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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 10, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. we begin this hour with breaking news on the hard fought special election in north carolina ninth district. the republican dan bishop nar lowly winning a district that trump took handedly in 2016. so red it's solidly republican since 1963. it shouldn't have everyone been close. it was. the president taking credit tonight for his victory. in the middle of the win, are there warning signs for the gop? john king at the magic wall. good evening to you. how narrow was the win.
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>> very narrow. two things can be true. republicans won the seat. that's a relief for them. in a district they should have won easily. there are warning signs. bishop 99% of the vote in. winning with 4,100. a two point race. 51 to 49. in a district president trump carried by 12 points. two points now. 56 years this seat has been in republican hands. the president will claim credit in part because the election rally was in this part of the district here. and bishop didn't win the county by a lot. you can see it there. 35 to 36. but the democrat knew he needed to turn this county the suburbs here needed it to be blue. to have a real chance of victory. and it was not. south of where the president visited in this rural county. the republican running it up as he needs to do. the democrats will claim a moral
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victory. over here this is the charlotte suburb. the district touches the edge of charlotte into the southeast. the suburbs have been moving democratic and continue to do so tonight. a big win in the part of the county that's in the ninth district. not enough. this math not enough to offset the republicans votes elsewhere. the democrats will rightly claim they continue to show that under trump the republicans are in trouble. especially in close in suburbs. bottom line, bishop will be the republican congressman from the ninth district. the democrats will look at this margin and say close, what lessons can we learn for house districts in 2020 that are less reliablely republican. if you can come within two points here, where might you be able to run other candidates? i would say this. the president is right to take credit. other republican ins the house will look at this map and you'll have several republicans who are already on the fence of about retiring thinking maybe the 2020
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climate not so great. i might think about going home. >> john, bishop is speaking with the president by phone now. and again as we have been saying the president has been taking credit for the win. because he went down to help rally. and get a win. listen, according to this cook political report, there are 35 gop held seats. less republican than this seat. will there be concerns about a blue wave sequel? >> yes. a sequel that's hard one to look at. the president hasn't had coat tails. the president back to 2016 and look at the presidential race. let's look at the entire country. if you come out here. remember. president trump lost the popular vote. there was not a giant trump coat tail effect as a president often has. six in ten americans say someone else should be put.
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approval rating under 40. that can change between now and november. next november. they have to make the decision run for reelection now in the next couple weeks. maybe months. the filing deadline in your state. they people thinking about should i retire in the house the minority is not fun. they think it's unlikely they get the majority back. now a district like this the excellent smart people the cook political report. if you're in another district, all the house districts you saw what happened in 2018. when the democrats changed the map. you're thinking this will be hard to begin with. is there a message from north carolina. without a doubt. more republicans think this is a hostile climate. other republicans will think long and hard about it. >> tonight's vote comes on another day of chaos in the trump white house. let's discuss now. a democratic consultant and cnn
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affairs analyst. and rick wilson. hello, good to have you here. especially on this evening. rick, let's start with you. talking about north carolina ninth district. it supposed to be a ruby red district. held by republicans since 1963. what gives tonight? >> what gives is what always gives in the races. money matters. there were $10.7 million spent in the race. about 6.4 republican spending a the amount of money you spend in the u.s. senate race on one house district in one state in a relatively affordable media market. they bought this race out of desperation. you can't scale that. you can't replicate that across district after district in the country. we have out spent the democratic side of the equation two to one in this thing. that 6 plus million dollars made a big difference.
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it's interesting how much they were will be to informs in something that should have been a lay up seat. there shouldn't have been anything to worry about. trump won it by eight. by 12. it's plus eight. this should have been something they could have stayed home and eaten bonbons and watched sports on tv. they didn't. suburbs particularly outside charlotte are starting to weaken for republican elected officials. >> i hear you. bonbons and sports. maybe wings? i don't know. it's 2020. >> i like it mix it up. >> jill, as a democrat are you optimistic for 2020? what this means? >> yeah. the same trends in 2018, suburbs are republicans haven't solved that problem. i don't think they're going to on trumps watch. particularly suburban women. republican women. and now it's not just women with
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college education. non-college white women in the are leaving the party and we're seeing that drift off. you can't have energized democratic base and women in particular younger republicans too. leaving the party when they see someone across the aisle that appeals to them on common ground and common sense solution. that's what mcreed ran on. this is something i think that democrats do need to think about. as we go through the nominating process pr president. is there somebody who can do both things. fire up the base and appeal to the people who want to find common ground skm don't like the division and the deviciveness of the president. that's what the process will be.
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>> susan, your thoughts on tonight. the president he went and campaigned. he's taking a lot of credit for it. can he replicate that or will he be too focussed on his own race in 2020? >> well, the answer to the question is clearly imbedded in the question. the president will be more focussed on his race. he's a big believer in nationalizing everything. he's tried to do that with the house race, or last years senate race. or really any issue. president trump has a gift for making it about himself and not nationalizing it. i have to say these are all wise words, let's be real. this is one house race. in general it's always a risky thing to characterize the national political trends based on one house race in a special election. not in a presidential year or any other year. this is a very much out liar
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situation. the answer is it conforms with where trends are going in terms of president trumps polling and suggests that the party has serious issues. looking ahead to 2020. i would be wary of drawing too much from one special election in a house seat. >> rick, national security adviser john bolton out. it was big news today. i'm wondering if this is the latest example of what you call everything trump touches dies. >> i think it absolutely is. the main thing americans should keep in mind that john bolton was fired for being unsufficiently pro-taliban by donald trump. a man who is a hawk by any standard and fired by trump because he wasn't favorable enough to bring the taliban here on the week of 9/11. so trump could pat them on the head and give them an award or whatever.
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it's astounding how much damage this man can do to the national security. and firing bolton is it's a perfect encapsulation of the theory. you're seeing it play out. where they're calling bolton a leftist and other things. >> you took the words out of my mouth. i wasn't sure. calling bolton a leftist. really? >> the frozen fish air of the other net work. called him a leftist. >> wow. secretary pompeo and mnuchin were all smiles on the briefs on questions about bolton. he was supposed to be there. let's talk about it. >> bolton was on the guidance to be here. were you two blind sided by what happened? today. he's no longer with the administration. last night you were told he would be here today. >> i'm never surprised.
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>> you wrote a profile on pompeo. how big a role did he play on having him pushed out? >> the big grins told you a lot about how secretary pompeo. in the video. the picture is worth a thousand words. secretary according to what i was told was not on speaking terms with bolton and had been communicating through intermediaries with him. and it was true that bolton and trump disagreed on many policy issues. trump knew that even before he hired him. you can say the huh hubris of a president. a clash was inevitable. it was also made inevitable by bolton's style and temperment as
8:12 pm
well as policy views. he is a sort of renown bureaucratic fighter. from the administration how they liked working with him. and i think that pompeo over time grew less andless able or willing to work with bolton. and of course that was also i think because of the political dynamic that trump has with those around him. if they don't flatter him if they're not -- look at the length to which vice president pence and also pompeo have gone to base themselves and to make it clear there's no daylight between them and the president even though both of them did not support the president initially in 2016. and have policy views well documented that disagree with the president. they chose not to fwo the bolton course. bolton said i am what i am, here's my view. watch me on fox. i disagree. i work for the president now
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he's the boss. pompeo essentially chose a different course. to rewrite his own history and say as if he never disagreed on anything. the risk factor is too serious for pompeo. it was a predictable day and yet somehow trump always manages to surprise us even if nobody is actually surprised that john boaten was fired the moment in the time and place when it happened and the way in which it unfolded by inviting the taliban to camp david the week of 9/11. donald trump did that? it's amazing. sometimes we lose our sense of wonder at this situation. >> final word. joe trip. >> it's unbelievable. it's believable. it's a astonishing. >> that's a quote. >> we'll see what happens.
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the only will he tweet pompeo is running for senate next or will i don't think that's in the cards. he's stuck for the term. >> all right. thank you all. i appreciate it. gop got win in north carolina tonight. but my next guest says 2020 will be the death of the republican party as we know it. i'll ask him why.
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here's our breaking news. republican dan bishop narrowly winning the north carolina ninth congressional district. solidly republican since 1963. the question we have been asking is what does this say about 2020? what does 2020 hold looking at this. the election will be the doom of the republican says my next guest. of the republican party. the new america is dooming the
8:19 pm
republicans. good to have you on. my goodness. >> thank you for doing this. i know you wanted to do this book and believe in it. everything that happened tonight is embedded in this book and the friends. >> you're making a bold prediction. 2020 election will result in the death of the gop as we know it. why do you say that? >> for the same reason that you woke up the day after the women's march and decided to do this show. every night produces a critique of the trump presidency. also a view of what the real america is. i got up every day writing this book and decided that i owed it to them the book is dedicated to the resistance and the women's march. i knew from understanding what was going on in the country the history of the republican party this party was doomed the trump presidency was actually the most
8:20 pm
extreme counter revolution battle against the new mark and it was it's uglying fight to the death battle against the new america was going to drive the voters away. indeed, the fight on immigration would be its undoing. i want to tell you that's also true as we look at what happened in the election today. >> yeah. i woke up the next day to do the show because this is my job. as a journalist. it's not part of the resistance. but listen, in north carolina, in this special election. >> i have tried to reflect what people believe. i do not -- >> i understand the sentiment around the country. listen i witness it and report on it. in the special election the republican bishop beat the democrat. in a very tight race. so does that square with your
8:21 pm
prediction? >> well, let me talk about 2018. 2018 produced there was a ten point swing nationally. in the congressional vote. for democrats in congress in 2018 compared to trump in 2016. tonight's election was a ten point swing. this was identical. 12 point victory to a two point victory. this was simply a replication of what already happened in 18. what happened -- so this was totally aligned with the swing that happened in 18. also i think what is under estimated what happened in 2018. people focus on the suburbs. is for sure they produce big margins for the democrats. and they produced the most seats. that's where you were just at the edge of democrats winning seats. there was a swing in rural areas in 2018. 14 point swing compared to trumps election.
8:22 pm
working class women and men swung about 13 points more democratic. than in the 18. so all of that is reflected in that. to me what's most important is what happened on immigration. today was an ugly day. he campaigned on immigration, talking about immigrants and voting illegally. the day before. talking about the bahamas. he was talking about the immigrants invading the country. so day on day it's an attack on immigrants. look at your own cnn poll. he had an overall approval rating of 38%. but the rating on immigration was lower than his over all approval. he is driving voters away in immigration. immigration is hurting him. so, yes, he brought out the base. that's what is happening to the republican party. >> let me ask you this, because
8:23 pm
you're talking about this and talking about t talking about the demographics. the changing demographics will benefit democrats. so far that hasn't been the case in the republicans controlled many levers of power now. you have gerrymander and on and on. republicans control the big part of the government. what's different now? >> there's nothing i hated more than the idea that this was inevitable in the trends in the country. because what happened with the resistance and the women's march, was the recognition that people were becoming so engaged. what happened was people as a result of trump became conscious of values and became engaged. the highest turn out in the off year election in 2018. polling we now have the highest level of interest in elections
8:24 pm
in the history of presidential polling. people got engaged about the values and look at immigration. when donald trump came in about half the country thought immigration benefitted the country. that's up to 65%. two-thirds now think immigrants benefit the country. only a quarter aligned with the president. so that what's different is not the trends. what's different is what's happening in peoples heads. people are acting on their values and that's what is producing the shift away from the republicans. >> stanly, pleasure having you on. thank you so much. i appreciate you. we'll be right back. [happy birthday music]
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so here's the breaking news on cnn. projecting that republican dan bishop narrowly wins tonight's special election for north carolina ninth congressional district. the numbers are there. look how close it was. that as there's some troubling news for the president in brand new cnn poll. here to discuss. good evening to both of you. alice, rocking the schoolteacher look. i love it. you need the glasses. >> it is the first week of class. here at harvard. >> katherine, i want to get your reaction on the results from the special election in north carolina. >> obviously, republicans should be relieved. this was closer than i'm sure they wanted. particularly given this district has been in republican hands for
8:30 pm
a half century. so they relieved. >> 1963. >> a long time. they should be relieved they didn't lose it. of course, i'm sure it was close for comfort. and it's a little bit hard to read too much into the election either way. it's a lower turn out than the 2020 will be. or any presidential election is likely to be. but it doesn't necessarily give them a lot of comfort. even if for the time being they can breathe a sigh of relief. >> i want to get her in first. i want you to respond. how did you see the results here? are there signs of concern for republicans? >> i think the reality at the end of the election day is that we know what you call a congressional candidate wins by two points. a congressman. a win is a win.
8:31 pm
and really the number and the margin at the end of the day when he's sworn in it's really insignificant. yes, katherine is correct. it would have been nice and expected that ruby red district like this would have had a higher margin of victory. he did win. that's the important take away. >> you have to have concerns going into 2020. you're right. a win is a win. you look at 1963. come on. you're not worried republicans should be worried? >> the reality is he got up the necessary numbers. it didn't hurt that president trump went out there ask rallied the troops. if anything this is a wake up call for democrats. they need to make sure nominate candidates that motivate the base to win the primary. also motivate people to come out and in a general election and get out the independents and the people that haven't gotten out before. that didn't happen. they should have learned that in
8:32 pm
the presidential election in 2016. and hopefully they take that into 2020. the take away here for republicans is a win is a win. it's certainly helps to have support of the president and this is what happened here. and in line with the president objects with limited government, fiscal responsibility. conservative policies that are resonate throughout north carolina. that is certainly what was a win here. and i do believe with the president on the ticket in 2020, that is going to be a big help. a lot of the republicans will certainly ride on his apron strings. >> let's talk about that. the poll numbers when it comes to that. 39% approval rating this president has. his lowest since january. so what do you make of that? she's saying, you know, the president still is he's going to be on the ticket. i don't know is that a plus or
8:33 pm
minus? >> i think what is striking is his over all numbers are as bad as they are given we have a low unemployment rate. there are obviously worries about the future of the economy. but the overall headline numbers are still good. you would normally expect an incumbent given this economy whether or not they are responsible for the economy of course as we have discussed before. whether or not they are responsible for the numbers. will get credit. and the overall approval ratings would be higher. so that suggests that if in fact the economy turns and the economy is the only thing barely keeping him afloat, he could seriously be in trouble. and i think that's what the white house is worried about at this point. the economy is the only metric on which he is above 40% in the poll. on a host of issues that voters were asked about. immigration, foreign afares.
8:34 pm
environment, gun policy. it was the only one above 40%. >> let's talk about the economy. the president he keeps talking up the economy as one of the big reasons he should be reelected. but the "washington post" has a poll that is showing six in ten americans think a recession is likely in the next year. should he be worried about his chances in 2020? this could affect it. >> if the economy does take a turn to the south, yes, that will be cause for concern. it's important. i'm not really one to pick apart polls. this calls for concern. if you look at the way the question was asked, it said typically after years of strong economy it does lead to recession. do you think one is in order? that's a false premise. the last time we had a recession eight years ago. we had six years of economic
8:35 pm
growth. currently we have strong economic numbers. we have unemployment at 3.7%. wage growth 3.2. strong numbers across the board. and it's not hard working americans that turn us into recession. it's economic policy of the government. it's in large part due to what the president has put into place the tax reform, regulation reform, those policies have helped to date help us to avoid something to the tune of a recession. just because liberals and critics say it doesn't make it so. >> one at a time. >> this is not the only metric that suggests consumers are losing faith in the economy. there have been several metrics along the lines. the over all economic numbers are not different than under obama. and if anything they are have been slowing down and turning south. manufacturing is in a recession because of the policies. including the trade war.
8:36 pm
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president trump trying to convince leaders of the black colleges and universities today no other administration has done more for them than he has. trump also told leaders gathered for the annual conference his administration was protecting and promoting and supporting
8:41 pm
hbcu like never before. let's discuss now. with former congresswoman. and david and april ryan. the author of under fire. reporting from the front lines of the trump white house. good evening. one and all. >> good evening. >> mia, you first. thoughts on what happened in north carolina ninth district before we do that, do you think as others have said, that we'll see more republican retirements coming? >> well, if you think about what's happened since the president took office there have been 13% of gop loss. and that is from people who have either got defeated or retired. that's a significant loss. in this race what's concerning is 6.4 million was spent by republicans and about half of that was spent by democrats. this should have been a slam dunk. what that tells me is you have a lot of -- there's an issue here.
8:42 pm
this is something that has been historically won by double digits. look at areas where the races are going to be closer, that could be concerning. the other thing that's concerning is that this should be a note for democrats that this was a moderate candidate. if you're pushing as far as you can to the left that might be a problem. that americans are looking generally for somebody who is going to be a little bit towards the middle. which district you look at this will be a problem for gop. also a message for democrat presidential candidate. >> having been in congress before. i wanted your perspective. let's talk about the subject we decided earlier. talk about hbcu this event trump touted low poverty. unemployment rates for african americans. here it is. >> last month the unemployment rate for african americans hit yet another all time historic
8:43 pm
low. in the history of the country, it's the lowest number we have ever had. this is very exciting. especially for the folks in the room and young folks over there that are so great and smart. >> so, the latest numbers. they're positive particularly for women of color. does he deserve credit? >> well, here's the thing. >> that's for mia. >> does he desefrs credit. it's interesting. he takes credits for a the lof what's been doing in the house of representatives and the senate. criminal justice reform. think about mark walker for instance. a member of the gop who bought over 80 hbcu chancellors to the white house to plead the case. for his wife graduated twice
8:44 pm
from an hbcu. they have been working on the issues for a long time. for one person to take credit for what people have been working on for a long time is presumptuous. he did help in sign some of the things into law. credit is, you give credit where it's due. a lot of people have been working on these issues for a a long time. >> the president complains he's not getting credit for black unemployment. there's a reason. that trend began under the first black president of the united states. obama. >> you should have the president of the united states including trump touting that the african american unemployment rate is down. 5.5% is a good thing. and he should say that. the problem is he takes it another step and tries to parlay that into saying he does more for black people than his predecessor. unemployment when obama started
8:45 pm
was 12.7. it went down from 7.7. it's gone down to 5.5. which is good. it's a smaller drop. when president trump comes out and speeches like today and says no one has done more for you than me and said on the campaign trail, what do you have it lose? it was all designed to diminish the record of president obama. when if you look at the metrics that trump uses the most, unemployment and the stock market. president obama had a superior record. granted he had a longer stretch of time. trump may do something similar over eight years if he gets a second term. there's no comparison. >> he also had a recession. trump is not. >> there was more room to grow out of recession. there were also tougher circumstances. >> right. head wind. strong head winds.
8:46 pm
>> the debate stage with whoever i'm on. these are good numbers. who is going to beat these numbers? please tell me. >> so, is he putting too much stock in those numbers? >> he's putting way too much stock in the numbers. first of all, he had the great fortune of coming into the economy through the obama economy. this is now his economy. i keep saying this, if the president were to actively do something as it relates to black unemployment numbers, the numbers would be lower. they would be on par with white america. the black unemployment numbers are since africans were brought to the nation that numbers have been disproportionate from other communities particularly white america. so, he doesn't get a feather in his cap from me on that one. as it relates to other issues
8:47 pm
the black community is diverse. he talks about the bahamas like he's talking about the gangs at ms 13. with the immigrants. you have to put this president's issues and black agenda issues in totality. this president doesn't have a good record when it comes to hbcu, black america, when it comes to issues of charlottesville. and s hole nations. and the exonerated five. he doesn't have a good track record and he said giving them money when he came into office was unconstitutional and didn't give them money today. >> hold that thought. i have to get a break in. we'll be right back with the same group. i had always heard st my great grandfather, but family can only tell you so much... about your history. i found some incredible records about samuel silberman... passenger manifests, census information,
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i get that. but what are you doing here? nice pajamas. really? i say pajamas. pajamas, pajamas, whichever. good. yahoo finance live. stream free anywhere. welcome to the show. let's make finance make sense. i told you we'd come back. here's mia love, david swerdlick, and april ryan. david, a new cnn poll released today shows the president's job approval rating among african-americans is at 9%, just 3% with black women. do you see anything moving the needle for him? >> i don't. 9% approval, 85% disapproval in the cnn poll, which tracks very closely with how the president did in the exit polls in the 2016 election. i think you have a situation that we've had for years now where nine out of ten black voters vote democrat. there are reasons for that. it's not an accident. african-americans line up more closely with the issues that
8:53 pm
democrats support. then when you add on top of that a republican president like president trump, who is a world-class race baiter, who n denigrates african-american congresswomen, who says s-hole countries on and on as april was saying before the break, then i think that just makes it that much more difficult for african-americans to consider moving in significant numbers toward the president. >> you mentioned a piece. you didn't say poll. you said "the washington post" piece, right? >> no. i was talking about the cnn -- >> no, because i'm talking about "the washington post." there was a piece out tonight by jonathan capehart. it's titled "what do black women voters want." mia, this is for you. the gist is this, while black women have been a critical voting group essential for democratic wins nationwide, fewer of them see the democratic party as the best representation -- or best representing their interests. if you're a candidate seeing that trend, how do you bridge this gap? >> well, i think that you have
8:54 pm
to condemn the things that are coming out of the president's tweets. i mean you want somebody who is going to love america, all of america, you know, white, black, blue. you name it. so i think that that's one of the things that is actually going to hurt the president, one of the things that he did was good was lifting the ban on faith-based hbcus. is that going to do it? is that all of a sudden going to make us think the president loves everybody? no. he's got to do a little bit more. i think this is -- we vote with our hearts first, and then you go and you vote with your mind. >> april, i got 20 seconds. i really have 20 seconds, april. >> i love jonathan capehart. thank you for doing this piece. black women are increasing in number as head of household and the breadwinner. black women want someone who feels their pain and understands what they're going through. and i will say this. as a black woman and talking unscientifically to a lot of black women, a lot of black
8:55 pm
women are not feeling president donald trump. >> hmm. fascinating conversation. wish we had more time, but unfortunately we're out of it. thank you all. i'll see you next time. have a good evening. >> thanks, don. >> thank you for watching. our coverage continues. just two dudes getting paid to do what we love. only difference is you never get booed... [woman in crowd] we love you, big orange! ...and of course the salaries. mainly the salaries. try investing with e*trade. they make it easy to get started, without all the typical finance jargon. that's the spirit, keep on smiling! don't get mad. start investing with e*trade. you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia - don't get mad.
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good evening. thanks for joining us. polls are closed, and the vote count is under way in north carolina, where the final race of the 2018 congressional midterms is finally being decided and could have a lot to say about 2020. we're going to bring you the latest on that as we learn more, as the votes are being counted, along with new cnn polling on whether voters think that president trump deserves to be re-elected. new numbers out tonight. we begin, though, keeping them honest, with the forced departure of the president's third national security adviser, john bolton, from a white house that a source close to the administration calls, quote, a real snake pit. the source, who spoke to the lead's jake tapper, goes on to say it is run by, quote, an erratic president who is hard to manage and who brings out the worst sensibilities in people, unquote. we also might add who fires people on twitter. i'm quoting now, i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white ho


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