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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  August 31, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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hurricane dorian, the national hurricane center says it is now an extremely dangerous category 4 hurricane, capable of causing catastrophic death. >> a rapid intensification cycle with this particular storm in the last 24 hours. >> we anticipate a lot of rain, losing power. a big probability. it's really, really significant. you need to take precaution. >> anybody need water? you have to get in this line. >> i think we're overdue, we might be thinking it's something worse than the last one. >> everybody in the state of florida needs to be prepared. particularly in the eastern half.
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>> this is stressful. i've been through this in a couple times in the last 15 years, this is the worst. ♪ >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. and we have breaking news. the national hurricane center has just released its latest update for hurricane dorian and it is getting stronger. >> let's get to allison chinchar with the latest. what does this mean? >> we talked about it with the hurricane hunters just minutes '. the winds have increased gust be up to 165. the movement has shifted. it had been west-northwest it's now due west at 12 miles per hour. again, the key thing to note is that it's still intensifying. it's not that, oh, it already did, maybe we're starting to
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enter a weakening phase. it's still intensifying. the question is what happens from here ? the hurricane hunters looking at it. there's that clock with wind speed. they picked up to 145 miles per hour. track remains the same. we're off in a category 5, do they make an adjust to perhaps see if this storm could get up to a category 5 before it ends up making landfall. bahamas, florida, other portions of the united states will be paying close attention to this. as of now, the track remains the same, still expected to move west towards the bahamas. and at some point, as it nears florida, it's expected to shift to the north. the question is when does it do that? we do have hurricane warnings for portions of the bahamas.
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there's no question those will get added to florida at some point today, maybe even tomorrow morning as the storm approaches. remember, even if this does not make a technical landfall across florida, but just skirts along the eastern coastline, it doesn't mean they won't issue hurricane warnings for it. because the wind is spread out so far, they're still likely to have wind gusts along high land category 1 or 2 stretching from miami all the way to jacksonville. >> allison chinchar, thank you so much. so, a lot of people are preparing for this, especially florida's space coast, because they don't know what this is going to bring for them and they have precious cargo that they need to protect. >> yeah. kennedy's spokesperson says nasa's space launch platform is being moved inside. of course, they don't want the hurricane to damage it.
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>> cnn's nick valencia is there in cocoa beach. nick, what are you seeing? i know it's beautiful, but despite what they're talking about, i know people there are feeling anxious? >> reporter: yeah, very anxious. and there's still a lot of uncertainty, in terms of just exactly are hurricane dorian will make direct landfall. it's is not stopping here from preparing. you see behind me, as you mentioned, it is gorgeous. there's a few people on the beach. i just talked to one of the park rangers. and they said, by and large, in the last few days, the beach has been empty. this is a holiday weekend and you would expect people out. overnight, there were mandatory evacuations put in place for brevard and part s cocoa beach where i am. they expect people to be evacuating from the kennedy space center. and i caught up with residents and asked them after that 5:00
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a.m. forecast came out about florida might be spared a direct hit, i asked him, does that change your preparations at all? this is what he had to tell me. >> you have to prepare for the worse. i'd rather sit there and say, okay, this is -- what you want to do is have a lot of dry stuff, peanut butter, crackers, water. >> reporter: you definitely get that from that resident, there are people guarded here and preparing for the worst. victor, christi. >> thank you. let's go to cnn's brian todd in west palm beach. brian, i know the story has been filling up the gas tank. and a lot of those stations running out. has that tanker to resupply the station where you are, has that arrived yet? >> reporter: victor, we've been waiting for the tank toreer to arrive.
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it's very close. but they need it to get here. it's got 9,000 gallons of fuel that's going to leave here for customers. this is that sight that no one wants to see. the bag over the handle. diesel gas that only doesn't help that many people here. they ran out of regular unleaded late last night. they ran out of all other gas at 12:30 a.m. overnight. but they do anticipate once the tanker gets here, that they will have another run on gas. again, we talked about the preparations here and off the coast of florida. floridians know not to let down their guard. even though the track is changing. they're preparing for a run on gas here. these guys were directing traffic all day yesterday. the traffic was snaking out here and on to forest hill boulevard. down several blocks all day yesterday. they do expect another run this morning once the tanker truck gets here. again, the dynamic could be changing. with the storm staying to the east maybe not giving a direct
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hit here, but the question is are they still going to order evacuations for palm beach county like they were going to tomorrow morning. that dynamic is changing. they may hold off on that and county officials. that could affect the run on gas. the governor of florida, ron desaintsd desantis has said, it's not that they don't have the gas, but they've had limited capacity to get trucks to ports like this. they've that to waive some fees to get through. and escort tanks like this. so the logistics have been challenging and that's led to shortages of gas. they've run out here and stations all around this corridor here. even in miami yesterday, the governor said only about half the stations had gas. so, you know, even, further south in places again where they may not get a direct hit that is the dynamic here. again, the key thing to look for in the coming hours is will they
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order a mandatory evacuation? or will they hold off on that and just kind of wait it out? all right. brian todd, thank you so much for sticking in there, buddy. i know that it is a chore. it is something. it's waiting to see where this thing is going to go. take good care. you and the team there. bernie sanders is prepping the plan to take on medical debt. we'll break down and outline, so many questions that senator sanders has put forward this morning. also president trump's personal assistant is out of a job after reportedly sharing personal details about his family. she did this allegedly at a dinner with reporters. how significant is this sudden departure from the white house yet again. and we're following the breaking news how of hong kong. police are pushing back protesters who have set this fire that is now out in the streets. we're live from the district there in hong kong.
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12 minutes past the hour right now. bernie sanders this morning is unveiling the outline for his plan to take on medical debt. >> so, the senator argues your financial life and your future should not be destroyed because you or a family member gets sick. cnn's ryan nobles joins us from washington with the few details of this plan that they put out. so what do you know? >> yeah, so what happened last
5:13 am
night, victor, bernie sanders was participating in a town hall in south carolina and this topic came up. the question of medical debt and how it can be a huge burden for people who are already dealing with a serious illness. he was handled directly, how would you handle this problem. and this is how sanders answered. >> in another piece of legislation that we're going to be offering we will eliminate medical debt in this country. i mean, just stop and think for a second, why should people be placed in financial duress, for what crime did you commit? you had a serious illness, right? that is not what this country should be about. >> so, that raised quite a few eyebrows. this is something that senator sanders had not unveiled previously. and his campaign said they weren't prepared necessarily to release the full details of this plan in totality. they're still working through it. but what they did tell us today is, yes, senator sanders does plan to cancel at least as much
5:14 am
as $81 billion for americans dealing with medical debt. he also wants to take on the 2005 bankruptcy bill that he firmly believes puts people in a cycle debt that they can't get out from underneath. and he also wants to protect the credit score of people dealing with medical debt. sanders believes if you're dealing with a serious illness like illness that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars that you shouldn't be placed with this undue burden of medical debt on top of it. what sanders did not review is how they plan to pay for it. this added on with the plans for medicare for all, free across the board for all americans. they want all free tuition and to cancel student loan debt. they do promise in the coming weeks there will be a more fulsome plan related to this particular issue of medical debt. this is something that has
5:15 am
become a big priority for bernie sanders and his campaign. >> ryan nobles, thanks so much. and there are details that need to be vetted out here. cnn's political analyst michael bender is with us here. also a white house reporter for t"the wall street journal." michael, thank you for being with us. questions for hundreds of billions of dollars at the end of the day, does not sound like a whole lot for medical debt. then the questions of who, what is the criteria to determine whose medical debt get erased? >> is it effective to release a plan without those details? >> i don't think it's very effective to release the plan without the details. and as ryan said, i don't know if it's a good idea to release a plan on a friday over a big weekend with a major storm approaching as well. sanders has quite a bit of ground to make up in this race.
5:16 am
this path forward is not clear. "the wall street journal" put out a story this summer that painted a stark picture for sanders. elizabeth warren, who is sanders big rival for liberal voters, she's the first choice among that group. sand serious not of the second choice of any of the candidates running in the field right now. it's warren who is the second choice for harris voters for buttigieg voters. and even warren, who is seen as a liberal, you know, the main liberal competitor with sanders. her voters say their second choice is harris. so sanders has quite a bit of ground to make up. and this is his political calling card here. these big bold ideas. head line grabbing ideas. eliminating student debt. medicare for all. now eliminating medical debt. but when there's no details behind it, when the plan comes out, his opponents are just going to use that as a way to cast doubt on whether this is a
5:17 am
credible plan and whether it has any chance of becoming law in washington. >> all right. michael, i want to shift gears real quickly here to mad d madeleine westerhout. they was the president's assistant. stunning people within white house walls. this is a woman seen as a loyal aide. she's held a lot of significant power in president trump's circle. let's listen to what he said to say about her departure. >> well, i guess she said some things. she called me. she was very upset. she was very down. and she said she was drinking a little bit, and she was with reporters. and everything she said was off the record. that still doesn't really cover for it. mentioned a couple things about my children. but she's a very, you know, good person.
5:18 am
and i thought i always felt she did a good job. >> so, what do you make of the consequences for her now? it seems like off-the-record conversations are not rare by any means, but because it involved his family member, that seemed to be his breaking point? >> yeah, that's right. to be clear. the off-the-record nature of this, i can't go into details what was said or whethe -- >> yeah, we don't need to. >> but the president certainly said that the reason was, that he spoke that madelaine spoke gossip about his family. that is saris certainly a red lr this president, just ask steve bannon for the consequences about that sort of thing. madeleine has been a person true the transition, and the campaign, and we know a pretty significant feat, given the
5:19 am
historic turnover in this wet wing. and her desk was right outside the oval office. she was a gate keeper of sorts for people coming in and out which really made her one of the most powerful and frankly, least known members of this west wing. i just want to add one other thing here. we're talking off the record. and the viewers may wonder what is the point of going offer the record if it can't be shared with readers or viewers. i think there's a good question there and a fair debate. i think this happens a lat in the campaign trail or in foreign trips with the president or in small town, new jersey when he's in bedminster. and off the record, back and forth, with staff, gives you an opportunity to kind of understand these people deemer. and understand where they're coming from. and that, you know, is -- and in that sense, with that context, you're able to give viewers and readers really a richer report
5:20 am
of the motivations and context of the white house, or the candidate, or whoever you're reporting on. >> right. without compromising anything yes. michael bender, appreciate your insights on this. thank you, sir. >> thank you. president trump says a new round of tariffs on chinese goods will go into effect tomorrow. how the president is responding to growing concerns that this trade war could lead to a recession. and following the protests in hong kong, police are pushing back this morning. protesters who have set fires in the streets, who are pointing lasers to trying to disorient officers, we're going to take you live to hong kong. stay close. so any plans for this weekend? of course he's got plans. with labor day deals starting from 20% off, bookers are leaving summer with no regrets. it's labor day! book a place to stay and be a booker
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i'll pass. the next round of u.s. tariffs on chinese-made goods goes in effect tomorrow, despite growing concern that an economic standoff with china will lead to recession, the president continues to sound optimistic. >> we're going to win the fight. we're having conversations with china. meetings are scheduled. calls are being made. i guess the meeting in september continues to be on. it hasn't been cancelled. >> joining me now is peter
5:25 am
goodman the european economics correspondent for "the new york times." peter, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> let's first start on 15% on $112 billion scheduled to start tomorrow. 160 business groups have written to the president asking him to postpone these tariffs. they wrote in this letter, these tariff increases come at the worst possible time, right in the middle of the busy holiday shipping period. the president has postponed tariffs before. any idea if these will be held off? >> at the moment, no. but it's sort of a fool's game to see what's going to happen next in terms of a trade war with this administration because the president seems caught between a couple of competing impulses. on the one hand, he really does seem to feel that this big trade deficit with china is a sign that china is fleecing the united states. he seems like to the ploddests
5:26 am
he gets from the base. that he's taking on a national fights. on the other hand, he doesn't have to imagine the stock marketing plummeting. less likely a deal with china. more likely that tariffs are ahead. and the markets don't like for the simple reason that business doesn't like that. because american business has come to depend upon china for finished products for parts that go into american exports, so this is a wrenching and abrupt kind of disruption that business is suffering. trump seems to be trying to have it both ways. both satisfy business and make the stock market go up and keep fighting china. and he simply can't do both of those things. >> yeah. you wrote that you can either grow the economy or battle china, you can't do both. >> right. >> let's focus on what the president sent out just a spade of tweets during the latter part of this week. he wrote badder run and weak
5:27 am
companies are smartly blaming these small tariffs instead of themselves for bad management. 15% tomorrow, 30% on further goods further down the road. some will argue that is not small. some of what we've heard from the president is spin, some are just outright lies. how much more can these companies, at least from their standpoint, absorb from of the increasing tariffs? >> well, it depends upon the industry. it depends upon how many alternative suppliers there are. i mean, take a supplier like shoes. something like 70% of the shoes sold in the united states are made in china. if you're a shoe designer, if you're shgt fewer marketing sho the united states if you want to continue with the existing shoes in china, you either have to come up with 15% more. you either pass it on to the customer, the customer is is not happy with that likely for buy
5:28 am
fewer shoes or you have to shift your margin elsewhere. maybe that come out of executive pay in stock options if it's a publicly traded company. or a smaller company, for workers in the united states that could even prompt layoffs. even companies that are looking, and there are many, taking the cue from president trump to make their goods. a lot of looking at vietnam. trump has tweeted vietnam could be next. where does the appetite come from to invest in the next plant, if you don't know where the trade war goes next? that adds up to let's just wait, let's not invest. let's not hire more people. it's disrupting and threatening to the company. >> all right. peter goodman, "the new york times." good to have you. >> thank you. well, a major hurricane is getting ready to hit the u.s. the question is where. we're talking to people planning for the worst.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
does not mean that the state is out of danger. officials say it's still in the cone of uncertainty. meaning landfall, although along the coast, could happen, could bring the rain. could bring the wind, right there to some of those coastal communities. >> some of that is just as damaging. florida is playing it safe. the state has declared a state of emergency. several counties have issued mandatory evacuation orders. officials are telling residents to get your water, get your gas, get cash handy. atms may not be working. if there's a power failure, you can't swipe your credit card. >> dorian is expected to hit the bahamas tomorrow morning. bahamas's prime minister said, listen, everybody stay safe. >> do not put your life and those of your loved ones at unnecessary risk. i urge you, do not be foolish and try to brave out this hurricane. >> now, people in florida are
5:34 am
also -- they're taking no chances. many stores, rather, their shelves have been empty. >> they know what to do, the water, the flashlights, the gas at the top of the list there. cnn affiliate wfts spoke to one woman who is getting ready for the worst but hoping for the best. >> reporter: in an hour's long line of people desperately waiting for generators, they're remembering hurricane irma. >> it was scary. the house would creek, the winds would bow. >> reporter: it caused areas to lose power for days, even weeks. now dorian is posing to be the same threat. >> we pray to the lord. >> reporter: she's suffering from health problems but not as ams her 82-year-old husband who she cares for. >> i'm giving him iv antibiotics at night. he's on an oxygen tank.
5:35 am
>> reporter: paula got her generator, we followed her out. she explained how hard it is to prepare. >> i'm not even thinking about it. my mind is somewhere else right now, it has to be, because i can't wrap my mind around the whole thing. you know. all i can do is keep praying to the lord. >> he'll help you, god is good. >> reporter: and he was listening, sending some hope in the form of 79-year-old june who was also listening and offered to help paula and her husband with anything they need. >> can i give you a hug? >> i've needed help a lot of times. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: a community in rural, florida, embracing each other, as they brace for the storm. >> and thank you to our affiliate wfts for that. let's goat to rosa flores in miami right now. rosa, what are you seeing, not just in terms of weather, but in
5:36 am
terms of the people there and what they're doing right now? >> reporter: you know, christi, they're definitely preparing, but let me start with the facts first. this according to the cnn weather center. miami is outside of the cone of uncertainty. that is great news. however, this area is expected to see high category 1 and low category 2 strength winds. that means that there could be power outavenueoutages. we're also expecting rainfall that could lead to flooding. here's the other good news, no storm surge expected in this area. with all that said, officials here are still asking people to be vigilant, to prepare. we're live at miami beach sandbagging station. you can see all of the sandbags here. there's a line of people that are actually getting your sandbags this morning. because in miami, miami beach, is it didn't have to rain for water to start bubbling up from streets. now, this is one of the cities that has been very aggressive when it comes to climate change.
5:37 am
that's a great thing. that's why people here are very proactive, you can see people are putting sandbags in their cars, taking them home. again, christi and victor, the good news is that miami is outside of the cone of uncertainty, you can see people here still preparing. >> as they should. rosa flores, thank you so much. so, we want to go to allison chinchar right now, we know as people are preparing as we just saw from rosa, there are certain things that you need more than others. and you don't always know exactly what that is perhaps unless you're been through something like this. >> what should people stock up? >> the obvious, flashlights, water, radio. water is the obvious, but do you know how much you need? here's the general rule of thumb, one gallon per person per day. a family of five, you're going to need five gallons per day
5:38 am
that you end up having to ride out the storm. keep in mind, you don't lose power for an hour or two. in these instance, it's a few days. and flash lights, but don't forget the batteries to go with it. portable chargers, cell phones, tablets, things like that, to keep them charged throughout date. important information, insurance information, passports, cash, keep it in a plastic bag so if you do get flooded, it's not going to get wet or ruined. another thing, christi, taking inventory of what's in your house. to file an insurance claim. to show what is in your house. take pictures of every single room because you may not remember. one other thing, top three items, here's the thing, walmart runs analytics on this for years. the top three items that end up selling out in the days leading up to hurricanes, beer, water
5:39 am
and pop tarts. specifically, the strawberry flavor is seven times more likely to sell out. get your pop-tarts on the front end. >> what do you say? >> i don't -- i feel like it's a natural choice. >> yeah, don't embarrass yourself. >> allison chinchar, thanks so much. listen, this is a serious topic. president trump is at camp david this weekend. and he's monitoring hurricane dorian, rather than traveling to poland as has been planned before he cancelled that to stay here and attend to this. he's attending a briefing at cnn headquarters in washington. that happens tomorrow afternoon. >> as he's preparing for the huge storm he's surrounded by a lot of acting officials including acting fema director.
5:40 am
jeremy diamond joining right now. >> this is has been a thing with the trump adminitration particularly with disaster relief. these moments are presidential tests. tests of presidential leadership. as the president faces these tests, he will not be surround with the top officials tasked with these kind of efforts who have been senate-confirmed. fema, for example, the federal emergency management agency, has not been headed by a senate-confirmed official since brock long back in february. the department of homeland security is also led by an acting secretary at the moment. and that dates back to april. so while the president has nominated somebody to take the fema position, the senate has not yet acted on that. but the president making clear he doesn't think this is an issue at all. insisting that all of the efforts are going to go forward, regardless. he said he likes the word "acting," he likes the great flexibility that brings.
5:41 am
the president is now at camp david where he is monitoring this hurricane. and before he left the white house to head for camp david, the president did talk about the storm and the concerns that he has. >> the thing i'm worried about is the state of florida, because this hurricane is looking like it's -- this could be a record-setting hurricane. maybe things change. we're hoping the one element that might happen, and that's that it makes a right turn. it goes up north, just prior to or equal to the storm. that would be great. but that's a pretty strong percentage at this point. >> now, that right turn that the president was talking about there, does appear to be happening with landfall, now more likely in the carolinas. but the president is continuing to monitor the situation. and tomorrow, he will be getting a briefing at fema headquarters in washington, where perhaps he will get some more concern information. victor and christi. >> all right, jeremy diamond, thank you so much, sir. listen, not only are we
5:42 am
watching all of this, but it has been an absolutely chaotic scene in hong kong today. police using tear gas on protesters who have set fires in the streets. who have been using lasers. who have been setting up barricades in front of the police station. we're live from hong kong, next. people, our sales now apply to only 10 frames. a new low. at visionworks, our sales are good on all of our frames. why are you so weird? get 60% off any pair of glasses. no exclusions. really. visionworks. see the difference. it's how we bring real hope to our cancer patients- like viola. when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her team at ctca created a personalized care plan that treated her cancer and strengthened her spirit. so viola could focus on her future. their future. this is how we inspire hope. this is how we heal.
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i want to bring you some of the breaking news we're watching. take a look at what's happening in hong kong this morning. protesters setting up fires, putting up barricades in front of the police station there. throwing petro bombs. police, meanwhile are using tear fashion and water cannons. water cannons with blue dye in it to break up so they can identify people that they may later want to arrest.
5:47 am
>> we know the fire is on the screen. that's been put out. our paula hancocks is live there for us now. we see you have the mask on. tear gas is in the air. what's happening now? >> reporter: that's right, christi and victor, from some of the bombs, that they disbursed the rounds, you can see it leaving behind me, they have just warned that the water cannon may be deployed once again, if the protesters further down the street do not disperse. at this point, the fire we can see, that does not have an impact. those protesters are still there. they've had the official warning that the water cannon may be deployed once again. what they have been doing, they have had blue dye in the water cannons, so that when they hit some of the protesters, they can go after the moment and try and
5:48 am
identify them. we have seen walking down street a number of protesters that have been picked up and arrested. there's definitely a number of arrests going on tonight. and riot police is certainly preparing for something. we can see there have been a few petro bombs thrown further down the street. we can see pockets of burning, in fact, it appears as though it may be some kind of barricade that the protesters have set up in order to stop the police from getting anywhere near. you can see the fire there in the distance. that wasn't there a couple minutes ago. they just started. and you can see there, the police firing what could well be tear gas, but certainly that's what it sounded like and what it looked like. and that would be consistent with what we have been seeing, over recent hours here on the streets of hong kong. and of course, over recent weeks. this is the 13th consecutive
5:49 am
weekend that we are seeing these protests on the streets of hong kong. and there is no doubt about it, they are becoming more violence. victor, christi. >> paula, what we know, will ripley was with us earlier and we expect to get him back -- oh, we've got will now. let's go to will now. will, what are you seeing where you are? >> reporter: hey, victor we're in the front line of wan chai, we don't know, but it's down the street. you can see they're firing tear gas here. they're saying on speakers right now, they're warning everybody to disperse. you can see the water cannon truck. and riot police. and this is what we've seen, it's sort of this moving front line through what is supposed to be a very busy business district here in hong kong. you have malls lining the
5:50 am
streets and restaurants that are empty. and what has replaced that is scenes like this. protesters setting fires, a large fire about an hour ago. this one much smaller. but still, you get the message. they're carrying accelerants, they have their umbrellas there. that is to shield them against the tear gas that police officers are firing in their direction. these are young people who are armed and ready to make a point. the point that they are not going to give up, they're not going to stop this until their demands are met. they want the chief executive to step down. they want the right to vote. they want a police investigation into brutality. they say if they don't get those things, this is going to continue. hong kong saying its not willing to butdge either. what is the tipping point here? it's hard to see based on how this is unfolding tonight without one side giving way dramatically. >> we got will ripley closer to protesters. and paula hancocks there where
5:51 am
riot police are. paula, are they going to advance towards these protesters? or what activity do you see where you are? >> reporter: well, we're right next to the water cannon that will can see up the street. he's basically up alongside the protesters. the protesters haven't shown any sign of leaving. certainly, they're starting more fires to try and block the streets to make sure police can't get to them. police has shown that simply doesn't work over recently hours. they have deployed the water cannons. riot police, as they have fired another volley of tear gas over to that area but it hasn't disbursed the protesters. as we're going on with the protesters, week in and week out, the protesters who once, maybe a couple of months ago would have retreated once there was tear gas. they are now far more ardent.
5:52 am
so they stay where they are. they can stay where they are. they have the tear gas masks. certainly, we're seeing because of that the violence is increasing. now, we did see petrol bombs over the evening being thrown by the protesters in response to that. we saw the police firing the tear gas. we understand there have been rubber bullets fired as well. they seem to be reorganizing to something here. not sure what. of course, the sight of that water cannon is not going to be welcome to the protesters. it was used first, the first time ever in hong kong, just last weekend. and it cleared the protesters. even the sight of it now is not doing the same. back to you. >> paula hancocks, will ripley, thank you both so much. we're going to take a quick break. we're back in a moment. ♪
5:53 am
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all right. be sure to watch that unprecedented cnn town hall event on the climate crisis right here on cnn. of course, we're watching hurricane dorian, extremely dangerous, category 4 storm that's getting stronger. and the track is changing from every update we get. we'll get another one 43 national hurricane center at 11:00 eastern. >> thank you so much for starting your morning with us. we'll be back here to give you the updates. "smerconish" is up after a quick break. stay close. eating right? on it! staying active? on it. audrey thinks she's doing all she can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease
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