of florida essentially in the cone. uncertainty. officials, out of caution, mare warning everyone to be prepared before time runs out. they are encouraging residents to have seven days of food, water, emergency supplies, after the storm passes through. other states are also sending in crews to help them manage the
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damage before and after. our brian todd has more now on preparations that are under way in palm beach county, florida. >> reporter: officials in palm beach county tell cnn, they expect to order mandatory evacuations beginning sunday morning. but they can't force people out of their homes. mayor mac bernard said they won't ask all of the county's 1.5 million residents to get out. but those in coastal areas and inland areas with mobile homes will be asked to leave. what is the biggest mistake people make in the runup to a hurricane? >> well, the biggest mistake is not preparing. and they don't have food and they don't have the right water. and so, it's really -- to be prepared, and then also, you know, after the hurricane sometimes we lose lives because people are running their generators. so, they don't know how to operate it. >> reporter: the rest of the state is also preparing for evacuatio evacuations. >> for certain people, it's going to be necessary.
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in certain neighborhoods they'll have to do that. >> reporter: miami-dade and others are preparing. >> it gives our administrators the authority to evacuate in appropriate areas. >> reporter: florida governor ron desantis said there's a fuel shortage across the state. >> we're constantly having trucks go to the ports and fill up at the gas stations. we've also gotten georgia and alabama and mississippi to waive their weight restrictions on trucks to bring more fuel out of state. >> reporter: at this wawa gas station, lines have been winding around the corner and down the blocks. jerry peck has been manning the station 18 hours a day. do people tend to panic, tempers flare? >> they do. they get a little edgy. but because of the seriousness of this storm, i see this happening sooner. >> reporter: peck said he hand
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out of unleaded gas but a tanker brought more in. his company is concerned about running low. >> i need gas in my car, just in case i have to leave, go elsewhere. >> if something drastic happens and we might have to evacuate. got to have a car. >> reporter: residents also scrambling to stock up on supplies. water and other essentials. >> it's just stressful. i've been through this a couple times in the last 15 years. and this is the worst so far. >> anybody need water? get in this line. >> reporter: as businesses rush to restock empty shelves. to illustrate how the evacuation manner is, palm beach told us they're reluctant to get millions of people or hundreds of thousands of people on the roads all at once. if it makes landfall, there's a
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concern that too many people head north they could get caught in the storm as they try to move. brian todd, cnn, palm springs, florida. >> and other agencies are taking action as well. a local state of emergency has been declared in miami-dade county. about half the gasoline stations there are without fuel. officials say more is on the way so not to worry. friday marked the start of what's called the keen tide. that's the highest tide of the season. dorian isn't even close and already some areas are covered in water. that's some of the reason the mayor of miami beach is planning for the worst, listen. >> the challenge of the storm is really this. we can prepare for this. but because everybody sees it going everywhere in the state of florida, because the cone is so wide, people may decide it's not coming to them. they're going to play sort of russian roulette. and that's a big mistake.
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my dad was the mayor of the city i'm the mayor of during hurricane andrew. and it was coming right at us. i remember it like yesterday. then at the last minute it jogged south. then 30 to 50 miles south of us. mile the mayor was urging us to go to his command center down south which tells you anybody who is assuming it's not going to come to them because it could go anywhere is making a huge mistake. you have to assume the worse. >> to his point. these storms have a personality of their own. they go where they want to so you really do have to assume the worst and just prepare. right now, dorian is approaching the bahamas. we know that for sure. a hurricane warning for that region has been issued. the prime minister there telling people to leave immediately, cnn's patrick oppmann has more now from the city of freeport. >> reporter: so, here in the northwest bahamas, we've been feeling the wind pick up throughout the day. we've felt some of the first rain bands coming through.
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really, hurricane dorian is quite a ways away. the full power of this storm will not be felt until saturday into sunday, when the storm could come through here where i am as a powerful category 3 or 4 storm. and that will have a destructive impact on some of the low-lying islands. here where i am, where people are actually being evacuated from lower islands. the highest point of land is about 30 feet high. so when you think of the storm surge that could be caused from this very powerful hurricane that could come up along the coast ten feet or more. that is quite scary for so many of the residents that live along the water. we walk up and down the beaches today, there are a few people, people out of food and water, gassing up their cars. trying to put storm shutters on their homes. get everything ready. they know in the hours ahead, it will become increasingly dangerous to leave their homes. as we were flying in on friday,
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one of the last flights into freeport here in the bahamas. we were told that the airport would be shut down soon and people were not going to be able to leave because it's even more dangerous to go out in a boat now, we've seen people actually taking their boats from the ocean into the land. trying to get them into areas where they're less likely to be affected. so officials are saying now is the time to get ready. to get all of the items you need to ride out for possibly several days of very dangerous hurricane, if you are in the bahamas. and that it is going to be a rough ride ahead but this point, many people here don't have any choice but to get prepared for the worse. patrick oppmann, cnn, freeport, bahamas. >> patrick, thank you. of course, we'll continue to follow and monitor this storm as it moves closer. >> the u.s. spread also monitoring hurricane dorian from camp david. more on that ahead. plus, this -- >> we had a photo, and i released it which i have the absolute right to do.
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i can't remember when he didn't smoke. i feel like we do so much together now because if he would go outside, i'd be bored. in all reality, my wife who is the most important person in my life was the key driver into me switching. i do feel like we're a lot closer now. i think i have gotten a piece of my life back when i started with juul. i didn't think it was gonna work. i really didn't think so. it did. it worked magically. welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. as hurricane dorian gets closer to the united states, the u.s. president is following developments from camp david. mr. trump already declared a state of emergency in florida. and that means the state gets
2:16 am
access to federal emergency resources and funding. our kaitlan collins explains. >> reporter: as hurricane dorian heads for florida, president trump is headed for camp david. >> the storm looks like it could be a very, very big one, indeed. >> reporter: that's where he'll monitor the labor day storm, but he'll do so without a permanent fema administrator or a confirmed homeland security secretary by his side. new cnn reporting revealing that three months into hurricane season, trump's pick to head the disaster response agency just fired is still waiting to be confirmed by the senate. acting administrator pete gaynor has been running fema in his place. while he has a decade of experience in emergency management, dorian will be his first hurricane in charge of the agency. >> they're probably short a few thousand employees when it comes to reserve. >> reporter: he recently told
2:17 am
lawmakers that the agency is fully staffed but those temporary employees who helped during disasters like this one are understaffed. >> it has been a struggle. >> reporter: another official by the president's side during a natural diasterer is the homeland security secretary. but in the trump white house, that position is also agenting. >> but i said i like acting. it gives me flexibility. >> reporter: trump may prefer that term in front of his advise erz adviseers titles but experts warn it could be damaging in the long time. today, trump declared a state of emergency in florida. >> it really began to form and form big. and now it's looking like it could be an absolute monster. >> reporter: the president has multiple properties in the state. including his mar-a-lago resort in palm beach which is projected to be directly in the path of dorian. all of this come ago midother turbulence in the west wing. after one of trump's most
2:18 am
trusted aides madelinesterhouse was forced out after she revealed, quote, intimate details about the white house during an off-the-record dinner with reporters. her abrupt departure coming while he was on a summer vacation stunned her colleagues who described her as someone with a lot of power. president trump said he had just spoken with that aide. she told him she'd been drinking during that off-the-record dinner with that reporter. and what she said was unacceptable and he wouldn't say whether or not she was fired but she said, what happened, he departure, was an automatic decision for him. kaitlan collins, cnn, the white house. >> all right, kaitlan, thank you very much. on sunday, a new round of tariffs kicks off between the united states and china.
2:19 am
this is that latest in the back and forth in the month's long trade war between the two world's largest economies. executives around the world, they're hoping this is the final move that brings the country to the negotiating table and saves their bottom lines. mr. trump insists it is the business leaders themselves who are the blame for this. let's listen. >> a lot of badly run companies are trying to blame tariffs. in other words, if they're running badly and having a bad quarter, or they're just unlucky in some way, they're likely to blame the tariffs. it's not the tariffs. it's called bad management. >> u.s. president may have also put an image on the internet that was not meant for the public to see. here it is, in a tweet, mr. trump writes the u.s. had nothing do do with the explosion of an iranian rocket on a launchpad thursday. he then adding a seemingly
2:20 am
sarcastic good luck in determining what happened. it's not the words, but instead, the high resolution image of the explosion site that has analysts concerned. it's the quality of that image that has analysts believing it is a classified photo. on friday, mr. trump defended the tweet. listen. >> i just wish iran well. they had a big problem. we had a photo and i released it which i have the absolute right to do. we'll see what happens. you'll have to figure out that one yourself. we'll see what happens. they had a big mishap. it's unfortunate. and so iran, as you probably know, they were going to set off a big missile and it didn't work out too well, had nothing to do with us. >> there's such to dissect here and to do it, let's bring in thomas gift, thomas a electric lecturer at the university college in london.
2:21 am
mr. trump put that image out there to the public. the question here, though, whether it's a classified image. the president insists he can do it. what are your thoughts about that? >> well, the situation with iran really is unfolding moment by moment, and there remains a lack of clarity on what's happened. trump has, as you say, insisted he has a right to share the photo which many thinks coming from a classified intelligence briefing. i think there's some precedent with this. we've seen executives in the past exposing confidential information including kennedy during the cuban missile crisis and bush during the iraq war. but some suggest it may be problematic because it's classified. >> i also want to get your thoughts on the u.s. president claiming that badly managed companies using statariffs here basically as an secure. the question is, ask he side
2:22 am
step the overall part of this trade war with the united states? >> i think the new york stock exchange this is poorly run companies is fairly ridiculous, to be frank. the trade war is really the wet blanket that has been placed over the u.s. economy for quite some time. and i think if you're looking for blame, as to why u.s., china, as well as the nobglobal economy may be headed into a recession, i think you can place that blame squarely on these tariffs. we have a new round of tariffs that are coming in effect tomorrow. and we'll see how this goes into the future. but right now, i think it's certainly a bad sign. there are a lot of signals that recession could be coming this way. >> mr. trump continues to insist that's not the case, but again, these indicators that, you know, people are seeing in markets around the world, certainly are causing concern. we also heard president trump break his silence about the departure of his personal
2:23 am
assistant. sources tell cnn that she was forced to resign after sharing intimate details about mr. trump's family with reporters in an off-the-record meeting. the president was clear. he essentially said the decision was automatic. one thing that's interesting was, the tone he took on this. let's listen, we'll talk about it on the other side. >> she said she was drinking a little bit and she was with reporters. and everything she said was off the record. that still doesn't really cover for it. mentioned a couple things about my children. but she's a very, you know, good person. >> this coming from a president who does like to gloat when he pushes people out or if they're fired or whatever the case. in this case, though, it does seem that he took a different tone. >> well, i think it is the case that she has been with the trump administration from the very beginning. so maybe there's a sense of loyalty there. this is kind of a juicey story.
2:24 am
i think there is a broader point with respect to the revolving door with the trump administration. and that is donald trump expects loyalty from everyone else but he doesn't give any of it back. even if these words were, i think, less critical than maybe what we've seen in the past, we still saw a relatively swift departure in this case. we've seen people leave either because they resigned or fired at a record clip in this administration. it's not atypical to see some turnover, but the numbers that have left and the way they've left is quite unprecedented. it's not just among these lower-level staffers. there are high profile examples from jim mattis to dan coats, to jeff sessions. the list goes on. i think it's just the talent of this administration, finding the kind of talent that it needs and to execute the responsibilities that it needs to.
2:25 am
>> we appreciate your time today, thank you so much. >> thank you, george. hurricane dorian gains strength and it makes its beeline towards the bahamas and florida. we'll have an update. plus, florida is running low on supplies as the storm approaches. how the state is trying to make sure everyone has what they need to stay safe. stay with us. namaste? namaste right here on the couch. but then, anne laid on a serta perfect sleeper. and realized her life was only just... sorta comfortable. where have you been all my life? not just sorta comfortable. serta comfortable. save on the pressure-relieving serta perfect sleeper at the labor day sale. they give us excellent customer otservice, every time.e. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed.
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2:29 am
spontaneous groups, after a major planned rally didn't get police permission and was cancelled. the rallies come after activists were arrested. >> in the state of alabama at least ten teenagers were hurt, this, when gunfire broke out at a high school football game. this happened in mobile, alabama. five victims are said to be in critical but nonlife-threatening condition. two are detained and questioned by police. the u.s. government may not want you to see this picture. but the u.s. president did. he tweeted it out on friday. the high resolution image shows the site of an iraqian explosion site. mr. trump will be monitoring what's happening with hurricane dorian from camp david this weekend. before leaving for washington, he declared a state of emergency for florida, making it easier for people there to get federal
2:30 am
emergency resources. residents in the state of florida, they're keeping a close eye to the maps. they're worried about where the storm is going. and they're trying to be prepared for whatever happens. the storm right now is a category 4, with maximum sustained winds of about 140 miles per hour. that's 220 kilometers per hour. the storm will pass by the bahamas on saturday and sunday. and then projected to hit near florida, near melbourne, and then go up the coastline. that path, though, could easily change. we're keeping an eye on it. but this will likely be a very intense storm, wherever it lands, as a category 3. or even a category 4. i can tell you from covering a 4 and 5, these storms are strong. very intense. the storm that strong has extreme winds and can be catastrophic. in fact, it could destroy homes and cause power outages that
2:31 am
could last for weeks or even months. so when big storms hit, a lot of people talk about the strength of hurricane andrew in florida that happened 23 years ago. and meteorologists are see something similarities between that storm and dorian. take a look. here's what andrew did back then, after crossing the bahamas, the hurricane hit southern florida as a category 5. the storm had winds of 165, or 270 kilometers per hour. it killed 26 people and caused some $26 billion in damage. it destroyed more than 25,000 homes. so, again, as this hurricane approaches florida. ready.nts there are getting they're stocking up on food. getting water and medicine together. some stores, though, even ran out of water. cnn spoke with some of the residents there who are doing their best to prepare. listen. >> i'm a little concerned, but getting more and more concerned about what category and what's
2:32 am
going to happen because i've never seen a hurricane. we're getting ready to fill the house with lots of water. fill the bathtub up with water, i don't know. and get the money out of the bank account. and basically taking pictures off the wall and getting stuff out of the back yards. we just put up one of those pagodas, you know the big -- got to get that down sometime today. >> i live in a mobile home. i'm sad to be homeless. that's not what's worrying me. i have animals i have pigs, i don't know what to do. it's just stressful, i've been through this a couple times in the last 15 years and this is the worst so far. >> and also in vero beach, many people there are boarding up their homes try to be prepared for this thing. the mayor there says, one of the primary concerns will be storm surge. >> we get a storm surge during the same time that we have our
2:33 am
high tide. it could be pretty devastating to our community. they've been talking at the emergency operations center meetings that our storm surge can be between 7 and 11 feet. and that is significant. on top of the storm surge, on top of the high tide, you can have waves in addition to that very very long during the hurricane. people need to listen when there's a mandatory evacuation. you need to follow through. we're going to be opening our special needs shelter on sunday morning. and remaining shelters on sunday afternoon. you cannot have mandatory evacuations until you have the shelters open. that's why it won't start until sunday. >> we'll see what's happening in west palm beach. many residents there are at gas station. they're lined up to get fuel. that area could take a direct hit. earlier, the mayor of palm beach county spoke to cnn, about how
2:34 am
they're preparing. >> we figured we would need about 17 to 20 hours to have all of our residents in the locations that are needed. so, we believe that sunday morning is a perfect time. so, that way, we can get everybody who needs to be evacuated. but what we're doing is we want to make sure the residents who lives in specific zones evacuate. but if you're not in one of those zones, what we want is for those residents to stay somewhere that is close. make sure they're in a safe place. but do not go far. because we don't want them to head on the highway. so that way, they they had north and get caught by the storm heading north. because this storm is heading all the way north and it could hit them all the way to jacksonville. that's the reason why we want our residents to stay in place. >> now our karen maginnis is here to tell us the latest information. karen, there's a lot of concern about where the storm is going
2:35 am
and how strong it will be when it gets to florida? >> and the national hurricane center said it's going to slow down over the next 24 hour. to slow down means it's going to increase in intensity. the slower it moves, the more problematic it becomes. it's still a very powerful hurricane. a major hurricane, a category 4 hurricane that is moving towards the west-northwest, has supporting winds of 140 miles an hour. that makes it a medium-grade category 4, still a mega hurricane. but this clearly defined eye has really been so imposing to look at for days. i have to hand it to the people in florida. the first responders. the people, heads of government there, who have told the people what to do, get gas, make sure you got water, food, medicines, make sure you've got a safe place to go. this has been brilliant on their part. to see this storm coming in this direction and threatening as powerful a system as this is
2:36 am
with 140-mile-per-hour winds could be on its way to category 5. but here's the problem, it has not been performing as we would ordinarily think. but our previous computer models are suggesting it could bound around the space coast. it could bounce and shore and get caught up in the gulf stream and impact coastal georgia. coastal south carolina, coastal north carolina. all of these coastal areas are jam-packed with people. they're so beautiful and so fragile. and a system like this is really going to be catastrophic and devastating. what does the hurricane center say now? it may be just offshore. but george, an offshore hurricane of this magnitude is still very destructive. so, don't let your guard down. if we say, it's not going to make nightfall along the coast there, that doesn't mean you're
2:37 am
still not going to be battered on that western edge of this most powerful hurricane that is really trying meteorologists' patience of where it's going to make landfall. >> and just to reiterate, that side of the storm, that's the worst side of the storm to be under, right? >> all of it is going to be bad. all of it. offshore, just pounding the coast all the way up that in 12e itself is colts traffiatastroph. hong kong pro democracy activists are not letting up they continue to fill the streets. why they say they're not afraid. stay with us. at t-mobile, what can you get when you a buy a samsung galaxy note 10?
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drawing your attention to what's happening right now on the streets of hong kong, where it is 5:40 in the afternoon. you see under the umbrellas, the protesters there, and you see that smoke believed to be tear gas that police are using. you see some more there that's continuing there on the streets. this is the 13th straight weekend of these protests. even organizers, they cancelled a major march that was planned for saturday after police refused to give permission. but again, you see police and people on the streets. there's fire on the streets as well. let's bring in will ripley. will is following all of this in hong kong. will, what can you tell us what about you're seeing from your vantage point? >> reporter: hi, george that tear gas you mentioned was deployed just a short distance from where we're standing down the street here. we are close to hong kong's police headquarters. the building is just off in the distance that way. protesters have been building, you can tell it's getting
2:42 am
closer, they're building a barricade, that is yet another indication that these young people, primarily, young people, are itching for a fight. they are ready for a confrontation tonight with hong kong police just like they've had weekend after weekend. this is the 13th consecutive weekend. but we've seen the strategy of protesters shift. the demonstrations for today were not approved. there's no permit for the protest. one of the things they're out here fighting for, suffrage. we didn't see hundreds of house to or over 1 million people that could have turned out potentially, but what you do have, thousands of people here on the streets. they're building more barricades there. they've got gas masks, umbrellas, body armor, ready to fend off what they expect will
2:43 am
be some intervention by police. they're going to have to do something at this point. is this one of the major roads through hong kong, george. once again, it's closed. you can see here, traffic barely making it through. parts of the city continuing to be plunged into chaos. look at these guys here. i want to show you, they've got shields, not only umbrellas, but shields to what the riot police use. they're ready for whatever comes this evening. george. >> will, i can tell you what may be come. on one side of the screen we see you and protesters preparing. on the other side we see what is coming. we see tear gas used on the streets, can be wrong, but what seeming to water cannons. is there a sense that crowds are dwindling now, or do people remain firm on the streets?
2:44 am
>> reporter: well, there's certainly consistent move of people. the organizers have taken on what organizers call this b-water. instead of camping in one particular area like they did in 2014 where they shut down admiralty for months and pitched tents in the streets and whatnot. now what they're doing, moving from place to place, barricades, smaller groups, causing disruption and then leaving. trying to keep police on their toes. there are helicopters hovering above us, george. we know police helicopters are in the air trying to keep them from moving. what the city is doing, to stop them from moving around. they've shut down stations. a lot of these young people are not going to take a taxi, obviously. they're going to have to walk, they're going to have to take public transportation. so the city shutting down public transportation.
2:45 am
they arrested three high-profile activists to have a chilling effect to scare people from coming out here. i believe if we have time, producers, there is sound from joshua wong, one of those activists arrested, we heard from him just as he walked out of jail on bail. >> we have never expected hong kong government to listen to our voice, because hong kong government is just a proxy government. the leader of hong kong is just a puppet of communist regime. but we still keep on our fight, because we all know that president xi and beijing are facing international pressure and the hong kong people. and we are just one demanding our fundamental right to elect our own government, the right enjoyed by the free world since last century. >> reporter: joshia wong is the
2:46 am
voice of the face. but these are young people out here willing to fight. these are people fighting for the future of hong kong. fighting for their democratic freedoms and not the alternative which is an increasingly authoritarian climate. to talk about it, george, we hear all of the helicopters buzzing over our heads to prepare ourselves for what could be another messy night here on the streets of hong kong. >> world is certainly watching, will. except in mainland china, where you're sitting in hong kong, the signal is likely blacked out. will ripley, thank you. cities across the united kingdom are bracing for large demonstrations. people there are protesting the prime minister's plan to suspend parliament in the runup to brexit. four of the prime ministers, two of them in fact, have lined up against boris johnson's controversial move. john majors and gordon brown
2:47 am
gave a blistering speech. but the prime minister insists he know what is he's doing. our bianca nobilo reports. >> reporter: former prime minister john major has joined the legal action against the current prime minister boris johnson. there are now three cases against johnson's decision to prolong or suspend part from sitting throughout the summer months and the late fall. this would mean that there are only nine weeks until brexit, and parliament would not be sitting for five of those. if the legal action is successful, it would block jhnson from suspended parliament. but boris johnson maintains that this is an important part of his strategy to refresh his domestic agenda. he's also defiant on his approach to continuing negotiations with the eu. >> i think our european friends have understood one or two big points in the last couple of weeks. i think they get that the uk's really going for a deal. they understand that.
2:48 am
but they also understand that the uk is absolutely willing to come out, without a deal. if we have to. they understand that, too. and we're serious, we're totally serious about both propositions. and i think what that's encouraging is progress. >> reporter: boris johnson's strategy in his final months before the uk is scheduled to leave the european union, is to demonstrate to the eu once and for all that britain means it when it says it is prepared to leave the eu without a deal. this has been a message that he's been reiterating, and he as well as his key ministers have been underscoring that britain is prepared to le ed td to leav. and also interpreted as a signal his hard-liners that he does in fact mean it when he says that britain is leaving on the 31st of october. bianca nobilo, cnn, london.
2:49 am
people in pakistan in kashmir. thousands of protesters turned out to denounce the indian leader. and pakistan held what it calls kashmir hour. idia has deployed introduces of troops and blacked out the internet and phone services. fires are still burning in the amazon, and siberia and thailand and europe bringing not only concerns but public health concerns as well.
2:50 am
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to learn more about cost and how janssen can help, visit fires in the amazon rain forest focused the world's attention on climate change. but brazil's frontier is not the only region being consumed by fires. our halle gorani has this report. >> reporter: fires are burning around the globe. flames in the amazon, consuming the world's largest rain forest, suffocating the lungs of the world. >> it is not just a forest. but it's almost a cemetery.
2:54 am
because all you can see is that. >> reporter: blazers in siberia are burning at historic rates because of rising temperatures. >> point of no return is almost here. >> reporter: flames are also burning in alaska, thailand, greece. spain. portugal, bolivia. raising fears that even hott et temperatures in the future and the potential for more fires, that would keep releasing additional carbon dioxide, while at the same time, killing more vegetation. scientists say, the only solution is urgently adopted a more sustainable way of life. >> land is where we live. land is under growing human pressure. >> reporter: a number of celebrities are also speaking out about the potential globe catastrophe. >> we've gone this far and we not only haven't been able to stop it and protect it and
2:55 am
express to all people around the world the value of it, and for people doing business to prioritize human beings and oxygen and our future, over immediate commerce is absurd. >> reporter: and even the pope is expressing concern. >> translator: we're all worried about the vast fires that have developed in the amazon. let us pray so that with the commitment of all, they can be put out soon. that is vital for our planet. >> reporter: the next question on the minds of scientists and environmentalists, what comes next? >> if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase or do not increase, then many regions, especially the tropics would see unprecedent eed climate conditis in terms of temperatures or extreme events. >> reporter: hala gorani. this new report from the
2:56 am
australian government. a new report says that climate change is a great threat to the great barrier reef region. and accelerating coral loss. but there is good us in. it is said that the reef can recover if there are no further disturbances. the reef attracts more than $6 billion to the local economy. thank you for watching "cnn newsroom" this hour. i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. for our viewers in the united states. "new day" is next. for our viewers around the world "stolen sun" cnn freedom documentary is ahead. you're watching cnn, the news leader.
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it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> good saturday morning to you want we're starting with hurricane dorian. the national hurricane center says it is now an extremely dangerous category-four hurricane capable of causing catastrophic damage. >> right now it's churning in the atlantic with sustained wind speeds of more than 140 miles per hour. parts of the bahamas bracing for a direct hit. extreme flooding, life-threatening storm surge, all possible. >> now all of florida is under a state of emergency, but as of 5:00 a.m., the national


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