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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 2, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. i'm in new york, victor blackwell, my colleague, is standing by live in florida where millions are getting ready for the impact from hurricane dorian. we'll talk to victor here in a moment. first, this new forecast of the category-four storm, it's devastated the bahamas, is creeping toward the florida coast at just one mile per hour. slower than a walking pace. cnn meteorologist jennifer gray is here with the latest track. and so you know, all right, so you guys are all zeroing in on what's called the cone of
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uncertainty. does it look like dorian's going to pivot northwest? and if it does, what does that mean for floridians and the rest of the southeast? >> the cone hasn't moved farther west which is good news. florida's still going to feel the impacts of the storm. it's still too early to tell exactly how much more northwest this storm is going to go. i think the one mile per hour is actually a generous speed. it doesn't look like this thing is moving at all. this made landfall in the abacos mid yesterday. it's barely moved. sitting over grand bahama island, 15 mile-per-hour winds and moving at literally a snail's pace. look at this radar. there is a six-hour loop, and it looks like it is staying still over grand about mabout mama island -- grand bahama island. you can't wrap your head around the devastation that's going to be coming out of the bahamas in the coming days. it's incredibly, incredibly
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devastating. the tropical storm-force winds trying to pick up along the florida coast. still under that, 28 in west palm beach. of course, as this continues to make that northward shift as it should, by tomorrow that's when we'll really be zeroing in on this cone, especially right around the space coast, treasure coast. that's where we're going to be looking at its closest approach to florida. and possibly still a major hurricane, category three, 125 mile-per-hour sbinwinds. you're also going to get the storm surge as well as the rain. all that water is going to be pushed in. this is basically going to ride the coast of florida, georgia, the carolinas, could be making a landfall, as well, anywhere on south carolina, north carolina coast. still a little early to tell. that could still be a category-two storm. we're still talking about a lot of destruction with this storm all up and down the southeast coast. we have hurricane watches and warnings in place all up and
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down the florida coast. here is the wind threat. and you can see the area shaded in red, all along the coast, 74 to 110 mile-per-hour winds in this red. and that's pretty far inland. that's well west of u.s. 1, i-95, and a lot of these places. so as you travel up the coast, even people that have moved inland quite a ways, they're still going to get possible hurricane-force conditions at your location. even up into georgia. you can see that 74 to 110 mile-per-hour threat. the storm surge threat, as well, four to seven feet up and down the coast. as this moves farther to the west or the possibility of that, that could be adjust eed even more. there's a possibility that that could increase. here's your forecast, rain accumulation on top of everything else. we could pick up ten to -- six to ten inches of rain along the coast. then well inland, even in orlando, could pick up four inches between there and the coast. could be four to six inches. then into the carolinas, the
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outer banks, and you know that's a vulnerable area along the coast, they could see quite a bit of storm surge, as well as erosion which they don't need whatsoever with a possible landfall later in the week. >> gorgeous area but indeed vulnerable. thank you so much. we'll stay in close contacts with you. i'm back on when she said one mile-an-hour is generous. a generous pace. let's go to victor blackwell. he is live in hutchinson island, florida. victor, how's it looking out there? >> reporter: yeah, the wind has certainly picked up here along jensen beach in just the last couple of minutes. about 35 to 40 miles per hour. we know that this will get stronger. we're feeling the edge of one of the outer bands coming. the rain started a couple of seconds ago. now earlier this morning, there beach was crowded with dozens of people coming here to take photographs, to look at the churning ocean out here. now, virtually empty. you can see no one from this
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vantage point. i could see one or two people on the other side of the camera. that's due in part to the shutdown of bridges. the martin county sheriff's office a short time ago shut down the causeway from the mainlands across the intercoastal from stewart and jensen beach causeways to get to this beach. so you probably won't see many people coming out here. many of the locals decided to get out of town, although there are some who are here. now they know even as this storm gets closer to florida, what they will experience will be nothing compared to what the people on the islands of the bahamas have experienced for the last 12 to 24 hours. and i want to go now to keith tom -- kevin tomlinson, on the island of grand bahama in freeport. kevin, first, thank you for talking with us. i know communications are touch and go. tell us where you are and what you saw overnight. >> well, we're right in the middle of everything.
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we're being pounded with strong winds and lots of water. i just -- i'm actually at a shelter, and we had to leave a few minutes ago to assist some people in getting here. and i'm really -- really and truly being out in that experience is something i've never experienced before. like you said, the winds are moving at about a one mile per hour. it's unbelievable for us. in 2004 when we had hurricane frances i think she sat over for about two days. we know what that feels like. and this is a totally different category altogether. and one thing i dread is the aftermath of this entire thing. but like i said before, we have builders here in the bahamas. we know how to rebuild. i'm very confident that we are going to rebuild our island. you know, we're known around the world for our beautiful sun set
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and sea. at the end of the day, there's something else about us. we have very smart and genius people. we know how to put things back together. i'm excited that we are going to work together to put this back together. >> yeah. so kevin, when we spoke yesterday, sunday morning, you were confident in your decision to stay in your home there on freeport -- in freeport there on grand bahama. what was the indicator that you had to get out? where did you leave and then go to the shelter? >> well, like i told you that i lived in a wonderful kopd minutes yum complex -- condominium complex on the shoreline. the challenge was when the wind gusts had picked up, i got a bit nervous because we have never experienced a category five before. but i didn't know what to expect even though i had hurricane-impact windows, i didn't know if the wind was going to push it out. i still won't know. i won't know until i get back
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home. then i have a very -- a nagging niece who insisted that i get out. so i had to make sure and leave so that i could be on safe grounds. i'm glad i did because the effects that we're seeing right now, especially when we got word back from what the storm has done to our neighboring islands in abaco and the traumatic experience that people experienced there and even some cases we have some loss of life. you know, it's really heartbreaking, i feel it, we feel it. my government feels it. our country feels it. our prime minister spoke about it. >> reporter: yeah. again, we've learned a lot from you in america. you are like a big brother to us in the north. and we watched you go through katrina. we watched you go through sandy. we saw the responses that you had. and you knew how to come together, to build and unite and to rebuild your country. that's the same way with us.
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we will come together whether it's from grand bahama, we're going to come together and rebuild these broken places. we can't replace the lives, but we will rebuild the country. >> yeah. you know, so many people have fond memories, photographs and emotional connections to the islands of the bahamas. many as tourists, some have familial connections there, as well. and i am confident that it will be rebuilt. we've seen just a few photographs, just a few videos on social media, but what did you see as you were leaving your home and headed to the shelter? did you see the type of destruction that you're fearing as a result of dorian? >> while i was leaving my home to head to shelter, we weren't in the storm's way yet. we just had some outer bands, winds starting to pick up. i went out a few minutes ago, and when i began to look around and see what was happening
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at, just a few blocks down, the ocean is actually in the road. and so you know, that is something that i'm really -- that really got me. when you see some of the houses already and the devastating positions that they're in and the power lines and things of that, i felt the wind, the car, we almost got swept off the road. so i felt it, and i realized that this storm is nothing to play with. we haven't really gotten the full brunt of it yet. you know, i understand the eye is trying to reorganize. > we certainly have not seen all of the effects of hurricane dorian. as we get there and others, we will see the full damage there. unfortunately so much we've seen so far has been destroyed. we know that rescue efforts have begun on abaco as they can get
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to people safely. that from the bahamian government. kevin tomlinson, thank you so much. thank you for speaking with us. we'll check in as the storm moves on. right now as we know from the national hurricane center moving at just one mile per hour. a strong category-four storm. back here in florida, i want to go to singer islands and my colleague randi kaye there. i wonder if you are feeling the wind that we're feeling here on jensen beach. it's picked up in the last 10 or 15 minutes. >> reporter: yeah. absolutely, victor. we are feeling the winds certainly has grown stronger here. we're on singer island which is about a four-mile stretch of beach. it's a barrier island in west palm beach. and says you can see the wind the picked up. we've been getting bouts of rain here. the sun is out but is kind of coming and going. i want to call your attention to the water, though, the key story here right now.
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just take a look at that. normally here on singer island it is really calm. it is beautiful, clear blue water for snorkeling. really crystal clear, and we're seeing waves that we don't normally see here on singer island. and people here were evacuated. the evacuations started yesterday in this area because it is a barrier island. around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. most people did heed those warnings and evacuate the buildings all along this, the highrise buildings and hotels along this stretch of beach have evacuated. there were a few people that were down in the distance there. some curious folks just coming down to see what the water looked like today. but as hurricane dorian is moving closer to florida and could brush the edge of florida or maybe even make landfall, most folks did pack up. and i got to tell you something because it's not just the -- the people like us that are in trouble here, it's not just the human life that's at risk. but i want to call your attention here.
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this is a baby turtle egg on the beach here. the sea turtles come out of the ocean here, as you know having lived in florida, and they come out to the beach, and they lay their eggs. and you can see that here and a lot of these turtle nests have now been churned up and dug up from the winds and the ocean water that's been rising here. so those are in trouble, as well. but it is quite a scene here on singer island. the businesses have closed up. the restaurants at the beach. this is labor day, so a lot of people would normally be out here on this beach. it would be packed, kids and parents, and just everybody having a good time. and that's certainly not the situation here. palm beach airport remains closed, and people are certainly not letting down their guard just yet here in west palm beach, victor. >> yeah. we've seen scores of those turtle eggs here. there are probably maybe 10 or 15 within at the point or 15 feet of where i'm standing on jensen beach. that florida takes great care to protect those turtle egg nests. but when this water comes
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ashore, it damages what is protected by the government here. >> reporter: yeah. >> randi kaye on singer island. thank you so much for that update. brooke, i'm going to send it back to you. we are of course going to stay here as this island has now, you see just a few people down, a few hundred yards behind me. but most of the people have cleared off of hutchinson island earlier in the day. it's tell to know if people are not on the streets, if the traffic's light because of the hour or the urgency, but now we know that many people are getting as far away from the barrier island as possible. the county has prevented anyone who doesn't live here or have business here from crossing the bridge just to take pictures. >> yeah. i'm glad people are heeding warnings. it has been an obstinate storm and people haven't known whether to ride it out or need to get out of dodge depending where it hits. we'll chat momentarily. thank you so much. we'll talk to a south florida mayor about what they will face in the course of the next two
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days. that's coming up. meantime, multiple florida airports have shut down all commercial traffic. several mandatory evacuation have been ordered in both georgia and florida. leyla santiago is live in ft. pierce, florida. what's the story where you are? >> reporter: let's talk about the airports quickly to make sure that everyone is aware. it is a ft. lauderdale hollywood, melbourne, west palm beach, those airports are closed now because of dorian. as far as what we are seeing, hearing, feeling in ft. pierce, st. lucie county, it's been a mix right now. we have moments like this of pretty sunshine and then downpours. the wind is starting to pick up. you can see that reflected a little bit in the trees behind me. but also starting to really kind of get a sense of urgency from a lot of the officials who are doing updates. many stressing that there are mandatory evacuations in place right here right now.
11:16 am
they have five shelters, four for general population, one for special needs. and right now, the county administrator saying they have about 500 people in those shelters. you know, the people that i've been talking to, have found this to be a storm that while they're used to hurricanes here, it's hard to predict. so they're still trying to figure out how -- how big of an impact this will have despite what officials are saying. i actually spoke to one man who said, i'm a little nervous because i understand that if this shifts just a little bit this will have a very big impact on us. this is an area under tropical storm, storm surge, as well as hurricane warnings here. we're starting to see a little bit of a change in weather that could be a sign of what's to come. nothing -- nothing steady at this point. just a lot of officials trying to make their case, make sure that people are listening, to
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get out and be well prepared for dorian. brooke? >> significant. you're talking inland, you mentioned orlando airport. i started my day yesterday morning in south florida. i was talking to an airline, they were like, we can't believe, it's that far inland that's taking this sort of precautions. thank you so much. ft. pierce, florida. as i mentioned, we'll talk to a south florida mayor coming up about what they'll be facing in the next 48 hours. we are also covering the breaking story out of california. 34 people feared dead after a horrific boat fire. you're watching cnn on this labor day monday. we'll be right back. thatthere you are, mom!here. that's you? that does kinda look like our family. what are you wearing? ancestry has over 400,000 yearbooks from all across the country. start searching for your friends and family, free, at
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pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. welcome back. here's the breaking news this afternoon. on just this terrible tragedy unfolding at sea off the coast of los angeles. a spokesperson for ventura county says there are a number of fatality from a fire on board the 75-foot diving boat. the coast guard says more than 39 people were on board. only five of them have been rescued. the five rescued were all crew members. multiple agencies responded to this mayday fire call early, early this morning near santa cruz island. the boat named "conception" sank just 20 yards offshore as the
11:23 am
fire crews battle thursday fire. the lieutenant commander matthew contr kroll is here, thank you so much for being with me. and just absolutely tragic what all these families are having to deal with on this monday afternoon. we know that the boat sanction as i mentioned 20 yards from shore. and i understand that searches are underway for survivors. there are dozens unaccounted for. do you have any news, any word on any of them? >> thank you for having me. right now it's just important to remember that this is not how many people planned on spending their labor day weekend. so my thoughts are with the family and friends of everyone who is worried about people right now and their safety. as we get more information, you know, with the coast guard and our partner agencies in santa barbara, we'll be giving that out to everyone. right now -- >> so i'm clear, the 34 are entirely unaccounted for still? >> right now yes, we are
11:24 am
actively searching in the -- and the coast guard has multiple assets on scene because we don't know -- it was very dark when the explosion happened. we don't know if someone was able to get off board with the flotation device prior to us arriving on scene. so there still could be people out there. we are actively searching. but unfortunately the more time that goes by the more difficult it's going to be to locate survivors. >> can you just describe what that sort of search entails since we know most of the vessel is now under water? are divers around this boat, on the rescue and recovery efforts, can you describe that for me? >> yes. right now there's two small boats, 45-foot small boat response boats out of the handle that are on scene actively searching. we've had multiple helicopters from our operating base and air stations in san diego just trying to cover as much ground and water as we can as quickly as we can. and we also had dive keeps coming out this morning -- dive teams coming out this morning on scene. they should be arriving on scene
11:25 am
momentarily to help inspect the vessel. >> did you use the word "explosion"? was was an explosion? >> no. the cause of the fire is still undetermined at this point. we don't know if it was an explosion or if it was a fire that slowly grew. but what we know now is that everything happened quickly enough that many people could not get off the ship. and so there will be a full investigation to figure out what went wrong and how we could prevent these in the future. >> of the five crew members who have been able to be rescued, who were able to jump ship, have they been talking? and what -- what was that information can you share with the public? >> i'm unsure at this point, ma'am, because i've been trying to get down as fast as i can. right now i'm at the airport, you can probably hear -- they're telling me now, they're calling me to the gate. >> okay. i'm not going to hang on to you. i want you to roll. lieutenant commander matthew
11:26 am
kroll, thank you so much. best of luck in all your efforts down there in southern california. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> millions of people, of course, meantime, along the east coast are under a mandatory evacuation order. hurricane dorian is expected to get dangerously close to florida tonight. the latest track and a look at conditions in the southeast part of the state next. just between us, cleaning with a mop and bucket is such a hassle. well i switched to swiffer wet jet and it's awesome. it's an all-in-one that absorbs dirt and grime deep inside. and it helps prevent streaks and haze. stop cleaning. start swiffering you'when you barely the clip a passing car. minor accident -no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise
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welcome back to cnn special live coverage of hurricane dorian, now a category-four storm. a very strong category 4. here on jensen beach, the winds have picked up in the last couple of minutes. what were gusts maybe 10 or 20 minutes ago are now stronger sustained winds. we know that this area is under a hurricane warning. these winds will get even stronger even as hurricane dorian's eye is not expected to make landfall here in south florida. let me send it in to meteorologist jennifer gray who is watching the latest advisory from the national hurricane center. what is this area expecting, what should they expect, and where is it now? >> well, you're going to get a very close brush with this
11:32 am
storm, victor. are you going to have very, very high winds, you're also going to have a lot of rain, as well as the storm surge there. the hurricane hunters have been out in the storm pretty much around the clock for the past several days sampling the atmosphere, not only within the center but in the atmosphere around the storm. they can tell us pressure, wind speeds, the environment around it which helps with the track of where this is going to go. and they've determined that we have about 150 mile-per-hour winds now with gusts of 190. it's only moving at one mile per hour, one. this is just walking by. and you can see the eye rightok emerging on that north side, just off shore within the next couple of hours hopefully. but that still means the strongest winds within the storm. the 158 mile-per-hour winds with 190 gusts will still be impacting grand bahama island even for the next several hours. we talk about these storms, these hurricanes, they normally
11:33 am
come and they go over an area. they don't just sit right on top of you with winds this ferocious. it's actually excruciating to watch. the six-hour loop, just seeing that storm basically just staying put. also, victor, you're about 112 miles from the center of the storm, jensen beach right there. and you can see the rain bands. you're getting the first outer bands of the storm. when those downpours happen, expect the winds to be rather gusty and to die down a little bit, pick up, and that's typical with these rain bands as they move on shore in your area. >> reporter: we've had significant wind for a couple of minutes now. just a few drizzles in and out for the last 20 minutes. jennifer gray there in the cnn weather center. thank you so much. let's go down a short drive on the tesh coast to stewart where -- treasure coast to stewart where my colleague brian todd is. any discussion of a hurricane here on florida's treasure coast immediately brings up
11:34 am
comparisons to frances and gene in 2004. many of the people are not expecting that type of weather, those conditions here. still, authorities are asking them to take this storm very seriously. >> reporter: that's right, victor. those who hurricanes from 2004 still very much on the minds of people here. we talked to people here about the two storms, and they have not forgotten them. we are as you are starting to get the outer bands of dorian, some of the tropical storm-force winds. check out the violent nature of the way the waves are hitting up against the seawall here at this park in stewart. it's only going to get worse in the next couple of hours. we're going to walk this way as we get hit with some of this. and angle over here where i can tell you about some of the dangers here. we are at the confluence of two rivers that come right off the ocean. the st. lucie river to my immediate right over here and the indian river lagoon, which is just over there. now that's part of the problem, too. the storm surge from two rivers and the ocean creating more force to hit in these low-lying
11:35 am
areas and create flooding. also, that piece of land right there that you see in the distance, that is hutchinson island. that's a barrier island. there are barrier islands up along -- up and down the treasure coast here and really along the whole part of the east coast of florida. all of those barrier islands have been placed under mandatory evacuation orders. you know, we know that in the barrier islands here and the one jupiter island just to the south, there are about 30,000 people living on both islands combined. a lot of them have elected not to leave. and we just talked to emergency management officials here in martin county. they're saying, look, we're not going to be able to get out to you with the height of the storm in the next few hours and may not be able to get to you depending on the condition of the bridges after the storm hits. they are worried that the people on hutchinson island there and jupiter to the south are going to be isolated. as you can see, it's getting more violent on our end over here. >> reporter: yeah. authorities here in martin county have shut down traffic into -- on to hutchinson island
11:36 am
through the jensen beach causeway, the stewart causeway, as well. only those who live here and can show that they are residents of the island, have business here, are allowed over. brian stewart, thank you so much. of course, the storm surge, the big story for the barrier islands. we're expecting a four to seven-foot storm surge. it would take the atlantic over the dunes. it doesn't have to get to seven feet. it can cut between the dunes and get into the parking lots. some of the communities. i also spoke with the mayor of one of the house of representatives here on hutchinson island -- one of the representatives here on hutchinson island who said the coastal area will come over before dorian started churning in the atlantic. this area was saturated. how they are expecting significant flooding from the rainfall, the storm surge, in addition to any damage that the wind will cause. we're going to take a quick break now but will continue our special coverage in a moment. we're going to take you north to daytona beach where authorities are going door to door to tell
11:37 am
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as hurricane dorian moves even closer to florida, police in daytona beach are conducting door-to-door checks just to see if people need any help. airports in florida are beginning to close.
11:42 am
daytona beach national airport is set to close just in the next couple of hours. cnn correspondent rosa flores is live in daytona beach. before we talk evacuations and i see the sun is shining on you for now, our r people heed -- are people heeding those warnings? what are conditions set to be like? >> reporter: you know, some people are heeding the warnings. and others are not. let me show you around and tell you about if you look here in the tourist area all of the businesses are boarded up. if you go up and down the beach. but cnn producer john cowels went to the residential area not far from here, and there are people who are not leaving. they have decided to hunker down and ride out the storm in their homes. take a listen. >> as far away as it is right now, i see more scary things than i have in the past. i mean, the water at the last ones was never this high at this
11:43 am
had far ahead of the actual storm. so i just think it's just so unpredictable, that we'd better be prepared. >> nobody's ever ready for a hurricane, nobody. we're waiting to see what happens. hopefully it won't be as bad as they're predicting. i hope that the water -- the hurricane goes off the shore quite a ways. i've had two docks that have been blown away from irma and michael. and i don't need another one this year. >> reporter: now here is why county officials are so concerned -- they are worried that dorian will wobble to the west. right now they're expecting winds between 40 and 50 miles per hour starting tomorrow at about noon with wind gusts from 75 to 85 miles per hour and possible tornadoes. brooke? >> rosa, thank you so much. that's the issue, when the wind comes, the hurricanes and the
11:44 am
winds, tornadoes are huge, huge worry, as well, especially the farther you go inland. that's rosa in daytona beach. let's head back to victor blackwell out at hutchinson island there, the barrier island. sort of in the west palm area if my -- my geography of florida is serving my correctly. i see the rain is pelting you, my friend. >> reporter: yeah, the conditions have deteriorated. and it happened really quickly. the wind picked up -- you saw that the last time i was with you. then the temperature dropped a bit. and now the rain has picked up. and it feels like if you've never stood in these conditions like someone's just pelting gravel at your face. and it's coming from the side this is one of those outer bands that we've been told to expect more of as dorian continues to spin out there. but not essentially moving this direction -- just moving this direction at one mile per hour. we are seeing more of those. this has been the strongest one we've seen in maybe about 45
11:45 am
minutes or so. but we're told to expect more of these. i want to go now to mark brogan, the mayor of broward county just south of west palm beach, palm beach county. mr. mayor, thanks for being with us. first question here, according to the latest update from the governor's office, governor ron disantis, there are no mandatory evakcuations even for the barrir islands in broward county. what are you expecting for lauderdale by the sea, for dania beach, for hollywood beach, for those communities? >> as everyone has seen the past 24 hours, the storm continues to go west, one mile-an-hour west. so we're still on alert, we're at the emergency operation center 24 hours a day.
11:46 am
until the storm goes north, we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. we're under a tropical storm watch, getting rain, wind. we're watching and waiting. >> reporter: despite the lack of those mandatory evacuations, have you seen more people start to leave as we've gotten closer to the middle of the week, when we're expecting dorian to come closer to the florida coast? >> we're watching -- we're opening up shelters for people with special needs. we have three general population shelters for people who don't feel comfortable in their home. it's not mandatory, it's voluntary. i think most people here are -- >> reporter: we're having technical issues with your call. and i can't hear you, maybe for ovious reasons. but i don't think the viewer can hear you either according to our producers. so thank you for being with us.
11:47 am
mark brogan, the mayor of broward county. again, we're getting one of those extreme outer bands to come because we know 112 miles from where i am, that's the certain of dorian. the rain has slacked up just a bit. we'll continue our special lorchlg in a moment. at fidelity, we believe your money should always be working harder. that's why, your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. and fidelity's rate is higher than e-trade's, td ameritrade's, even 10 times more than schwab's. plus only fidelity has zero account fees and zero minimums
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right now investigators are trying to answer the question why. trying to figure out why a man murdered so many innocent people in west texas. seven people killed, 22 injured including members of law enforcement. a law enforcement official tells cnn that the gunman was fired from his job as a truck driver hours before he started shooting. today the youngest victim of that violent rampage underwent surgery. here she is. 17-month-old anderson davis was shot in her face, shrapnel in her shoulder, hole in her lip. missing her teeth. she is expected to make, thank goodness, a complete recovery.
11:53 am
other family members dealing with reality that their loved ones, though, of course, will never come home. mary granados was on the phone with her between sister rosie when the gunman hijacked her postal truck and killed her. >> it is the worst thing somebody can go through. it's -- it's just like seeing anybody you love in your life because we were always together. we made so many memories. and she was just part of my life, part of my whole world. she was taken away from me and my mother, my family. >> dustin fawcett witnessed the chaos. thank you so much for being with me. i was in odessa with you yesterday, we were having this conversation. i wanted to invite you back on. you have an incredible story. you were -- you were there at
11:54 am
the starbucks kind of on this main drag in odessa with your 3-week-old baby girl in your truck when you heard the pops. tell me what you heard and what you saw. >> thanks for having me on, brooke. so we're sitting there, just any other saturday afternoon, getting out of the house after being cooped up a little bit. and you know, out of nowhere began hearing these loud popping noises which i told you yesterday is not all too unfamiliar in our area. we are a rural country. we do have a lot of heavy equipment, loud trucks and stuff like that. then the repetitive center and the just the eeriness of the situation, the noises that followed, you know, i began to identify these are most likely gunshots. i am an avid hunter. so you recognize the gunshot, but even then you still think it's a truck backfiring. you think, no, that's not what this is. we don't have drive-byes or anything like that, especially in this particular area. but then as more bullets began
11:55 am
ringing out, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, you know, no one ever can count how many of these things happen whenever it's happening. i then began to realize this is what's happening. i duck, and then i go into my back seat and check on my daughter who is in her car seat. and then after the shooting has stopped, i got out, and there were a couple of folks who had hit the deck near me at starbucks outside. and then checked around there, there's a shopping area, a couple of restaurants and such around there. and checked to make sure everyone around us was okay. and then that's when i began to realize where the carnage had taken place was on the roadway. and that's whenever i saw the -- three vehicles had stopped in the middle lanes there. the front one was the first one i identified that had gunshot, you know, imagery as the passenger window was shot out. it was spider webbed, you know,
11:56 am
what you'd expect from a bullet going through it. there was a middle car there, a truck in the middle. and behind that was the red suv and about the time that i -- my eyes laid eyes on that, they opened up the door, the back door, and out crawled a mother with a baby girl who we know now was anderson. and she was bleeding profusely from her face and had all of her hands and -- >> you saw that, you saw the mom, you saw the 17-month-old. we know she underwent surgery. she's supposed to be okay. i do want to ask you because you and i had a healthy conversation i thought off camera yesterday. you know, you mentioned you're aban avid -- you're an avid hunter, a responsible gun owner. you said the sides need to talk, find some solution to gun violence. i would love your opinion on what was said on twitter. let me read this, and i want your two cents.
11:57 am
matt schaefer write i'm not being to -- i say no to red flag, pre-crime laws, no to universal back ground checks, no bans on ar-15th or high-compass the magazines, no to mandatory gun buybacks. when you hear all of that, dustin, what goes through your head? >> what goes through my head is we need to bring this to the situation and bring our thoughts to this situation. this isn't about the failures of laws, this is about the success of law enforcement yesterday. this isn't about politics, this is about the people. this isn't about the crazed gunman but the horrible acts of this crazed gunman but the heroic acts of the law enforcement and the average citizens, the people that ran toward these people to go save their lives. that's what this is about. it's about one community coming together. >> you agree on red flag laws. that's what you told me yesterday, right? >> not -- so the term red flag laws is a tough one to talk about. and you and i talked about it.
11:58 am
one of my biggest fears is that we begin doing these red flag law checks and many veterans are gun owners. if you were to have the red flag laws, veterans will not get checked for mental health because there are fears that ptsd will prevent them from keeping a gun. that may be the one thing that keeps them secure when they come back home. and so if they're not getting mental health checkups for fear of being put on some list where they can't own their gun for their safety, i fear that. but there has to be an honest conversation about what we are doing with all of our law enforcement, with -- with our judicial system of who's getting in, who's getting out, what kind of offenders are on our street. we have to have honest conversations. it can't be entirely one way or entirely the other. you can't place blame on anybody but these -- >> i appreciate that. and i appreciate -- i really appreciate our very lengthy conversation yesterday. i think we should continue to talk off line. justin faucet, thank you so much for jumping on with me. i'm grateful to you and good luck with the three week old.
11:59 am
thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. breaking news coverage continues. we are minutes away from the latest update from the national hurricane center. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved... ...90% clearer skin at 4 months... ...after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections... ...and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection... ...or symptoms such as fevers,... ...sweats, chills, muscle aches or coughs... ...or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. i feel free to bare my skin. visit
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